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Briantist: jb38 has posted Bill McDonald Thanks for the update on the situation however if you are receiving the other HD OK
Briantist: MikeB has posted Bill McDonald Try'The Honourable Women'on BBC2 cracking stuff
Briantist: Briantist has posted Bill Potts There is also the http www ukfree tv closedown php page if you want to access any
Briantist: Taken a while but I've added 200+ building names to East London Village @EastVillageLDN - on @googlemaps
Briantist: Bill McDonald has posted Many thanks to JB38 and MikeP for their information on the BBC4HD problem I have all the
Briantist: Mr L Pantlin has posted For the last 3 weeks I have @2014prmedia @mckaysinead @messerstanton @pepperandspot @mosh
Briantist: MikeB has posted jo Mike P has already commented about Swindon here http www ukfree tv diagnostics php d 19 amp a
Briantist: jo has posted jo nothing wrong with the ariel checked it and changed it There was news off a mast being replaced
Briantist: MikeP has posted Kev There is no'Swindon area'transmitter There are main transmitters at a @maggiemay2149
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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Monday 27 January 2014, PM link icon  Microsoft ditches SkyDrive for OneDrive after BSkyB dispute - Microsoft - CNET News
Microsoft's SkyDrive won't be around much longer -- at least, not by that name. Rather than continue to battle it out in court, Microsoft decided it was time to change the service's name. One place for all of your photos and videos. -

Monday 27 January 2014, AM link icon  Sky launches biggest year of entertainment with major new marketing campaign
27 January 2014 Sky launches biggest year of entertainment with major new marketing campaign Sky is to launch its biggest ever year of entertainment with a major new marketing campaign that for the first time gives everyone a chance to sample entire episodes of Sky shows online. During 2014, Sky customers can look forward to Skys biggest and best year of entertainment content. More than 30 million people watch Sky content each week. - link icon  BBC ‘to be asked to pay licence fees for the elderly’ - News - Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. -

Sunday 26 January 2014, PM link icon  Broadcasting's poor ethnic mix has an impact on everyone - Media - The Guardian
Actor Lenny Henry told a diversity roundtable organised by culture minister Ed Vaizey that 'structural change' is needed to turn around the decline in the representation of black and minority ethnic groups in the industry. In short, the position of BAME Britons in broadcasting and the creative industries is now significantly worse than it was ten years ago. So much so that a visitor from Mars or even Brixton might well be wondering if what was going on amounted to direct and deliberate racial discrimination. - link icon  The BBC's independence rests on being influenced by the public, not politicians - Media - …
Building the future John Tate asks why should a politician set the BBCs income, let alone without reference to the publics willingness to pay Organised, professional attempts to describe the truth would on this view be outdone by multiple independent voices, from which would emerge sometimes fuzzier but ultimately richer, speedier, more independent reports. At the right time and place one person with a camera-phone wields influence once reserved for elites. -

Sunday 26 January 2014, AM link icon  Ignorance - Benedict Evans
It hasn't been possible to understand all of engineering or technology for perhaps a hundred or a hundred and fifty years. -

Saturday 25 January 2014, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - New studio for BBC Scotland
I recall when we moved to our new purpose-built headquarters on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow in 2007, it was hailed as one of the most modern, state-of-the-art digital broadcasting facilities in the world. In juxtaposition with our Scottish output, Studio C at Pacific Quay was in danger of looking a bit dated. So, with a big year ahead of them, the bosses here decided now was the ideal time to bring the visual look of their flagship news and sports programmes up-to-date. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 25-31 Jan
We're all over the UK this week as Winterwatch invites us all to join in with the Big Garden Birdwatch. Wildlife footage will be streamed online, on tablets, smartphones and on BBC Red Button, and its accompanied by running commentary from our guest experts. For a full list and times of sport coverage on the Red Button see the BBC Sport website. -

Thursday 23 January 2014, PM link icon  Radio Today - Blog: Heart attack over radio regulation
Its a Heart Attack on regulation So Heart in Cornwall fell foul of the regulator over a format breach Not enough local content said Ofcom and they want it sorted P.D.Q or else. To be sure of their facts, they even brought out the dreaded analogue stopwatch and calculator. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - New version of radio homepage launched
Its been over 16 months since we launched the new homepage for BBC Radio at http// This is what it used to look like The old Radio homepage We set out to offer you a very simple homepage where you could quickly and easily get to the right places for your favourite radio, whether it be listening live or catching up on something youve missed. We look at what users do, listen to their online feedback and comments and see how they respond to our online questionnaire. - link icon  BBC News - Avegant Glyph headset hits Kickstarter funding target
23 January 2014 Last updated at 0934 ET A headset projecting images on to the retina has hit its financial target, just hours into a fundraising drive. Avegant sought 250,000 150,000 for the Glyph headset, and has already secured pledges of 425,000 256,000. The Glyph has no screen but instead bounces pictures into the eyes of users using two million tiny mirrors in a narrow reflective band. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ofcom awards Swansea and Mold local TV licences
Ofcom has awarded licences to run local TV services in Swansea and Mold on digital terrestrial TV. Ofcom has now awarded 25 local TV licences, as well as the multiplex licence. In September 2013 Ofcom invited applicants for further 11 Local TV locations. -

