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Keep up with the daily developments that effect free TV in the UK. This list is updated often - you can follow Briantist on Twitter for update Tweets, or use your RSS reader (such a Firefox or Google Reader) with this feed - UK Free TV Trends RSS feed.

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Thursday 29 January 2015, AM link icon  TV advertising needs to measure up to the challenges ahead
With smart TV advertising targeting, it means that not only is the consumer watching different things at different times in different places, they039re also being served different ads depending on their demographic data and viewing habits. In the US, universal use of gross rating points is more commonplace, largely because organisations such as Nielsen measure multiple media formats, including press, TV and out-of-home TV. The main point is that planners need an effective way of combining the quotOverlappingquot media that fall between different media categories in a way that doesn039t detract from the accountability their clients demand. - link icon  Muddled thinking clouds BBC3 bid
So little of Avalon and Hat Trick’s BBC3 bid adds up. What’s their long-term goal, asks Stephen Arnell. So Avalon and Hat Trick are sticking to their guns with their proposal to buy BBC3. Unfortunately though, with each further detail they reveal, there are more questions than answers. - link icon  UK Digital TV penetration falls
Among the old there has been a decrease in Freeview ownership and it is no longer the case that Freeview ownership is higher in rural locations. In 2014 there was a decrease in Freeview-only ownership among consumers aged 65-74 and also among those aged 45-64. - link icon  Radio 2 goes country with DAB station
The pop-up DAB radio service - Radio2Country - will air from March 5 to 8, midday to midnight, with a line-up of archive documentaries, live broadcasts and special shows, including coverage from the UK039s largest country music festival C2C from London039s O2. Artists scheduled to perform include Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Lee Ann Womack and Lady Antebellum. Sax Appeal Ivy Benson039s All Girl Band is a sister programme to a documentary about the bandleader which aired on Radio 4 in October and is available on iPlayer Radio. - link icon  Sky News to merge digital and TV staff in newsroom shakeup
A Sky News spokesman denied the plans were about cutting costs quotSky News is reorganising its newsroom to fully prepare for its future in a fast changing industry. We believe the changes proposed will fundamentally transform our newsroom so we can continue to be a leading news organisation in a digital world. Sky039s move comes as BBC News looks at how it and the industry will adapt to the changes in the ways news is viewed and gathered in its report The Future of News. - link icon…
As part of that process, the BBC today released the first part of a report entitled quotFuture of Newsquot that examines the changing news industry and how the BBC plans to adapt to evolving technologies and new ways that the broadcaster039s massive audience - both locally in the U.K. and globally - consumes the news. As many countries in the world limit free speech and press freedom, BBC News could seize on an opportunity to further position itself as an arbiter of independent news quotWe find ourselves increasingly reflecting on the position of the media in Russia and Turkey,quot the report said, adding that the BBC is looking at how it could develop a news service for North Korea. - link icon  Future of News
59 of UK online news users said they had glanced at the news headlines online in the past week, compared to 43 who said they had read longer stories online. Last year, an academic experiment looked at how Facebook had manipulated the news feed of 700,000 users for a week, to see how viewing different types of news might affect the users039 moods. -

Wednesday 28 January 2015, AM link icon  Consultation on local DAB coverage published
The Local DAB Expansion Plan is designed to improve the coverage of local DAB multiplexes around the UK. The plan is funded by Government, local radio multiplex operators and the BBC and would see local DAB coverage rise from around 76 of homes at present to around 91 of UK households by late 2016, with a corresponding increase in road coverage. The proposed changes would allow the extension of local DAB coverage into some currently unserved areas and would not affect listeners039 existing reception of local DAB services. -

Tuesday 27 January 2015, PM link icon  A guide to the Sky v BT Sport Ofcom investigation and Competition Appeal Tribunal Decision…
Equally important to the way in which sports content is made available to TV viewers are the various quotOff the pitchquot legal battles that BT Sport and Sky have been fighting, in particular following Ofcom039s decision to impose quotMust offerquot obligations on Sky to make available its Sky Sports 1 and 2 channels to other broadcast platforms. Three years later, Ofcom decided that Sky should be forced to make available its core sports channels to competing broadcast platforms, a remedy which has become known as the quotWholesale Must Offerquot or quotWMOquot.3 Ofcom039s decision was based on the perceived importance of those channels in enabling pay-TV operators to compete for subscribers with Sky and the fact that, absent regulatory intervention, Sky might not necessarily be incentivised to make them available to its competitors on reasonable commercial terms. - link icon  BT Mini YouView Box review
BT MINI YOUVIEW BOX SET UP. Size-wise, the BT Mini YouView Box is a small square box that039s a little larger than the Apple TV, although still small and discrete enough to tuck neatly out of the way. BT MINI YOUVIEW BOX TV. One of the main uses of the BT Mini YouView Box is for watching TV. Given that this isn039t a PVR that may seem a little pointless, doubling up on the features that your TV no-doubt already has. - link icon  BBC boss Tony Hall questions TV watershed and The Archers
Radio 4 boss Gwyneth Williams recently denied the show had become too sensational, telling Radio 4 quotIf you look back, there have always been extraordinary things going on in The Archers - kidnaps, arsons, all kinds of things. quotA Radio 4 spokesperson saidquotAs Tony Hall says, The Archers is an extraordinary drama and, alongside other long-running shows, evolves with the times. -

Tuesday 27 January 2015, AM link icon  Catching up with online viewing figures
The most common screen for viewing catch-up services was the television, for 53 of respondents, followed by laptop or desktop computers at 33, with tablets at 22 and smartphones at 10. The report suggests that although young adults were most likely to have watched catch-up services quotThis cohort is turning away from the television as the preferred means of viewing programmesquot. For some reason the BBC does not publish figures for online viewing by duration, but usage of the BBC iPlayer across all platforms can still only amount to one or two per cent of television viewing at most. - link icon  Netflix accelerates global expansion
Netflix nevertheless faces increasing competition on all fronts, from standalone services and those associated with existing television services, as well as from unauthorised distribution. Cable companies lost television customers, but telco television services continued to make considerable gains. -

