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Briantist: BBC News Rona Fairhead to be BBC Trust chairwoman Shɛ was chairwoman and chief executive of the Financial Times
Briantist: DTG News Viacom pοsitiοned to finalise C5 deal The acquisition was started in May of this year and will be by 5
Briantist: Who is Rona Fɑirheɑd News Broadcast A largely unknown quantity to the broadcasting industry Broadcast runs the
Briantist: RadioToday Folder Media pυts Fun Kids radio on DAB The multiplex operator believes that only 3m of the 20m radio
Briantist: The BBC Trust mɑy have found its saviour TV Radio Media The Independent The former Sun editor and Brunswick PR a
Briantist: Rona Fairhead offers relief but nο respite for BBC Media The Guardian These are testing times for the BBC as no
Briantist: Ariel Cleaners pοrters and engineers walk out 1 September 2014 Last updated at 1219 Mail deliveries cleaning and
Briantist: Five challenges fɑcing Rona Fairhead News Broadcast We have recently launched our new Broadcast subscription an
Briantist: Edinburgh Festival cοnfrοnts future of television informitv It is less than a decade since the first YouTube of
Briantist: Daily Mail on the wrong trɑil over BBC s Sherlock success Media Monkey Media theguardian com But thats ancient

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Monday 27 September 2010, AM link icon  Audit of BBC risks political interference by stealth | Jane Martinson | Media | The Guardi…
Doesn't bode well for the BBC, does it There's been little dissent over plans to give the NAO's value-for-money merchants greater power to investigate how the BBC spends licence fee payers' cash. BBC management simply shrugged that they are typically subjected to two significant spending reviews by the NAO a year. - link icon  Why childrens television has to rely on merchandising deals | Media | The Guardian
Once upon a time, 60 years ago, the BBC children's department was born. Today there are 31 digital children's TV channels and related merchandise is a multi-million pound business. With other broadcasters increasingly avoiding the genre for more ad-friendly fare, one of the leading children's programmes, Milkshake, has just been taken over by the same company that makes adult TV shows such as Wobbling Whoppers 2. - link icon  Study Finds That Apple Dominates Tech News -
A new study confirms what some in the technology industry have long sensed Apple commands an inordinate amount of the medias attention. Mitchell, the deputy director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism, citing the anticipation for new devices and Apples very public way of releasing products. Apple software powers only a tiny slice of the worlds computers, an area dominated by Microsoft. The release of a new version of the iPhone was the No. 2 most-talked-about tech story during that time, representing 6.4 percent of all coverage, and the release of the iPad was No. 4, representing 4.6 percent. - link icon  Stephen Glover: Should Murdoch be granted all of BSkyB? -Stephen Glover, Opinion - The Ind…
Rupert Murdoch has become a hate figure for the Left again. Now that his papers have switched their support to the Tories, Mr Murdoch has once more become persona non grata on the soft Left and in most progressive circles. The issue galvanising his opponents is Murdoch's proposed takeover of BSkyB. -

Sunday 26 September 2010, AM link icon  Whats On Red Button 25th September - 8th October
This might be because You have typed the web address incorrectly, or the page you were looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted. Please try the following options instead Use BBC search above to see if it's available elsewhere Use our site index - link icon  ITV U-turn on regional news knocks culture secretarys aim off | Media | The Observer
Maybe, in fact, expel it in a long, plangent sigh, as ITV, with a fresh team and fresh thinking in place, actually waxes enthusiastic about keeping local news formats rethought in its accustomed place. Mulberry bushes begin to have very little to add to this saga. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit - link icon  Why the BBC is mad to sell my beloved, profitable 'Radio Times'
Flattering, indeed, to be asked a second time. Whatever my reservations, this was one of the true greats of the magazine world. If editing a magazine was a relationship, then Radio Times was The Big One the one I married, set up home with and had kids by. -

Saturday 25 September 2010, AM link icon  BBC - BBC Internet Blog: Some insights into how people use BBC iPlayer
The BBC iPlayer launched at Christmas 2007, and in 2008 we conducted our first survey of users. Unsurprisingly the people who picked up on BBC iPlayer the quickest were most likely to be male, 40-ish, affluent, with a partner but no kids - a classic early adopter profile. Nearly as many women use the BBC iPlayer website as men, and the age profile is similar to that of all internet users. -

Thursday 23 September 2010, PM link icon  US communities pin hopes on 'super wi-fi'
White spaces are unused, unlicensed frequencies that fall between TV channels, freed up as older analogue transmissions are converted into digital signals. Put to use carrying broadband instead of television signals, the frequencies could spell a revolution. It works like this a fibre-optic cable carries a broadband signal to a central location in a city or town. -

