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Briantist: Trying to find out about #windows10 but got "Error establishing a database connection" from
Briantist: Сhildrens Hour to go from Radio 4 Extra BBC Radio 4 Extra is to end the Childrens Hour segment o
Briantist: Read this! You know you want to... is out!
Briantist: Australia Netwοrk goes off the air in the Asia and Pacific region ABC News Australian Broadcasti
Briantist: RadioToday wιth RCS Full Time called on Sky Sports News Radio A single Facebook message has sign
Briantist: Read this! You know you want to... is out!
Briantist: Austrɑliɑ Network goes off the air in the Asia and Pacific region ABC News Australian Broadcast
Briantist: RadioТoday with RCS Full Time called on Sky Sports News Radio A single Facebook message has sign
rogieboy: The Roger Little Breakfast Sausage is out! Stories via @maplintweet @Briantist @sadiehasler
Briantist: BBC lιcence fee debate has entered uncharted waters Jane Martinson Media The Guardian Is 145 50

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Satellite TV operators FRANSAT, TIVUSAT and our Freesat launch FreeTV Alliance

Satellite TV operators FRANSAT, TIVUSAT and our Freesat launch  FreeTV Alliance Freesat: Three leading European free-to-air satellite TV operators - Fransat (France), Freesat (UK), and Tivùsat (Italy) - have come together to form the FreeTV Alliance.

“At first sight this could be a progressive move, but I see no indication that the EU will graciously permit us free-to-view television from Free-TV-Al” --- michael

If Scotland votes Yes, what would happen to Free TV in the rest of the UK?

If Scotland votes Yes, what would happen to Free TV in the rest of the UK? I had a look at what a Yes vote could mean for viewers in Scotland, but as the first ever opinion poll to show a yes vote sends the media into a frenzy of overuse of the word "shockwaves" let us see what might happen for the rest of the UK.

“Perhaps it would be useful to be reminded how the Freeview system and TV reception licencing system is implemented in other non-UK administrative area” --- Corin

2050 Tube Map

2050 Tube Map Affiliated (blog): To start a new "Affiliated" blog section on UK Free TV, I know you would love to see this map of the Underground as it will look in 2050 according to the London 2050 Transport Plan. I have spent much more time on this project than I had anticipated. A lot of thanks goes to the posters on the London Reconnection site for nit-picking every possible error from this map.

“As this web site is all about TV reception, the question is: How good will the reception be in the underground in 2050?” --- Mark A

A bakers dozen of changes: Freeview channel number changes from 3 September 2014

A bakers dozen of changes: Freeview channel number changes from 3 September 2014 Freeview news: Because of the increase in the number of General Entertainment channels, Digital UK will change the numbers on Freeview for those channels in the Children's and the 24 hour News sections.

“Are they going tom sort the mess that 1 to 99 is?” --- David

BBC Productions: will it be Arqiva mark two in 2017?

BBC 2017: BBC Director General Tony Hall has finally made his mark on the future of the BBC. If Greg Dyke launched Freeview, Mark Thompson takes credit for the iPlayer, how will the Tony Hall plan fare for Auntie?

“I think the first thought that comes to mind is why? The BBC does make programmes for other broadcasters abroad, and plenty of other companies mak” --- MikeB

12th birthday: six improvements to UK Free TV

Blogs: I have taken the opportunity of the twelfth birthday of UK Free TV to make a few changes.

“Just looked at the British Isles: Digital TV transmitters link and noticed under WR Wrexham it says this: Kilkeaveragh 2, Wrexham Rhos aka Wrexham-Rho” --- Stuart Owens

50th birthday: guest RDI blog

About us: On the occasion of 12 years of UK Free TV: I realised the other day that I am getting old!

“Brian, welcome as a yet-junior-but-highly-meritous member of the exalted club. I shall raise a flute in your honour. We look forward to many years ye” --- michael

Around the Bend?

Rigger's zone: Bent televisions screens is what I am on about this month; that is right curved screens - another 3D fad or something with more lasting appeal?

