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Briantist: I'm pleased you spotted that I was faithful to Mr Beck, @justincjleslie It was a lot of fun to do... and work...
Briantist: BBC Тrust sets out minimum level for current affairs output Media theguardian com The BBC Trust
Briantist: Doctor Whο the Guardian is Clara s constant companion Media Monkey Media theguardian com Is the
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Briantist: Alan Bɛnnɛtt attacks repellent reality TV shows from Big Brother to The Big Allotment Challenge
justincjleslie: @Briantist It conveys a lot of exciting information in a way that's faithful to Harry Beck's design. Roll on 2050!
Briantist: Cheers @justincjleslie @TimeOutLondon I really appreciate your tweet.
FriendsofHCLC: RT @justincjleslie: This map of the tube by 2050 (maybe) is breathtaking. Well done @briantist HT @TimeOutLondon
justincjleslie: This map of the tube by 2050 (maybe) is breathtaking. Well done @briantist HT @TimeOutLondon

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Serious programming

BBC Four HD is a evenings only licence-fee funded TV channel.

How to Watch: BBC Four HD

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Regional content: National channel with no regional content or variations.

Media UK: For full details of broadcaster contacts, see the link icon Media UK BBC Four HD page.

Official site: See the link icon BBC Four HD website.

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Freeview multiplex: BBC Four HD is on multiplex com7 in england flagEngland scotland flagScotland northernireland flagNorthern Ireland wales flagWales .

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Sue Basketter
Tuesday 10 June 2014 12:05AM

IrvSwerve: I'm in Chichester (Rowridge) and had bad interference on bbc channels last night/today (signal showed low), so eventually retuned - and now all bbc channels gone, although show up in the 800's on channel list (but don't work)! I'm in a flat and this kitchen tv affected is from same aerial connection (dual) as another in lounge that has remained okay throughout! Any ideas please? Both TV's functioned okay in last few years. Thanks.

Alan B
Sunday 7 September 2014 12:39AM Millom

I cannot find BBC four HD on Winter Hill. Neither can I get BBC news HD. These channels were available to me earlier. I am tuned manually and have just done a manual re tune as a result of the channel changes. What is going wrong, please? All the other programmes show up fine.

Sunday 7 September 2014 1:24AM Accrington

Alan B: BBC Four HD is on channel 31 with other HD channels-it's incredibly difficult to receive if you don't have a good aerial and cabling set-up. It's transmitted at a pathetically low power of 24kW erp which means only 70% of viewers in NW England can get it while a remaining 30% don't get it.

Friday 12 September 2014 10:35PM

I'm in the Exmouth area and I too have lost BBC Four HD. I manually retuned to channel 33 and I still can't receive a signal. It's strange because my humax box has retuned itself to channel 33 and the signal is fine!

Chris Shaw
Friday 19 September 2014 9:03AM


I'm Rowridge too and lost BBC4 HD when they changed the way it is transmitted. I have a tiny aerial in the loft which gets all the other channels perfectly. I cannot be bothered to change it really. The difference in quality is hardly worth the effort.

Sunday 21 September 2014 9:16AM Accrington

Chris-once you've watched BBC Four HD you'll never go back because the picture quality is pinsharp and the sound is infinately clearer, with the added bonus of 5.1 surround on certain programes i.e. films and some excellent european dramas shot in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. It's an audio visual delight put simply.

Sunday 21 September 2014 9:20AM Accrington

Also Chris BBC Four HD is transmitted at much lower power than regular SD channels to squeeze an extra multiplex into the Freeview line up hence why a good number of viewers don't get it;a log periodic aerial of high gain wideband aerial set up well with good cabling should pull it in. It is well worth the extra effort if you can be bothered.

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