Thursday 23 September 2010, AM link icon  Channel 4s push for public funds was a tactical error, says Lord Puttnam | Media | guardia…
Lord Puttnam also said the BBC's Mark Thompson had 'lost the plot' on the issue of executive pay. Puttnam publicly revealed for the first time his misgivings about the strategy pursued by Channel 4's former chief executive, Andy Duncan, and ex-chairman, Luke Johnson, over several years up until their departure from the broadcaster at end of 2009. Duncan began lobbying for some form of subsidy shortly after his arrival at Channel 4 in late 2004, basing his strategy on an appeal to the government for extra cash to plug a predicted shortfall in programme funding as advertising revenues declined. -

Wednesday 22 September 2010, PM link icon  North Norfolk News - Digital TV switchover date set
- link icon  Will Vince Cable check Rupert Murdochs power? | Media |
Vince Cable will decide in the next month or so whether to block Rupert Murdoch's bid to take full control of BSkyB. Was Rupert Murdoch, who has administered the last rites to many of his competitors, listening At some point in the next month or so, Cable will decide whether to block Murdoch's bid to take full control of BSkyB on public interest grounds. - link icon  U.K. regulators should let Rupert Murdoch buy the rest of satellite broadcaster BSkyB. - B…
Rupert Murdoch The U.K. media establishment, which likes nothing better than to gang up on Rupert Murdoch, has ganged up on him again. They oppose his proposed takeover of satellite broadcaster BSkyB, of which he already owns 39.1 percent, and are hectoring regulators to block the transaction. Murdoch's hold on 37 percent of U.K. newspaper circulation comes at a high price. -

Wednesday 22 September 2010, AM link icon  BBC finances to be scrutinised -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
The BBC is to submit its finances to scrutiny by the public spending watchdog. The National Audit Office NAO will be able to look at executive pay and examine details of financial contracts between the public sector broadcaster and other companies. The move could lead to many stars' pay being exposed, as many of them charge for their services through independent production companies. -

Tuesday 21 September 2010, PM link icon  Welsh minister queries Jeremy Hunts claim that S4C agreed budget cut | Media |…
In a letter on 21 May Jones said that on the basis of legal advice S4C could not agree to the 2m cut in its 101m annual grant from the government. However, it is unclear whether this contributed to Jones's abrupt departure from S4C in July, which brought out into the open the tensions over the Welsh-language broadcaster's future direction and the cuts it faces as part of the government's spending review. Hunt is understood to have asked the pair to make the case for why S4C continues to be the right organisation to supply a Welsh-language service. - link icon  DTG DTV Consultation
The DTG's mission is to enable the development of fully compliant and reliable digital TV and media products and services, primarily for the horizontal market, through world-class specification development, conformance testing and consensus building. In accordance with that mission, in 2010 the DTG launched a consultation on how an interoperable, efficient, stable and innovating horizontal digital TV market might best continue to be delivered. The consultation was open to any organisation or individual with an interest in digital terrestrial television DTT in the UK. - link icon  The Bromsgrove Standard - Digital switchover just six months away
You have come to this page by mistake, if you came via a normal link and think this in error, please let us know by dropping us as email at internet at telling us what you clicked to bring you here. - link icon  Technical delivery options for local television services in the UK
You might like to try one of the following to help find what you were looking for Make sure the address of the page you are looking for is spelled correctly. Try submitting a question to our FAQ system Go to the Ofcom homepage and navigate to the information you want. Click the 'back' button to try another link. -

Tuesday 21 September 2010, AM link icon  Seeing the big picture on content
The 'high bandwidth copy protection' scheme has been in use since 2004 even though the possibility that someone would be able to reconstruct the master key by examining HDCP-capable devices was known even before any systems were commercially available. Now it seems that this has been done, and as a result anyone who wants to - and has access to the appropriate technology - will be able to build hardware that can read HDCP-protected material and make perfect digital copies if they want. It works by creating a secure digital channel between different components in a system, such as a set-top box and a flatscreen TV, that cannot easily be eavesdropped by software or hardware, thereby reducing the chances of programmes or films being copied without permission. -

