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Tuesday 07 January 2014, PM link icon  How to watch our new political programme Representing Border - Border - ITV News
We will cover the events of Holyrood and Westminster that matter to people in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway. 59 of South of Scotland voters would vote no - link icon  Ofcom - Television Broadcast Licensing Update December 2012
Television services that have ceased to be licensed handed back or revoked in this period The following services are no longer licensed. The relevant licence is either no longer required by the licensee so has been handed back, or the service has been removed from a licence covering multiple services, or revoked as a matter of routine usually for non-payment of the annual licence fee. Licence transfers The following licence has been transferred to a new company who is now the legal licensee. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Christmas 2013 on BBC iPlayer
With new gadgets being at the top of many Christmas wish lists, we see a lot of new devices accessing BBC iPlayer over the holiday period. 2013 truly proved to be the year of the tablet and after they were all unwrapped, Boxing Day saw tablet viewing overtake computer viewing for the first time in iPlayer history. BBC iPlayer daily requests for TV programmes by device type millions. - link icon  Ariel - Director of BBC Trust Nicholas Kroll to retire
7 January 2014 Last updated at 1005 The director of the BBC Trust has announced his retirement. Nicholas Kroll, who is 59, will retire from the BBC at the end of June. He has been director of the trust since it was established in 2007. - link icon  BSkyB and BT rivalry could provide a cash bonanza for Richard Desmond - Media - theguardia…
BT is already thought to have run the rule over a potential acquisition of Channel 5 last year, when Desmond was quietly sounding out potential buyers for a private sale, although certainly not at a valuation in the region he is now aiming for. Free-to-air options For BT, Channel 5 would increase its access to content beyond its bedrock of sport and films, as well as providing a free-to-air platform it could use to promote its pay-TV service. Channel 5 has six channels flagship Channel 5, 5 and 5 USA and a 1, one-hour time-shifted variant for each. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Dolby unveils its new Dolby Vision .
Even though most TV shows and movies are recorded using camera technology that captures the colours and brightness of real life, much of that richness is lost by the time consumers get to watch it. Dolby Vision changes that, giving creative teams the freedom to use the full gamut of colours, peak brightness, and local contrast, with the confidence that those will be reproduced faithfully on televisions that feature Dolby Vision. Televisions manufactured with Dolby Vision from Sharp and TCL are expected to retail later this year. - link icon  Radio Today - Absolute Radio blocks international streams
Bauer Medias new station Absolute Radio has blocked international listeners from receiving the station outside the UK. The station now says it is not economically viable for them to have their audio streams available outside of the UK, after over a decade of doing so. The station has invested in online streaming recently, using InStream technology to give advertisers the opportunity to buy online spots determined by geographical location, age and gender. -

Tuesday 07 January 2014, AM link icon  BBC News - Is niche internet television broadcasting the future?
Yet the marina here is still busy, its piers teeming with hundreds of motor cruisers and yachts that need to be looked after until the next holiday season comes around and their wealthy owners return. For Jason Wilkinson, a 41-year-old expatriate Briton, those boats and the industry that has grown up around them represented an ideal business opportunity. Any fan of cable TV, for example, will be well aware of the kind of obscure and esoteric material that can be found hidden deep within the channel list. -

Monday 06 January 2014, PM link icon  ITV Border s new Scottish political programme Representing Border - Border - ITV News
- link icon  All there in black and white: People still love old sets - Anglia - ITV News
Snelling in Blofield Heath in Norfolk has been selling televisions since the 50's but it's been a while since a black and white set left their shop. They don't make them like they used to... - link icon  Black and white TV licenses: who still has them? - News -
We've summarised how the number of black and white licences has changed and which are the biggest cities to still have them below. These days, a colour TV licence costs 145.50 while the price of a black and white one is 49 and will stay fixed until 2016. - link icon  BBC Trust director to retire - Media -
Nicholas Kroll, director of the BBC Trust, has announced that he is retiring from the position in June. Kroll, who has worked at the BBC's governing body since 2004, will leave at the end of June, aged 60, the trust announced on Monday. He was one of seven senior BBC figures past and present to give evidence before the House of Commons public accounts committee in September last year about the level of controversial payments to outgoing corporation executives. - link icon  Hands on ... Humax DTR-T1010 YouView - Herald Scotland
First digital video recorders such as TiVo and Sky allowed you to pause, rewind and record live TV. More recently, on-demand services like BBC iPlayer allow you to watch programmes you haven't even recorded, streaming them in HD quality. All modern TVs support live digital broadcasts but only some support on-demand services, while others offer built-in recording features. - link icon  David Cameron's internet porn filter is the start of censorship creep - Laurie Penny - Com…
'The worst thing about the porn filter is not that it accidentally blocks useful information but that it blocks information at all.' Illustration Satoshi Kambayashi Picture the scene. Actually, it's a nice lady in a telesales warehouse somewhere, employed on behalf of your service provider let's call her Linda. Linda wants to know do you want to be able to see hardcore pornography - link icon  DTG :: News :: 0.04 per cent of UK viewers still watching in black and white
Despite colour TV licences being around for nearly 48 yearsand the digital switchover forcing black and white viewers to buy an additional set top box0.04 per cent of households adhere to viewing black and white television. A colour TV licence currently costs 145.50 and a black and white licence 49 both are not due to be reviewed until 2016. -

