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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Friday 29 November 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: BBC News announces two new senior appointments
Jonathan Munro is to be Head of Newsgathering, in charge of the day-to-day activity and deployments of all journalists working to network news based at home and abroad. Previously Deputy Editor at ITV News, he brings a wealth of experience to the role. DTG Staff 29.11.2013 Links open in a new window. - link icon  DTG :: News :: BBC signs Memorandum of Understanding with open internet organisations
These agreements will enable closer collaboration between the BBC and each of the four organisations on a range of mutual interests, including the release of structured open data and the use of open standards in web development. One aim of this agreement is to give clear technical standards and models to organisations who want to work with the BBC and give those using the internet a deeper understanding of the technologies involved. Through this and other initiatives, the BBC aims to be a catalyst for open innovation by publishing clear technical standards, models, expertise and, where feasible, data. - link icon  BBC - Media Centre - Tony Hall - Voice of the Listener Viewer Conference
As you can see, next year is going to be very special. One of my most vivid memories of the BBC from my childhood was that extraordinary series The Great War, 26 episodes of riveting testimony from men and women who had lived through years of conflict. Fifty years on from that landmark series, we want 2014 to be a chance for us all to learn something new about a war we think we know so well and a chance to engage a new generation with those extraordinary times. - link icon  Radio Today - Vaizey confirms no imminent DAB switchover
The DAB switchover debate hit the Commons again this week, with an adjournment debate ahead of an official announcement by the Government due on December 16th. Cheryl Gillan said DAB is fundamentally the wrong platform for local radio stations at this time due to the coverage difference from FM. Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Ed Vaizey responded. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ofcom proposes to approve first improved 'text relay' service
Ofcom today took a step towards improving telephone calls for disabled consumers by proposing to approve BT's enhanced text relay service. Text relay is a vital service as it enables people with hearing and/or speech impairments to communicate with others via the telephone. A relay assistant acts as an intermediary to convert speech to text and vice versa for the two people in conversation. -

Wednesday 27 November 2013, PM link icon  London Live strikes first deals with major indies - News - Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  Lord Hall paves way for shake-up of Match of the Day after praising Gary Nevilles impact s…
In a speech in London, Lord Hall expressed admiration for the on-camera skills of the former Manchester United player, who has been credited for bringing fresh insight into expert football analysis since joining Sky two years ago. Lord Halls lauding of broadcasting rivals, came in an address to the Voice of the Listener Viewer Conference. We need to be less British about saying what you get for 40p a day, he said. - link icon  Ariel - Make more aggressive case for BBC, says DG at VLV conference
27 November 2013 Last updated at 1700 Tony Hall said the BBC should be 'more aggressive' in making its argument for the licence fee and should use its own airwaves to do it. He believed it needed to be 'less British' about trumpeting just how much people actually get from the broadcaster for just 40p per day. The director general was speaking at a conference organised for the 30th anniversary of the Voice of the Listener and Viewer. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Comux to provide s studio-to-transmitter monitoring for local DTT explosion…
Comux UK, the community-owned business operating the new local TV broadcasting platform, has implemented Techex's Spotlight software to deliver integrated monitoring services. Polling over 1,000 different monitoring parameters, Spotlight helps Comux's MCR operators see the status of the core broadcast network from one screen, allowing faults to be quickly identified without referencing multiple systems. - link icon  BBC chief wants corporation to be 'less British' defending the licence fee - Media - thegu…
Hall indicated that the BBC would be more assertive than in the past in fighting its corner and should not be afraid to use its TV, radio and online services to promote its cause. His comments come ahead of what is certain to be a long and bitterly fought lobbying battle to secure renewal of the royal charter agreement, setting out the BBC's scope and remit, and 3.6bn-a-year licence fee funding deal with the government. Both agreements run until the end of 2016, but critics of the BBC, including Tory party chairman Grant Shapps, have already argued that the corporation must reform its ways if it is to retain its current levels of funding. - link icon  4oD launches on the NOW TV Box
Its available alongside flexible pay-as-you-go access to must-see sport, the latest movies you missed at the cinema and the TV shows everyones talking about. - link icon  BBC4 executive defends channel after David Dimbleby questions future - Media - theguardian…
BBC4 has had its budget cut as part of the corporations 700m Delivering Quality First cost-saving initiative. Among BBC4's programmes will be two shows dissecting the human hand and the human foot. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  BT YouViewers can now record internet channels - PC Advisor
A software update for BT's Humax YouView box now allows it to record internet channels in the same way as regular aerial ones. This will be a phased roll-out managed by BT so some customers will get it today/tonight and the rest will get it in due course. Users can still record two channels at the same time, regardless of whether they are internet channels or broadcast channels. - link icon  Al Jazeera English available in HD Freeview - Press Office - Al Jazeera English
It is the first time anywhere in the world that the channel is available in HD. Providing this on Freeview HD showcases these news and programmes at their very best. The launch will be phased withtransmitter sites being switched in major population areas between 26th November 2013 and June 2014. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Al Jazeera English available in HD Freeview
Al Jazeera English HD has launched on Freeview. It is the first time anywhere in the world that the channel is available in HD. DTG Staff 27.11.2013 Links open in a new window. -