Monday 20 September 2010, PM link icon  FT urges Vince Cable to investigate News Corps BSkyB takeover | Media |
Murdoch could drive other publishers out of business in a price war not seen since the 1990s with access to such massive financial resource, the paper added. The deal would give Mr Murdoch substantial firepower to cross-subsidise his loss-making UK newspapers, enabling them to compete with rivals on price. This is a reference to the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who owns Italy's biggest commercial broadcaster, Mediaset. - link icon  How should the BBC be governed? | Media |
There are very powerful commercial and political influences that want to revisit the BBC charter of five years ago. The BBC must not become the state broadcaster. Second, the BBC has to think carefully about its market impact, for good or ill. - link icon  Motive Buying Bestv Majority For Freeview Pay-TV Roll-Up| paidContent:UK
AIM-listed Motive is paying 1.6 million and has raised 4.75 million, to grow Adecq Digital, make certain debt repayments and to provide additional working capital for the enlarged group. Adecqs Bestv offers services to broadcasters for managing the delivery of their repertoire as VOD to set-top boxes. This could be a take-off area as hybrid Freeview PVRs gain popularity, particularly approaching YouViews launch. - link icon  Science reporting on the BBC. Your chance to have a say.
Jump to follow-up It is not uncommon for bloggers to be critical of science reporting in the mainstream media. Many programmes are superb David Attenbrough is an obvious example. His programmes cant be bettered. The photography is breathtakingly beautiful and the science is always accurate. For me, they alone are worth the licence fee, and I dont want the licence fee to be reduced. It helps that Attenborough knows the science so well. It also helps that most of the time the science isnt very difficult and isnt very controversial either. - link icon  Switchover Help Scheme publishes progress review
With switchover at the halfway stage, the Help Scheme has directly contacted nearly 2.5 million eligible people and installed equipment for more than 350,000. An estimated 150,000 more have taken detailed advice from its helpline, which helped them with their digital TV choices. By the completion of switchover in 2012, the Help Scheme will have contacted more than 7 million eligible individuals and couples and expects to have installed equipment for around one million people. -

Monday 20 September 2010, AM link icon  Sky TV Branded A Rip-Off
- link icon  Why News Corps buyout of BSkyB is much more than a business deal | Media | The Guardian
Photograph Eamonn McCabe Claire Enders knows what the future looks like. Enders wants ministers to at least understand the gravity of what they are being asked to sign up to. So what's wrong with the Murdochs' media organisations - link icon  Michael Lyons may be a greater loss to the BBC than Jay Hunt | Media | The Guardian
Sir Michael Lyons, the departing chairman of the BBC Trust. Photograph David Levene The BBC lost two of its most senior figures last week. One loss Jay Hunt, the controller of BBC1 was widely written up as a matter of great regret. - link icon  BBC licence fee freeze could prove costly | Media | The Guardian
With negotiations about the next six-year licence fee settlement due to begin next spring, the trust is betting that if it compromises now, a softer line will be taken when those discussions get under way. Reserve judgment Tellingly, Hunt welcomed the trust's proposal to forego next year's rise, but said that he would reserve judgment on whether to accept its offer to give up the right to try to negotiate a further increase of up to 2 in 2012. That will now be considered as part of negotiations over the next licence fee settlement, which will run until the end of 2016, when the BBC's current 10-year royal charter ends. -

Sunday 19 September 2010, PM link icon  BBC Trust has never made sense, says former BBC chairman | Media | The Guardian
Sir Christopher Bland, the former BBC chairman, says the Trust's challenge is to operate 'a structure no one now has confidence in'. Industry insiders claim he stepped down because he suspected he was unlikely to be reappointed to the role by the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt. Hunt has criticised the trust in the past and suggested it has failed to hold executives to account, but he appears to have decided against replacing it. - link icon  Sunday reading - James Cridland
I was at a conference in Hilversum last week presenting in a special breakout day for the folks at Radio 1, I was unable to see Aleks Krotoskis keynote at the main session. Anyone whos worked in a radio station is aware of the type of people who also work there behind the scenes, there are some dedicated, funny, knowledgeable people who never make it to air. Absolute Radio has a nice man called Stuart Eddie Edwards, whos an intelligent, customer-focused member of the technology services team. - link icon  The BBC must reprogramme itself to win | Media | The Observer
The decision to freeze the licence fee for at least one year, and probably two, also announced last week, illustrates the momentum is with those who want to curb the BBC's power and influence. Lyons's decision to retire as chairman of the BBC Trust after four years was taken in part because he had little prospect of being reappointed. BBC1 controller Jay Hunt left because she had a better and more lucrative offer from Channel 4. - link icon  Our democracy is under threat if Murdoch wins control of Sky | David Puttnam | Comment is …
There were many on the opposition benches who were astonished by the decision, given the OFT's prior clearance. He, like others, suspected that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation had been lobbying for a referral on the basis that it had little interest in seeing an enlarged and strengthened competitor in cable television threaten its stranglehold on pay-TV. For him, it was an all too familiar pattern elected politicians, members of a sovereign parliament, even those with the best of intentions, being seduced, manipulated or worse, into making decisions that just happened to converge with the objectives of the most powerful media empire in the country. -

Saturday 18 September 2010, AM link icon  Intel Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Uses HDCP Crack | Threat Level |
Intel threatened legal action Friday against anybody who uses its proprietary crypto key leaked on the internet to produce hardware that defeats the so-called HDCP technology that limits home recording of digital television and Blu-ray. There are laws to protect both the intellectual property involved as well as the content that is created and owned by the content providers, said Tom Waldrop, a spokesman for the company, which developed HDCP. Should a circumvention device be created using this information, we and others would avail ourselves, as appropriate, of those remedies. Intels comments came as it confirmed that the internet leak of the master key to the High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection systemwas authentic. -

