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Keep up with the daily developments that effect free TV in the UK. This list is updated often - you can follow Briantist on Twitter for update Tweets, or use your RSS reader (such a Firefox or Google Reader) with this feed - UK Free TV Trends RSS feed.


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Thursday 28 May 2015, AM link icon  Indies unite to back the BBC
BACKING THE BBC: THE PLEDGEWe believe the licence fee is the best way to fund the BBC and that it should be set at a level that ensures the corporation remains the cornerstone of the successfulBritish creative industries. We support a transparent, accountable and effi cient BBC and believe charter renewal should be conducted openly, giving the creative community and audiences a voice in the broadcaster’s future.

Wednesday 27 May 2015, PM link icon  UKTV prepares Watch re-brand
UKTV is set to re-brand pay-TV channel Watch to appeal to a more female-skewing audience.The multichannel broadcaster is understood to be ramping up the number of original factual entertainment formats which appeal more to women. At the same time it is to reduce its reliance on acquired US dramas.It is believed that UKTV is in talks with external partners over the move, which could include a name change for the channel that launched in October 2008. -

Wednesday 27 May 2015, AM link icon  Daily Mail's attack on 'BBC lefties' doesn't quite stack up
One number the Mail fails to include is how much the Guardian cost, which at pound1.60 was nearly three times the cover price of the weekday Mail. As a BBC source put it quotWe know accusing the BBC of bias is a favourite pastime for some people, but given we bought nearly as many copies of the Mail as the Guardian it039s difficult to see how these figures are evidence of it. -

Tuesday 26 May 2015, PM link icon  BT TV channel numbers are changing on 2nd June
Channels currently located between 400-599 are moving to 300-599. Subscription channels are additional channels you pay for. -

Tuesday 26 May 2015, AM link icon  BT TV Review
Paying for the HD Extra bolt-on sees you getting all of the BT Sport channels in high definition, plus channels like FOX HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, Comedy Central HD and MTV HD. Perhaps crucially for sports fans, BT Infinity also opens the doors to the Sky Sports channels - you can get Sky Sports 1 and/or 2 with BT TV which, combined with BT Sport, means you can get the complete run of all Premier League games for the next three seasons. These don039t give you any extra channels, but do give you access to content libraries that you can stream on your TV. You can039t get the live Sky Movies channels and you don039t have the option of watching any non-terrestrial channels in HD. If you039ve got BT Infinity, then you can order the HD Extra channel pack. - link icon  BBC News Channel schedule changes from 1st June
At 900pm, the two channels will show interactive news show Outside Source with Ros Atkins from Monday to Thursday, giving the BBC World News show its first regular timeslot in the UK - it039s previously turned up at short notice during international breaking news coverage in place of the Six O039Clock News on the BBC News Channel. At the weekends, BBC News Channel will join BBC World News for the latest international news in World News Today at 9pm. Together with changes to morning programming made in April with the introduction of the Victoria Derbyshire show, a simulcast with BBC Two, the BBC News Channel039s daily rolling news output is effectively reduced to 1100-1800 and 1830-2030, with the last 90 minutes of unique news programming between 2230 and 0000 taken up by two editions of The Papers and Sportsday with the 11pm news sandwiched in-between. -

Friday 22 May 2015, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: The DTG congratulates John Whittingdale MP and Ed Vaizey MP on ministerial …
John Whittingdale has taken a strong interest in the media industry as chair of the Commons culture, media and sport select committee since 2005. He launched the DTG039s Future of Innovation in Television Taskforce report at the DTG Summit 2014. - link icon  RAJAR figures on
Want a quick overview of how a radio station039s done Search for a radio station like BBC Radio 2, and instantly see how many weekly listeners it has. Discover what kind of music the station plays, and more information including their website, Twitter and Facebook accounts and who the key personnel are at the station. - link icon  Apple Wants Local TV in Its Apple TV Service, Which Means Apple TV Could Be Delayed
Industry executives familiar with Apple039s plans say the company wants to provide customers in cities around the U.S. with programming from their local broadcast stations. Apple039s pitch to TV networks is that it wants its service to have mass appeal - quotThis is supposed to be for 30 million people,quot says one executive who has talked to Apple - and it believes local TV will be part of that. -

Friday 22 May 2015, AM link icon  Digital radio hits nearly 40% of all listening
Absolute 80s pulled in an average of 1.45 million listeners a week with another 1.25 million tuning into Planet Rock, both owned by Bauer Media, in the first three months of this year, according to Rajar listening figures published on Thursday. Global Radio039s Classic FM was up 4.1 year on year to 5.53 million listeners while UTV039s TalkSport was up 1.6 to 3.25 million. - link icon  Edinburgh man wins Sky payout after BILLING them £25 an hour for time wasted
039Fobbed off039 Mr Swift had two years of frustrations to finally settle his dispute with Sky - who failed to acknowledge he had paid his final bill to Sky and then moved address. Long process Mr Swift039s bill included 31 hours and 25 minutes speaking to Sky either on phone or by email, with a further six hours dealing with Mackenzie Hall debt collectors. -