Thursday 23 January 2014, AM link icon  Board shake-up in the works at the BBC, to prevent another pay scandal - TV Radio - Media …
Lord Hall wants to address this by bringing to the management board new senior figures with experience of running large organisations on a lean budget, which is the challenge facing the BBC as it prepares to implement savings plans and renegotiate its licence fee beyond 2016. Sir Howard, 71, was the first non-Japanese to be chief executive of Sony. Born in Cardiff, he moved to America in 1965 and worked for CBS for 30 years before running Sony. -

Wednesday 22 January 2014, PM link icon  Sky needs to act to dispel dark clouds - Media - Business - London Evening Standard
The company looks to be in limbo and not just because its fast-growing Osterley campus in west London is a building site and political editor Adam Boulton is stepping down after holding the job for all of Skys first 25 years. Britains biggest pay-TV company and second biggest broadband provider has appeared unsure of its destiny ever since Murdoch was forced to drop his takeover bid in 2011 following the News of the World hacking scandal. Look at the share price Sky reached 850p before the bid collapsed. - link icon  EastEnders star: government should tackle 'institutionalised attitudes' in TV - Media - th…
The actor was speaking ahead of an industry round table on Wednesday chaired by Vaizey and looking for ways to increase the employment of black, Asian and minority ethnic people in the performing arts. I appeal to the conscience of people, there's an identity crisis out there with young ethnic minorities. Vaizey's ministerial round table comes 14 years after a similar initiative by the then culture secretary, Labour's Chris Smith. - link icon Opens Its Doors To Native Advertising - Beet.TV
The BBC is known for its editorial integrity and, at least in the UK, its aversion to advertising. These facts would seem to make an embrace of the current native advertising trend difficult. Weve done things like that more from the editorial side for a whole lot of years. Many publishers are now offering marketers opportunities that blend editorial and commercial. - link icon  BBC News - Fastest ever broadband passes speed test
Alcatel-Lucent and BT said speeds of 1.4 terabits per second were achieved during their joint test - enough to send 44 uncompressed HD films a second. The test was conducted on a 410km 255-mile link between the BT Tower in central London and Ipswich. The speed achieved by the researchers topped out at 1.4 terabits per second. - link icon  Ariel - Hall calls for protection of DTT
22 January 2014 Last updated at 1153 Tony Hall is calling on the government and Ofcom to protect the future of digital terrestrial television at a 'critical time'. Digital switchover freed up capacity for 4G mobile broadband, and now a further shake-up is being considered to give more spectrum to the mobile market, which already has the lion's share. It finds that the free-to-air platform, watched in three-quarters of UK homes, returns nearly 80bn to the UK economy - higher than previous estimates. - link icon  DTG :: News :: UKTV's Yesterday and Really launch catch up services on YouView
The services, which went live on Wednesday, allow viewers to access content on both channels through Yesterday and Really branded on demand portals and through YouView's seven-day scroll back programme guide. Easily finding and enjoying the best TV available is at the heart of everything we do at YouView. DTG Staff 22.01.2014 Links open in a new window. -

Tuesday 21 January 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - Faster internet on trains, boats and planes on horizon
21 January 2014 Last updated at 0849 ET People on boats, planes and trains could soon enjoy fast broadband on their travels after Ofcom approved the use of new satellite technology. The UK telecoms regulator has given the green light to the use of so-called earth stations on moving vehicles. Recent advances have improved the effectiveness of earth stations. -

Monday 20 January 2014, PM link icon  4K-ing hell! Will your shiny new Ultra HD TV actually display HD telly? • The Regist…
Unsurprisingly, many of them were a bit miffed to discover that they needed to invest in a separate set-top box to be able to watch Freeview HD broadcasts. So, are we going to face the same confusion all over again when it comes to 4K TV sets Will early adopters find that the labels and logos make things more confusing, not less -