Tuesday 26 November 2013, PM link icon  Grimsby's Estuary TV makes television history - Media - The Guardian
Without the big budgets of the national stations, who also snap up their best talent, without large audiences, without even very much to talk about, local broadcasters have always tended to look, well, a bit quaint. The coalition government, however, is keen on quaintness or decentralisation, as it is also known and so this afternoon sees the birth of a litter of new local television stations, beginning where else Channel 879 on Virgin cable, in fact, in case you've missed it. They know what they are doing, therefore. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Comux switches on the local TV Digital Transmission Network
Estuary TV's schedule kicks off with a local news show at 5.40 pm on Channel 8. A further 18 stations across the UK are preparing to go to air before the end of 2014, and an additional 28 are set to launch in the second phase in 2014/15. Comux's business model for sustainable local TV infrastructure is based on local ownership and profit sharing. -

Tuesday 26 November 2013, AM link icon  Local TV goes live - News - Broadcast
Local TV will today launch on Freeview channel eight in Grimsby as Estuary TV is pushed live. Estuary TV was one of the first local television operators to be awarded a 12-year licence by Ofcom last year under former culture secretary Jeremy Hunt’s broadcasting vision. - link icon  Cord Cutters And The Death Of TV - Business Insider

Monday 25 November 2013, PM link icon  UK ad spend set to hit record £14bn - Media -
UK ad spend is set to reach nearly 14bn in 2013, fuelled by the huge growth in digital revenues. Group M has more than doubled its UK ad spend growth projection for 2013, from 3.3 six months ago to 7 and also upped it growth forecast for next year, from 3.5 to 6, when the total is expected to hit 14.8bn. Digital will make up almost 50 of total UK ad spend in 2014, Group M is forecasting, reaching 7bn. - link icon  This is Grimsby calling! Another cultural breakthrough beside the Humber as Estuary TV goe…
After years of being lampooned by Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci's portrayal of the hapless Alan Partridge, local broadcasting is set for a transformation. The added reach means the network has a potential audience of 270,000 homes. The team behind the channel have experience in local broadcasting going back to 1998, which is why Grimsby was chosen by Ofcom to be the first station in the network to launch. - link icon  informitv - World Television Day
On the United Nations official World Television Day, some fifteen years after the start of digital television transmissions, many countries have already switched to digital. ITU research shows that 55 of the estimated 1.4 billion households worldwide with a television receive a digital signal, compared to just 30 in 2008. Over half of television homes worldwide now have a pay-television subscription. - link icon  Estuary TV channel set for launch - Journalism News from HoldtheFrontPage
The long-awaited rollout of local TV services in towns and cities in the UK will get under way tomorrow. Estuary TV is set to launch in Grimsby and is the first of 19 local TV stations due to go on air over the next year. Itwas given a pre-launch boost when government minister Ed Vaizey, government minister for culture, communications and creative industries,visited theGrimsbystation last week to see the new policy on local TV in action. -

Monday 25 November 2013, AM link icon  CBeebies named best channel at kids Baftas - News - Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  Doctor Who one of biggest shows in the world, says BBC following simulcast - Television ra…
Over the weekend 8,000 fans of the programme Whovians, many in costume attended a convention to mark the anniversary at the Excel centre in east London. -