Sunday 05 January 2014, PM link icon  Americans want to see Downton Abbey at the same time as the Brits - Heather Long - Comment…
The show has plenty of devotees and people mocking it on both sides of the pond, but Brits get to see the latest season months ahead of their American counterparts. That episode premiered in the UK on 22 September. Downton Abbey was the biggest television hit on Twitter on Christmas Day, but only in UK. -

Saturday 04 January 2014, PM link icon  Hypercritical: Fill Your TV
The reactions of my co-hosts and the feedback from listeners has made it clear that the entire concept of calibrating a home TV is foreign to most people. Before calibrating, dont forget to turn off all the image enhancement features of your TV. Check your TVs manual for explanations of what each setting does, if youre curious, but you really do want to turn them all off. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 4-10 January
The play along is not available on Virgin TiVo but remember you can also download the BBC's free mobile play along app. -

Friday 03 January 2014, PM link icon  Market for TV sport to hit record £16bn in 2014 as broadcasters play hardball - Media -…
English Premier League football is among 10 competitions that generate 75 of all broadcast rights revenue. The accounting company added that sports rights payments will outpace global pay TV revenues, which are expected to grow 4 this year, with premium sports content more valued than ever as a lure for audiences. European football will contribute 46 of the 2014 rights total with 6.5bn, Deloitte said, with the Premier League accounting for 1.9bn. - link icon  YouView set-top box sales 'as expected' in 2012-13
YouView sales reached expected levels during 2012-13, it has been claimed. Only 30,000 are believed to have been bought through high street retail outlets to date. The YouView partners invested 42.1 million in the service during 2012-13, up 30 per cent from the 32.6 million spent in the previous financial year. - link icon  TV Player streams Freeview channels on your phone and tablet - Recombu
Channels can be streamed on cellular 3G or 4G connections as well as via WiFi and you can also browse the now and next programme guide while watching another. A new app has been launched that will let TV viewers watch all Freeview channels on their smartphone or tablet. Software firm Simplestream has developed the app, called TVPlayer. - link icon  DTG :: News :: BARB signs agreement with Experian
Mosaic uses more than 340 demographic, lifestyle and behavioural variables to determine its groups and has been a trusted source of targeting for many years. This means that media planners will be able to examine how their clients' television advertising campaigns perform among the Mosaic lifestyle groups and gives further insight into programme profiles. Combined with BARB, the Mosaic classification system gives planners an additional predictor of viewers' lifestyles and how they spend their money. - link icon  Former BBC boss Mark Thompson to face MPs again over report into failed £100m digital p…
DMI was being developed to allow BBC staff to create, share and manage video content at their desks. The report, which cost the BBC 263,340 to produce, found that no single event or issue caused DMI to fail. Serious weaknesses in project management and reporting, a lack of focus on business change, together with piecemeal assurance arrangements, meant that it took the BBC too long to realise that the project was in serious trouble and unlikely to deliver its objectives. - link icon  Ariel - Council approves plans for TV Centre
Developers Stanhope can now press ahead with the regeneration of the former home of BBC television at White City, which also includes building restaurants, shops, a cinema and offices. The Grade II listed central ring of the building will be preserved, while three of the eight studios will be upgraded and used to make programmes again. BBC Studios and Post Production has taken out a 15 year lease on them from 2015. - link icon  Radio Today - New national DAB station to launch in Feb
The exact genre of the new station has yet to be announced, but it is expected it will be on-air in February. Until then Birdsong will occupy the slot vacated by Jazz FM yesterday. Jazz FM announced plans to remove itself from national digital radio last month, and Arqiva advertised for a replacement jazz station in the summer in preparation for the change. -