Friday 17 September 2010, PM link icon  Sony adds iPlayer to Bravia TVs
The service will give users the option to watch television programmes from the last seven days. - link icon  HDCP antipiracy leak opens doors for black boxes | InSecurity Complex - CNET News
An antipiracy code used in set-top boxes, Blu-ray and DVD players has been cracked and published on the Internet, and as a result, we may soon see devices on the market that allow people to make unauthorized copies of movies. These are some of the 376 lines of HDCP master key code posted anonymously to the Internet earlier this week. Intel created HDCP to be used for ensuring that only authorized devices are playing copyright-protected video and audio, and it licenses the technology to hardware manufacturers. - link icon  Which? test lab unveils its latest LCD TV results - September - 2010 - Which? News
Which tested models from LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp and Technika, and found there are big differences in quality between the best and the worst. In it's latest LCD batch, Which pitted eight small screens against each other in its unique head-to-head, in-depth test. One of the TVs on test has been labelled a Which -

Friday 17 September 2010, AM link icon  YouView: New 200 set-top box that lets you watch 7 days of TV for free | Mail Online
A 200 set-top box will let viewers pause live TV, access the internet and watch a week's worth of programmes with just a few touches of a button. Sky accused the corporation of expanding beyond its remit and said YouView was 'nothing short of mission creep', while Virgin Media lodged a complaint to regulator Ofcom complaining that the project was anti-competitive. A Virgin Media spokesperson said 'Theres a pressing need for a thorough and independent examination of this closed, anti-competitive platform as it will restrict consumer choice and stifle innovation. - link icon  Stairway to Heaven Climbing a 1786 ft Tower
- link icon  Intel: Leaked HDCP copy protection code is legit | InSecurity Complex - CNET News
These are some of the 376 lines of HDCP master key code posted to the Internet. Intel has confirmed that code posted to the Internet earlier this week is the master key that is part of an Intel-created standard used to make sure only authorized devices are playing copyright-protected movies. With the master key code it is possible to build devices that play copyright-protected content without having to pay for licenses. - link icon  Watchdog rules dyke is offensive -Press, Media - The Independent
- link icon  The internet revolution will be televised: broadcasters unveil their plans for future -TV …
If you wanted to name a landmark new internet television service that combined the content of Freeview with the online accessibility of YouTube, what would you call it, if not FreeTube The chief executive of YouView, Richard Halton, predicted that the initiative would transform habits in British living rooms. Connected TV creates all kinds of creative possibilities, for existing networks as well as local services and new developers of interactive applications. - link icon  BBC chief gives warning as licence fee faces freeze | Media | The Guardian
The BBC has already announced a cap on sports rights of 9p in every licence fee pound and said it will spend 20 less on foreign imports, including Hollywood films and US dramas. The unprecedented decision to freeze the licence fee at this year's 145.50 per household may mean it has to go further, however. The licence fee freeze will leave the BBC with 72m less than it had budgeted for in each of the next two years at a time when it is paying for an expensive move to Salford and facing a pension black hole of up to 2bn. -

Thursday 16 September 2010, PM link icon  BBC Trust proposes two year freeze to licence fee to 2013
Please visit the BBC Trust homepage to find the information you want. you may have typed the web address incorrectly - please check the spelling, or that there are no spaces or capital letters. Alternatively, please try the other links and search box on this page. - link icon  BBC licence fee freeze: tactical retreat or total surrender? | Media |
David Cameron, then leader of the opposition, first talked about freezing the BBC licence fee in March last year. Two months later Cameron forced a parliamentary debate over the 2009 licence fee increase, although his motion was easily voted down by Labour and Lib Dem MPs. The BBC Trust has volunteered a two-year freeze until 2013, at what the corporation's management claims is a hypothetical cost of 144m. - link icon  BBC to freeze licence fee until 2013 | Media |
Today's move by the BBC Trust comes after intense political pressure from the government, which has repeatedly made clear that it wants the corporation to recognise the difficult economic environment and sacrifices being made elsewhere in the public sector. The BBC is giving up a planned 2 increase in March next year and the chance of a smaller rise in 2012. The trust said it had asked BBC executives, led by the director general, Mark Thompson, to find short-term savings in June. - link icon  Project Canvas rebrands as YouView | Media |
YouView has said it expects to launch sometime before July 2011, despite companies including Virgin Media submitting complaints to Ofcom to try to block the service. It is thought that beta testing of the service is likely to start in the first quarter of 2011. However, Halton said other content owners including newspaper groups have also expressed an interest in launching services on the platform and that the company intends to launch a section on the new YouView website to fully engage with prospective content partners. -

