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Keep up with the daily developments that effect free TV in the UK. This list is updated often - you can follow Briantist on Twitter for update Tweets, or use your RSS reader (such a Firefox or Google Reader) with this feed - UK Free TV Trends RSS feed.

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Thursday 27 November 2014, AM link icon  NAPA boss says BBC should buy news from agencies rather than 'call centre' local newspaper…
The suggestion follows news from BBC head of news James Harding earlier this month that the corporation is investigating ways to buy content from local newspapers. Unlike newspapers, magazines, websites and broadcasters who are subsidised by advertising or licence fee, press agencies have to pay their own way to provide the most important stories of the day compiled to the best possible standard and more often than not with a picture package included. Our media partners on the UK national papers or magazines know that if they want a reporter on the ground anywhere in the country, they simply need to find the agency that covers that patch. - link icon…
IPTV News Hi Ben can you begin by telling us about the origins of at800. Whos involved, and how did it come about Ben Roome at800s formation was directed by the government as a pre-condition of the 800 MHz 4G mobile spectrum auction. -

Wednesday 26 November 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Newsround ties up rules for vloggers
26 November 2014 Last updated at 1616 A Newsround investigation has forced clarification of the rules around product promotion in online videos. The advertising watchdog advised Newsround reporter Ricky Boleto and assistant producer Chris Bailey-Foxx to make a formal complaint if they wanted to take the story further. Audience awareness In response, Mondelez said it was disappointed by the judgement but would not show the videos again. - link icon  More transmitters added to local DAB multiplexes | RadioToday
It takes the indoor coverage of the Herts, Beds and Bucks multiplex from 67.69 720,109 of households to 88.60 915,600 and from 81.49 1,205km of major roads to 89.50 1,324km. The new transmitter is in Lichfield and brings local digital radio to around 200,000 more people in South Derbyshire and into parts of Staffordshire. BBC Radio Derby was promoting the extra coverage last week when one listener rang the station to say she was still having problems. - link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG Testing to create product test suite for next generation connected Free…
The test suite will be used to ensure that trademark licensees meet the technical specifications of the platform and deliver an enhanced viewing experience. The Product Test Suite will cover the user journey including regionalisation, the correct use of broadcast and IP metadata, and correct handling of broadcast signalling. It will ensure device compliance, alongside test materials to demonstrate the correct co-existence of broadcast applications and a metadata test bed to simulate the real-world broadcasting and playout environment. - link icon  UK recording industry seeks review of law allowing fans to copy music | Media | The Guardi…
The UK music industry is seeking a judicial review of new legislation allowing music fans to make copies of legally-purchased music, arguing that musicians must be compensated as a result of lost sales. We fully support the right of the consumer to copy legally bought music for their own personal and private use, but there must be fair compensation for the creators of the music, said Vick Bain, chief executive of Basca. The governmenthas scrapped a law that made it technically illegal for music fans to download a legally-purchased CD onto a laptop, smartphone or MP3 player. - link icon  Jury still out as local TV celebrates its first anniversary | Media | The Guardian
Today marks the first anniversary for the launch of local TV. The publics reception to the channels has been noticeably mixed. For example, STV Glasgow managed to reach an audience of 572,000 viewers in its first month on air in June. -

Tuesday 25 November 2014, PM link icon  Keep extra Freeview HD Channels - e-petitions
This would mean a massive retuning exercise and the probable ending of the extra HD channels recently introduced to about 70 of the population. This change would probably necessitate rendering a lot of equipment obsolete and cause a lot of confusion to those who don't understand TV technology. This petition calls on the Secretary of State to overrule Ofcom and preserve the current Freeview transmission frequencies for the foreseeable future. - link icon  North West Wales DAB digital radio multiplex to launch | RadioToday
Only the BBC services are at 128kpbs, with the commercial stations offering 112kbps, all in stereo. Communicorps Heart North Wales service is not part of the line-up, although it is on the neighbouring Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex. The multiplex will broadcast from transmitters at Arfon and Conway. - link icon…
Published 251114 This document provides an in-depth study of the findings from the Digital Day 2014 children's consumer research. It focusses on the data from the children's quantitative 3-day diary study, and includes some comparisons to the adults' study. Key findings from the main adults' study were published in August as part of our Communications Market Report 2014. -

Monday 24 November 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Can't keep on with cuts, says Bulford
24 November 2014 Last updated at 1650 Anne Bulford says the BBC needs to make 400m more annual savings by 2017, but insists that it can't keep on making cuts without repercussions. Speaking in the Sunday Telegraph, the managing director of finance and operations said the BBC had achieved 1.1bn in annual savings since 2007 and was 'on track' to hit 1.5bn by the end of the current charter. 'The conclusions that come through from the report are that we're better run, we're better organised and we're doing more for less,' she told the newspaper. -