Thursday 21 May 2015, PM link icon  South Africa to start digital migration
Transformation Transformation of the media industry, especially the print media in South Africa, was slow, and little had changed since 1994 when Times Media, Naspers, Caxton and Argus were the big four media houses, Muthambi said. quotAs part of finalising this policy, we will also investigate the possibility of pooling government media assets with a view to support the creation of a black-owned media house in the country.quot Community media Deputy Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams said it was important for the government to support community media in order to ensure they were able to sustain themselves. - link icon  BBC global audience passes 300 million
The figures, which includes people looking at news content on the BBC039s Facebook page and on YouTube for the first time, shows that television has overtaken radio as the most popular platform for BBC international news for the first time. The reach of BBC Global News hit 105 million, with World News TV viewing rising 12 and those turning to for news rising 16. quotThe consumption of branded BBC services across TV, radio and digital platforms speaks to the international appetite for premium content across all the genres for which we are best known - primarily news, but increasingly for drama, factual and entertainment,quot said Tim Davie, chief executive of BBC Worldwide. - link icon  Between A Rock And A Hard Place
The latest research shows that 80 of all 15 year olds in the UK have a smartphone, and that on a smartphone streaming music is the 14th most popular activity, and listening to the radio is 33rd. All that time spent playing Candy Crush, checking your mum hasn039t embarrassed you on Facebook or just texting the latest emoji039s, means time not tuned into a radio station. We have streaming services trying to be radio stations and radio stations evolving online. - link icon  BBC weekly global audience over 300m
The new figure includes people using Facebook and YouTube to watch BBC content abroad and those who watch BBC Worldwide channels. The same figures show that the BBC039s weekly global news audience has increased by 18m, a rise of 7 since last year, taking it to a record-breaking 283m. Television has overtaken radio as the most popular platform for BBC international news for the first time, with 148m watching via TV as opposed to 133m via radio. - link icon  but byzantine \'cable bundle\' pricing still has me baffled
What really did my head in, and caused me to pull the plug on my cable television was the utterly incomprehensible nature of what039s known as the quotCable bundlequot. The only way to get the teasers and discount rates that make cable affordable, relative to its alternatives is if you are a television addict and/or are happy to subscribe to lots of channels just in case there039s a show that pops up on one that you might want to watch down the road. None of these television options seemed very attractive, at least on an absolute basis. -

Wednesday 20 May 2015, PM link icon  BBC freezes recruitment for digital content director
The BBC has called a temporary halt to its hunt for a digital content director after it failed to uncover the required calibre of candidate and to allow incoming executive Emma Swain to clarify the remit of the role.Applications were received for the role, which was first advertised in November alongside the BBC3 digital controller position, before it was removed from the BBC’s internal list of vacancies later that month.. -

Wednesday 20 May 2015, AM link icon  UTV gets extra space for new DAB stations
First Radio Sales will be leaving UTV039s London HQ to make extra room for studios for four new stations. UTV Media039s COO Scott Taunton said quotIn 2016 UTV will be at the forefront of the biggest expansion in the UK039s national radio line-up in a generation. We want to foster a culture of creative excellence and innovation at our national radio business, and the world-class new broadcast centre we039re planning to build on London039s South Bank will be the first step to achieving that goal. - link icon  HSBC tax scandal: Classic FM and Capital owner Global Radio advised stations not to report…
Peter Oborne resigned from The Telegraph earlier this year Comment The Telegraph only has itself to blame. The Independent has contacted Global Radio for a comment on the situation. -

Monday 18 May 2015, PM link icon  Over-The-Top Streaming Video Services To Surge To 330 Million+ Subscribers By 2019
Consumer adoption of streaming video services is surging, according to a new report by Juniper Research out this morning, which finds that subscriber numbers for services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video will grow from 92.1 million in 2014 to 333.2 million global subscriptions by 2019. Dish Network is running an Internet-based streaming TV service called Sling TV. Juniper also says that the spike in consumer adoption of these streaming video services will be led by growth in North America, but will be closely followed by the Far East, as this region, too, will see new services and increasing consumer interest. - link icon  Pay television in the UK and Ireland
The informitv Multiscreen Index now reports there are 18.50 million pay television customers across the four main providers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. TalkTalk added 82,000 video customers for a total of 1.41 million, while BT TV gained 52,000 video customers to reach 1.14 million. - link icon  Surveying ultra-high-definition benefits
So why is viewing distance relative to screen size important The designed viewing distance for high-definition television is apparently just over three times the screen height. The optimal 039design viewing distance039 is apparently 039the distance at which two adjacent pixels subtend an angle of 1 arc-min at the viewer039s eye039. - link icon  TV licence loophole exploited by viewers
As a consequence it is not doing everything it can to reduce licence fee evasion such as making iPlayer access - which unlike watching free-to-air broadcast signals can be easily controlled - contingent on owning a TV licence. In the digital age where all online devices have unique addresses and where mobile applications - including the BBC039s iPlayer app - identify the devices they send content to - the BBC already has mountains of information it could use to pursue licence fee evaders but chooses not to. -

