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Briantist: Alan Grimes has posted Having read this thread it seems like a good idea for Freeview or a Freeview like service
Briantist: Anthony has posted Group aerials are no good in todays freeview environment especially if they have been up on a
Briantist: Daily Mail οn the wrong trail over BBC s Sherlock success Media Monkey Media theguardian com But thats ancient
Briantist: New Statesman Gɛɛ up Newsnight is it time to stop flogging the dying horse Its possibly because of the grimness
Briantist: Ariel Imagine neνer needing the remote 27 August 2014 Last updated at 1544 From Ceefax to gesture controlled is
Briantist: DTG News DТG Testing releases D Book 7 v4 MHEG test suites The test suites are available as an free update to is
Briantist: BBC News Whιte space between TV signals could save lives at sea The leftover white space between TV signals is a
Briantist: BBC News LG to put the first 4K OLED TVs on sale in September Тhe firm said a curved 65in 165cm set would go on
Briantist: RadioToday RadioDNS launches new information website RadioDNS the open standards code which connects broadcast ɑ
Briantist: Media Exploitation in South Yorkshire TV election debates Jihadis and social media

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play Media: Exploitation in South Yorkshire - TV election debates - Jihadis and social media link icon  #10 - SPECIAL: Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival 2014 link icon  Talking TV: Edinburgh special

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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Sunday 22 September 2013, PM link icon  It's the BBC Trust that's created this crisis, not the charter - Media - The Guardian
Second, it was that the BBC Trust was not to put too fine a point on it bust. Dealing with controversial payoffs to departing executives was always going to be tricky especially since the BBC appeared to have been insufficiently rigorous in the way it went about it, as was so clearly exposed by the National Audit Office inquiry into the matter. At the same time, by adopting an especially legalistic interpretation of the BBC's royal charter under which they operate, in effect saying that the trust was specifically prohibited from addressing the issue of executive remuneration in any detail, they made the trust itself appear anything but fit for purpose. -

Saturday 21 September 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button 21-27 September
Also from CBBC, there's a blog from presenter Chris, horoscopes and jokes to make you laugh. Our valuation game is simple, fun and free to play. For a full list and times of sport coverage on Red Button see the BBC Sport website. - link icon  BBC News - Apple fingerprint tech raises privacy questions
Apple has yet to comment on the letter. Mr Franken has asked Apple to answers his questions within a month of receiving his letter. Meanwhile, hackers are gearing up to try to crack Apple's Touch ID technology. -

Friday 20 September 2013, PM link icon  Federal judge in Boston 'inclined' to rule for Aereo - The Verge
Spokespeople for Aereo and Hearst declined to comment. Hearst's suit accuses Aereo of unlawfully distributing its programming, and is similar to the one brought last year against Aereo by two separate groups of broadcasters in New York district court. Aereo, which streams live TV over the internet, won there and later at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. - link icon  BBC News - RSA warns over NSA link to encryption algorithm
Privacy In the 1990s, the NSA tried to claim the right to unlock all encryption systems, but lost the battle after privacy rights and freedom of speech advocates objected. The NSA maintains that it needs to be able to decipher encrypted communications to protect the US against terrorism and organised crime. As the documents leaked by the former government security contractor Edward Snowden have demonstrated, the NSA has been intercepting communications data from all over the world through its Prism surveillance programme. - link icon  Pact: GroupM Entertainment threatens PSB system - News - Broadcast
Pact chief executive John McVay has warned that the growing control of GroupM Entertainment over programming could threaten the ability of broadcasters to meet their PSB obligations. Speaking on Radio 4’s The Media Show earlier this week, McVay said as GroupM Entertainment funds more PSB programming there could be a negative impact on output.. - link icon  Independent TV producers 'forced to sign unfair deals' with WPP - Media -
McVay said the problem first started to emerge about three years ago and that Channel 5, with the smallest programming budget of the main terrestrial broadcasters, was particularly prone. He added that programming deals done directly with broadcasters saw indies keep all rights beyond a limited window, allowing for the channel that commissioned the show to repeat it. At times, this can mean difficult negotiations with media owners around volumes and pricing but GroupM is no different from any other media agency in that respect. - link icon  SES And Arqiva Sign Capacity Agreement For The UK Market -
Ses And Arqiva Sign Capacity Agreement For The Uk Market -

