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Briantist: Arιel Peter Horrocks to leave the BBC 1 September 2014 Last updated at 1054 Peter Horrocks is to leave the BBC a
Briantist: Dave Hagen has posted MikeB Will do Mike once again thanks for I @leedools @norfolkg @_littlecreature @leveridge96
Briantist: BBC News Rona Fairhead to be BBС Trust chairwoman She was chairwoman and chief executive of the Financial Times
Briantist: John H has posted John B I have had the same a @maggiemay2149 @burtonstewart @trevordobie @nathaliemac @gwhroberts
Briantist: Whο is Rona Fairhead News Broadcast A largely unknown quantity to the broadcasting industry Broadcast runs the
Briantist: DТG News Viacom positioned to finalise C5 deal The acquisition was started in May of this year and will be by 20
Briantist: RadioТoday Folder Media puts Fun Kids radio on DAB The multiplex operator believes that only 3m of the 20m radio
Briantist: Тhe BBC Trust may have found its saviour TV Radio Media The Independent The former Sun editor and Brunswick PR a
Briantist: Rona Fairhead οffers relief but no respite for BBC Media The Guardian These are testing times for the BBC as no
Briantist: Alan Grimes has posted Having read this thread it seems like a good idea for Freeview or a Freeview like service

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play Media: Exploitation in South Yorkshire - TV election debates - Jihadis and social media link icon  #10 - SPECIAL: Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival 2014 link icon  Talking TV: Edinburgh special

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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Monday 10 June 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: Liberty Global completes acquisition of Virgin Media
Liberty Global has, following shareholder and regulatory approvals, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Virgin Media. The stock and cash merger was valued around 24 million. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - New BBC Weather app for Android and iOS
It is with this in mind that we have been working on a truly mobile BBC Weather offer for our audiences. The results are clear, easy to use apps that are now available for the majority of visitors to BBC Weather, covering 82 of mobile weather visitors. Features include Location aware five-day forecasts and 48 hours of UK based hourly forecasts. - link icon  Ariel - BBC plans to refurbish Maida Vale
The Palace only lasted three months, however, and was acquired by the BBC in the early 1930s. In 1934 the skating rink was converted into studio facilities large enough to accommodate a major orchestra. Maida Vale is now the home of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, used for both performances and recordings of classical music. -

Monday 10 June 2013, AM link icon  They've stolen our brand: will we close down Apple iRadio?
There are rules about what you can, and can't, call ketchup. It needs to be strained so it's smooth and it must flow at a rate not exceeding 14 centimetres in 30 seconds at 20 degrees centigrade. If someone were to come along and try to launch something called 'ketchup', which didn't contain tomatoes - or did but had lumps in - then they'd have the book thrown at them. - link icon  Small screen’s 4G drama just got smaller - The Times
The company set up to ensure that 4G mobile phone networks do not disrupt Freeview television reception has been inundated with calls from consumers complaining of disruption. However, almost all of the reception problems reported to at800 have nothing to do with 4G networks bleeding into the Freeview frequencies. Instead, decrepit cables, over-boosted rabbit ears aerials and misdirected rooftop aerials have proved to be the culprits. - link icon  BBC's DMI debacle is as much a failure of the trust as of management - Media - The Guardia…
It's all very well for the NAO to scrutinise the BBC's books to ensure efficiency and good stewardship. Their failure to apply sufficient scrutiny to the project at almost every stage of its development threatens to undo all the trust's efforts since it was formed in 2007 to show that it has real independence from the BBC management it is supposed to hold to account. Indeed, whereas the project was designed to produce an end-to-end digital production and archive system for just six business units in its Siemens days, the in-house version doubled up to work for 13 increasing the risk of failure and concomitant financial loss. -

Sunday 09 June 2013, PM link icon  4G Filters Buying Guide - at800
Filters that display the at800 logo have beenextensively tested by DTG Testing.If viewers still experience problems after they have received the filters, they will need to get in touch with at800 through our contact centre. We have made it clear to viewers that any problems resulting from 4G interference should be resolved through us, and will not the responsibility of retailers or manufacturers. Different types of filters A range of filters is available for different situations, including separate devices to resolve interference on channel 59 and channel 60. -

Saturday 08 June 2013, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's On BBC Red Button 9 - 15 June
Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter at BBCRedButton. Answers to frequently asked questions about BBC Red Button can be found on this page. The Red Button video stream is now available to Virgin Tivo users when they press red. -