Monday 18 May 2015, AM link icon  BBC\'s Diane Coyle: \'Whittingdale, despite the headlines, is a good choice\'
quotShe explainsquotIn the Conservative party there are more people who are ideological about the BBC and would want to pare it backquot, but quotI think the government and John Whittingdale are actually quite pragmatic and recognise among the people who vote for them that the BBC has great popularity. quotIf politicians really stop to think about it they recognise independent scrutiny from the BBC, although it can be uncomfortable, serves them better than anything else. All the research I039ve ever seen says that people, on the whole, like the BBC and want it to carry on and don039t want it interfered withI think grown-up politicians will not be daft enough to ignore what people think about it.quot And she thinks that, quotWhittingdale, despite the headlines, is actually a good choice. He039s really well-informed. He039s a pragmatic, sensible man. He knows people in the independent sector and around the country. - link icon  John Whittingdale, the horror fan putting the frighteners on the BBC
There is no shortage of evidence that Whittingdale will take a tough line on the BBC, having said last year that the licence fee was quotWorse than the poll taxquot because there was no element of subsidy for the low-paid. More top-slicing is likely and there is the possibility that Whittingdale will revisit the idea, which he backed five years ago, of the BBC paying the pound500m cost of free TV licences for the over-75s. If the axeman cometh, then he does so with a cheery smile and a glint in his eye, a man who once said his favourite Star Trek character was The Borg, quotAn alien species which is very similar to the Whips039 office a collective consciousness dedicated to the eradication of all other speciesquot. -

Sunday 17 May 2015, PM link icon  BBC Local Radio closes Late Show for East Midlands
The programme, which broadcasts on BBC Radio Nottingham, Derby, Lincolnshire and Leicester, will have its last edition on May 21st. As of May 24th, East Midlands listeners will join the late show broadcast in the West Midlands, on BBC WM, Coventry Warwickshire, Hereford Worcester, Stoke, and Shropshire. Given the BBC039s comparatively large local radio sizes, it039s likely that he now reaches more potential listeners across BBC Local Radio than he did on the GWR network. - link icon  Shutting down huge pirate sites has no \'positive effect\'
To shutdown may actually have made life worse for the authorities quotThe postshutdown market structure was much more fragmented, thus making it potentially more resistant to any future interventions. Consumers might be using more offline resources that are not easily tracked. - link icon  Medium wave transmitters turned off in Berkshire
The original frequency used by Radio 210 from its launch in 1976 is no more, after the AM transmitter broadcasting Smooth Radio to Reading was turned off this weekend. Smooth Radio has been on 1431KHz from Manor Farm since last March, when it took over the old Gold frequencies on medium wave across the country. -

CONTENT FLOW THROUGH THE MOBILE ECOSYSTEM In Association with the Mobile Video Alliance Content Created UK Digital Video Revenues Content items are typically created by a Content Owner or Broadcaster at a Studio and are designed to be shown via a variety of TV and mobile devices. The video asset will typically be delivered by a Content Distribution Network ready to respond to multiple requests from a variety of mobile end users. - link icon  Home
The electronic programme guide on a DAB digital radio will not receive updates from Wednesday 20 May to Sunday 24 May inclusively. The service will resume on Monday 25 May. We apologise to any listeners who will not be able to update their guide. - link icon  Freeview Play first look: Is this the future of contract-free smart TV?
For a closer look at Firefox OS and My Home Screen 2.0, check out our early eyes-onWhen playing around with the Panasonic smart TV, we noticed that there was a Freeview Play icon floating on the Firefox OS main page, providing viewers with yet another window into the Freeview Play suite of connected services. Arqiva, the infrastructure company and Freeview shareholder that manages and distributes Freeview channels, has been busy working on what was described as a 039vanilla039 Connected Operator user interface, something that could be adapted to meet Freeview Play039s requirements. -

Friday 15 May 2015, AM link icon  Best Freeview and Freesat PVRs 2015
Below we039ve listed the three best Freetime PVRs and three best Freesat PVRs available right now. See how these PVRs compare with the best of the rest by taking a look at our Best Buy PVR reviews. -

Thursday 14 May 2015, PM link icon  Killing Freemium is the Worst Thing for Artists
Do we really want to go back to an era when a small group of players controlled what most of us heard, and the only way to hear outsider artists was to trade tapes and mix CDs. And now we have easy ways to get free music, for which artists get paid nothing, and that will become the new normal for discovery There are plenty of artists who credit Napster with helping them build their careers-but wouldn039t it be better for artists to have something, rather than nothing. If big labels can erase Spotify039s free option, what else can they do They all have equity in Spotify as well, so they039ve hedged their bets and get paid either way-but what about the artists And what about the artists who don039t have label deals, or access to legit licensing deals Should they just stay in their own backyard - link icon  Financial Times | BBC iPlayer popularity falls for first time
The popularity of the iPlayer TV service has fallen for the first time, raising questions about the BBC's ability to maintain its position as a pioneer of online video. The iPlayer - which gives users access to the BBC's radio and TV programmes - has been one of the broadcaster'??s biggest success stories, and has become one of the UKs biggest brands since its launch in 2007. -

Wednesday 13 May 2015, PM link icon  London Live chief executive: 'We can't keep propping it up'
Last week, London Live was released from its commitment to increase the number of hours of original, local programming by an hour a day in its second year, and to 10 hours a day in its third year. When pressed on what has gone wrong for London Live, the flagship channel for the Government039s plans to boost local news as devised by Jeremy Hunt when he was culture secretary, Auckland was candid. - link icon  BBC Global iPlayer to close in June
The BBC has confirmed the quotGlobalquot version of its iPlayer on-demand service will close next month. The global iPlayer app was first made available as an iOS app in July 2011 but was never extended beyond Apple039s platform. - link icon  Digital Radio UK welcomes return of Ed Vaizey
He has been an active supporter of our industry and worked closely with Digital Radio UK to back expansion of local DAB coverage and authorise Ofcom funding for trials of small-scale DAB radio. Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, said quotWe welcome the return of Ed Vaizey as Culture Minister. He is passionate about radio and a great advocate for the sector. Ed039s reappointment will ensure strong leadership and continued Government support for delivering UK radio039s digital future. -

