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Briantist: BBC Trust to cοnduct fresh review into how much it pays biggest stars TV Radio Media The Independent The review
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Briantist: Does radio have sοmething to fear from the connected dash Much has been said about the connected dash in recent
Briantist: Ariel Trust to tɑke second look at talent pay It will begin a review later this spring to see whether the is for
Briantist: @tgheretford trevorjharris has posted Actually Peter there are some stations on the internet which use the FLAC I
Briantist: @rodgeaustin @g0wfv @theonionator @sherbetbunny87 @mos_sy JOHN WEBSTER has posted Hi Carrying on from my previous
Briantist: @rodgeaustin @g0wfv @theonionator @sherbetbunny87 @mos_sy JOHN WEBSTER has posted Hi We have both satellite on our
Briantist: Ofcom Broadcast Digital Radio Technical Codes and Guidance
Briantist: BT to switch off original BT Vision service seenit co υk BT has announced plans to close down its classic BT and
Online_Marlow: RT @Briantist: TV channel for Irish diaspora says it will creɑte 150 jobs Marketing News Daily Media Trends More The…

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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Monday 19 July 2010, AM link icon  Getting broadband the last mile to a tiny hamlet | Ask Jack | Technology |
We are blocked from the local WiMax signal by a hill, and the 3G option is dreadfully slow and outrageously expensive for anything except checking your mail once a day. It's also risky because installing the connection is a sunk cost for the operator and there's no guarantee you'll keep paying for the service. There are also lots of more focused alternatives such as microwave towers if you have enough money or enough users. In your case, the two most likely approaches are some sort of WiMax repeater or a satellite connection. - link icon  Freesat considers pay-TV offering | Media |
There is a lot of discussion around the Freesat and pay television issues taking place at board level. It offers more than 150 channels, high definition and access to the BBC iPlayer. Freesat is financed by a 10.7m annual budget, which comes from shareholders and revenue. - link icon  Stephen Glover: Who in Fleet Street will defend the BBC? -Stephen Glover, Opinion - The In…
He strongly implied that the licence fee would be cut from 2012. These remarks were strikingly at variance with those of his number two, Ed Vaizey, who suggested on 22 May that the coalition would shelve Tory plans to freeze the licence fee. Aware of the looming threat, it recently announced the closing of its generous pension scheme to new members and a cut of 25 per cent over the next 18 months in its salary bill for top executives. -

Sunday 18 July 2010, PM link icon  Skriaig switchover underway
The second and final stage of switchover takes place on 28 July when the remaining analogue channels will be switched off permanently. DTG Staff 15.07.2010 Links open in a new window. The DTG is not responsible for the content of other web sites. - link icon  BBC veteran takes Radio 4 helm - with an Extra -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
The BBC played it safe by appointing a corporation veteran of 34 years experience to the coveted role of controller of Radio 4. The appointment of someone with vast radio production experience will please Radio 4s core audience who are famously resistant to change. The chastening experience may have made him less inclined to risk appointing a radio outsider to a network which is seen as such a national treasure that listeners sometimes compare it to a Ming Vase. - link icon  BBC licence fee could be cut, warns minister -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
The BBC licence fee could be cut under the Government's public spending austerity drive, the Culture Secretary said today. It is when the licence fee is renewed. There are huge numbers of things that need to be changed at the BBC. - link icon  PVRs lose InView Freeview EPG updates - Which? News
InView, the company that provided the EPG service to the digital TV boxes, has reportedly said that the contract to provide the guide has expired and will not be renewed. I'm disappointed as I now have to replace my otherwise perfectly-functional Freeview recorder'. Part of the requirement for this certification is the carriage of a seven-day EPG, which the above listed models now fail to provide. - link icon  Journalism jobs and news from
- link icon  Virgin Media may appeal against Project Canvas
Virgin Media believes that Project Canvas will be anti competitive. This will form the basis of the firms argument against the scheme, which recently was given the green light by the BBC Trust. Project Canvas plans to take the current free to view digital TV services, Freeview and Freesat, to a wider audience online. - link icon  Where are the DVB-T2 PC tuners? : Page - 1/1
It's been more than six months since the disastrous first broadcasts of Freeview HD. This author has been stood, money in hand, ready to buy the hardware to get Freeview HD, yet even today, there's not a single suitable product available. Not a single one has been paid for and received by a consumer here in the UK because nowhere is selling them. - link icon  Remote areas miss out in digital switch From Western Telegraph)
Remote areas miss out in digital switch 850am Sunday 18th July 2010 in News Dinas Cross residents could be missing out on some television channels due to interference from an Irish transmitter. Cllr Kilmister said that some residents had changed from Freeview to Freesat, which allowed them to access all channels, but stated they should have been told this may be necessary before buying the freeview package. He added Some people are really upset about this. -