Monday 26 January 2015, AM link icon  Why It\'s Risky Business for Publishers to Build Their Own CMS
A new wave of publishers running custom software gained traction, while established news organizations continued to embrace open-source technologies. For startup news organizations, the primary way to get the money to build your own platform is venture capital, which is rightly skeptical of news startups regardless of their technology. - link icon  BBC3 bid: \'We\'re trying to say that there is another way\'
What neither the trust nor BBC management acknowledged is that a pound100m windfall, for a channel the BBC plans to close anyway, would be remarkably good value for the public. Total budget, including distribution and overheads, 2013/14 pound109.3m. Content budget pound81 m. Share of linear TV viewing, 2013 1.48. Amount BBC says it can save annually by taking BBC3 online only pound50m. Amount BBC intends to reinvest into BBC1 drama pound30m. Amount bid by Hat Trick and Avalon to buy the BBC3 TV channel pound100m. Annual content budget predicted by Hat Trick and Avalon post-sale pound100m. Annual predicted ad revenue post-sale pound120m to pound150m. Annual predicted profit post-sale pound10m to pound30m.. -

Friday 23 January 2015, AM link icon  BBC Trust launches consultation on independent production
A review and public consultation has been launched by the BBC Trust looking at the way that BBC programmes and content are supplied to the BBC by either independent production companies or BBC in-house production. At the moment, the Trust requires the BBC to commission at least 10 per cent of radio production from independent suppliers, with a further 10 per cent open to competition between the BBC and independent sector. - link icon  Scotland to get BBC charter renewal role
The UK government has published draft legislation which will hand the Scottish government and parliament a formal role in BBC charter renewal. The legislation, titled Scotland in the United Kingdom: An Enduring Settlement, is expected to make up the Scotland Bill which will pass through parliament following this year’s general election. It is made up of proposals recommended by The Smith Commission, which was established last year to devolve more powers to Holyrood following the Scottish referendum in September.. -

Thursday 22 January 2015, PM link icon  Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, also known as MPEG-DASH, is an adaptive bitrate streaming technique that enables high quality streaming of media content over the Internet delivered from conventional HTTP web servers. Within website DASH can be used via the HTML5 Media Source Extentions and JavaScript-based DASH players. - link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG\'s 4k Plugfests turn spotlight on HEVC streams
The DTG039s UK UHD Forum has held its second 4k Plugfest with a focus on content streamed in 4k over satellite, IP and DTT to UHD TVs and set-top boxes. quotSimon Gauntlett, chief technology officer at the DTG, saidquotThe DTG would like to thank all the participants and observers who made our second 4k plugfest a busy and productive day. - link icon  Regulation of music in local radio to be reviewed
The radio regulator is wanting opinions from the industry to see if there should be a No change to Formats, b Simplification of the Formats of stations playing quotMainstream popular musicquot or c Ofcom could allow licensees to request to change the music element of their Format to be either Genre led or Audience led. Ofcom has a statutory duty to ensure a range and diversity of local radio services, and at the moment, a wide range of different descriptions are used in radio Formats to specify the selection of music from popular music, to specific genres and the target age range for the service. -

Thursday 22 January 2015, AM link icon  Streaming overtakes radio use for US teens: but UK fares better
quotWhile AM/FM Radio listening leads by a significant margin among all other age groups, much of teens039 listening time has shifted to pureplay Internet audio services like Pandora and Spotify and others,quot said Larry Rosin, President of Edison Research. Info from RAJAR, the UK039s radio research body - above - give a different picture for the UK. Jerry Hill, CEO of RAJAR, points to the strong presence of the BBC and Radioplayer, as well as a lack of a strong Pandora-like service in the UK. Methods of measurement are different between the two pieces of research and the Edison figures are more recent but the UK has a number of strong national youth radio brands like KISS, Capital and BBC Radio 1, that are without a clear equivalent in the US. Additionally, services like Pandora are unavailable in the UK. Audiomonitor report that consumption via streaming overtook radio for the first time for 15-19s with 22.9 of all audio consumption ocurring on a radio receiver. -

Wednesday 21 January 2015, PM link icon  Running costs of BBC\'s London headquarters are triple UK average
quotNAO head Amyas Morse saidquotThe BBC has made good progress in upgrading its estate but it will need to press ahead with its plans to make better use of space to achieve value for money. quotBBC Trust value for money committee chair Nick Prettejohn saidquotThe BBC has reduced the size of the estate by almost a third while at the same time adding new TV channels and radio stations, and modernising its buildings. -

Wednesday 21 January 2015, AM link icon  BBC Trust upholds NSS complaint
21 January 2015 Last updated at 0922 The BBC Trust has upheld a complaint from the National Secular Society about a news item on Asian Network Reports. The Asian Network039s head of news, argued that the word 039white039 was used to make it clear that the parents objecting to the school were 039not Asian039. - link icon  Best digital radios under £100 - Digital radio reviews - Audio - Which? Technology
See all the radios we039ve tested by reading our latest digital radio reviews. At Which we test digital radios from the big brands you know, like Roberts and Pure, as well as brands you may not have heard of, such as Magicbox and Revo. - link icon  Our \'impartial\' broadcasters have become mouthpieces of the elite
After CBC tried to dismiss the scandal as quotHalf-truths based on anonymous sourcesquot, Kathy Tomlinson, the reporter who had broken the story about the bank, bravely spoke publicly to the website. A study by academics at the Cardiff School of Journalism examined the BBC Today programme039s reporting of the bank bailouts in 2008. -

