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play Media: BBC\'s coverage of raid on Sir Cliff; covering the Missouri riots; Sky\'s diversity… link icon  #9 - Scotland debate update, Company magazine closes, Edinburgh preview
play Media: Local TV\'s first casualty; the class action against Facebook; reporting suicide

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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Thursday 19 June 2014, AM link icon  After 25 years at the helm Jeremy Paxman presents his final Newsnight - Telegraph
Paxman described the iconic bikes as rubbish, lumbering and uncomfortable although the mayor hit back saying they were beautiful machines. He also asked the mayor why it was such a bloody nightmare cycling in London. He also said recent polls suggested Ed Miliband had about as much appeal as a flatulent dog in a lift. - link icon  Broadcast radio accounts for two-thirds of all audio listening in US
Some interesting figures today from Edison Research, who have looked at radio's total share of all audio consumption above, or here if you're reading this via RSS or email. When in New York last year, I noted cable carrying a set of services including radio simulcasts and non-stop radio-like music channels. Of note, this research reports podcast share at 1.7. -

Wednesday 18 June 2014, AM link icon  Jeremy Hunt reaffirms his faith in local TV despite low viewing ratings - Media - theguard…
Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary who championed the launch of local TV stations in his previous job as culture secretary, has been defending his initiative. - link icon  RadioToday - Absolute 80s 5 live get Freesat Awards
Absolute 80s last won the award in 2010 whilst Absolute Radio won it in 2011 and 2013. Controller Jonathan Wall tweeted Delighted that 5 live has won best news channel at the freesat awards for 3rd year running. - link icon  Media Focus - Fortnightly podcast giving the inside view on what's happening in the media
Paul Blanchard is joined by senior media professionals to discuss what's happening behind the scenes. Gain an insight into front-of-mind issues for journalists, editors, producers and key media influencers. -

Tuesday 17 June 2014, PM link icon  Set voters free - or pay the consequences - Comment - Broadcast
Paid voting should be killed off in favour of free interaction, says Monterosa chief executive Tom McDonnell. Live interaction regularly plays a part in the re-invention of TV formats. We’re seeing another generation of interactive ideas emerge this year — some will be good, some will fall flat, but at least one will be a hit. A greater shift to mobile and cloud computing is helping to power more convenient, scalable interactive technology. - link icon  RadioToday - Ofcom gets positive responses for DAB+
DAB is included in the minimum specification for any new radio sets which are sold in the UK, as revealed last December. Arqiva, owner of the first and only national commercial DAB multiplex wants to be assured the second national multiplex owner had the same rules on DAB as the first. The transmission company also wants confirmation on the 30 limit for DAB services whether thats in addition to the current 30 permitted use for data services or instead of. - link icon  RadioToday - Ofcom to offer new licences for 12 years
Ofcom is to extend the duration of advertised or re-advertised local commercial analogue radio licences from seven to 12 years. The decision comes after a consultation earlier this year which received 12 replies. After considering responses, Ofcom has decided that its policy will now be to grant licences for a period of 12 years, the regulator says today. -

Monday 16 June 2014, PM link icon  YouView vows to appeal after latest Trademark defeat -
Total uses the similar Your View brand for a number of database products and argued that the YouView brand could cause confusion or dilute its own brand. Whilst Total may not compare to YouView in terms of size, we both operate in the same industry space. We protect our rights to brand ownership and wholeheartedly defend those rights as any business should otherwise we would never have registered our marks in the first place. -

Sunday 15 June 2014, PM link icon  Fox will get £6.8bn windfall from BSkyB's pan-European pay-TV deal - Media - theguardian.…
BSkyB, as Media Guardian reported last month, is seeking to buy out its sister companies in Germany and Italy. All three businesses are, of course, controlled by Fox. Together, they would form one of Europe's biggest and most profitable TV operators, serving nearly 20m households. - link icon  Nearly half a million BBC iPlayer users avoid paying licence fee - Mail Online
Viewers who use the service to watch catch-up programmes online for free can escape the 145.50 annual charge by declaring they do not own a television set or see live shows. Last year, 463,846 opted out in this way, a rise of more than 35,000 in 12 months. Last year, 463,846 opted out of paying the licence fee by saying they only use iPlayer to watch television. -

