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play 24/07/2015
play The chair of the BBC Trust, Digital news providers, Ofcom\'s review of BT Openreach link icon  Are you managing HIV/AIDS in your workplace?

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Monday 27 July 2015, PM link icon  BBC iPlayer - Help - Downloading from the BBC Site

Thursday 23 July 2015, PM link icon  EU accuses Sky and Hollywood\'s big six of illegally \'geo-blocking\' film access
The European commission has accused Sky and six Hollywood studios of putting up anti-competitive barriers that restrict consumers from watching the films and TV shows of their choice. The commission has sent a statement of objections - a list of formal charges - to Sky UK and the six studios Disney, whose recent hits include Maleficent Fast Furious maker NBC Universal Paramount Pictures, which owns the Transformers franchise Sony, the studio behind the Spider-Man series Twentieth Century Fox, whose TV hits include Modern Family and Warner Brothers, owner of the Harry Potter franchise. -

Tuesday 21 July 2015, PM link icon  Ofcom could take on BBC regulation but not governance, says Sharon White
Ofcom chief executive Sharon White has said the watchdog could take on the wider regulation of the BBC but ruled out absorbing the governance role of the BBC Trust, saying she would 039draw a line in the sand039 over the issue. With the future of the BBC under review by the government and the trust widely expected to be axed, chancellor George Osborne has indicated that he would like to see its regulation pass to the media regulator. - link icon  BBC Radio 4 reignites the DAB v FM debate
Ten years ago listeners complained of poor reception, and BBC Radio 4039s Today Programmes has sparked a debate resulting in listeners complaining of exactly the same thing. On Monday morning, James Cridland and DigitalRadioUK039s and Laurence Harrison appeared on the show to defend DAB, and talk about the possible 039end of FM039. Both provided facts and figures about DAB listing and a multi-platform world, but listeners reacted by complaining of the lack of reception. -

Monday 20 July 2015, PM link icon  Peter Salmon to head BBC Studios
Salmon, who is currently the BBC's director, England, having overseen the set-up of its BBC North complex in Salford, will be responsible for the entirety of the corporation's in-house content production. BBC Studios proposals and the unprecedented production free-for-all is regarded as both an opportunity and a threat to the BBC's in-house team, opening it up to competition and free market pressures like never before. -

Sunday 19 July 2015, PM link icon  Will S4C return to bleak times?
When the last licence fee deal in 2010 handed the BBC responsibility for funding S4C, it replaced a long period of inflation-linked annual rises with a 24.4 cut. Will the government wish to provoke the comparatively sleepy red dragon of Welsh nationalism The Welsh Language Society ran a fierce picketing campaign after the 2010 deal, and is calling for a statutory funding formula for S4C. Its appetite for direct action reminded everyone that S4C is an effective piece of social policy engineering. -

Saturday 18 July 2015, PM link icon  Jonathan Dimbleby urges public to rise up in support of embattled BBC
The veteran political broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby has attacked the commercial enemies of the BBC for setting out to destroy it, and has urged audiences to rise up to defend the corporation. A source close to the top of the BBC also claimed that, far from being cowed by criticism of its orchestration of support for the BBC in a letter signed by celebrities such as Michael Palin, David Attenborough and Emma Thompson, the BBC executive, led by director general Lord Hall, was to make the tone of the debate more combative, not less. -

Friday 17 July 2015, PM link icon  BT announces aggressively low price for 4K Ultra HD sports channel
BT has announced that it's Ultra HD sports channel will be available as part of a TV bundle costing just pound15 per month. As with BT's current line up of set top boxes, the new model has been developed in partnership with YouView, the aerial/broadband hybrid TV platform which BT co-owns alongside the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Channel 5 and TalkTalk. - link icon  James Purnell: charter renewal paper 'depressing'
BBC strategy boss James Purnell has branded the government’s charter renewal green paper “depressing” in a heated debate with Daily Mail columnist Stephen Glover on Newsnight.Former Labour politician Purnell repeatedly raised his voice as he accused the government of attempting to tie the BBC’s hands behind its back.“We welcome the debate, it’s an important debate,” he told host Evan Davis. “The slightly depressing thing is that when you read the green paper every introduction is [about] how great the BBC is and what a precious asset it is, [but] all the questions are about how can we make it smaller, how can we tie its hands behind its back.”.... -

Thursday 16 July 2015, PM link icon  Free to view TV for the connected age Update: July 2015
Digital UK’s increasingly important role alongside managing day-to-day operations for UK terrestrial television is leading the development of a long-term strategy for the platform as it adapts to shifts in technology and viewer behaviour - link icon  Department for Culture, Media and Sport BBC Charter Review: public consultation
Last year, as Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, I heard evidence from a range of experts about the BBC on the challenges it has faced and the issues for its future. This has helped to establish what this Charter Review needs to consider. As Secretary of State, I want to hear from people all over the UK, so I can understand what this country wants from and for the BBC. - link icon  No plans to reduce news on BBC local radio | RadioToday
The BBC has confirmed to RadioToday that there are no plans to reduce news programming on any BBC local radio stations. - link icon  Ofcom seeks views on splitting BT and Openreach
Most internet service providers offer services through a fixed-line network controlled and maintained by BT. But Ofcom said it had concerns BT Openreach's performance on behalf of those providers had often been poor. Ofcom said the network had evolved in recent years, with the growth of fibre optic cable services - particularly in towns and cities - offering television, telephone and superfast broadband internet services. -