Tuesday 20 January 2015, PM link icon  DAB splits in Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northants
The change means BBC Radio Northampton will be removed from the Herts, Beds and Bucks service whilst BBC Three Counties Radio is removed from the Northamptonshire multiplex. Commercial stations BOB fm and MKFM will no longer be available on DAB in Northants but Adventure Radio039s Connect FM and Sunrise Radio will continue to broadcast across both areas. - link icon  BBC3 \'not for sale\' says corporation in response to planned bid for channel
The BBC initially declined to comment, but then put out a statement via its press office Twitter feed late on Tuesday morning quotBBC Three not for sale because it039s not closing - proposal to move it online is part of bold move to reinvent BBC039s offer for young people. Point one stated quotBBC Three is not closing and BBC Three is not for sale. -

Tuesday 20 January 2015, AM link icon  BBC strikes deal with PBS to create factual programmes
The BBC has struck a deal with US public service broadcaster PBS to develop up to 10 factual shows a year, with Sir David Attenborough039s Waking Giants one of the first to air. The partnership, struck between the BBC, commercial arm BBC Worldwide and PBS, will see eight to 10 specials created per year, with around 20 hours of programming content. - link icon  news conferences streamed live
It039s Democracy Day at the BBC, where the corporation will stream live coverage of its biggest morning news meetings, including the one chaired by its director of news and current affairs, James Harding. Perhaps it will be bought by these chaps for pound100m instead Want to save BBC3 Vote now Now that really would be a democracy day at the BBC.. - link icon  Derbyshire show gets BBC Two slot
19 January 2015 Last updated at 1554 Victoria Derbyshire is to host a new daytime news show that will be simulcast on BBC Two, the News Channel and online. BBC News is also preparing to launch a new breakfast business programme, presented by Ben Thompson and Sally Bundock. - link icon  Anne Mensah: Why Sky\'s drama supremo worries about her customers, not her viewers
With Sky039s commitment to spending pound600m on original content and four channels to fill, Mensah now presides over one of the biggest drama budgets in British television. quotWith Fortitude, I thought that, although Sky dramas have dark moments, we tend not to be grim - our shows have colour and vibrancy. A little blue sky helps. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ofcom seeks industry views to lay 5G foundations
Known currently as 0395G039, these future mobile communications could use very high frequency spectrum above 6 GHz, as well as the current mobile spectrum from 800MHz-2.6GHz. According to Ofcom, this could support a variety of uses, ranging from financial trading and entertainment to gaming and holographic projections. The key issue for 5G services is developing the commercial use of the spectrum above 6 GHz without infringing upon the spectrum039s current non-commercial uses, from scientific research to satellite broadcasting and weather monitoring. - link icon  Hat Trick and Avalon to make BBC3 bid
Hat Trick Productions and Avalon Entertainment are to make an audacious bid for BBC3 in an attempt to save it as a TV channel. The two production companies are preparing to team up to buy the corporation’s youth channel and have drawn up proposals to increase its budget from £81m to £100m a year. In a statement, a spokesman for Hat Trick and Avalon said: “Under the new ownership, BBC3 would continue to broadcast on all digital platforms, all current contracts would be honoured and the channel’s programme budget would be increased from £81m to £100m a year.-

Monday 19 January 2015, PM link icon  Culture select committee report expected to back axing of BBC Trust
MPs on the Commons culture, media and sport select committee are expected to join the growing chorus calling for the BBC Trust, the corporation039s governance and regulatory body chaired by the recently arrived Rona Fairhead, to be scrapped. The committee, chaired by Conservative MP John Whittingdale, is expected to recommend that the trust be abolished in its upcoming report on the future of the BBC. It is understood that committee members have mostly been receptive to an idea for the BBC to be governed instead by a unitary board - a single board of directors comprising executive and non-executive directors, overseen by a single chairman. - link icon  \'The BBC has deep specialism, 50 or 60 years of heritage. Netflix can\'t buy that\'
David Attenborough will start shooting a brand new natural history epic for the BBC in February three months after his latest landmark series, Life Story, came to an end on BBC1. quotIt039s a huge scoop, a huge story, we are really excited,quot says Natalie Humphreys, controller of factual and daytime at BBC Production. Big questions remain, not least where the new entity will sit - one option is that it will go alongside BBC Worldwide as part of BBC Commercial Holdings, wholly owned by the BBC - and whether it will retain some sort of guaranteed programme quota, which would be fiercely contested by the independent sector. - link icon  Woody Allen, House of Cards what\'s next for the television revolution?
Streaming services have breathed fresh life into all manner of shows, from allowing British comedies such as The Wrong Mans and Peep Show to find a US audience to providing a UK home for everything from bloody epic Vikings to the computer drama Halt and Catch Fire, set in the 80s. quotIn the last five years we039ve seen a huge change in television,quot says Jane Featherstone, chief executive of Kudos. The new classical music comedy Mozart in the Jungle feels refreshingly different from most other shows on TV. quotI feel as though every good UK TV production company is either in business or going to be in business with Netflix and Amazon,quot says Featherstone. -

Friday 16 January 2015, PM link icon  Scheduled and VoD can live harmoniously
Reports of the death of linear TV are greatly exaggerated, says Digital UK boss Jonathan Thompson Anyone reading the media business pages will be familiar with the stories declaring the imminent demise of television. Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings got the ball rolling by proclaiming that broadcast TV would be obsolete by 2030. Then Ofcom stated that children are watching half as much linear television as their parents, and that the number of homes with a TV set has fallen for the first time in decades. link icon  BBC has greater responsibility than other broadcasters to recruit women in news and curren…
quotAlthough on the surface it appears that women are well represented, the facts tell a different story. We heard, for example, that men interviewed as experts outnumber women 4 to 1 on radio and TV.quot. quotLord Best said working in current affairs posedquotadditional barriers to women - for example, the fast-paced nature of news which can mean anti-social hours, and freelance work that can make it harder for women with caring responsibilities - the situation is simply not good enough. - link icon  BBC uses RIPA terrorism laws to catch TV licence fee dodgers in Northern Ireland
quotA lack of transparency, accountability and oversight of how these powers are used has allowed the use of the powers to reach unacceptable levels. A BBC spokesman said quotLegislation explicitly grants the BBC the right to use these powers to detect unlicensed use of television receivers. We039re regularly inspected by independent regulators and have always been open about using this power when there is no other option to help reduce evasion on behalf of the vast majority of the population who pay for their licence. -