Thursday 02 January 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - BBC rejects subscription fee calls
It warned a subscription model - where users only pay for the services they want - would exclude many who could not afford it. It added the licence fee was funding a public service everyone could use. The government inquiry comes ahead of the licence fee and royal charter renewals in 2016 and 2017 respectively. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - TV Licensing Annual Review 2012/13
So it feels like an apt time to reflect on last year and the challenges and achievements that came with it. It goes without saying 2012 was a huge year for live TV events. We collected more revenue - 3.7bn, up 6.7m from last year. - link icon  YouView shareholder funding up 30% - Media -
This represents an increase of almost 30 on the 32.6m Youview's shareholders forked out the previous year, as time and resources were ploughed into getting the much-delayed TV service to launch last July. YouView's annual financial filing reveals the extent of the upscaling of the business, which almost doubled staff numbers from 29 to 55 between the end of March 2012 and the end of March this year. Research and development numbers rose from one to 15, while those in administration grew from 28 to 40. - link icon  Richard Desmond appoints Barclays to explore sale of Channel 5 - Media -
Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond has appointed Barclays to advise on a possible sale. The process is understood to be at a very early stage with Barclays, which was involved in evaluating the potential value of Desmond's magazines including flagship title OK in 2011, not yet thought to have approached potential buyers. The most obvious buyer which would gain the biggest strategic synergy would be ITV. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Connected Red Button: a first look at the new service on Sma…
This new service will run alongside the existing Red Button service during its beta period, giving viewers a chance to try the new service whilstit istested and refined. Viewers will be able to try the new service, gain familiarity and provide feedback that we can potentially incorporate into the product as we continue development. They can do this while continuing to use the existing Red Button service as usual. - link icon  Over half of You and Yours listeners use DAB
You Yours frequently returns to sensationalist, and negative, coverage of DAB. I was asked onto the programme in October to talk about the slow take-up of digital radio - and was subject to a barrage of negative questioning. In it, he made the not unreasonable point that a significant amount of listeners to You Yours will probably already have chosen DAB, and that the programme's constant rubbishing of the technology would suggest that they are calling their audience fools. - link icon

Wednesday 01 January 2014, PM link icon  Rethinking TV news, Part I: Whats broken, whats possible BuzzMachine
Id like to see TV news be reinvented, yet Im astounded so little innovation is occurring in the medium. That could be because TV news is in better financial shape than print for now. It could be because in a highly competitive market, no one wants to leave the pack and risk failure trying something new. -

Sunday 29 December 2013, AM link icon  diamond geezer
I've had it since the 20th century, so perhaps that shouldn't be a surprise. I bought it in the January Sales 1999, by which time it must already have been out of date, and I've been living firmly in the past ever since. There had been this strange smell in the room earlier in the evening. -

Friday 27 December 2013, AM link icon  BBC Trust boss Lord Patten 'busted flush' says Greg Dyke - Media - The Guardian
This year, Patten has been criticised in the fallout from the Jimmy Savile scandal and for agreeing to a 450,000 payout to short-lived director general George Entwistle . Dyke said Patten had suffered an enormous amount of damage from Entwistle's resignation as director general at the height of the Savile scandal last year after just 54 days in the job. He said Patten had also mishandled criticism of the severance payments. -

Wednesday 18 December 2013, PM link icon  Ariel - PwC report criticises DMI management
Its authors, PricewaterhouseCoopers, blamed a lack of proper scrutiny at different stages of the project for the BBC's failure to spot that the digital end-to-end production tool was unlikely to deliver its objectives. The accountants said that effective decisions about the project's future were prevented by weaknesses in project management and reporting, as well as 'ad-hoc' assurance activities. Lack of knowledge PwC believed that DMI governance arrangements were 'not fit for purpose'. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - Review of the BBC’s management of the Digital Media I…
However we got DMI wrong, which we regret. We know it is vital to spot problems early, which is why we have overhauled how our major projects are run to ensure this doesn't happen again. The report sets out a number of changes which will strengthen the Executive Board by increasing the number of Non-Executive Directors from four to six, and will improve reporting so that performance can be monitored more effectively. -