Monday 20 January 2014, AM link icon  BBC News - TV broadcasters fear digital frequency spectrum battle
The Freeview digital TV stations are unhappy about a plan to move them from their existing broadcast frequencies, and worry about being asked to make do with less spectrum overall in the long run. It also questions the predictions of mushrooming demand from the communications regulator Ofcom and the mobile phone companies. Ofcom has said demand for superfast 4G and 5G mobile services, such as watching video on the move, and from the increasing number of other internet-connected devices, could increase 80-fold by 2030. - link icon  DTT needed for PSB obligations
Developments in the market are unlikely to undermine DTTs prospects for the foreseeable future, there are no effective substitutes. Sky in particular would have both the incentive and the ability to attract former DTT viewers to its satellite platform. It would most likely mount a concerted campaign to attract new subscribers, and would have significant advantages over Freesat in doing so, including far greater promotional power, say the authors. -

Sunday 19 January 2014, PM link icon  Media Monkey's Diary: Adam Boulton's Sky News heir, BBC's party line - Media - The Guardia…
Adam Boulton could his successor come from the Sun Maybe his backers think Boulton's heir will have to be another male, public school-educated motormouth Could this be impartiality in action, countering the perceived BBC bias to Labour -

Saturday 18 January 2014, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button 18-24 January
Nature lovers are in for a treat this week as we present Winterwatch live from the Scottish Highlands, starring our native wildlife as it faces up to the extremes of the season. This will feature live reports from cameramen in the field, live wildlife scenes filmed on remote cameras, interviews andmore. The wildlife footage will be streamed online, on tablets, smartphones and on BBC Red Button, and its accompanied by running commentary from our guest experts. -

Friday 17 January 2014, PM link icon  Channel 5+24 to launch on February 4
Unlike the 1 channels brought in by competitors including Channel 4 and ITV, 5's new offering will airthe previous days Channel 5 primetime programmes from 7pm until around 12 midnight-1am. - link icon  Ariel - Broadcasting House will be backdrop for sitcom W1A
17 January 2014 Last updated at 1516 Broadcasting House will be busier than usual this weekend as its offices and corridors get their 15 minutes of television fame. Filming will take place on the sixth floor. Jessica Hynes, who was last seen as Siobhan Sharpe in the Olympic 2012 mock documentary, will also return to reprise the role of the breezy brand consultant with more ideas than common sense. - link icon  Ofcom - Consent for the BBC and Arqiva to co-operate on Multiplex C capacity
The relevant capacity on Multiplex C is only available for a limited period of time and represents an opportunity for viewers to see additional content from the Winter Olympics. This proposed co-operation between the BBC and Arqiva concerning access to transmission capacity requires Ofcom's consent. - link icon  What's the best format for storing digital movies? - Technology -
I'm not overly concerned about file size, and would prefer the best-quality video and audio possible. I would also like to preserve any multichannel audio ie 5.1 surround sound. I have already tried a couple of DVDs saved as .mpg, which work well with my smart TVs. -

Friday 17 January 2014, AM link icon  Al Jazeera Arabic joins Freeview – in SD MPEG-4
The channel is carried on the new digital terrestrial multiplexes awarded to Arqiva in 2013. We believe that there is a growing demand by audiences that understand Arabic in the UK for in-depth analysis and reporting, which we have bringing to our viewers for the past 17 years. -

Thursday 16 January 2014, AM link icon  New Freesat box tops Which? tests - January - 2014 - Which? News
15 January 2014 The latest Which tests have uncovered three new Best Buys - including a Freesat set-top box packed with features that outscores all its rivals. To find out which new models make the grade take a look at all our PVR, set-top box and internet TV reviews. Our latest reviews include our verdict on models from big brands, such as Sky, Humax and Roku, with some interesting results. - link icon  Ariel - BBC is most watched sports broadcaster in 2013
It bagged 40 of all sport viewing despite showing only 2 of all the sport on television. This was down 12 on 2012 when figures were boosted by the Olympic Games. Sky Sports was in second place, with 31 of viewing for its 44 of all output, although in homes with pay tv, it took a 43 share to the BBC's 30. -

Wednesday 15 January 2014, AM link icon  New Freesat box tops Which? tests - January - 2014 - Which? News
15 January 2014 The latest Which tests have uncovered three new Best Buys - including a Freesat set-top box packed with features that out-scores all its rivals. To find out which new models make the grade take a look at all our PVR, set-top box and internet TV reviews. Our latest reviews include our verdict on models from big brands, such as Sky, Humax and Roku, with some interesting results. -

