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Briantist: The Мedia Podcast
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First, here are some podcasts to listen to - click the link for direct play. link icon  The Media Podcast #1: BBC News Cuts, Freeview Connect link icon  The Media Podcast #2 - Robert Peston Michael Woolf go off-message link icon  The Media Podcast #3 - John Oliver and World Cup take over the US

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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Thursday 21 October 2010, PM link icon  TalkTalk claims network upgrade will boost IPTV | Broadband | News | PC Pro
According to TalkTalk, the content delivery network will run over its existing IP network, but put content closer to the end user, with hardware storing content near the extremities of the network. It also lowers bandwidth costs from our point of view. The potential improvements involved a deal with Alcatel-Lucent and the French companys newly-acquired Velocix 7810 hardware. Content may be downloaded directly into the Velocix infrastructure and then dynamically distributed across the TalkTalk network to end users, the company said in a statement. - link icon  The BBC One HD channel is ready for launch
High Definition HD from the BBC will take another giant step forward in just a few weeks time. The channel will show exactly the same programmes as BBC One in standard definition, but wherever a programme has been made in HD you will be able to experience it in all its glory. We'll open with The One Show, of course, at 7pm, which shifted to HD this summer. - link icon  TalkTalk and Alcatel-Lucent develop on-demand TV system for YouView: CommsUpdate : TeleGeo…
Content may be downloaded directly into the Velocix infrastructure and then dynamically distributed across the TalkTalk network to end users. TalkTalk is using the Velocix solution to deliver YouView traffic, namely UK television content. YouView is expected to launch to UK homes in mid 2011. - link icon  YouView picks CHI Partners for advertising account - advertising news - Campaign
CHPartners to handle advertising The agency picked up the business following a final shootout against Adam Eve in a process run through the intermediary Oystercatchers. YouView is expected to launch in the first half of next year, and will offer consumers a subscription-free set-top box that will provide a number of digital channels as well as a range of on-demand, interactive and catch-up services. CHI Partners will now be responsible for handling all of the launch advertising for the venture, with a total of 50 million expected to be spent on marketing and brand development in the first four years. - link icon  YouView set to appoint Clemmow Hornby Inge | Media |
YouView will have a marketing budget of almost 50m for its first four years, according to figures submitted to the BBC Trust. It is not clear which agency has won the media planning and buying account for YouView. Agency appointments are being handled by YouView's marketing director, Tim Hunt. -

Thursday 21 October 2010, AM link icon  BBC: Freeze on licence fee is an act of cultural vandalism - UK Politics, UK - The Ind…
The BBC agreed to take on the funding of the World Service, having been alarmed that it might be saddled with the greater 556m-a-year cost of funding free licence fee provision for the over-75s. The BBC's bargaining position in the frantic final hours of talks this week was not strengthened by the fact that Sir Michael has already signalled his intention to leave next year. The shadow Culture Secretary also rejected the suggestion that the BBC would be able to protect programming while absorbing the cuts from its 3.6bn budget, the size of which has been criticised by some commercial rivals. -