Tuesday 17 December 2013, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: Siano launches receiver chip for DVB-T2
Supplier of mobile broadcast DTV solutions Siano has announced the launch of a new receiver chip designed exclusively for automotive and mobile consumer electronics applications. Similar to previous Siano chip solutions, the SMS4470 combines an RF tuner with a channel decoding processor, optimized for automotive and mobile devices. DVB-T2 offers higher spectrum utilization and improved overall performance than previous technologies. - link icon  Radio Today - Go Digital Day: Ed Vaizey s speech in full
The radio industry is in the midst of probably its greatest ever period of change certainly the greatest change since the birth of commercial radio. The shift to digital is growing steadily year on year. In 2010 we inherited from the previous Government an ambitious goal to switchover to digital. - link icon  Radio Today - Podcast: Lack of love for radio s D Love
An enforced premature DAB switchover was not in the interests of our sector of the industry, nor the listener, Said William. James Cridland backed him up saying D Love is a failed attempt a virility whilst others asked why a made up character from the 70s is promoting the future of radio. You can listen below, on the Audioboo Channel or within the RadioToday App. -

Monday 16 December 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: Industry welcomes Government confirmation of digital future and investment …
They also welcomed the announcement of a second national commercial multiplex in 2014 which will allow for new national stations on DAB. These major initiatives will help towards meeting the switchover coverage and listening criteria, and so support the preparations for a future radio switchover. Minister Ed Vaizey confirmed that we are not ready for a radio switchover and that consumer listening and DAB coverage criteria would need to be met in order for switchover dates to be set. - link icon  Phase 2 of Digital Radio in the UK - Matt Deegan Writes
If the papers are to be believed, he wont be binding the Government to a switchover from FM to digital but then he wouldnt be the first politician to alter their direction of travel with an election coming up. What he will talk about is the kick-off of another round of changes that alter the direction of radio. In truth, it will bring together many of radios factions and bind them around a plan to suit how listeners have changed how they now listen to radio and consume media. - link icon  A Digital Radio Future -
The event was DRUKs Go Digital conference their third annual get together. - a second national commercial digital multiplex, potentially allowing ten or so new national services to launch. - further investigation into hyper-local DAB potential following the Ofcom test in Brighton. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Digital UK responds to Ofcom TV White Space consultation
TV White Spaces are gaps in the spectrum airwaves used by terrestrial television that could potentially be used by new devices for communications and services in some areas. Potential applications identified by Ofcom include wifi hotspots, rural broadband and machine-to-machine communications. The response calls on Ofcom to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect terrestrial television services from interference which could be caused by the use of white spaces. - link icon  BBC News - Digital radio to get £21m investment
16 December 2013 Last updated at 0816 ET More money is to be invested in digital radio as the industry gears up to switch off FM transmitters within the next few years. Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said up to 21m will come from the BBC, government and commercial radio. It will be used to increase digital radio coverage so more homes can receive DAB signals. - link icon  informitv - Online television revenues grow but remain marginal
People in the United Kingdom are among the most likely to access television programming distributed over the internet. Online television and video revenue in the United Kingdom has risen by almost 300 in three years. Yet it still represents less than 3 of total television subscription, advertising and licence fee revenue in the country, or 28 of the total export value of television programmes. - link icon  informitv - Rethinking television trends
Television as we know it will be redefined by the smartphone and the tablet, with future viewing experiences ranging from handheld screens to wall-sized multiscreen environments, all connected to ever more capable networks. A characteristically provocative new report from Rethink Research suggests that sales of the traditional television display are destined to decline, while viewers will be taking to tablets as secondary screens. He says these traditionalists are tired of change and just want to get through to their retirement before it matters to much and then let someone else deal with the problems imposed by smartphones, tablets and ubiquitous connectivity. - link icon  Radio Today - Reaction to DAB Switchover announcement
A number of commercial radio groups are welcoming news from Ed Vaizey that no switch-over date has been set during todays landmark announcement. A coalition of 81 national, regional and local commercial radio stations operated by 14 separate commercial radio operators has welcomed the lack of commitment to a digital switchover date. We want all our local stations, that are part of the Capital and Heart networks, to enjoy good coverage on DAB, and this will soon be a reality as a result of this agreement. - link icon  Radio Today - No switchover date for DAB, Vaizey says
Ed Vaizey has confirmed the Governments vision of a digital future for radio but said he wanted to continue to improve the service, and reach coverage and listening criteria before a radio switchover. This means the radio industry has no deadline to work towards, but will continue as it has been doing for over a decade in trying to build a better digital radio experience for listeners. He said that funding was in place for Ofcom to develop a route to digital for small local stations. -

