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New! 1000s of new DAB and FM radio coverage maps

Digital radio: One of the most requested feature upgrades here on UK Free TV is for the radio maps to show the transmitter coverage areas, as the Freeview pages do. So, please take a look at the upgrade. ——— 15 comments

We ARE going to get BBC Local Radio on Freeview ... today!

Digital radio: OK, only a year after I speculated about it, the service has now started. You can now enjoy 10 BBC Local Radio stations.


Moores Law: Infographic

BBC Charter 2017: I detect the odd bit of disbelief in the changes that are expected to digital TV in the coming decade. So I thought it would be interesting to show you the last 40 years and how we have moved from kilobytes, to megabytes to gigabytes in that time.


Freeview Play manufacturers announced

Connected TV: Digital UK and Freeview have today announced that Panasonic will be the first manufacturer to launch TVs featuring the Freeview Play connected TV service.


New Freeview logo for a connected future.

Connected TV: Freeview Play will supply catch-up TV, on-demand and even live TV channels .


How do the two new national DAB radio bids compare?

Digital radio: We could have another dozen national DAB radio stations transmitting in the next two years. How do the bids from Listen2Digital and Sound Digital stack up?


BBC Three: Online only is right - if and only if -

BBC Charter 2017: The difference between traditional TV and the internet can be boiled down to one fundamental issue: the internet is forever, and the BBC is ephemeral. The only way BBC Three will work online is if the library of programmes builds over then years. Look.....


BBC Three week: what does TV look like in 2025?

BBC Charter 2017: What is television is going to look like in 2025. Will there still be channels? Will people still be watching live TV? Will personal video recorders be a thing of the past? Will channels like "Dave" be something to our grandchildren, with faint nostalgia?


BBC Three week: the creative challenge to TV

BBC Charter 2017: The creative challenges of the coming decade and funding for new creative works and how this impacts on the licence fee, advertising, and subscription services.


BBC three week: the technical challenge

BBC Charter 2017: In the second article I look at the technical challenges to TV in the coming decade: in particular the competition between television broadcasters and phone companies for the use of "the airwaves"


BBC Three week: the history of BBC Three

BBC Charter 2017: Before looking to the future of the channel, first lets look back 22 years and see how we got here.

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BBC Three Week

BBC Charter 2017: This week: a set of articles is about BBC Three.


UK Free TV 2014 annual Christmas Quiz

Quiz: Do know everything there is to know about free to air television in the United Kingdom in 2014? Find out!


What is in store for the next round of BBC regional TV cuts?

BBC Charter 2017: Taking out 25% - 250 million pounds - from the BBC television budget next year is going to be a challenge. Today I look at how the BBC regional news services in England might be "reshaped" to the smaller budget.


What is in store for the next round of BBC Radio cuts?

BBC Charter 2017: How on earth can you cut nearly a quarter (22%) from the BBC Radio budget? What does taking 35 million pounds a year away look like?


What is in store for the next round of BBC cuts?

BBC Charter 2017: The BBC have asked their Anne Bulford to produce a report, "Driving efficiency at the BBC" that shows where the next lot of cuts are going to happen. What does it mean for you?


Connected Freeview comes a step closer today

Freeview news: For several reasons, YouView has not set the UK on fire in the way that Freeview has. So, Freeview have a new idea, current called "Freeview connected TV" that provides just what the customer wants: straightforward access to on demand Freeview, and low cost by using international standard HbbTV.


TV and radio demographics: a BBC time bomb?

BBC Charter 2017: Teenagers and young adults have always founds more interesting things to do other than watch the TV, but will the next decade see them not return? Is television, like radio, destined to become a ghetto for oldies?


Seeing something different? We are doing A/B testing on a new Material Design

Site development: The recent survey pointed out that mobile users were unhappy with some of the aspects of the UK Free design. To address these issues, I have created a new mobile-first design to the site. This is being shown to half of the people using the site to find out how effective the changes are.


Would the BBC work better as a company, charity, instead of a new Royal charter?

BBC Charter 2017: The BBC exists because, every ten years, the monarch has granted another Charter. Given the changes in the media landscape in the last decades, should the BBC move to another status?