Wednesday 13 May 2015, AM link icon  Tony Hall tells BBC staff to be \'bold and inventive\' as licence fee battle looms
Tony Hall has said that the BBC should be quotBold and inventive about the futurequot in a note to all staff, which comes amid rightwing criticism of anti-Tory bias during the election and fears over the future of the licence fee. After the BBC won 11 awards at the Baftas on Sunday night, Hall said quotThe best argument for the BBC lies in the quality of its programmes. But there can never be any room for complacency. The challenge for us all over the coming months is to push ourselves to do even better. - link icon  Armando Iannucci to deliver MacTaggart lecture
quotMore and more people are poking their heads up and saying, 039do you think the licence fee is going to last039 It would be lovely but I really don039t. Inevitably it039s going to fall apart, or it039s going to be more difficult to collect or sustain,quot he said. Festival advisory chair Zai Bennett, who is also director of Sky Atlantic, said quotI promised when I became advisory chair that we would strive to make the festival more international and more entertaining than ever and I can039t think of a more appropriate MacTaggart than Armando. -

Tuesday 12 May 2015, PM link icon  but does the public back a mauling?
quotFront pages of the Telegraph, Times and Mail as well as the leader column of the Sun all declared, with ill-disguised glee, that the appointment of John Whittingdale as culture secretary was aquotdeclaration of warquot against the BBC which leaves the very future of the licence fee in doubtquot. In the long 18 months ahead before the BBC charter is confirmed, any tiny transgression will be seized on by the BBC039s enemies in the same way that they picked on a man eating a bacon sandwich. - link icon  John Whittingdale backed BBC paying £500m cost of TV licences for over-75s
The BBC faced the prospect of having to pick up the tab for free TV licences for over-75s in the 2010 negotiations around its future funding that saw the licence fee frozen until 2017 and the BBC take on a number of other funding responsibilities including the World Service and Welsh language channel, S4C. With a new government in place, negotiations around the future shape of the BBC and the way it is funded, including the level of the licence fee, will now begin in earnest. quotSome of my friends work at the BBC and they are either open or privately Tory supporters. What has always been a concern, it has never been as simple as political bias. It039s not that the BBC has a load of Labour supporters, the Labour party would never allow one to suggest that. - link icon  BBC faces being cut back to basics
The BBC’s tough past few years are nothing compared to the pain it will face under the new government, says John MairThe Conservatives’ victory last week was arguably the worst possible result for the BBC, which had kicked negotiations over a new licence fee into the long grass until after the election.. - link icon  David Cameron paves way for shake-up of the BBC as licence fee critic John Whittingdale jo…
Three Eton-educated ministers will attend Cabinet - Mr Cameron, Oliver Letwin, head of the Cabinet Office and Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, who will attend quotPoliticalquot sessions when civil servants are not present. 43 per cent of cabinet ministers went to comprehensive schools - double the 21 per cent in the Coalition cabinet. -

Monday 11 May 2015, PM link icon  Chris Bryant named as shadow culture secretary
Chris Bryant has been named as shadow culture secretary, replacing acting party leader Harriet Harman who has held the position since 2011. Bryant, who won a pound30,000 damages payout in January 2012 after his phone was hacked by the News of the World, has been a shadow minister for culture, media and sport since December last year. - link icon  BBC licence fee in doubt as John Whittingdale is named culture secretary
As culture secretary Whittingdale will push for much more rigorous oversight of the BBC, including giving the National Audit Office unrestricted access to the BBC039s accounts and creating a new public service broadcasting commission. The 55-year old has said that the BBC Trust is quotFar too close to the BBC and blurs accountabilityquot. - link icon  Freesat expands Freetime footprint as it beams down in 1.9m homes
Freesat039s managing director, Alistair Thom, said quotI039m thrilled to report another strong quarter for Freesat that clearly demonstrates the continuing growth and strength of the UK039s free-to-air proposition. With critically acclaimed programmes such as Breaking Bad now available through Spike, Freesat continues to support our ever expanding content offering with connected technology that empowers customers and their viewing habits. As well as streamlined access to catch-up and on-demand services including ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5 and YouTube, Freetime also lets Freesat viewers remotely manage recordings through a mobile app, available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices. - link icon  European plans for digital single market
The ambitious aim is to bring down regulatory walls and move from 28 national markets to a single digital market with over 500 million potential customers. Rus Ansip, the vice-president for the digital single market, said quotThey will give people and companies the online freedoms to profit fully from Europe039s huge internal market. -