Saturday 22 November 2014, PM link icon  a516digital : North Yorkshire's local DAB multiplex set to launch with three services
Local DAB isset to launch in North Yorkshire on the 17th December 2014 with three local radio stations on the launch line-up. Once the multiplex is live, listeners will be able to rescan their DAB digital radios. - link icon  Aereo May Be Dead, But Internet TV Will Live On | WIRED
Its a sad day for Aereo and all those who believed in it. The startup, which allowed people to stream live broadcast television to their computers and mobile devices, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, just months after shutting down operations. Like Uber and Airbnb, Aereo has been one of those companies that bucked regulation from the outset. - link icon  Contributor by Google
When you visit a participating website, part of your contribution goes to the creators of that site. As a reminder of your support, youll see a thank you message - often accompanied by a pixel pattern - where you might normally see an ad. -

Friday 21 November 2014, PM link icon  TV streaming service Aereo files for bankruptcy | Media |
Television streaming service Aereo Inc filed for bankruptcy protection after a US supreme court ruled in June that the companys business model violated copyright laws. The court said Aereo had infringed copyrights of broadcasters by capturing live and recorded programs through antennas and transmitting them to subscribers for 8-12 a month. Aereo, which raised 95.6m in financing, suspended its streaming service at the end of June and cut jobs. -

Thursday 20 November 2014, PM link icon  WhereToWatch Helps You Find TV Shows and Movies to Stream Legally
Using it is easy, you can just search for a specific title or peruse by show/movie by categories including Most Popular, Coming Soon and Now Playing. In addition, the site also offers some behind-the-scenes footage thanks to content from, and also serves up movie trailers fromYouTube. However, while the platform returns results from on-demand and streaming services, it doesnt include TV listings where the shows might also be playing. - link icon  Local TV licence for Birmingham given to Kaleidoscope after City TV collapse | Media | the…
The local TV licence for Birmingham has been handed to a consortium involving a backer of the company that went into administration earlier this year before launching a service for the city. Kaleidoscope will be required to launch its service by 28 February. He had been named earlier this year as programme controller of City TV. - link icon  VisionTV goes on Freeview
- link icon  Freeview launches autumn ad campaign - Telecompaper
UK subscription free DTT service Freeview is launching an advertising campaign promoting the range of emotions available on programming this autumn. - link icon  BBC radio host says sorry on air for ‘ill-judged’ Ched Evans rape comments | Media | t…
A BBC radio presenter who said women should keep their knickers on while discussing convicted rapist and footballer Ched Evans has apologised on air. Conrad, 29, said I made it clear on several occasions that rape is an abhorrent and inexcusable crime and that women who are victims are in no way to blame. Some of my comments in one section of the discussion were ill-judged and were offensive to some. - link icon  Freeview to lose 700 MHz frequency to help push mobile broadband | SEENIT
The 700 MHz frequency band currently represents a substantial portion of the spectrum used for DTT services but its ability to penetrate homes and buildings makes it ideal for providing reliable indoor broadband services. Demand for mobile broadband is expected to be 45 times higher by 2030 than it is today, according to the regulator. Todays decision means TV channels will need to move to other frequencies but Ofcom says most viewers will only need to retune rather than replace their TV or set top box. - link icon  UK Play launches on PC and YouView ? Digital TV Europe
- link icon  Steve Morrison: give industry control of licence fee | News | Broadcast
All3Media chairman Steve Morrison has made an impassioned plea to safeguard the licence fee and set out a plan for it to be overseen by industry professionals and the public rather than politicians. In a keynote speech at the Salford Media Festival, Morrison lamented the government’s decision to freeze the licence fee and "top-slice" its income by £500m, with funds allocated to the BBC World Service, BT’s broadband rollout and local television, during the previous charter renewal. He said that top-slicing, combined with inflation, would cost the BBC "between 20-25%" of its real income by the end of 2016 and warned this was likely to result in a decrease in the amount the corporation spends on original content, impacting the production sector. - link icon  EE TV review: a decent set-top box with too many strings attached
EE has evolved rapidly since it became a household name two years ago after switching on the UK's first 4G mobile network. Free and available only to customers of EE's mobile and broadband services, it's essentially a Freeview DVR with a few tricks up its sleeve. Tying into EE's primary focus on mobile, one of the fancier features is the box's ability to stream live and recorded video to multiple smartphones and tablets simultaneously. -