Saturday 23 November 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 23-29 November
As Doctor Who celebrates 50 years, go behind the lens on the years most anticipated television drama. Plus this week you can catch up with the BBC Introducing festival, celebrating the top music acts of tomorrow. Sports fans can tune in to rugby action and watch highlights from the Brazil Grand Prix. - link icon  Almost quarter of shareholders at BSkyB oppose chief's £7m pay - Media - The Guardian
Almost 23 voted against BSkyB's remuneration report with a further 0.6 abstaining, which is often viewed as a protest vote after several shareholder advisory services flagged concerns over the way top executives are paid. Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox voted its 39 stake in favour of the pay deal meaning that of the independent shareholders who voted, some 42 opposed the pay plans. Darroch took more than 7m in overall remuneration and share award payouts in the year to the end of June, including a maximum bonus of 1.9m, totalling about eight times his base salary. -

Friday 22 November 2013, PM link icon  Robbie Williams: BBC Radio 4 listeners won't swing his way - Media -
Robbie Williams BBC Radio 4 listeners don't get the point. Some of its listeners think not after Williams was featured in the new series of Radio 4 music programme, Mastertapes, talking about his first solo album. Except, Radio 1 has plenty of speech, so why shouldn't Radio 4 occasionally have music - link icon  Talking TV: Doctor Who, Derren Brown and diversity - News - Broadcast
Talking TV is available on SoundCloud below and can also be downloaded on iTuneshere. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - Listening to the listeners: Radio Cymru announces new schedu…
To be honest they went beyond views about the voices and names of Radio Cymru. People were saying that something fundamental had been lost in the relationship between the station and its audience and this needed to be addressed. Radio Cymrus presenters and voices, like all other radio stations, will come and go. - link icon  Doctor Who takes on new dimension with 3D 50th anniversary episode - Media Monkey - Media …
It will also be the BBC's last 3D broadcast, for three years at least, after it called time on the third dimension, blaming a lack of appetite among viewers. If any audience can be assumed to be early adopters, then it's surely that for Doctor Who, which is among the most requested programmes in the history of the BBC iPlayer more than 100m, since you ask. Most popular episode of all was The Eleventh Hour series five, episode one, the first full episode with Matt Smith with nearly 3m requests. - link icon  Ariel - Is the BBC’s out-of-London focus delivering?
Production outside of London - not just in northern England - was a key theme at the festival, which was previously called the Nations and Regions conference. -

Friday 22 November 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - Taking the Doctor to the next dimension
Were excited enough about the special 50thanniversary programme itself. So with the time ticking away to the Time Lords return, its time for me to give you the latest advice on how best to watch it in 3D. Many people across the BBC, our suppliers and the TV operators we partner with worked hard to bring this experiment to fruition. - link icon  Ariel - BBC gives Birmingham a £23m boost
21 November 2013 Last updated at 1215 Nearly 70 jobs will move from London to Birmingham as the director general threw the Mailbox a 23m lifeline. Tony Hall told teams on Thursday that the Midlands headquarters - left bruised and half-empty after 2012's exodus of programmes to Bristol and Salford - would become a centre for new skills and digital innovation. The first phase of his plans, which will also see seven jobs move from Salford, include the relocation to Birmingham of the Upfront induction course and digital arts forum The Space. - link icon  DTG :: News :: at800 appoints Ben Roome as CEO
Roome has been a member of at800's management team since the company's launch in March this year, and is being promoted from his current role of director of marketing and communications. Prior to joining at800, he was global head of press relations at the Finnish-German joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks. Roome will lead at800 as it continues with its objective to ensure UK viewers can still watch Freeview, or are offered a suitable alternative, as 4G at 800 MHz signals go live across the country. -