Friday 07 June 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: Freeview licence agreement signed Motive Television
Motive Television has been developing its Tablet Television technology to enable Freeview users in Britain to watch and record television programmes directly onto tabletswithout the need to connect to the internet. - link icon  BBC News - Queen officially opens BBCs new Broadcasting House building
Crowds gathered outside the building, which flew the Royal Standard, to await the arrival of the Queen, who wore a powder blue coat and hat. The guided tour took her to look through the glass during a News Channel broadcast. At the end of her visit, the Queen unveiled a plaque marking the occasion at a reception attended by BBC staff, presenters and trustees. -

Friday 07 June 2013, AM link icon  Date set for the launch of TeamRock Radio : Radio Today
The launch is planned for after the Download Festival, giving the station the opportunity to look back at highlights of the rock festival weekend. The date is just two days after Planet Rock launches in the West Midlands on 105.2, and the closure of Kerrang After three long years, seeing our dreams eventually coming together will be very special, and to launch at such a prestigious event as Download makes it even more amazing. -

Thursday 06 June 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - UK piracy warning letters delayed until 2015
6 June 2013 Last updated at 0739 ET The sending of warning letters to net users suspected of piracy will be delayed until the latter half of 2015, the UK government has said. The delay will disappoint copyright holders keen to drastically reduce levels of piracy. The letters are an integral part of the Digital Economy Act DEA which came into force in 2010. - link icon  Radio Essex launches on DAB digital radio : Radio Today
Adventure Radio, owners of Southend Chelmsford Radio have launched a new, digital, countywide radio station today Radio Essex. Southend Chelmsford Radio will remain with the same output and on the same frequencies on FM. - link icon  Technical problems in the ITV Central region - Central - ITV News
Toyota car to safeguard jobs in Derbyshire It's hoped the Toyota car being built in Derbyshire will safeguard jobs welcome news for the car giant which has had a series of recalls. 41 minutes ago Cloudy start, but the sunshine is on its way... about 3 hours ago Mother falsely accused of murdering son gets damages A mother who was falsely accused of murdering her son has secured a financial settlement from West Midlands Police. -

Tuesday 04 June 2013, PM link icon  BBC - FAQs - Access services - Audio description
Access services - Audio description You need digital TV to get audio description AD, which allows you to hear a verbal description of what is happening on screen in between the dialogue. The range of channels and programmes covered varies between the platforms and between different broadcasters. The BBC currently has AD on 10 of the content on its main channels. - link icon  Ariel - Trust upholds complaint about BBC homepage clock
A member of the public complained that the clock on the homepage merely reproduces the time stored on an individual computer's internal system, whether it's accurate or not. The complainant added that there is no labelling which makes clear that the clock isn't independently verified and that it may not be 'factually accurate'. The Trust ruled that the clock breaches accuracy guidelines, but that the BBC had not 'knowingly and materially' misled website users. - link icon  BBC - FAQs - BBC HD Channels - Will regional and national programmes be available?
BBC HD Channels - Will regional and national programmes be available A single version of BBC Two HD is broadcast across all nations and regions. The BBC will keep all these factors under review. - link icon
- link icon  Ofcom - Television Broadcast Licensing Update May 2013
Television services that have ceased to be licensed handed back or revoked in this period The following services are no longer licensed. The relevant licence is either no longer required by the licensee so has been handed back, or the service has been removed from a licence covering multiple services, or revoked as a matter of routine usually for non-payment of the annual licence fee. Licence transfers None Service Name Changes The following licensees have changed the name of their service. - link icon  UK ISP Sky Broadband takes the law into its own hands -- blocks torrent proxies
Not content with following the letter of the law and preventing subscribers from accessing a number of well-known torrent sites, the ISP is widening its net and blocking access to torrent proxies. Proxies are a common means of bypassing restrictions that may have been put in place by ISPS or employers, and there are countless sites and services that exist with the sole purpose of enabling users to access blocked torrent sites. The court ruling includes a degree of flexibility so that the blocklist can be added to if and when blocked sites move to new domains or IP addresses. -

Monday 03 June 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - Blind Federation slams Captcha security test
A Captcha is a graphic or sound of a random word or number users must key in to prove they are human. The petition, on the White House website, has received just 8,200 signatures. Chris Danielsen of the US-based Federation for the Blind told the Politico website that he realised there was a problem after publicising the petition. -

Monday 03 June 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - BBC News Linked Data Ontology
Core News Ontology v1 This will help users to find news content about the stories they want to know about and ultimately help to open up references to the data contained in those stories. The metadata is derived from information added by journalists at content creation time. The model is called rNews and provides a simple way of expressing these and other facts about news content in RDFa. -