Wednesday 20 October 2010, PM link icon  BBC Trust considered resigning over demand to fund over-75s TV licences | Media | guardian…
The BBC Trust board is understood to have considered resigning on mass earlier this week if the government had pressed ahead with a proposal to make the corporation pay for free TV licences for over-75s out of the licence fee. However, it is understood that on Monday at a point when an impasse had been reached in the negotiations between the BBC and the government the trustees considered resigning if the corporation was forced to foot the bill for the 556m annual cost of free TV licences. Lyons did not disagree and said the BBC Trust would now consult the public about what the future of the corporation should be in light of the flat licence fee and the requirement to make more savings. - link icon  Mark Thompsons email to staff about the BBC cuts in the spending review | Media | guardian…
The licence fee will remain at its current level 145.50 until the end of the Charter in the year 2016/17. This is a realistic settlement, one which will require the BBC to find stretching savings. Instead of a long and uncertain licence fee setting process which some would have attempted to turn into a fundamental attack on the breadth of the BBC's services to the public, we have an agreement which will protect our editorial and operational independence all the way to the next Charter review. - link icon  BBC Trust escapes axe as part of licence fee deal | Media |
In addition, the BBC Trust keeps the ability to conduct its own strategic reviews of the corporation. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  BBC licence fee to be frozen under tough new settlement - TV Radio, Media - The Independen…
The corporation's budget will take a huge 16 per cent cut in real terms as a result of the deal hammered out with the Treasury, which will see the licence fee remain at 145.50 until 2016. Mark Thompson, the BBC's director general, also agreed to provide an additional 150m a year to fund the roll-out of broadband in rural areas from 2013, while an extra 25m will go on local television and online services. The corporation also agreed to a 25 per cent reduction in spending on its website and will dispose of many of its magazines as part of a government plan to reduce its impact on other media outlets. - link icon  Protecting the integrity of the BBC | Jean Seaton | Comment is free |
BBC editorial and operational independence has been preserved despite cuts proposed in the chancellor's spending review. Then, the Conservative government threatened to cut the corporation's funding by 20, on the spot, unless its overseas services immediately complied with government policy over the ill-fated invasion of Egypt. This week's threat to the BBC was similar in speed, equally ad-hoc, but far more radical. - link icon  S4Cs budget to fall by a quarter over four years | Media |
Pobol y Cwm the BBC already produces S4C's soap. The deal will see S4C's budget for next year fall by just over 10 to 90m. In 2012 the fall will be 7.7 to 83m, which is where S4C's budget will remain up until 2015. - link icon  BBC budget cut by 16% in spending review, George Osborne confirms | Media |…
Chancellor George Osborne announces details of the 2010 spending review. He said this will save the government 340m from general taxation. Together with the licence-fee freeze, that is the equivalent of a 16 cut, Osborne said. - link icon  How the BBC licence fee deal was done | Media |
So how did the government and the BBC go from that to tying up a licence fee deal within the past two weeks including a frantic final 48 hours of negotiations from Sunday BBC sources admitted it was clever, as the corporation could not be seen to be denying the over-75s free TV licences. Lyons shocked colleagues and the industry when he announced last month that he would be stepping down next year after earlier saying he would seek a second term as BBC Trust chairman. - link icon  UK Broadcasters Expected To Benefit From BBCs Budget Cut -
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.15 CentOS Server at Port 80 - link icon  Michael Crick: Background to the BBC settlement
When a Newsnight colleague tested this idea with a senior minister several days later - ie. less than two weeks ago - he was surprised to be told that the BBC itself had actually proposed the idea, but it had subsequently been rejected. Why should the BBC suggest an idea which would only add a huge extra burden to BBC budgets Far better for the BBC to come up with a way for the corporation to contribute its bit to the Spending Review process than have something far worse imposed from above. - link icon  BBC cuts in licence fee deal brutal but realistic, say corporation executives | Media | gu…
Events moved so fast in the last 48 hours that only the corporation's most senior executives knew what was in train and as the news leaked late yesterday, even controllers of BBC services at the Radio Festival in Salford looked shellshocked. As the initial shock began to subside, BBC executives began to focus on the six-year guarantee for the licence fee, despite being frozen at the current level of 145.50 annually. The BBC's funding is being cut by 16 in real terms. - link icon  S4C seeks judicial review of BBC merger | Media |
John Walter Jones said the government had shown 'contempt' towards S4C. The S4C Authority faces extinction if the government plan is implemented. The deal will see S4C's budget for next year fall by just over 10 to 90m. - link icon  BBC will have to cut 140m a year after licence freeze | Media |
A senior source at the corporation said a reduction of 4 a year for the life of the new licence fee settlement, which will run until 2017, will be enough to meet the combined annual cost of about 560m. The senior source pointed out the BBC is already making yearly efficiency savings of 3 a year, mainly by pushing ahead with a long-term plan to reduce overheads from 22 to 10. The cumulative effect of the 4 annual cuts with 140m saved each year from April 2011 will mean no channels or services have to be axed. - link icon  BBC Trust - licence fee settlement
Please visit the BBC Trust homepage to find the information you want. you may have typed the web address incorrectly - please check the spelling, or that there are no spaces or capital letters. Alternatively, please try the other links and search box on this page. -

