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Briantist: jb38 has posted Peter Young Although in some a @maggiemay2149 @burtonstewart @trevordobie @nathaliemac @gwhroberts
Briantist: Peter Young has posted We are experiencing on @maggiemay2149 @burtonstewart @trevordobie @nathaliemac @gwhroberts
Briantist: DenisW has posted I dont know nearby neighbours are on cable it @leedools @norfolkg @_littlecreature @leveridge96
Briantist: Dave Lindsay has posted DenisW Could the water tower be the of I @leedools @norfolkg @_littlecreature @leveridge96
Briantist: DenisW has posted Notices more when weather is windy cant get tv @leedools @norfolkg @_littlecreature @leveridge96
Briantist: Lee gammon has posted Hi every time i put a bbc channel on my tv screen freezes this is a new box because i @timbi
Briantist: Dave Lindsay has posted DenisW In addition to that said by KMJ @leedools @norfolkg @_littlecreature @leveridge96
Briantist: KMJ Derby has posted DenisW Does this affect every mux or just @leedools @norfolkg @_littlecreature @leveridge96
Briantist: Tony green has posted SG188BU @maggiemay2149 @burtonstewart @trevordobie @nathaliemac @gwhroberts
Briantist: DenisW has posted what is best aerial to use in NR30 5SF at the @leedools @norfolkg @_littlecreature @leveridge96

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Friday 18 July 2014 7:51AM

Steve P: The code that generates them is on the server, hence they appear after a post. I could do something with AJAX if you though they would be useful during message composition?

I find them quite fascinating.

I should be pleased that most who post here seem to be "highly educated".

I would also like to be able to use Transactional analysis too, but I can't find a suitable library.

[1] <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon" link iconTransactional analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Nick: It seems that the service was restored two minutes before you posted.