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Briantist: Мedia David Liddiment and Alison Hastings leave the Trust Women in the media Mirror complaint
Briantist: Whɑts Behind Big Medias Big TV Push Into Europe Its economies in contrast to the boom territories of Chin
Briantist: Arιel 6 Music leads summers digital rush 23 October 2014 Last updated at 0917 The BBCs digital radio netw
Briantist: Which pυts the new Tesco Hudl2 to the test October 2014 Which News 22 October 2014 Weve just published ou
Briantist: BBC οpen to charging subscriptions for premium content head of Corporations trust reveals Telegraph How t
Briantist: Media Dɑvid Liddiment and Alison Hastings leave the Trust Women in the media Mirror complaint
Briantist: RadioToday wιth RCS UK stations get ready for RAJAR results Its that time of the year when radio stations
Briantist: BBC Nɛws New BBC Radio 3 controller will not dumb down Listening figures released in July had Radio 3s we
Briantist: Ariel Radiο 4 debates some big ideas 22 October 2014 Last updated at 1331 Big questions that have preoccu
Briantist: Whιch puts the new Tesco Hudl2 to the test October 2014 Which News 22 October 2014 Weve just published ou

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Did you know that most of the TV viewing in the UK is to free-to-air channels? According to BARB, last week's** figures show:
Freeview had 80.6%
Freesat had 77.4%
Sky no card had 77.8%
* premium channels had 3.8%, ** to 12 Oct 2014
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play Media: David Liddiment and Alison Hastings leave the Trust; Women in the media; Mirror com…
play Media: David Liddiment and Alison Hastings leave the Trust; Women in the media; Mirror com…
play Feedback: Political interviews: 17 Oct 14

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Thursday 23 October 2014, AM link icon  What's Behind Big Media's Big TV Push Into Europe
Its economies, in contrast to the boom territories of China and India, are seen as sluggish, its population aging and growth slim to nonexistent. When it comes to the global TV business, studios are looking to Europe for the next gold rush. The past year has seen a flood of billion-dollar deals as U.S. congloms snatch up European TV assets. - link icon  Ariel - 6 Music leads summer's digital rush
23 October 2014 Last updated at 0917 The BBC's digital radio networks have been gaining listeners over the summer as some of its bigger hitters have lost them. Around 600,000 fewer people tuned in to hear Chris Evans on Radio 2 in the third quarter of 2014 and around 150,000 opted out of Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 flagship. Over on 6 Music, mid-morning presenter Lauren Laverne is being hailed as the season's success story. -

Wednesday 22 October 2014, PM link icon  Which? puts the new Tesco Hudl2 to the test - October - 2014 - Which? News
22 October 2014 We've just published our full review of the brand new Tesco Hudl2. If you're tempted by this cheap tablet - read our review of the original Tesco Hudl before parting with your cash. - link icon  BBC open to charging subscriptions for premium content, head of Corporation's trust reveal…
How the BBC is funded will form a key part of these negotiations with the possibility of a subscription model replacing the traditional licence fee. If such changes were introduced it would be the biggest shake-up since the BBC was founded in 1922. Some members of the Cabinet are understood to believe that the compulsory 145.50 annual charge for television ownership is outdated and does not represent the changes in how people watch television in the modern world. - link icon  RadioToday with RCS | UK stations get ready for RAJAR results
Its that time of the year when radio stations receive quarterly listening figures direct to their web browser. Come back at midnight for all the news, and keep an eye on for really nice and easy to use graphs. Posted on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 at 237 pm by Radio Today UK. - link icon  BBC News - New BBC Radio 3 controller 'will not dumb down'
Listening figures released in July had Radio 3's weekly reach averaging 1.884 million listeners, to 6 Music's 1.89m. - link icon  Ariel - Radio 4 debates some big ideas
22 October 2014 Last updated at 1331 Big questions that have preoccupied thinkers down the ages will be debated for a major new series on Radio 4. A History of Ideas will pose one question every week to a group of four contributors - from lawyers and theologians to mathematicians - with Melvyn Bragg presiding over the exchange of views for the 60-part series. They will together discuss philosophical topics such as 'what does it mean to be me' and 'how do I live a good life' In subsequent programmes, each of the four contributors will further develop their arguments in an authored programme, using the tenets of philosophers and historical thinkers to back them up. -

Wednesday 22 October 2014, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG's Keith Hayler awarded IET Achievement Medal for advancing digital radi…
- link icon
It includes 70 channels, a smattering of HD options, a YouView box for recording content, and 17Mbps of fixed-line broadband. Its the survival box of TV packages all the essentials but no luxuries. The majority of free extras are part of the broadband service. - link icon  ?24.99 Xbox One Digital TV Tuner now on sale in the UK | Expert Reviews
Unfortunately this wasn't possible for the millions of UK residents that use the integrated Freeview tuner built into their TV, rather than a set-top box. That changed today when the Digital TV Tuner accessory went on sale. The dongle receives free-to-air HD broadcasts, supports the OneGuide onscreen programme guide, and lets you set favourite channels for quick access. -