“These make me feel sick, ” --- Ian

DTG Summit: Freeview 700 MHz band for 4G very likely, BBC pay-Freeview not

Blogs: I was fortunate to win some tickets to the annual meeting of the Digital Television Group at the DTG Summit today. The theme of the day was "co-allocation", a rather innocuous term for handing over the Freeview transmission bandwidth to mobile phone operators. We also learnt how advanced the plans are for Freeview to be equipped for a conditional-access to replace the TV Licence and saw the latest Freesat and YouView equipment.

“More changes to come, proving bad planning. Switchover III to re-allocate the 700 MHz band will be more unpopular I suspect than Switchover II when th” --- MikeP

New Freeview and Freesat channel TruTV to start soon

TV channels: Turner broadcasting, who provide the subscription channels Cartoon Network and TCM (Turner Classic Movies) are bringing a version of their popular "unscripted programming" channel TruTV to UK homes very soon.

“Perhaps theyre commissioning a UK version of Hardcore Pawn, but the crew in that photo are All-American, Yes Sirree Bob... You dont often get Jewe” --- woodface

Connected Home refrigerator used by hackers in cyber attack

Connected TV: I suppose that it raises an interesting question; why do we want a smart refrigerator and why do we want it to be connected to the internet?

“Thats whats always worried me about connected appliances and smart TVs etc how do you install any protection?” --- Ian

More digital radio stations. Ofcom - finally - proposes DAB+

Digital radio: You can almost hear the sound of "beep, beep, vehicle reversing". After many years of dismissing DAB+ as a UK broadcasting standard, Ofcom have announced that the time of DAB+ is approaching.

“Sound quality is only one of the reasons DAB has failed. To allow even lower quality sound will only turn the public off. DAB+ does have proper error ” --- trevorjharris

BBC 2017: The problem with turning Freeview into Payview to keep the 3% happy

BBC 2017: Today I am going to game another BBC scenario: I am looking into how the BBC might become an encrypted service, but without turning the BBC into BBC plc.

“Where do you get the 3% figure from ? My guess is that about 40% would like the licence fee to be abolished. In all you calculations you make the a” --- trevorjharris

Various corrections and updates for Freeview HD, local TV and so on

Blogs: I have been somewhat distracted from the rather necessary job of checking the UK Free TV database recently. I am pleased to say that, despite it being 22 degrees C outside, I found the time to fix a whole heap, as they say, of small issues.

“Hannington COM7 has been on-air since 18 March.” --- Mike Dimmick

The Evolution of the Connected Home

Blogs: There is an awful lot of talk at the moment regarding The Connected Home and, specifically, its current impact on consumer electronics installation and connectivity and how it is likely to evolve further.

“Thats very true Mark.” --- Ian

BBC 2017: Tell me about the 16 options to collect the BBC 4 billion quid a year?

BBC 2017: This is a look at sixteen options to fund the BBC in the coming decade. I know you will be surprised by how the options have stacked up: the question is do we change the Licence Fee to one of these smart ideas?

“Council tax is *not* backed by criminal sanction. This is actually a major flaw - councils largely cannot recover all the money owed by non-payers - a” --- Mike Dimmick

BBC 2017: Which of these 14 options is best to collect 4 billion quid a year?

BBC 2017: There are loads of options for BBC funding, if you think about it. I have come up with ten criteria and fourteen funding systems. Which one comes out on top?

“There is one guiding principle that the BBC should be paid for by the people who use its services. You seem to have left out advertizing and voluntary” --- trevorjharris

BBC plc, 2017: Rest in peace, Auntie (from 2019)

BBC 2017: It never went right for the BBC after it was sold off when the new government decided to "remove the legacy of public service by transferring all broadcasting to the private sector". In less than three years, after compounded mistakes, the old broadcaster is assigned to the recycling bin of history to make way for better mobile broadband.

“Can I live without the BBC? Well the answer for me is yes there is plenty of television to choose from. The assumption 4 out of 5 homes willing to pay” --- trevorjharris

TV Licence decriminalization: just how much is it going to cost you?

BBC 2017: As there is the potential for the BBC funding method to be changed by Parliament today, I thought it might be helpful to look at how much extra it would cost - or what services would be cut - if the BBC moved from the Licence Fee to subscription or adverts.