Friday 20 September 2013, AM link icon  Home : Salford Media Festival - 2013
Salford Media Festival brings together the biggest names in the industry. Celebrating 20 years as the Nations and Regions Media conference, Salford Media Festival promises to showcase new work and provide a wider international perspective. The festival will also allow the next generation of media professionals to discover how to succeed in a fast moving business, as well as to showcase their talent to key players in the sector. -

Wednesday 18 September 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - Dr Who and other BBC shows to appear on Hulu service
Most will be available through Hulu's subscription service, called Hulu plus. Shows on Hulu at the moment include The Simpsons, Modern Family and Glee. It has more than 30 million monthly visitors and generates sales of more than 700m 440m through subscriptions and a free, advert-supported service. - link icon  BBC faces major review by MPs following recent scandals - Media -
The review by the Commons committee is expected to begin later this year ahead of crucial charter renewal talks on the future of BBC governance in 2014. The corporation has also initiated its own review of the relationship between the trust and BBC management. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link icon  TVCatchup expands service - with actual catchup TV - Technology -
In March, TVCatchup was defiant over a European Union ruling that required online rebroadcasting of content to be licensed from the original rights holder. -

Wednesday 18 September 2013, AM link icon  Daily Mail backs the BBC Trust - Index on Censorship - Index on Censorship
The Trust has faced criticism as excessive remuneration and severance packages have led to accusations of waste and cronyism. So why on Earth would the Daily Mail defend this The Leveson report of 2012 suggested that, should a self-regulatory body established by the press fail to meet the criteria set out by the Lord Justice, OfCom could step in as a backstop regulator. - link icon  BBC local radio embraces female presenter challenge - Women in Leadership - Guardian Profe…
Photograph Christopher Thomond for the Guardian Local radio is rather like a broadcasting Tardis it is a lot bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. They're not to know that we're a network of 39 stations, generating over 5,000 hours of programming each week to an audience of more than seven million people. In fact, the scale of local radio often takes people inside the BBC by surprise. -

Tuesday 17 September 2013, PM link icon  Ofcom - Summary
1.2We concluded in the SRSP 2010 that where we authorise rights to use spectrum through licensing, we can employ three mechanisms for setting fees cost based pricing, administered incentive pricing and auctions. We also determined that cost based fees which reflect our spectrum management costs should apply to spectrum licence classes where AIP which is calculated based on the opportunity cost of the spectrum used is not appropriate. 1.3We signalled our intention to review cost based fees in our 2013/14 Annual Plan, and this document serves as the first in a series of cost based fee reviews. - link icon…
- link icon…
The format, which falls somewhere between chat show entertainment television and advertising, has been described in the television industry as a chatmercial. ITV sources said the channel was categorised as advertising and that responsibility for content rested with JML. The show has been trialled over two hours from 12.40am on Monday mornings on ITVs main channel and will continue to be shown on the channel. - link icon  Ariel - What price a safe pair of hands?
The scale of his salary and the terms of his 1m settlement have become a kind of shorthand for cushy jobs and lax management. It is hard to feel sympathy for people leaving the BBC with six, let alone seven-figure compensation but, taking the case of Mark Byford in particular, I have felt there is a side to his story that hasn't been heard. He spent 32 years at the BBC and held a sequence of high-level jobs before becoming deputy director general in 2004. -

Monday 16 September 2013, PM link icon  Video isn t breaking the internet: The industry giants are Tech News and Analysis
The web cant handle video, goes the common refrain. For example, Comcast estimates that if people wanted to watch the television content they watch on its pay TV service using the web, each home would consume 648 gigabytes per month. Were at the point where the web giants, ISPs, backbone providers and content companies are all trying to make their own set of rational decisions about delivering video to avoid having their servers or network assets sit idle while also trying to avoid over-investment. - link icon  Ariel - Trust seeks audience views on BBC news
16 September 2013 Last updated at 1211 Audiences are to be asked what they think of the BBC's news and current affairs output. The BBC Trust has opened a public consultation to gather views on everything from Newsnight to Newsbeat, with the focus on their quality and distinctiveness. 'Now the Trust is going to ask in detail what those audiences expect of the BBC, what they appreciate most, and where they think we could give them an even more distinctive service. -

Monday 16 September 2013, AM link icon  With 30 tuners and 30 TB of storage, SnapStream makes TiVos look like toys - Ars Technica
When you've got 30 or more channels that you need to be recording simultaneously, your cable company's DVR isn't really up to snuff anymore and it's time to call in the big guns. Enlarge / The SnapStream offices near downtown Houston are filled with neat TV memorabilia. For example, a SnapStream cluster is just as good at repackaging, transcoding, and distributing content for re-use as it is for recording it in the first placefunctionality you won't find on a consumer-grade DVR. -