Saturday 01 June 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button 2 - 8 June
For information on timings see the BBC Sport website. Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter at BBCRedButton. Answers to frequently asked questions about BBC Red Button can be found on this page. - link icon  As TV Falls Apart, Tumblr And Twitter Aim To Pick Up The Pieces - TechCrunch
For years, its been said that Internet use would cut into the time U.S. consumers spend watching television. Today, those premonitions are beginning to reach the tipping point. TV ratings have dropped by 50 percent over the last decade. -

Friday 31 May 2013, PM link icon   ITV Receives Sell Rating from Espirito Santo Investment Bank Research (ITV) - Zolmax
They currently have a GBX 76 1.15 target price on the stock. Espirito Santo Investment Bank Researchs price objective suggests a potential downside of 41.72 from the companys current price. Other equities research analysts have also recently issued reports about the stock. -

Friday 31 May 2013, AM link icon  Channel 5 under fire from independent producers for 'disappointing' treatment - Media - gu…
Wave of discontent Richard Desmond's Channel 5 has been criticised by independent producers. On all three issues, critical to the survival of small businesses, it scores a poor 0.9 to 1, out of a possible 2.5. Pact explains that supplier companies say they have to wait 120 days for payment after delivery, compared with 30 days at indie favourite Channel 4 and that they are being squeezed on rights ownership, as more programmes are being advertiser financed, usually by Channel M, part of WPP. - link icon  New sports, rock, talk station to launch : Radio Today
A new DAB radio station is set to launch in Central Scotland offering sports talk and rock music all rolled into one. Its an opportunity weve been looking at for some time, Spencer told RadioToday. Initially we thought of purchasing one of the Scottish stations that are going to have to be divested from the Global/Real and Smooth combine to satisfy Competition Commission ownership criteria. -

Thursday 30 May 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - How the Coronation kick-started the love of television
How did the coronation turn it into the mass medium that shaped our lives It was the first event to rattle radio's cage. In the UK, nearly eight million people tuned in at home, while 10 million crowded into other people's houses to watch. - link icon  Evening Standard TV 'needs good slot on Virgin Media EPG' - Media -
He said that there was also an issue for other local TV operators broadcasting in Wales and Scotland, where on Freeview the slots offered rank at 45, versus operators in England being given channel 8. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  BBC News - HTML5 webpage locks would stifle innovation
30 May 2013 Last updated at 0708 ET Innovation could be stunted by plans to include ways to digitally lock media in the web's core technology, rights campaigners warn. The locks could also limit ability to share images and videos, the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF said. Its warning came in formal objections to plans to include rights management in the HTML5 formatting language. - link icon  LBC removed from Glasgow s DAB multiplex : Radio Today
In September 2012 the radio industry commercial and BBC announced that the best way forward for digital roll out and to speed up coverage was to focus on local and national multiplexes. Tags dab, featured, full-image, global radio, lbc 97.3 Category Industry News -

Thursday 30 May 2013, AM link icon  C5 and cashflow worry indies - News - Broadcast
30 May, 2013 By Balihar Khalsa The failure of broadcasters to understand indies cashflow pressures is the production sectors biggest concern, according to a Pact survey of its members. It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  YouView in nearly 400,000 homes since it launched eight months ago - Media -…
Bringing in the bacon Peppa Pig is the most played on-demand show on YouView. The 299 set-top box is also available at high street retailers, including John Lewis. In the summer, the player will add internet subscription channels to its programme guide alongside 70 traditional channels like BBC1 and ITV. - link icon  BBC mulls DMI alternatives - News - Broadcast
30 May, 2013 By Jake Kanter, George Bevir Industry execs warn off-the-shelf solutions will add millions to cost of failed digital project. The BBC could face a bill of many more millions of pounds if it attempts to salvage what remains of the Digital Media Initiative (DMI) by purchasing off-the-shelf technology. -