Monday 16 December 2013, AM link icon  Showdown: will on-demand kill the big TV get-together? - Television radio - The Guardian
For the TV industry, the ghost of viewing past in the form of extended families slumped in front of the telly returns onChristmas Day, as it's oneof the rare times nowadays that millions watch the same show at the same time. However, if you believe some people, this year's seasonal schedules may be fatally stalked by theghost of viewing future. Produced by Netflix andstarring Kevin Spacey, it can be watched by the site's subscribers however and whenever they chose. - link icon  Radio Today - Go Digital Day live conference updates
07.35 So were on our way to London. 07.34 But the points made on various occasions about sound quality and low power do need to be addressed. Im not sure those issues will be covered today but we can hope. - link icon  BBC payoffs damaged its international reputation, say MPs - Media - The Guardian
Current BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten took part in committee hearings with four other current and former executives. Among the payouts given to senior staff were 470,000 to former director general George Entwistle after only 54 days in the job and 680,000 to former chief operating officer Caroline Thomson. Deputy director general Mark Byford departed from the BBC with a total payout of 949,000. -

Sunday 15 December 2013, PM link icon  Media Monkey's diary: The Times, the Pope, and Cathy Newman - Media -
You could be forgiven for imagining that recent chastening events might have made playing hardball less appealing at News UK, Rupert Murdoch's rebranded press empire. Let go in the summer amidst rumours of friction with newish editor John Witherow, Wagner was unveiled last week as one of the 2014 Booker prize judges a feather in the cap for her, and arguably for the paper too. - link icon  David Frost remembered by Greg Dyke - Media - The Observer
Presenter, interviewer, talent spotter, producer, great ideas man David Frost in 1964. What was remarkable about David Frost was that despite being famous from his early 20s right through until his mid 70s he was never the typical star. David was always happy in his own skin, generous about others and widely liked in the television industry. -

Saturday 14 December 2013, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 14-20 December
There are special festive treats and highlights from a great year of music and sport on the Red Button this week. Plus, dont miss red carpet coverage and the big reveal from Sports Personality of the Year 2013. Press red after Casualty to find out or watch the special episode again on Friday. - link icon  Freeview coming to your tablet in time for the World Cup - CNET UK
Freeview is coming to your tablet in the new year, potentially allowing you to watch and record your favourite broadcast telly wherever you roam. That sees your tablet connect wirelessly to a T-Pod dongle, beaming tellywaves to the screen over Wi-Fi so you don't actually have to plug the dongle into the tablet. Meanwhile the Freeview dongle is planned for a release date in mid-2014. - link icon  Is it time for justice for Monkey? Police probe OnDigital 'hack by Newscorp' - About UK F…
Renamed ITV Digital three years later, it was plagued by widespread piracy and folded in 2002. News Corporation is due to be split into one entity for newspaper and book publishing, and another for television and movie companies. The allegations of industrial espionage were made last year by a self-confessed hacker, Lee Gibling, who claimed that he had been paid to publicise codes that enabled viewers to bypass encryption technology and watch On Digital for free. - link icon  Broadcasters criticise Ofcom over TV 'white spaces' disruption to Freeview - Media - thegu…
Freeview published research suggesting nearly three-quarters of consumers who pay for a package of TV, broadband and phone are confused about what they signed up to. Ofcom intends to use the so-called gaps in the spectrum used to broadcast digital terrestrial TV service Freeview to 19m homes across the UK for a range of potential wireless services. However, the broadcasters are also concerned that Ofcom doesn't offer adequate assurances of protection from interference to Freeview households that use indoor or set top aerials estimated to be about a quarter of the 19m homes that get the service via a main or secondary TV set. -

Friday 13 December 2013, PM link icon  Aereo CEO to Broadcasters: Go Ahead, Make My Day -
Aereo has asked the high court to grant the broadcasterspetition for a writ of certoriari, arguing that its time to settle the legality of its streaming video service once and for all. Aereos message to the broadcasters Bring it on. If the high court agrees to take the case which is far from certain it would set the stage for landmark test of copyright law that could have major implications for the entertainment industry. - link icon  Response to Ofcom Consultation ‘TV white spaces: approach to coexistence.…
Digital UK welcomes the opportunity to respond to Ofcom’s “TV white spaces: approach to coexistence” consultation. We recognise the need to ensure that valuable spectrum must be used in the most efficient way possible and are keen to support Ofcom’s exploration of ways that may achieve this to the benefit of viewers. link icon  BT complaints shoot up following sports TV launch - Money -
BT paid 738m to broadcast 38 Premier League football games a season, but customer service levels have since suffered. Half the complaints were about its BT Sport channels which launched amid much fanfare on 1 August 2013, in time for the start football season. The company paid 738m for the rights to broadcast 38 Premier League football games a season, and has since splashed out 897m on the right to show Champions League games from 2015 onwards. - link icon  BBC News - BT apologises for poor service at sports channel launch
It followed figures that showed complaints about BT's television service more than doubled in the July-to-September period. Telecoms regulator Ofcom said complaints peaked in August, when the new channel went on air. As a result, BT had a far higher ratio of complaints than its rivals. - link icon  Ariel - BBC best for laughs and entertainment
It was named best comedy panel show, with team captain Lee Mack voted best male tv comic. Funny women 'Brilliant to see female comedy talent scoop the big sitcom prize,' said Shane Allen, controller, comedy commissioning, 'and also delighted for Harry Paul with their richly deserved sketch show award. 'BBC comedy/entertainment really is at the top of its game and these awards prove that.' -