Wednesday 15 July 2015, PM link icon…
Levy/PA Letters Wednesday 15 July 2015 19.43 BST Last modified on Thursday 16 July 2015 00.00 BST Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Share on Google+ Shares 80 So the government wants a “root and branch” review to decide whether the BBC has “been chasing mass ratings at the expense of its original public service brief” (BBC faces ‘root and branch’ review of its size and remit, 13 July). Ministers appear not to know – or perhaps they have conveniently forgotten – that right from its foundation in the 1920s the BBC’s core mission was precisely to reach the entire population. - link icon  Bad news week for BBC as Murdoch press sharpens claws
It’s to be yet another week of crisis, inspection and introspection for the forever under pressure BBC as the government is set to publish a green paper on Thursday, which will, the Guardian says, signal the next stage in the political battle over the broadcaster’s future size and funding. - link icon  BBC Local Radio to reduce news programming
David Holdsworth has announced a new direction for BBC local radio stations, with a focus on personalities and production. Local news will continue to be important, but local radio journalism, David says, also needs to have personality through engaging interviews, debate and conversation with the audience. -

Wednesday 15 July 2015, AM link icon  Celebrities sign BBC letter: Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and JK Rowling tell David Cameron …
He added quotThe BBC does not belong to its staff. The BBC does not belong to the government. The BBC belongs to the country. The BBC is trusted and loved at home by British audiences and is the envy of the world abroad. During the course of the Charter, we will continue to make the case for a strong BBC at the centre of British life and will be vocal in making the case for the BBC as it approaches its centenary. - link icon  Seventy per cent of new cars now have DAB
The growth of digital radio in cars is linked to the increase of digital listening which now represents nearly 40 of all listening, and the expansion of digital coverage and content. Ed Vaizey quotI am pleased to announce that 70 of new cars now come with digital radio as standard - that's excellent progress and demonstrates the support of vehicle manufacturers for digital radio. -

Tuesday 14 July 2015, PM link icon  Evening Standard comment: The battle is beginning over reform of the BBC
Government figures are already briefing that the paper will propose an end to some mainstream programming, limits on the BBC's website and scrapping the BBC Trust - as well as reconsidering the future of the licence fee. The BBC is one of Britain's greatest national institutions. - link icon  BBC Annual Report and Accounts
Part One is the BBC Trust's review and assessment of BBC performance during the year. The BBC Executive's report on its own performance during the 2013/14 is included in Part Two. - link icon  but that doesn't affect its output
Then there's Robbie Gibb, the current excellent editor of all BBC TV's political programmes In a former life he was a vice-chairman of the extreme rightwing Federation of Conservative Students and went on to become chief of staff to the senior Tory MP Francis Maude before joining the BBC. And we, or the bias investigators, should not overlook the fact that David Cameron replaced his previous press secretary, Andy Coulson, with the then editor of BBC News, Craig Oliver and, around the same time, London mayor Boris Johnson recruited BBC political correspondent Guto Harri, to head his media team. In the context of Tory-aligned personnel in influential positions within the BBC, perhaps most importantly of all, one thinks of the recently retired chair of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, a former Conservative cabinet minister. - link icon  The battle for the BBC
quotChris Patten used to make jokes about the army of the People's Republic of China being the organisation that's the closest he's encountered to the BBC it is just huge numbers of people, many of whom don't appear to be doing anything. And every person I talk to in the BBC tears their hair out about all these people with mad titles. You know, the BBC is full of directors of sustainability and all those other sort of ridiculous titlesquot - the kind of thing satirised by the BBC's own comedy about itself, W1A. Hall told me last year quotI think we are at the end of a period of, as it were, unbridled expansion of the BBC. We're now in a period when we have to define much, much more carefully what it is the BBC offers and what is it the BBC can doquot He was contemplating acts of retrenchment, such as the moving of BBC3 - the channel much loved by younger and lower-income viewers - to an online-only service, which the BBC Trust has now ratified. - link icon  Annual report highlights BBC challenge
The BBC annual report and accounts for 2014/15 - published on Tuesday - reveal that while nearly every UK adult watches BBC television, listens to its radio stations or uses BBC online, they aren't hanging around for as long and they appreciate the services less. Every BBC television channel lost both reach and audience appreciation - a trend across broadcasters as people spend more time online - while only BBC One and CBeebies kept audiences watching for longer than last year. - link icon  Joan Bakewell calls for over-75s to continue paying BBC licence fee
Broadcaster Joan Bakewell has urged people aged over 75 to carry on paying the licence fee after the BBC was saddled with the pound750m cost of free TV licences for the elderly. quotAnyone who has previously applied for an over-75 licence but chooses to start paying again would need to contact TV Licensing, cancel their existing concessionary licence and then pay for a new licence via any of our standard payment channels. - link icon  BBC radio shows now available to download
The programmes will be added to their download queue and downloaded whenever the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Andrew Scott, General Manager of Product, Radio Music, BBC Digital, says quotWith over 860m requests for radio streams across all devices on BBC iPlayer Radio in 2014, we're thrilled to bring offline listening to our audiences. We know this is something they've been asking for and we have been working hard to make it possible. Now they will have more choice than ever to listen to their favourite programmes, with all downloads available for 30 days and no need to worry about mobile data limits. quotMark Friend, Controller of Radio Music Multiplatform, BBC Radio, saysquotThe spectacular success of the BBC's podcasts, with around 70 million downloads in May, shows that people want to download high-quality audio to listen to at their convenience. - link icon  BBC fights back against Tory assault on 'waste' and right to make popular shows
quotThere is an important argument to be made about what kind of BBC we want to see in the future,quot said a BBC source. quotThe government's plans are to scale back the BBC and to stop it making popular programmes. If it gets its way with the changes it wants, the BBC will be a national irrelevance by 2027. Audiences tell us they want big, popular entertainment shows as part of the unrivalled range of programmes the BBC offers, and given the universal nature of the licence fee, it's right that we provide something for everyone. -