Friday 13 June 2014, PM link icon  Freeview announces connected television plans - informitv
Freeview and Digital UK have announced plans to develop a Freeview branded connected television service. The shareholders of the two companies, including the leading broadcasters in the United Kingdom, are backing a five-year plan to support the development and marketing of the service, which will bring together the best of broadcast television and video-on-demand delivered over broadband. Guy North, who was previously responsible for marketing Freeview, has taken over as managing director for the existing platform. - link icon  Stephen Fry MADNESS: 'New domain names GENERATE NEW IP NUMBERS' • The Register Forums
To be strictly accurate perhaps pedantic, perhaps not it was an ignorant assertion. He made the rather silly mistake of pontificating about something he apparently does not understand. It's edifying to reflect that this sort of behaviour is perfectly normal in the worlds of business, politics, literature, and culture in general. - link icon  Ariel - The worst office jargons
13 June 2014 Last updated at 0950 It's natural that any language will change with time, absorb new phrases and export words abroad. They lend disproportionate significance to simple actions, or massage egos by validating their efforts. To stem this plague of linguistic crimes, we suggest you set up a charity swear box where perpetrators donate in penance. - link icon  DTG :: News :: The Relationship between the D-Book and Digital UK's Freeview connected ser…
As an interoperability specification, the D-Book defines both the delivery and reception of services. DTG Staff 13.06.2014 Links open in a new window. The DTG is not responsible for the content of other web sites. -

Friday 13 June 2014, AM link icon  Independence for Scots may close off BBC, says Gordon Brown - UK news - The Guardian
The former prime minister said Scottish households were able to share in the BBC television shows, radio and news services that cost nearly 4bn to produce each year, while paying little more than 300m in licence fees. The Voice talent show cost 22m a year to produce, EastEnders 30m and Strictly Come Dancing 10m figures derived from official reports and the media. Brown's aides estimated the cost of the top six shows was equivalent to only 7 a year for all 25m British households. - link icon  ITV Player problems hit World Cup opening match coverage - Media -
ITVs online viewing service has been hit by problems during the opening match of the World Cup. Responding to a barrage of criticism on Twitter, the service said on its feed Were seeing unprecedented numbers of users during the game. It wasnt planned and we know it came at a crucial time during the match. - link icon  Sky News: rolling news, the backbone for a digital future - Media -
The world is undergoing a period of rapid technological change which has prompted some Jeremiahs to suggest that in the digital age specialist news channels have had their day. Sky News is not only a rolling news channel, just as the Guardian is not only a newspaper. As more and more devices get connected to faster broadband, there are limitless opportunities for people to consume the latest content when, where and on the platform they want it. - link icon  Sky News chief hits out at Alain de Botton’s criticism of news media - Media - theguardi…
The head of Sky News has dismissed author Alain de Bottons criticism of news media as part of a staunch defence of rolling news channels, arguing that they play a critical role in the digital era. Ryley also hit back at critics who have recently argued that TV news channels have had their day and will be superseded by online video news, saying Sky News is live and on demand 24/7. He suggests that this quasi-religious aspect of news in the 21st century has a very specific consequence. - link icon  Objectivity and impartiality in digital news coverage - Media -
Are the traditional journalistic disciplines of objectivity and impartiality relevant or wanted in a digital news environment Broadcasters in many countries have been regulated to deliver impartial news. Print journalism has never been regulated in the same way, but the professional codes, standards, and norms of journalism, which developed in the early 20th century, delivered similar standards in the news pages for many decades. - link icon  Sky's 'supplement for not having Sky TV' is the limit - Money - The Observer
Sky says it can't see a problem with charging customer for not taking up its TV service. If this is legal, when I next go to the supermarket, for example, I could be charged for not buying strawberries. It is beyond belief that I have to pay Sky for something I have not requested, nor purchased, and don't have. -

Thursday 12 June 2014, PM link icon  'Freeview Connected will see consumers reappraise the Freeview brand' - News - Marketing W…
Freeview hopes Freeview Connected smart TV offering will make consumers reassess the brand as more modern. A timeframe has yet to be set on when the service will launch, but it is unlikely, given TV product development cycles, that it will roll out until at least 2014. Guy North, Freeview managing director, told Marketing Week We have an ambition to take the nation from the digital world we are in now into a connected world, in the same way Freeview took people from analogue to digital. - link icon  Sky News boss criticises press influence on television newsrooms - Media -…
The head of Sky News has criticised TV broadcasters reliance on newspapers such as the Daily Mail for setting the news agenda. I have always been shocked from the very first time I started in TV news at the reliance on newspapers, he said. I am really keen we do not pursue newspaper stories that perhaps happened in the past. -

Wednesday 11 June 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Radio to shed 65 more posts in second phase of DQF
10 June 2014 Last updated at 1255 Radio is to shed 65 more staff by next April, as it looks to find 6m of savings. Jobs will bear the brunt as radio stations are spared the axe in the second phase of Delivering Quality First. More than 30 production roles will go, while a divisional restructure will make savings by bringing the management and running of certain stations together. - link icon  Ariel - Trust seeks views on BBCs businesses
British programmes, and the corporation's commercial aspects, such as Worldwide's export of shows, after publishing a draft remit on Wednesday. The Trust will review the BBC's compliance with the finalised framework every five years. Business plans are the responsibility of the BBC executive board, who will report quarterly to the Trust. -