Tuesday 21 October 2014, PM link icon  Fairhead indicates support for BBC3 online move | News | Broadcast
BBC Trust chairman Rona Fairhead has indicated that she supports the proposal to move BBC3 online to help the channel keep pace with the viewing habits of its audience. Speaking in front of a Culture, Media and Sport Committee on Tuesday, Fairhead said the strategy was “in and of itself” a “good idea”, but the BBC’s proposals will need to be examined in detail. She explained that the channel’s target audience of 16-34 year olds was now “watching less and very differently” than ever before. “Although sometimes this audience views by appointment, typically they eat or watch on the go through different devices,” she said. - link icon  Ariel - Rona Fairhead has not 'gone native'
Fairhead also believed the business was being run more efficiently and was 'more convinced' of the BBC's economic benefit to the UK than she was before taking up her new job. Outgoing trustee David Liddiment said more detail was needed from the BBC before the trust could move forward with a public value test. In another exchange, Liddiment admitted that many licence-fee payers weren't aware of the BBC Trust, despite it safeguarding their interests. - link icon  BBC Trust chair appears to back BBC3 TV closure | Media |
Her fellow trustee David Liddiment, who also gave evidence to MPs on Tuesday, said there was a widespread view that the trust was not fit for purpose and admitted there was a faultline in the way that the trust was set up. Fairhead, making her first public appearance since succeeding Lord Patten last month, said The idea of moving BBC3 and making it online in and of itself is good. We havent done our final review of BBC3. -

Monday 20 October 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Fran Unsworth to lead World Service
She will also continue to be deputy director of news and current affairs, a position she was given in late 2012 to help steer the division through the Jimmy Savile/Newsnight crisis. 'I have known Fran since she joined the BBC and watched in admiration as her career has developed,' said director general Tony Hall. 'Proudest day' Unsworth, who will take up her new role in December, described getting her new job as 'the proudest day of my professional life'. - link icon  Article
The postponement concluded, temporarily at least, a long period of impassioned debate from stakeholders throughout the sport industry. The panels remit was to review the principle of listing generally the criteria against which events were currently, or might in the future, be listed and the events which make up the current list and which events should be on the list for the future. The findings and recommendations of the Davies Report were strongly resisted by sports rights holders. - link icon  BBC - DAB Phase 4 - Help Receiving TV and Radio
This phase of national DAB expansion is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. We are not able to provide specific details on when improvements in coverage will reach particular areas for a number of reasons weather and other variables can impact on the build of particular transmitters. The postcode checker for DAB at will also be updated as the roll-out progresses. -

Sunday 19 October 2014, PM link icon  Why Cameron can’t be allowed to scupper televised election debates | Media | The Guardia…
The broadcasters showed every sign of being jolly pleased with their announcement last week that they had agreed a format for TV party leader debates for next years general election. Which, remember, was subject to an unsuccessful legal challenge from the SNP. BBC bosses will also hope that, assuming the debates happen in more or less this form, theirs might be last in the sequence and therefore closest to the poll. - link icon  Media Monkey’s Diary: Jason Seiken, naked ski jumping and Fi Glover | Media | The Guardi…
The clues were there, in Telegraph editor-in-chief Jason Seikens Twitter feed, to the news on Friday that he will henceforth be redirecting his energies away from editorial and towards future strategy and direction. Whether through genuine charitable impulses, self-interest or sadism, indie producers were quick to respond, and by the end of the week more than 17,000 had been donated. Monkeys quote of the week Who are you and what do you do - Radio 4 presenter Fi Glover to someone with their hand up at a Radio Festival event she was hosting. - link icon  BBC News - BBC to publish 'right to be forgotten' removals list
Following the ruling, Google set up a form on its site allowing people to request which links should be taken down. Google decided to notify affected websites each time a link had been removed. Mr Jordan said the BBC had so far been notified of 46 links to articles that had been removed. - link icon  Prices Add Up With a la Carte TV - WSJ - WSJ
s ESPN is also developing online-only platforms that would be offered separate from traditional channels. This is a watershed moment for the industry. But cord-cutters should be careful what they wish for. A future where television viewers subscribe to each channel individually could be cheaper for young people who only watch two or three channels, industry executives said. - link icon  Newsrooms must reflect modern Britain | Comment | Broadcast
The Open Newsrooms Day scheme is a step in the right direction, says Michael Jermey Yesterday was a memorable day in many newsrooms across the country. Not because of a big breaking news story but because hundreds of people, most of them young and from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic backgrounds, took the opportunity to spend an enjoyable day experiencing life first hand in a busy newsroom, talking to people who produce, present and report the news. The energetic enthusiasm of all involved, both the newsroom visitors and the news professionals talking about their work, was palpable. - link icon  Freeview HD - Which BBC regions will go HD in the future? - BBC - FAQs - Home
The BBC is committed to developing a plan for the rest of the regions as soon as practically possible. - link icon  Freeview HD - Why are there no Red Button Interactive Services on Freeview HD? - BBC - FAQ…
Technical constraints mean that it is not possible to run the full existing Red Button service, in the broadcast capacity we have available. We have run some limited data services on the Freeview HD multiplex to support major broadcast events. However we are working on an alternative solution, which will allow us to provide the usual Red Button functionality within the capacity we do have available. - link icon  John Simpson signs BBC deal allowing him to stay as long as he likes | Media | theguardian…
Veteran foreign correspondent John Simpson, a 45-year BBC lifer, has signed a new contract that effectively allows him to work for the corporation for as long as he wants. It is understood that the 70-year-old BBC world affairs editor has been given a deal that will see him stay on indefinitely. Previously Simpson who hit the headlines this summer when he reportedly said the BBC was grotesquely managed was on an annual contract. -