Wednesday 20 November 2013, PM link icon  David Dimbleby gets it wrong too - the BBC isn't a threat to local papers - Media - thegua…
Now David Dimbleby appears to have taken leave of his senses. He has joined the home secretary, Theresa May, in claiming that the BBC's online news is encroaching unfairly on local newspapers. On the local front, as I reported here and here, the evidence of BBC encroachment is non-existent. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Report: 24% of youths binge watch TV series
Consumer research company Voxburner has revealed its latest report, looking at the digital content habits of young people. The report showed that that a quarter 24 of 16-24s download a TV series and binge watch entire seasons in one sitting, whilst 52 say they watch at least two episodes at a time. Almost half of young people 44 use paid for streaming services to watch or download films and tv programmes. - link icon  DTG :: News :: BBC Trust launches service review into BBC One, Two, Three and Four
A three month public consultation started on November 12 and the Trust invited BBC audiences to get in touch with their views on the four channels. It will consider whether any changes to the current licences are needed along with each service's future direction. As part of this, the Trust will consider how well the services are adapting to meet changing audience expectations and viewing patterns, primarily in response to technological developments. - link icon  Radio Today - Hereford and Worcs DAB mux launches 6 Dec
MuxCo has confirmed that the digital radio multiplex for Herefordshire and Worcestershire will be officially launched on Friday 6th December. Test transmissions have begun recently from transmitters at Ridge Hill in Herefordshire and Malvern in Worcester. A third transmitter is expected to be added at Bromsgrove just off the M5/M42 interchange. - link icon  Radio Today - OPINION: What Brighton DAB test tells us
As someone very close to the Brighton Experiment, it appears that neither Ed nor Ford have actually read the Ofcom report. In practice, this has only just begun and aside from any technical limitations which are clearly laid out in the official version, use of such technology would require new legislation which will not be passed for at least three to four years from what I understand, based on the noises coming out of Whitehall. The Ofcom report makes it clear that the total available broadcast spectrum is nowhere near available for all 650 UK radio stations and that it will be extremely challenging to match the near universal coverage offered by FM with the technology demonstrated in Brighton. - link icon  How your LG Smart TV can spy on you
If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed, like us on Facebook, or sign-up for the free email newsletter which contains computer security advice, news, hints and tips. And, surprise surprise, the data is sent in an unencrypted format. We understand you feel you should have been made aware of these Ts and Cs at the point of sale, and for obvious reasons LG are unable to pass comment on their actions. -

Wednesday 20 November 2013, AM link icon  C5 to launch free-to-air repeats channel 5 Later - News - Broadcast
14 November, 2013 By Alex Farber Channel 5 is preparing to launch a free-to-air channel repeating shows from the main channel similar to Channel 4s 4Seven. It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  BBC News - Local TV follows in news bunnys footsteps
In the past, local channels have failed to attract audiences and advertisers - so why should it be any different this time round Audiences may remember the news bunny, the bikini-clad weather forecaster and topless darts, but LVE TV failed to attract viewers in enough numbers - despite broadcasting hyper-local content. The next seven licences were due to be awarded by about Christmas. - link icon  Channel 5 to launch Channel 5 Later in January - Recombu
Channel 5 is to launch a new repeats service in January called Channel 5 Later. The channel will carry repeats of its most popular and talked about shows, in a similar style to Channel 4s 4Seven. The service will launch in January on Freeview, Sky and Freesat. - link icon  BBC News - Broadband: Readers bad and good experiences
I am yet to experience this as the average available here is around 1 Mbps. The cost of this 40 Mbps uncapped broadband offer is - wait for it - 3,656 rand 224 or 371 per month. If you want to compare things directly, 90 in South Africa will get you an uncapped 4 Mbps broadband line. -

