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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Thursday 09 May 2013, PM link icon  Amazing Radio returns to DAB in London : Radio Today
The new music station is also taking space on DAB in Dublin as part of its international expansion plans which includes time-shifted streams for US time zones. We were sad to come off DAB, but we kept going online and on mobile Apps, increasing ouraudience and improving our output every month. Now were back, bigger and hopefully better, broadcasting in London and the south-east initially on the D2 DAB multiplex. - link icon  BT Sport free for 5m BT homes - News - Broadcast
BT Sport is to be offered free of charge to BT’s 5m broadband homes as the fledgling broadcaster attempts to topple Sky’s dominance and win customers from rival ISPs. -

Thursday 09 May 2013, AM link icon  Online TV is growing up fast - Comment - Broadcast
Even MPs can see the industry has changed forever, says Kate Bulkley. When you’re discussing the new kinds of TV emerging from the digital space, it’s comforting that at least one man in a traditional seat of power has a handle on what’s coming up. - link icon  BT Sport aims to tackle Sky head on - Media - The Guardian
The broadcaster is expected finally to unveil details of its pricing plan and consumer proposition at an event at its Olympic Park studios , but it is understood that existing BT Broadband customers will be offered a substantial discount as it attempts to use its two new sport channels to woo new customers. People need to be able to get it as good as free. A war has already erupted between BT and Sky over the latter's refusal to take advertising for the new BT channels. -

Wednesday 08 May 2013, PM link icon  DCMS delays Communications Act white paper - News - Broadcast
The Department for Culture Media & Sport has delayed the publication of a white paper on the long-awaited Communications Act until the summer - link icon  Ariel - Hadlow takes temporary charge of BBC Four
A former head of specialist factual at Channel 4, Hadlow started her career as a BBC production trainee in 1986. - link icon  The stakes are high in the 'TV everywhere' land grab - Media Network - Guardian Profession…
There are now more internet-connected TVs in UK homes than ever before and the numbers continue to rise. Indeed, internet-connected TVs are expected to become mainstream, expanding from 10 in 2012 to 50 of all households in 2020, according to Enders Analysis. Enders also forecasts that internet-connected viewing on smart TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets will rise from 1.5 of total viewing today to 5 by 2020. -

Wednesday 08 May 2013, AM link icon  Kiss removed from local DAB multiplexes : Radio Today
Bauer has removed the stereo hi-quality version of Kiss from 25 more local multiplexes, leaving a single national mono version in its place. The station had been available on DAB twice in a number of locations since December. Now listeners in the areas below have been advised to re-tune to a mono signal available everywhere rather than a stereo signal available locally. -

Tuesday 07 May 2013, PM link icon  BBC warned of 'summer of strikes' as union rejects pay offer - Media -
The BBC could face strikes this summer over a pay dispute. BBC employees earning less than 60,000 will receive a flat-rate increase of 600 under the proposals outlined on Tuesday meaning more than a third of staff get a below-inflation rise of 2. The offer would see all BBC staff receive a minimum pay increase of 1 in the year from 1 August, including its best-paid employees earning more than 60,000. - link icon  An Analysis of the Audience Impact of Page One EPG Prominence A Report for Ofcom - stakeho…
An Analysis of the Audience Impact of Page One EPG Prominence A Report for Ofcom - link icon  UK Audience attitudes to the Broadcast Media 2012 [May 2013] -
UK Audience attitudes to the Broadcast Media 2012 [May 2013] - link icon  BT Sport channel gears up late-summer launch - City Business - Finance - Daily Express
This Thursday BT is expected to reveal more details on the price of the service as well as the platforms it will use such as YouView. BT Sport will show 38 exclusively live Barclays Premier League games. BT Sport will also show exclusive live coverage of all 69 rugby union games from the Aviva Premiership. - link icon  DG to consider halting DQF job cuts - News - Broadcast
BBC director general Tony Hall is expected to make a decision on whether to halt Delivering Quality First job cuts as the corporation bids to ward off further strike action. - link icon  YouView - radio's great opportunity
He looked surprised he didn't know this happened. The interface tells me the date, but not the year. So, I thought I'd do a few more searches on YouView to see what happens. If you think people don't listen to radio over the TV - they do. -