Wednesday 29 May 2013, PM link icon  Ariel - Trust clears BBC of iPlayer preference for Apple platform
This, the complainant believed, meant that the BBC had failed in its obligation to provide content to all licence fee payers, regardless of the operating platform or device. It concluded that 'there were clear reasons why, at that time, iOS was prioritised' and these were consistent with the BBC's obligations under the Charter. Simultaneous launch iPlayer launched simultaneously for Android and Apple products in February 2011, with the intention that the platforms would be treated equally. - link icon  Ofcom - Online Copyright Infringement Tracker Wave 3
Published 280513 This report details the main findings of the third wave of a large-scale consumer tracking study into the extent of online copyright infringement, as well as wider digital behaviours and attitudes, among people aged 12 in the UK. It is the third in a series of research waves intended to generate benchmarks and time series relevant to the access and use of copyright material online. It also outlines the foundations of the research and a detailed description of the methodology employed. - link icon  ARQIVA REDEFINES IPTV FOR FREEVIEW
Arqiva, the communications infrastructure and media service company, has announced the addition of Box TV to its Connect TV platform. Connect TV enables broadcasters to provide the Freeview audience with an enhanced TV experience: more choice, more functionality and more content. Connect TV can deliver content to the Freeview EPG as a single channel, channel portal, hybrid DTT and IP channel and can support pay. The platform’s reporting and analytics enable broadcasters to gain a much deeper insight into how their audiences are viewing and interacting with their channels link icon  Ariel - BBC radio to be available for downloads
Listeners can currently stream radio output via iPlayer for up to seven days after broadcast. They can also download clips and edited podcasts, the latter of which provide access to 6 of original output. But, for the first time, most radio shows can be downloaded in full from next year. - link icon  Bad subtitles: share your photos - Media -
Share your pictures on GuardianWitness by clicking on the blue 'contribute' button. Contribute your video, pictures and stories, and browse news, reviews and creations submitted by others. -

Tuesday 28 May 2013, AM link icon  David Dimbleby: lack of older women on TV is a 'crazy loss of talent' - Media - The Guardi…
David Dimbleby, once described as a charming dinosuar, says age should not be a factor for women appearing on television. For too long, said the 74-year-old BBC presenter and commentator, the industry believed that youth was the key to winning and increasing audiences. If you look at American TV you'll find it keeps women at work. -

Monday 27 May 2013, AM link icon  SHORTLIST ANNOUNCED FOR FREESAT AWARDS 2013
Freesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service, announced today the channels and programmes that have been shortlisted for the Freesat Awards 2013. Now in its fifth year, the Freesat Awards showcase and celebrate the TV that Britain loves. -

Sunday 26 May 2013, PM link icon  UK Sky apps hacked -- uninstall immediately!
It may be a national holiday weekend in the UK, marked with a traditional barbecue and a couple too many beers, but hackers are not taking a break. Broadcaster and news outlet Sky is apparently reporting that all of its Android apps have been compromised and users are advised to remove them immediately. The hack appears to have been pushed out via a series of forced updates and the fact that the app listings were tampered with in such an obvious way means that this was an attack designed to be noticed. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 25 May - 1 Jun
Press the Red Button for 'as live' Big Weekend performances on SaturdayandSunday evening times below. Join the Springwatch 2013team as they capture the most dramatic events in nature and celebrate our wildlife. For information on timings see the BBC Sport website. -

Sunday 26 May 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - The BBC announces the closure of the Digital Media Initiativ…
The blog below provides some background on DMI. DMIs digital archive system would help production teams find content from the BBCs vast archive. In addition, new digital production and desktop tools would help ensure future content and data could be captured, edited and made available at each step of the production process. Since its inception five years ago, DMI has proved to be a challenging project and even as services have been rolled out they have had to be adapted in response to user feedback. -

Friday 24 May 2013, PM link icon  Box TV channels now available online - CMU: Complete Music Update
Box TV, the music television company co-owned by Bauer and Channel 4, has announced that its telly services will now also be available online. In addition to that, Freeview viewers will now be able to access the Magic, Kiss and Kerrang music channels, in addition to the existing flagship 4Music service, by pressing the red button while watching 4Music programmes. Were offering innovative, editorially curated and legal alternatives to pirate internet TV services and are giving our advertisers exciting new opportunities to market their brands and products. -

Thursday 23 May 2013, PM link icon  Now picks up Freesat advertising business - Advertising news - Campaign
Freesat appointed Now The shop won the business after a pitch that involved agencies including the incumbent, VCCP. Now will develop a campaign to promote Freesats offer in a market that has become increasingly competitive due to the launch of YouView and Freeviews significant marketing spend. -

Thursday 23 May 2013, AM link icon   Incoming BBC news director promises action for more on-air female journalists
The lack of female television presenters over the age of 50 has been highlighted in the news media this month. The BBC has also faced criticism over a shortfall of women interviewees in stories broadcast on its news programmes. -