Thursday 20 November 2014, AM link icon  BBC News - UK should get 'faster and cheaper' 4G data, says Ofcom
The telecoms regulator has ruled that frequencies currently reserved for digital TV transmissions and wireless microphones should switch over to mobile broadband. It said that the change should happen between 2020 and 2022. One expert said the move would benefit both cities and the countryside. - link icon  Why the public must rally to support the BBC licence fee | Media |
She is right to demand that culture secretary Sajid Javid should support the BBC in order to deflate members of his own party who are seeking to destroy it. It was the only possible conclusion to draw from their call to abolish the licence fee and institute a system of voluntary subscription in its place. The BBC has to take far worse on an almost daily basis. - link icon  Investors oppose James Murdoch's re-election to BSkyB board | Media |
James Murdoch is facing a challenge to his board membership of BSkyB. The Financial Times reports that a group of institutional investors has called for shareholders to vote against Murdochs re-election. It argues that Murdoch had failed to clarify conflicts of interests with his role at 21st Century Fox, Skys biggest shareholder. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ofcom sets 2020 for next digital TV/mobile broadband spectrum reshuffle
Digital terrestrial TV frequencies could be reshuffled as early as 2020 under Ofcom's latest plan to accommodate rising demand for mobile broadband. Communications regulator Ofcom claims that the move will deliver at least 900m in benefits to the economy, and will cost up to 660m to modify TV transmitters, replace aerials and compensate other users of the spectrum. This decision ensures that we are making the raw materials available with which investors and companies can build the services which will support the digital economy of the future. - link icon  Ariel - Sajid Javid reassures MP on licence fee
'The government has said that the charter review will not be starting in advance of the election in 2015,' Javid adds. In a publicised letter to the culture secretary, Bridgen called for the BBC licence fee to be replaced with a system of voluntary 'subscription-based payment options'. 'Sky is universally available and half choose to subscribe. -

Wednesday 19 November 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Radio 4 has to 'dazzle' in digital world
18 November 2014 Last updated at 1614 The biggest challenge for Radio 4 is to carve out a 'dazzling digital life' for itself, but that does not mean commissioning digital extras for every programme, says controller Gwyneth Williams. 'Making the digital side of Radio 4 come to life in an exciting way is a tremendous challenge,' she admitted, alongside 'delivering creative content of the highest standard, within budget'. Radio first The fact that, as panel chairman Robin Lustig pointed out, there was 'no radio version of YouTube' was part of that challenge, currently being tackled by 'a lot of very smart people on Radio 4'. - link icon  BBC losing out on hundreds of millions due to international users pirating iPlayer - Onlin…
Its a missed opportunity for the BBC, he said. The report was based on interviews with 170,000 people in 32 countries over the past year and 500,000 since 2009. The BBC said it would not advertise to people who were accessing its services unlawfully. - link icon  BBC continues to switch off local radio AM transmitters | RadioToday
In a new trial to save money, three of the stations are now broadcasting a message asking listeners to re tune to FM or DAB instead. The BBC is required to make savings and one potential way to do this, and maintain value for money, is to switch off medium wave transmitters in those places where FM or digital radio coverage is also available, the corporation said today. At BBC Surrey, all medium wave listening is affected. - link icon  Ofcom chief says regulator has to be involved in politics to function | Media | theguardia…
Ed Richards, the outgoing Ofcom chief executive, has said it would be delusional to think the regulator is not involved in political circles. He also said that it was too easy for media companies to appeal Ofcoms regulatory decisions and on any given week it was defending up to 10 of its rulings in the courts. Richards added that when he joined Ofcom in 2003, it employed 10 lawyers, now it has a team of about 40. - link icon  Ofcom appoints director Steve Unger as interim chief executive | Media |
Ofcom has appointed director Steve Unger to take over as interim chief executive when Ed Richards leaves at the end of the year. Unger is currently director of the media regulators strategy, international, technology and economist group. Unger, like Edwards, joined Ofcom at its inception in 2003. -