Saturday 04 May 2013, AM link icon  80,000 homes in Brighton and Hove face 4G TV misery From The Argus)
Some 80,000 homes in the city are being warned that tests of 4G the new generation of mobile phone technology could disrupt Freeview, leading to no sound, blocky images or even the loss of some or all channels. at800, the organisation tasked with ensuring viewers continue to receive Freeview when 4G mobile services are launched, said the masts would be turned on from mid May, but refused to give the exact date. The new technology is expected to bring innovations in business, entertainment, education and public services. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's On BBC Red Button - May 4 - 11
Weve got a jam-packed week full of drama, music, comedy and sport to suit all tastes on BBC Red Button. This months show features Rudimental, Ben Howard and The 1975. The 1975 are a Manchester alternative rock band who recently made the charts with their single Chocolate. -

Friday 03 May 2013, PM link icon  Declare DRM freedom!
Oct. 10, 2007 is the day I threw off the chains locking my music. I purged the last DRM-protected file from my personal catalog -- and not by stealing. The problem Songs purchased from iTunes, starting in April 2003. - link icon  BBC News - Planning changes to boost mobile broadband
3 May 2013 Last updated at 1300 ET Mobile firms could find it easier to put up masts and antennas under suggested changes to planning rules. Operators would also be encouraged to share masts to limit the need for new base station sites. The UK government has proposed the changes to help accelerate the roll-out of high-speed mobile networks. - link icon  4oD coming to Free Time from Freesat this month - Recombu
4oD should be live and kicking on Free Time from Freesat this month. The next-gen subscription free digital satellite service from Freesat impressed us greatly on launch. Despite being told that theyd arrive soon after launch, they havent and its only now weve got our first glimpse of 4oD seeing the light of day. - link icon  Ariel - BBC wins a Focal international award for restoration
The project, for BBC Worldwide, entailed meticulously cleaning 22 hours of footage, across 25 episodes and working with 104 original rolls of film. 'The footage is spectacular,' he adds, 'and when working on it you really get a feel for the scientific importance of what was being documented.' The digital media services team also remade the credit sequences for one of the films using new, high-resolution captions. Life on Earth, from 1979, was the first of David Attenborough's great surveys of life on the planet. -

Friday 03 May 2013, AM link icon  BBC's faulty £133m digital video archive leads to delays to programmes - Media - guardi…
New Broadcasting House blues the BBC's digital video archive doesn't work properly. It has a budget equivalent to around 914,000 BBC licence fees. However, the BBC declined to reveal how much of the 133m which is supposed to last to run the service until 2017 has actually been spent or how much of the 95m of benefits DMI was supposed to deliver back to the corporation have been achieved. - link icon  BBC News - 180 degree television for the home?
Immersive video is a concept that technology companies have experimented with, finding varying levels of success. Philips pushed the idea in 2004 with its Ambilight television sets, which projected light around the television, to suit the mood of the content being played. Microsoft has confirmed it is working on a form of immersive video for gaming, which it calls IllumiRoom - it uses the Kinect camera and a projector to extend graphics beyond the television screen - but there yet is no clear indication of when it might go on sale. - link icon  Howling: 10 more HD channels next year, Freeview must not be pushed out of spectrum Digita…
Speaking on a panel at the event, Howling said Freeview could launch up to 10 additional HD channels next year and was in discussion with Ofcom over how this could be achieved. Howling said that for Freeview, innovation is about taking a product and making it mass market, mainstream and free for everyone. She said that free TV was part of the countrys DNA. -

Thursday 02 May 2013, PM link icon  BBC bullying exposes broader cultural ills and poor management - Media -
The BBC report into bullying reflects management and HR failings as well as broader human frailties. Further, the majority of toilers, 60,000, who are on short-term or casual contracts, and therefore vulnerable, are excluded from the BBC's bullying, harassment and grievance policy, despite the fact it was last updated recently, in 2011, and the use of freelancers has been endemic for two decades. Running through the research interviews reveals constant criticism of the corporation's HR department that seems to have been asleep on the job and could have acted sooner. - link icon  Ed Vaizey spells out plans for Freeview's 5G future - Recombu
As with the 4G Freeview Fail, it's likely the mobile operators will have to pay the bill, not the taxpayer or TV Licence. A third option would be that Freeview would continue to exist in its current form with minimal change in other words, a standard definition service would be retained to deliver a 'minimal PSB service' retained for those with old SD equipment. Vaizey is not in support of the first option, which he believes will harm competition. - link icon  BBC bullying is systemic and institutionalised, claim unions - Media -
BBC fails to screen for trouble The NUJ claims bullying has been going on under the noses of management. On Thursday the BBC published a report resulting from an internal inquiry into bullying and harrassment commissioned in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, which uncovered widespread allegations of bullying and an inadequate complaints procedure which meant whistleblowers' concerns often went unheeded. The NUJ's evidence to the inquiry is understood to have contained multiple accusations of bullying against a single senior executive, who was named in a collective complaint by more than 20 people. - link icon  YouTube Says The Battle With TV Is Already Over - Business Insider
YouTube says the battle if there ever was one is over. A year ago, YouTube seemed to have its sights set on reinventing television by funding the launch of more than 100 channels from well-known media brands and Hollywood personalities. Though the model for the evening was TV, YouTube used it to distinguish itself as something entirely different. - link icon  BBC Respect at Work Review Report 02/05/2013
People expect more from the BBC. Our audiences and licence fee payers expect high standards of creativity, impartiality and distinctiveness. They expect us to behave with the utmost integrity and decency. They expect us to live up to our stated Values. They are right to do so. - link icon  Ofcom begins investigation into BT's superfast broadband - Reuters
Ofcom said it was in the early stages of an investigation into BT. BT, the biggest fixed-line operator in the country, allows rival operators to take its superfast fiber product on a wholesale basis at the same fee at which it sells it to its own retail arm, BT Retail. TalkTalk has complained that there is not a large enough gap between the wholesale price and the rate at which BT sells the product to retail customers, squeezing margins for competitors. -