Monday 13 July 2015, AM link icon  Ex-BBC chief Sir Michael Lyons attacks minister's 'murky' bid to reform the broadcaster
Read more BBC's Tony Hall The Tories won't close us downMPs set to debate BBC licenceBBC boss Tony Hall TV licence fee will last another 10 years. Sir Michael Lyons, a former chairman of the BBC Trust, warned that the situation seemed to be getting quotMurkier and murkierquot, following last week's decision to make the corporation cover the cost of free licence fees for over-75s. He said the advisory panel had been quotHand-pickedquot by Mr Whittingdale with quotNo room, not even a mention of how the public, who pay for the BBC, are going to be involvedquot. -

Sunday 12 July 2015, PM link icon  BBC charter review: what the panel members have said in the past
quotWho judges the performance of the BBC, that's the issue that is really in debate now. You wouldn't notice a lot of difference about the way the content is regulated apart from this issue of impartiality. What you would be trying to resolve is who would give a running commentary on how is the BBC is doing, is it spending public money properly. You could hardly leave that to the body which is running the BBC, they may have a view on it. The select committee thought there should be a third body, sometimes known as Ofbeed. They called it the public service broadcasting commission. The debate is around is that part of Ofcom or is it to the side of Ofcomquot. quotClearly something must be done about governance at the BBC. The current view is to simply choose a new director general from outside the BBC bureaucracy in the hope that this individual will be able to rectify mistakes the organisation makes. However, the BBC may simply be too big an organisation for an individual to manage successfully given the dual demands of producing, high-quality, accurate journalism within aquotlight touchquot management environment. - link icon  Rona Fairhead: 'The word of a chancellor you should be able to trust'
These circumstances, which began with a surprise phone call from culture secretary John Whittingdale to both Fairhead and BBC director general Tony Hall on Monday June 29, could have far-reaching consequences for the BBC. In the call, Whittingdale relayed the quotGovernment's decisionquot that the BBC should take on the pound750m burden of the free TV licences. Isn't a government decision to support the elderly with state funds slightly different from dumping huge costs on the BBC, though quotThis was a continuation of that trend which I urge ministers to reform,quot says Fairhead. quotThe BBC needs to keep control of its funding. There is a risk of a chilling effect if the government can use licence fee payers' money to fund government projects.quot The lack of clarity of state and licence fee funding was further exacerbated in 2010 when the previous trust and BBC management picked up the bill for the World Service, broadband rollout and S4C, she adds. - link icon  New political battle over the BBC's future to begin next week
quotOn Sunday, Sajid Javid, the business secretary and former culture secretary, told BBC 1's the Andrew Marr ShowquotThe reforms introduced last week were not dissimilar to the review in 2010 about how much the BBC could absorb within its own income. quotA senior BBC source saidquotLet's see what the green paper says, but the BBC doesn't nakedly chase viewers, but we do seek to make the good popular, and the popular good. - link icon  Goodbye, Music Tuesday: Starting Today, Albums Come Out On Friday
If you didn't find any new albums on iTunes or in your local music store earlier this week, it's because beginning July 10, new music around the world is being released on Fridays. Strain says quotNew Music Fridays,quot the nickname for the new global release schedule, quotShould give less reason for those people who can't get the new release legally to go to illegal sites. -

Sunday 12 July 2015, AM link icon  Cameron's monkeys are feasting on the BBC's nuts
Apparently, BBC director general Tony Hall had been forced at cattle-prod point into a sheep-shearing shed by the Conservative culture secretary, John Whittingdale, and quite simply bullied. The consensus view in the corridors was that Hall's emergence from Whittingdale's corrugated-iron lair with a loss of 20 further BBC funding may look lamentable, but it was only the lord's legendary negotiating skills - deployed calmly and collectedly, even as the culture secretary's phlegm and mucus crystallised on his noble, opera-loving face, while mechanical monkeys pulverised his scrotum - that meant he had his genitals merely mutilated, rather than chopped off entirely and eaten by leading Conservatives. -

Friday 10 July 2015, PM link icon  Worst week of BBC's life may be just a warm-up for bigger battles ahead
The deal remains dependent on BBC efficiency savings and quotThe conclusions of the charter review, in relation to the purposes and scope of the BBCquot. Senior industry sources attributed the clause to Whittingdale, who will now oversee the review process, rather than Osborne, from whom Hall is said to have secured the link to inflation. The last time the Conservatives attempted to foist on the BBC the cost of free TV licences for older people, in 2010, the then director general, Mark Thompson, and the BBC Trust threatened to resign en masse. - link icon  Goodbye to Media Centre after 11 years
While it's the end for the BBC occupation of the Media Centre, the building will have a new life, undergo a complete refurbishment and be brought onto the market in 2016 for new tenants to occupy. Having now moved from the Media Centre back to the Broadcast Centre once again, it's nice to at least be in a similar building here. -