Tuesday 19 November 2013, PM link icon  Ashes: Sky to show highlights on free-to-air channel - Sport -
The England players take a breather while practising for the first Test when highlights of the real thing will be shown free by Sky. During the Ashes series a one-hour highlights programme will be shown at 10pm every day during the Test action, ODI and T20 matches. - link icon  Radio Today - UKRD boss: Digital body misleading MPs
Of more concern is your direct approach to Members of Parliament purporting to speak for local stations you do not represent, such as our station in Salisbury. Your letter to the local MP, a copy of which we have seen, is clearly intended to re-assure MPs by indicating that they need have no fear about their stations future. It is not your business and you have no right to suggest you are entitled to comment on its view or approach to this issue. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - What Doctor Who did for TV production in Wales
The revival of Doctor Who in 2005 was one such moment. Network commissioners at the BBC tended, if pushed, to favour projects that chimed with some of the clichs of Welshness. You know the stuff the choirs, the sheep, the miners, the tall hats. Some of the foremost independent producers in the field companies like Shine who produced Merlin and Hartswood who produce Sherlock opened bases here in Wales. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - BBC Weather App: designing for device orientation
Since then we've heard from many users about the need for landscape rotation across all Android devices and the desire for a tablet app on iOS as product manager James Metcalfe last week. We currently support 438 different screen resolutions on over 1000 Android devices. For example, for screen heights as small as 320 dips density-independent pixels we don't have the height to reveal the five day forecast information within the navigation tabs or the hourly temperature curve. - link icon  DTG :: News :: DigiTAG holds DVBT2 workshop in Istanbul, Turkey
Despite the popularity of satellite and cable broadcasting in Turkey the government has recognised the potential for introducing a wide range of competitive products and services into the market and creating even more competition for the benefit of citizens. We must move forward as it is important that Turkey goes digital, there is no future for analogue and there is the possibility to make digital terrestrial television a success and we should take this opportunity. The need for a flexible environment where channels can be shuffled and multiplexes restructured in future as technology develops was also a key area for discussion. - link icon  Do Outdated Copyright Laws Hinder Growth? - BabyBarista
David Camerons concern of 2010, that laws from more than three centuries ago are obstructing innovation and economic growth is now a hot topic amongst innovators, and a potentially serious one. The Hargreaves review, a statistical study of UK intellectual property and copyright laws, was commissioned in early 2011. The purpose of the study was simple to gain empirical evidence of whether or not the UKs copyright laws were cutting economic growth back. - link icon  DTG :: News :: ITV reveals double-digit growth in TV advertisement revenue
ITV has announced an 11 growth in TV advertising revenue in their third quarter, and is expecting a strong finish for the final quarter of the year. Further, the broadcaster said that its investment in the production facilities arm, ITV Studios, has paid off in the third quarter, with revenues being up 11 to 55m. ITV reported a 3 growth in broadcast and online revenues, driven by a 17 increase in online, pay and interactive revenues. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ofcom publishes research on TV gambling adverts
Ofcom has today published audience research into gambling advertising on television. Commissioned earlier this year, Ofcom looked at the volume, scheduling, frequency and exposure of gambling advertising on UK television. The research was initiated to help inform Ofcom about how television gambling advertising has changed since the market was liberalised by Parliament in 2007. - link icon  Doctor Who visit takes Tony Hall back to schooldays - Media Monkey - Media - theguardian.c…
When he counted up the full cost of the Digital Media Initiative, maybe It was, he tells the new issue of Radio Times, the moment he got to stand inside the Tardis on the set of Doctor Who. -

Saturday 16 November 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: Freeview balloons make a comeback to promote Freeview HD
Freeview has unveiled a new advertising campaign encouraging viewers to consider choosing a Freeview HD television next time they are looking to buy a new TV. The campaign is part of a dual marketing strategy. Freeview's recent 'Tadpoles' campaign aimed to build brand awareness and engagement. - link icon  DTG :: News :: London Live to use Ericsson broadcast services for London dedicated TV chan…
London Live has awarded Ericsson a five-year broadcast services contract for its new London-dedicated TV channel. London Live will be transmitted 24/7 via terrestrial and satellite digital TV channels as well as multiscreen IP delivery. Viewers will be able to watch the channel on television and online, via PCs and mobile devices. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 16-22 November
Red Button viewers can also enjoy a round-up of the best performances, as well as exclusive bonus tracks. For more from the CBBC office just press red. For a full list and times of sport coverage on Red Button see theBBC Sport website. -