Saturday 17 July 2010, AM link icon  Minister Jeremy Hunt says licence fee 'could be cut'
The BBC recently announced plans to cut its top managers' pay bill. The aim is to reduce their pay by a quarter over 18 months. The BBC seems to have got the message, starting to reduce pensions and management pay - but it's likely to have to go further. -

Friday 16 July 2010, AM link icon  Broadband Britain rollout delayed by three years
The previous government had set 2012 as a deadline for network to be in place. BT also warned that it will cost billions to get fast broadband to every part of Britain. The government says industry must find ways to solve the problems. -

Thursday 15 July 2010, AM link icon  BBC iPlayer on Android update
I've been following the comments on my recent post about BBC iPlayer on mobile on Android 2.2 phones with interest and want to address some of the points raised. First, it's worth reflecting on what we are trying to achieve with the BBC iPlayer on mobile service. In doing so, it should aim to be regarded as a high quality BBC service by its users and so contribute to their approval of the BBC. - link icon  BSkyB completes Virgin Media Television deal | Media |
In completing the deal Sky paid Virgin Media and initial 105m and up to a further 55m if and when the deal achieves regulatory clearance in the UK. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  UK channels spend on new homegrown shows falls by more than 150m | Media |
Ofcom's annual public service broadcasting report shows that the combined spend by the UK's PSBs on new homegrown shows fell by 6 year on year to 2.3bn as the recession hit advertising revenues. Five swung the axe the deepest, cutting spend on UK-originated, first-run PSB programming by 28 year on year to 69m. Overall the BBC cut spend by just 1, to 1.2bn. - link icon  InView ends 14 day EPG service
Carriage of the 7 day standard EPG forms part of the requirement for the Digital Tick certification mark. Certified products which carry the Digital Tick signify to consumers that these products will work with the standard 7 day EPG. Viewers who wish to complain should contact their equipment manufacturer. - link icon  BBC beats ITV in World Cup viewers clash -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
On BBC1, Spain's 1-0 win against Holland drew a match peak of 17.9 million viewers and a 60 share of the audience between 9.55pm and 10pm. On rival broadcaster ITV, which was also showing the final, figures peaked at 3.8 million between 10pm and 10.05pm - a 13 share of the audience. The BBC said its match audience average was 4.5 times higher than ITV's viewing figures. - link icon  After 24 years, Alan Bleasdale is back on the BBC -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
The Liverpudlian, one of Britain's most influential television writers and social commentators, has made a three-hour epic for BBC2 that examines man's responsibilities unto man. Inevitably, there is a strong Liverpool connection to the drama, which will be told in two 90-minute films. As well as carrying 268 British soldiers, 160 of their free Polish allies and 80 civilians including families evacuated from Cairo and Palestine the vessel was transporting 1,800 Italian prisoners of war. - link icon  After 70 years monitoring the airwaves, BBC listening post could be cut off -TV Radio, Med…
BBC Monitoring, a little-known section of the corporation which listens in on 3,000 media sources from around the world, is facing swingeing budget cuts as a result of a drop in its government funding which could lead to its closure. For nearly 70 years, workers at the former stately home in Caversham, near Reading, have monitored publicly available material in more than 100 languages to provide a running digest of global journalism for senior civil servants, ministers and commercial clients. Managers are likely to be asked to find savings of 3.2m during the next two years, making the trimming of key services inevitable, according to managers. - link icon  Jon Gaunt loses court challenge over Nazi jibe -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
Jon Gaunt, who made the comments on his daily Talksport radio show in November 2008, said the media watchdog's stance was an unlawful interference with his freedom of expression. His heated interview with Councillor Michael Stark about Redbridge Council's decision to ban smokers from becoming foster parents - for which he later apologised - drew 53 complaints from listeners. Following Ofcom's investigation, it imposed no sanction on either Talksport or Mr Gaunt. -