Tuesday 14 January 2014, PM link icon  YouView seeks technology students for internships - Telecompaper
UK on-demand TV service YouView is inviting students to apply for its first ever internship over summer 2014. Each intern will gain a 10-12 week placement at the YouView offices in central London. The salary for the internship is GBP 17,000 pro-rata. - link icon  ITV: BBC licence fee should be 'top sliced' to fund rival news services - Media - theguard…
The broadcaster also argued that the BBC should not be investing in copycat programming such as The Voice and that it has become obsessed with chasing audience ratings over producing innovative shows in its submission to the Commons culture, media and sport select committee inquiry into the future of the corporation. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. To get the latest media news to your desktop or mobile, follow MediaGuardian on Twitter and Facebook. - link icon  London Live reveals its bright lights for the big city - Media -
The branding has been developed by Israeli-born, London-based artist Yoni Alter, who is known for using bright, colourful imagery, with ad agency Kemistry animating the graphics. London Live has also signed up seven video journalists to join its news and current affairs team, as the TV station continues to grow the ranks of its presenting line-up. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link icon  London Live TV channel ident – video - Media -
- link icon  ITV plc response to the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee inquiry into the future o…
Summary ITV welcomes the opportunity to respond to this inquiry into the future of the BBC. The BBC plays a key role in the life of the UK and our creative economy. In particular, the scale of guaranteed licence fee funding is part of the reason the UK has a flourishing media sector which enables the UK to punch well above its weight in international trade. -

Tuesday 14 January 2014, AM link icon  BBC - Media Centre - James Harding: Journalism Today
To so many journalists, Stead has been the inspiration, the pioneer of the modern Press. His zeal and idealism, his restless fury at inequality and injustice his belief that dogged, daring investigations could capture the publics imagination and prompt society to change for the better his muscular opinions, his accessible design and his campaigning newspapers and, no doubt too, a dab of ego, showmanship, and human folly has made him the journalists editor. It was about child sex grooming the cultivation of young, teenage girls by gangs of men who plied them with drink and drugs and passed them around middle-aged men to be used for sex. - link icon  BBC News - Dolby moves into the vision business
This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so. -

Monday 13 January 2014, PM link icon  European antitrust case targets US movie studio contracts - Internet Media - CNET News
At issue is whether such contracts hobble broadcasters' efforts to operate in different European countries. It said The commission will in particular investigate whether these provisions prevent broadcasters from providing their services across borders, for example, by refusing potential subscribers from other member states or blocking cross-border access to their services. Countries in the European Union have a lot of independence, but they're also linked by a common currency, unified employment pool, shared court proceedings, and some EC regulations. - link icon  Hollywood deals with BSkyB and other pay-TV companies to be investigated - Media - theguar…
The European Commission is to look into territorial exclusivity deals between Hollywood studios and pay-TV companies. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  Meet Ana De Moraes, the woman charged with rejuvenating the BBC - Media - News - The Indep…
Theres a big challenge but its a very exciting time to be joining because theres a lot of change going on at the BBC, she told The Independent. Sometimes the BBCs In-house production is almost forgotten by TV development people as a place to go to with exciting shows. I am absolutely delighted that Ana is joining the BBC. - link icon  Adam Boulton to step down as Sky News political editor - Media -
Adam Boulton is to leave his role as Sky News political editor after 25 years to anchor a new evening show for the broadcaster. Boulton, who turns 55 next month, is to become anchor of a new evening show based at Sky News' Westminster studio. He joined Sky News as political editor when the channel launched in 1989, setting up the fledgling operation's lobby reporting team, and has covered five general elections and interviewed five prime ministers in his 25 years as political editor. - link icon  London Live to launch on 31 March - Media -
London Live will be available on Freeview channel 8, Sky channel 117 and Virgin Media channel 159. London Live executives had been pushing for a more high-profile slot on Virgin Media's cable TV service. The channel is understood to have picked the last day of the March in order to make sure all the technical elements have been worked out at its studios in the offices of its newspaper stablemates in Derry Street, west London. -

Sunday 12 January 2014, PM link icon  How Netflix won CES - The Verge
Just a few years after TV manufacturers banked on 3D to drive another round of TV purchases, theyve found themselves having to change direction, using 4K as the latest carrot to entice consumers. Having proved itself as a trusted entertainment brand and producer of Emmy-winning original programming, Netflix is now working with a host of TV manufacturers to bring 4K content into the home. The company is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of manufacturers and the consumer market, and 4K may be the disruptive masterstroke that turns Netflix from a company that changes the way we watch TV to the one that changes the TV business itself. -