Tuesday 18 November 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - Ultra high definition video gives firms clearer picture
Hybrid photography Several photographers told me they are not waiting for 2015 - they are ready to jump in now. Still pictures that move 4K video heralds a new era of hybrid photography This is good enough quality to print at a decent size, although it's still way below the 18-to-22 megapixels professional-grade stills cameras can now achieve. In many circles - including the porn industry, which invariably can be found at technology's cutting edge - this facility could see photography and videography merging into one discipline. - link icon  BBC licence fee: MP calling for voluntary system expects fast reply | Media | theguardian.…
The Conservative MP calling for the BBC licence fee to be replaced with a voluntary subscription is expecting a response to his request for a review of the matter from the culture secretary by the middle of the week. Up to 50 MPs could back Bridgens call for a review of the licence fee, outlined in his letter to Javid, according to the Sunday Express. It is thought that some of the BBCs political supporters may also write to Javid, countering some of Bridgens suggestions. - link icon  Ofcom to investigate over 50 community radio stations | RadioToday
A quarter of all community radio stations are to be investigatedby Ofcom about not sticking to their Key Commitments. In community radio terms, the Key Commitments is the equivalent of a Format for commercial stations, but the content is written by the stations themselves when they apply for a licence. The regulator says it has launched investigations at 53 stations as a result of issues raised in the relevant Community Radio Licensees Annual Reports, which keeps Ofcom informed of what each station is doing. - link icon  10 powerful adverts that changed the way we think | Media Network | The Guardian
If done properly, it broadens and enhances the way we see the world, getting us to think, feel and consider the space and issues around us in a new light. Below are 10 ads that we believe do just this. Nike If You Let Me Play This film is a mini masterpiece which tackles a big issue in a very elegant way, with swagger and irony. -

Monday 17 November 2014, AM link icon  Panorama makes headlines with ‘Fake Sheikh’ – but faces a narrower outlook | Media |…
The BBCs venerable current affairs series Panorama of which, by way of a declaration of interest, I was once editor has been very much in the news. This proposal comes straight from director general Tony Halls core strategy for the imminent charter and licence fee renewal debate compete or compare. In Westminster efficiency and the level of the licence fee are major concerns and Hall and his top team, including former culture secretary James Purnell, know they must confront it. - link icon  BBC News - Broadband speed adverts targeted by watchdog Which?
17 November 2014 Last updated at 0048 Consumer watchdog Which has called for regulators to change the way broadband services are advertised. Currently providers can use a headline speed for services even if only 10 of customers will actually get that speed. Which found that a quarter of people would have chosen another deal if they had been better informed about the actual speeds they would receive. -

Saturday 15 November 2014, PM link icon

Friday 14 November 2014, PM link icon  Broadcasters Get Court To Stop Consumers From Seeing How Much Cable Companies Pay For Cont…
Broadcasters Get Court To Stop Consumers From Seeing How Much Cable Companies Pay For Content - link icon  BBC Local Radio programmes get 30 days on iPlayer | RadioToday
The change happens at 6am this Saturday, when content will move from the current seven day catch-up window to a month. The change brings the local radio network in line with regional and national radio stations which changed to 30 days in October, along with television programmes. -

Friday 14 November 2014, AM link icon  ITV chief admits ratings slump but advertising revenue is up 6% | Media | The Guardian
ITVs total revenues rose 8 in the first nine months of the year to 1.8bn, with advertising revenues up 6 in the first nine months to 1.16bn. Adam Crozier said the broadcaster would see TV ad revenue up 5 for the full year, which will be ITVs best outperformance of the market for five years. However, Crozier said ratings across its family of channels was not as good as would like, with its share of viewing down 5 so far this year. -

Thursday 13 November 2014, AM link icon  Don’t Buy TVs revealed in our latest testing - November - 2014 - Which? News
13 November 2014 We don't name products as Don't Buys easily, but sometimes our tests reveal TVs that just aren't up to the standards we'd expect. We've seen big advances in television design and production in recent years, but almost half of the TVs in our latest batch scored so poorly that they qualify as a Which They'll be frustrating to use, with badly designed menus and fiddly remote controls, and you'll likely miss out on the latest, premium TV features. You may tempted by their low price tags, but we find that with these poor TVs, you won't be getting the best overall value for your cash. - link icon  Future of BBC3 to be discussed before Christmas by BBC Trust | Media |
The BBC intends to save 50m annually by shutting the TV channel in autumn next year. A handful of shows will be broadcast on BBC1, while BBC3 will become online-only. The prospect of an alternative commercial future for the channel or its TV programming content has enticed the BBCs rivals. - link icon  Julia Davis to star in Channel 4 sitcom about failing TV breakfast show | Media | theguard…
Julia Davis is to star in a new Channel 4 sitcom about a failing breakfast TV show in which any resemblance to real-life programmes past or present is presumably entirely coincidental. In recent years C4 dramas have tended to air at 9pm or 10pm. -