Wednesday 20 October 2010, AM link icon  Most newspapers ignore the BBCs 16% funding cut | Media |
The Financial Times carried a page one story, while the Daily Telegraph and The Times published only front page cross-refs. None of them carried leading articles or commentaries by columnists though the story did break late in the day. The Daily Mail's page 4 news story was very straight, eschewing any hint of glee following its long-term assault on the corporation. - link icon  Analogue End for North of Scotland
The last analogue television signals in the STV North region have been switched off, marking the start of an all-digital era. Help with the switchover is available online, here, and by telephone 08456 50 50 50. - link icon  Television licence fee to be frozen for next six years
All the changes mean a 16 real terms cut in BBC funds over six years. The arrangement was to freeze the licence fee for the next six years, he added. BBC Alba - the Scottish Gaelic language service - is funded by the corporation in partnership with the Scottish government. - link icon  Nick Robinsons Newslog: Carry on broadcasting
In the space of 24 hours the government has gone from proposing a plan that would have cut the BBC's budget by over a quarter to freezing the licence fee for six years, which, combined with additional costs, amounts to a 16 real terms cut in funding. Trust members argued the move would turn the BBC into an arm of the welfare state and undermine its independence. Discussions ended with all-night consideration of a package that the corporation decided would be tough, but would preserve its size and scope and guarantee its finances until after the next election. - link icon  BBC licence fee to be frozen under tough new settlement -UK Politics, UK - The Independent…
The corporation's budget will take a huge 16 per cent cut in real terms as a result of the deal hammered out with the Treasury, which will see the licence fee remain at 145.50 until 2016. Mark Thompson, the BBC's director general, also agreed to provide an additional 150m a year to fund the roll-out of broadband in rural areas from 2013, while an extra 25m will go on local television and online services. The corporation also agreed to a 25 per cent reduction in spending on its website and will dispose of many of its magazines as part of a government plan to reduce its impact on other media outlets. -

Tuesday 19 October 2010, PM link icon  Nick Robinsons Newslog: BBC funding future
The BBC licence fee is to be frozen for the next six years at 145.50. It will mean a 16 real-terms cut in the BBC's funds over the next six years as against a 25 cut over four. - link icon  Michael Crick: World Service costs to come from licence fee
This will come into effect with the next licence fee settlement due in 2012. I am told today's deal was not linked to last night's story about free TV licences. Two deals were on the table - the BBC paying for the over-75s and paying for the World Service. - link icon  BBC licence fee frozen at 145.50 for six years | Media |
BBC executives have staved off the threat of being forced to take on the 556m a year funding of free TV licences for the over-75s, but at a heavy price. In addition it will provide 150m a year for the rollout of superfast broadband to rural areas from 2013 and 25m a year for local TV and online content. A further one-off capital investment in local TV and online services of 25m will also come from the licence fee and the BBC will also underwrite the rollout of the digital radio network nationally. - link icon  BBC offers to pay for World Service to avoid licence fee raid | Media |
Mark Thompson willing to pay some or all of 300m annual costs of running the World Service. That would be an alternative to making the BBC pay out 556m to fund the costs of free television licences for anywhere home to an elderly person a bill that may force existing television and radio budgets to be slashed. By contrast, if the BBC were forced to fund the cost of free TV licences for the elderly there would be no benefit for most viewers on screen or on air. - link icon  BBC funding cannot escape George Osbornes cuts | Media |
Jeremy Hunt wants the BBC to take its share of the painful spending cuts. So we are left with a frankly surreal public spending choice an aircraft carrier with no aircraft, or the equivalent of several years' funding for BBC2. It was March last year when David Cameron, then leader of the opposition, first started talking publicly about freezing the BBC licence fee, an idea that prompted squeals of protest from the corporation. - link icon  BBC warns Government over free licence fee funding -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
The BBC Trust warned the Government today it would fight any move to force it to meet the cost of free television licences for the over-75s. BBC2's Newsnight said the proposal was for the bill - which is rising rapidly as the population ages - to be transferred from the time of the next licence fee settlement, due in 2012. Increases in the licence fee were unlikely to cover the cost, it said, which were the equivalent of a 26 real-terms cut in the BBC's present budget. - link icon  Nokia launches DAB headset
- link icon  Announcing Radioplayer
The fact that we're showing our 'work in progress' to the great and the good of the radio industry speaks volumes about the spirit behind this project. It's amazing that such a game-changing initiative has attracted widespread support from across radio - an industry not always noted for its unanimity. This is largely down to the spirit in which we've approached the project - which in itself was largely invented 'on the hoof'. - link icon  BBC Internet Blog: Net Neutrality and the BBC
It is very easy to take the internet for granted. For many of us, it has become an integral part of our lives. It has transformed how we work, communicate, access media, and contribute to debate. -