Saturday 11 January 2014, AM link icon  BBC News - Russia: End of an era for long-wave listeners
10 January 2014 Last updated at 0802 ET News from Elsewhere... ...a media feature by BBC Monitoring Russia has quietly switched off nearly all of its long-wave transmitters, ending almost nine decades of broadcasting - as cost finally catches up on the medium. At 1am on 9 January, state-run Radio Rossii wound up its broadcast as usual with the national anthem. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button 11-17 January
We've got live snooker aplenty on Red Button this week, as the world's top 16 players do battle on the baize at the Masters. There's also winter sports action, a look behind the scenes of one of CBBC's biggest shows, and a last chance to get to know the acts on the Sound of 2014 list. For a full list and times of sport coverage on the Red Button see the BBC Sport website. -

Friday 10 January 2014, PM link icon  Supreme Court to Hear Aereo Case - Variety
The Supreme Court has granted review to broadcasters challenge to the legality of startup Aereo, in a case that may not only determine the future of digital streaming of station signals but of network television itself. Justice Samuel Alito too no part in the consideration of the petition, the court said, without elaborating. We are pleased the Court has agreed to hear this important case, Fox, Univision, PBS and other plaintiffs said in a joint statement. - link icon
Enter Open Tweet details g f Go to user... - link icon  Ariel - BBC: WS wont become too commercial
It was speaking in response to MPs' concern that the World Service might become too commercial after it moves from grant-in-aid to licence fee funding in April. Principally about North Korea, the letter - leaked and printed by the Independent on Sunday - said that this might involve 'launching new language services, if they could be commercially self-sustaining'. S/he pointed out that the BBC had been encouraged to pursue these additional sources of income by the FCO in 2010 as well as by the trust more recently. - link icon  Ariel - Come rain or shine: 60 years of TV weather forecasts

Friday 10 January 2014, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - BBC Weather at 60
As Head of Weather at the BBC I take strategic and editorial responsibility for a wide range of local, national, network and global coverage on radio, television and online. Our output ranges from global reports to postcode-driven weather. I wanted to use this opportunity not only to celebrate 60 years since the first TV weather broadcast, but also to explain a little of what the role of BBC Weather is today and how we work to deliver weather to our audiences. - link icon  TV Viewers Aren t Thrilled with Second-Screen Synchronized Content, Study Finds - Variety
According to a new survey, just 42 of people who use a smartphone or tablet to access related TV show content have tried synchronizing the second-screen experience with live TV. More than half of those who access synchronous second-screen content do so during commercials, according to the survey, which the groups said highlights an opportunity to provide synchronized content during ad breaks. The respondents all reported accessing some kind of second-screen content, whether that was synchronous with live TV or not. - link icon  DTG :: News :: UKTV reports year-end viewing boost
Audiences are rewarding UKTV's compelling and creative programmes and brands with record ratings. DTG Staff 09.01.2014 Links open in a new window. -

Thursday 09 January 2014, PM link icon  The BBCs Digital Winter Olympics
As with the non-snow-based incarnation back in the summer of 2012, the BBC has announced that it plans to serve up a cross-platform, multi-stream extravaganza encapsulating 650 hours of coverage in total. Indeed, while there will be six live HD streams, the video quality will automatically adjust based on the device and network connection. Theres also a live-stream switcher to make it easier to change streams in the page in the same way across all devices. -

Wednesday 08 January 2014, PM link icon  AOL, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin and YouView caught in New Year ad bullshit crackdown - Recombu
A shameful showcase of misleading advertising from the UKs TV and broadband providers kicked off 2014 for advertising watchdogs. Sky was criticised for making only small changes before it repeated a direct mail booklet which had already been banned for misleadingly exaggerating the effect of Virgin Medias traffic management policy on broadband speeds. TalkTalk took a hit for running the same misleading table of comparisons with BTs broadband services which was used by its subsidiary, AOL. -

Wednesday 08 January 2014, AM link icon  Sony Doesn t Have the Deals It Needs for Web TV But That s Not Its Real Problem - Re/code
Last year, Intel said it was going to deliver pay TV over the Web by the end of 2013. Now Sony says it will deliver pay TV over the Web sometime in 2014. Right now, Sony doesnt seem to be any closer to its goal of over the top TV than Intel. -

