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Movie Mix

Movie Mix is a TV channel.

How to Watch: Movie Mix

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Regional content: National channel with no regional content or variations.

From Wikipedia: Later in the year The Big Deal reduced its timeslot from 2200-0500 to 0030-0500. On 6 November 2009, The Big Deal ceased broadcasting its own content. From 7 July 2011, The Big Deal had changed back to its old slot of 0500-0600. - link icon read more about Movie Mix on wikipedia (summary by Clipped).

Freeview multiplex: Movie Mix is on multiplex COM5 in england flagEngland scotland flagScotland northernireland flagNorthern Ireland wales flagWales .

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Thursday 9 January 2014 11:41AM

Just for clarity.

"The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code)" I mentioned in response to a question about the ADVERTS on Movie Mix not having subtitles.

The CONTENT part of the Movie Mix channel is governed by Ofcom <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconOfcom | Code on Television Access Services

There is a LAW (section 303(3) of the Communications Act) making subtitles an eventual requirement. This is required because of the lack of a commercial motive for the broadcasters: the majority of people with hearing loss are also in the demographic of least interest to advertisers (over 60s), and it is, like it or not, the adverts that pay for this channel.

Tuesday 14 January 2014 6:07PM

I love movies and would watch them on movie mix every day IF they had subtitles.
I am deaf like many more people and we are being deprived of what others take for granted.
They should try watching a film right through with the sound off then they would get an idea of what we go through EVERY day.
I cant find a link there where I can tell them this personally.
You would think they would like to have as many vieweers as possible.

Tuesday 14 January 2014 6:12PM

L.Arnold: As I posted just above, Movie Mix is owned by

United Kingdom
BA13 3JN

To be honest, the reason there are rules forcing broadcasters to provide subtitles is because the cost of providing them does NOT bring sufficient additional viewers to increase the income.

The reason for the "regulatory intervention" is because "the market does not provide".

et fisher
Monday 3 March 2014 12:41PM

Briantist: Surely if there are approximately 10,000000 people that would very much like to watch your channel
But cannot because of an unwanted disability ,the companies that are advertising for their goods have a serious
Lack of Revenue problem.What may I ask is there on this problem.?
(No subtitles).

Monday 3 March 2014 1:11PM

et fisher: It's not my channel!

To just reitterate

Firstly, the 10 million figure you quote is one that includes everyone who lives in a household where someone has a hearing problem. The actual number of people with hearing issues is somewhat smaller.

Secondly, advertisers are generally interested in high-value consumers who will switch to new products. This - demographically - is young people with disposable income. Older people who are "set in their ways" are less valuable, even less so if they are disabled.

That's the "market failure" I mentioned above: the *incremental* revenue that the channel would be able to get from advertisers if the channel had a few extra viewers with hearing issues isn't one that would allow the channel to charge more for their adverts.

Sunday 30 March 2014 9:16PM

I would like to know why I have just sat down to watch a film on movie mix called thirteen ghosts and there's a completely different film on talk about confusing

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