Thursday 02 May 2013, AM link icon  Halls red flag system for BBC - News - Broadcast
Tony Hall has overhauled the BBC’s top-level conversations about high-risk programmes in a bid to prevent a repeat of the Jimmy Savile scandal - link icon  No, The UK Did Not Just Abolish Copyright, Despite What Photographers Seem To Think - Tech…
Under its provisions it will be legal to exploit a copyright work - photograph, film, text, song, whatever -- without the knowledge, permission, or payment to its owner. As with the 2010 Digital Economy Act, the bone of contention for photographers is how orphan works will be treated under UK law. The searches would have to be verified as diligent by independent authorising bodies. - link icon  Bauer gives Kisstory its own radio station : Radio Today
The Kiss brand is expanding with the imminent launch of new radio stations Kisstory and KissFresh, whilst Q Radio is closed down. Kisstory has been a feature on Kiss playing old skool and anthems and Bauer says it gets its own 24 hour channel in response to positive audience feedback from research into Kisstory listeners. Meanwhile, Q Radio, which has been operational for a decade, will be closed and replaced on Freeview with Kisstory. - link icon  BSkyB's Now TV helps offset sluggish Sky satellite growth - Media -
A growing number of analysts have predicted that BSkyB is close to recording its first decline in traditional TV subscriber numbers in more than a decade. BSkyB chose to report combined satellite and internet TV growth for the first quarter, although it is understood that traditional TV sign-ups continued to grow. Now TV, which until recently has only offered Sky Movies content, added 25,000 customers in its debut reporting period of the quarter to the end of December. - link icon  Analysing the evolving connected TV landscape - Media Network -
Connected TV's on display at the IBC exhibition. Photograph travelstock44/Alamy While online video consumption via personal computers and portable 'smart' devices has become an increasingly mainstream activity, the use of connected TV sets for accessing web-delivered TV services and other applications is taking longer to catch on. However it is clear that the internet is rapidly becoming a viable means of delivering video content to the large screen. -

Wednesday 01 May 2013, PM link icon  How should Welsh broadcasting reflect its diverse audience? - Media -
Davies pointed out in a keynote speech at the Celtic Media Festival in Swansea last week that the most recent census, published four months ago, showed that 19 of the population, or 450,000 people, spoke Welsh down from 19 a decade ago. Davies noted that 10 years ago 40 of school age children could speak Welsh, but now only 24 of that age group can do so. Satellite television was most eagerly embraced in Wales in the 90s, as an escape. - link icon  In the air: Kiss uses apps and Freeview, not DAB - Media - Business - London Evening Stand…

Tuesday 30 April 2013, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - W1 Project comes to a close
The mammoth task of reinventing Broadcasting House for 21st century broadcasting has come to a successful end after ten years. You can book a tour of the new BBC Broadcasting House building here. Share this page More Posts Previous Not so grim up north Tuesday 30 April 2013, 1236 -

Tuesday 30 April 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - DNA Refactor Project
This blog post explains how DNA became what it is today and the plans for refactoring the code base into a modern architecture making the platform easier to maintain, faster to extend and portable to other platforms. Evolution of the DNA Code Base Coding began with the creation of the website back in 1999. Shortly after its inception the platform was acquired by the BBC and developed over the years using many technologies by approximately 24 different developers. - link icon  Nielsen to Track Online TV Viewers -
The TV networks will use the program primarily to track viewership of programs on their own websites. NBC, for example, will allow Nielsen to gather usage data for some shows that it streams on The networks can then compare their internal viewership data with Nielsen's to gain comfort with the new ratings system before it is established more broadly. -