Tuesday 19 October 2010, AM link icon  UK regulator will not probe Project Canvas TV plan| Reuters
The project also involves creating technical standards which can be used by participating services to deliver content via a single set-top box, which will be branded YouView. Ofcom said it would continue to monitor developments concerning the YouView project. - link icon  BBC - Help receiving TV and radio - Satellite frequencies of BBC channels
To receive digital TV via satellite but not through Freesat or Sky, you need to tune your equipment to the correct frequencies yourself. If you have lost any BBC channels and have a Freesat box, you may need to turn it off then on again to make it perform a retune. It is expected that Astra 2E will launch around the middle of 2013. - link icon  BBC fears Coalition licence fee raid | Media | The Guardian
BBC concerned over government plans to pass on cost for free TV licences for the over 75s. Photograph Graeme Robertson BBC bosses fear that the coalition government is gearing up for a 500m-plus raid on the licence fee, by forcing the broadcaster to meet the full cost of free television licences for the over 75s. The benefit which was introduced by Gordon Brown when he was chancellor costs 556m, and is currently paid for out of general taxation. - link icon  Michael Crick: BBC may have to pay for pensioners free TV licences
With fewer than 48 hours to go, details of the Spending Review are far from settled and the BBC could be a victim. This would take effect from the time of the next licence fee settlement, due in 2012. The level of the TV licence would be increased as a result, but probably by no means enough to make up for the full 556m cost. - link icon  YouView opens up prospects for multicast
One of the problems that YouView has faced is that no-one seems to understand how it will work, an issue intensified until recently by lack of technical detail. Almost everyone knows of YouView and Project Canvas but it actually turns out that very few people know very much about what it is, he said. So what exactly is YouView, beyond a blending of broadcast and broadband - link icon  Switchover roadshow rolls in to town - Jersey News, Jersey Local News, Jersey Latest News,…
With just one month to go until the switch to digital television, islanders are being given the chance to get extra advice on how to prepare. The national switchover team is bringing its roadshow to Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney this week. The team will be offering practical advice on how to get set for digital and giving details of the Switchover Help Scheme for older and disabled people. - link icon  STV boss Hain defends station's scheduling policy
Managing Director Bobby Hain insisted ratings were in line with ITV as a whole and that the station's strategy was the right one. He added that more than 95 of STV's peaktime schedule was made up of ITV network content. Although Freeview users in Scotland are unable to watch such programmes, those with satellite and cable can view them on ITV1 London. - link icon  September BBC iPlayer monthly performance pack
This corresponded with the new autumn schedules, and the re-launch of BBC iPlayer. On radio, Radio 5Live's coverage of Switzerland v England football match was the most-requested programme of the month. - link icon  BBC Radio Blog: Launching HD Sound
Listeners are currently very satisfied with radio services but digital technology does bring opportunities to keep improving what we offer. This summer, BBC Radio 3 completed a trial of a higher quality online audio stream at the Proms. We will quickly assess the performance of this before making the higher quality stream available on iPlayer and the proposed radio industry player called Radioplayer. - link icon  BBC to launch HD Sound | News | Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. -

Monday 18 October 2010, AM link icon  Ofcom reforms end years of hyperactivity | Media | The Guardian
The cutbacks to Ofcom's duties, including a formal end to automatic reviews of public service television every five years, bring to an end an era of hyperactivity. Yet for all this work, few of its recommendations have been implemented. The first of its reviews, in 2005, predicted that commercially funded public service broadcasting, from regional programmes to children's, would not survive the transition to a fully digital world. - link icon  Greg Dyke: Ive got a lot of time for Jeremy Hunt | Media | The Guardian
So why is Greg Dyke sitting in a damp cellar talking about the highlight of his business career, 1991 Yet as the 63-year-old pokes his head around an ancient vault below a Mayfair hotel, it's hard to feel disappointed. Dyke blames a man who took legal action last year over comments he made in another newspaper. -