Tuesday 10 June 2014, AM link icon  Sky Sports launches new channel dedicated to European football
Sky today announces good news for millions of its customers ahead of the new football season with confirmation that Sky Sports is to launch the first ever television channel dedicated to European football. To take up the offer customers should go online to or call Sky from 12 June onwards. The channel is included as part of the Sky Sports subscription. -

Monday 09 June 2014, PM link icon  Big Brother a target for ITV - Media -
ITV executives have weighed the merits of snatching Big Brother from Channel 5 the broadcasters latest two-year deal expires at the end of the year to boost programming across its expanding portfolio of channels. Big Brother, and its celebrity stablemate, could be used to give newcomer ITVBe a major boost against rival channels. It is thought that discussions at ITV are unlikely to progress to a bid for Big Brother, because the rights remain at a level of about 20m per year. - link icon  Ariel - BBC Two gets Russell Howards Good News
The comedian's mix of topical comments and sketches is one of BBC Three's best-known shows and is regularly among the most popular programmes on iPlayer. If approved, the channel will be solely broadcast on iPlayer from autumn 2015. - link icon  BBC News - Smart TVs subverted by radio attack
9 June 2014 Last updated at 1155 Millions of smart TVs can be hijacked by burying attack code in signals broadcast to the net-connected devices, security experts warn. The attack exploits loopholes in widely used technology that helps smart TVs receive tailored adverts. Once hijacked, the TVs could be made to send messages on behalf of attackers, find other vulnerable devices in a home or launch other attacks across the net. -

Sunday 08 June 2014, PM link icon  Why all broadcasters should buy into Freeview Connected - Media - The Guardian
At last the free digital TV platform currently in 11m homes 20m if you count second sets in Sky and Virgin households is set to get the internet on-demand functionality it needs to stand any chance of competing with rival commercial platforms. But, well-intentioned and necessary though it undoubtedly is, this refocusing on Freeview raises awkward questions about why it has taken so long to happen. Broadcast TV would decline relatively rapidly to be replaced by on-demand services enhanced by new social media and other applications. -

Saturday 07 June 2014, AM link icon  Exeter residents hit by Freeview signal problems - Exeter Express and Echo
Television viewers and radio listening in Exeter are understood to be experiencing signal problems. Comments1 Television viewers and radio listeners in Exeter are understood to be experiencing signal problems. City residents have reported that their Freeview sets and digital radios suddenly went blank at the same time every evening so far this week. - link icon  British TV should reflect the country it s made in, says Happy Valley writer - Television …
Responding to critics of the violence in Happy Valley, Wainwright said it had been responsibly done because it showed the reality of violence. -

Friday 06 June 2014, PM link icon  BBC and Channel 4 battle to keep younger viewers - TV Radio - Media - The Independent
The reduction is greater than that suffered by any of the other major British broadcasters and well above the market average decline of around seven per cent. ITVs portfolio saw a fall of three per cent among 25-34 television viewers. In the younger 16-24-year-old demographic, Channel 4 was hardest hit, losing 19 per cent of television viewers, while Sky lost 18 per cent. - link icon  Robert Peston’s speech warns of threat to journalism from native ads – full text - Med…
It is a thrill and a privilege for me to be with you tonight, for two reasons. Not for Charles Wheeler the siren call of the public relations world, or spurious but well-paid consultancy of various sorts which too few of my own peers have been able to resist. He didnt quite do a Tommy Cooper, by passing away on stage. -

Friday 06 June 2014, AM link icon  RadioToday - Mercedes C-Class gets DAB as standard
Mercedes now has 60 of models with DAB digital radio as standard and is working towards including it across its range. 21.4 of all radio listening takes place in car. -