Friday 10 July 2015, AM link icon  BBC cuts: government forced to publish licence fee deal letter
The letter from chancellor George Osborne and culture secretary John Whittingdale to BBC director general Tony Hall said the licence fee would rise in line with the consumer price index quotSubject to the conclusions of the charter review in relation to the purposes and scope of the BBCquot. It added that the corporation, which took on the pound750m burden of funding free licence fees for the over-75s, had to demonstrate that it was undertaking efficiency savings quotAt least equivalent to those in other parts of the public sectorquot. quotAs we feared it's a bad deal built on dodgy foundations - the chancellor is clear that if the BBC changes in scope or purpose then the funding deal is off the table which could leave the BBC with another 10 cut. -

Thursday 09 July 2015, PM link icon  BBC seeks to forge working links with hyperlocal news sites
In a statement today, the BBC referred to hyperlocal publishing as a quotBurgeoning area of citizen engagementquot and that hyperlocals would be incorporated into the Local Journalism Working Group, which also includes representatives from regional newspaper groups. The efficacy of the local live stream the inclusion of hyperlocal providers in training the promotion of an updated register of hyperlocal sites and the possibility of establishing a quotHyperlocal forumquot to meet twice a year from November. - link icon  BBC spending to be cut by 20% in real terms over five years, says OBR
BBC spending could fall 20 in real terms over the next five years under the government's plans to hand the corporation the bill for providing free TV licences to the over-75s, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility's analysis of Wednesday's budget. The OBR predicts BBC spending will fall by about pound400m from pound3.9bn this year to pound3.5bn in 2020/21 as the BBC takes responsibly for the bill in phases. -

Monday 06 July 2015, PM link icon  BBC to foot bill for over-75 licences
6 July 2015 Last updated at 1703 The BBC will have to bear the cost of providing the over-75s with free television licences, the culture secretary has confirmed. On Sunday, chancellor George Osborne told BBC One's Andrew Marr Show that the BBC should make a 'contribution' towards the deficit. - link icon  Role of broadcasting in the internet age | informitv
Public service broadcasting in the United Kingdom continues to deliver but needs to evolve as the trend towards online viewing grows. In its latest review the regulator Ofcom questions whether the benefits intended to support public service broadcasting will remain effective in the internet age. It notes the rapid changes over recent years may mark a fundamental shift in audience attitudes and consumption.It is the third review that Ofcom has conducted of public service television broadcasting. The last was published in 2009 and was concerned with issues such as the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. Since then there have been significant changes in the broadcasting landscape, not least with the emergence of new ways of watching television.Sharon White, the chief executive of Ofcom, said: “More people are watching online or on demand, and this presents challenges as well as opportunities for public service broadcasters. They must continue to find new ways of connecting with audiences, and the PSB system needs to evolve to ensure it remains effective in the digital age.” -

Monday 06 July 2015, AM link icon  Can cuts let the BBC seize the narrative?
Briefings from government quotSourcesquot to the effect that regulation of the corporation will be handed to Ofcom, that the BBC will be landed with paying for over-75s' licence fees or in any event quotCut down to sizequot are almost always contradicted by other government quotSourcesquot. Off the back of a licence fee frozen since 2010 with hundreds of millions required to be spent on S4C, broadband rollout, World Service etc - amounting, Hall said recently, to a 26 cut in resources for its UK domestic public services - the BBC is rightly fearful of further costly incursions. -

Saturday 04 July 2015, AM link icon  Digital One boosts DAB coverage
Halfway through 2015, national commercial DAB digital radio multiplex operator Digital One has issued an update on its network expansion. A transmitter at Warren Heath, serving the Ipswich and Felixstowe area was brought into service at the end of May. Two further transmitter sites will be added to the Digital One network by the end of 2015. -

Friday 03 July 2015, PM link icon  BBC run efficiently, PwC review finds
The auditor has found that the BBC's overheads are currently 7.6, while the likes of government departments and charities had a ratio of 10. It indicates that the BBC 'is more efficient than the average organisation' it was compared to. A BBC target is to get overheads down to 7 by 2016/17, a percentage that would put it in the top quarter, according to the benchmark used by PwC. PwC's efficiency review compared the BBC to a peer group that included some government departments, large charities and regulated telecoms and utilities. -

Friday 03 July 2015, AM link icon  BBC3: producers call on culture secretary to launch review into closure
The pair submitted a pound100m plan to buy BBC3, including a pledge to significantly increase programming spend by about 20, which they say was unfairly dismissed by BBC management and the BBC Trust. quotWhat is galling is haven't they even tried to explore the alternatives. The BBC does all sorts of deals. The Radio Times has a BBC logo on it and that got sold off. They sold off part of BBC America to AMC. But they don't even talk to their partners at UKTV and BBC Worldwide about BBC3.quot. -