Saturday 16 October 2010, AM link icon  Chile miners rescue puts BBC ahead of Sky | Latest technology and web news | Web User
It attracted over 16 per cent of all traffic from searches for the rescue, way ahead of the in second place which received just over six per cent, according to web analytics firm Hitwise. Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube all received more traffic than Sky News which sat in 11th place and had just 1.2 per cent of traffic. News channels were dominated by coverage of the Chile miners rescue on Wednesday as the 33 miners who had been trapped in the mine for 69 days were hoisted to safety. 'BBC chile miners' was the tenth most-popular search term with 'sky news chile miners' in 20th, according to Hitwise. - link icon  James Murdochs call to Vince Cable on day of BSkyB bid | Media | The Guardian
James Murdoch called Vince Cable on day of the BSkyB bid. The conversation took place on the day News Corp made a bid for BSkyB. Cable will decide within weeks whether to approve News Corp's offer to buy the 61 of the pay-TV company it does not already own. - link icon  Chilly outlook forecast for the BBCs weathermen | UK news | The Guardian
Within hours of the news that three BBC weather presenters had been moved to backroom jobs in cost-cutting measures still unconfirmed yesterday by the Met Office internet boards were fizzing with outrage. Philip Avery and Tomasz Schafernaker were also said to be moving behind thescenes. John Teather, who oversaw the BBC's weather output for 30 years, says good broadcasters are hard to find. - link icon  Loach launches attack on TV executives -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
It takes 1m to get them out of the door ... but nevertheless they're on their way, great, good riddance. We nowhere near realise its potential and we really have to cherish the medium, work together, just build it better and we can, we can, but not if we're in the grip of this machine. - link icon  The man behind Skins hops channels as new BBC1 controller -TV Radio, Media - The Independe…
Danny Cohen, 36, leaves as head of BBC3 to take over the nation's most watched channel where he will oversee a 1.1bn budget, more than 10 times the 100m he had to spend at the digital channel. Even his delight in Dickens, whose novels were the 19th-century equivalent of documentaries lifting the lid on social scandals, is suggestive of a taste for the suffering end of human drama. The Blood Sweat and Takeaways documentary, in which six young people travelled to Indonesia to join the tuna trade won the coveted Rose d'Or award for best reality and factual entertainment. - link icon  BBC slashes senior managers pay -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
The BBC has cut the amount it pays senior managers by more than 10, the corporation said today. Figures show the number of senior managers has dropped from 639 to 592 and the paybill has fallen by 12.2. They also show top BBC executives claim an average of 445 a month in expenses - around 100 less than a year ago. - link icon  Will YouView be a hit? | News | TechRadar UK
YouView is hoping to do for television through your broadband connection what Freeview did for digital television, and bring video on demand to the masses. -

Friday 15 October 2010, PM link icon  Frontrunners for BBC3 controller emerge | Media |
Cohen had been hotly tipped to step into the role vacated by Jay Hunt, who left to take the new role of chief creative officer at Channel 4 and it is understood that a shortlist of candidates is already in circulation. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  BBC3 chief to take over at BBC1 -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
- link icon  Ken Loach: TV is the enemy of creativity | Television radio | The Guardian
The director, who first joined the BBC 47 years ago and made plays such as Cathy Come Home, launched an excoriating attack on the culture of television today. Loach said he had been around a long time. Loach said filmgoers today, whether watching at the cinema or on TV, had a raw deal and got what they were given by a Hollywood-dominated industry. - link icon  Danny Cohen named BBC1 controller | Media |
Cohen, currently controller of BBC3, had been widely touted for the role following incumbent Jay Hunt moving to take the newly created role of chief creative officer at Channel 4. He has been in charge of BBC3 and its 100m budget since May 2007, and will now be in charge of the country's most popular TV channel with a budget of 1.13bn. Cohen will be paid slightly less than his predecessor Jay Hunt. - link icon  Government pulls plug on Teachers TV | Media |
The Department for Education has pulled the plug on Teachers TV, the online training site for British schoolteachers. Ten Alps, which co-owns the site with ITN, said in a stock exchange announcement this morning that the government is cancelling the 10m annual contract from April 2011. Connock said he hoped the website would survive. -

Friday 15 October 2010, AM link icon  Clouds in Skys deal -
For an individual who doesn't live or pay taxes here to have such a hold over our media and public life, with the ability to crush rival voices, is bad for democracy and commercially uncompetitive. We believe Mr Murdoch has the right in a free world to say and think what he likes. He correctly points out his American outfits are rare beacons of Right wing views in the left-of-centre US media. - link icon  Job losses at Five to continue with Kaplinsky departure -TV Radio, Media - The Independent…
The newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky is to leave Five in December, the channel announced yesterday, bringing to an end the multimillion-pound deal which made her Britain's highest-paid current-affairs presenter. The 38-year-old, who recently returned to her on-screen role after maternity leave, had been due to renegotiate her contract at the end of the year, but the television channel, which was bought by the newspaper owner Richard Desmond this summer, said that both parties had agreed not to renew the deal by mutual agreement. Her time with the channel was punctuated by two periods of maternity leave following the births of her children, and in February 2009, she took a 300,000 pay cut in return for dropping the 7pm bulletin from her duties. - link icon  Anthony Rose Talks YouView in London -
In the 45-minute speech, Rosewho played an instrumental role in the BBC iPlayer's launch and significant growthsaid viewing models are rapidly converging. He spoke of changes to the market in both desktop and living room consumption of video. Still, these devices have grown in popularity, and there will be several million Internet-enabled TV in UK homes by year's end. -