Thursday 05 June 2014, PM link icon  You can t break copyright by looking at something online, Europe s top court rules Tech …
Meltwater is a Norway-founded media monitoring service that sent out daily digests including the headlines and ledes the first bit of the article of the newspaper stories, together with links to the full online articles. In the U.S., the suit was filed by the Associated Press, which effectively saw Meltwater as a freeloading rival to its own newswire services. In 2013, a federal court decided in APs favor, kicking out Meltwaters claim that what it was doing counted as fair use. - link icon  BBC under fire for lack of staff diversity - TV Radio - Media - The Independent
The former RTS head complained that Today presenter James Naughtie had dismissed the lack of diversity on the flagship show by saying the programme was not a sociological laboratory. The actor and comedian Lenny Henry is leading a campaign to force action on the issue and has warned that viewers might withhold payment of the licence fee if change is not forthcoming. It does seem odd to me is that while people get very exercised about what someone like Jeremy Clarkson said off-air two years ago, no one at the BBC seems much bothered when one of Radio 4s ubiquitous presenters says something like this - on the record - now. - link icon  RadioToday - Nine presenters depart Radio 1 1Xtra
Phil Taggart will be on air Thursday nights from 9 10pm with a new music show. On Saturday afternoon, female rapper A.Dot joins 1Xtra with a new show from 4 7pm. In other changes, Skream joins Radio 1s Residency, which moves to a new three-hour slot at 10pm Thursday. - link icon  Ariel - Harding points to significant job cuts
5 June 2014 Last updated at 1205 James Harding has admitted that 'a significant number of redundancies' are likely to be made in News. In an email to his staff, the director of news and current affairs reiterated that the division had to make savings of 'tens of millions of pounds' as part of DQF. 'I am afraid that there is no escaping the fact that there are likely to be a significant number of redundancies - most of our costs are tied up in people so there is limited scope for other big savings elsewhere,' he said. - link icon  Ariel - Freeview to launch connected TV service
5 June 2014 Last updated at 1241 The BBC is backing a Freeview-branded connected television service that will be developed over the next five years. The aim is for manufacturers to eventually launch a new range of connected Freeview HD televisions and boxes that consumers will be able to buy in-store. People will be able to watch the service via their TV aerial and current broadband provider without being tied to a contract. - link icon  BBC News - BBC to stream World Cup matches in 4K ultra HD
The format, also known as 4K, offers four times the resolution of 1080p high definition video. The matches - including the quarter final and the final - mark one of the first times a live event has been streamed over the air in UHD in the UK. They will only be made available to a limited number of TVs at BBC sites. - link icon  BBC, Channel 4 and ITV agree £100m-plus Freeview Connect deal - Media -
They are launching Freeview Connect after scaling back their investment in YouView, although they remain shareholders in the rival internet-connected TV service. The 100m-plus five year investment in Freeview Connect is a clear fightback against YouView, which recently announced an identical level of backing in a new shareholder agreement. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. -

Thursday 05 June 2014, AM link icon  STV Glasgow launches - FeaturesExec Media Bulletin
The launch of the channel, which began broadcasting Monday night, has coincided with a universal refresh of STV's logo and redesign of news programming studio sets. - link icon  London Live and Russia Today hobble Freeview recorders with dodgy EPG data - Recombu
- link icon  BBC Trust resumes Comux payments - News - Broadcast
The BBC Trust has restarted payments to Comux, the organisation responsible for building the infrastructure for local TV, following concerns over its handling of £25m of licence fee money. The Trust confirmed that the funding – which is used to roll out local television services across the UK – has resumed despite having not yet concluded its investigation into Comux’s financial affairs. The precise details of the allegations are unclear, but they are understood to stem from a dispute between Comux chief executive Ed Hall and Alan Judd, the owner of Canis Media Group, which manages Comux’s transmission network. Hall stepped down as the boss of Canis earlier this year. Hall has defended Comux’s handling of licence fee money, arguing that he personally signed off on all use of BBC funding. "We’re delighted the BBC Trust has resumed payments,” he said. “We will work to reassure the Trust that the financial systems at Comux are robust and fit for purpose." A BBC Trust spokeswoman said:"We have made a payment to Comux, subject to appropriate controls, pending completion of our audit.". - link icon  Film streaming and downloads to overtake box office in 2017 - Film -
Netflix's HQ the streaming service is eating into DVD sales. The study says that revenue from electronic home video ie streaming and downloading films will outstrip physical media in 2016, and that the market for physical media will drop from 12.2bn now to 8.7bn in 2018. They also predict that in 2017 electronic home video will overtake the traditional cinema as the biggest contributor to total film revenue in the US, reaching a total of 17bn the following year double the 8.5bn the sector currently generates. -

Wednesday 04 June 2014, PM link icon  TV Apps Are Soaring in Popularity, Report Says
When it comes to online video, people may not want to cut the cord. Instead, they want to take the cord with them. People are streaming broadcast television on their smartphones in record numbers, according to Adobe’s state-of-the-industry report on digital video viewing link icon  BBC News - Harman calls for licence fee review
She told Total Politics magazine that the licence fee was a means to an end, not an end in itself. Her comments came a day after comedy producer Armando Iannucci advocated a subscription-based BBC. It was frozen at that figure in the last deal it made with the government in 2010, but the agreement runs out in 2016. -