Tuesday 11 November 2014, PM link icon  BBC mulls paying local newspapers for content and fund to pay for court reporting | Press…
BBC head of news James Harding said the corporation is investigating buying content from local newspapers and setting up a fund to pay for court reporting. He told editors that the BBC wants more partnerships, more openness, more trying things out. The newspaper industry is in much worse shape. - link icon…
The statutory investigation, which was opened on 8 September but only announced this week, is the most serious form of inquiry available to the Charity Commission. It said it had decided to launch the probe after receiving a number of complaints that the charity was being used for private advantage. In a statement, the regulator said it had scrutinised the Revelation Foundations accounts and had identified a number of concerns including potential significant loss of charitable funds, trustee benefits, conflicts of interest and connected party transactions. - link icon  Radioplayer extends to Ireland in a new deal with RTE | RadioToday
Radioplayer is extending to Ireland after a deal was made with RT and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland. Itll launch on all 43 Independent and RT stations next month, for an initial three year term. This now means we have four territories outside of the UK using Radioplayer, which clearly demonstrates that broadcasters working together in a territory is a vital part of the future of radio. - link icon  Sky demands clarity from ITV over retransmission fees | News | Broadcast
Sky has called on ITV to provide “concrete details” in the retransmission fees debate and has raised the prospect of potential blackouts. A blog titled Three Questions for ITV to Answer this Week, was posted earlier today by Sky group director of corporate affairs, Graham McWilliam to coincide with ITV’s interim results due out on Thursday. McWilliam claimed that ITV had “gone silent” after publishing a report in September which called for pay-TV operators such as Sky and Virgin Media to pay retransmission fees to public service broadcasters in line with the model adopted in the US. -

Tuesday 11 November 2014, AM link icon  London is digital radio city with over 60 DAB stations | RadioToday
Much of London can also receive local DAB stations from the Home Counties. In London homes, the share of digital listening now exceeds the share of analogue listening. 54 of Londoners now have a DAB digital radio Rajar Q3 2014. -

Monday 10 November 2014, PM link icon  Signalling a change | Comment | Broadcast
There will be enough room to move multiplexes into the 600MHz band, but there will need to be a public campaign to tell some households to retune their set-top boxes, and considerable replanning of the network. Some 250 million people across Europe rely on DTT. Viewers need to be warned because equipment will need to be retuned and there could be interference issues. - link icon The future of TV? It?s in the cloud
- link icon…
Proving himself the policy nerd who pundits deride, President Obama has issued a comprehensive statement on network neutrality that covers all of the points left uncovered in his generic praise for the policy a few weeks back. Such rules would seek to prevent ISPs from blocking or slowing lawful content on both their last mile networks and at interconnection points. The president also called for network neutrality rules to apply to wireless networks, something that the original Open Internet Order from 2010 didnt even do. - link icon  CBSN - Live Streaming Video News Channel - CBS News
- link icon  DTG :: News :: Britons want smart smart homes but we don't want to pay for them
Smart entertainment, energy, heating and appliances have captured the imagination of British consumers but not their spending power. A GfK survey found that 76 of adults want smart home technology but only 35 are willing to pay for the upgrades. The most desirable feature is a smart energy meter at 84, but only 24 of us are willing to pay for them. - link icon  BBC News - TV technology for the 2020 Olympics
Japanese broadcaster NHK is planning to go super hi-tech for its coverage of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The games will be offered in Super 8K - 16 times sharper than high definition televisions and microphones that can zoom in on sound anywhere in the stadium. BBC Click's Dan Simmons went to see the technology in action. - link icon  Global to launch Smooth Extra on national DAB | RadioToday
The new sister station will play melodic music from December 27th, on the slot currently used by Smooth Radio on Digital One, at 80kbps in mono. Smooth Xmas was previously broadcast in 2011 and 2012 by previous owner GMG Radio but disappeared in 2013. The format for music from the 70s, 80s and early 90s was added to Digital Ones licence in 2013. - link icon  Russia Today threatened with Ofcom sanctions due to bias | Media |
Russia Today has been threatened with statutory sanctions by media regulator Ofcom after the Kremlin-backed news channel breached broadcasting regulations on impartiality with its coverage of the Ukraine crisis. The regulator flagged up four separate reports, all broadcast in March this year, all dealing with the situation in Ukraine. Ofcom said it recognised that RT, which is funded by the Russian government and launched a UK version last month, would want to present the news from a Russian perspective. -

Monday 10 November 2014, AM link icon  Cory Doctorow: "We??re all sharecroppers in Google??s fields for the rest of eternity"
Either you frolic in an endless bounty of free i.e., stolen media without a care for its creators doomed to receive less than a pittance for their hard work and talent, or you stand by the corporate entities who, however futilely, battle pirates and intellectual-property thieves. If youre an artist, you must side with the heavies or resign yourself to keeping that day job forever because these days no one is willing to shell out for your books, music or films unless theyre forced to. The novelist and journalist Cory Doctorow, a longtime critic of zealous copyright protection, advocates a middle way, which may come as a surprise to those only superficially acquainted with his writings on technology. - link icon  Youview eyes app push | News | Broadcast
YouTube and Spotify could be among the next wave of services to follow Netflix onto Youview, as it prepares to launch a dedicated apps section. The connected TV service, which launched Netflix last week, is preparing an aggressive push into the apps space next year. Youview plans to launch an ‘Apps’ section on its EPG menu to sit alongside the ‘Players’ area. The likes of iPlayer, 4oD, Now TV, UKTV Play and now Netflix sit in the latter, but the idea is that YouTube music streaming service Spotify and emerging providers with limited catalogue could feature in the former.. -

