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rogieboy: The Roger Little Breakfast Sausage is out! Stories via @DTGTesting @Briantist
Briantist: jb38 has posted Denis Allen In addition to that said with regards to ITV3 10 if you can quot view quot EPG 61via
Briantist: YouView Easter TV viewing just got cheep er IP TV News YouView hɑs an exclusive Easteroffer to cut 20 off of the
Briantist: BBC News BBC ɑnd Sky catch up apps experience iOS fault Neither organisation was able to provide a full at this
Briantist: Discovery withdraws bid fοr Channel 5 Media theguardian com US factual broadcaster Discovery made a bid earlier
Briantist: What can the origins of the BBC tell us about its future Сharlotte Higgins Media The Guardian The manse on is a
Briantist: Barry Diller Broadcasters Don τ Own the Airwaves WSJ com ET On April 22 the Supreme Court will hear a case that
Briantist: @ssscrudddy Ssscrudddy has posted In theory I 039 m on the Dallington transmitter I 039 m on the river Nene NN1 in
Briantist: BBC News BBC Twos 50th anniversary Disastrous lɑunch remembered In fact a massive power cut wiped out the entire
Briantist: Doctor Whos Tom Baker BBC bosses were monsters but Id come bɑck Media Monkey Media theguardian com I didnt fancy

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trevorjharris: "Using a mobile phone as a remote control would be a much easier way to control a television."

I can't agree more. <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link icon
is a rather wonderful thing.


SeeMoreDigital: "I'd be interested to know if there's any year on year statistics for people listening to digital radio stations via DVB-T TV and DAB. "

The figures are in here <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconhttp://stakeholders.ofcom….pdf

Everything you could ever possibly want to know!

Page 222 "Figure 3.11 Devices used to listen to radio Television 31%"

Figure 3.13 Listening to radio via internet, television, mobile phone and DAB

How often, if at all, do you access the radio via – Digital radio via: TV, Internet, DAB radio, mobile phone?

UK2013 Digital TV 27%, Internet 22%, DAB 25%, Mobile phone 20%.

Figure 3.18 Digital radio’s share of radio listening: Q1 2013

Internet 5.0%
Digital unspecified 1.8%
DTV 5.0%
DAB 22.5%

True Entertainment +1
Thursday 17 April 2014 5:49PM

Denis Allen: Hi.

Can you explain what it is you do normally to "video programmes"?


G Bryant: Not using Freeview , the broadcast is specifically a local one.

The channel is on satellite, but only to Sky subscribers with cards registered in London.

And you can watch online, follow this link: <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconWatch Live | London Live


Stan: The problem is, surely, that 90,000 people is a very small number, given that there are 63,230,000 people in the United Kingdom.

As the cost of transmission is fixed, the cost-per-listener-hour goes up and up as the number of users diminish.

Sadly, the BBC can't really be expected to provide a "special service" for the 0.14% of the population who for some reason can't use DAB or DVB-T or DVB-S or DVB-C or IP or even FM to listen to ONE radio service.

True Entertainment +1
Thursday 17 April 2014 7:37PM

Denis: By "video recorder", I'm guessing you mean a Freeview+ box, rather than something using video cassettes?