Saturday 18 October 2014, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - The Radio 4 Blog - Saturday Drama: Under Milk Wood in Surround Sound
The 2003 production was streamed online in 5.1 surround sound and now that 5.1 mix will also be available on-line in an experimental player on the Radio 4 website. This version of Under Milk Wood was recorded in surround sound and when first broadcast in 2003 it was available in this format to listeners at home who had the right equipment and software. When the play is repeated on Saturday 18 October at 2.30pm the surround sound version will be available as a live stream the play will also be available on demand from about 5pm that day for the next 30 days. - link icon  Ariel - When Tony Hall met Terry Walsh...
Rather than send a standard congratulatory reply, Tony Hall decided to visit the radio veteran, who's 'just about presented every programme going', according to his biography. He spent six years travelling the world, producing and directing television coverage of sports such as rally driving, hang gliding, windsurfing, golf and sailing. Tech apprentice of the year went to Salford native David Hewitt, who has completed a work placement with 'diligence, drive and leadership'. - link icon  BBC weather presenter Helen Willetts in double trouble | Media Monkey | Media | theguardia…
Viewers saw double during a BBC weather bulletin when two moving images of presenter Helen Willetts appeared on screen at once. A technical gaffe meant the forecast on Thursday became a two-cast as the BBC News channel presenter and her twin guided viewers through the outlook for the next few hours. - link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG appoints new Head of Communications
- link icon  About this project - BBC Genome
You can search the site for BBC programmes, people, dates and Radio Times editions. We hope it helps you find that long forgotten BBC programme, research a particular person or browse your own involvement with the BBC. This is a historical record of both the planned output and the BBC services of any given time. -

Thursday 16 October 2014, PM link icon  About the BBC Blog
Our aim on this project is to curate a comprehensive history of every radio and TV programme ever broadcast by the corporation, and make that available to the public. Were really pleased to get the site live, not least because so many of you have been asking when, how soon and telling us how useful it would be. The challenges in making available the 4.42 million programme records so far have been significant - you can read about some of the recent ones on the Internet blog. - link icon  BBC News - BBC's Genome Project offers radio and TV archive listings
The Genome Project is based on scans of Radio Times magazine listings published between 1923 and 2009. It is designed to help the BBC identify programmes missing from its recorded archive and try to find copies of them. A total of 4,423,654 programmes are included, from 4,469 issues. - link icon  BBC News - Railways 'dead zones' for mobiles, report reveals
The research, by Global Wireless Solutions GWS, found one in three mobile internet tasks failed, as did one in seven voice calls. Engineers tested the 10 most popular routes in and out of London. Voice calls were more likely to fail on open track than in a station, and the most failures occurred when a train was travelling above 50mph 80km/h. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Google reveals Nexus Player STB for Lollipop-powered Android TV
Made by Asus, Nexus Player is being presented as a platform for streaming music and video and games, controlled via remote control, smartphone and a wireless gamepad. The compact device will be launched in the US this autumn with pre-orders from October 17, but there are no details yet on price or international launch dates. Lollipop will be launched across Google's recent Nexus phones and tablets in the next few weeks, and includes a universal search across all devices, with the ability to pick up media playback from one device on another. -

Thursday 16 October 2014, AM link icon  Local TV station Made in Cardiff goes on air - Journalism News from HoldtheFrontPage
The first of the new network of Local TV stations to be based in Wales has gone on air. Made in Cardiff went live at 8pm last night and will broadcast daily news and magazine programmes on Freeview channel 23, Sky channel 134 and Virgin channel 159. The Welsh capital is the 10th town or city to get a new local TV channel under the governments initiative to create a network of up to 60 local stations. -

Wednesday 15 October 2014, PM link icon  RadioToday with RCS | Indies wants statutory 25% of BBC radio
Leading radio production companies have called on the BBC to introduce a statutory 25 quota of value of programme making for radio in the corporations next charter in 2017. As well as the quota, he also called for the BBCs Window of Creative Competition to be expanded to cover 25 of the value of contracts issued. In 201213 indies won 80 of WoCC hours, in 201314 they won 75 of hours. - link icon  BBC looks to develop ‘hybrid’ radio to allow mobile users to listen without the intern…
The BBC is one of the companies looking to develop a hybrid radio for mobile phones, which will combine the strengths of broadcast radio - free-to-receive, robust reception and reliability - with the digital enhancements and interactivity of internet radio. New research commissioned by the BBC shows the majority of smartphone users want to use radio in their devices but have worries around mobile data costs, battery use and reception issues when using streamed audio services. The coalition, named Universal Smartphone Radio Project, has been discussing hybrid radio with mobile and technology manufacturers, and how to build the functionality into handsets. -