Thursday 14 October 2010, PM link icon  BT Vision app for connected TVs on the way? - Pocket-lint
And, indeed, that it is improving the service all the time. Recently, it has adopted the standard definition versions of Sky Sports 1 and 2, a move that has helped rise the number of households with the service's set-top-box to over 450,000. I think anything that means that we can get Vision to customers at high quality is on the table as an option. - link icon  S4C claims 40% budget cut would call into question future of channel | Media |…
S4C has today published a bleak 28-page response to the Department of Media, Culture and Sport in which it outlines the impact of cuts of either 25 or 40 to its 100m-a-year funding with potential ramifications including having to switch the service off for several hours a day. The knock-on effects of such cuts would be the loss of 500 to 800 jobs in the production sector in Wales and beyond, it added. The programming budget would fall from 83m to 62m in 2014. - link icon  BSkyB in last-ditch attempt to scramble YouView video-on-demand player - Telegraph
BSkyB is reported to have questioned the need to inject public money into the project when, it believes, there is currently sufficient competition in the internet-enabled television IPTV market. Concerns are thought to have been raised about the difficulty the consortium poses to new, smaller players in the video-on-demand market. YouView will provide IPTV, giving seven million Freeview households who have broadband access to download thousands of hours of programming to their televisions. - link icon  BBC denies Alan Yentobs departure imminent | Media |
The BBC was forced to issue a statement today denying that Alan Yentob, one of its longest-serving executives, is about to leave the corporation. His post would then be abolished, saving the BBC about 183,000 a year, although Yentob is likely to remain at the corporation in some capacity. Announcements about departures have trickled out throughout the week, taking some of the BBC's most senior figures including channel controllers by surprise. - link icon  Government curbs Ofcoms powers | Media |
Jeremy Hunt 'increasing the efficiency, transparency and accountability of public bodies'. The culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, made the announcements today as part of sweeping changes that will see 19 of the 55 public bodies for which the Department for Culture, Media and Sport is responsible either abolished or significantly reformed. The DCMS also confirmed rumours that Postcomm, the postal services regulator, will be merged into Ofcom. - link icon  DCMS: Ofcom reforms : | OfcomWatch |
- link icon  Daybreak lagging a million viewers behind rival -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
ITV's relaunched Daybreak show has slipped a million viewers behind its BBC rival for the first time, figures showed today. The programme has seen audiences slip after an impressive start of one million viewers, to settle at around 700,000 - lower than audiences for its predecessor GMTV. ITV bosses spent more than 1 million in rebranding and revamping the morning show with new sets and a big marketing push. - link icon  Government reveals Ofcom shake up | News | Broadcast
14 October, 2010 By Chris Curtis Ofcom is to undergo a major overhaul as part of the governments bonfire of the quangos that will return the policy-setting role to the secretary of state, reduce unnecessary expense and avoid duplication. It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  Sun attacks duds opposing News Corps BSkyB takeover | Media |
Trinity Mirror and Channel 4 also put their names to the letter. News Corp is expected to seek regulatory approval for the deal from the European Commission in the next 10 days. Cable will then have 25 days in which to seek an intervention notice and would then ask media regulator Ofcom to investigate whether the deal could compromise media plurality. - link icon  Met office forecasters off screens -TV Radio, Media - The Independent