Wednesday 14 January 2015, PM link icon  Hall: Production will not be privatised
He shared two other priorities for the year ahead - to strengthen the BBC039s role as a 039trusted meeting place039 and to progress plans to personalise the BBC. After a 2014 in which it had brought people together for big events like the World Cup, told stories like the Scottish Referendum to the whole of the UK and attracted four out of every five people to some of its World War One season, the BBC was about to be tested by 039the most unpredictable elections in living memory039. Answering questions on a range of topics, Hall hailed BBC News039 use of Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as 039part of the storytelling039 and 039wholly appropriate039, believed the BBC was being 039more on the front foot039 to combat negative newspaper headlines and agreed there was scope to make more money from commercial sales of BBC programmes. - link icon  Tony Hall: 2015 a high risk year for the BBC
Director general Tony Hall has called on all BBC staff to become â??ambassadorsâ? for the corporation as it faces a â??high riskâ? year which includes the general election and charter renewal. The former Royal Opera House chief executive addressed all staff from the radio theatre at New Broadcasting House on Wednesday afternoon with a rallying cry for the next 12 months. Hall said there is a real danger that the BBC could emerge from post-election charter renewal negotiations â??diminishedâ? or â??stuck in an analogue cul-de-sacâ?. The corporation must make a strong and coherent case to ??keep advancing in the digital age?, he added. ??We live at a time of unparalleled change in media. Never have audiences changed so fast, or global competition changed our environment so radically,? Hall told staff. ??That makes this charter review matter much more than most: we face big choices about the future of public service broadcasting and the BBC. But I am confident that at the end of the process we will emerge stronger, re-energised and with our best days ahead of us. ?

Tuesday 13 January 2015, PM link icon  Are you wasting hundreds on your TV package?
There are 13 HD channels, 58 entertainment channels, 5 children039s channels, 7 news channels and a load more regional, local and radio channels. There are 13 channels you won039t find on Freeview that you can gain access to for pound6.99 a month, you can get Sky Movies for pound9.99 a month or grab the latest football games with all seven Sky Sports Channels for pound6.99 - alternatively, there039s currently a deal letting you see a single game, or a week, for one-off fees. -

Monday 12 January 2015, PM link icon  High Dynamic Range on display at CES
With respect to images, high dynamic range refers to representing a greater span of luminance levels to accommodate wider differences between the darkest and the brightest areas of a scene. All the major manufacturers seem to have some version of HDR. Seen side by side, HDR displays deliver visibly improved images, which it is difficult to illustrate in a comparative image. - link icon  Charlie Hebdo coverage provides huge ratings boost for TV news channels
BBC News had the biggest audience of any news channel bulletin with 932,000 viewers at 4pm, up 696 on average. BBC1039s late bulletin had around three times the audience of ITV039s News at Ten, which had 1.8 million viewers on Thursday and 2.2 million viewers on Friday. -

Sunday 11 January 2015, AM link icon  A Rare Look Inside The Sausage Factory Of Media Consolidation
UBS estimated Sony039s television and movie business had revenues of 8.4 billion, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of 752 million, and a multiple - meaning the ratio between a company039s per share earnings and its overall value and a measure of investor039s estimate of growth of future revenues - of 8X. The new company with AMC would have revenues of 10.7 billion, EBITDA of 1.47 billion and a new multiple of 10.5X. Sony Pictures, the bankers estimate, is worth 10 billion, and the two companies together would have an enterprise value of 18.5 billion. The leaked emails show that Sony executives, including Lynton and Sony Television chief Steve Mosko, have relationships with AMC CEO Josh Sapan and have discussed deals with the companies in the past. -

Saturday 10 January 2015, PM link icon  Blinkbox name to be ditched, TalkTalk to take on Netflix under own brand
TalkTalk has revealed that it plans to jetison the Blinkbox name now that it has bought the movie and TV show streaming service from Tesco. As we previously revealed in our news story about the acquisition, TalkTalk also plans to exploit Blinkbox039s smart streaming technology. -

Friday 09 January 2015, PM link icon  No ban on depictions of prophet Mohamed as BBC changes guidelines
A BBC spokesman said quotThis guidance is old, out of date and does not reflect the BBC039s long-standing position that programme makers have freedom to exercise their editorial judgement with the Editorial Policy team available to provide advice around sensitive issues on a case by case basis. The guidance is currently being revised. The BBC had shown a brief image of a Charlie Hebdo cover, featuring an illustration of the Prophet, during its news coverage of the attacks. -

Friday 09 January 2015, AM link icon  Absolute Radio goes mono on DAB
Bauer039s decision to reduce Absolute Radio to 80 kbps mono has sparked an interesting debate about DAB sound quality and the radio stereo listening experience. Absolute Radio is not available nationally on FM and is still a better experience at 80kbps on National DAB than on MW. Absolute Radio is available at 112 kbps on London DAB and of course is available online. - link icon  LBC News 1152 changes to reflect London
A new year and a new name for LBC039s sister station LBC News 1152 - to LBC London News. Global says LBC London News offers quotNews, travel and weather in 15 minutes, every 15 minutes. - link icon  Local DAB network expansion 2015-16
The document is a non-legally binding Framework Agreement between DCMS, BBC, commercial local DAB multiplex operators, Arqiva and Ofcom, which sets out the commitments of all parties to support the expansion of the local digital radio network to commercial ILR FM equivalence as set out in the local DAB expansion plan developed by Ofcom. The programme of work to build out the local DAB network is scheduled to begin in March 2015 and, when completed, will extend local DAB coverage from around 72 of homes at present to circa 90 of UK households by late 2016. -