Tuesday 14 October 2014, PM link icon  Ed Vaizey's full speech to #radfest2014
Ed Vaizey made his first appearance in person at a Radio Festival, more than four years since taking over as the minister responsible for radio. Read his keynote speech in full below This is the first time I have actually spoken at the Radio Festival I have been here twice virtually. I also spend a lot of time with Absolute 80s and their incredibly long playlist and of course Jack FM, my fantastic local independent station which I visited recently. - link icon  Ed Vaizey urges radio stations to engage young listeners | News | Broadcast
Culture minister Ed Vaizey has claimed that the decline in younger audiences for radio is “troubling” and urged the industry to engage with new listeners. Speaking earlier today at the Salford Radio Festival, the minister for culture, communications and the creative industries claimed that while radio’s strengths included the “human touch, the live presenter, the active curation of content, the engaging and entertaining formats along with trustworthy news and information,” it faced a raft of challenges. Vaizey dubbed Ofcom’s Communications Market report, which charted a decline in listening among 15-24 year olds from 18.7 hours in 2007 to 15.5 hours in 2013 as “troubling”. However he acknowledged that the awareness level among young people of stations such as Kiss, Capital Xtra and BBC 6 Music remained high, and called on broadcasters to develop an active social media presence to continue to grow their reach and engagement. - link icon  Aereo to the FCC: Let us join the cable companies we tried to replace - The Washington Pos…
It's been weeks since we last heard from Aereo, the shuttered streaming video service that lost bigat the Supreme Court this summer. Now it's back, and the company isrolling over in its fight against TV broadcasters in hopes of a longer-term victory in Congress. Other MVPDs pay broadcasters money for the right to retransmit free, over-the-air television signals to their subscribers. The last few months has seen Aereo looking for creative waysof getting out of payingretransmission fees. - link icon  RadioToday with RCS | Hybrid Radio planned by BBC and partners
The BBC is working on the development of a new generation of hybrid radio with international partners in Europe, America and Australia. New research commissioned by the BBC shows the majority of smartphone users want radio in their devices but have concerns around mobile data costs, battery use and reception issues when using streamed audio services. Together they will research and develop a new radio unit which combines internet and broadcast DAB or FM radio for use in mobile phones. - link icon  Sky urged to pay for content from Freeview channel providers ahead of results | This is Mo…
Analysts have estimated the three companies could share 150m in fees if Sky and Virgin Media were forced to pay out. Until last year, free channels had to pay Sky down 6.5p to 880p and Virgin to show their programmes. - link icon  Ofcom | The Use of Non-Geographic Numbers in Broadcasting

Tuesday 14 October 2014, AM link icon  RadioToday with RCS | 0 to 60 in 4 years for in-car DAB radio
The government minister responsible for radio has told the Radio Festival in Salford that the number of new cars with DAB as standard has now reached almost 60 percent. Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy announced that in September 2014, 58 of all new cars registered almost 250,000 came with digital radio. Four years ago, the proportion of new cars with digital radio was 0 according to industry body Digital Radio UK. - link icon  RadioToday with RCS | Ofcom to invite small scale DAB testers
Small-scale DAB is to get a boost as Ofcom prepares to licence a number of smaller multiplexes. The regulator will launch a consultation next week inviting stations to be part of the test, which will giveexisting stations a chance to go on DAB for a nine month period. Peter started off his session by admitting that DAB has not been a good platform for small scale radio so far and this new consultation will take a look at the licence conditions and awards process. -

Monday 13 October 2014, PM link icon  BSkyB Invests in Internet-Video Startup Pluto.TV | Variety
Pluto.TV, launched this spring, pullsinvideo from across the web andorganizes it inabout 100 thematicchannels like music, news, sports and comedy as well as more niche areas like anime and cats 24/7. Users then watch the channelsaslinear, TV-like continuous streams or access the video on-demand on a range of devices. Pluto.TV, meanwhile, expects to tap into the pay-TV providers experience packaging and promoting content. Pluto.TV is currently available in the U.S., but the startup expects to roll out worldwide eventually. - link icon  The battle for male viewers heats up | Comment | Broadcast
Can Viacom crack the male audience with the UK launch of Spike TV? Stephen Arnell weighs up the evidence In taking youth-skewing music/entertainment channel Viva off Freeview to make way for male-biased Spike TV, Viacom is showing it means business in the UK, and is moving fast. The Channel 5 family is already integrated into Viacom’s cross-promotion across UK channels and there’s been a steady stream of announcements of co-commissioned shows.. - link icon  BBC News - No charges for broadcaster Paul Gambaccini in Yewtree case
10 October 2014 Last updated at 1816 BBC broadcaster Paul Gambaccini will not face action over alleged historical sex offences, prosecutors say. The 65-year-old was held at a south London address in October last year as part of the Metropolitan Police's Operation Yewtree investigation. The Crown Prosecution Service said the inquiry followed claims of sex offences against two teenage boys in the early 1980s. - link icon  Chinese demand for British TV shows rises 40% | Media | The Guardian
The annual TV export report, published on Monday by independent producers trade body Pact, reveals that for the second year running China represented the fastest growing market for British shows and formats. The Chinese have fallen for dramas including Downton Abbey and formats such as gameshow The Cube, fuelling a 40 year-on-year rise in the amount spent on programmes to 17m. Mexico was the second fastest grower, up 23 to almost 1m. - link icon  Americans test next-generation standards | informitv
An American broadcaster has transmitted an ultra-high-definition signal over the air in a test of next-generation television standards. It is the first test transmission using the proposed ATSC 3.0 standard, in which scalable video and audio can be delivered over the air to the home and mobile devices simultaneously. It is claimed to be the first successful broadcast of Scalable High Efficiency Video Compression anywhere in the world. -