Thursday 02 July 2015, PM link icon  Only half of young people watch live TV, according to Ofcom
BBC Director-General Tony Hall said that an increasing number of people do not watch live television and so do not need to pay the licence fee The BBC is seeking a modernised licence fee which covers quotCatch-upquot viewing when negotiations with ministers over a new Royal Charter begin. The BBC announcement means that three layers of management will be cut, while some of the BBC's divisions will be reduced. - link icon  Ofcom: Sky and Virgin retransmission fees plan difficult to regulate
The media regulator did admit that Sky and Virgin benefit hugely from getting channels for no charge - the lion's share of total viewing on their pay-TV services is of PSB channels. quotOfcom recognises the value that PSB channels bring to pay-TV platforms,quot it said. -

Wednesday 01 July 2015, PM link icon  Chris Bryant warns over BBC cuts
The Conservative government is at risk of ruining Britain's quotStrongest cultural institutionquot by demanding more cuts from the BBC, according to shadow culture secretary Chris Bryant. The Treasury is understood to be considering whether it can insist that the BBC foots the bill for the pound700m-a-year charge of providing free television for the over-75s. If non-payment of the pound145.50-a-year licence fee is decriminalised - an idea which has cross-party support - the BBC could end up with a further pound200m bill. - link icon  TV industry is 'hideously middle class', says Endemol Shine's Tim Hincks
One of the UK's leading TV executives has described the industry as quotHideously middle classquot and called for measures of diversity in broadcasting and production to include class and social mobility. quotIt's an industry-wide problem and it's beyond shows like that. It's got nothing to do with their creative intent or their quality, it is they feel like shows made by middle class people about working class people. The reason that makes us feel uncomfortable is because it's true. -

Wednesday 01 July 2015, AM link icon  Less than half of UK adults are aware ads fund free content online
The study offered some hope that web companies could change their advertising to stop people using ad blockers. Only just over half of those using blockers saying they wanted to remove all ads. -

Tuesday 30 June 2015, PM link icon  BBC aims to become 'leaner and simpler' with new round of job cuts
Nick Robinson, the BBC's political editor, said David Cameron had threatened during the election campaign that he would quotClose them down after the electionquot Considered whether to insist that the BBC pay for the pound700m-a-year charge of providing free television for the over 75s. Currently funded by the Treasury, the BBC governors threatened to resign the last time this was mooted in 2010. Examined decriminalising non-payers of the pound145.50-a-year licence fee, which the BBC estimates would cost it a further pound200m. Debated whether to impose a new governance structure in charter renewal negotiations in which the BBC Trust would be closed to make way for external regulation from communications regulator Ofcom or a new organisation dubbed quotOfbeebquot. - link icon  The new season on BBC Radio 4 unveiled
A number of new commissions for BBC Radio 4 have been revealed at an event in London on Monday night with BBC Director General Tony Hall and station Controller Gwyneth Williams. quotI am excited by the line-up of ambitious programmes and amazing talent that will be on Radio 4 this autumn. I want especially to welcome the gifted young comedian and actor - already a Radio 4 favourite - Miles Jupp, as our new presenter of The News Quiz. We will miss the fabulous Sandi Toksvig but I know that her legacy will be safe with Miles. - link icon  Ministers urged to intervene as BBC under threat of losing of Olympics coverage rights
In a major blow to the BBC, which styled itself as the quotHome of Gamesquot during the 2012 London Olympics when it screened 2,500 hours of live action, the broadcaster will now have to negotiate a licensing deal with Discovery if it is to extend 60 years of continuous coverage of the Games. Discovery could quotSublicensequot limited live coverage to commercial, free-to-air UK broadcasters, including ITV and Channel 4, which already screens the Paralympics, ending the BBC's longstanding association with the Games. - link icon  BBC Trust publishes provisional conclusions on proposed changes to BBC television and onli…
The BBC Trust has today published its provisional conclusions on the BBC Executive's proposals to reinvent BBC Three as an online-only service, launch a 1 channel for BBC One evolve BBC iPlayer and extend the hours of CBBC. Provisional conclusions on proposed changes to BBC television and online services. quotWe know young audiences are already moving towards the online future, but we do recognise that in the short term some of them will feel the immediate impact of the BBC Three proposals. We are therefore asking the BBC for commitments to ensure it uses the full range of its television services to better serve young people and others who make up BBC Three's audience. -

Monday 29 June 2015, PM link icon  DCMS: no plans to move C4 to Birmingham
The Department for Culture Media and Sport has “no plans” to relocate Channel 4 out of London after reports emerged that a move to Birmingham was under consideration.A report in The Telegraph on Saturday suggested that the government was eyeing a sale of the broadcaster’s Horseferry Road headquarters, raising a potential £85m.C4 would then be relocated, with the Midlands and Manchester named as potential new homes. The BBC and ITV already have bases in Salford’s Media City.Were it to go ahead, such a move would represent an alternative to the plans to privatise C4 - which are said to be being considered by culture secretary John Whittingdale – and help the publicly-owned broadcaster to further stimulate the regional TV industry.. - link icon  Discovery snatches Olympic Games rights
The BBC will lose control over the TV rights to the Olympic Games from 2022 after Discovery struck a €1.3bn (£920m) deal to broadcast the event across 50 European territories.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that the US broadcasting giant has landed the exclusive TV and online rights to the Olympics and Winter Olympics across Europe from 2018 to 2024.Rights in the UK are handled on a different timetable to some of Europe, meaning the BBC will not be impacted until the Winter Olympics in 2022. It holds exclusive UK rights to the Games up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 under a deal it struck with the IOC in 2012.As part of Discovery’s deal, it has committed to broadcasting a minimum of 200 hours of the summer Games and 100 hours of the winter Games on free-to-air television.Discovery could choose to do this in the UK by launching a free-to-air Eurosport channel, putting the rights on its existing Freeview station Quest or sub-licencing the Games to another broadcaster.- link icon  London Live makes £12m loss
quotWe launched a quality channel after building the complete broadcasting chain from scratch and our agile approach during our first year has seen us evolve the channel, focusing investment on the most popular programming and ensuring a financially sustainable cost base for the business,quot said Tim Kirkman, chief operating officer at London Live. London Live said its May audience figures put it quotMarginally behindquot Sky 1, but in London attracted more viewers than channels including 5USA, UKTV's Watch, Sky News, ITVBe and Comedy Central. -