Friday 13 December 2013, AM link icon  The BBC must declare the interests of its contributors, or lose our trust - George Monbiot…
I didn't expect this flat refusal to uphold its own editorial guidelines. Two weeks ago, I wrote an article explaining how the BBC routinely flouts its professed commitment to impartiality and transparency, by allowing people who appear to be little more than corporate lobbyists to pose as independent pundits. What we were not told is that the institute, which calls itself a thinktank, has for many years been funded by the tobacco industry. - link icon  BBC News - Graham Norton warned over World Aids Day ribbon
The presenter and his guests all sported the charity emblem on his BBC One chat show broadcast on 29 November. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Elemental demonstrates full frame rate live 4K HEVC video processing
At a special event in London, the company showed an end-to-end workflow in which live 4Kp60 HEVC content was encoded for display in real-time. Elemental first announced support for the H.265 codec in January of 2013. Video processing solutions from Elemental offer support for the new codec via a seamless software upgrade. - link icon  Radio Today - Will Arqiva be bidding for Digital Two ?
Weve heard speculation that radio groups and non-radio organisations will be bidding for the chance to control the overdue digital platform, although one company already has the network to expand upon. Arqiva is hugely supportive of the industry-wide transition to digital, which is making great progress this year. We have already led the way in improving coverage over the past year and with a positive decision on the Digital Radio Switchover at the end of this year, we would welcome an additional national commercial multiplex. - link icon  Freeview – Loss of BBC HD channels - BBC - FAQs - Home
The BBC has been made are aware that a small number of set top boxes have problems accessing both HD multiplexes at the same time. However, until the manufacturer has resolved the issue you will not be able to access both at the same time. - link icon  Local television: Small-town views - The Economist
With a new nameEstuary TVand a prominent spot on Freeview, a free digital television platform, their news and discussion shows now reach 350,000 homes around the Humber. Estuary TV is the first of 19 television stations launching in Britains towns and cities over the next yearthe fruits of a plan laid out in 2010 by Jeremy Hunt, then the culture secretary, to revitalise local media. Ministers hope they will help promote small businesses, train new creative talent and generally make people more civic-minded. -

Thursday 12 December 2013, PM link icon  Radio Today - Surrey DAB radio multiplex switched on
Three new digital radio transmitters have been switched on in Surrey, giving local coverage to almost 800,000 people. Four radio stations will be on the new multiplex, including a third Eagle-branded service. Sir Paul Beresford Surrey is way ahead on digital radio, with over half of us having a digital radio at home. - link icon  BBC - BBC Trust - BBC publishes conclusions of governance review
The review was launched in September 2013 following a year of difficult events at the BBC which highlighted a need to clarify roles and responsibilities and improve the working culture between the two parts of the Corporation. The key conclusion of the review is that, while much of the current governance system works well, there is confusion about who is responsible for what in certain key operational areas and this has undermined confidence in the governance and operation of the BBC. Sir Howard was previously President of the CBS network and will bring his extensive broadcasting and commercial experience to this role. -

Thursday 12 December 2013, AM link icon  Britons paying more for premium pay-TV packages than other countries - Media - The Guardia…
An Ofcom study found that Britons pay 66 a month for the 'best offer' premium pay-TV subscription. -

Tuesday 10 December 2013, PM link icon  Ariel - BBC launches five new HD channels
We will have managed to launch five channels in five months. -