Wednesday 13 November 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - ITV Border south of Scotland switch paves way for programmes
Regulator Ofcom wants 30 minutes of weekday early evening news and 90 minutes of other weekly programming. It will allow the new services to begin broadcasting in January next year. Ofcom delivered details of how it wanted programming to change in southern Scotland earlier this year. - link icon  John McCririck loses age discrimination case against Channel 4 - Media -
The racing pundit John McCririck has lost his case against Channel 4 for age discrimination. The 73-year-old argued that he was sacked by the broadcaster because of his age. Both firms denied discrimination in the 3m case. - link icon  BBC is in a 'soft power' battle with international broadcasters - Media -
The BBCs target of having a global reach of 500 million faces stiff competition from other broadcasters. This target, set out last month, would be ambitious at the best of times, but looks extremely challenging after all the cuts that the World Service has had to digest in recent years, including the loss of 15 language services since 2006. The BBC remains the world's leading international broadcaster, with a weekly reach of 256 million, including 192 million watching or listening to the World Service. -

Wednesday 13 November 2013, AM link icon  Vodafone eyes entry into UK pay-TV - Business - The Guardian
Its efforts will be focused on London, with 150m spent improving coverage in the capital. Vodafone will use its stronger balance sheet to fund more acquisitions. Some of those are expected to be in the pay-TV arena. - link icon  BBC News - Plug pulled on rural broadband projects in favour of BT
It comes just weeks after a report criticised the government for wasting taxpayers' money by giving all of its broadband funds to BT. Those involved are angry that BT will monopolise rural broadband rollouts. Both Oxfordshire and Dorset county councils have signed contracts with BT to provide broadband services to rural areas. -

Tuesday 12 November 2013, PM link icon  Departing BBC director Lucy Adams using licence fee cash to sue journalists union - TV Rad…
She informed Director General Tony Hall this summer that she was leaving in the spring of 2014. It is not the first time that the BBC has providing licence fee money to pay for senior executives to defend their personal reputations. The broadcaster paid 107,000 for Mr Entwistle's costs during internal inquiries into the scandals. -

Monday 11 November 2013, PM link icon  Gavin Patterson: the man behind BT Sport's Champions League raid - Media - The Guardian
There may be some intriguing small talk at the school gates next time Gavin Patterson and Jeremy Darroch turn up to collect their respective kids. The first of the two is BT's recently appointed 46-year-old chief executive, and the man behind this weekend's staggering 900m grab for Uefa Champions League football. The second is his principal rival BSkyB's chief executive, the man who has run the Murdoch-controlled satellite broadcaster, which has considered itself the home of football on television for a generation. - link icon  BT's Champions League deal leaves BSkyB worrying about keeping crown - Business - The Guar…
Champions League football accounts for only 3 of viewing across BSkyB's sports channels. In a battle of chequebooks, the key statistic to bear in mind is that BSkyB currently generates free cash flow of about 1bn a year whereas BT, utterly transformed over the past five years, throws off about 2.3bn. For the time being, BSkyB can console itself that Champions League football accounts for only 3 of viewing across its sports channels. - link icon  Changes to Freeview for ITV Border region - Border - ITV News
Engineering work is expected to be completed by midday and anyone who finds they are missing ITV Border should retune after this. Freeview viewers watching English services do not need to retune. Some homes in the Borders can receive services from both England and Scotland, giving them a choice of regional services. - link icon  British Sky Broadcasting Group plc Lowered to Reduce at Nomura (BSYBY) - WKRB News - WKRB …
British Sky Broadcasting Group plc has a 52-week low of 46.45 and a 52-week high of 62.02. The stocks 50-day moving average is 58.35 and its 200-day moving average is 52.80. The company has a market cap of 23.564 billion and a price-to-earnings ratio of 15.86. - link icon  ISSUU - Broadcast UKTV Special 2013 by Media Business Insight
There are 318 digital channels that have sprung up around it, but Gold endures as one of the nations favourite channels. With the same inventive disposition, UKTV has developed an outsized ambition for original programming, with notable success. Plus, this year, we will commit 110m to screen, allowing us to take an even more imaginative approach to every new series that we make or buy. -

Monday 11 November 2013, AM link icon  BT's Champions League deal hits BSkyB shares - Business -
BSkyB shares have fallen on news that BT has won the rights to show Champions League games. The loss of the contract is a major blow for BSkyB and ITV, which currently share the rights. Shares in BT, a newcomer to sports broadcasting, were trading 2 down amid fears in the City that it has massively overpaid. -