Tuesday 03 June 2014, PM link icon  BBC News Division To Cut 500 Jobs - Forbes
I can exclusively report today that the BBC News is preparing to announce 500 more job losses, as part of its ongoing cost-cutting programme, and that industrial action could well follow. Including new cuts to BBC Radio, the corporation is facing a total of between 550 and 600 redundancies. Next month, the corporation is set to announce that it will cut between 475 and 500 jobs from its News division, with a further 75 to 85 going from its radio operation in the UK as opposed to the World Service, which broadcasts globally. - link icon  Ariel - Digital radio coverage will reach extra 2m
The corporation said an additional 162 transmitters will boost DAB's potential reach from 93 to 97 of the UK population. It added that this would bring 16,000 homes into the BBC's national coverage area, and improve reception for a further 42,000 households. They can be heard via DAB sets, digital televisions and online. -

Monday 02 June 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Boost BBC Russian radio, say critics
- link icon  BT launches multi-room service for YouView-based BT TV -
BT has today launched a multi-room option for its YouView-powered TV service, allowing subscribers to add a second box to their account. The BT TV service offers a bouquet of pay-TV channels delivered over broadband alongside traditional aerial channels and on-demand and pay-per-view video apps. By paying an upfront fee of 99 for the box, and a 5pm subscription, customers can now watch and record all of their additional pay channels in a second room. - link icon  BBC News - STV Glasgow TV station ready to go on air
STV won the licence for a station focussed on the Glasgow area in January 2013. The new station will be broadcast across Freeview, Sky and cable. STV says local TV represents a 1 million investment for the company and expects the stations to be breaking even within a year. - link icon  Google planning Android TV launch - informitv
Google is reported to be planning to launch its new Android TV platform at its annual technology conference in San Francisco. Android TV will apparently be a platform that manufacturers can use to offer streaming media and games, rather than a device. So will Android TV finally succeed where Google TV dramatically failed - link icon  Ultra High Definition broadcasts begin - informitv
The French Open tennis tournament has seen the first 4K television transmissions over a digital terrestrial television network using H.265 compression. Channel 4K in Japan has begun the first regular broadcasts of 4K Ultra HD programming. The football World Cup in Brazil will be a major test bed for Ultra High Definition television coverage, but only a few people will be able to see it in their homes. - link icon  Good Morning Britain 'heading for the chop after ratings slump' (and not even host Susanna…
Since it launched to a grand fanfare at the end of April, ratings have plummeted as viewers continue to tune in to Reid's former show BBC Breakfast. For the past fortnight the programme has failed to reach the 15 per cent of the audience share bosses reportedly said it needed to survive, and the show is being watched by fewer people than flop Daybreak - which it was brought in to replace. 'But we do want it to get above 15 percent - or it is toast.' Good Morning Britain's high profile launch came after its predecessor Daybreak was dropped for low audience figures. -

Sunday 01 June 2014, PM link icon  Netflix chief product officer: 'a separate, distinct channel for each customer' - Business…
At least, that's according to Neil Hunt, the chief product officer at Netflix. Hunt, who delivered a keynote speech at the 2014 Internet Week in New York, predicts that personalization and on-demand viewing and streaming are really the way of the future when it comes to entertainment. They are also part of his plan to have Netflix defeat its rivals in entertainment. -

Sunday 01 June 2014, AM link icon  Could Britain get more bang for its public service broadcasting billions? - Media - The Gu…
S4C, which makes Hinterland, needs to be regarded as a national treasure, not a poor relative, says chief executive Ian Jones. Photograph - Last week Ian Jones, the chief executive of S4C, made an impassioned plea for the survival of the Welsh language broadcaster. The future of the broadcaster is intertwined with the BBC, and yet no guarantee has been given on funding beyond early 2017, with the key questions on level and length of support hammered out as part of the charter renewal process. - link icon  Lord Coe for the BBC? Remind me of his qualifications again - Catherine Bennett - Comment …
Equally, it could have been written to demoralise fellow candidates, several rumoured to be women. Even allowing for their comparative inexperience in delivering Games on time and on an admittedly insane budget, it could be difficult for the non-athletes among them to rival sporting techniques that Coe, having once refined them on the track, still insists are transferable into any sphere. As for courage, Coe himself has remarked on women's woeful lack of confidence in fitness matters. - link icon  Diane Coyle interview: ‘The BBC must kick off its comfy old slippers’ - TV Radio - Med…
Ms Coyles comments on diversity place added pressure on the BBC in the wake of a high-profile campaign led by Lenny Henry to improve representation of black and other ethnic minorities among the corporations staff. The BBC needs to do more to reflect Britain as a whole, she believes, including rural communities, different socio-economic groups and those with strong regional identities. I think the one thing that I would like to make progress on most quickly is the diversity of the BBC on screen, she said. - link icon  Ushering Seb Coe into the BBC chair is not independence, but interference - Media - The Ob…
The BBC is looking for a new trust chairman, a supreme regulator/leader. Does Lord Coe know anything much about broadcasting He was a great runner and masterminded a great Olympics. -