Monday 13 October 2014, AM link icon  TV licences - hundreds of thousands still pay by cheque | News |
Cheques have been declining as a method of tender for years now but there is still a sizeable minority who are using them to pay for their TV licence, according to new data from the BBC. There are roughly 350,000 people from across the country who paid the 145.50 needed for their access to British television using cheques last year, making up around one percent of the 25m plus licences in circulation. We do not have the figures for what proportion cheques make up of overall licences in each of these towns but an alternative measure is to look at how the use of cheques compares to the number getting e-licences - a paperless way of paying online, which 5.6m used last year. - link icon  UK TV exports grow 5% to ?1.3bn | News | Broadcast
Mipcom: Demand for UK television shows abroad has increased 5% over the past 12 months, fuelled by growing sales in the US and China. Pact’s annual UK Television Exports Survey found that total TV programming sales were worth £1.28bn in 2013, compared to £1.22bn in 2012. China was the largest growth market with a 40% boost in this period, taking total sales to £17m in 2014, compared with £12m last year. This meant that the country overtook Holland and Spain, which both acquired £16m of UK content respectively.-

Friday 10 October 2014, AM link icon  VoD: time for a united front | Comment | Broadcast
PSBs must play the likes of Netflix at their own game, says Kate Bulkley Nostalgia in the TV business used to mean looking back a generation, or at least a decade, to spot an emerging trend. But the rapid uptake of new technologies means the ‘next big thing’ happens as fast as you can say Snapchat. Lord only knows which app will be attracting a $10bn (£6.2bn) valuation next week. For broadcasters, video-on-demand (VoD) has had a similarly swift development. It was only in 2009 that the Competition Commission killed Kangaroo, the shared VoD platform proposed by BBC Worldwide, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, saying it would harm the nascent VoD market in the UK. Rivals at the time, such as Joost, are now defunct – despite there never being a Kangaroo.. - link icon  New Best Buy 4K ultra HD TVs revealed - October - 2014 - Which? News
09 October 2014 We've just published 16 new TV reviews online, with 8 models having the latest 4K ultra HD picture quality. This includes our highest scoring TV so far in 2014, but also one 4K set that failed to impress us. Which members can log in to find out how these TVs have done. -

Thursday 09 October 2014, AM link icon  Ariel - Rona Fairhead begins life at BBC Trust
'They understand that they need to operate efficiently and to rectify some of the high profile issues of the past, while building this compelling future.' And as leader of the trust, she promised to 'defend vigorously the BBC's independence while holding it accountable to its audience and to its public service mission'. 'As the future of the BBC is debated over the next few years, I look forward to working with you all to make sure it stays that way.' - link icon  Motors TV goes FTA in UK | Advanced Television
New viewers are encouraged to re-tune their Freeview box or TV and switch to Channel 71, while YouView devices will automatically update. Compatible devices will also be able to pause and record programming, just like other standard free-to-air channels. Motors TVs free-to-air service, which begins broadcasting around 1100 October 9, will initially mirror that of its current full-time Sky, Virgin Media and connected-free-to-air programming. - link icon  BBC Playlister reveals usage figures -
BBC presenters also get a playlist of their own, but once more, only one playlist per presenter. 10 million tracks means that the average user has 50 tracks in their playlist. This seems a high figure, and given that many users of the service would be expected to use it a few times and then abandon it, would point to a small subset of power users. - link icon  Cool FM found in breach of rules by Ofcom -
Belfast radio station Cool FM has been found to have misled its audience in a pre-recorded request show hosted by Kathryn Wilson. A listener complained that the presenter had been doing a live DJ set in a nightclub on 6th April, while simultaneously asking for requests on-air on a programme on Cool FM. Ofcom's website contains some examples and also points out that text messages to the station are charged at premium rate. - link icon  Channel 5 owner wants to overtake Channel 4 | Media |
Philippe Dauman, the Viacom chief executive, was asked if Channel 5 beating Channel 4 in the ratings over a week for the first time last year the statistical basis was hotly contested by its rival made it a target to overtake. Thats the first step, Dauman told journalists at a Broadcasting Press Guild breakfast on Wednesday morning. We do not put bounds on our ambitions. - link icon  London Live gets go-ahead to cut local output | Media |
Evgeny Lebedevs London Live has secured Ofcoms permission to reduce its local programming output at the second attempt, after a more radical proposal was thrown out by the media regulator. The struggling London TV service has been given the go-ahead to reduce its local programming repeats from 10 to six hours a day, and from an hour and a half to zero in peaktime 6pm-10.30pm. London Live will continue to air eight hours of first-run local programming each day, and three hours in peaktime, in line with the undertaking on which it won its Ofcom licence last year. - link icon  Viacom to launch Spike TV in UK | News | Broadcast
Viacom is to launch male-skewing US channel Spike TV, home to shows such as Bar Rescue, on Freeview. The broadcaster, which acquired Channel 5 for £450m in May, will replace entertainment channel Viva with Spike TV in the first quarter of 2015, although its channel slot is yet to be decided. Viva will continue to air on pay-TV platforms Sky and Virgin Media. Spike TV will carry a raft of US factual formats including Eyeworks USA-produced Bar Rescue (pictured), which currently airs on 5*, as well as repeats of Channel 5 factual series such as Cowboy Builders and Police Interceptors.. - link icon  Ariel - Midlands Today touches history at 50
Users can explore the map to discover video clips from the programme's archive relating to different parts of the region, whether it's Birmingham boys employed to be scarecrows or Midlands football teams winning the European Cup. 'We've tried to steer clear of murder and mayhem,' explains John Bray, Midlands Today assistant editor, who helped select the 100 films. 'We haven't included 2003's New Year shootings when two teenage girls were shot dead outside a party in Birmingham, for instance. - link icon  BBC News - EE launches home TV service in UK
Mobile network EE has announced a TV service that lets up to three phones or tablets be used to watch different live programmes in the home simultaneously, while a television screens a fourth. The facility is powered by a set-top box, which also lets content broadcast over the past 24 hours be replayed, even if recordings were not scheduled. The service is included in the price of EE's broadband and landline packages. -