Sunday 10 November 2013, PM link icon  Television wars: U better get used to it -
- link icon  Xbox, watch TV: inside Microsoft's audacious plan to take over the living room - The Verge…
Smith and Whitten first began talking about the greater potential of the Xbox in 2007, just as Microsoft began work on adding Netflix to the 360. The heart of the TV industry beats with the blood shed from fierce negotiations between networks and cable companies, each of which have developed decades of expertise in raising prices, locking out competition, and forcing virtually all consumer-friendly innovation to go elsewhere. Movie rentals now happen entirely over the internet Blockbuster just announced that its closing its last 300 stores. -

Sunday 10 November 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 9-15 November
Did they really save each other's lives and is the new couple prepared for life in Walford together Kate also learns about the camera techniques used to capture the amazing footage featured in the programme. - link icon  The BBC is an institution we should cherish, not denigrate - The big issue - From the Obse…
Eamonn Butler dismisses the BBC as a taxpayer-subsidised entertainment business, which is a bit rich, but his description of the licence fee as a poll tax is not entirely unfair. Nevertheless, while advertising or pay per view are all very well for large-audience channels, can anyone think of a way to generate significant revenue from, say, BBC4 Both Hutton and Mark Damazer dwell on the ever-swelling background of political denigration of the BBC and both point out that it started with the previous government. -

Saturday 09 November 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - Can Sky bounce back from BT defeat?
Well, the newish chief executive of BT, Gavin Patterson, told me that his company's financial model of what the broadcast rights are worth would have allowed him to bid more though not much more. Meanwhile, a senior BSkyB source said that his company simply could not justify shelling out the 300m per year offered by BT. Start Quote The battle for supremacy in the broadband market just got vicious End Quote The answer is that there is probably a bit of both going on. -

Friday 08 November 2013, PM link icon  BBC executive says US TV industry is more favourable to ethnic minorities - Media - thegua…

Friday 08 November 2013, AM link icon  Mosey: consider carving up BBC licence fee - News - Broadcast
Former BBC editorial director Roger Mosey has suggested the licence fee could be carved up for the benefit of audiences -and claimed the corporation veers to the left politically. Mosey, who left the BBC in September to become the master of Selwyn College at Cambridge, said the broadcaster must confront the hard question of why, in a digital age, it should have the whole pie to itself forever link icon  James Cridland: Mobile phones: how we re using them to listen to the radio -

Thursday 07 November 2013, PM link icon  Evening Standard's London Live to air Twenty Twelve and Peep Show repeats - Media - thegua…
- link icon  BBC News - Vodafone fails on 3G mobile coverage
- link icon  Freeview highlights HD in new ad campaign - Advanced Television
- link icon  VIDEO: Connect TV on Freeview HD enables on-demand and pay-TV - Recombu
- link icon  YouView the largest catch-up provider in the UK, report / TBI Vision

Wednesday 06 November 2013, PM link icon  Ariel - Cohen: Set-up is right at BBC Four
'There should be a number of moments each year where they join up and become more than the sum of their parts.' He also dismissed any notion that BBC Four would become an arts and music channel, insisting it would remain a mixed genre channel identified by its 'characterful, very distinctive, slightly eccentric' output. 'Ripe for reinvention' Cohen told the audience of programme makers that his channels were hungry for new ideas and new kinds of storytelling. Factual on BBC One was 'ripe for reinvention', he believed, as its new controller Charlotte Moore sought to put her mark on her channel. -

Wednesday 06 November 2013, AM link icon  UTV to launch Irish TV channel - News - Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. -

Tuesday 05 November 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - Former BBC boss Mark Byford: Never heard Savile rumours

Tuesday 05 November 2013, AM link icon  UTV now part of U in HD by Michael Wilson
However, until today the biggest single issue in my viewer mailbag was the lack of UTV in HD on satellite services. I'd like to thank our team of engineers and transmission crew, the ITV team and all our other technology partners for delivering the service. -

Monday 04 November 2013, PM link icon  informitv - BT TV reaches over 900,000 homes
BT TV added 70,000 customers in the last quarter, taking its installed base in the United Kingdom to over 900,000. There were more net additions for BT TV in those three months than the preceding two quarters, or the three quarters before that. BT has added 154,000 television customers over the year, since the launch of YouView and following its massive investment in BT Sport. -