Monday 12 July 2010, AM link icon  MediaGuardian 100 2010 | Media |
The criteria used A panel of experienced media watchers from the worlds of politics, journalism, advertising, television and the internet judged entrants using three criteria cultural influence, economic clout and political power. - link icon  Meet Matthew Cain, Channel 4 Newss first culture editor | Media | The Guardian
Jim Gray, editor of the 7pm news programme, clearly believes so, because today he appoints Matthew Cain, 35, as its first culture editor. A lot of hope is riding on Cain, who will play a key role in a significant broadening of C4 News's agenda, planned for the autumn. He is joining a new arts board set up by Tabitha Jackson, the channel's arts commissioner, to oversee cross-platform coverage. - link icon  The BBC Trust is cosying up to Jeremy Hunt | Media | The Guardian
Does Tim Davie, the BBC's director of audio and music, have a strategy The BBC Trust in effect said he didn't when it last week rejected his plan to shut Radio 6 Music. Which was quite an indictment for a very senior executive charged with piloting BBC Radio into the digital age and paid 450,000 a year to do so. - link icon  Richard Desmond in the running to buy Channel Five | Media | The Observer
He is understood to have reached the final round of the auction for Five being run by US investment bank JP Morgan. In a recent Radio 4 interview, Desmond said he hoped to be involved in media consolidation, but has never confirmed an interest in loss-making Five. ITV and Channel Four are believed to have withdrawn from the bidding. -

Saturday 10 July 2010, PM link icon  Matt Deegan Writes Digital Upgrade: Where do you stand?
Theres still a significant chunk of radio people who are either on the fence about DAB/digital or are firmly in the no camp. If thats you, the one question I ask you to think about is What will happen to radio industry if digital radio doesnt happen In the UK, in the analogue world, the news is about consolidation and networking. However, crucially, at the same time, no room for new analogue competitors. - link icon  Tech podcast: Skype HD on TV and PC recycling - Which? News
Nick Baker is out and about to see the best ways to get cash for your old mobile phone, and reveals how donating your old PC to ComputerAid could benefit African schools. You need Flash Player to view this content which you can download for free from Adobe - link icon  Clearing up those digital radio listening figures - James Cridland
After a long break, Ive made a tentative trip back into the usenet group, mainly to correct a few false allegations being made about me. One of those allegations was that I delete blog comments that dont agree with my point of view not true, and Ive now published my commenting policy which details when I do, and dont, delete comments. Anyway, back to whats clear is that this 50 digital radio listening figure isnt quite understood. -

Friday 09 July 2010, PM link icon  Roger Bolton on saving 6 Music
Every week we're publishing one item from Radio 4's accountability programme Feedback. He wrote to Feedback and we invited him onto the programme back in March. Peter Crocker is a modest chap and keen to point out that many many others were involved in the campaign to 'save' 6 Music and insists his role was a minor one. - link icon  BBC - PM: Old Radios
It was hidden from the Germans during the war as there were severe penalties for listening to the BBC. Always a solid signal, unlike the DAB in the kitchen, which I now only use as an MP3 player. Actually she is a SW radio but has all the bands on her her FM is fine. - link icon  Channel Five quits Project Canvas | Media |
Five, which has been put up for sale by its parent company RTL, is one of seven partners in the venture, which is expected to launch next year. The BBC Trust has said that the cost of Project Canvas, including development, launch, and the first four years' running costs, will be 115.6m. It is not known if the announcement about Five will affect the plan. - link icon  ITV rebrands GMTV as Daybreak | Media |
The new Daybreak logo overlaid on the GMTV logo. Both shows will be filmed in new studios. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  Let the market decide the digital switchover question - James Cridland
Total listening to radio via all digital radio platforms DAB, internet, DTV needs to reach 50. Once this threshold is reached then the government will decide whether it wants to instruct the major players in the broadcasting industry to come off analogue FM and AM and if it does decide to do that, those analogue frequencies will be vacated after two years. The analogue spectrum will still be used by smaller local radio stations. -