Thursday 16 September 2010, AM link icon  Richard Halton to be Project Canvas chief executive | Media |
Meek, the former chief policy partner at Ofcom who revealed was joining the venture in July, is expected to announce Halton's appointment today. A number of companies, including Virgin Media, have lodged official complaints with the media regulator Ofcom. According to the BBC, Project Canvas will have a marketing budget of 48.4m in its first four years. - link icon  Big trouble at BBC2? Critics say its lost its identity but the channels controller is calm…
The Stig, the previously anonymous Top Gear character dressed like a Star Wars stormtrooper in a white full-face helmet and white racing suit, has been taking up rather more of Hadlow's time than she would have liked. Since she inherited the channel in November 2008, BBC2's audience share has fallen from 8.3 per cent and an average weekly watch of two hours, 16 minutes to a 6.5 per cent share and average view of one hour, 40 minutes a week. In that time, it has been overtaken in popularity by Channel 4. - link icon  Daybreak loses a fifth of its viewers -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
ITV1's new breakfast show, Daybreak, has lost a fifth of its viewers since its first show last week. -

Wednesday 15 September 2010, PM link icon  Vince Cable adopts hands-off approach to News Corporations BSkyB takeover | Politics | The…
Vince Cable has distanced himself from rumours that he could intervene in News Corporation's proposed takeover of BSkyB. He can opt to exercise an intervention notice, under the 2002 Enterprise Act, calling on Ofcom to advise him whether the takeover would restrict plurality in the industry. It is understood Cable has not yet consulted Ofcom on the issue, even informally. - link icon  BBCs Thompson - Project Canvas will be creative playpen for artists
Beginning in Glasgow at the Kings Theatre on January 14, - link icon  Pestons Picks: Ofcom expected to review News Corps bid for Sky
So News Corp will be concerned that a reference to Ofcom and then potentially to the Competition Commission could delay and even stymie the deal. BSkyB's directors said the offer was 1 per share too low, but agreed to resume negotiations after regulatory hurdles have been cleared. BSkyB is the biggest broadcaster in the UK. - link icon  BSkyB to close Bravo and Channel One | Media |
Bravo's programming includes US import Spartacus Blood and Sand. BSkyB has decided to focus on the Living TV channel portfolio, which will see a 25 boost to its programming budget, and the gameshow and quiz channel Challenge. There will be just 58 roles after integration, but it is understood that there are a significant number of positions potentially available in other parts of the BSkyB operation. -

Wednesday 15 September 2010, AM link icon  OFT clears Skys acquisition of Virgin Media Television - Brand Republic News
Sky OFT clears Virgin Media's acquisition The competition watchdog has published its decision without explanation, saying this will follow in a few days. Sky agreed the deal with Virgin Media in June, pledging to pay 105m on completion and 55m once it had secured regulatory clearance. Virgin 1 was rebranded as Channel One on 3 September. - link icon  Regions analogue TV transmitter turned off | Aberdeen and North | STV News
TV viewers in Aberdeen City and Shire have said goodbye to analogue channels for good. The final stage of the switchover saw all analogue channels, including STV, turned off permanently at midnight on Wednesday. The switch to digital TV will bring Freeview to approximately 44,000 homes in the region for the first time. - link icon  Alleged HDCP master key leaked, HDTV copy protection may be dead | Security News - Betanew…
The entertainment industry may have encountered another setback in its efforts to protect its content Monday as a hacker has reportedly cracked high definition content protection, more commonly referred to as HDCP. With the master key, the system no longer works, as hackers would now be able to create their own source and sink keys, both of which are needed to playback content on HDCP-protected devices. Thus a perfect connection could always be ensured between transmitting and receiving devices. -