Sunday 28 June 2015, PM link icon  Is TV putting its money where its mouth is on diversity?
The BBC's diversity adviser Lady Grey-Thompson put the cat among the pigeons last week when she said the BBC may have to spend around pound100m if it wants to achieve true diversity. He suggested ringfencing money for BAME shows and setting targets adapted from a BBC model used to increase programmes from the nations and regions by 400. Albury says quotIt's an ingenious solution and it worked for regional programming.quot He calls the BBC's diversity fund quotDerisoryquot and says it was quotAbout on-screen representationquot - more needs to be done behind the scenes and in putting people from BAME backgrounds in positions of power quotThe figure Tanni Grey-Thompson talked about would drive the diversity of BAME employment. -

Saturday 27 June 2015, PM link icon  BBC unveils plans for radio revolution
26 June 2015 Last updated at 1215 The BBC is planning to triple the amount of radio hours open to competition from indies under new 'compete or compare' proposals unveiled on Thursday. The new approach would phase out the quota over a six-year period, with the result that around 60 percent of eligible network radio hours will have been opened up to competition. - link icon  Government denies decision made on Ofcom replacing BBC Trust
The forthcoming green paper on the BBC is likely to call for the abolition of the BBC Trust without backing an alternative regulator, according to sources close to the government. Within a few months of her appointment, the chair of the trust, Rona Fairhead, indicated it was not fit for purpose and that its powers should be transferred to an external body dedicated to regulating the BBC. The Telegraph reported that ministers had rejected that option and were instead planning an expanded role for Ofcom, which already acts as the regulator for commercial TV. A report in February on the future of the BBC from the select committee chaired by the now-culture and media secretary John Whittingdale was sharply critical of the trust, suggesting that a unitary board allied with an external regulator might be a better option. -

Friday 26 June 2015, PM link icon  BBC's future to be examined in a green paper this summer
According to last year's BBC annual report Worldwide returned pound174m to the BBC in 2013/14 so privatising it would reduce the corporation's income. There has been some concern within the BBC that there could be something about the corporation in the chancellor's budget on 8 July and that the charter renewal process and licence fee settlement could become caught up in a government spending review, as the licence fee deal was in 2010. - link icon  BBC could be made to pay for the £600m cost of free TV licences itself, George Osborne sa…
Read more BBC's Tony Hall The Tories won't close us downMPs set to debate BBC licenceBBC boss Tony Hall TV licence fee will last another 10 years. The new Culture Secretary is a well-known critic of the licence fee, and of alleged political bias in the BBC, but in a recent interview Mr Whittingdale said quotIt never was the case that I was going in to go to war with the BBC.quot. -

Wednesday 24 June 2015, PM link icon  BBC turns on five more DAB radio transmitters
The roll-out not only serves new areas but also improves coverage in areas already served. Haydon Bridge and parts of Haltwhistle Campbeltown and surrounding areas Brandon and areas of the Brecks Ipswich and surrounding areas Port St Mary and surrounding areas on the Isle of Man. -

Wednesday 24 June 2015, AM link icon  Local TV rollout delay 'unjustified'
Licences for Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Stratford-upon-Avon would not be advertised until at least next year, regulator Ofcom revealed last week. Licences to run channels in 10 other areas will not be re-advertised until at least next year. - link icon  The BBC's launched an app for its youth-friendly Newsbeat service
Available for Android and iOS, the BBC Newsbeat app brings news from around the world as well as updates on social trends, entertainment, gaming, student life and more. Read next BuzzFeed's news app gives you the latest without the fluff. -

Tuesday 23 June 2015, PM link icon  Portsmouth to get new DAB services
quotHighbury College prides itself on being a cutting edge educational establishment, and we are excited to showcase our student led radio service JAMM Radio to digital radio listeners in Portsmouth. We look forward to working with local broadcasters to broaden choice available to radio listeners. quotWith nearly half of adults nationally having access to a DAB digital radio, being on DAB digital radio in addition to FM, will enable our unique local programming to be heard in Portsmouth on as many radios as possible. - link icon  Local TV licences not yet advertised
Licences to run local TV channels in 13 areas will not be advertised or re-advertised until at least next year. Originally, 47 licences were due to have been awarded or advertised by early last year. - link icon  Growing resentment of pay television
The Digitalsmiths quarterly video trends survey of over 3,000 consumers in the United States and Canada found that 3.1 of respondents planned to switch their television service in the next six months, while 7.5 said they would change their service and 4.8 said that they would cut their television service altogether. Despite a 5 year on year increase in awareness it suggests that service providers are still failing to market their television everywhere services effectively. - link icon  Young people still watch television
The research, based on industry data from 2014, including BARB, comScore and Ofcom, shows that television viewing, across live, playback and the video on demand services of broadcasters, dominates the viewing of all ages. Playback of recorded programmes and broadcaster video on demand services contribute a further 16 of all viewing, while discs add another 9. Together, these sources account for three quarters of all video viewing. -