Friday 09 July 2010, AM link icon  Irish signals may cause Pembrokeshire TV channels loss
8 July 2010 Last updated at 1159 ET Television viewers in a Pembrokeshire community may be missing channels due to signal interference from Ireland. The television channels believe an Irish broadcaster may be using some of the same frequencies which they say would account for the problem. County councillor for the area, Bob Kilmister, said when the digital switchover first occurred people in the village could receive the full spectrum of channels. - link icon  BBC to launch 61 new DAB TXs
- link icon  BBC announces plans for digital radio
- link icon  Digital radio switchover confirmed -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
Communications Minister Ed Vaizey will today announce the new Government is to press ahead with a switchover to digital radio - but will shy away from setting a date. A provisional target date of 2015 had been identified by the outgoing Labour government but Mr Vaizey will say a decision will not be made until half of all radio listening is via digital sources. For many drivers it will mean the prospect of buying new radios or using conversion kits as digital radios are not often fitted as standard. -

Thursday 08 July 2010, AM link icon  BT and TalkTalk challenge Digital Economy Act
The two internet service providers want the High Court to clarify the legality of the act before it is implemented. The act became law shortly before parliament was dissolved in the so-called wash-up period. It meant it was subject to a shorter debate than other acts. - link icon  Six is the magic number: Why BBC 6 Musics reprieve is good news for listeners and for the …
This was good news to me, and not just because I'm a 6 Music fan. 6 Music is a unique outlet for specialist music and talent, and a source of some 30 hours a week of independent commissioning that our creative sector can ill afford to lose. Many listeners may not realise that some of the BBC's most popular and award-winning radio shows plays, music, comedy and documentaries on everything from science to legal issues are produced by an independent sector comprising around 150 creative companies, based all around the UK. - link icon  Radio Today: Digital switchover continues

Wednesday 07 July 2010, PM link icon  Humax HDR-Fox T2 priced and dated | News | TechRadar UK
The box certainly has its work cut out, with rival models appearing left, right and centre on an almost weekly basis. - link icon  Media players square up in battle for best positions in convergence | Opinion | Marketing …
The repeal of cross-media ownership laws and battles between media owners for content shows the drive to convergence is speeding up. For the past few years, media pundits have followed the inexorable growth of digital new media and anticipated the parallel decline of the traditional old broadcast sector. Instead, its now clear media consumption will involve the old alongside the new in a converged landscape. - link icon  Eitshal switchover underway
All Freeview viewers in these regions covered by the Eitshal transmitter groups will now need to retune their TVs and boxes. Analogue BBC Two has been turned off permanently at the Eitshal transmitter and digital signals have been switched on at eight relay transmitters serving thousands of homes. These services have moved to new frequencies and can be restored by retuning Freeview TVs and boxes. - link icon  Canvas sets out content protection approach
We have also considered the submissions of key industry participants into the BBC Trust approval process. Our content protection requirements have to cater for the widest possible number of content providers, including giving reassurance to those looking to support pay per view and subscription access to film. The industry is looking for a fully supported DRM solution, and Marlin will give content providers the best option at launch. - link icon  Switchover boosts confidence in new technology
One in three older viewers say that getting ready for digital TV switchover has boosted their confidence with new technology, according to research published by Digital UK. The report found that 31 of over-65s in areas where analogue TV has been switched off felt more tech-savvy as a result of converting to digital. Among all ages, 26 said they felt more confident. -

Wednesday 07 July 2010, AM link icon  Pure Oasis Flow weatherproof DAB radio launched - Which? News
06 July 2010 Pure has announced a new digital radio in its line-up - the Pure Oasis Flow - a weatherproof, splashproof, rechargeable portable digital radio. According to Pure, the Oasis Flow will retail for around 170, and is ideal for the bathroom, beach, garden, DIY, boating and barbecues. Pure claims the design of the Oasis Flow includes a splash-resistant case, waterproof vents, a durable cast aluminium frame and rubber seals. - link icon  Ofcom's multiplex renewal plan

Tuesday 06 July 2010, PM link icon  The BBCs approach to combating online piracy
The legislation primarily focused on one approach to preventing online piracy legal action against those who illicitly use peer-to-peer file technology to exchange unlawful copies of copyright material. So I thought it would be useful to take a step back and bring all these different strands of the debate together by summarising the BBC's broad approach to combating piracy in the digital age. For example, in addition to illicit use of file sharing technologies, streaming of whole channels over the internet and services which allow unauthorised access to BBC iPlayer by internet users outside of the UK can also pose challenges. - link icon  Retailers stop sales of analogue TV sets as digital switchover approaches | Media | guardi…
All the major high street electronics retailers have now stopped selling analogue sets after quietly running down their stocks in recent months, in preparation for the switch to digital terrestrial television DTT by 2012. With 5 million homes now transferred to a DTT-only signal and 11 million more due to switch by the end of 2011, new analogue TV sets are of little use to viewers. The phasing out of analogue television began in 2005 after the government announced the country would switch to digital, region by region, by 2012. -