Tuesday 14 September 2010, PM link icon  Jay Hunt and Channel 4: a match made in heaven? | Maggie Brown | Media |
Jay Hunt has been appointed chief creative officer by Channel 4. The post of director of vision, Hunt's immediate boss, is held by Jana Bennett, and it is she who is now stepping in to run BBC1 and lead the hunt to find the successor. Nor was the BBC, under heavy attack for lavish executive salaries, in a position to match the estimated 45 rise in salary to around 395,000 she will receive from Channel 4, excluding any bonuses. - link icon  TVonics DTR-HD500 Freeview HD recorder has 500GB storage, slideshows | Crave | CNET UK
Freeview HD PVRs are slowly starting to trickle on to the market at last, but our primary grumble is they're too expensive. The TVonics HD500 isn't the most wallet-frightening we've seen though, at around 280. There's plenty of good news though, such as a two-year warranty -- if you buy it from TVonics' own website -- and a free upgrade that will allow proper Dolby Digital, coming in October. - link icon  British Sky Broadcasting: OFT Clears Living TV Acquisition -
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.15 CentOS Server at Port 80 - link icon  Freeview HD system picks up IBC award | News | Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  HDCP master key supposedly released, unlocks HDTV copy protection permanently -- Engadget
Who discovered this and by what technique isn't immediately clear, but as early as 2001 security researcher Niels Ferguson proposed that it could be easily revealed by knowing the keys of less than 50 different devices. - link icon  Sir Michael Lyonss days at BBC Trust were always numbered | Jane Martinson | Media | guard…
Sir Michael Lyons has announced he will step down as BBC Trust chairman. BBC chairmen may rarely venture north during the August bank holiday but, with hindsight, you should expect them to when the BBC director general is giving the speech of his career. Of course a man who lasted that long in local politics knows a thing or two about fighting back. - link icon  The new national Capital FM: what does it all mean? - James Cridland
Its not a new radio station Global are rebranding radio stations that they already own and run this isnt a brand new station on a brand new frequency. So, for people in Huddersfield, now, they have a radio station called Galaxy and come the new year, itll be a radio station called Capital. Others will, of course the station will have a new evening, and mid-morning, slot live from London. - link icon  Jana Bennett to take temporary charge of BBC1 | Media |
Channel 4 confirmed today that Hunt will be joining as chief creative officer, probably in January. Julian Bellamy, who has been acting chief creative officer, will be leaving Channel 4. Bennett has told staff she will be responsible for all commissioning decisions at the channel until a replacement for Hunt is appointed, along with George Dixon, the head of broadcasting at BBC1. - link icon  Channel 4 appoints Jay Hunt as chief creative officer | Media |
Julian Bellamy, the head of Channel 4 who has been acting chief creative officer and applied for the job full time, will be leaving the broadcaster. Hunt will be on a salary just under 400,000 and is expected to join Channel 4 in January. She will have a seat on the Channel 4 executive board, while leading its new integrated commissioning and content team across all platforms. -

Tuesday 14 September 2010, AM link icon  Digital radio switchover target far too early, say experts | Media |
No digital switchover date should be set by the government until less than 30 of radio listening was via analogue platforms, the CEG recommended. Under current plans a switchover date would be put in place when analogue listening was still as high as 50. We are concerned that vulnerable listeners will be subjected to a marketing strategy to 'bully' them into adopting digital radio in the two years between an announcement and a switchover. - link icon  FCC set to allow "white space" broadband after two-year wait | Tech Policy Law News - Beta…
Regardless, the opportunities it provides to speed up the rollout of broadband across the country excites those who have been working hard to make the technology a reality. Spectrum in these bands would be opened up with no licensing fees for their use, similar to the way Wi-Fi has been licensed. Broadcasters have opposed the idea almost from the get go, with the National Association of Broadcasters arguing that white space broadband could lead to interference of television signals. - link icon  Cable under pressure to block Sky takeover -Business News, Business - The Independent
Sky's independent directors rejected the offer, but talks are continuing. The Government can block the deal on plurality grounds under the 2003 Communications Act. -

Monday 13 September 2010, PM link icon  BBC R
The work on the standard was completed in an incredibly short time to meet the deadline. Our colleagues in BBC Distribution then picked up the baton to achieve a technical launch in December last year and a consumer launch in April 2010 just in time to meet the deadline. I'm really proud of the people across the department and the wider BBC who put so much into the project. - link icon  Report: 97% of UK to be watching Connected TV by 2015
Ninety-seven per cent of Brits believe they will be getting their TV or video content from the internet or recorded to watch on their schedule by 2015, according to research commisioned by Rovi Corporation. More than 52 of viewers feel that having a TV connected to the internet will make it easier to find the content they want to see. Today the laptop is second only to the TV as the chosen device on which to view TV programmes and almost as popular as the TV for viewing films streamed from the internet or user generated content, with 50 of viewers comfortable to do so, according to the survey. - link icon  informitv - Surveys offer guide to the future of television
Almost everyone in Britain believes that within five years they will be watching television or video programmes from the internet or from a digital video recorder to watch when they want, if the results of recent research are any guide. Meanwhile television is no longer viewed as a necessity in America, although the average home still has more sets than people. Rovi, a company with a history in electronic programme guides, commissioned research covering a 1,000 people in the United Kingdom aged over 20 years. - link icon  Rupert Murdochs Sky takeover should be blocked, Vince Cable told | Media |
This is a reference to the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who owns Italy's biggest commercial broadcaster, Mediaset. Cable has the power to block the takeover on media plurality grounds if he decides it is in the public interest to do so. Rupert Murdoch is the chairman and chief executive of News Corp. -