Wednesday 08 October 2014, PM link icon  UK viewers ‘spend five hours a week watching TV, clips and films online’ | Media | the…
Tech-savvy Brits spent an average of more than five hours a week watching TV shows, clips and films on internet-connected devices in the first half of 2014 largely due to the popularity of tablets and smartphones. TV programmes proved to be the most popular form of online content viewed by UK users, at an average of two hours and 35 minutes a week, according to a report from the Internet Advertising Bureau. Films were watched an average of one hour 50 minutes a week, and video clip views averaged 51 minutes. -

Tuesday 07 October 2014, AM link icon  Richard Desmond’s Northern Shell back in profit thanks to Channel 5 | Media | theguardia…
Richard Desmonds Northern Shell bounced back into profit in 2013 thanks to a record performance from Channel 5, which countered a revenue slump at the newspapers and the ailing Health Lottery, which has lost more than 80m. Northern Shell, the owner of Express Newspapers and OK magazine which just sold off Channel 5, made an operating profit of 37m in 2013. A major recovery from the 5.6m operating loss in 2012. -

Monday 06 October 2014, PM link icon  Media Monkey: Harding upsets staff (again!) and Morgan on Mail bosses | Media | The Guardi…
Monkeys communicator of the week award goes to James Harding, BBC director of news and current affairs, for a staff email defending a divisional shake-up that some have accused of being bewildering and shambolic. Still, the upheaval has produced some classic W1A-style quirks, such as the fact that Jamie Angus will now report to Allen just appointed head of daily news programmes, whom he beat to win the job of Today editor. Details are murky but it apparently involved an awards bash, a disobliging Horrocks remark about the ratings of a Panorama made by Campbell, and some sort of contact swiftly ensuing that resulted in him appearing at work the following morning with a cut lip. - link icon  Ariel - iPlayer gives us more time to catch up
Until now, there has been just a seven day window in which to stream many shows after transmission. The director general said that iPlayer had been a pioneer of online viewing since its 2007 launch, now receiving more than seven million requests to view every day. 'Extending the catch up window to 30 days now makes the best value on-demand service even better. - link icon  Internet blog
Until now all our radio shows have been available for at least 7 days. We have the rights to keep some factual programmes such as Desert Island Discs and In Our Time indefinitely and this has been very popular. From now on almost all the programmes that are currently available for only 7 days will be available for 30 days. - link icon  YouView settles trademark dispute | SEENIT
Total argued that granting the YouView application for the same classes of goods and services as it owns the Your View trademark could cause confusion with, or dilute, its own brand. That case was heard earlier this year with the court backing Totals claims that YouViews use of its claimed trademark could cause confusion. However the two sides have now reached a confidential settlement which allows YouView to continue using its name and avoids a costly and embarrassing rebranding. - link icon
Freeview this week launches a new advertising campaign to promote the wealth of programming available to Freeview viewers this autumn. - link icon  YouView appoints Nick Thexton as CTO -
He has recently worked on projects including cloud-based video distribution to hybrid devices and the development of dynamic advert insertion technology, which is now used in the Sky Adsmart programme. The organisation recently announced a recruitment drive to expand its technology team by over 50 percent. It plans to add more than 50 roles in product design, development and test engineers over the next 12 months. - link icon  How to watch UK TV abroad: Sky Go, iPlayer and more for free | Expert Reviews
In the UK we're spoilt for great TV. Thanks to web-based catch up TV services like iPlayer there's no reason to miss out on your favourite shows if you aren't able to watch them live.It's not quite so simple if you find yourself out of the country, however almost every service blocks access to foreigners based on their IP address. Thankfully, there are plenty of quick, easy, and most importantly free ways to make sure you don't miss that crucial episode when you're away on business or out on holiday. - link icon  Synapse brings Vision TV to Freeview | Online Video | News | Rapid TV News
Synapse TV uses technology from Strategy Technology ST and specialist third parties to provide a cloud-based managed service for content owners and aggregators. It allows over-the-top OTT delivery of on-demand content and linear services. A number of content monetisation models are supported, including BARB-rated linear advertising, targeted on-demand advert insertion, pay-per-view and subscriptions. - link icon  MPs consider trashing compulsory BBC licence fee for subscription service | The Drum
The BBC licence fee has come under review from MPs, with critics calling into question the ethics behind enforcing the fee during a period of national austerity - especially with the internet offering arguably more competitive content. The fee, first introduced in 1922, currently sits at 145.50 annually and is legally compulsory for all UK TV owners to pay who actively watch live or stream TV. However, MPs claim that this is no longer fair during austerity where public services are seeing cuts. - link icon  BBC opens window to catch up | informitv
However it will remove the ability to download multiple episodes of television programmes retrospectively, known as series stacking. The BBC is planning an online store to sell access to some programmes beyond the 30-day period, but perhaps it needs a bolder vision. The extended window will initially apply to television and network radio programmes available to stream on demand, with regional radio and the World Service to follow. -