Monday 29 April 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: BT to support O2in delivering 4G services
BT has signed a ten year deal with O2 to support the introduction of 4G services for O2 customers. The deal states that BT will build a new high capacity transmission network to help O2 deal with the increase in mobile data traffic, a result of the increasing number of consumers accessing mobile internet applications via their smart phone or tablet according to BT. -

Sunday 28 April 2013, AM link icon  Savile to cost BBC insurers millions
The FTSE 100 insurers have emerged as underwriters of policies taken out by the broadcaster to protect itagainst legal claims between 1971 and 2006, when Savile carried out a series of sex attacks. Information obtained by insurance trade magazine Post reveals that the group of insurers could face sexual abuse claims of up to 30m. The police Operation Yewtree, which is looking into allegations of sex crimes against the former DJ and a host of other celebrities, has so far recorded 450 complaints against the late Savile. -

Saturday 27 April 2013, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button 27 April - 4 May
This means we cannot show more than one match at a time on the Red Button. You can read why these changes were made in this blog post. Antiques Roadshow play along The popular Antiques Roadshow play along is on a break until next week - but you can still join inon Sunday 28 Apriland guess the valuations using the freemobile phone app. -

Friday 26 April 2013, AM link icon  BT’s TV offering in line for massive transformation Digital TV Europe
In terms of BTs sports channels, which are due to launch this summer, BT has already taken rights to a host of sports content including 38 Premier League football games, 18 of which will be first-pick matches. Throwing his support behind YouView, he commented this would be our strategic platform for the future, adding that it makes our customers stickier, it makes them more engaged with us and our content services and our sales people love to sell it as well. BTs been in TV for about six or seven years. On-demand only is a difficult thing for a lot of consumers to understand, but I think that is changing more quickly now, with Netflix, LoveFilm and other services. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Report: DVB-T2 set-tops predicted to reach 18m homes
- link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - BBC iPlayer Radio app on Android devices
This app has all the features of the iOS app as well as some improvements that, as an Android user myself, I think make it even better. For the very first time this app is now also available on tablets including the very popular Amazon Kindle Fire HD. You can download the app from the Google Play store now and it will be available shortly in the Amazon app store. -

Tuesday 23 April 2013, PM link icon  BBC appoints Danny Cohen as new director of television - Media -
The BBC has confirmed the appointment of Danny Cohen as its new director of television. He will receive a total pay package of 327,800. He will be paid 57,800 more than the last full-time person in the job, George Entwistle when it was still called director of vision who received 270,000. -

Tuesday 23 April 2013, AM link icon  BBC1's Danny Cohen tipped to be new director of television - Media -
BBC1 controller Danny Cohen is expected to become the corporation's new director of television. Cohen oversaw a triumphant 2012 for BBC1, capped by its coverage of the London Olympic Games. He previously worked at Channel 4, where he was head of factual entertainment and in charge of E4, commissioning Skins, The Inbetweeners and Supernanny. - link icon  Animal rights group defeated in move that would have opened up paid UK political advertisi…
The blanket ban in the UK is designed to prevent a political advertising free-for-all in which the richest have most access to promote their views - US-style aggressive political advertising. Today's verdict rejected a complaint by the animal rights non-government organisation that denying it the possibility to advertise on TV or radio breached the European Human Rights Convention, which guarantees free speech. That ban has wide support and has helped sustain the balance of views which is at the heart of British broadcasting - and ensures the political views broadcast into our homes are not determined by those with the deepest pockets. -

Monday 22 April 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: David Scott to leave Digital UK
Digital UK has begun the recruitment process for a new CEO and is expecting to appoint a replacement in summer 2013. DTG Staff 22.04.2013 Links open in a new window. -

Sunday 21 April 2013, PM link icon  BT wants a broadband bounce from sport, but may have scored an own goal - Media - The Guar…
Spurred on BT wants to score more broadband customers through its premier league football rights deal. What lies behind it, however, really couldn't be more serious and the key questions are all for BT. BT has spent upwards of 1bn on sports rights mainly 38 Premier League games a year, top-flight rugby and WTA tennis. -

Saturday 20 April 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button 20-27 April
Please note there's no Antiques Roadshow play along this week, but you can still join in via the free mobile app. That's not all formotorsport lovers - we've also got MotoGP on the Red Button. Moto2 and Moto3 is live from Austin, Texas for the first time as two Spaniards, Espargaro and Salom, look to defend their leads from the opening races. -