Monday 13 September 2010, AM link icon  STV launches move into hyperlocal | Media |
STV Local websites are geared towards being a more interactive experience than traditional local newspaper websites, with users encouraged to upload their own news stories, announcements, images, reviews and add listings to a local business directory. To garner interest in the new sites, STV will offer training to interested contributors and engage with journalism and media courses across Scotland. Online portals for the rest of the country will be rolled out throughout 2010 and into 2011. - link icon  Local news TV advisory panel set to report to Jeremy Hunt | Media |
Led by Nicholas Shott, the head of UK investing at Lazards, the panel has been deluged with submissions and is currently consulting widely in its quest to find a sustainable broadcast model, which could be rolled out across at least part of the country. Last week, the panel visited newspaper groups and other interested bodies in Scotland. Claire Enders, the founder of media consultancy Enders Analysis and a member of the panel, said they expected to deliver an interim report by the end of September and their final proposals by the end of the year. - link icon  Phone hacking could derail Rupert Murdoch and News Corp | Media | The Guardian
It was all looking so good for Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. Transition to new government achieved with a few favours owed on account of switching sides to support the eventual winner. Better still, a company stalwart at the new prime minister's side director of communications and key adviser, no less. - link icon  Complaints mount over Canvas launch -Business News, Business - The Independent

Sunday 12 September 2010, PM link icon  Why Rupert Murdoch s bid for Sky should be blocked | Beehive City
Yes, it's secret Vincent Cable hes the affable Liberal supposedly in charge of the Department of Business has been sent a private memo pictured left. Twenty pages long, it advises him in no uncertain terms to block Rupert Murdochs planned buyout of the 61 per cent of BSkyB. On this thinking, allowing the deal to go through would amount to Britains Berlusconi moment- read on to see if you agree. - link icon  ITV plc (LON:ITV) Swinging The Axe?
A Web Beacon is an often-transparent graphic image, usually no larger than 1 pixel x 1 pixel that is placed on a Web site. Both are created for the main purpose of helping your browser process the special features of websites that use Cookies or Web Beacons. The gathered information about your visits to this and other websites are used by these third party companies in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. - link icon  DTG planning Canvas testing | Broadband TV News
The organization is also working with Project Canvas on the development of a test and conformance regime for the service, ahead of the anticipated launch of set-top boxes for the hybrid service during 2011. - link icon  Sunday reading - James Cridland
Sunday reading this week is all a little radio orientated, for which I apologise Ill try and broaden the list for next week The bright and wonderful Rupert Brun has pushed through a test of super high quality audio, using much more bitrate in an experiment on one of the two special-event encoders that we built in to the system at moderately late notice, I might add. Im really pleased that Ruperts got this trial working. -

Sunday 12 September 2010, AM link icon  Water-cooler TV! -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
All over Britain, cushions are being patted and sofas plumped. Despite the internet and video games, television viewing figures are at an 18-year high according to a report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising published earlier this year and from now on, up to 12 million of us will spend our evenings staring at the flickering screen. The autumn schedules are being packed with some of the best, most popular and most lavish television productions of the year. - link icon  Rupert Murdoch and the future of British media | Comment is free | The Observer
Berlusconi is at least an Italian operating in his own land. As an American citizen, Murdoch appears to have scant interest in the plurality of information in Britain and therefore the health of British society. His overriding concern is that the government remains covertly in step with his plans for expansion and that the flow of profits to News Corp remains uninterrupted. - link icon  ITV prepares for big job cuts as new broom sweeps -Business News, Business - The Independe…
The new team, hired this year to rescue the ailing broadcaster, is understood to be looking at a significant cut to the number of workers at its South Bank offices. Sources close to the company say up to half of the 1,400 staff could go over the next few years while further cutbacks are expected among the 2,600 workers around the UK and Europe. ITV has already suffered recent job losses, with more than 1,200 staff leaving last year under the previous chairman, Michael Grade. -

Saturday 11 September 2010, PM link icon  FOIA - Internal Review - IR2010026 - szlwzls posterous
If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system. Please note that the BBC monitors e-mails sent or received. - link icon  Ofcom looks to simplify broadband switching policies
Ofcom is engaged in a consultation on the issue and welcomes public comment. However, Ofcom is aware that an effort to make switching easier opens concerns of switching without a consumer's informed consent. Sebastien Lahtinen of broadband information site ThinkBroadband says the proposal is not without its potential pitfalls, one of which could be a rise in high-pressure sales tactics from providers. -

Saturday 11 September 2010, AM link icon  A blank Project Canvas for arts Telegraph Blogs
Thompson was on a panel this morning at the Media Festival Arts at the Roundhouse in Camden, and spoke lyrically about the huge new audiences that, say, arthouse films could reach on this new platform. In a nutshell, the idea of Canvas is that it is an open platform, on which just about anybody apart from pornographers and terrorists can offer their video on-demand, and using whatever commercial model they wish free, pay-per-view or ad-funded. It's a heady idea indeed for documentary-makers who struggle to get their films financed and made, with no chance of a cinema release or broadcast on a major TV channel. -

