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Dave is a commerical-break funded TV channel.

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From Wikipedia: The channel is available on cable, IPTV, Freeview and some satellite platforms. The channel took the name Dave in October 2007, but it had been on air under various identities and formats since October 1998. The channel was promoted as being an edgier alternative to UK Gold like that channel, the output was mainly comedy from the BBC with some shows produced inhouse. - link icon read more about Dave on wikipedia (summary by Clipped).

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Sunday 5 January 2014 5:58PM

Midhurst transmitter. DAVE. Freeview Chanel 12. Picture has been breaking up badly for couple of months. Thought might be weather but never that bad before. Have tried re-tune. Any ideas anyone?

jamie stevens
Sunday 5 January 2014 7:12PM Southampton


what is your location? postcode?

is this the only channel not working correctly?

do you this is on more than 1 tv?

is your aerial outside?

approx. age of aerial/cables?

do you have an amplifier?

Ruth vH
Saturday 26 April 2014 5:18PM

I've also noticed this. Getting worse each week with terrible blocky redemption and virtually no sound. Now all I get on Dave channel (freeview box) is a "no signal" error. Other channels still picking up fine.

Saturday 26 April 2014 5:32PM

Ruth vH: Dave (12) is transmitted on the same multiplex channel as used by PickTV (11) and Sky News (82), are those latter two programme channels also problematic?

It would also have been of assistance if you had given an idea of your location, this in the form of a post code or one from somewhere nearby, e.g: a shop / Post Office, as this would then have enabled info regarding the transmitter to be accessed.

Monday 28 April 2014 8:55AM Clacton-on-sea

hi , I have a good freeview picture. Dave and pick are however very poor and at times totally lose signal. my postcode is co15 3dx

Philip Bottrell
Friday 9 May 2014 8:01PM

Same problem. Ever since started recording Suits always ends up pixelating and find cannot do catchup on laptop. Now missed the last 3 episodes, so what's the point.
One would be bad reception, two possibly but three! And don't blame aerial as it's high gain digital which works with all other channels.

k dale
Friday 16 May 2014 7:17PM

ditto same problems suits, pick tv and drama reception absolutely unwatchable on freeview this week.. hope the guys paying for the commercials know that they're not reaching the audience figures they pay for!

Brian Davies
Monday 19 May 2014 8:44AM

DAVE TV - dopped completely from my FREEVIEW BOX
Live on coast (Dover) and believe signal strengh decreased so not to antagonize French/Dutch/BELGIUMS - never mind the fact that they broadcast at very high signal .strength

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