Saturday 08 November 2014, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: DCMS wants DTT and mobile spectrum users to 'co-exist happily'
The UK government's head of spectrum planning wants digital terrestrial TV and mobile platforms to reach a deal on sharing sub-700MHz frequencies without regulators getting involved. The 3.4GHz band is currently used for wireless broadband in six countries including the UK, Canada and Spain. Ofcom wants to release 190MHz of spectrum currently reserved for the Ministry of Defence, with a consultation on the proposed auction open until January 23, 2015. -

Thursday 06 November 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Worldwide names its Store director
BBC Store is due to launch next year, after the trust approved plans last February, with a longer term aim to make it part of iPlayer. The idea is that people will be able to use iPlayer to search for shows, buy them through links to BBC Store and watch them via the catch-up service. - link icon  DTG :: News :: UK's ?41m 5G mobile broadband research test bed to launch in 2015
Next-generation mobile broadband technology will be developed in the UK at a 41.6 million 5G Innovation Centre from January 2015. It will be home to 150 researchers and around 100 PhD students, who will develop advanced technologies for a 5G network of the future, and test them in a real world environment. DTG Staff 06.11.2014 Links open in a new window. - link icon  New news service to launch for radio stations | RadioToday
An alternative hourly news bulletin will soon be available from a team of journalists setting up a new company, Radio News Hub. The service is aimed at English speaking radio stations both home and abroad and launches early in 2015, providing a 60 second bulletin Monday to Friday 6am to 7pm, delivered online. Stations also have the option of adding twice daily sport, showbiz and business bulletins along with a classified football results package on a Saturday afternoon. - link icon  BBC News - Made in Leeds TV channel launches on Freeview and cable
6 November 2014 Last updated at 0757 Leeds's local TV channel is set to launch on Freeview and cable for the first time later. Made in Leeds will be screened on Freeview and on a local cable network. The channel will launch at 2000 BST and follows the introduction of Sheffield Live in September. -

Thursday 06 November 2014, AM link icon  UPDATE 1-Court says Sky must allow BT to carry its sports channels | Reuters
That was over-ruled by the Competition Appeal Tribunal, a decision which itself was later challenged by the Court of Appeal. A spokesman for BT, which has itself moved aggressively into sports programming, said the channels would be offered to its YouView customers very shortly. Sky said the judgement was purely an interim measure. -

Wednesday 05 November 2014, PM link icon  The time is right for streaming TV says EE boss
The head of EE TV has said that he is excited about the level of public interest in the as yet unlaunched streaming content service. Weve been working closely with a host of industry partners for a number of months to create a compelling range of Freeview and on-demand services that will be in place at launch. Consumers have a lot of choice today in how they access their favourite TV shows and increased competition encourages everyone in the industry to improve. - link icon  Mobile phone coverage maps are SO confusing - BBC Newsbeat
The government says it wants to make phone operators share coverage to cut out so-called notspots - areas where there's no signal. At Newsbeat we admit we're finding it a bit difficult to get our heads around the various maps. It's the coverage map by the regulator Ofcom, the people in charge of keeping the phone companies in check. - link icon  Sky Sports must be offered to BT’s YouView customers, says regulator | Media | theguardi…
The decision by the Competition Appeal Tribunal follows four years of legal wrangling, and, while it is an interim ruling, it nevertheless marks a major victory for Skys rivals and media regulator Ofcom. In 2010, Ofcom first tried to force BSkyB to offer Sky Sports 1 and 2 at a 23 discount to rivals as a curb on the satellite broadcaster abusing its dominant position in the market. The new pricing structure proposed by Ofcom is referred to as wholesale must offer. - link icon  Complete guide to 4G - Phones - Which? Technology
4G is a step up in speed from the 3G network that most current phones use to access the internet. 4G is all about faster internet speeds it offers no improvement in making calls or sending texts. With 4G, your phone can open webpages instantaneously, download apps and songs in seconds, and stream videos without any annoying buffering. -