Monday 11 May 2015, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG prepares R-Book update for the post-switchover environment
With the increasing potential for interference from services such as LTE 800 and TVWS as well as the changes to DTT services such as local TV, it was thought that it would be useful to include guidance on some of these issues. The second section will provide some more practical details such as guidance on aerials, faceplates, cabling, interference mitigation, de-rating for amplifiers and such like. - link icon  Michael Wolff: Why Is the U.K.\'s ITV on a Hollywood Buying Spree?
There is, too, a subplot here, the sure comedy of the mismatch between the high-flying Weinstein brothers - who will continue to run their arm of ITV and whose TV company has yet to establish a real track record - and the quite unshow-business London banker types who run ITV. Rather than a closed distributor, ITV strategically was turning itself into a supplier to the new glut of worldwide channels, including by 2014 providing more than 60 shows to U.S. channels, and buying, before the Weinstein play, four other U.S. production companies Gurney Productions, which makes Duck Dynasty High Noon Entertainment with Cake Boss Thinkfactory Media with Hatfields McCoys and DiGa Vision with Teen Wolf. -

Sunday 03 May 2015, AM link icon  Apple TV, BT YouView and EE TV boxes
We put 11 models in our latest test Apple TV, Microsoft and Netgear streaming devices, plus 8 Freeview/Freesat boxes such as EE TV, a Panasonic PVR and Blu-ray player, and new sub-pound100 BT YouView box. Do you want a set-top box to watch Freeview or Freesat TV, a PVR to watch/record, or a way to stream films and catch-up TV such as BBC iPlayer In our latest batch we039ve tested a variety of models and found the best of the crop. -

Saturday 18 April 2015, PM link icon  Have Sky customers reached the limit?
A Eurogroup meeting on 11 May seems to be the new cut-off point, but before that Greece needs to scrape enough cash together to fulfil its imminent payments, with the International Monetary Fund on Thursday ruling out any postponement of what it is owed. quotThe ratio of chief executive pay to average employee pay is also considered excessive. Lastly, the balance of the chief executive039s realised pay with financial performance is not considered acceptable as the change in chief executive total pay over five years is not commensurate with the change in total shareholder returns over the same period. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Who will win the battle for OTT TV supremacy? Find out at the DTG Summit 20…
Don039t miss this debate and discussion with your peers from Arqiva, Channel 4, BBC, Sky, EE, Disney, ITV, Dixons Retail and many more. More than 400 executives attend every year so register your place today using the link on the right. -

Thursday 16 April 2015, AM link icon  Norway to switch of FM radio in two years
STATS FOR DIGITAL RADIO IN NORWAY . - 56 of radio listeners use digital radio every day. quotOle Joslashrgen Torvmark, CEO of Digital Radio Norway saysquotThe White Paper from 2011 and a unique collaboration between the radio industry is the main reason why Norway is far ahead in the transition to digital radio. -

Monday 13 April 2015, PM link icon  Job cuts in News on hold until June
13 April 2015 Last updated at 0942 The BBC has extended its moratorium on compulsory redundancies in News until the end of June, after signing a deal with the unions. A BBC spokesperson said 039We039ve agreed to extend the moratorium on compulsory redundancies for staff in BBC News, BBC Scotland and BBC Wales until the end of June. - link icon  Big increase in cars with DAB digital radio
Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, says quotOver 61 of new cars with digital radio demonstrates the welcome commitment of the car industry to providing drivers with the full range of radio available today. Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, says quotDigital radio in car is on a roll - 450,000 new cars with digital radio in a single quarter is a significant milestone, and the introduction of DAB across most models of the UK039s best-selling car will ensure the growth of digital radio in car continues. -

Monday 13 April 2015, AM link icon  TV industry faces its \'ketchup\' moment: \'Mobile is now the first screen\'
Among the trends picked out by Scherer was the emergence of quota new syntax, a new grammar, a new vocabularyquot for news, particularly when delivered through quotThe new kids on the blockquot in the form of apps including Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope. quotThese are the kids now ruling the entertainment, and it039s just the beginning of it. Again, new grammar, new syntax, new vocabulary. -

Thursday 09 April 2015, PM link icon  Engineering a more flexible and efficient BBC for the future
UPDATEAt BBC Engineering, when we talk about taking advantage of internet technologies or being 039internet first039 we aren039t talking about the BBC doing more with online content or only putting content and programmes online. My role is to make sure that the BBC039s technologies that underpin everything we do - from our newsroom infrastructure and new in-the-field production and editing tools, to how we keep the BBC on air and online - are set up in the best possible way, and take advantage of new internet-based technologies. - link icon  Help Receiving TV and Radio
Station In-service date ERP NGR Antenna height Betws-y-Coed 28th March 2014 600W SH824582 43m. Calver Peak improves coverage in the Derbyshire Dales, bringing coverage to an additional 2,500 households and improving coverage for a further 2,300. Station In-service date ERP NGR Antenna height Icomb Hill 28th February 2014 1kW SP202229 40m. Leamington Spa improves coverage of BBC National DAB in areas of Leamington Spa and Warwick, and surrounding areas of Warwickshire, bringing coverage to an additional 1,800 households and improving coverage for a further 44,000 households. -

Thursday 09 April 2015, AM link icon  BBC aims to go \'internet first\' to attract younger audiences
Matthew Postgate, the corporation039s chief technology officer, said he was tasked with making sure the broadcaster was quotRelevantquot to younger viewers and could compete with online rivals such as Netflix and Amazon. The corporation announced last year that TV channel BBC3 would be moving online only and Postgate said that move was indicative of its quotDirection of travelquot. -