Wednesday 22 May 2013, PM link icon  Smart TV failing the connectivity test
Smart TVs are lagging behind laptops, desktops and set-top boxes when it comes to consumers deciding how to connect their TV sets to the internet. YouGovs Connected TV tracker shows that half 50 of consumers like the idea of accessing online content through their TVs. However, although 13 of the population owned a smart TV as of Q1 2013, fewer than half currently using one of the devices as their primary means of accessing online content. - link icon  Local TV Association elects chair - News - Broadcast
Former ITV News editor and Teachers TV founder Nigel Dacre has been elected as the first chair of the Local TV Association. - link icon  BBC may charge Sky for content as retransmission fee row escalates - Media -…
The BBC may charge BSkyB for content from its channels if the satellite broadcaster does not drop retransmission fees. The BBC pays 5m a year, with the four public service broadcasters footing a combined 10m bill. It follows a call by the culture minister, Ed Vaizey, for Sky to scrap the charges earlier this year. - link icon  BT Tower is just a relic? Wrong: It relays 18,000hrs of telly daily • The Register
The tower in 2009 before the dishes were removed Credit David Castor In an era of transistor radios as a fashion accessory, the space race, and the arrival of Doctor Who, this alien cylinder of glass and metal stood proud. It was also designed to operate through the white heat of a nuclear apocalypse. Its got a war room underneath, but the shutters on that underground bunker were brought down after a half-arsed bomb attack on the revolving restaurant at the top of the tower in 1971. -

Wednesday 22 May 2013, AM link icon  BBC2 and Channel 4 ratings down after corporation's daytime revamp - Media -…
Flog It BBC2's ratings have been affected by increasing numbers of repeats. Just a week after Channel 4 defended bonuses paid out to senior executives despite not meeting audience targets in 2012, figures show that ratings for the broadcaster's main terrestrial network have fallen this year too, even among younger viewers. In the first four months of 2013, Channel 4's share of total UK viewing dropped to 6.0, compared with 6.8 during the same time period last year. - link icon  Company behind Bid and Price Drop shopping channels found to have made misleading price cl…
The company behind the shopping channels Bid and Price Drop could have its broadcast licence revoked after being found to have consistently made misleading price claims and product descriptions. Ofcom, which has accepted the referral, also has powers to fine the company up to 250,000 or 5 per cent of revenue. Sit-Up Ltd is the licensee for three free-to-air teleshopping channels, two of which are being referred Bid and Price Drop. -

Monday 20 May 2013, PM link icon  BBC must improve online offering - News - Broadcast
The BBC has been told to improve the usability of its websites, provide more links to external content and boost local news coverage in a wide-ranging review of its digital services. - link icon  Ariel - BBC Trust: Online must improve local pages
Spending cut However it has fallen short of its targets for audience reach 65 and audience appreciation AI 80. Weekly reach has grown to 60 among online adults but average AIs dropped to 78, partly due to site relaunches. News, iPlayer and Sport were the most popular areas with 20.3m, 14.7m and 13.4m unique browsers per week respectively. - link icon…
The BBC website has failed to hit its target of reaching 65 per cent of the UK adult online population by 2013, an official report revealed today. Despite a surge in the use of BBC Online during last summer's London Olympics, the number of users then fell and is currently at around 60 per cent of adults with internet access, a similar level to late 2010. The report also revealed that audience appreciation index AI figures have fallen from a high of 83 in 2008 to 78 in 2013. -

Sunday 19 May 2013, PM link icon  Google TV: silent but not forgotten at I/O 2013 - The Verge
It's easy to miss the Google TV booth here at I/O 2013, hidden in the corner of the third floor. That may not be an accident there was apparently no room in the company's sprawling three-and-a-half-hour keynote to mention Google TV, either, just a short blog post hours later announcing that it now runs the latest version of Android. Google has killed plenty of products with many more fans than Google TV will it go the way of Reader -

Saturday 18 May 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - May 18-25
On Friday 24 May, press the red button between 8pm and 2am to watch bands from the Main Stage and 1Xtra Arena. The BBC reserves the right to select only some of the messages and pictures for publication. If you are under the age of 16, you must obtain your parent's permission before submitting your comment/photo. - link icon  BBC News - Phone cost confusion putting off callers, Ofcom says
Markham Sivak, who is leading the review, said research had found some phone users believed costs were higher and so decided not to make vital calls. The system of phone number prefixes has built up over the years as the technology has advanced. Ever since numbers moved from solely simple area codes, a whole host of new numbers and charging structures have evolved. -

Friday 17 May 2013, PM link icon  Ofcom to crack down on sloppy subtitles - Media -
Ofcom highlighted poor subtitles with the example of a BBC weather forecast. Viewers are able to switch on a subtitles option for most TV programmes across 70 channels, with about 7.6 million UK adults saying they have used this service. Of these about 1.4 million people have hearing impairments and rely on the service. -

Friday 17 May 2013, AM link icon  The quality of live subtitling Improving the viewer experience
Since 2005, there has been a welcome increase in the range and amount of subtitled television programming provided by broadcasters. As a result, viewers with hearing impairments now have (and expect) access to a far wider choice of programming.