Tuesday 04 November 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - O'Reilly: Let older women read the news
Giving evidence to a select committee inquiry into representation of women in news and current affairs broadcasting, she quoted from a number of women who'd corresponded with her after they left the News division. One felt 'women over 50 should never show their faces or necks in public', another that 'men were able to get old and peculiar, but not women'. 'I'd like to see a much older woman reading the news in peak time. -

Monday 03 November 2014, PM link icon  Date set for radio licence rollover briefing | RadioToday
These will be followed by a Parliamentary briefing on 25 November. Their rollovers will start to expire in the next few years from 2017, and there is currently no mechanism to enable these licences to be extended further. Instead radio stations would be subject to a wholesale re-licensing process. - link icon  FCC proposal could support online television | informitv
The Federal Communications Commission in America is to consider extending its definition of a multichannel video programming distributor to include online television services. The move could enable online television services to compete with cable, satellite and telco operators but will not necessarily lead to an unbundling of channels. That would give online services the same rights that satellite services already have in accessing the programming of cable operators and broadcast television stations. -

Monday 03 November 2014, AM link icon  Fan TV Web video settop box maker looking for buyer | Re/code
Industry sources say the set-top-box maker has spent much of this year looking for a buyer, and a person familiar with Fan says a deal is likely to be announced this week. Conventional wisdom among industry sources is that Fans investors, who put at least 40 million into different incarnations of the company over the years, will be unlikely to get all of theirmoney back. Some sourcessay the company was recently looking for something in the 15 million range. - link icon  BBC Radio Streams - Change in Audio Formats
Why is BBC Radio changing the audio format of its radio streams As part of this change, from the end of 2014, we will no longer supply programmes in the Windows Media Audio format. When will the BBC stop using Windows Media Audio - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Audio Factory: BBC Radio to stop supporting Windows Media on…
Hello, I am responsible for the BBCs online radio streams, from source to delivery to the products that consume them. Primarily it needs to replace the ageing equipment and infrastructure that encodes and delivers the BBCs audio streams. This has grown in different ways across the BBC over the years and we need to standardize as we replace. - link icon  Ofcom | Small Scale DAB trial
Consultation published 29102014 This consultation sets out Ofcoms proposals for licensing a number of short-term trial small scale DAB multiplexes. During the consultation period, we will be holding a small number of events based around our consultation proposals. The first of these will be a technical demonstration event held at our facility at Baldock, Hertfordshire, on 13 November 2014. - link icon  Ofcom | List of Applicants
- link icon  a516digital : UTV Radio launches festive DAB pop-ups
- link icon  EE TV vs rivals: How does it stack up? - Recombu
With the launch of EE TV imminent, there are now even more digital TV services to choose from. Here, we take a look at the latest, EE TV, to see how it compares to established rivals. What does it offer than Freeview doesnt -

Sunday 02 November 2014, PM link icon  Windows Installation Guide
Windows users should install get_iplayer with the provided installer. Download the latest version from http// NOTE You must have administrator privileges to install get_iplayer. This handy video might help you if you are new to get_iplayer Perl Support The installer will install a private customised version of Strawberry Perl that includes all necessary Perl modules. -

Sunday 02 November 2014, AM link icon  Arrow
There were podcasts about politics, sports, literature, comedy. There were podcasts that sounded like NPR, and ones that sounded like Rush Limbaugh. Today, a very different problem exists There are too many great podcasts to keep up with. -

Saturday 01 November 2014, AM link icon  Scottish broadcaster STV bids for three more local TV licences | Media |
The bids were revealed on Friday as Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator, released details of the bids for licences advertised in the summer to run local TV services in seven locations in cities and towns across the UK. Its partnership with further education colleges and universities will provide access to media students, who will have the opportunity to learn and train in a live TV environment, the company says. STV Glasgow, transmitted as a digital Freeview channel, reaches a monthly audience of more than 500,000 people in Glasgow and the west of Scotland, with 60 of the transmission area tuning in at some point since launch, according to the company. -

Friday 31 October 2014, PM link icon  Birmingham local TV launch delayed | News | Broadcast
The launch date for Birmingham’s local TV channel has been pushed back after Ofcom continues its hunt for a suitable operator. The regulator set a revised launch date of 3 November for the channel after preferred bidder BLTV went bust in August. BLTV’s administrators Duff & Phelps were charged with finding a suitable replacement to take up the licence but the regulator has been forced to extend the search on an “interim basis” as potential bidders are assessed. An Ofcom spokeswoman said it was vital to ensure the local TV channel operator was healthy.. - link icon  BBC now has more staff outside London than in the capital | Media |
The BBC now has more staff outside London than in the capital for the first time following the relocation of more than 2,000 posts to Salford, finally reaching a target first set in 2004. The corporation said that 49 of its staff work in London, which equates to some 8,169 full-time equivalent roles based on the 16,672 number of staff given in the most recent annual report, for the 12 months to the end of March. The proportion of BBC staff working in London has fallen from 58 in 2007. -