“To put it simply decriminalization is the right thing to do. We do not know what effect it will have on avoidence and everything the BBC says is pure ” --- trevorjharris

BBC plc 2017. June: Media Talk discusses the ad-funded Auntie.

BBC 2017: Once again we are looking at what happens when in 2015 the new government decided to "remove the legacy of public service by transferring all broadcasting to the private sector". Curiously enough, an edition of Media Talk that had the good fortune to fall through a time warp from three years in the future defined the marketing division of the British Broadcasting Corporation as "a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came". Or did they?
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BBC, plc 2017: BBC announcement

BBC 2017: The manifesto promised to "remove the legacy of public service by transferring all broadcasting to the private sector", with just a month to go before the shares in BBC plc are allocated, the BBC issues a statement to clarify the services that will be provided in their subscription offer.

“Briantist: it. Still doesnt have quite the snap of Skynet though....” --- MikeB

BBC plc, 2017. The new CEO decides between ITV and HBO

BBC 2017: Following a manifesto commitment to "remove the legacy of public service by transferring all broadcasting to the private sector", the incoming government decides to sell off the BBC when the Royal Charter expires on the 31st December 2016.

“Andrew Way: Yep - its Skys world, although they are really looking for a PBS style BBC - minimal funding, always under threat, horribly worthy and wit” --- MikeB

Why the BBC should abandon 700+m "regional news" to fund local radio, BBC three,

BBC 2017: In summary: the more I think about this, the more it makes sense for the BBC to withdraw from so-called regional news and plough the extensive savings - 715 million pounds a year - into an improved local radio network, keeping BBC three on the television, expanding BBC FOUR and creating a new daily tea-time family comedy spot. Part of the savings would be used for a Scottish Six news programme, plus NI Six.

“The best thing about the BBC is its regional news. East midland has won awards for many years. Take it away and you might as well close the BBC. I sti” --- Ian

If the Licence Fee is frozen for 5 more years how could the BBC reshape itself?

BBC 2017: I have been looking at the figures for the existing BBC services and considering what the BBC should have been doing to "cut its coat".

“Rob: I cant see any announcement of that on the BBC website, and Id be very surprised. What I can see is a story that the government are considerin” --- Mike Dimmick

BBC three to be taken online and replaced on Freeview and satellite with BBC 1+1

BBC 2017: This will be subject to the approval of the BBC Trust: however it seems that the BBC will save 50 million pounds a year moving BBC three online. 30 million of the savings will boost drama on BBC One. The Freeview, satellite and cable capacity will be used to repeat BBC One shows an hour later from 8pm to 4am. The CBBC channel will remain on air until 8pm.

“Briantist;surely the most logical move,would be to put BBC Four on BBCB mux,in place of BBC Three,so that it could be viewed nationwide in HD,from eve” --- Aerialman

Speculation: is BBC three going to be replaced by BBC One +1?

Blogs: There is a large amount of speculation in the papers today that BBC three will be made into an online-only service in an upgraded BBC iPlayer. Does that mean that BBC One +1 will replace it on Freeview?

“Seems logical to me. Quite frankly BBC1+1 would be a more useful service than BBC3 which, for the most part, is a waste of airspace.” --- Steve

An Independent Scot would still be able to watch the BBC on satellite, surely?

Freesat: As I am sure you know the 8% of the British population that live in the northern part of our Great isle are having a debate over how they wish to be governed. A small part of that debate concerns the British Broadcasting Corporation and the extent to which it will continue in Scotland.

“BBC Alba to bite the dust?” --- Tony Hill

Are we going to get BBC local radio on Freeview in England?

Freeview news: If you have Freeview in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you have always had two extra BBC radio stations. Do tests in the West Midlands perhaps mean that we will we soon get local radio in England? I hope so.

“- a516digital: BBC local radio spotted testing on Freeview in West Midlands ” --- David

Sky drops BBC EPG listing fees

Sky No Card: Not before time, British Sky Broadcasting has agreed to stop charging the UK public service broadcasters the - frankly outrageous - fees they were charging to have access to the programme listing information for all of the BBC (with ITV, Channel 4 and 5 to follow) channels. Well done, Sky.