Monday 09 December 2013, PM link icon  Fox News Paid Fired Executive $8 Million to Keep Quiet
A Fox News executive with knowledge of the negotiations told Gawker that Lewis was paid approximately 8 million in hush money. The big talk at work, especially today, is the settlement number, the executive said on Friday, explaining that the exact figure had been filtering through the channels rank-and-file since early November. The settlement came after an extraordinary, months-long confrontation during which Fox News accused Ailes former right-hand man of vague financial irregularities, and Lewis attorney angrily responded that Ailes had a lot to lose if Lewis ever spilled the beans on their 17-year-long partnership at the right-wing network. - link icon  Audio description on Freeview HD programmes - BBC - FAQs - Home
Returning to the channel you wish to watch with the audio described programme. - link icon  Freeview - Unable to access all BBC HD Multiplexes - BBC - FAQs - Home
However, please check that you are in coverage of the new commercial HD multiplex COM 7. Please check the Digital UK coverage predictor and select the detailed view indicating COM7 availability. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. - link icon  informitv - Local television launches
The first of a number of new local television stations has gone on air in the United Kingdom. Estuary TV in Grimsby will be available in the channel 8 slot on Freeview digital terrestrial television. It represents a modest start to a range of channels that could provide another tier of broadcasting in Britain, but may already be missing the opportunities of the next generation of digital networks. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Connected Studio: Unlocking the BBC's News Archive
We are holding a Connected Studio event in January to explore the best ways to unlock, and allow our audiences to explore, what is often seen as the BBCs greatest untapped resource, its vast archives. The event will focus specifically on the News archive. The News archive is a unique video, audio and scripted account of howthe BBC has reportedthe world since 1924. - link icon  BBC - Media Centre - BBC to launch five new subscription-free HD channels on Tuesday 10 De…
Viewers will also be able to catch-up on HD programmes from these channels on BBC iPlayer. The channels will be launching in time for Christmas, so viewers will be able to access more of their favourite festive treats in the highest quality from the comfort of their sofas or on-the-go via BBC iPlayer. This year, people will be able to watch even more of our programmes in brilliant quality. All five new HD channels will broadcast the same programmes as their standard definition equivalents in HD. -

Monday 09 December 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - CBBC HD, CBeebies HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD BBC News HD …
We have announced todaythat our five new HD channels will launch on Tuesday 10 December 2013 on all main TV platforms. This brings the total number of subscription-free HD channels from the BBC to seven. This is predicted to grow to 80 by 2016 and 90 by 2019. -

Sunday 08 December 2013, PM link icon  The BBC needs a global news strategy - and Harding's approach seems dated - Media - The Gu…
Full house in lingo bingo James Harding told staff the BBC is 'the best news organisation in the world'. James Harding, the recently anointed director of BBC News, and former editor of the Times, achieved a full house in the lingo bingo card for his first sermon last week. The cluttered domain of global news leadership is one of huge risk and turbulence, and far from dominating it, the BBC would appear to be withdrawing from it. - link icon  How Intel TV failed -- pay attention, Google and Apple - Internet Media - CNET News
In fact, Erik Huggers, the head of Intel Media, said in February that this would be the year Intel shakes things up. After all, he had a small army of 300 at work and more than 2,000 Intel employees testing OnCue, a new box and service that would allow users to watch live TV, on-demand video, and other Internet-based offerings like video apps in one package. Now, with 2013 in its final weeks, Intel's goal for OnCue has morphed into securing the best payday it can from somebody who will take the venture off its hands. -

Sunday 08 December 2013, AM link icon  Indian Television Dot Com News Headline Zee Lamhe launches on Freeview in UK
Estimates put the reach of the channel at 1.2 million and increasing the reach of Zee Lamhe to 13 million homes in UK. Lamhe was launched earlier this year to showcase good quality south Asian entertainment such as drama, classics and Bollywood, lifestyle, cookery and travel. The FTA channel is also available on Sky Digital. -

Saturday 07 December 2013, AM link icon  Behind the FCC s Intervention in a $985 Million Local TV Deal - Corporate Intelligence - W…
The TV business has been on a furious consolidation drive this year, with billions of dollars worth of mergers and acquisitions snapping up the companies that bring broadcast TV to local markets across the country. Sinclairs general counsel Barry Faber said the company was confident that we will be able to work out the issues raised in the FCCs letter and complete the transaction without any material impact. So what are the issues Opponents of these kind of arrangements say that not only can they be used to get around the spirit of rules designed to encourage diversity in the local TV market, but they can also harm the quality and variety of news available on local television. - link icon  Google could launch 'Nexus TV' Android set-top next year, says report - The Verge
Google isn't giving up its living room ambitions. The rumor comes fromThe Information's Amir Efrati, who cites an anonymous Google employee. The device is said to be ready for launch as soon as the first half of next year, according to the report. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What’s on BBC Red Button – 7 – 13 Decem…
Highlights include this years best Radio 1 Live Lounge sessions as well as outstanding musical moments from the Asian Network. Also dont miss pop legend Gary Barlow as he performs live in concert for Radio 2. Watch the show live on Wednesday 11th December, but dont worry if you miss it, you can also catch it again from Thursday 12th. -