Monday 04 November 2013, AM link icon  Publisher Archant set for Spring TV channel launch - Journalism News from HoldtheFrontPage…
A regional publisher willnot start broadcasting itslocal TV station until next spring following the launch ofits online version earlier this year. The company had been expected to launch its digital TV channel on Freeview Channel 8thisautumn, but a spokesman said it had been delayed because media regulator Ofcom awarded the multiplex licence three months later than planned. The delay meant thenecessary infrastructure could not be completed in time for an autumn launch. -

Sunday 03 November 2013, AM link icon  The many challenges facing a beleaguered BBC - Comment is free - The Observer
Yes, the BBC has made mistakes, but so have the royal family, the British army and, indeed, most of us. Yet few are subject to such routine excoriation from our press, itself hardly a paragon of virtue. Once again, notwithstanding the esteem in which the BBC continues to be held by the vast majority of its viewers and listeners, it is clear that it is going to have fight for its existence over the next two years. -

Saturday 02 November 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 2 - 8 November
Theres also a packed schedule of sport with international rugby union and league, Formula 1, football, cycling and squash. We may never know the true version of events, but are the new couple prepared for life back in Walford together Sit tight and enjoy the ride with Wizards vs Aliens Extra, only on the Red Button. -

Friday 01 November 2013, AM link icon  Radio Today - Humberside wins BBC Station of the Year
The event was held in Windsor as BBC Radio Berkshire won the main award last year. -

Thursday 31 October 2013, PM link icon  Ofcom awards second wave of local TV licences - News - Broadcast
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Thursday 31 October 2013, AM link icon  UKTV adds on-demand to Sky carriage deal - News - Broadcast

Wednesday 30 October 2013, PM link icon  IsoHunt Resurrected Less Than Two Weeks After $110 Million MPAA Deal - TorrentFreak
The people behind the recreation of one of the worlds largest torrent sites, who are not in any way related to the old isoHunt site, say the aim was to give isoHunt refugees access to their much-loved database of torrents wrapped up in a familiar interface. The amount that owner Gary Fung would have to pay to the MPAA was publicized at 110 million, a somewhat scary quantity of money by anyones standards. Of course, Fung doesnt have that kind of money and wouldnt pay it freely to the MPAA even if he did. -

Wednesday 30 October 2013, AM link icon  Google: policing digital content for kids does not require legislation - Media - theguardi…
Google has said legislation should not play the biggest role in policing digital content for children. That's going to go away so we'll have to find another form of differentiation a 30-second clip is different to a 45-minute/one-hour long-form video, it may be that's the point of differentiation. However, Google UK public policy and government relations manager Theo Bertram said he did not think that policing digital content required legislation, pointing out there are filters available for parents to use to control their children's viewing. - link icon  MediaPost Publications Consumers Remain Indifferent To Smart TVs 10/29/2013

Tuesday 29 October 2013, PM link icon  New dawn for The Sky at Night - News - Broadcast
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Tuesday 29 October 2013, AM link icon  UK mobile phone coverage: the country's signal blackspots - interactive map - Money - theg…
We asked you to tell us if you were experiencing problems with mobile phone coverage. Here is what you have told us so far With all four UK networks launching 4G services this year, universal access to superfast internet on a mobile phone is finally becoming a reality. The response from many of those now receiving the hard sell from their network is that they would like a decent 3G internet signal, or even the ability to make a phone call or receive a text from their home or office, before upgrading to a more expensive 4G package. - link icon  Graham Norton: how BBC handed out multimillion payoffs 'defies belief' - Media - The Guard…
The presenter, who has a chatshow on BBC1 and a Saturday morning slot on Radio 2, is among the stars who have taken a pay cut in recent years but his salary is still thought to be in excess of 1m. - link icon  A gentle mauling from You and Yours
I was interviewed earlier today by You and Yours, a Radio 4 consumer-affairs programme, about DAB. Asked to come in and talk about the slow take-up of DAB, I instead was treated to some rather different questions. It's clear Winifred Robinson, the interviewer, isn't a fan of DAB. -