Thursday 08 January 2015, PM link icon  Netflix: VPN crackdown claims \'false\', says executive
Netflix said its existing policy against the use of VPNs to circumvent geographical content barriers remained unchanged. A spokesman told the BBC that the firm used industry standard technology to stop users doing so and that, contrary to the reports, it had not recently changed the way it did that. -

Thursday 08 January 2015, AM link icon  Kids Channel Tiny Pop Launches On Freeview - TVWise
- link icon  BBC moves up a gear with plans for production arm
The BBC could finalise its radical plans to commercialise its production division as early as March, as the project begins to gather pace The corporation has told external stakeholders that a preferred option for the future BBC Productions could be in place in three months’ time if there are no hitches in getting it signed off by the executive board. Project lead Anna Mallett, the former BBC Studios and Post Production boss, is currently assessing how to unravel in-house from its existing structure. She is working closely with director of television Danny Cohen and Anne Bulford, managing director of finance and operations, on the roadmap, which is at the top of the agenda for the BBC executive board over the coming weeks. The plans will then be submitted to the BBC Trust for formal assessment, although the corporation currently believes a full public value test, which the BBC3 proposals are undergoing, will not be necessary. -

Wednesday 07 January 2015, PM link icon  Steve Hewlett abdicates for BBC\'s royal documentary inquest
BBC Radio 4039s The Media Show will have a guest presenter for its first 2015 outing on Wednesday, with Andrea Catherwood revealing on Twitter that she039d landed the gig. As eagle-eyed readers may summise from Catherwood039s tweet, the regular host039s absence is not entirely unrelated to the BBC039s decision to postpone its TV documentary about royal spin tactics presented by ... Steve Hewlett. -

Wednesday 07 January 2015, AM link icon  You could be prosecuted if your broadband interferes with radio signals
As well as networking adapters, Ofcom said that in the past two years it had received complaints of electromagnetic interference from TV aerial amplifiers, electrical transformers, high voltage power cables and lighting, among other equipment. The regulator received 114 complaints of electromagnetic interference last year but had powers to resolve only three, it said. - link icon  Official Android Blog: Coming to a TV near you
In 2014, Android evolved and opened up to new screens for your wrist, car and living room. If you want to get in on the action using your current television, Razer just announced a gaming console powered by Android TV. Razer039s Forge TV has high-performance specs, a wireless game controller and allows you to stream PC games to your TV. It will start shipping to consumers in February. -

Tuesday 06 January 2015, PM link icon  Interactive Streaming - Interactive streaming service features have consumers leaving cabl…
- link icon  CES 2015: TV makers redefine 4K battleground
Bosses at LG039s morning event repeatedly stated that they had the edge thanks to their expertise in making OLED TVs, which are famed for displaying deeper blacks, producing more vibrant colours and being more energy efficient than traditional LCDs. LG has seven new OLED sets for sale in its refreshed line-up, including a giant 77in flexible model that can switch between being flat and curved at the press of a button. Samsung is switching all its sets to Tizen - a Linux-based operating system it already uses on some smartphones Sony, Philips and Sharp are adopting Google039s new Android TV platform Panasonic is releasing its first TVs powered by Mozilla039s Firefox OS in the Spring. -

Tuesday 06 January 2015, AM link icon  Lenny Henry\'s radio dream still distant
A few minutes later, I was still puzzling over the comment 039Are you looking for a computer039 when looking through the workshop window into the open-planned office I saw the producer now at his desk, and a man from computer support attending him and a hot flush of recognition washed over me that my fellow producer had mistaken me for a technician from computer support. End Quote Colin Grant Keeping status quo If some supposedly enlightened people in the BBC find it difficult to conceive of a black producer is it surprising that black subjects for programme-making are similarly invisible to them or inconsequential - link icon  Google hopes Android TV means third time lucky for their home invasion
Now in 2015 there039s Android TV. Will it take off The trouble with quotConnected TVsquot is that though almost every TV now sold can go online, few owners take advantage of it. Google039s Android TV has plenty of competition there are about 20m units of Apple039s set-top box, Apple TV, installed worldwide Roku has sold 10m devices in the US alone since 2008 and Amazon offers Fire TV. Samsung uses its home-grown Tizen software for smart TVs, while LG has webOS. -

Monday 05 January 2015, PM link icon  STV Edinburgh\'s The Fountainbridge Show broadcasts on January 12
The city channel will launch with the magazine show at 7pm, which will be followed by Edinburgh039s Murder Mysteries at 9pm, STV Edinburgh News at 10pm and Peter Roughie039s Football Show at 11pm. The Fountainbridge Show will be presented nightly from the studio by former Heart and Real Radio breakfast show host Ewen Cameron and broadcaster and presenter Hayley Matthews. STV Edinburgh will broadcast on Freeview channel 23, Sky channel 117 and Virgin channel 159 and will be available to watch live on the STV Player. - link icon  Ian Burrell: BBC survived Margaret Thatcher\'s hostility but still faces political opposit…
David Cameron039s criticisms of the BBC over its quotWigan Pierquot coverage of the Autumn Statement can be seen in a broader context departing Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards complained to this newspaper last week of the cosy relations between Government officials and Rupert Murdoch039s News Corp as it sought to outgun the BBC by taking full control of BSkyB. Douglas Hurd, the Home Secretary at the time, has since written of his alarm at a quotGrowing obsession against the BBCquot. Mrs Thatcher was furious about a 1985 Real Lives documentary that gave a platform to former IRA commander Martin McGuinness - and the BBC039s governors pulled the programme under intense political pressure. - link icon  UTV Ireland becomes Republic\'s first new commercial broadcaster since 1998
UTV Ireland, the first new commercial terrestrial TV broadcaster to launch in the Republic since TV3 in 1998, arrived on air on New Year039s Day with a line-up including Emmerdale and Pat Kenny039s Out With the Old and In With the U. The new offering by Belfast-based UTV, the channel 3 broadcaster in Northern Ireland and TalkSport owner, is up against TV3 - for 16 years the country039s only significant commercial terrestrial TV broadcaster - its spin-off service 3e, and public service broadcaster RTE039s two networks. UTV Ireland039s flagship evening news programme, Ireland Live, launches on Monday night, hosted by Alison Comyn at 6.30pm before Comyn and Chris Donoghue team for a late bulletin at 10pm. Ireland039s newest channel039s viewing figures have been billed as disappointing in the Irish media - although new TV networks always take time to bed in, with viewers having to find the new service and get into the habit of coming back regularly. - link icon  Anticipating developments in 2015
Expect to see a lot more interest in 4K or ultra-high-definition television and video, as screens become more affordable and services begin to launch. Cloud-based approaches to processing and storage will become increasingly important as broadcasters and service providers move from specialist equipment to general purpose computing platforms and software defined workflows. -