Friday 06 December 2013, AM link icon  Radio Today - Herefordshire and Worcestershire gets DAB
Local TV and press also attended to cover the switch-on live. Its an important step for this area and an exciting day for local radio. The three new transmitters cover 530,000 people in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. -

Thursday 05 December 2013, PM link icon  NBC shuts Style Network in UK - News - Broadcast
NBC Universal is to close The Style Network in the UK following a US channel rebrand. The entertainment channel, which airs on Sky and Virgin Media, will close on 9 December. The Style Network was rebranded as Esquire Network in September in the US, as NBC began to consider the future of the channel internationally - link icon  Radio Today - Jazz FM leaves national DAB digital radio
The station will move from D1 to Switch Digital in Greater London in addition to online platforms from January 1st 2014. RadioToday can also reveal the station entered into profit last month for the first time since its relaunch. There is absolutely no reason why if you listen to Jazz FM now, you wont be able to still. - link icon  Ariel - The team behind Twenty Twelve takes on BBC for new show
'To clarify, define or redefine the core purpose of the BBC across all its functions and to position it confidently for the future'. The post is, apparently, one in which he is meant to be thinking 'Big Thoughts' in the run-up to the licence fee renegotiation in 2016. He adds 'If it is satirical then it's satirical about an environment, an ethos, and the absurdities of modern corporate life itself. - link icon  Ratings slide puts C4 in spotlight - Comment - Broadcast
However you cut the numbers, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Channel 4 has had a very tough year when it comes to ratings. The all-hours decline of 11.4% for the main channel is worrying for management, advertisers, programme-makers and even Ofcom, which flagged concerns about audience share back in June. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - BBC News - Our Stories: Video montage from James Harding's s…
The video showcases facilities available to news staff at New Broadcasting House, and spotlights some aspects of its output across multiple TV channels and radio networks both locally, nationally and internationally. James' biography is available on the Inside the BBC website. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Report: Global study confirms public service broadcasting has positive effe…
Public service broadcasting promotes a 'race to the top' with the commercial sector, according to a new report published by the BBC. The key findings of the research show A strong relationship between public funding and commercial revenues. Territories with higher levels of public funding per head correspond with high levels of commercial revenue advertising and subscription-based per head. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - BBC Online Briefing: December 2013
These sessions are an opportunity for a number of our digital partners and suppliers to get together and share some ideas about the BBCs digital strategy. Todays event is already at capacity but all of the presentations will be available online on this blog from next week. You can also follow us during the sessions via the Internet blog's twitter account and the hashtag bbconline. The aim of this afternoons event is to share some of the plans weve put together in answer to the question Where next for the BBCs digital services. -

Wednesday 04 December 2013, PM link icon  BBC’s role in free-to-air platforms becoming “destructive” and hamperin…
The BBCs lack of interest in the evolution of the advertising market is blinding them to the danger of those platforms not having clear data strategies, he said. Broadcasters cant win an arms race against the platforms and the media agency groups. If I was a broadcaster, I would be picking the TV platforms because they are inherently interested in TV. - link icon  BBC News - BBC must tackle diversity problem says news director
New editors for education and health will also be appointed, with one to be based out of Birmingham or Salford. This speech was a rallying cry by the new boss for BBC News to move on from the past, to be brave, to investigate, to break more stories. So, there will be more money for chasing exclusives but also hints of a change in culture. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - The return of five radio stations in the evenings on Freevie…
Restoration Were making a set of technical changes in Scotland which gives us some limited additional capacity to restore radio services. Weve had to take a call on the best way of using this capacity, including which stations and in what quality. Consequently weve strived to restore all five stations noted above. - link icon  BBC - Media Centre - James Harding: BBC News and Current Affairs - Our stories
On my first day here, I told you that any journalist would be proud to join a news organisation such as this. The BBC is the best news organisation in the world. No, I make the claim based on our journalism. - link icon  Dame Patricia Hodgson favourite to chair Ofcom - Media -
Dame Patricia Hodgson, a former BBC executive, has been selected as the preferred candidate to chair Ofcom. Hodgson joined Ofcom in 2011 after leaving the BBC Trust months after missing out on the chairman and vice-chairman roles at the corporation's regulatory and governance body. She currently holds the role of deputy chairman at Ofcom, and will succeed incumbent Colette Bowe. - link icon  News Republic
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