Thursday 14 October 2010, AM link icon  World. News Corp. slows BSkyB bid
- link icon  The Times hits out at BBC over BSkyB takeover letter | Media |
Trinity Mirror and Channel 4 also put their names to the letter. The Times editorial begins by listing more than 70 BBC services, including its major TV and radio stations, website and local radio services. It argues that it is the BBC rather than News Corporation, which wields too much power. - link icon  Canvas should be blocked, says Sky -Business News, Business - The Independent
Sky's late move means that decision is likely to be delayed. - link icon  Changing channels: YouView is highly controversial, despite its cosy image
Richard Halton, who heads the plan to transform British living rooms by enabling households to watch their favourite shows over the internet but on their TV sets, seems aware of this. We will be able to use social media features such as Twitter and Flickr, and channels from new broadcasters, such as arts and charities. All this will be available from the sofa, using neither a mouse nor a Merlin-style wand but an old-fashioned TV zapper. -

Wednesday 13 October 2010, PM link icon  News Corps self-service broadcasting | Media Monkey | Media |
We include only News Corp assets which are based or have influence in the UK. - link icon  BSkyB submits 11th-hour complaint to Ofcom and OFT in bid to halt YouView | Media | guardi…
YouView privately a number of partners in the service believe an investigation is likely. News of Sky's move prompted an angry reaction from the YouView chief executive, Richard Halton. YouView will enable the 7m Freeview households who have broadband access to download thousands of hours of programming over the internet direct to their TV. - link icon  Film fans to get incredible new range of titles thanks to YouView - Broadband Genie
One of the leading UK websites dedicated to giving film fans what they want at the click of a mouse button has confirmed that it plans to use YouView as a vital tool for reaching out to new users. Formerly known as Project Canvas, YouView is a new service that utilises a TV box to allow viewers to tap into a mountain of televisual treats in the comfort of their own homes. The YouView concept aims to offer the simplicity of Freeview, but with the added benefit of catch-up and on-demand services without the need for any kind of contract. - link icon  BBC marketing supremo is axed -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
The BBC's marketing supremo Sharon Baylay is being axed in the latest shake-up of senior figures, it was announced today. The closure of the post of director of BBC marketing, communications and audiences comes a day after it was announced that deputy director general Mark Byford is to leave. Ms Baylay, who is paid 310,000, will leave the corporation when her role ends. - link icon  Mark Thompson announces reduced BBC Executive Board
The purpose of the restructuring is to further streamline management and management boards at the BBC and to make further progress towards the BBC's target of reducing its senior manager pay bill by 25 per cent by the end of next year. At a time when other broadcasters are struggling to maintain their origination budgets, it's critical that the BBC spends as much of the licence fee as possible on high quality content. As a proportion of spend, overheads are around half what they were in the 1990s. - link icon  Spring debut for MHEG-IC catch-up | Broadband TV News
Speaking at a Mashup event on the future of multiscreen, Cutts said the Freeview implementation would be similar to that already seen on Freesat. Cutts expects that a significant proportion of Freeview HD products sold from 2011 onwards will reach this specification, which includes facilities to deliver encrypted streams to TVs and to allow flexible playlist presentation of content and advertising. -

Wednesday 13 October 2010, AM link icon  Murdochs whingeing rivals actually have a case for once | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free …
Murdoch is the best thing that ever happened to the British media, and they hate it. Without him and his Fleet Street revolution it is most unlikely that today there would be any Guardian or Independent, any third news channel and any Sky Arts 2. When Murdoch came along the pundits predicted at most three newspapers in Britain by 1980, as in most unionised countries. -