Friday 03 October 2014, PM link icon  RadioToday with RCS | Competition confirmed for second UK DAB
Ofcom has confirmed the awarding of a second national digital commercial multiplex will be a competitive process. The news comes as the regulator extends the closing date, to allow a prospective licence applicant sufficient time to obtain information from Arqiva, which owns many DAB transmitter sites. The first DAB national commercial multiplex is known as Digital One. - link icon  Ofcom | Ed Richards to stand down as Ofcom Chief Executive
Under his leadership, Ofcom has helped to deliver superfast broadband, 4G, lower prices, innovation, competition, and sustainable public service broadcasting in the UK. The executive search process to appoint a replacement is under way, led by Zygos Partnership. Ofcom seeks to complete the recruitment process early in 2015. -

Tuesday 30 September 2014, PM link icon  Children's Hour to go from Radio 4 Extra
BBC Radio 4 Extra is to end the Childrens Hour segment on a weekday afternoon because the average age is 60. The show has been on-air since 2011 but only around 5900 10-14 year olds tune in. The BBC Trust has agreed the move, issuing a revised service licence for the station which will see archive programming in the 4pm slot instead. -

Monday 29 September 2014, AM link icon  Australia Network goes off the air in the Asia and Pacific region - ABC News (Australian B…
Updated September 29, 2014 134955 The Australia Network has gone off the air after the Federal Government withdrew funding for the broadcaster earlier this year. The ABC was one year into a ten-year contract to provide the service, which had a potential audience of 144 million people. However, an ABC spokesman said the number of viewers in the region had grown over the past 12 months. - link icon  RadioToday with RCS | Full Time called on Sky Sports News Radio
A single Facebook message has signified the end of Sky Sports News Radio this weekend. Sky confirmed to RadioToday earlier this year it was looking at other options, saying a stand-alone sports radio service is no longer viable. A message posted on the stations Facebook page Sunday evening said Sky Sports News Radio is no longer broadcasting as a rolling news programme. -

Sunday 28 September 2014, PM link icon  BBC licence fee debate has entered uncharted waters | Jane Martinson | Media | The Guardia…
Is 145.50 a reasonable charge for a TV licence For years the answer to this question was a resounding yes for those of us who support a licence fee-funded BBC. It depends for a start on whether the licence fee payer can afford to eat, let alone pay for a television. - link icon  RadioToday with RCS | Somerset gets local DAB on Muxco multiplex
Muxco has launched its Somerset local DAB radio multiplex this morning, bringing five stations to digital radios for more than half a million listeners. The area is covered by three transmitters at Mendip, Taunton and Hutton meaning more than 71 of local households will get the DAB service. The launch follows Ofcom permission for Triple Muxco Ltd to change the frequency for the multiplex from the previously-approved 10D to 10B instead. - link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG thanks Emma Scott for her contribution to UK digital TV
- link icon  DTG :: News :: YouView to keep brand name
YouView has reached a settlement with Cheltenham based telecomms business Total Limited to continue using the 'YouView' brand name. -

Friday 26 September 2014, AM link icon  YouView appoints new tech chief to keep up with Sky in the cloud - Telegraph
YouViews technical development will be led by Nick Thexton, hired from the US internet technology giant Cisco. At YouView he will be tasked with accelerating development of internet technologies such as recording in the cloud to allow on-demand access from any smartphone or tablet. It had been hoped that the extra BBC services would be in place in time for this summers big events, such as the World Cup and Glastonbury, but the project hit delays. -

Thursday 25 September 2014, PM link icon  Jimmy Mulville considered BBC3 TV ‘rescue plan’ | Media |
The corporation is planning to shut the BBC3 TV channel the first channel closure in its history in the autumn of 2015 and reinvent it as an online service. A handful of former BBC3 shows would be aired on BBC1 and the online channel. At least one broadcaster is understood to have held informal talks with the BBC about potential plans to rescue the channel or its TV content. - link icon  Ofcom | The Communications Market: Digital Radio Report 2014
As part of this, it was requested that Ofcom produce an annual review of the digital radio market. The Action Plan was launched to ensure that if and when digital switchover occurs in radio, it can be delivered at a time when the market is ready and in a way that protects the needs of listeners. The last version of the Digital Radio Action Plan was published in January 2014. -