Tuesday 06 July 2010, AM link icon  BBC told to improve service it provides in Scotland - Herald Scotland | News | Home …
Some people also cannot access broadband and digital radio services. -

Monday 05 July 2010, PM link icon  Channel 4 to handle UKTV ad sales | Media |
Sky will take on VMTV's ad sales at the same time. ITV's ad sales operation, which includes its digital channels and GMTV, accounts for around 45 of the market. Channel 4 and BSkyB have held discussions with Five over some form of ad sales partnership. - link icon  BBC daytime programming criticised by trust | Media |
The BBC's flagship TV network was also criticised for offering a narrower range of output in peaktime. Similar criticism was levelled at BBC4 and the trust said it would work with management to create a new remit for the digital channel. The BBC also defended its current affairs output. - link icon  Ofcom rejects complaints over Sky News election coverage | Media |
Adam Boulton viewers had objected to his treatment of Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. Boulton, the Sky News political editor, attracted 1,787 complaints. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link icon  BBC Trust - Lyons sets out initial conclusions on future direction of the BBC
Please visit the BBC Trust homepage to find the information you want. you may have typed the web address incorrectly - please check the spelling, or that there are no spaces or capital letters. Alternatively, please try the other links and search box on this page. - link icon  BBC 6 Music saved from closure -TV Radio, Media - The Independent
The BBC proposed the station's demise under a strategy rethink, sparking protests from politicians and stars from the worlds of music and broadcasting. Publicity generated by their campaign helped boost the small station's audience to more than one million listeners a week. The plan needed the approval of the Corporation's governing body, the BBC Trust. -

Monday 05 July 2010, AM link icon  How Michael Lyons is fighting to save the BBC Trust | Media | The Guardian
Sir Michael Lyons is a battle-hardened apparatchik who tackled plenty of vested interests during a long career in local government. There is probably no better preparation for life at the BBC. Now the chairman of the BBC Trust must draw on all his experience as a political street fighter as he seeks to save his own job and possibly even the trust itself from the threat of liquidation at the hands of the new government. - link icon  Sky and BT are engaged in a bigger battle than a sports price war | Media | The Guardian
Sky has increased the prices of its premium sports channels, rather than slashing them. The Ofcom pay-TV review which led to BT and others getting the access they craved to Sky's premium sports channels at reduced regulated prices was widely predicted to lead to prices being slashed. No doubt there is some truth in that, and 8-10 price increases are a relatively regular feature of Sky's business history. - link icon  Why Sky News has an attitude problem -Stephen Glover, Opinion - The Independent
Does Rupert Murdoch want to turn Sky News into Fox News Fox is an unashamedly right-wing American television news channel owned by Mr Murdoch. Sky News, by contrast, is pretty even-handed, constrained as it is by Britain's television impartiality laws. - link icon  DTG consults on innovation and interoperability in UK digital terrestrial television
It opened on Friday 2July and will close on Monday 20 September. Details of how to respond are available on the DTG website at Later this year we will publish the 7th edition of the specification, making hybrid Connected TV devices a reality for viewers. - link icon  Japan not that interested in 3D TV
It's been dubbed as a televisual revolution, the year when 3D tech bursts out of cinemas and into living rooms. If there was one nation of early adopters you'd have banked on jumping head-first into the 3D fray, it'd be the tech-savvy consumers of Japan, right That's not a bad number for a sample pool really, which must send chills down the spines of Samsung and Sony execs. - link icon  HbbTV specification approved by ETSI
The consortium charter, signed by all of the founding members, signals the opening of the consortium for membership for organisations wanting to become involved in the groups activities and is a significant development for HbbTV. The recent completion of the second HbbTV interoperability event also demonstrates widespread support and commitment from across the value chain for the HbbTV initiative. DTG Staff 02.07.2010 Links open in a new window. - link icon  Scaling the BBC iPlayer to handle demand
One of the key goals we set ourselves when we developed the new iPlayer was that it would have to be fast to use. We understand that any delay in getting you to the video is frustrating as the site is just a jumping off point into TV and Radio content. Displaying a web page in the browser contains many steps, some we can control some we can't. - link icon  3D TV test results back from the Which? Lab - Which? News
'Over the coming years, however, we can expect the amount of 3D content available to rapidly grow and the price to fall. At present, watching 3D TV at home with the heavy active shutter glasses is a little too much like hard work.' - link icon  Now live on DirecTV: TVs first set of 3D-only HDTV channels | Tech Gear News - Betanews
Why did Panasonic pitch in on the rollout of DirecTV's 3D channels -