Monday 05 January 2015, AM link icon  Seiki First To Deliver Freeview Connect To The U.K.
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - - With the goal of delivering simple connected TV experience, Seiki, a leading brand in HD and emerging 4K Ultra HD display market, today announced it will be the first major TV brand to introduce HD TV models in the U.K. featuring the new Freeview Connect TV service. quotThe goal of integrating Freeview Connect to Seiki TVs is to enable universal access to public service broadcasts via connected TVs in the U.K. market,quot said Mickey Cho, general manager at Seiki U.K. quotSeiki is proud to be one of the major TV brands working with Digital UK to build and provide Freeview-branded connected TVs. Seiki aims to bring to the market its own unique approach to make the connected TV experience simple and accessible to every TV buyer. -

Sunday 04 January 2015, PM link icon  Netflix Cracks Down on VPN and Proxy \"Pirates\"
Netflix is starting to block subscribers who access its service using VPN services and other tools that bypass geolocation restrictions. Netflix is not the only streaming service that039s targeting VPN and proxy users. - link icon  James Harding: British man plans ambitious project to globalise news
Brit media outlets, Brit passport holders at risk What does it mean for the quotFuture of Newsquot His Future of News deliberations feature quotThree interwoven strands technology, stories and peoplequot. -

Sunday 04 January 2015, AM link icon  The simple guide to changes at Magic Radio RadioWise
You039re about to get TFM2, which is really Magic from Newcastle, which is becoming Metro Radio 2, on AM. However, if you continue to listen to Magic on DAB in any of these places, you039ll hear soft pop from London. In a nutshell, your local Magic on AM will change its name to mirror its sister station, and Magic on FM in London will expand to be available on DAB radio everywhere. -

Friday 02 January 2015, AM link icon  \'Fun\' DAB+ test ends, but it\'s just the beginning for DAB+ in the UK
The UK039s first major 039real life039 test of the next generation of DAB digital radio involving the public has ended after four months on air, as broadcasters and multiplex operators continue to assess the advantages of using DAB in the UK. Fun Kids from Folder Media was made available on a trial basis from September 2014 to DAB listeners in North East Wales, West Cheshire and Liverpool, providing they had a next generation DAB set. As the number of radios that are compatible with DAB increase, Ofcom has stated that some of the capacity on the forthcoming second national commercial DAB multiplex can be reserved for such DAB services, but what exactly might launch in DAB will depend on who wins the coveted Digital 2 licence. -

Wednesday 31 December 2014, PM link icon  Is Vodafone Group plc Really About To Launch A Takeover Bid For Sky PLC?
As Sky points out, more than 60 million customers across its key markets of Britain, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Austria do not currently take pay-TV services, providing plenty of product penetration opportunities for Vodafone. Vodafone undoubtedly has the financial firepower to initiate a takeover of Sky, and promisingly the latter039s shaky financial platform may allow Vodafone to walk away with a terrific deal - indeed, Moody039s downgraded Sky039s credit rating last month after the Brentford firm039s European expansion doubled its debt to around pound7bn. I believe that any potential deal has the potential to vastly enhance Vodafone039s earnings outlook. -

Wednesday 31 December 2014, AM link icon  Wind-up radio inventor gets New Year Honour
Mr Baylis is currently heading a venture called Baylis Brands, which advises inventors about the best way to develop ideas and puts them in touch with other experts that can help turn their creations into marketable products. Mr Baylis039 best known invention is the Baygen wind-up radio, which he came up with in 1991 while watching a documentary about Aids in Africa that proposed using educational radio programmes to tackle the virus039 spread. An appearance on the BBC039s Tomorrow039s World in 1994 helped turn his invention into a commercial product. - link icon  In Its Last 6 Months Of Existence, Aereo Subscriptions Grew 40%
CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves said in August that Aereo got quota lot of attention for a service that virtually nobody was using.quot Skeptics have questioned whether Aereo would have really garnered widespread consumer usage, since broadcast TV signals are already free over the air with an antenna. It039s no wonder the same broadcasters who sued Aereo have been raising concerns in bankruptcy court that potential buyers of Aereo039s technology could use it against them and once again infringe their copyrights. -

Tuesday 30 December 2014, PM link icon  Dish, Fox News Feud Again Illustrates How The Cable TV Industry Is Digging Its Own Grave
quotSince Dish dropped Fox News, Dish has focused on shifting blame instead of getting Fox News back on the air. But the facts speak for themselves - Dish has blocked more than 10 channels in the last six months alone,quot said the network statement. quotConsequently, Fox039s fan base has besieged Dish with calls and emails since the channel went dark. By Fox039s tally, about 180,000 complaint calls have been registered with the toll-free line Fox established for the Dish fight. At last count, 140,000-plus emails have been sent as well. - link icon  Margaret Thatcher secret papers: PM tried to force BBC to have ads to curb spending
A memo of their discussion shows that Mrs Thatcher raised quotThe possibility of introducing advertising on light music radio programmes should be consideredquot. A memo to the Home Office later in 1979 suggested that Mrs Thatcher had turned against the idea, saying quotThe Prime Minister... has decided that - on reflection - it would be a mistake for the Home Secretary even to raise the possibility of the BBC accepting radio advertising at this stage. -