Friday 19 April 2013, PM link icon  Press regulation: minor bloggers excluded from exemplary damages - Media -
Bloggers with fewer than 10 employees will have some exemption. Photograph Magdalena Rehova/Alamy Bloggers with a turnover of less than 2m annually and fewer than 10 employees will be excluded from certain punitive elements of the proposed new press regulation regime, under a legislative amendment agreeed by the three main political parties. Under the amendment to the crime and courts bill, which will be debated in the Commons on Monday, bloggers and small web businesses that cover news and choose to join the regulator will also gain significant cost-protection benefits. - link icon  BBC News - Digital radio: More stations for north east Wales listeners
19 April 2013 Last updated at 0823 ET Digital radio listeners in north east Wales will be able to pick up local stations for the first time as new transmitters are switched on. The industry marketing group says 36 of homes in Wales have a DAB radio. Listeners will need a digital radio - sometimes called a DAB radio - to receive the signal. - link icon  BBC iPlayer watched on tablets more than smartphones for first time - Media -…
BBC iPlayer was watched on tablet devices more than smartphones for the first time in March. Figures released by the corporation on Friday show that BBC iPlayer viewing on tablet devices surpassed smartphones by 200,000 viewers last month. Daily views of the TV catch-up service remained high with an average of 8.1m. - link icon  BBC News - BBC World Service budget uncertainty unacceptable
Foreign Office funding for the service will stop in April 2014 when it will be paid for out of the licence fee. The BBC Trust said it had shared a draft licence with the service. In October, the World Service announced it was to lose a further 73 jobs as part of the latest round of cutbacks to save 42m, with 25 jobs going in the English-language service. - link icon  News -
The signal was broadcast in DVB-S2 using a data rate of 20 Mbit/s. The company provides satellite communications services to broadcasters, content and internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators and business and governmental organisations worldwide. The culturally diverse regional teams of SES are located around the globe and work closely with customers to meet their specific satellite bandwidth and service requirements. - link icon  New DAB transmitters turned on in Wales : Radio Today
Research has shown how much people value their local radio stations, so we hope this will make a big difference to the digital radio listening experience in the area. Weve also got exciting plans for further new radio stations over the coming months. Tags dab, dee 106.2, featured, juice Category Industry News -

Thursday 18 April 2013, PM link icon  BBC media player Torin Douglas throws in his cards - Media Monkey - Media -…
Thank you and goodnight the BBC's media correspondent Torin Douglas. BBC media correspondent Torin Douglas is hanging up his mic and cans after nearly 24 count 'em years in the job. Douglas told Monkey there's no prospect of him going over to the dark side. - link icon  Directors UK calls on BBC to relax high-definition guidelines - News - Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. -

Thursday 18 April 2013, AM link icon  Ariel - BBC to train broadcast engineers to meet critical shortfall
It's a stark assessment by John Linwood, chief technology officer, who this week announces an apprenticeship scheme that will train up a new generation of engineers for the UK media industry's future. Some of the apprentices will be offered BBC jobs after they graduate. Ageing workforce Linwood tells Ariel that the BBC has a long tradition of training up broadcast engineers - but it has recently identified a gap that could affect programme making and outside broadcasts in the years to come. - link icon  The Only Thing the Broadcasting Treaty Is Good For Is Crushing Innovation - Electronic Fro…
For those of us following the continuing saga of the unnecessary and harmful WIPO Broadcasting Treaty, its latest manifestation is starting to have the feel of a tired movie franchise. Every few years, as soon as Hollywood thinks it can squeeze a few more dollars out of a new installment, the same bad idea gets rehashed with the same cast of characters, and still no substance. In short, the idea is to create a new bundle of copyright-like veto points for broadcasters. - link icon  Broadcasters file Aereo appeal, warn of havoc and massive disruption to TV industry
Fox and other broadcasters are asking a New York appeals court to reconsider its decision to give a green light to Aereo, a controversial start-up that uses tiny antennas to retransmit over-the-air TV to mobile devices for 8 a month. In a new court filing embedded below, the broadcasters claim the decision threatens to cause massive disruption to the television industry and will wreak commercial havoc, and request a full panel of the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals to revisit the ruling. Aereo is backed by a 58 million investment from media mogul Barry Diller and others, and lets customers watch and record TV without a subscription for 1 a day or 8 a month. -