Wednesday 08 April 2015, PM link icon  Seven more BBC Radio DAB transmitters
In total, the new transmitters bring 34,000 households into the BBC039s national coverage area and improves digital radio reception for a further 56,000 households. Helen Boaden, Director of BBC Radio, says quotIt is fantastic that more listeners will be able to enjoy the full range of BBC services. Extending national DAB coverage is an important part of building a digital future for radio. -

Tuesday 07 April 2015, PM link icon  Lights, camera and very little action: brace yourself for Norway\'s Slow TV
quotI don039t think we are particularly stupid or weird in Norway to like this sort of thing,quot said Thomas Hellum, a Slow TV pioneer and production manager at Norway039s public broadcaster, NRK. quotI think really it could work in other countries. Hellum then got the go-ahead to shoot Hurtigruten Minute by Minute, a boat voyage that clocks in at 134 hours and 42 minutes. -

Wednesday 01 April 2015, PM link icon  BBC bright sparks put out searchlights for new 'director of better'
An advert that went out for the deliciously-plausibly-named BBC director of better is, of course, an April Fool for the forthcoming second series of brilliant BBC2 satire W1A. A bunch of bananas to the Beeb though for fooling BuzzFeed039s Tom Chivers, who fell for it but admirably 039fessed up later. - link icon  BBC WORLD NEWS NOW IN HD ACROSS EUROPE VIA ASTRA 19.2E
quotWe know from our viewers that they value HD services. BBC World News originates in pure HD, so it039s fantastic to be able to bring this service to our European heartland,quot said Colin Lawrence, Director of Distribution for BBC Global News Ltd. quotFollowing the investments we made in our content and presentation on BBC World News, last year we saw an audience increase in daily reach. HD is undoubtedly becoming the default viewing preference, and this new partnership enables delivery of our world class service to European audiences. BBC World News and BBC.comThe BBC's commercially funded international 24-hour English news platforms, are owned and operated by BBC Global News Ltd. BBC World News television is available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, and over 385 million households and 1.8 million hotel rooms. -

Monday 30 March 2015, PM link icon  New names for FM and Technology
30 March 2015 Last updated at 1614 Future Media is to be renamed BBC Digital, while BBC Technology will become BBC Engineering. 039Our digital offer will be central to Charter Review and the new name better reflects BBC Digital039s role in delivering the best possible online experiences for our audiences, while helping us transition to an internet-first BBC.039. - link icon  Unblocking digital services across Europe
The European Commission describes the internet as quota goldmine of digital opportunitiesquot but says that digital services are often confined to national borders. Rus Ansip, the vice-president for the digital single market, said quotLet us do away with all those fences and walls that block us online. People must be able to freely go across borders online just as they do offline. Innovative businesses must be helped to grow across the EU, not remain locked into their home market. This will be an uphill struggle all the way, but we need an ambitious start. Europe should benefit fully from the digital age better services, more participation and new jobsquot. - link icon  Red button evolution
The BBC is pushing the red button on a range of connected televisions with an interactive experience it now calls Red Button. The history of the red button services on the BBC can be traced back to the BBC Text service introduced in late 1999 as an alternative to the BBC Ceefax teletext service, which was first broadcast in 1974. -

Monday 30 March 2015, AM link icon  'Death threats' made against BBC's Tony Hall investigated
Lord Hall is reported to have received a threatening email after dropping presenter Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear because he had punched a producer. Lord Hall announced his decision not to renew Clarkson039s contract on Wednesday - after an internal inquiry found the presenter had subjected producer Oisin Tymon to an quotUnprovoked physical and verbal attackquot at a North Yorkshire hotel. - link icon  All 4
Requires a Now TV membership Requires a broadband internet connection to your Now TV Requires an HDMI-compatible TV Roku. Requires a Roku account Requires a broadband internet connection to your Roku box Requires an HDMI-compatible TV Sky. -

Sunday 29 March 2015, PM link icon  Cutting the cord: a look at the pros and cons of quitting cable
In any event, I039m already paying nearly 25 a month on top of that cable bill for services that I use far more than I use the cable. Canadian regulators have ordered the country039s cable providers to offer their customers quotSkinnyquot basic cable packages and to give them the ability to add the channels they want on an la carte basis after that. -