Monday 29 December 2014, PM link icon  Ofcom boss \'surprised\' by informality between Murdoch and government
News Corp abandoned the controversial deal when it emerged that journalists at the News of the World had ordered the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler to be hacked. Richards told the Independent that communications between politicians039 offices and News Corp lobbyists during the process had not been balanced. -

Sunday 28 December 2014, PM link icon  SES: ASTRA 2G SATELLITE ROARS INTO ORBIT
Martin Halliwell, Chief Technology Officer of SES stated, quotWe would like to congratulate Airbus Defence and Space and ILS for the successful ASTRA 2G mission, a launch that marks the 24th SES satellite to be launched by ILS Proton, and the ninth Eurostar satellite in the SES fleet. The ASTRA 2G satellite completes our significant replacement investments at a strategic orbital neighbourhood over Europe and provides 10 incremental transponders for expansion while cementing our unique co-positioning satellite back-up-scheme. Detailing the programme, Halliwell added, quotThe spacecraft furthermore includes the capability to connect West Africa to Europe via Ka-band. In combination with ASTRA 2E and ASTRA 2F which were launched in September 2012 and 2013 respectively, ASTRA 2G is the culmination of our fleet renewal programme at the 28.2/28.5 degrees orbital arc. The new state-of-the-art SES satellites provide more focused and higher power to our broadcast customers, while the Ka-band on board supports the delivery of next-generation satellite broadband services as well as intercontinental connectivity between Africa and Europe. - link icon  Court allows Aereo to auction TV streaming technology assets
Dec 26 - A bankruptcy court has allowed defunct video streaming company Aereo Inc to auction its TV streaming technology assets, according to court papers published on Friday. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan ruled on Wednesday that Aereo could sell its assets, after the company reached an agreement with broadcasters over the sale process. -

Wednesday 24 December 2014, PM link icon  MediaGuardian quiz of the year 2014
What is former Radio 5 Live controller Adrian van Klaveren039s new job at the BBC Head of values, BBC Controller digital strategy, future media, BBC Director of strategic governance, BBC Head of strategic change, BBC News 21. Which of these BBC programme launches did Tony Hall NOT go to -

Wednesday 24 December 2014, AM link icon  Change in Audio Formats
Why is BBC Radio changing the audio format of its radio streams We think most internet radios will still be able to receive our live radio streams. -

Monday 22 December 2014, PM link icon  Latest news from the licensing industry
Set to fully launch on January 7th 2015, Tiny Pop will be available on Freeview channel 126 across the whole UK. This extends SPT Networks039 reach of children039s programming on Freeview to two channels, with POP - aimed at older kids - already available on channel 125. Announcing the launch, Kate Marsh, SPT039s EVP, Networks, Western Europe, said quotThis extended distribution on Freeview marks our commitment to continue to invest in our UK networks business. With the extension of Tiny Pop, SPT039s reach on Freeview now spans five channels, and the introduction of this well-loved and established channel enables us to deliver a quality and fun alternative for families in Freeview homes. - link icon  Landmark 20 millionth digital radio set sold
The Christmas digital radio industry advertising campaign features Formula One host and ex-Gadget Show presenter Suzi Perry, running on over 100 commercial radio and BBC national and local radio stations, with the message that digital radio is the perfect gift and the endline quotIf you love radio, give digitalquot. Digital Radio UK CEO Ford Ennals says quotDAB is an overnight success story 20 years in the making. The sale of the 20 millionth digital radio, together with the expansion of DAB coverage and digital radio stations is a real milestone. There has never been a better time to buy or give a digital radio. -

Monday 22 December 2014, AM link icon  SES: ASTRA 2G READY FOR DECEMBER 28 PROTON LAUNCH
LUXEMBOURG, December 22, 2014 - SES S.A. is pleased to announce that the ASTRA 2G satellite is ready for its scheduled launch on board an ILS Proton booster from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on December 28 at 033749 Baikonur Time. ASTRA 2G will be the twenty-fourth SES satellite to be launched by ILS Proton, and the ninth Eurostar satellite in the SES fleet. - link icon  BBC iPlayer tops list of corporation downloads
The BBC iPlayer app is by far the corporation039s most popular download, with 30m transactions since its 2012 launch, while CBeebies Playtime is the most popular programme-related app with 3.4m. The iPlayer app was recently tweaked to extend the catch-up window for TV and radio programming from seven to 30 days making it even more attractive to users. In second place in a list of the BBC039s 10 most popular apps published on Monday is BBC News, the corporation039s oldest app launched in 2010, with 15m downloads. -

Friday 19 December 2014, PM link icon  ISSUU - Broadcasting by Lyonsdown
Business Reporter Broadcasting TV wars Let battle commence BT vs Sky -

Friday 19 December 2014, AM link icon  Sky should continue to be forced to make sport available to other platforms
Media regulator Ofcom has said Sky should continue to be forced to make its sports channels available to other platforms but said it was quotLess clearquot that the same obligation should be extended to its rival BT. Ofcom said Sky039s dominance of live Premier League football, where it has more than 75 of the rights and 80 of the market revenues, meant other pay-TV retailers would be harmed if it limited distribution of Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2. quotGiven Sky039s continued strong market position, Ofcom is seeking views on its assessment that if there was limited distribution by Sky of its key sports content, competition between pay-TV retailers may be harmed. - link icon  The great DAB digital radio station reshuffle: what\'s changing?
A516digital provides an overview of the developments and a guide of what039s changing for listenersBauer Media, owners of stations including Absolute Radio, Kiss and Magic are shuffling their DAB stations around London039s Magic is going nationwide on DAB, while Absolute Radio 90s moves to local DAB in parts of the UK. There039s also changes to the distribution of Absolute Classic Rock, Kerrang, The Hits Radio, plus the roll-out of the Kiss Fresh and Kisstory stations in selected areas on local DAB. Rival Global Radio is currently in the process of developing its DAB profile its Smooth Radio network has recently moved to local DAB only, making way for Smooth Extra, launching late December. -

