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ITV for plugged-in male achievers

ITV 4 is a commerical-break funded TV channel.

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From Wikipedia: ITV4 is a British television station which was launched on 1 November 2005. The channel has a male-oriented line-up, including sport, cop shows and US comedies and dramas, as well as classic ITV action series of the 1960s and 1970s. ITV4 is broadcast on digital terrestrial, satellite, cable and IPTV platforms. - link icon read more about ITV 4 on wikipedia (summary by Clipped).

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Thursday 4 July 2013 7:41PM

Nobby: Rather than carrying out a rescan go into your boxes tuning menu / manual tune and enter Ch53 but do NOT press search or scan, because on most devices the signal strength that the channel is being received at will be indicated.

After having made a note of the indications seen carry out the same test again on Ch60, once again noting that indicated, finally change the channel entered into the box to Ch40 likewise noting the level for comparison purposes as I suspect that your aerial is the cause of your problem by being inefficient at the higher frequencies.

Thursday 4 July 2013 7:54PM

Nobby: Slight correction (typo error) scrub 40 as it should be Ch30 (ITV3 etc).

I had also meant to say that Belmonts channels are: 22 (BBC1) - 25 (ITV1) - 28(HD) - 30 (ITV3) - 53 (PICK TV etc) - 60 (Film 4 etc)

King Lynn : 40 (BBC) - 46 (ITV1) - 43 (HD).

Saturday 6 July 2013 2:11PM King's Lynn

jb38: Thanks for the guidance. On DTV CH53 and CH60 show no signal. ITV3 (CH30) shows approx 60% in signal strength guide. I am in a low signal area - is it possible that amplifier has failed??

Thanks, Nobby

Dave Lindsay
Saturday 6 July 2013 3:16PM

Nobby: Prior to switchover, the King's Lynn relay transmitter carried only BBC One and ITV. Its purpose was to provide the "correct" regional programming for viewers of Belmont. In practice it meant that viewers of King's Lynn had to use Belmont for BBC Two and Channel 4 - I phrase it like this because I reckon that BBC One and ITV combined are probably more popular than BBC Two and Channel 4.

Anyway, to combine the feeds from two aerials a diplexer should really be used. This is like a splitter in reverse, only it also filters each input so as to allow a range of channels through.

Prior to swichover, Belmont's four analogue channels were in Group A (22, 25, 28, 32) and King's Lynn's were Group B (39, 53).

A diplexer that "splits" at C36 would probably be used. Where this is the case, the King's Lynn aerial will be used for channels 37 to 69 and the Belmont one for 21 to 35.

Prior to switchover - for four-channel analogue - there was a well thought out system which meant each transmitter was allocated channels from a single group. Due to channels 31 to 34 being cleared of the four main channels and 35 to 37 also being set aside, the number of "useable" Group A channels was reduced. Consequently we now have quite a few transmitters like Belmont that use "wideband" channels.

Whilst King's Lynn now broadcasts all the Public Service (PSB) channels - which is like many other small relays - viewers may still wish to rely on Belmont for the Commercial (COM) channels. Because COM5 and COM6 have been put up on 53 and 60 (probably due to the ringfencing of 31 to 37) this poses an issue for all those with a King's Lynn aerial combined with a Belmont one.

In practice in such a situation it is probably the vertically polarised King's Lynn-facing aerial that is being used to pick up 53 and 60 from Belmont. Of course, with COM4 being on 30 the current Group A aerial is required.

See here for more information:

<img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconAerials, TV Aerial and Digital Aerial

<img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconOnline TV Splitters, Amps & Diplexers sales

Dave Lindsay
Saturday 6 July 2013 3:22PM

Nobby: The question must be, does the difficulty in receiving 53 and 60 apply when using the "second" mast, which I understand only has a Belmont aerial on? (I assume here that that aerial isn't combined/diplexed with another on King's Lynn.).

Saturday 6 July 2013 4:12PM

Nobby: If when you refer to no traces of a signal being indicated on Ch53 and Ch60 when using the manual tune channel entry but NOT followed by search procedure then that does not look very promising, as even if the North facing aerial dates pre-switchover (which I expect it might be) you should still get a trace of a signal using that procedure.

When you mention "amplifier" is this within sight? if it is then try by-passing it, maybe though you could indicate the model number of the device.

Robert boal
Sunday 11 August 2013 5:24PM

Dave : I am getting poor reception on ITV4 and BTsport 1 + 2. i have just insatlled my new btvision box+ and was wondering if this is a box problem or a reception problem. All other channels are working fine

allan hodgson
Sunday 1 December 2013 1:55PM

i have been watching darts on itv 4 really wishing i was watching on sky.the camera work on itv is amateurish at best the cameraman never seems to have any idea where the dart is going.for example mvg v lewis last night we missed the match winning darts.thank god most matches are on sky and we only have to suffer amateur hour a couple of times a year.looking forward to my afternoon now of looking at players faces while missing vital darts thanks itv

Sunday 12 January 2014 2:40PM Lanark

can anyone help, my freeview tv shut down last week and when it restarted it has lost itv4 but still gets all other itv channels, what can I do HELP

Sunday 12 January 2014 4:51PM

stuart: Freeview reception is not really predicted as being possible in your area of New Lanark, although exceptions to this will always exist such as obviously in your particular case.

As only the ITV4 mux (ArqB) is missing and presumably after your TV had carried out an automatic channel update? then go into your TV's tuning menu / manual tune and enter C47 into the box followed by scanning same, if on completion the ITV4 mux has not returned repeat the manual scan procedure by entering C47 into the box but do "NOT" press search or scan, because on most Freeview devices if a signal is being received the level its being received at will normally appear.

Further info dependant on outcome, but though if programmes such as (19) Yesterday or (18) 4Music "can" be received then the problem is being caused by a different reason, this only being rectified by carrying out either a "factory reset" or "first time installation".

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