Saturday 03 July 2010, PM link icon  Why Project Canvas Will Revolutionise The Way We Watch TV -
Indeed, some are already saying that Canvas is the next logical evolution of iPlayer with many more channels and significantly more features. The fact that the service will be known as Youview, a portmanteau for Youtube and Freeview, illustrates this case perfectly. By blending the two approach, Canvas expects to deliver the best of both worlds, a traditional, curated approach and the wilderness of the internet. - link icon  Next-generation iPlayer service on the way

Friday 02 July 2010, AM link icon  Is radio too London-centric? - James Cridland
As Ive said before, I was amazed at how introverted the BBC is as an organisation they simply dont know whats going on in the commercial radio sector, much less actually tune in. Its not London vs the rest of the country its the BBC vs commercial radio. The majority of commercial radio groups dont intermingle, too. - link icon  RT Begins 24 Hour Broadcasts on UKs Freeview - News on News
- link icon  InView/4TV ends Freeview box EPG updates - Digital Spy
InView Technology, the company which provides 14-day updates to Freeview electronic programming guides, has terminated the service to certain receivers. InView/4TV is also not thought to be in negotiations to renew the contract, meaning that the updates will most likely never return for the affected receivers. The removal of EPG updates for the PVRs means that their recording functionality is significantly reduced as the box will not provide any advance programme information. - link icon  5 Live introduces Men's Hour
- link icon  BT locks horns with Sky over pricing for sports -Business News, Business - The Independent…
BT ratcheted up the battle for pay TV viewers as it yesterday unveiled aggressive prices to offer customers Sky's premier sports channels. Sky was furious about BT's new pricing model. BT believes there is a huge market to play for after it carried out research that found four million homes were interested in Sky Sports content but currently found it too expensive. -

Thursday 01 July 2010, PM link icon  Whats On BBC Red Button: 3rd - 16th July
Setting a hymn to the divine creative spirit alongside words from the closing scene of Goethe's Faust, the work expresses the idea of redemption through the power of love. It promises to be a fitting start to the world's greatest classical music festival and a nod to the Proms' founder and conductor, Sir Henry Wood, who gave the work its UK premire 80 years ago. During the First Night performance digital viewers can press the red button to hear a unique insight into the evening's works as three orchestral players provide a live commentary on the music. - link icon  Ideal Shopping Direct: Ideal World Continues to Profit from Niche Product Categories and I…
To find what you're looking for, try one of these options MarketWatch Front Page A starting place for all your financial news and information needs. - link icon  Sir Michael Lyons makes history by acknowledging the BBC is overfunded | Media | guardian.…
Photograph Graeme Robertson Last night's speech by Sir Michael Lyons was historic by any standards. For the first time in three decades, the chairman of the BBC Trust has said that the corporation will no longer seek inflationary rises to the licence fee. That means in the next round of negotiations, for the four years from April 2013, a real cut is likely. -