Thursday 30 October 2014, PM link icon  Pay television approaches a billion homes | informitv
Pay television is big business, but nobody seems to agree quite how big. Contrary to popular opinion, the number of pay-television subscribers is growing. It could be approaching a billion households worldwide, but recent reports appear to disagree on when that figure will be reached. - link icon  RT launches dedicated UK news channel – RT UK
Airing from its new London studios at Millbank, the channel will cover local, regional and national UK stories, focusing on issues that matter most to Britons. It will also examine a diverse spectrum of international news, analyzing the implications of major global developments for a British and wider international audience. Now, with a dedicated UK channel, we can serve the needs and interests of the British public by promoting debate and new ways of thinking about specifically British issues, Simonyan said. - link icon  RT: Russia Today's six most memorable moments | Media |
To mark its arrival, we look at back at some of its most memorable moments. As such well be sending her to Crimea to give her an opportunity to make up her own mind from the epicentre of the story. Martin did not go to Crimea. Didnt Georgia attack Russia, and didnt Russia retaliate -

Thursday 30 October 2014, AM link icon  BBC3 TV closure ‘completely wrong’, says June Sarpong | Media |
Sarpong, recently hired by BBC2s Newsnight as a contributor, said the decision to slash the channels budget and make it online-only was a lost opportunity for new and emerging talent. If you look at the data, 75 or 80 of the audience is consuming that content on television, theyre not watching it online, said Sarpong. In slashing the budget in the way they are, there is no real pull for developing young talent. - link icon  The Great British TV Sell-Off: What do foreign companies own? | Media |

Tuesday 28 October 2014, PM link icon  BBC executive: broadcasters thought viewers didn’t want older women on TV | Media | theg…
Broadcasters have been guilty of wrongly thinking that British viewers did not want to see older women on television, a senior BBC news executive has admitted. Unsworth said that broadcasters including the BBC were now taking steps to address the lack of older women on air, but added that it would take time for the current generation of female journalists to come through as they continued in their careers. She was responding to an assertion made by Lady Deech that television suffered from a culture of lookism and that there was a difference between the output of BBC radio and television. -

Tuesday 28 October 2014, AM link icon  One week later, Google algorithm change hits streaming, torrent sites hard | Ars Technica
One of Project Free TV's domains has dropped in traffic since Google's algorithm change. Video streaming and torrent sites have dropped precipitously in Google rankings after the company altered its algorithm last Monday, according to reports from Searchmetrics. One of Project Free TV's main operating domains,, fell 96 percent in Searchmetric's rankings, one of the biggest drops alongside and -

Monday 27 October 2014, AM link icon  The Great British TV Sell Off - interactive | Media |
Channel 4s chief executive recently warned that the UK TV production sector was being snapped up almost wholesale by foreign media companies. Roll over the evening schedules for the five main terrestrial channels below, from Monday 22 September, to see where ownership of programmes ultimately rests -

Sunday 26 October 2014, PM link icon  American television: Switching channels | The Economist
Most cable subscribers will find the title an appropriate description of their viewing experience. Couch potatoes are forced to spend around 90 a month for their subscription. They receive over 160 channels, most of which they skip straight past. -

Sunday 26 October 2014, AM link icon  The BBC ageist? Not with this roster of prime-time septuagenarians | Television radio | Th…
Now, what new charges can we bring against the BBC What new ism goes with on-screen racism and sexism David Attenborough 88 is just off and running with his new Life Story. -

Friday 24 October 2014, AM link icon  Connected Red Button comes to YouView | SEENIT
Connected Red Button offers a range of internet-delivered programming, news and sport content and is used by the broadcaster to boost coverage of live events such as Glastonbury and Wimbledon. It also integrates access to the iPlayer, allowing viewers to catch up on missed shows from within the Red Button experience. YouView boxes were originally expected to get the service in time the summers run of sporting events but delivery was delayed and pushed back to before the end of the year. - link icon  AMC Networks to Buy 49.9 Percent Stake in BBC America for $200 Million
The cable networks company and the commercial arm of U.K. public broadcaster BBC announced the deal Thursday after reports of their talks first emerged over the summer. BBC America is currently available in approximately 80 million U.S. households. The U.S. is an important market for the BBCs commercial activities. - link icon  AMC Networks buys 49.9% share of BBC America | Media | The Guardian
Tony Hall, the director general of the licence-fee funded arm of the corporation, said that the deal brings together the whole BBC. AMC will also jointly invest in a range of future BBC productions. -