Tuesday 23 September 2014, AM link icon  BBC Trust sets out minimum level for current affairs output | Media |
The BBC Trust has responded to concerns that the corporations current affairs output is lagging behind rivals by insisting on a minimum amount of programming each year which is less than the amount it already airs. However, the BBC said it already delivers more than this over the past five years, BBC1 has delivered between 44 and 52 hours of current affairs peak-time programming annually. It is vital for the BBC to maintain the volume, quality and ambition of its current affairs and this protection for some of its most-watched current affairs output will help it to do that. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link icon  RadioToday with RCS | Labour urged to change BBC radio policies
The official commercial radio body says all the evidence suggests it needs an overhaul of regulation, with a set of clear service licences that help it focus on its strengths and limit the overlap with commercial operators. In a rapidly changing media landscape, the BBC has a special responsibility to offer compelling and exciting programming to the broadest possible audiences. After the general election next year, debate will begin in earnest on the future of the BBC. - link icon  Should the BBC Trust be renamed the Licence Fee Trust? | The Big Ideas |
BBC governance is in crisis, not due to opaque management or a lack of leadership, but because of a growing distance between the corporation and its viewers, according to the shadow culture minister Helen Goodman. Her comments came as the BBC faces criticism for being run by a metropolitan elite, remote from the people it services. James Heath, BBC director of policy and charter, admitted that the corporation would have to make more effort to reflect its viewers and listeners. - link icon  Doctor Who: the Guardian is Clara’s constant companion | Media Monkey | Media | theguard…
Is the Guardian the newspaper of choice on Doctor Who At least two Whovians seem to think so, lodging complaints with Ofcom that the Guardian has been given an unfair amount of promotion in the hit BBC1 show. The scene that so incensed the complainants featured the Doctors companion Clara, a teacher, carrying a clearly identifiable Saturday edition of the Guardian. - link icon  Alan Bennett attacks repellent reality TV shows from Big Brother to The Big Allotment Chal…
The playwright, who said there was no longer a television producer he could trust to put his work on screen without interference, revealed that he had once been an unlikely Big Brother viewer. Asked if he watched reality shows, Bennett told Radio Times Very few. Maybe the first Big Brother but I thought God, theyre all repellent. - link icon  BBC iPlayer Help - BBC iPlayer closing on some connected TVs and Blu-Ray devices

Sunday 21 September 2014, PM link icon…
Bias, undiluted propaganda and outright lies from broadcasters and newspapers denied the separatists their destiny, the narrative went, as the Scottish news machine was operated by shadowy figures pulling levers south of the border. Only one Scottish newspaper the Sunday Herald had the courage to back independence and as for the British Broadcasting Corporation, well, the clue was in the name. On the upside, an exercise that drew 85 per cent of the electorate to the ballot boxes may encourage a wave of young Scottish news junkies, counter to trends elsewhere. - link icon  Media Monkey’s Diary: Evan Davis, Radio 3, Neville Thurlbeck | Media | The Guardian
Monkeys attention is drawn to a name in the list of new members in the latest issue of the Society of Authors journal Neville Thurlbeck, the former News of the World news editor and chief reporter, who received a six-month jail sentence for phone-hacking. Perhaps fortunately for him, though, he wont be required to re-interview Rachel Reeves celebratedly called boring, snoring in a Katz tweet after a party conference grilling by Paxman a year ago and thereby put the new, gentler style potentially even more boring to the test of direct comparison. With peculiar timing, Davis will only come on stream for the Tories conference, having missed the Labour one. - link icon  BBC royal charter renewal: Scottish no vote could lead to a federal corporation | Media Ne…
The BBCs royal charter and agreements that underpin the BBCs existence specify the corporations public purposes, size, scale, scope, governance and funding mechanism. When the charter comes up for renewal by convention every 10 years coinciding as it does with the need for a new licence fee settlement the BBC must find a convincing narrative about itself to avoid losing complete control of the public debate to others with well-worn agendas bent on radical change. Although its programmes and services are by and large doing well and remain highly appreciated by the licence-paying public, the BBC corporately has been through a pretty torrid time. -

Friday 19 September 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - DG hails 'superb' referendum coverage
19 September 2014 Last updated at 1202 Tony Hall has thanked staff who worked through the night to bring the BBC audience news of the referendum result. 'I have been up all night and have witnessed first-hand our live coverage of the vote and had the chance to talk to and listen to staff. The programme presented by Huw Edwards - who was trending on Twitter on Friday after his well-received, marathon broadcasting stint - took a 25.6 average audience share. -

Friday 19 September 2014, AM link icon  Is second-screening a genuinely effective marketing phenomenon? | Media Network | Guardian…
The living room has become a hotbed of connected devices used in conjunction with watching TV with smartphone in hand, tablet on lap, smartwatch on wrist, were quickly running out of body parts that can accommodate the range of gadgets on the market. Consequently, second-screening has become a marketing phenomenon, enabling brands to enhance ad experiences across a number of platforms, from sponsoring companion apps such as Beamly formerly Zeebox to running promoted activity through social viewing services like Twitter. We have sought to squeeze every last second of attention span out of our TV viewers and why shouldnt we - link icon  Future of the BBC survey: the licence fee should not be cut | Media Network | Guardian Pro…
These are the views of the majority of 580 media professionals recently surveyed by the Guardian. The results are set to inform a series of Guardian fringe debates about the BBC at this years party conferences, ahead of the 2016 royal charter renewal. Rhetoric on the licence fee has become increasingly aggressive over recent months with prominent critics and public surveys suggesting it should be scrapped altogether, and others saying it should be cut and revenue diversified. - link icon  White Paper Report September 2014
Ultra High Definition, Video to Mobile, Spectrum, Connected TV, Digital Terrestrial - link icon  DTG :: News :: Cox pleas broadcasters to expose audiences to something else.
I don't want a society when you are 15 years old you can sit in their bedroom and watch the computer games channel 24 hours a day because I want that 15 year old to be exposed to ideas. Prof Cox said despite the fragmentation, television remained the dominant cultural force. It's only in the 1860s that we discovered electromagnetic waves and within 40 years you had radio and then shortly afterwards television. -
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