Saturday 31 May 2014, AM link icon  YouView expands to build cloud PVRs and give personal recommendations - Recombu
YouView is hiring TV techies to build a smarter service with cloud-based recording and personal recommendations that can handle peak-time viewing with ease. The free-to-view TV platform is expanding its tech team from 80 to 130 engineers as it aims for the two million UK homes barrier, with a goal of 10 million. Weve got over a million customers and thats increasing rapidly so were eyeing the 2 million mark in the near future and YouView has ambitions to be in 10 million homes in the UK, Lomax said. - link icon  Ariel - Outstanding individual wanted as chair of the trust
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport published the job advert for the 110,000 a year vacancy on Friday, with applications set to close on June 20. They are seeking an 'outstanding individual with significant leadership skills' to head the trust, which has 11 trustees and a deputy chair. The advert highlights the need for the new chair to lead BBC discussions about its new Royal Charter, as one of the most significant responsibilities in their four year term. - link icon  BBC Radio Explorer: a new way to listen to radio
Unusually, this one is visible to the public, if you know where to look. Type something that you're interested in, and the service plays you clips and programmes that it thinks you'll like one after the other. You can skip forward and back to different clips, and a quite clever progress bar shows you images of what's coming up, while the current programme slowly disappears. -

Friday 30 May 2014, PM link icon  BBC fails to air Shipping Forecast for first time in more than 50 years - Media - theguard…
BBC Radio 4s Shipping Forecast ran into choppy waters after failing to air for the first time in more than 50 years. The BBC radio service is something of an institution, metronomically broadcasting four forecasts a day since 1924, a routine which failed for the first time at 5.20am on Friday. A technical glitch meant the BBC's World Service was played in its place, a gaffe that prompted listeners to take to Twitter to voice their bewilderment. - link icon  Public Appointments - Cabinet Office
Time Requirements The time commitment for Trust Chairman is 3- 4 days per week or 12-16 days per month. Closing Date 20/06/2014 Interviews Interviews are scheduled to be held in the week beginning 28 July 2014. The BBC exists to serve the public interest. -

Wednesday 28 May 2014, PM link icon  Ofcom - Consultation on future use of the 700 MHz band - Cost-benefit analysis of changing…

Wednesday 28 May 2014, AM link icon  Freesat links with Curzon to offer pay-per-view movies - Media -
Blue Is the Warmest Colour will be available on Freesat thanks to a deal with Curzon. Freesat has been talking about adding pay-TV options to its premium service, called Freetime, since September 2012. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link icon  How Disney learned to stop worrying and love copyright infringement -
The soundtrack to Frozen has sold 2.7 million copies. According to the Wall Street Journal, some 60,000 fan-made versions of Let It Go have been watched more than 60 million times. The authorized film clip featuring the song has been viewed over 147 million times. - link icon  Fancy a tour of Broadcasting House? diamond geezer
The BBC runs them daily, allowing access inside the corporation's 1930s HQ and the much more recent extension. Book in advance, stump up 13.50 for the privilege, and you could be looking round tomorrow. The curving outside with its embedded artwork, for example. -

Tuesday 27 May 2014, PM link icon  Carry On YouView Regardless, BBC Trust tells the BBC • The Register
ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 shared these concerns they needed a modern distribution system, and so they together founded YouView. Here, in 2014, we have a million and one ways to get UK channels from apps in smart TVs and over-the-top services to the broadcasters' own on-demand services such as iPlayer or 4oD. All this means the case for YouView is far less certain than it used to be. - link icon  Return of the Mack on our new channel - Feed - Glasgow
It's the return of the Mack - Mrs Mack that is. - link icon  BBC licence fee top-slicing not on agenda of Ofcom review - Media -
Ofcom has said it will not ask or answer questions about the BBC that will be covered by the royal charter review. The review will cover the period from 2008 to 2013 inclusive, as well as looking at how the market might develop over the next five years and beyond. Ofcom said its initial analysis of the sector will run until the autumn, a public consultation will follow, ending in the spring. - link icon  RadioToday - Over half of new cars now have DAB radio
Fifty five per-cent of new cars now come with digital radio as standard, up from 37 a year ago. The news comes from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, who say demand for the new 14-plate saw March 2014 reach 464,824 new car registrations, a rise of 17.7, the highest in a decade. Record new car sales and the move to fitting digital radio mean that in 2014 to date over 440,000 vehicles have been sold with digital radio as standard an increase of 62 on last year. -