Tuesday 07 January 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - CES: LGs new television that bends before your eyes
The electrical goods manufacturer LG is showcasing a prototype television that has the functionality to bend from flat to curved. A remote control activates the 77 inch flexible screen, which when curved, the firm claims, enhances the viewing experience. - link icon  New Dish Hopper set-up can record 8 shows at once
On Monday, Dish also unveiled Joey boxes that can run wirelessly with the help of a router that sits next to the Hopper. The concept refers to the ability to watch your TV shows on all your devices whether you're in your home or on the go. For a 12 monthly fee, TV subscribers can rent Dish's Hopper, which can send all of a subscriber's live and recorded shows to mobile phones and tablets. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - BBC North - A Content Bubble
David Jason starred in Still Open All Hours. In my first post for 2014, I wanted to look back on what has been a strong festive period here and look forward to a packed and challenging 2014 for the BBC across the North of England. What I was particularly proud of was our journalism, sports and religion over the period. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Amazon teams up with Samsung, Warner Bros., Lionsgate and others for4k deve…
The announcement shows Amazon's continued commitment to 4kin December 2013, Amazon Studios announced that it plans to shoot all 2014 full original series in 4k. - link icon  TiVo Moves Storage Of TV Shows Into The Cloud With New Network DVR Service - TechCrunch
DVR manufacturer TiVo has spent most of the last 15 years building hardware that would allow consumers to record their favorite TV shows and watch them later. Now the company is working toward building products that would let consumers save their favorite shows not on a hard drive in a box, but up in the cloud. TiVos network DVR offering isnt coming totally out of the blue. - link icon  How to watch our new political programme Representing Border - Border - ITV News
We will cover the events of Holyrood and Westminster that matter to people in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway. 59 of South of Scotland voters would vote no - link icon  Ofcom - Television Broadcast Licensing Update December 2012
Television services that have ceased to be licensed handed back or revoked in this period The following services are no longer licensed. The relevant licence is either no longer required by the licensee so has been handed back, or the service has been removed from a licence covering multiple services, or revoked as a matter of routine usually for non-payment of the annual licence fee. Licence transfers The following licence has been transferred to a new company who is now the legal licensee. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Christmas 2013 on BBC iPlayer
With new gadgets being at the top of many Christmas wish lists, we see a lot of new devices accessing BBC iPlayer over the holiday period. 2013 truly proved to be the year of the tablet and after they were all unwrapped, Boxing Day saw tablet viewing overtake computer viewing for the first time in iPlayer history. BBC iPlayer daily requests for TV programmes by device type millions. - link icon  Ariel - Director of BBC Trust Nicholas Kroll to retire
7 January 2014 Last updated at 1005 The director of the BBC Trust has announced his retirement. Nicholas Kroll, who is 59, will retire from the BBC at the end of June. He has been director of the trust since it was established in 2007. - link icon  BSkyB and BT rivalry could provide a cash bonanza for Richard Desmond - Media - theguardia…
BT is already thought to have run the rule over a potential acquisition of Channel 5 last year, when Desmond was quietly sounding out potential buyers for a private sale, although certainly not at a valuation in the region he is now aiming for. Free-to-air options For BT, Channel 5 would increase its access to content beyond its bedrock of sport and films, as well as providing a free-to-air platform it could use to promote its pay-TV service. Channel 5 has six channels flagship Channel 5, 5 and 5 USA and a 1, one-hour time-shifted variant for each. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Dolby unveils its new Dolby Vision .
Even though most TV shows and movies are recorded using camera technology that captures the colours and brightness of real life, much of that richness is lost by the time consumers get to watch it. Dolby Vision changes that, giving creative teams the freedom to use the full gamut of colours, peak brightness, and local contrast, with the confidence that those will be reproduced faithfully on televisions that feature Dolby Vision. Televisions manufactured with Dolby Vision from Sharp and TCL are expected to retail later this year. - link icon  Radio Today - Absolute Radio blocks international streams
Bauer Medias new station Absolute Radio has blocked international listeners from receiving the station outside the UK. The station now says it is not economically viable for them to have their audio streams available outside of the UK, after over a decade of doing so. The station has invested in online streaming recently, using InStream technology to give advertisers the opportunity to buy online spots determined by geographical location, age and gender. -

Tuesday 07 January 2014, AM link icon  BBC News - Is niche internet television broadcasting the future?
Yet the marina here is still busy, its piers teeming with hundreds of motor cruisers and yachts that need to be looked after until the next holiday season comes around and their wealthy owners return. For Jason Wilkinson, a 41-year-old expatriate Briton, those boats and the industry that has grown up around them represented an ideal business opportunity. Any fan of cable TV, for example, will be well aware of the kind of obscure and esoteric material that can be found hidden deep within the channel list. -