“About time Sky woke up and smelt the roses. Lets faces it most of the subscribers to sky still want to watch terrestrial channels as well. So they wan” --- john Martin

Four ways that UK Free TV maps are better than they were last week

About us: The maps on UK Free TV are provided by the Google Maps API, which is enhanced by a dedicated server that generates the TV transmissions overlays. Over the last week I have also totally rewritten the code that generates all these maps. This was done to have them all generated by the same code, which means I could then improve all the maps at one.

“Briantist;The maps are very helpful to me in a practical way.But when are you going to change the Com7/Com8 Kw powers to the correct levels?” --- Aerialman

Were ... you watching UK Free TV from the Astra satellites until last week?

Freesat: Many of the UK top TV and radio channels move to their new home on the Astra 2E satellite last week. Many people who watch and listen to the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and 5 services from outside the UK from these satellites now can not get a signal.

“I assume UK radio stations can be received via the internet throughout Europe so an internet radio would solve that part of the problem ? What abo” --- PJH

Lots of fixes and updates to UK Free TV including Astra 2E and Comux

Blogs: Today I have updated the UK Free systems to make some updates and corrections. If you have any comments or additions, please let me know in the comments below.
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Small change the UK Free comments system to help improve site performance

Blogs: I have made a few changes to UK Free TV today to help the way the site is used on tablets and other mobile devices.

“I wish more sites would consider how their structure affects their usability. For instance, I find that many newspapers have so many advertisements th” --- Charles Stuart

Freetime supports Freesat 2013 growth

Freesat: News from Freesat today that their service now reaches over 3.8 million viewers.

“As you know from your email enquiries, many people dont know the difference between FreeVIEW and FreeSAT - and who can blame them! To my mind, we shou” --- Tony Hill

Should the UK close down the TV networks to allow for more mobile broadband?

Switchovers: Ofcom is wondering if Freeview is needed in the future, or can we close down the massively popular service to provide more 4G broadband. Freeview occupies 256MHz today, whilst mobile phone services have 560MHz. Digital UK has a report that suggests Freeview is good for the UK.

“We are told all the time we are living longer and soon will have more people retired than are at work. I bet if you told all these non workers they ar” --- john Martin

Evolution of safe working at height from ladders processes and training

Rigger's zone: In the first of a series of guests from the Registered Digital Institute, Steve Cannon the RDI Skills Development Director looks the importance of safely working at height from ladders and on rooftops.

“I recalled on reading the above article an incident from 40 years ago.A friend requested me to tighten up all fittings on his rooftop aerials BBC NI a” --- Richard

Your suggestions (and my corrections) for 2014 please

About us: I am very interested to know what changes, additions or corrections you think UK Free TV needs to serve as a useful website for the UK in the coming year.

“Briantist: The site is incrediably useful, and Ive learnt a great deal from it in a relatively short time. There was some discussion a little while ag” --- MikeB

9 weird ways that the weather will actually stop you watching free TV

Blogs: Sometimes the picture freezes, the sound stops, and you have no TV. What could be to blame? As we are British, the best place to start might be with the weather...

“Think you forgot one. If the sun is directly in the line of sight of a satellite dish the signal may be lost for some minutes.” --- trevorjharris

14 reasons why you should stop moaning about paying the TV Licence every day

Blogs: It is a popular complaint - over the last 11 years - that this site is called UK Free TV and yet people have to pay the TV licence. I thought it would be interesting to see how we pay for free TV.

“As I no longer have to buy a TV licence I suppose Im not qualified to answer, however having had a quick glance at a list of other European countries ” --- Jack Luxon

Does the BBC or BSkyB spend more on programmes?

Blogs: I am sure you know that in 2013, British Sky Broadcasting had an income of 7,255 million pounds. More or less exactly twice what the British Broadcasting Corporation gets from the licence fee payer. So, who spends the most on programmes?

“I must admit I do watch Last tango and Paradise but only because my wife does. I havent watched anything on bbc three for years. BBC Four does some ti” --- trevorjharris
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