Thursday 16 May 2013, PM link icon  Half-way mark for digital radio listening : Radio Today
Twenty-six million people, half the population of the UK are now tuning in to digital radio each week, the latest figures show. The biggest commercial digital station this quarter is Absolute 80s with 984,000 listeners, putting Smash Hits in 2nd place with 942,000 and Planet Rock in 3rd place with 896,000. Away from digital, 47.3 million adults or 90 of the adult 15 UK population tuned in to their selected radio stations in the first Quarter of 2013. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Talk Talk reports new 150,000 YouView customers
TalkTalk announced today that it has added 150,000 new subscribers to its YouView based TV service in Q1 of 2013 bringing the base to 230,000 customers. Overall TalkTalk took total revenues of 1,670m compared to 1,687m in 2012. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ofcom's local TV multiplex operator to be based at Innovation Birmingham Ca…
There will be 19 stations in the first phase, which are due to be live by end of 2013. For one, it is an urban location in the centre of the country with very good accessibility, but crucially it is one of the only places that is capable of providing the infrastructure we need to power a UK wide network of local TV stations. Alongside broadcasting on digital terrestrial TV, the local channels are expected to go live on satellite and cable TV, and online. -

Thursday 16 May 2013, AM link icon  BBC iPlayer - Help - Frequent questions for BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone 8 devices
Will BBC iPlayer be available on Windows Phone 7.5 devices Subtitles are not available on BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone 8 devices. Downloading programmes to be watched later is not possible, although the technology we are using means that once you have selected to play a programme, a temporary copy of the programme will be stored on the device until you either close the application or select to play another programme. -

Wednesday 15 May 2013, AM link icon  ITV hit by ad slowdown - Media -
The year started well for ITV's TV ad sales across its portfolio of channels, with revenues up 6 in the first quarter to 382. Across the first half of the year ITV expects TV ad revenues to be down 3 year on year. ITV revealed that it could pay as much as an extra 80m to completely buy out the owners of High Noon and The Garden if they achieve performance targets over the next few years. - link icon  BBC News - Fears of 4G TV interference in UK may have been overblown
Tests conducted by at800, the firm set up to troubleshoot the issue, have so far found very few problems. Tests of around 200,000 homes in the West Midlands and London have uncovered just 15 TV interference issues. Hilly terrain Funding for at800 comes from mobile firms to the tune of 180m. -

Tuesday 14 May 2013, PM link icon  Aereo gets set for Atlanta debut - Internet Media - CNET News
Aereo's little antenna has led to a big brouhaha with television networks. Credit Aereo Aereo is on a roll, with plans now to bring its streaming TV service to Atlanta. The Atlanta launch is scheduled for June 17, the company announced Tuesday. - link icon  Channel 4 content boost results in £29m loss - Media -
Channel 4 has reported a loss of 29m for 2012, as intended, as part of a strategy of extra investment in content including its acclaimed London 2012 Paralympics coverage and building its digital audience data operation. The broadcaster said its investment on original programming reached a record high last year of 434m, up 3 year on year but below the original target of 455m. Total content spend was 608m for the year. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - BBC Now: New ways of viewing content on the BBC Homepage
Hello, I'm the product manager of the BBC Homepage. Im really excited that we have now been able to put the link to this pilot live on the Connected Studio website. In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash Installed. - link icon  Made in Leeds: the next milestone for broadcasting from the North - UK news -…
Made in Leeds transmissions will start in November, covering an area from Selby to Harrogate and Huddersfield. 3 May 1956 Granada Television launches transmissions from Quay Street, Manchester. Businesses and lobbyists called for a new commercial element in British broadcasting, while traditional voices at the BBC and in parliament warned of lower standards, vulgar Americanisation, and the danger of neglecting minority interests in the constant pursuit of ratings. -