Thursday 18 December 2014, PM link icon  Radio 4 announces partnership with TED Talks
Gwyneth Williams, the controller of Radio 4 BBC. Radio 4 has maintained its average listening age at 55 despite an ageing population. quotShe039s a brilliant modern writer, of course Radio 4 is going to run her new short story collection. It039s fiction and I think we are in a pre-election period. We at Radio 4 will carry on doing the very best that has been thought and said in the world and bring it to air. - link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG Testing reveals challenges facing DTT receivers in White Space networks…
Richard Carlton, associate director of DTG Testing, said quotThe DTG is proud to support Ofcom and the industry through the unique facilities and expert knowledge of DTG Testing, and the work of the Dynamic Spectrum Access Forum. DTG Testing039s research is part of an ongoing pilot scheme to test different aspects of dynamic spectrum access, with a further Ofcom report due in early 2015. - link icon  Government should have no role in running of BBC World Service, says John Birt
John Birt, the former director general of the BBC, has said the government should no longer have any say in the running of the World Service after its funding was taken over by the BBC. Birt said it was a quotNonsensequot that the Foreign Office still had a role in the running of the global broadcaster and said it should be quotTaken out of the equationquot. quotOne of the biggest changes in the BBC039s history took place without any public debate, a piece of skulduggery in the middle of the night,quot he told a conference on the future of BBC current affairs at London039s City University on Thursday. - link icon  BBC iPlayer Radio for Tablet - Android Apps on Google Play
App will run on v2.3.3 and above. The app will scale for any screen size but is optimum at small to medium screens. - link icon  BBC current affairs not doing enough to explain difficult issues, says John Birt
Birt, who brought his quotMission to explainquot approach to current affairs from LWT when he joined the BBC as deputy director general and director of news in 1987, said the BBC039s on-air current affairs presence had been progressively dismantled. In order to restore its effectiveness, he called on James Harding, director of BBC news and current affairs, to be willing to quotTake on battles with other people in the BBCquot. However, Birt said the major part of Harding039s BBC News division, the day-to-day news operation, was quotIn really good shape as good as it039s ever beenquot. - link icon  BBC News boss denies Panorama will be hived off into separate production unit
Longer investigations were not particularly suited for outsourcing, he said, adding the weekly show was an essential part quotOf BBC news and current affairs and not part of an independent separate ,quot he said in a wide-ranging speech at a conference on the future of the BBC at London039s City University on Thursday. Harding said the scale of the job cuts had made quotMany people in the BBC news department unhappyquot but that efficiencies were necessary ahead of a year which will bring a general election and licence fee negotiations. - link icon  \'Electromagnetic smog\' unlikely to harm humans
The researchers found no magnetic field effects in the various reactions studied. Further potential mechanisms of action will need to be studied before drawing firm conclusions on the risk presented by mobile phones, power lines and other sources of weak magnetic fields. -

Thursday 18 December 2014, AM link icon  Premier Christian Radio to be \'evicted\' from digital radio
quotMr Miliband told Premier todayquotI know the importance of Premier Radio. Peter Kerridge, CEO of Premier Christian Radio, said quotDespite months of negotiations with Arqiva, we have been unable to secure the renewal of our Digital One licence. But we still hope and pray for a last minute reprieve from eviction from the national network. - link icon  ITV suffers 2014 ratings woes
ITV is on course to suffer the most marked ratings declines of all the major broadcasters in 2014 as the World Cup failed to prevent its audience dropping 8%. -

Wednesday 17 December 2014, PM link icon  North Yorkshire DAB multiplex officially launched
Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy said quotI welcome today039s big switch-on in York and wish BBC Radio York, Stray FM and Minster FM great success on DAB. The future of radio is digital and this is part of a major expansion of DAB digital radio coverage across the UK.quot. Ford Ennals, CEO Digital Radio UK said quotThis is a big day for radio and for North Yorkshire. From today over 600,000 listeners will be able to receive their favourite local stations on DAB for the first time. -

Tuesday 16 December 2014, PM link icon  Senior Treasury official Sharon White to step into top Ofcom job
quotSharon brings with her an outstanding combination of intellect, political acumen and experience leading complex public organisations,quot said Ofcom039s Chairman, Dame Patricia Hodgson. quotThe Ofcom Board is confident that Sharon will provide the leadership and vision to ensure Ofcom continues to promote a thriving communications sector in the UK that operates in the public interest. - link icon  Sharon White appointed as chief executive of Ofcom
Ofcom has appointed Sharon White, a senior Treasury official overseeing the UK039s spending cuts, as its new chief executive. Waiting in White039s inbox will be the inquiry into the auction process for Premier League broadcasting rights and a market-impact assessment into the proposed closure of BBC3. Well-regarded for her economic nous, White039s impressive CV covers 25 years in the public sector and government, including spells in the British embassy in Washington DC, at the World Bank and as director general in the Department for International Development. -

Monday 15 December 2014, PM link icon  Coba: ITV receives 87m PSB benefit | News | Broadcast
ITV’s public service broadcaster status is worth at least £87m, according to a Commercial Broadcasters Association (Coba) report published to coincide with the launch of Ofcom’s PSB review. The Costs and Benefits of the C3 Licences report analysed the benefits received by the broadcaster compared to the costs of maintaining its public service broadcaster remit. It found that ITV’s prevalence in the EPG on slot three, coupled with its privileged access to spectrum was worth £161m.-

Sunday 14 December 2014, PM link icon  Media Monkey looks ahead to what\'s in store for the industry in 2015
May Far more gripping than the poll itself on 7 May is the on-screen stand-off in Channel 4039s election-night broadcast between Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow, 67, and upstart new signing Jeremy Paxman, 64 - a tussle Autumnwatch fans compare to stags rutting. One such story prompts extraordinary scenes as Humphrys descends, mike in hand, to the BBC newsroom in pursuit of the man making the decision, news supremo James Harding. -