Monday 06 January 2014, PM link icon  ITV Border s new Scottish political programme Representing Border - Border - ITV News
- link icon  All there in black and white: People still love old sets - Anglia - ITV News
Snelling in Blofield Heath in Norfolk has been selling televisions since the 50's but it's been a while since a black and white set left their shop. They don't make them like they used to... - link icon  Black and white TV licenses: who still has them? - News -
We've summarised how the number of black and white licences has changed and which are the biggest cities to still have them below. These days, a colour TV licence costs 145.50 while the price of a black and white one is 49 and will stay fixed until 2016. - link icon  BBC Trust director to retire - Media -
Nicholas Kroll, director of the BBC Trust, has announced that he is retiring from the position in June. Kroll, who has worked at the BBC's governing body since 2004, will leave at the end of June, aged 60, the trust announced on Monday. He was one of seven senior BBC figures past and present to give evidence before the House of Commons public accounts committee in September last year about the level of controversial payments to outgoing corporation executives. - link icon  Hands on ... Humax DTR-T1010 YouView - Herald Scotland
First digital video recorders such as TiVo and Sky allowed you to pause, rewind and record live TV. More recently, on-demand services like BBC iPlayer allow you to watch programmes you haven't even recorded, streaming them in HD quality. All modern TVs support live digital broadcasts but only some support on-demand services, while others offer built-in recording features. - link icon  David Cameron's internet porn filter is the start of censorship creep - Laurie Penny - Com…
'The worst thing about the porn filter is not that it accidentally blocks useful information but that it blocks information at all.' Illustration Satoshi Kambayashi Picture the scene. Actually, it's a nice lady in a telesales warehouse somewhere, employed on behalf of your service provider let's call her Linda. Linda wants to know do you want to be able to see hardcore pornography - link icon  DTG :: News :: 0.04 per cent of UK viewers still watching in black and white
Despite colour TV licences being around for nearly 48 yearsand the digital switchover forcing black and white viewers to buy an additional set top box0.04 per cent of households adhere to viewing black and white television. A colour TV licence currently costs 145.50 and a black and white licence 49 both are not due to be reviewed until 2016. -

Sunday 05 January 2014, PM link icon  Americans want to see Downton Abbey at the same time as the Brits - Heather Long - Comment…
The show has plenty of devotees and people mocking it on both sides of the pond, but Brits get to see the latest season months ahead of their American counterparts. That episode premiered in the UK on 22 September. Downton Abbey was the biggest television hit on Twitter on Christmas Day, but only in UK. -

Saturday 04 January 2014, PM link icon  Hypercritical: Fill Your TV
The reactions of my co-hosts and the feedback from listeners has made it clear that the entire concept of calibrating a home TV is foreign to most people. Before calibrating, dont forget to turn off all the image enhancement features of your TV. Check your TVs manual for explanations of what each setting does, if youre curious, but you really do want to turn them all off. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 4-10 January
The play along is not available on Virgin TiVo but remember you can also download the BBC's free mobile play along app. -

Friday 03 January 2014, PM link icon  Market for TV sport to hit record £16bn in 2014 as broadcasters play hardball - Media -…
English Premier League football is among 10 competitions that generate 75 of all broadcast rights revenue. The accounting company added that sports rights payments will outpace global pay TV revenues, which are expected to grow 4 this year, with premium sports content more valued than ever as a lure for audiences. European football will contribute 46 of the 2014 rights total with 6.5bn, Deloitte said, with the Premier League accounting for 1.9bn. - link icon  YouView set-top box sales 'as expected' in 2012-13
YouView sales reached expected levels during 2012-13, it has been claimed. Only 30,000 are believed to have been bought through high street retail outlets to date. The YouView partners invested 42.1 million in the service during 2012-13, up 30 per cent from the 32.6 million spent in the previous financial year. - link icon  TV Player streams Freeview channels on your phone and tablet - Recombu
Channels can be streamed on cellular 3G or 4G connections as well as via WiFi and you can also browse the now and next programme guide while watching another. A new app has been launched that will let TV viewers watch all Freeview channels on their smartphone or tablet. Software firm Simplestream has developed the app, called TVPlayer. - link icon  DTG :: News :: BARB signs agreement with Experian
Mosaic uses more than 340 demographic, lifestyle and behavioural variables to determine its groups and has been a trusted source of targeting for many years. This means that media planners will be able to examine how their clients' television advertising campaigns perform among the Mosaic lifestyle groups and gives further insight into programme profiles. Combined with BARB, the Mosaic classification system gives planners an additional predictor of viewers' lifestyles and how they spend their money. - link icon  Former BBC boss Mark Thompson to face MPs again over report into failed £100m digital p…
DMI was being developed to allow BBC staff to create, share and manage video content at their desks. The report, which cost the BBC 263,340 to produce, found that no single event or issue caused DMI to fail. Serious weaknesses in project management and reporting, a lack of focus on business change, together with piecemeal assurance arrangements, meant that it took the BBC too long to realise that the project was in serious trouble and unlikely to deliver its objectives. - link icon  Ariel - Council approves plans for TV Centre
Developers Stanhope can now press ahead with the regeneration of the former home of BBC television at White City, which also includes building restaurants, shops, a cinema and offices. The Grade II listed central ring of the building will be preserved, while three of the eight studios will be upgraded and used to make programmes again. BBC Studios and Post Production has taken out a 15 year lease on them from 2015. - link icon  Radio Today - New national DAB station to launch in Feb
The exact genre of the new station has yet to be announced, but it is expected it will be on-air in February. Until then Birdsong will occupy the slot vacated by Jazz FM yesterday. Jazz FM announced plans to remove itself from national digital radio last month, and Arqiva advertised for a replacement jazz station in the summer in preparation for the change. -