Monday 22 June 2015, PM link icon  Tony Hall: household levy a very interesting idea
Tony Hall has suggested he is open to exploring the German household levy as a means of funding the BBC.The director general told The Andrew Marr Show that the licence fee has another decade of life, but repeated views in a Broadcast interview last week, explaining that reform is needed to the funding mechanism.This includes extending the licence fee to cover catch up viewing on iPlayer. Hall added that the household levy is a “very interesting idea”, but said he was unsure how it will work in practice.“There is a broad agreement that the licence fee needs to be reformed in some sort of way… it could be a household tax, I don’t know whether that works or not, ” the director general told Marr.Hall was speaking a day after John Whittingdale gave his first interview as culture secretary. - link icon  Digital Radio's summer campaign launches
A number of radio stations across the UK are now broadcasting Digital Radio UK's summer advertising campaign. The BBC is also mounting a major TV and radio promotional push for the England v Australia Ashes which runs from 8 July to 25 August with radio commentary running exclusively on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra. - link icon  Radio indies not happy with BBC Trust Review
Managing Director Will Jackson told RadioToday quotThree independent analyses of the indie radio sector in the last 16 months have recommended that the BBC should significantly grow opportunities for indies to produce radio content. We are therefore disappointed that the Trust has not gone further and clearly recommended a substantial increase in opening up the radio schedules to indies. quotWe note the report makes recommendations that for BBC Television, the in-house production guarantee should be reduced or removed, and that the BBC strengthen its working with indie TV producers in the nations and regions - we will be working to see that emulated in radio. - link icon  Time is running out for the 30-second TV commercial
A study last year by Arris showed that 84 of respondents wanted to fast forward through the ads they watch, while 60 of them download or record shows so they can skip commercials. What sort of brand message is appropriate today What can a brand do to get its message across to consumers in this new media environment without giving up the massive reach that TV commercials can bring - link icon  BBC director-general Tony Hall: The Tories won't close us down
The BBC's political editor, Nick Robinson, said that sources on an election battle bus had told him the Prime Minister had described a BBC story as quotRubbishquot and went on to say quotI'm going to close them down after the election. quotI put a cap on that at pound150,000 in the first couple of months and that must continue,quot he said, adding that while the BBC now wants to cap them at pound125,000, the Government was aiming for pound95,000. -

Saturday 20 June 2015, PM link icon  but why doesn't it press the sceptics?
On Thursday, eurosceptic MPs tabled an amendment to the referendum bill designed to establish a regulator to ensure balance in the BBC's coverage of the vote on UK membership of the EU. Their implied attack on the BBC is not surprising as the corporation is one of the few mass media outlets with any hope of providing balance given the europhobic stance of many of the best-selling newspapers. When eurosceptics stress the export opportunities available outside the EU, the BBC never asks why membership impedes our global exports, nor points out that an exit would exclude the UK from existing EU trade treaties and that negotiating new ones would take many years. -

Saturday 13 June 2015, PM link icon  Trust to review how BBC uses statistics
11 June 2015 Last updated at 1209 The BBC Trust will examine how the BBC reports statistics in news and current affairs programming, the subject of its latest impartiality review. The review will assess whether the BBC is giving audiences sufficient context and analysis when reporting statistics, and whether it's enough to give them an informed understanding of controversial subjects and areas of public policy. - link icon  Greece's state broadcaster ERT back on air after two years
Greece's state broadcaster ERT went back on air on Thursday, two years after being closed down under austerity measures. A concert by ERT's musical ensembles outside the station's headquarters is to be broadcast live on TV and radio this evening, followed by quotThe lost signal of democracyquot - a documentary looking back at events since the previous government decided to close ERT. -

Friday 12 June 2015, PM link icon  Ofcom awards 10 local DAB multiplex trials
In Glasgow, a local mux has been awarded to Scrimshaws ID which will broadcast quotFour or fivequot services including Celtic Music Radio, Pulse FM and a new station called GO Radio. quotStar Radio's Programme Director Simon Nicks is very happy with the announcement, and addsquotThis is a great step forward in bringing the DAB platform to local stations like ours, it also opens up Digital Radio to others such as community stations, expanding choice, which is a healthy thing. -

Tuesday 09 June 2015, PM link icon  Creative industry calls on Trust to #SaveBBC3
Rew Davies - who wrote the Colin Firth adaptation of Pride and Prejudice - and Jimmy McGovern, writer of BBC2's Banished. It adds quotBBC3 has cost the licence fee payer over pound1bn over the last 10 years. Closure will write off this investment, which would be unthinkable in a commercial environment. -

Tuesday 09 June 2015, AM link icon  Industry big guns are 'backing the BBC'
4 June 2015 Last updated at 1420 Oscar-winning directors, celebrated documentary-makers and hit drama writers are among the supporters of a 'Back the BBC' campaign, launched by Broadcast magazine. Pat Younge, former BBC chief creative officer, who is now MD of Sugar Films, added 'As someone who's lived abroad you come to realise the vital role the BBC plays in keeping the industry and aiming high... You will certainly miss it if it's gone, and by then it will be too late. -