Been missing the Digital Switchover? Good news! There is going to be another

Freeview news: Ofcom have come down - as I rather thought they would - on the side of mobile broadband. So, if you have been missing all the retuning and occasional fitting of a new aerial, it looks like another round a Freeview changes is ahead.


Capture the flag: the very British problem for the BBC

BBC Charter 2017: What follows is not an attack on the BBC and I would be very disappointed if anyone took it that way.


The best of times for the BBC?

BBC Charter 2017: As part of the ongoing democratic process, the BBC founding Royal Charter is renewed for another decade. With the proliferation of other media, does this mean that the BBC needs to change?


Having problems with TV background music?

Sound: The vast majority of people really enjoy the full auto-visual experience that is television. However if you are one of those who find background music hard to separate from voices, there are steps you can take.


Must industry rethink what training and development looks like?

Connected TV: RDI Director Steve Cannon asks if more consumers are becoming aware of the technologies that are available for them in their homes and will they likely spend money within this decade to upgrade their systems to become a Connected Home?


The lower the channel number in the guide, the more viewers it gets ... Right?

TV channels: One of the reasons that Freeview does not reshuffle the channel numbers is because there is a lot of value in the lower numbered slots in the electronic guide. I thought it would be interesting to take a look.


The next 50 things on UK FREE TV. What would you like to see?

Site development: Now that I have finished updating the code that runs UK FREE TV, I now have time to write some articles. I would be very interested to hear what you would like me to write about next.


UK Free TV now uses friendly web addresses

Site development: I have updated UK Free TV to use modern-style web addresses, which means goodbye to ".php?" in the site web links. If this has stopped anything working for you, please tell me!


Best ever emails and improved menus on UK FREE TV

Site development: I really trust that you will find the new email format useful, and that UK FREE TV is more attractive to use.


Use the Knowledge base to find answers to your technical problems

Site development: From today a new UK Free TV service helps you locate an answer to a technical TV problem.


Freeview gains ITV Be, Motors TV channels this week - and Spike next year

Freeview news: We have not reached the top with the Freeview line-up as ITV brings a custom channel to the place the UK loves to watch TV.


Being responsive: a better layout

Site development: This week I have started a programme of upgrades to UK Free TV, and now I have changes that you will see if you use a mobile device.


Better tweeting

Site development: As part of a programme of upgrades to UK Free TV, I have improved the Twitter interface.


Being responsive: a better menu

Site development: I have started a programme of upgrades to UK Free TV. Today, better menus.


Satellite TV operators FRANSAT, TIVUSAT and our Freesat launch FreeTV Alliance

Freesat: Three leading European free-to-air satellite TV operators - Fransat (France), Freesat (UK), and Tiv├╣sat (Italy) - have come together to form the FreeTV Alliance.


If Scotland votes Yes, what would happen to Free TV in the rest of the UK?

I had a look at what a Yes vote could mean for viewers in Scotland, but as the first ever opinion poll to show a yes vote sends the media into a frenzy of overuse of the word "shockwaves" let us see what might happen for the rest of the UK.


2050 Tube Map

Affiliated (blog): To start a new "Affiliated" blog section on UK Free TV, I know you would love to see this map of the Underground as it will look in 2050 according to the London 2050 Transport Plan. I have spent much more time on this project than I had anticipated. A lot of thanks goes to the posters on the London Reconnection site for nit-picking every possible error from this map.


A bakers dozen of changes: Freeview channel number changes from 3 September 2014

Freeview news: Because of the increase in the number of General Entertainment channels, Digital UK will change the numbers on Freeview for those channels in the Children's and the 24 hour News sections.


BBC Productions: will it be Arqiva mark two in 2017?

BBC Charter 2017: BBC Director General Tony Hall has finally made his mark on the future of the BBC. If Greg Dyke launched Freeview, Mark Thompson takes credit for the iPlayer, how will the Tony Hall plan fare for Auntie?


12th birthday: six improvements to UK Free TV

Site development: I have taken the opportunity of the twelfth birthday of UK Free TV to make a few changes.