Saturday 28 March 2015, AM link icon  Labour wants strong BBC
The Labour Party has vowed not to weaken the BBC if it wins the election, publishing a policy paper which backs the licence fee and the corporation’s plans to commercialise in-house production.Speaking at a Bectu-hosted event about the UK film industry earlier this week, shadow arts minister Chris Bryant said he wants a “strong BBC” and promised not to “undermine the licence fee”.The message of support came ahead of the publication of today’s Labour-commissioned report which set out policy options for the creative industries during the next parliament.Compiled by former UK Film Council chief executive John Woodward, the review said the licence fee should be extended to account for the growth of on-demand viewing on BBC iPlayer.The paper, titled Leading the Field: A Review of the Creative Industries, also argued that it has “much sympathy” with BBC concerns over top-slicing the licence fee to free up funding for projects unrelated to the corporation’s core purposes.Instead, it said there is “more". - link icon  DTG underpins Freeview Play with D-Book 8, the DTT requirements for interoperability in th…
The D-Book 8 not only supports the Freeview and YouView platforms, it is also an essential reference for other UK platforms based on DVB-T and DVB-T2, such as EE TV, and is referenced by Freesat and the Freeview platforms in Australia and New Zealand. The tools for Freeview Play have been created alongside DTG Testing039s development of test suites to ensure products for the new platform continue deliver the high standards of reliability for which Freeview is recognised. - link icon  Sound Digital wins national DAB multiplex
Sound Digital has a board of three directors, consisting of a senior executive director from each of Sound Digital039s shareholder companies. Sound Digital plans to co-site transmitters for D2 with Digital One and the BBC national networks to avoid adjacent channel interference to existing digital radio services, and use the same dual satellite distribution feeds that are used by the Digital One network. - link icon  Reasons why Sound Digital won D2 licence
Ofcom considered Listen2Digital039s technical coverage plan offered a slightly wider geographic scope of coverage of the UK than that offered by either of Sound Digital039s technical plans, but that Sound Digital039s technical plans overall offered more contiguous and reliable coverage in those areas where it was available. In reaction to the news, Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, said quotThe award of the second national commercial DAB network to Sound Digital is a defining moment for digital radio and an unprecedented expansion, which will more than double the number of national commercial stations on DAB. Nearly 50 of UK households already have a digital radio, and over 60 of new car registrations have digital radio as standard, so if you don039t have digital radio at home or in your car, the time is now. -

Thursday 26 March 2015, PM link icon  Viacom to bring Breaking Bad to Freeview with Spike launch - Media news - Media Week
- link icon  Alexandra Palace secures £18.8m funding for theatre revamp
Chief executive of the Alexandra Palace and Park Charitable Palace Trust Duncan Wilson said he was quotThrilledquot with the announcement. Chief Executive of Heritage Lottery Fund Carole Souter said quotAlexandra Palace has played a pivotal role in the development of popular entertainment - culminating in the birth of British television. - link icon  BBC3 has become 'the living dead', claims senior TV executive
Elstein, a former executive at BSkyB and Channel 5, said a unitary BBC board with a director general and non-executive chairman, the preferred option of the BBC Trust chair Rona Fairhead, would have studied the proposal - and approved or rejected it - much quicker. The first chair of the BBC Trust, Sir Michael Lyons, warned against viewing a unitary board as a quotPanaceaquot to the BBC039s ills. - link icon  Vaizey kicks off local DAB expansion plan
Ed Vaizey said quotDigital radio is the future of radio in the UK and I am delighted that Government has been able to play its part in this major expansion which will help accelerate the transition to digital radio, in the car and at home. Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK added quotWe welcome the UK expansion of digital radio - it039s great news for listeners as it means that millions more listeners and thousands more miles of roads will be able to receive DAB loud and clear. -

Monday 23 March 2015, PM link icon  BBC considers plan to stop in-house production being sold to private sector
BBC Studios will at first operate within the publicly-funded corporation but then be transferred out and become a separate subsidiary of the BBC group, operating at arm039s length. General secretary Gerry Morrissey has written to Hall suggesting staff within BBC Studios be given a say in what happens to the new company by having two classes of shareholders. -

Friday 20 March 2015, PM link icon  Damazer to return to BBC as trustee
The chairman of BAE Systems is a former deputy chairman of the Bank of England, president of the CBI and chairman of Centrica plc. 039These are three really strong appointments to the trust and, with their top level experience built up across a range of backgrounds, they will be invaluable in helping ensure the licence fee payers039 perspective is brought to bear as we enter Charter Review,039 said chairman of the trust Rona Fairhead. 039I look forward to working with them. -

Friday 20 March 2015, AM link icon  Service review of BBC music radio: Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3, 6 Music and Asian Net…
Analysis of the music played on each of the six BBC music radio stations found that they play a wider range of tracks and genres than is available elsewhere on radio. Service licence changes - In order to enable savings, the number of live sessions on Radio 1 is being reduced, Radio 1 and 1Xtra will increase the number of documentaries shared between the stations, and the number of dramas on Radio 3 will reduce. -

Thursday 19 March 2015, PM link icon  Radio 1 to cut back on live music
The latest music radio service review, published on Thursday, confirmed that BBC Radio had made almost half of its requisite Delivering Quality First savings, although this had curtailed the scope of and spending on music radio. The BBC039s six music radio stations are doing well and are seen as go-to services for millions of UK listeners on a quest to discover and be entertained by music. - link icon  Sky raises sports and entertainment package prices
Sky, which normally increases its prices in September, said the price of a sports TV package - covering seven channels - would rise by pound1 to pound47 a month from June. Sky feared subscribers039 defections to BT, which won the right to show 42 games a season and has also beaten Sky to show Uefa Champions League matches later this year. -

Wednesday 18 March 2015, AM link icon  BBC national DAB radio reaches 95% population
In total, the new transmitters bring 138,000 households into the BBC039s national coverage area and improves digital radio reception for a further two million households. Helen Boaden, Director of Radio, says quotIt is fantastic that more listeners will be able to enjoy the full range of BBC services. Extending national DAB coverage is an important part of building a digital future for radio. - link icon  Unbundling Pay-TV Brings New Questions
quotIf you buy retail and you have six or seven of these things, that might cost you as much as a bundle that gives you 400 different networks,quot said Philippe Dauman, CEO of Viacom, which earns money from bundled channels but also recently launched a subscription streaming service aimed at preschool children that it imagines will be complementary to the bundle. Comcast offers an quotInternet Plusquot package of HBO, fast broadband and local channels for 40 a month, and ATT has been peddling a similar 49-a-month bundle that also includes Inc.039s Prime free-shipping and streaming-video service for a year. -