Friday 10 September 2010, PM link icon  BT preps nationwide TV network The Register
The firm's wholesale division today announced it has signed a deal to implement Cisco's Content Delivery System by early next year. It will combine Freeview with on-demand and pay TV. BT Retail and other broadband providers using BT's lines into homes will then be able to deliver it without incurring upstream bandwidth costs and with guaranteed quality of service. - link icon  BBC launches campaign for upgraded iPlayer | Media |
http// The new-look iPlayer, which officially went live on Monday following beta testing since June, has had various social media features and a recommendation engine built into it. An online marketing campaign will also launch to back up the TV and radio ads. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link icon  BBC appoint iPlayer General Manager
The BBC is uniquely positioned to drive the next wave of change through its roles in content creation and distribution. We will focus on the innovations that become possible when content production and consumer experience evolve together. I am delighted to join the BBC at this very exciting time. - link icon  Whats On BBC Red Button 11th - 24th September
Test your knowledge of all things Merlin in the Red Button Merlin Quiz. From episode 2 onwards fans will be able to watch clips from the show and answer questions put to you by Merlin played by Colin Morgan on his magical medieval world. There will be 3 differently themed versions of the quiz to try Heroes, Villains and Magical creatures. - link icon  Canvas Specs: Audience Measurement, Web Apps, Linux On-Board| paidContent:UK
The specs concentrate on mandatory system standards and delivery of TV and video, and are intended for system architects, but lack detail on just how Canvas will implement an app store they refer to. There is also no mention of how Canvas will support conditional-access payment systems. Devices shall be built using the Linux operating system with either glibc or uClibc libraries of the C language. -

Friday 10 September 2010, AM link icon  40 manufacturers respond to Canvas call | Broadband TV News
Hybrid venture Project Canvas has issued a robust defence of its plans, declaring that it had received support from more than 40 organisations. The first devices are expected to be available during 2011. The next stage of the evaluation process will be completed by the end of the month. -

Thursday 09 September 2010, PM link icon  Europe says No again to ACTA secrecy | Tech Policy Law News - Betanews
- link icon  BBC Proms in Extra High Quality on the Internet- The Tech
For background information about the experimental extra high quality feed, you may wish to read the entry on the BBC Internet Blog and to listen to the audio, visit the web page hosting the experiment here. Each microphone has appropriate equalisation and time alignment applied and the sound is mixed down to stereo for broadcast on Radio 3. Here it is unfortunately necessary to sample rate convert the audio to 44.1ks/s. - link icon  Hyperlocal TV Groups Team To Rat On Canvas To Ofcom| paidContent:UK
their channels would be hard to find on the EPG. the JV members may exploit viewer data for commercial advantage Canvas could prevent viewers from obtaining any streamed services on the open internet from TV channels who are unwilling or unable to meet the access terms Some of these worries are baseless. And, since Canvas channels will mirror the numbering on the Freeview EPG, these local channels should be no harder to find than now. -

Thursday 09 September 2010, AM link icon  Fibre optic capacity 'auto-tuned' by novel device
The team says the growth in bandwidth-hungry applications such as YouTube and iPlayer will eventually stretch the limits of long-distance fibre links. Developers say the device can plug directly into existing networks. Data is sent as a sequence of bits coded into the properties of a light beam piped down an optical fibre, but the bits can over great lengths of fibre become distorted. -

Wednesday 08 September 2010, PM link icon  BBC R
We've listed the key stands where you'll find us below, and if you want to find the stands at the show- the handy venue guide should help. The MyMedia EC-funded collaborative research project is exploring the use of intelligent recommender systems for audio/visual content. The project has developed a shared-source software framework which provides all the components required to build a state-of-the-art recommender system. - link icon  Humax turns your HD-Fox T2 into a Freeview HD recorder - Pocket-lint
The software upgrade is free for existing users, so if you've got an external HDD lying about, then it's a no-brainer really. You'll also be able to series-record, record shows whilst watching back a recorded programme, and record a programme while watching another if they are broadcast on the same multiplex If you buy a HD-Fox T2 from October onwards, the box will already have the new software on board. The device costs around 150 and its a product that Pocket-lint gave a favourable review to back in February when it was launched. - link icon  Freeview HD take-up grows | Broadband TV News
What is more, Freeview has had 1.5 million unique visitors to its website checking the coverage of its HD services. Launched earlier this year, they can already be received in 55 of the UK, with the figure rising to 98.5 at the completion of digital switchover in 2012. Howling also said that in that in the eight years since its launch, 60 million pieces of Freeview equipment have been sold, with 13 million in the last year alone. -

Wednesday 08 September 2010, AM link icon  Porn boss to oversee childrens TV at Five -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
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