Monday 26 May 2014, PM link icon  Media Monkey's Diary: Times loses its religion, BBC Radio 4 plugs - Media - The Guardian
Ruth Gledhill the Times religious correspondent was reportedly offered an unholy crime role on the Sun. She declined to swap saints for sinners but is bound to resurface at a more godfearing paper, or perhaps one friendlier to middle-aged women. A fortnight after Monkey drew attention to the regime change at Horse Hound, the rightwing press has stirred from its slumbers, as if awakened by the sound of unrest in the shires. - link icon  Distrust Your Data - Learning - Source: An OpenNews project
In other words, its journalism that starts from interrogating the dataand applies the same skepticism and rigor that we apply to the testimony of an expert contacted by traditional phone-assistedreporting. All of which is to say that data journalism inherits a long tradition of journalists working with data, and that comes with the heavy responsibility to get it right. Specifically, to paraphase something I heard at a NICAR conference once fear and paranoia are the best friends a data journalist can have. - link icon  Absolute Radio: how their new playlist choice at breakfast works
In many of my speaking engagements, I talk about the opportunities that digital offers radio stations - particularly in terms of brand extensions. Absolute have always wished to offer the kind of engagement and entertainment that radio listeners expect at breakfast time, and this simulcast also offers a larger opportunity in terms of breakfast sponsorshop and promotions, one of the largest money-spinners for the station. But, since 2008, the listeners to - say - Absolute 80s haven't been given 80s music during the breakfast show. -

Saturday 24 May 2014, AM link icon  Women dominate shortlist to succeed Lord Patten at BBC - Media - The Guardian
Chris Patten unexpectedly stepped down as chair earlier this month due to ill health. Senior broadcasting figures have been asked for their opinions on a group of potential candidates, with Dame Marjorie Scardino, the former chief executive of the company behind the Financial Times, also on the list. The 110,000-a-year, four-days-a-week job has not yet been advertised and those listed have not been approached, but the Department for Culture DCMS wants to establish who it should take seriously or perhaps invite to apply. -

Friday 23 May 2014, PM link icon  BBC legal chief warns that Bribery Act can make foreign newsgathering very difficult - Pre…
Many journalists may have failed to understand the extent to which the Bribery Act 2010 could affect their activities, the head of the BBC's editorial legal group told a conference. Section 1 of the Act made it an offence to offer, promise or give a financial or other advantage to another person with the intention of inducing or rewarding improper performance of a relevant function or activity. The result was that the small unofficial payments often made to secure necessary actions by very low-level government officials could be caught by the Act, as there was no lower limit on a payment. - link icon  ESPN fined for failing to provide enough audio description - Media -
Ofcom found that ESPN provided less than half of the required amount of audio description for visually impaired viewers. ESPN has been fined 120,000 for failing to provide enough audio description around programmes for blind and visually impaired viewers. Media regulator Ofcom has fined the broadcaster after an investigation, conducted last year. -

Friday 23 May 2014, AM link icon  Dame Marjorie Scardino: The tycoon tipped to head the BBC Trust and a city that will never…
The arc of the newspapers rise and fall at first seems unexceptional. Their paper for a while snatched the county legal notices from the Press titles. The Scardinos were to survive their disappointment, and more. -

Thursday 22 May 2014, PM link icon  The Godzillas of cable TV have come to wreak havoc on your wallet - Money -…
Another month another Godzilla-sized deal in the communications industry that almost certainly will end up having a direct impact on what kinds of services cable, Internet, satellite, phone you receive and how much you pay for them. Rather, the 48.5bn pact by ATT to acquire DirecTV will, if it comes to fruition, bring together representatives of the two biggest challengers to cables attempts to be a one-stop-shop for all our entertainment needs the traditional phone companies and the satellite television business. ATT will use its savings from the merger to bolster its broadband services, especially in areas where broadband isnt available today. - link icon  Ariel - BBC launches online service in Welsh
22 May 2014 Last updated at 0947 The BBC has launched a new online service for Welsh speakers. Available on computer, tablet and mobile, the service will feature a stream of short news updates - refreshed between 8am and 6pm on weekdays - as well as a magazine section with articles, opinions, blogs and photo galleries. It will provide easy access to other Welsh language content like weather forecasts and the Radio Cymru website, as well as links to suggested external sites. - link icon  BBC given approval to continue as YouView partner with technical change - Media - theguard…
The BBC has been given approval to remain a YouView partner. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. -

Wednesday 21 May 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - BBCs world output should be mobile-first
The suggestions were published in his assessment on how news could help double the BBC's international audience to 500 million by 2022, when the corporation marks its centenary. -

Wednesday 21 May 2014, AM link icon  Freeview still has government support, says Ed Vaizey - Media -
Vaizey was responding to concerns raised by Caroline Thomson, the chair of industry body Digital UK, who has repeatedly warned that Freeview faces a threat from mobile companies looking for more access to the airwaves to provide enhanced services to customers. Vaizey pointed out that there was also serious industry concern about the potential for the launch of 4G services to cause TV interference. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. -