Wednesday 17 April 2013, PM link icon  5G UK: Ofcom plans 2018 auction for 700MHz - Recombu
The 4G auction has barely begun but Ofcom is already laying out its plans for 5G. The next-next-generation of mobile services is expected to arrive in the UK in 2018 and will occupy some of the 700MHz slice of the broadcast spectrum - yet another patch thats currently occupied by Freeview. Ofcom says that theres a coming capacity crunch - currently 20 million Gigabytes GB are consumed a month by gadget-hungry Brits and this only looks set to increase. - link icon  Big trend: Watching TV when you please - Media Life Magazine
Right now the broadcast networks are carefully preparing their fall schedules, mulling over which show will perform best in what timeslot. An increasing number are setting their own TV schedules, according to a new study from the Harris Poll, conducted by Harris Interactive. Young viewers are most likely to watch shows on their own schedule, including 89 percent of adults 18-29 and 90 percent of 30-39s. - link icon  Honoured' to join the BBC: James Harding - the man who tore it to bits
The Times, during Hardings five years of editorship, was among the most strident. What the BBC is not, and has never been, is an organisation devoted to investigative journalism. This is neither its forte, nor its primary mtier, opined a leading article in Hardings paper last November, as the news division which he will lead found itself reeling over the Savile and McAlpine scandals. - link icon  Is Lord Sugar promoting an illegal streaming site? - Recombu
Lord Sugar, the former chairman of YouView, appears to be promoting use of a TV streaming service that could be illegal. The European Court of Justice ECJ recently ruled that streaming sites and services require explicit permission from content owners to re-broadcast programmes. If your box is experiencing freezing, then there is a 0.05 per cent chance that it is a problem with our system. -

Tuesday 16 April 2013, PM link icon  TV chooser - TV DVD - Which? Technology

Sunday 14 April 2013, PM link icon  TalkSport owner UTV Media looks to recovery after riding out ad slump - Media - The Guardi…
Last week, TalkSport retained the rights to broadcast 64 live top-flight games for another three years. The BBC, which has seen its sports rights budgets cut, held onto the lion's share 128, with Absolute Radio bagging a further 32. A decade ago, 84 of its operating profit came from TV. - link icon  Once again, TV executives are eager to stifle tech innovations like Aereo - Dan Gillmor - …
Photograph Alamy I can use an antenna to watch local TV shows via their broadcast towers. I can save some of those programs to a hard disk or a dedicated external device for later viewing at home. Or, as would often be preferable, I can connect remotely to my home machine when I'm traveling in order watch live programming or pre-recorded shows from a distant hotel room. - link icon  Fitch Upgrades ITV to 'BBB-'; Outlook Stable - Reuters
The Outlook on the Long-term IDR is Stable. A full list of rating actions is at the end of this release. The upgrade is based on Fitch's opinion that ITV is now more able to weather the structural changes facing the media industry. -

Saturday 13 April 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button 14 - 21 April
Sit back and enjoy the dulcet tones of jazz singer Caro Emerald who was live in concert for Radio 2 and test your antiques expertise with our popular Antiques Roadshow play along. Shes visiting Radio 2 ahead of a UK tour later this year so we are lucky to have this early look. Featured family treasures include a valuable silver fruit bowl damaged when thrownduring a domestic tiff,artefacts fromCaptain Scott's last expedition to the South Pole and a humble house brick with an important story. - link icon  BBC One HD - not in HD

Friday 12 April 2013, PM link icon  Photography discs, importing televisions and all-in-one PC TVs - Technology -…
I have a box of vintage round discs, each in its own jacket. They are labelled and are photos of family subjects. I would love to have the pictures put on a DVD, but I don't know what these discs are called, and I don't know what type of camera they came from. -

Wednesday 10 April 2013, PM link icon  Freeview and 4G at 800 MHz coexistence test in south east London - at800
Approximately 170,000 household and business addresses in parts of Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets are being contacted directly to alert them to the test. This larger-scale testing follows an initial small-scale test in the West Midlands. at800 has a team of professional aerial installers and testing units in the area that will respond to calls from viewers, visit addresses reporting problems and restore Freeview. -

Tuesday 09 April 2013, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - New Research and Development Website
That includes making sure we use the web efficiently to communicate our department's research and so, this week, we are releasing a beta version of the new BBC RD website. For many decades BBC RD has been driving innovation in the capture of audio and video, the production tools and processes and the delivery of content through cables and airwaves, from the early designs of radio microphones to digital and high definition television. We also look at new and better ways to help our audiences discover and experience our programmes. - link icon  Digital One to extend to Northern Ireland : Radio Today
It comes after a consultation on the matter which 18 people replied, all of which apart from one were supportive of Digital Ones request. The one respondent who was opposed to the proposal was not content because Digital Ones proposed coverage in certain parts of Northern Ireland outside of the Belfast area would not be as extensive as that in Belfast itself. The network will provide robust indoor coverage to 74 of households, and 70 of the main road network, in Northern Ireland. -

