Freeview: The Wrekin B (Telford and Wrekin, England) There are no longer any television transmissions transmitter
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There are no longer any television transmissions on the The Wrekin B (Telford and Wrekin, England) transmitter

Google StreetviewGoogle mapBing mapGoogle Earth52.670,-2.552 or 52°40'13"N 2°33'6"WTF6 5AH

This transmitter has no current reported problems

The BBC and Digital UK report there are no faults or engineering work on the The Wrekin B (Telford and Wrekin, England) transmitter. Click to recheck [+] 

map is loading, please wait...

The symbol shows the location of the The Wrekin B (Telford and Wrekin, England) transmitter.

Other mapsThe Wrekin TV regionBBC West MidlandsCentral (West micro region)DAB in Telford and Wrekin
AM/FM in Telford and Wrekin

Is the transmitter output the same in all directions?

Radiation patterns withheld

What do the colours on the map mean?

The bright green areas shown where the signal from this transmitter is strong, dark green areas are poorer signals. Those parts shown in yellow may have interference on the same frequency from other masts.

This transmitter is no longer being used for TV

In the past, television services were provided from this transmitter. However, these have not been withdrawn.

Please see the table below for details of the historic used of this transmitter location.

How will the The Wrekin B (Telford and Wrekin, England) transmission frequencies change over time?

aerial groupA KA KWA B C/D E K VHFA B C/D E K VHFA B C/D E K VHF

orange background for multiplexes names moregreen background for transmission frequencieslilac background for power levels in watts800MHz band: 4G mobile to start in 2013700MHz band: possible 4G in 2019 more600MHz band: new or moved digital TV services more
Notes: + and - denote 166kHz offset; aerial group are shown as A B C/D E K W
Italics for analogue, digital switchover was Wednesdays 6th April and 20th April 2011.

How do the old analogue and currrent digital signal levels compare?

Analogue 1-4 100kW
Mux 1*, Mux 2*, Mux A*, Mux B*(-17dB) 2kW

Which companies have run the Channel 3 services in the The Wrekin transmitter area

Feb 1956-Jul 1968Associated TeleVision†
Feb 1956-Jul 1968Associated British Corporation◊
Jul 1968-Dec 1981Associated TeleVision
Jan 1982-Feb 2004Central Independent Television
Feb 2004-Dec 2014ITV plc
Feb 1983-Dec 1992TV-am•
Jan 1993-Sep 2010GMTV•
Sep 2010-Dec 2014ITV Daybreak•
• Breakfast ◊ Weekends ♦ Friday night and weekends † Weekdays only. The Wrekin B was not an original Channel 3 VHF 405-line mast: the historical information shown is the details of the company responsible for the transmitter when it began transmitting Channel 3.

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Wednesday 27 April 2011 6:03PM

Richard Turner,you can receive the public service channels in upper Welshpool,off the Wrekin,hopefully,eventually all services,after Sept 28th.

Allan Gainer
Wednesday 4 May 2011 5:42PM Wolverhampton

Thanks for your help, Briantist. All working perfectly since the retune was completed on 20th April.

Wednesday 4 May 2011 7:47PM

Allan Gainer: Thanks, I'm pleased to hear everything is working for you.

Friday 15 July 2011 11:59PM

hi just wondering if the wrekin transmitter is now at its strongest output, i live in kidderminster dy10 1lf, and unfortunately according to aerial installer i can only get a signal from the wrekin! my signal is pretty poor on some channels eg more four and itv3 and 5* and i cant get alot of the chanels such as itv4, pick tv, film 4 etc, my aerial is approx 18months old and is mounted on the roof, is this the best its going to get?

Saturday 16 July 2011 5:56PM

terry: The COM muxes from The Wrekin are currently using temporary frequencies at low power.On 28th September 2011 the frequencies will be changed and power increased. The Digital UK postcode checker currently does not make any prediction for reception of the COM muxes from The Wrekin, after 28th September reception is shown as poor. It does however predict that you should already have a full Freeview service from Ridge Hill with good reception on all muxes, and after 21st September 2011 all six muxes should be available from Sutton Coldfield, all with excellent reception. These predictions are, of course, subject to no local obstructions such as trees or tall buildings blocking the signal path.

Saturday 16 July 2011 6:00PM

Terry,you should be able to receive all channels fom Wed 28th Sept,if you then do a first time installation.Channels such as ITV 3 5* wil be transmitted at a much higher power also.

Wednesday 11 July 2012 10:25PM Sandbach

Central frequency range aerial on roof and can get all programs on mux's PSB1, PSB2, COM4, but not mux's COM5 & COM6. The TV's indicated signal strength and quality for rf channel 41 is 63% and 66% respectively. All programs on this frequency tune in okay, where as the sig level and strength for rf channel 44 is only 61% & 58% but no programs are found. Is this likely to be due to the lower power output level for mux COM5 although it's indicated as being the same output level as COM4 which gives me no problem. Is the power output going to be increased from the indicated 10Kw in the near future?
Kind regards from A1batman.

Dave Lindsay
Wednesday 11 July 2012 10:36PM

A1batman: The COM channels do not have as wide a coverage as the PSBs. They are only carried on the largest transmitters and in some cases are at lower power, as is the case with The Wrekin.

Have you had your Group A aerial replaced with a wideband (or Group K) one?

How does the strength of PSB1 and PSB2 compare to COM4?

The sensitivity of a Group A aerial will drop off outside of the Group.

For aerial groups, see:

<img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconAerials, TV Aerial and Digital Aerial

Some example gain (sensitivity) curves:

<img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconGain (curves), Again

If you do have a Group A aerial (red tip) and am looking for information, either to be briefed when you get a professional in, or to do it yourself or get a friend who likes heights to do it, then see:

<img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconThe Wrekin

Tuesday 25 September 2012 2:53PM Stourbridge

I have re programmed my 2 tvs but now have lost channels 18 & 19 on 1 why?

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