Friday 16 May 2014, PM link icon  New TV channel set to broadcast in Sheffield - The Star
A new television channel dedicated to Sheffield should be on screens by autumn, the stations boss has said. TV, said it is hoped the station will be up and running by September. The channel, which will be available on Freeview, will broadcast round the clock although most new programmes will be shown between the peak times of 6pm and 11pm, with repeats being shown throughout the day. - link icon  BT YouView+ Humax DTR-T2100 review - Pocket-lint
YouView isn't standing still and the YouView hardware supplied by BT isn't either. The first generation of box - the Humax DTR-T1000- coped well enough, but had problems from the start it was slow to respond, which detracted from the overall experience, and the fan was pretty noisy too. However, the YouView platform is still the same, so whether you have the new box or old one it won't make a difference to what you can watch. - link icon  BBC Panorama editor Tom Giles leaves role after four years - Media -
Tom Giles leaving Panorama for a new role designing the future of current affairs at the BBC. It is understood that Giles is to be charged with a new role designing the future of current affairs at the BBC. Despite pressure from some senior executives, Panorama turned its spotlight on the corporation itself during the Savile scandal. -

Friday 16 May 2014, AM link icon  US should not adopt “information warfare” approach - Reporters Without Borders
In 1976, President Gerald Ford enshrined the principle of accurate, objective, and comprehensive broadcasting in VOAs charter. The International Communications Reform Act reverses the priorities of the 1994 law currently in effect. Programming focused on the United States and its foreign policy would be more important that providing independent news and information to the population of countries where it is otherwise inaccessible. -

Thursday 15 May 2014, PM link icon  Glasgow TV gets ready to gallop onto your screens - Feed - Glasgow
If you've spotted a cone-clad man upon a horse today, don't worry, you haven't lost the plot. Twitter exploded with countless pictures of the Duke of Wellington coming alive and trotting around the city centre. We'll be bringing you a handy roundup of the best of these in just a few short minutes. - link icon  The big beasts who shaped the BBC - Media - The Guardian
It was 30 June 1938, John Reith's last night as the founding director general of the BBC. He had forbidden staff contributions towards a present and vetoed speeches. He fulfilled the nightly task of shutting down one of its oil engines with his own hands with his engineer's training, no one had to show him how to do it. - link icon  Sacked BBC technology boss claims he was the fall guy for £100m DMI debacle - Media - the…
To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. To get the latest media news to your desktop or mobile, follow MediaGuardian on Twitter and Facebook. - link icon  RadioToday - The Guardian cancels Media Talk podcast
The Guardian is pulling the plug on the popular Media Talk podcast, first launched in 2006. Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 217 pm by Radio Today UK. - link icon  RadioToday - RAJAR: RadioToday s local radio round-up
Across the UK, 90 of the population is tuning in to radio each week up 800,000 on the quarter. In Herefordshire and Worcestershire, reach is up 31 from 73,000 to 98,000 and share has also increased from 7.2 to 9.3. Free Radio Shropshire remains static, as does 96.4FM in Birmingham. - link icon  Channel 4 News editor Ben de Pear: We are like an ant versus Goliath when it comes to the …
Channel 4 News editor Ben de Pear has mixed feelings about the BBC. He sees Newsnight as his main rival and variously describes the corporation as stifling, crippling and a monster. Weve got one person here, he says, pointing to Channel 4 News PR Hayley Barlow, who is sitting beside him. - link icon  RadioToday - talkSPORT to offer regional variations
The station has been unable to confirm to RadioToday what the intended use for the extra capacity is for, but owners UTV will be free to provide anything from a completely separate service to occasional opt-outs to cover local sport. Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 151 pm by Radio Today UK. -

Thursday 15 May 2014, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: TruTV to launch as free-to-air channel in the UK
As well as existing programming, the channel is expected to buy distribution from the likes of Endemol and Zodiak rights. - link icon  Ariel - Removing racist words neuters the past, argues Colin Grant
David Lowe may have inadvertently played an offensive record during his set, but that song should not be removed from the BBC's playlist. The portraits were mostly as you might imagine alluring, black and white images of Cecil Beaton, Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward and company. Another portrait by the same photographer was mounted beside it, showing a white man in fancy dress wearing a theatrical turban. -

Wednesday 14 May 2014, AM link icon  BBC News - The flying wi-fi camera: Testing Parrots new HD drone
The 400 gram 'Bebop' drone will be equipped with GPS, a 14-megapixel camera and a 180 degree fish-eye lens when it is released later this year. Thanks to on-board image processing and stabilisation, it can stream distortion-free HD images and video over w-ifi to mobile devices running Android or iOS. -