Monday 08 April 2013, PM link icon  Pure and simple – this is a DAB radio IT fault - Money - The Guardian
I own a Pure Evoke-3 DAB radio, costing nearly 200, that now fails to work. I contacted Pure, which informed me it must be a hardware fault. It said this would cost a minimum 60 plus VAT as well as my carriage costs. - link icon  informitv - Aereo ruling enables national expansion
Disruptive start-up company Aereo has won a significant reprieve in its attempts to deliver broadcast television transmissions over the internet. A majority decision by an appeals court has upheld an earlier ruling, denying a motion from broadcasters for an injunction against the company. Although the case continues, Aereo is now planning to roll out the service nationwide across the United States. - link icon  EU regulators to approve $15.8 billion Liberty, Virgin deal - sources - Reuters
The European Union competition authority is set to announce its decision by April 15. Antoine Colombani, Commission spokesman for competition policy, and Virgin Media declined to comment. The 15.8 billion value of the deal was the implied price on February 6, the day it was announced. - link icon  Holy Cow: Two of the Big Four TV Networks Are Considering Going Off the Air - Forbes
Worried enough that at least two of them are actively entertaining the possibility of pulling their free over-the-air signals altogether. Surprised to see news that portentous buried in the 13th paragraph, I reached out Ancier to make sure there wasnt some sort of miscommunication. Rather, its a contingency plan the networks in question are keeping in their back pockets in case they cant prevail over Aereo and Dish in court or find some other way to stave off the threat they represent. - link icon  News Corp. Threatens to Pull Fox off the Airwaves if Aereo Wins - Peter Kafka - Media - Al…
COO Chase Carey says his conglomerate is considering moving programming from its Fox broadcast network, which viewers can receive over the air, for free, to its pay cable networks. Heres the money quote, via Variety If we cant have our rights properly protected through legal and governmental solutions, we will pursue a business solution. One solution would be to take the network and make it a subscription service. -

Sunday 07 April 2013, AM link icon  TFM: who could be next?
On 15th April 2010, Ofcom published a Statement on commercial radio localness regulation. UTV's cluster already shares the same building, but has different programming at breakfast/drive which isn't, strictly, required. Some of the potentials here make little sense a station called Lincs FM wouldn't go down particularly well in Hull, and many - but not all - of these stations broadcast to specific communities who don't naturally fit together. -

Saturday 06 April 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What’s on BBC Red Button – 6-13 April
Both Caro and her band are great, charismatic performers previously seen on Red Button at Radio 2 in Hyde Park 2011 - so we are delighted to welcome her back. Shes visiting Radio 2 ahead of a UK tour later this year so we are lucky to have this early look. You can join in with the programme by pressing red to guess the valuations in real time. -

Friday 05 April 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - Film studios request removal of takedown notices
5 April 2013 Last updated at 0722 ET Two film studios have asked Google to take down links to messages sent by them requesting the removal of links connected to film piracy. Recent submissions by Fox and Universal Studios include requests for the removal of previous takedown notices. The notices are requests for individual web addresses to be removed from Google's search engine results because they contain material uploaded without the permission of the copyright holders. -

Friday 05 April 2013, AM link icon  How to buy the best set-top box - Freeview and Freesat set-top boxe reviews - TV DVD - Whi…

Thursday 04 April 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: VIVA to join Freesat's line up
Freesat has added Viacom channel Viva to its entertainment line-up. Viva launched in 2009 and is Viacom's free-to-air offering in the UK TV market. -

Thursday 04 April 2013, AM link icon  Intel to Offer Multichannel TV Service, Takes on Pay-TV Cable Business - Variety
Employees at Intel Corp. are free to roam almost anywhere across the vast Santa Clara, Calif., campus they call home. Certain laboratories are off-limits of course thats understandable when the assembly of microprocessors could be contaminated by a human eyelash. Only 300 of the more than 100,000 people who work for Intel have clearance. - link icon  Online music licensing revenues pass radio for first time - Technology - The Guardian
Ed Sheeran and other UK artists enjoyed a bumper 2012 as digital licensing revenues passed radio for the first time. New licensing agreements with Google Play, Microsoft Xbox and other online players helped UK digital revenues soar 32.2 in 2012, from 39.1m in 2011. The advent of downloads and streaming services, such as Apple iTunes and Spotify, has more than doubled UK online licensing revenues, from 23.3m in 2008. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Loudness Measurement: Improving sound for the BBC and other …
In my last blog on audio and music technology at the BBC I mentioned loudness measurement. I wanted to cover this in more detail and also to tell you more about how we are working with other broadcasters on a common loudness standard that can be applied to all types of broadcast content. Mixing console level meters So what does loudness measurement entail and why has it taken so long to be adopted by broadcasters -

