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Help receiving BBC TV - Transmitter work

Help receiving BBC TV - Transmitter work

See the list of current BBC transmitter faults
Saorview Saorview

Details of the digital transmitters in the RoI
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List of digital switchover exceptions

Almost all transmitters follow the same plan at switchover, however there are some exceptions to these rules.

Aerial groups - new feature Aerial groups - new feature

There has been a lot of debate about aerial "groups" over the last few years...

“As I have said before,only use a wideband aerial if you have to, due to out of group channels.If your transmitters channels are in a group,use a group” --- Iain Davies
Freeview transmitters Freeview transmitters

See all the full-service Freeview transmitters in the UK

“JohniMac: These indications do not look terribly far out as far as I am concerned, but when you havent indicated your location (pref: post code) its n” --- jb38
Transmitters with engineering work

Show a map of all the UK TV transmitters that have current or planned engineering work.
List of all UK TV transmitters

Listed by their analogue shutdown dates.

“Hi Brian, Yeh, Ive been using the txlist.php page - quite easy to get to, thanks for pointing out the maps.php page - hadnt spotted the information ” --- Chris.SE
Freeview search by frequency

Find out which Freeview transmitter you are really using by entering two multiplex frequencies.

“Wendy: If you are using Oxford there was no change to the signals being transmitted. If you are using Mendip there was no change to MuxA (QVC etc) but” --- KMJ,Derby
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