Wednesday 03 June 2015, AM link icon  BBC 'paying prospective scriptwriters the equivalent of £2 an hour'
The BBC is paying writers working on potential scripts for soaps such as EastEnders, Holby City and Casualty as little as the equivalent of pound2 an hour, according to the head of the writers' union. quotWe're proud of our work training and supporting writers through these schemes which have been successful in helping writers to secure commissions on our shows,quot said a BBC spokeman. - link icon  News boss 'astonished' by complaints
The director of news and current affairs said that often it was a politician saying either 'I want more of me on the BBC' or 'my side of the story is the story'. Speaking to VLV members, the news boss believed the BBC delivered on its responsibilities as a public service broadcaster but that there remain some questions. - link icon  Danny Cohen: cuts to BBC revenue would mean a lot less content
BBC TV chief Danny Cohen has suggested programmes would have to be cut if the corporation was forced to bear the costs of free licence fees for the over-75s or decriminalising evasion of the charge. The BBC took on a number of new funding responsibilities in the 2010 licence fee settlement, including the World Service, resulting in its pound700m Delivering Quality First cost-saving programme. -

Tuesday 02 June 2015, PM link icon  BBC news chief: politicians of all parties made threats to funding
The BBC's news chief James Harding has said politicians quotFrom all partiesquot threatened the BBC's future funding because they were unhappy with the corporation's election coverage. The quotHell on wheelsquot comment was made to Harding by the BBC's head of editorial policy David Jordan when the BBC News chief suggested before the election that it would be quotFunquot. -

Tuesday 02 June 2015, AM link icon  Danny Cohen: licence fee cuts will threaten BBC programmes or channels
Previous suggestions have included decriminalising the licence fee, to cut down the lengthy process of prosecutions, and having the BBC take on the pound500m cost of offering free licence fees to the over-75s. The annual bill is currently met by the Department for Work and Pensions. BBC Three, the channel considered aimed at young audience, is already moving online under proposals submitted to the BBC Trust under cost-cutting measures. - link icon  DAB radio changes in Yorkshire as MXR closes
There's no news on other services on MXR such as Radio Yorkshire, UCB Gospel, UCB Inspirational or XFM moving multiplexes yet, meaning some or all of them may no longer be available on DAB in the area once it closes on June 29th. Capital currently covers the whole of Yorkshire on FM, whilst Heart only covers West and South Yorkshire. For full Yorkshire coverage, Capital and Heart would need to join the join the MuxCo's North Yorkshire and UTV's Bradford and Huddersfield multiplexes but no changes have been made public as yet. -

Monday 01 June 2015, PM link icon  Avoiding the television licence
In February the cross-party committee published a report on the 'Future of the BBC'. It concluded quotThere currently appears to be no better alternative to funding the BBC in the near-term other than a hypothecated tax or the licence fee.quot It continued quotHowever, the principle of the licence fee in its current form is becoming harder to sustain given the changes in communication and media technology and changing audience needs and behaviours. So why not simply abolish the television licence entirely and let the government fund the BBC from general taxation, saving around pound100 million a year in collection and enforcement costs -

Sunday 31 May 2015, AM link icon  TV's 'Golden Age' Won't Last Because You're Not Watching Enough
With too many shows chasing too few viewers, say industry executives, most original programs lose money and half the shows now running probably will disappear by next year. Cable networks keep such shows on the air, hoping viewers will eventually find them on demand or in a Netflix afterlife in some cases they renew poorly performing shows because they fear blowback from viewers who've invested in the characters. - link icon  BT switch-off signals the end for traditional pay TV over terrestrial platform
Sky came back two years later with a new basic pay TV service, circumventing Ofcom's regulatory jurisdiction, by launching Now TV as an internet-based service, targeting Freeview homes who wanted low-cost, entry-level pay TV. And the internet ultimately killed off any hope of a multi-channel terrestrial pay TV service cheaper distribution free from the technical, regulatory and coverage constraints of terrestrial TV, along with the ability to provide catch-up TV and vast libraries of on-demand content enabled Sky and new players such as Netflix to provide low cost access to content accessed by the increasing numbers of connected TVs, boxes and dongles. With the ongoing push to connected TV services, helped by the UK's expanding superfast broadband network and new 4G mobile services, plus changes to the number of frequencies allocated to terrestrial TV from the end of the decade and doubts over the platform's existence beyond 2030, the odds are against pay TV services becoming widely distributed over the UK's terrestrial TV airwaves once again. -

Saturday 30 May 2015, PM link icon  Talking TV: BBC campaign Hoff the Record
On the latest Talking TV, Broadcast editor Chris Curtis explains why Broadcast has launched a campaign Backing the BBC and we go behind the scenes of Hoff The Record. -

Saturday 30 May 2015, AM link icon  Broadcasters attack Theresa May's plan to vet TV programmes for extremism
A government plan to strengthen the role of media regulator Ofcom to take quotTough measures against channels that broadcast extremist contentquot was outlined in the Queen's speech last week. quotStephen Whittle, former controller of BBC editorial policy and ex-director of Ofcom forerunner the Broadcasting Standards Commission, saidquotPowers to vet or prevent broadcasts went away with the Independent Broadcasting Authority more than 25 years ago. -