Wednesday 30 June 2010, PM link icon  Sky wrongfoots rival BT by raising prices | Media | The Guardian
The cost of watching Sky Sports is going up - but probably not for BT Vision customers. The move means BT is likely to make a loss on providing sports coverage. Ofcom demanded that Sky drop its prices by more than 20. - link icon  BBC to save 6Music after public outcry | Entertainment | News Comment | The First Post
The BBC could be about to save 6Music, the digital radio station it recommended just four months ago should be axed. The sweeping changes set out in the review are aimed at reducing the size of the BBC's reach in order to give its commercial rivals room to breathe. The fact that 6Music has almost no commercial rivals seemed to have been forgotten and Thompson could not have expected the stations relatively small listenership of 620,000 to respond so vociferously. - link icon  BBC Trust bows to pressure to publish star presenters salaries | Media | The Guardian
The BBC's governing body has bowed to public pressure and ordered the corporation to publish more details of the salaries paid to its top presenters and stars. It risks opening a rift with BBC managers, who have fiercely resisted calls to publish details of individual contracts on confidentiality grounds. The BBC has already told staff paid more than 37,726 a year they will have their pay frozen this year, while those on less will get a flat 475 rise. - link icon  Who will take a punt on the future of Five? | Markets Analysis
- link icon  TV series skipping TV broadcasts in favor of the web: how to watch them for free -Media, N…
Since the rise of BitTorrent, peer-to-peer P2P sharing, and live video streaming sites, broadcasting companies have been fighting against consumers who download content illegally on the web. For consumers, P2P sharing, BitTorrents and on demand video streaming provide the flexibility of being able to consume their favorite TV shows at a time that is compatible with their busy schedules. According to a 2009 study conducted by German-based bandwidth management company Ipoque, the transfer of BitTorrent files made up an estimated 27 to 55 percent of all internet traffic in 2009. -

Wednesday 30 June 2010, AM link icon  Al-Jazeera English to launch on Freeview | Media |
David Frost presents a weekly chatshow on al-Jazeera English. The English-language version of the Arabic news channel will be available in about 10 million homes that get digital TV via Freeview from tomorrow. Al-Jazeera English is currently available in about 10 million homes that subscribe to Sky's digital satellite TV service or have Freesat. - link icon  BBC content-sharing deal live from today - Brand Republic News
- link icon  ITV endures worst day in 55 years | News | Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  BBC Trust loses two trustees | Media |
This year, eight of the BBC's 12 trustees come up for re-appointment. However, while Hodgson is understood to be continuing for another four years, some of the other trustees are requesting they serve only a two-year term. Bharucha and Lewis-Jones have been trustees since the trust was established in October 2006. - link icon  InView ends Freeview box EPG updates
InView Technology, the company which provides 14-day updates to Freeview electronic programming guides, has terminated the service to certain receivers. InView/4TV is also not thought to be in negotiations to renew the contract, meaning that the updates will most likely never return for the affected receivers. The removal of EPG updates for the PVRs means that their recording functionality is significantly reduced as the box will not provide any advance programme information. - link icon  Windows 8 Plans Leaked: Numerous Details Revealed | Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Office 15 …
A big thanks to floo1989 for the heads-up Over the weekend, the Italian Windows site Windowsette got a hold of some super secret squirrel Microsoft presentations apparently laying around on the internet somewhere. Long story short, these slide decks are chock full of internal thinking on Windows 8 everything from customer target audiences to the Windows 8 developer market to the Windows 8 product cycle and much, much more. - link icon  Proposals for product placement on TV and paid-for references to brands and products on ra…
Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. 4G auction bidders announced December 20, 2012 Ofcom has today announced the bidders in the forthcoming 4G mobile spectrum auction the largest ever sale of mobile airwaves in the UK. npower fined for making abandoned calls December 6, 2012 The conclusion of an Ofcom investigation has today found npower, the gas and electricity supplier, to be in breach of rules on abandoned calls. - link icon  We thought they had it all now baby boomers get own TV channel -TV Radio, Media - The Inde…
Now, when they are tired of roaring about on their new motorbikes, working out at the gym or renovating their Umbrian farmhouses, the baby-boomer generation will be able to relax with its own television channel. Vintage TV, which is due to begin broadcasting in September, is aimed at the over-fifties. It will focus on culture and music from the post-war rock'n'roll years from the Berlin airlift to the fall of Mrs Thatcher. - link icon  Project Canvas, the BBC-backed next generation of Freeview boxes, to be offered for free -…
Alexander also revealed that TalkTalk would actively discourage consumers from buying the new set-top box who are not achieving sufficient line speeds as they will struggle to stream content from the web. He said that at peak TV watching time, in the early evening, 20 per cent of the population, would not be able to achieve sufficient line speeds to successfully stream content from the web, using Project Canvass offering. Halton said that this figure averaged out at 10 per cent, and mainly affected those people the Government is already focused on helping who live in very rural areas, with limited web connectivity. -