Tuesday 12 October 2010, PM link icon  Rupert Murdochs will is likely to prevail over BSkyB buyout | Michael White | Comment is f…
Combative, tenacious, charming, irritable, Murdoch was already recognisably the character who dominates a global media empire in his 80th year. So he cut a mutually useful deal with a Menzies coalition ally, the first of many politicians - and editors - to be discarded when the moment came to switch horses. That would square with his track record around the world since he inherited his father Sir Keith's newspapers in 1953. - link icon  BBC News - Google and Apple heat up battle for TV screens
The view comes as Sony unveiled the first Google-powered TVs. Connecting the TV to the web has become a focus among manufacturers and set top box makers vying for market share. Google's emergence has energised things said commentators as has Apple's renewed bid for domination with its TV converter. - link icon  Mark Byfords exit exposes BBCs leadership gap | Media |
It is widely assumed that director general Mark Thompson is planning to exit about 2012 once the London Olympics have taken place, ideally after he has also negotiated the next licence fee settlement. So who is qualified to be in the frame as the next director general of the BBC It would seem that recruiting an executive who has risen through news and current affairs, the path to the top which Thompson trod, is now out of favour. - link icon  BBC Trust - Chairmans Statement On Deputy Director General
Please visit the BBC Trust homepage to find the information you want. you may have typed the web address incorrectly - please check the spelling, or that there are no spaces or capital letters. Alternatively, please try the other links and search box on this page. - link icon  New Edition of BBC Editorial Guidelines launched today
- link icon  Peter Salmon to step down from BBC executive board
More details about further changes to the executive board are due to be revealed shortly as part of the director general Mark Thompson's plan to slim down his top team. Salmon hit the headlines after it emerged in July that he would not be moving to live in Salford the home of the BBC's new northern headquarters. It is understood that when Salmon became BBC North director the corporation did not include a clause in his contract stipulating he had to move to Salford. - link icon  Rupert Murdoch BSkyB decision: the Fox in Vince Cables backyard | Michael White | Politics…
What a rotten week, thrust into the heart of painful rows, first over student finance and now Rupert Murdoch's tightening grip over the British media industry. Did he come into elective politics and become a senior minister at 67 to be battered from all quarters What mischief to give the job to Dr Vince ... - link icon  Sorry Rupert, money is power and your BSkyB deal could threaten rivals | Media | guardian.…
I found myself way out on a limb this morning in the face of an unprecedented alliance of media companies lined up in opposition to Rupert Murdoch's proposal to acquire complete ownership of BSkyB. Not then, and not since, has Sky News - BSkyB's only public service channel - been found to have breached broadcasting impartiality rules. Indeed, despite its small audiences, it has performed well. -

Tuesday 12 October 2010, AM link icon  BBC lays off 475,000-a-year deputy director general -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
- link icon  Sky Sports big budget dwarfs competitors | Media | The Guardian
The satellite broadcaster fought hard to win control of live Premier League football in the 1990s, and with a budget of about 1bn a year it is easily able to outspend rivals, reducing competitors to a handful of events, most of which are restricted by law to free-to-air television. A tie-up with News Corporation, though, would increase Sky's firepower across Europe. Sky is already easily able to outbid rivals for sports it wants, such as cricket, which is no longer on live on free television after Sky paid 50m a year to snatch the rights from Channel 4 which was only able to bid a third of that sum a few months before England's home Ashes triumph in 2005. - link icon  Rupert Murdoch: Mr Cables obligation | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian
Would anyone in their right mind want Rupert Murdoch to end up owning nearly half the British national press as well as the richest broadcaster in the country in revenue terms, twice the size of the BBC The simple answer is no. Is this because of some knee-jerk anti-Murdoch prejudice Again, no. It would be wrong for any company or individual to be allowed that kind of dominance over the media landscape in this or, indeed, any country. -

Monday 11 October 2010, PM link icon  Rupert Murdoch and BSkyB: how powerful would a takeover make him? | Media |…
- link icon  British media join forces against Murdoch takeover of BSkyB | Media | The Guardian
Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is proposing a full takeover of satellite broadcaster BSkyB. The signatories argue against a combined Murdoch multimedia empire that would have a turnover of 7.5bn compared with the BBC's 4.8bn. Over the past week both the Telegraph and the Mail have been critical of the government's plans to cut child benefit for higher-rate taxpayers, indicating strained relations between the two right-of-centre newspapers and Cameron's government. - link icon  The TARDIS crash lands in America for series six of Doctor Who
They will also be joined by Alex Kingston who reprises her role as River Song. Series six will start airing on BBC One in spring 2011 and has been split into two blocks, with the second block airing in autumn 2011. By splitting the series Moffat plans to give viewers one of the most exciting Doctor Who cliffhangers and plot twists ever, leaving them waiting, on the edge of their seats, until the autumn to find out what happens. - link icon  4Music/ITN to co-pro breakfast show | News | Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  Turning the heat on Rupert Murdoch | Media | The Guardian
It is March 2015, a couple of months before the general election. One media company bestrides British politics spanning television, newspapers and the internet. It is more than twice the size of the BBC, with a turnover of 9bn. - link icon  Ofcom | Broadcast Bulletin Issue number 167 11/10/10
Some of the language and descriptions used in Ofcom's Broadcast Bulletin may therefore cause offence. The three programmes complained of followed a similar format presenters moderating a phone-in where viewers put questions seeking guidance and instruction in the Islamic religion to a small group of scholars. The licence for this channel is held by Ummah Channel Limited. - link icon  Company profile for BSkyB | Guardian Sustainable Business |
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