Tuesday 14 May 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Newsbeat - Warning to students over TV licences for smartphones
It says people have been prosecuted for watching TV on devices, other than televisions, without a licence. If people only watch catch-up content, they do not need a licence. They do not have a TV but watch a lot of catch-up television. - link icon  Your carrier doesnt offer 4G services? Dont worry, 5G is only seven years away
With most of the mobile operators today relying on 3G underpinnings, and few actually using 4G backbones, the concept of yet another generation of cellular networks is unfathomable. After all, most of us still struggle to watch 1080p videos on YouTube without buffering and we know that developing, testing, approving and rolling out a new cellular technology doesn't happen overnight. If 4G is of any indication, it might not happen even years after vetting it. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Raven: File based ingest for BBC News
We are one of the teams inside the BBC working on internal technology development. We try to use open source where possible as we subscribe to the opening and fair-sharing of software and are always keen to save the BBC money. The original specification for Raven was for a box that would replace a tape deck in news satellite vans allowing news crews to do file based ingest when they are out in the field. - link icon  Is YouView really the Freeview upgrade the BBC wanted? - Media - The Guardian
Where Freeview had succeeded so spectacularly in the digital multichannel age as a cheap, universally available, free-at-the-point-of-use platform to showcase Britain's public service broadcasters so YouView was supposed to follow. It was that vision that led the BBC, flushed with the success of the iPlayer, to spend many tens of millions of pounds of licence fee payers' cash developing the YouView system. It had long been recognised that, for all its success, Freeview was technologically inferior to satellite and cable systems. - link icon  Ways to watch BT Sport and the cost
Inspired by the YouView thread I thought there might be some members that might appreciate a brief run down of what the options are to subscribe to the BT Sport channels. Whether or not you subscribe to Sky is irrelevant because BT are retailing this channel themselves on the platform in a similar way to other niche channels. If you have broadband from BT then you can get the standard definition channels for free and the high definition channels for 3 per month if you simply renew your BT broadband product for another 12 months, or take out a new broadband contract for 12 months. -

Saturday 11 May 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - May 11-17
Doctor Who Clara and the Doctor discover how little they really know about each other As we hurtle towards the end of the series, watch an exclusive prequel to the final episode on the Red Button. Catch it straight after Saturdays episode finishes at 7.40pm or watch it again during the week. Enjoy the build-up to the gig throughout the day as Rod joins a host of Radio 2 programmes to sound check, answer your questions and preview the performance. -

Friday 10 May 2013, PM link icon  BT Sport: what you will pay - Money -
BT has the rights to show 38 Premier League football matches for the 2013/14 season and exclusive rights to show live games from rugbys Aviva Premiership. The broadcaster has the rights to show 38 Premier League football matches and exclusive rights to show live games from rugby's Aviva Premiership. There will also be some FA Cup games and Scottish Premier League games. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Links: iPlayer iOS app update
Hi everyone time for another roundup of news about BBC Online. The biggest story of the last fortnight has been an update to the iPlayer app for iPhones, iPod touchs and iPads. Here, in 2013, only 41 still is, and it's only going in one direction. - link icon  Ariel - Television comes top in Ofcom media tracker survey
10 May 2013 Last updated at 1434 Despite the rise of the internet as a dominant player in the media landscape, a large majority of people in the UK still get their news from old-fashioned television. According to Ofcom's annual media tracker survey, published this week, 72 of respondents said TV was their main source of news. The internet trailed far behind at 10, with newspapers lagging even further behind at 7. -

Thursday 09 May 2013, PM link icon  Amazing Radio returns to DAB in London : Radio Today
The new music station is also taking space on DAB in Dublin as part of its international expansion plans which includes time-shifted streams for US time zones. We were sad to come off DAB, but we kept going online and on mobile Apps, increasing ouraudience and improving our output every month. Now were back, bigger and hopefully better, broadcasting in London and the south-east initially on the D2 DAB multiplex. - link icon  BT Sport free for 5m BT homes - News - Broadcast
BT Sport is to be offered free of charge to BT’s 5m broadband homes as the fledgling broadcaster attempts to topple Sky’s dominance and win customers from rival ISPs. -

Thursday 09 May 2013, AM link icon  Online TV is growing up fast - Comment - Broadcast
Even MPs can see the industry has changed forever, says Kate Bulkley. When you’re discussing the new kinds of TV emerging from the digital space, it’s comforting that at least one man in a traditional seat of power has a handle on what’s coming up. - link icon  BT Sport aims to tackle Sky head on - Media - The Guardian
The broadcaster is expected finally to unveil details of its pricing plan and consumer proposition at an event at its Olympic Park studios , but it is understood that existing BT Broadband customers will be offered a substantial discount as it attempts to use its two new sport channels to woo new customers. People need to be able to get it as good as free. A war has already erupted between BT and Sky over the latter's refusal to take advertising for the new BT channels. -

Wednesday 08 May 2013, PM link icon  DCMS delays Communications Act white paper - News - Broadcast
The Department for Culture Media & Sport has delayed the publication of a white paper on the long-awaited Communications Act until the summer - link icon  Ariel - Hadlow takes temporary charge of BBC Four
A former head of specialist factual at Channel 4, Hadlow started her career as a BBC production trainee in 1986. - link icon  The stakes are high in the 'TV everywhere' land grab - Media Network - Guardian Profession…
There are now more internet-connected TVs in UK homes than ever before and the numbers continue to rise. Indeed, internet-connected TVs are expected to become mainstream, expanding from 10 in 2012 to 50 of all households in 2020, according to Enders Analysis. Enders also forecasts that internet-connected viewing on smart TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets will rise from 1.5 of total viewing today to 5 by 2020. -