Monday 28 June 2010, PM link icon  BBC Trust approves Project Canvas
Project Canvas, or YouView as it may be branded, is a proposed joint venture between the BBC and six other partners to develop a new platform for television devices and displays that can access programming delivered on demand over broadband as well as through traditional broadcasts. One condition is that the specification must be published, but critics of Project Canvas remain unimpressed. Project Canvas is a proposed partnership between the BBC and the main commercial public service broadcasters in Britain, together with two leading broadband service providers and the national transmission service operator. -

Monday 28 June 2010, AM link icon  Sky Sports 1 and 2 available to BT Vision customers
Customers will be able to view the channels from 1 August, in time for the start of the domestic football season. In March, Ofcom ruled that Sky would have to cut the price it charged rivals to show its premium sports channels. In the past it said it would charge about 15 a month for Sky Sports 1, but Ofcom's charges were higher than it expected. - link icon  Adding up the cost of the downturn | Peter Kirwan | Media | The Guardian
In his debut Channel 4 results presentation last week, chief executive David Abraham was surprisingly upbeat. Pessimism surrounds the chances of ITV, C4 and Five rebuilding revenues and profits to anything like pre-recession levels. Meanwhile, looming ever closer, there's the question of whether commercial broadcasters after years of under-performance can finally capitalise upon the web without destroying the traditional broadcasting business that sustains such huge programme-making budgets. - link icon  Is this the end of daytime TV? | Stephen Armstrong | Media | The Guardian
Yet at least his most high-profile work was late-night rather than a slot daytime TV that has been written off by commentators. In part, it's because daytime is undergoing something close to a revolution. Meanwhile there has been speculation the BBC will have to review its daytime programming, given concern over cost-cutting in areas not seen as core public service output. - link icon  BSkyB, BT Group sign sports channel deal - MarketWatch
BT said that it will disclose pricing terms shortly. BSkyB is roughly 39-owned by News Corp., the parent of MarketWatch. - link icon  Channel 4 News to be revamped as part of post-Big Brother shake-up | Media | The Guardian
Channel 4 has said that it will not be replacing its main news presenter, Jon Snow Channel 4 is to overhaul its news and current affairs output as part of a creative revamp partly prompted by the axing of Big Brother. An integrated news website to mesh with Channel 4 News is being built in a 500,000 upgrade, and will include a new fact-check facility, plus special reports and a distinctive take on the day's news. Stories about culture and arts will have greater prominence, with a new culture editor to be named this week. - link icon  GAMETANK TAKES OVER TV NEWS FREEVIEW CHANNELS 89 90
Fans of the latter game will also be delighted to see an exclusive interview with Charles Martinet the voice of Mario himself at the recent midnight launch of the game. You can also check out the YouTube channel at, where you can view all previous shows. -

Friday 25 June 2010, PM link icon  You cant beat the sports TV pirates, so join them | Seth Freedman | Comment is free | guar…
The epic Wimbledon match between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner was widely available on pirated live internet streams. Photograph Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters As millions sat glued to their television screens watching the epic Isner-Mahut tennis battle this week, countless others took the opportunity to watch the match illegally over the internet. Thanks to the proliferation of illicit websites offering live streaming of every major sporting event, huge amounts of broadcast revenue are being siphoned out of the world of sports threatening the industry in the same way that Napster and Limewire decimated the music business. - link icon  BBC Trust approves Project Canvas
Please visit the BBC Trust homepage to find the information you want. you may have typed the web address incorrectly - please check the spelling, or that there are no spaces or capital letters. Alternatively, please try the other links and search box on this page. - link icon  BBC - BBC Internet Blog: Round up: Friday 25 June 2010
Briantist, aka Brian Butterworth or should that be Brian Butterworth aka Briantist, has put together the excellent little icon iPlayer image featured at the top of this round up. I've made 5,000 of the programme images into a single relevant image. The Archive team have put up a World Cup collection, starting with interviews with the 1966 World Cup winning squad but over the next couple of weeks they'll be adding to it. - link icon  BBC Trust approves Project Canvas | Media |
BskyB has questioned whether the BBC should be involved in such a commercial service. These include a guarantee to properly engage with industry, a thorny issue that has led to criticism from industry trade body the Digital Television Group. The trust has said that the cost of Project Canvas, including development, launch, and to the end of the first four years it is running, will be 115.6m. - link icon  BBC Trust approves Project Canvas - TV news -