Tuesday 17 March 2015, PM link icon  BBC3 being \'dismantled\' before its TV closure, claim producers
The BBC has been accused of asset-stripping BBC3 before it has been given permission by the BBC Trust to close the TV channel. The pair said the corporation had already quotEmbraced commercialityquot with the sale of assets such as Top Gear magazine - still branded BBC Top Gear - and half of its BBC America operation to Mad Men producer AMC. -

Tuesday 17 March 2015, AM link icon  Scripps steps up pressure on BBC over UKTV bid
A BBC Worldwide spokesman said quotWe have no plans to sell our stake in UKTV - a successful business that provides ongoing strategic and financial benefits to BBC Worldwide, and indirectly to licence fee payers. A spokesman for the BBC Trust said quotSince taking up her role, the chairman has regular meetings with a range of media industry representatives and similarly she has an introductory meeting scheduled with Scripps. It is not the trust039s role to consider interest in BBC assets from third parties. Any such proposals would have to be put to the trust by BBC management for approval. -

Monday 16 March 2015, PM link icon  Local TV station debuts with a C-bomb in 'how to pull' show | Media | The Guardian

Saturday 14 March 2015, AM link icon  Jeremy Clarkson: TV producer reveals what it s like having to endure presenters tantrums -…

Friday 13 March 2015, AM link icon  Ariel - Just stop the rot at Ally Pally
- link icon  Offshore workers Sky TV switched off in latest North Sea cut-backs | Herald Scotland

Thursday 12 March 2015, AM link icon  Ofcom invites applications for Suffolk DAB
Ofcom has advertised a new local radio multiplex to provide DAB digital radio stations in Suffolk. As ever, 128kbits/sec is reserved to the BBC for the broadcasting in digital form of its local radio service, BBC Radio Suffolk. - link icon  Top Gear: How a monster was born
Telegraph columnist Alex Proud told BBC News that despite Mr Clarkson being a quotMassive earner for the BBCquot, the broadcaster could also attract new talent. quotThe BBC has a dilemma. Nobody in the end can ignore the BBC guidelines. That said this is a very popular programme - BBC Two039s most popular factual entertainment programme. The BBC would be loath to lose it. - link icon  Nielsen Charts Reach of Video Streaming
Homes with subscription streaming services spend 66 minutes a day watching time-shifted television, while households without subscriptions spend 56 minutes a day with it. Television executives are voicing concerns that streaming services like Netflix are cutting into the amount of time that people spend watching traditional television analysts estimate that total television viewing declined by almost 10 percent during the third and fourth quarters of 2014. -

Tuesday 10 March 2015, PM link icon  Reducing costs through Delivering Quality First Report by the Comptroller and Auditor Gen…
We assessed the BBC039s work in developing such a culture as part of the Programme through document review of BBC savings plans and progress reports review of documents covering BBC continuous improvement initiatives analysis of BBC savings data and annual accounts interviews with BBC staff involved with these initiatives and interviews with BBC staff and Our conclusions We assessed the BBC039s progress and its management through review of BBC039s management and reporting processes including case review of a sample of savings initiatives to underlying plans. The documents included BBC Executive proposals and BBC Trust reviews during 2011 and 2012 internal and external reviews of the Programme such as those by Ernst Young, KPMG and BBC Internal Audit BBC progress reports across the whole of the BBC and at divisional level BBC guidance on process and monitoring and BBC documents on its work on developing continuous improvement. - link icon  BBC risks having to cut more services after it misses long-term targets
The NAO said the programme of savings, a response to the 2010 licence fee settlement in which the BBC039s funding was frozen but given extra responsibilities, including the World Service, rural broadband and local TV, would get even tougher in the years ahead. quotThe BBC039s plans for future productivity savings involve more significant and potentially riskier changes to organisational structures and ways of working,quot it said. quotIf the BBC is not able to make planned productivity savings, it risks having to make further reductions to scope. -

Tuesday 10 March 2015, AM link icon  Margaret Hodge: BBC Trust chair Rona Fairhead \'should quit\'
The current chair of the BBC Trust should consider resigning or be sacked by the government, chair of the Public Accounts Committee Margaret Hodge has said. Rona Fairhead took over as chair of the BBC Trust last year, but before that she was chair of HSBC039s audit committee until 2010 and subsequently led the bank039s risk committee,. - link icon  Labour and Lib Dems commit to keeping C4 in public hands
Business secretary Vince Cable and shadow minister for the arts Chris Bryant have committed to keeping Channel 4 under public ownership if Labour or the Liberal Democrats win the general election.Speaking at a House of Commons event to celebrate the growth of the creative industries in the UK, Cable said his party was “committed to making absolutely sure that C4 isn’t offloaded into the private sector”.C4 chief executive David Abraham was in the audience to hear Cable’s speech, after which Bryant gave his party’s commitment to “keep C4 in public hands and not sell it off”.- link icon  Where can you watch classic Doctor Who episodes? The Horror Channel!

Monday 09 March 2015, PM link icon  Horror Channel to rise on Freeview
- link icon  BBC in the internet era | informitv