Thursday 02 January 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - BBC rejects subscription fee calls
It warned a subscription model - where users only pay for the services they want - would exclude many who could not afford it. It added the licence fee was funding a public service everyone could use. The government inquiry comes ahead of the licence fee and royal charter renewals in 2016 and 2017 respectively. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - TV Licensing Annual Review 2012/13
So it feels like an apt time to reflect on last year and the challenges and achievements that came with it. It goes without saying 2012 was a huge year for live TV events. We collected more revenue - 3.7bn, up 6.7m from last year. - link icon  YouView shareholder funding up 30% - Media -
This represents an increase of almost 30 on the 32.6m Youview's shareholders forked out the previous year, as time and resources were ploughed into getting the much-delayed TV service to launch last July. YouView's annual financial filing reveals the extent of the upscaling of the business, which almost doubled staff numbers from 29 to 55 between the end of March 2012 and the end of March this year. Research and development numbers rose from one to 15, while those in administration grew from 28 to 40. - link icon  Richard Desmond appoints Barclays to explore sale of Channel 5 - Media -
Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond has appointed Barclays to advise on a possible sale. The process is understood to be at a very early stage with Barclays, which was involved in evaluating the potential value of Desmond's magazines including flagship title OK in 2011, not yet thought to have approached potential buyers. The most obvious buyer which would gain the biggest strategic synergy would be ITV. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Connected Red Button: a first look at the new service on Sma…
This new service will run alongside the existing Red Button service during its beta period, giving viewers a chance to try the new service whilstit istested and refined. Viewers will be able to try the new service, gain familiarity and provide feedback that we can potentially incorporate into the product as we continue development. They can do this while continuing to use the existing Red Button service as usual. - link icon  Over half of You and Yours listeners use DAB
You Yours frequently returns to sensationalist, and negative, coverage of DAB. I was asked onto the programme in October to talk about the slow take-up of digital radio - and was subject to a barrage of negative questioning. In it, he made the not unreasonable point that a significant amount of listeners to You Yours will probably already have chosen DAB, and that the programme's constant rubbishing of the technology would suggest that they are calling their audience fools. - link icon

Wednesday 01 January 2014, PM link icon  Rethinking TV news, Part I: Whats broken, whats possible BuzzMachine
Id like to see TV news be reinvented, yet Im astounded so little innovation is occurring in the medium. That could be because TV news is in better financial shape than print for now. It could be because in a highly competitive market, no one wants to leave the pack and risk failure trying something new. -

Sunday 29 December 2013, AM link icon  diamond geezer
I've had it since the 20th century, so perhaps that shouldn't be a surprise. I bought it in the January Sales 1999, by which time it must already have been out of date, and I've been living firmly in the past ever since. There had been this strange smell in the room earlier in the evening. -

Friday 27 December 2013, AM link icon  BBC Trust boss Lord Patten 'busted flush' says Greg Dyke - Media - The Guardian
This year, Patten has been criticised in the fallout from the Jimmy Savile scandal and for agreeing to a 450,000 payout to short-lived director general George Entwistle . Dyke said Patten had suffered an enormous amount of damage from Entwistle's resignation as director general at the height of the Savile scandal last year after just 54 days in the job. He said Patten had also mishandled criticism of the severance payments. -

Wednesday 18 December 2013, PM link icon  Ariel - PwC report criticises DMI management
Its authors, PricewaterhouseCoopers, blamed a lack of proper scrutiny at different stages of the project for the BBC's failure to spot that the digital end-to-end production tool was unlikely to deliver its objectives. The accountants said that effective decisions about the project's future were prevented by weaknesses in project management and reporting, as well as 'ad-hoc' assurance activities. Lack of knowledge PwC believed that DMI governance arrangements were 'not fit for purpose'. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - Review of the BBC’s management of the Digital Media I…
However we got DMI wrong, which we regret. We know it is vital to spot problems early, which is why we have overhauled how our major projects are run to ensure this doesn't happen again. The report sets out a number of changes which will strengthen the Executive Board by increasing the number of Non-Executive Directors from four to six, and will improve reporting so that performance can be monitored more effectively. -