Wednesday 03 April 2013, AM link icon  Only 10% of UK homes use VCR, but two thirds still own one Digital TV Europe
However, 64 of UK homes still own a VCR, according to the research. Freeview found that just over half of homes still with VCRs had put the devices into storage and no longer used them, while only 11 of homes had used their VCRs to record programmes in the past year. Twenty-three per cent of households had given up using their VCRs within the past three years. -

Tuesday 02 April 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: Freesat adds Travel Channel
It is a hugely popular service with a strong following that strengthens and complements Freesat's existing line-up. DTG Staff 02.04.2013 Links open in a new window. The DTG is not responsible for the content of other web sites. -

Tuesday 02 April 2013, AM link icon  Tony Hall's email to BBC staff - Media -
Tony Hall has said in an email to BBC staff that the corporation has experienced difficult times, but is now winning back trust. The BBC has a unique history, a special place in the country's heart and a vital part to play in its future. Recent times have been difficult for the BBC, but obviously far more so for those directly affected by these events. - link icon  Aereo wins battle with big networks over right to stream TV online - Media -…
Aereo, which is backed by Barry Diller above, was launched in March 2012 in the New York area at a cost to subscribers of 12 a month. Aereo subscribers pay 12 month to stream live broadcasts of TV channels on mobile devices. The company, owned by Diller's IAC, does not pay fees to the media companies whose programmes it redistributes. -

Monday 01 April 2013, AM link icon  Aereo Held Talks With TV-Service Providers -
Aereo, which streams local TV broadcast signals over the Web for a fee, is now available only in the New York City region. Talks between Aereo and telecom operators haven't yet yielded any agreements. Aereo is battling a suit by broadcasters, which say it is violating copyright law, in part because it reformats and retransmits their signals without permissionand then charges a fee to its subscribers. - link icon  Moggys and Froggies unite for Animal DAB : Radio Today
A new national radio station is to launch later today on Digital One, featuring specialist music and animals as presenters. The station will be operated by an yet un-named company but a RadioToday source simply known as Pug confirms the station was inspired by Kerrang Radio hiring a Rock Dog to host a weekly show. -

Sunday 31 March 2013, PM link icon  It s Big TV vs. Big Telecom Over Broadcast Spectrum - Variety
The chaos has opened the door for profiteering by TV station owners who suddenly find themselves sitting on valuable real estate. Theres a buying spree going on in the upper reaches of the TV dial, the largely forgotten universe of UHF stations made up of many mom-and-pop owners who long ago gave up ambition in favor of a mix of home-shopping and reruns like Matlock. KTLN channel 47, which runs religious programming from a business park in San Rafael, Calif., sold for 8 million in 2011. - link icon  What Tony Hall needs to do to revive the BBC - Media - The Observer
The two lords, Baron Hall of Birkenhead and Baron Patten of Barnes, have been invited to perform their first public double act to a parliamentary select committee. Hall leaves the Royal Opera House this week to return to the BBC, where he once ran the news operation, as a potential saviour. He has been appointed at a low point in the corporation's history, in the middle of an industrial dispute, following the brief tenure of George Entwistle and all the horror of Jimmy Savile's crimes. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What’s on BBC Red Button 30 March – 6 April
Press red after the programme to enjoy concert performances. Radio 1s world-famous Live Lounge hosts emerging musicians and superstars each month. Objects featured in the show include a giant dog collar from Victorian days, a collection of early royal relics, and boxing gloves once used by the young poet Byron. -

Friday 29 March 2013, PM link icon  at800 Code of Service
Our role is simple – to ensure that all UK consumers continue to receive clear Freeview signals, or are offered a suitable alternative, when 4G mobile services at 800MHz are launched. - link icon  Freeview re-launches website with new TV Guide featuring catch up TV links - The Drum
The re-launch follows the announcement that the number of homes using Freeview as their main digital provider has surpassed 11 million for the first time, visitors to the refreshed site will now be able to scroll backwards through an online programme guide, clicking straight through to content. Other changes to the site includes personalised TV guides using customers pre-selected favourite channels, shortlists based on reviews from Reevoo, and an updated news and features page. Our TV guide is hugely popular and this update makes the user journey simpler and easy to navigate. -