Wednesday 08 May 2013, AM link icon  Kiss removed from local DAB multiplexes : Radio Today
Bauer has removed the stereo hi-quality version of Kiss from 25 more local multiplexes, leaving a single national mono version in its place. The station had been available on DAB twice in a number of locations since December. Now listeners in the areas below have been advised to re-tune to a mono signal available everywhere rather than a stereo signal available locally. -

Tuesday 07 May 2013, PM link icon  BBC warned of 'summer of strikes' as union rejects pay offer - Media -
The BBC could face strikes this summer over a pay dispute. BBC employees earning less than 60,000 will receive a flat-rate increase of 600 under the proposals outlined on Tuesday meaning more than a third of staff get a below-inflation rise of 2. The offer would see all BBC staff receive a minimum pay increase of 1 in the year from 1 August, including its best-paid employees earning more than 60,000. - link icon  An Analysis of the Audience Impact of Page One EPG Prominence A Report for Ofcom - stakeho…
An Analysis of the Audience Impact of Page One EPG Prominence A Report for Ofcom - link icon  UK Audience attitudes to the Broadcast Media 2012 [May 2013] -
UK Audience attitudes to the Broadcast Media 2012 [May 2013] - link icon  BT Sport channel gears up late-summer launch - City Business - Finance - Daily Express
This Thursday BT is expected to reveal more details on the price of the service as well as the platforms it will use such as YouView. BT Sport will show 38 exclusively live Barclays Premier League games. BT Sport will also show exclusive live coverage of all 69 rugby union games from the Aviva Premiership. - link icon  DG to consider halting DQF job cuts - News - Broadcast
BBC director general Tony Hall is expected to make a decision on whether to halt Delivering Quality First job cuts as the corporation bids to ward off further strike action. - link icon  YouView - radio's great opportunity
He looked surprised he didn't know this happened. The interface tells me the date, but not the year. So, I thought I'd do a few more searches on YouView to see what happens. If you think people don't listen to radio over the TV - they do. -

Saturday 04 May 2013, AM link icon  80,000 homes in Brighton and Hove face 4G TV misery From The Argus)
Some 80,000 homes in the city are being warned that tests of 4G the new generation of mobile phone technology could disrupt Freeview, leading to no sound, blocky images or even the loss of some or all channels. at800, the organisation tasked with ensuring viewers continue to receive Freeview when 4G mobile services are launched, said the masts would be turned on from mid May, but refused to give the exact date. The new technology is expected to bring innovations in business, entertainment, education and public services. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's On BBC Red Button - May 4 - 11
Weve got a jam-packed week full of drama, music, comedy and sport to suit all tastes on BBC Red Button. This months show features Rudimental, Ben Howard and The 1975. The 1975 are a Manchester alternative rock band who recently made the charts with their single Chocolate. -

Friday 03 May 2013, PM link icon  Declare DRM freedom!
Oct. 10, 2007 is the day I threw off the chains locking my music. I purged the last DRM-protected file from my personal catalog -- and not by stealing. The problem Songs purchased from iTunes, starting in April 2003. - link icon  BBC News - Planning changes to boost mobile broadband
3 May 2013 Last updated at 1300 ET Mobile firms could find it easier to put up masts and antennas under suggested changes to planning rules. Operators would also be encouraged to share masts to limit the need for new base station sites. The UK government has proposed the changes to help accelerate the roll-out of high-speed mobile networks. - link icon  4oD coming to Free Time from Freesat this month - Recombu
4oD should be live and kicking on Free Time from Freesat this month. The next-gen subscription free digital satellite service from Freesat impressed us greatly on launch. Despite being told that theyd arrive soon after launch, they havent and its only now weve got our first glimpse of 4oD seeing the light of day. - link icon  Ariel - BBC wins a Focal international award for restoration
The project, for BBC Worldwide, entailed meticulously cleaning 22 hours of footage, across 25 episodes and working with 104 original rolls of film. 'The footage is spectacular,' he adds, 'and when working on it you really get a feel for the scientific importance of what was being documented.' The digital media services team also remade the credit sequences for one of the films using new, high-resolution captions. Life on Earth, from 1979, was the first of David Attenborough's great surveys of life on the planet. -