Saturday 14 September 2013, PM link icon  UTV goes HD on Sky and FreeSat - UTV Live News
- link icon  Ofcom - Spectrum Pricing: A framework for setting cost based fees

Saturday 14 September 2013, AM link icon  BBC measures success of programmes by asking if they are 'fresh and new' - Media - theguar…
Fresh and new director of television Danny Cohen says the BBC needs to find out what the audience thinks is distinctive. Cohen said it was a mistake to obsess with how many people watched or didn't watch Netflix' acclaimed BBC drama remake, House of Cards. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  Ofcom could easily regulate BBC, says chief executive - Media -
Richards said there needed to be a debate in the next year or two about electronic programme guides and the prominence given to public service broadcasters. He said his toughest time in the job was when David Cameron, then still in opposition, announced his intention to abolish Ofcom. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  BBC Trust uncertainty could affect hunt for new chairman - Media -
Chris Patten due to step down in April 2015. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has admitted that both charter renewal negotiations and the task of finding a successor to Lord Patten could be begin sooner than expected and may run alongside each other. Ministers had been planning to start the process of looking for Patten's replacement next year as he is due to step down in April 2015. - link icon  DTG :: News :: New Freesat HD with freetime box from Humax launches
The new box is made by Humax and expected to retail for only 99. DTG Staff 13.09.2013 Links open in a new window. - link icon  BBC hires Whitehall veteran PR to repair its tarnished image - Media -
Image change John Shield has been hired to repair the BBC's damaged reputation. The director general will be publishing his vision for the BBC over the next decade next month, as the corporation gears up for charter renewal negotiations with the government. Julian Payne, who has been acting head of communications since Mylrea's departure, is moving to a new role leading the BBC's recently announced review of trust and executive working practices, reporting in to Hall. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - A broadcast tour of Sussex
To mark the 30th anniversary of BBC Sussex, the station has embarked on a 30 day tour broadcasting live from across the county. I first mentioned the idea of marking the 30th anniversary of BBC Sussex in January. Easy enough, you might think, but lots to do, from arranging parking and permits through to getting a good mix of guests to talk about each of our featured destinations. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's On BBC Red Button 14-20 September
Also from CBBC, there's a blog from presenter Chris, horoscopes and jokes to make you laugh. The play along is not available on Virgin TiVo but remember you can also download the BBCs free mobile play along app. For a full list and times of sport coverage on Red Button see the BBC Sport website. -

Friday 13 September 2013, AM link icon  Apple’s iOS 64-bit iUpgrade: Don't expect a 2x performance leap • The Registe…
Apple has said the chip is compatible with all the iOS out there that is still 32-bit. Apple hasnt said how much RAM the 5S contains, but its not going to be of the order that the new 64-bit chip makes possible. Software could use some extra headroom with 64-bit pointers, although that may boil down to effectively 48 bits of useful virtual address space per app the upper bits being reserved for the operating system and unmapped space. - link icon  Twitter / premrugby: Don’t forget you can try ...
Enter Open Tweet details g f Go to user... - link icon  BBC News - Audio pioneer Ray Dolby dies aged 80
Mr Dolby had suffered from Alzheimer's disease for several years and was diagnosed with leukaemia this summer. Mr Dolby was born in Portland, Oregon, and grew up in the San Francisco area. He began his career in the Ampex Corporation, helping to develop early videotape recording systems while he was still a student. -

Thursday 12 September 2013, PM link icon  Harman warns against more scrutiny of BBC finances by spending watchdog - Media - theguard…
I don't think we should do a Dangerous Dogs Act on the BBC, rush to do something everyone agrees is good but doesn't really work. - link icon  BBC ex-chair says NAO more interested in headlines than value for money - Media - theguard…
Bland also said the corporation should be regulated by an outside body such as Ofcom, instead of the BBC Trust, which is under fire. The idea that the BBC should be looked at in the same way as departments of state does not fill me with enormous enthusiasm. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link icon  Burns and Bland back BBC regulation change - News - Broadcast
Channel 4 chairman Terry Burns and former chair of the BBC board of governors, Christopher Bland, have suggested that a single board, plus Ofcom, is the best method for regulating the BBC. Speaking on a hastily organised panel session at the RTS Cambridge Convention following Mondays PAC hearing, the pair suggested that a unitary board structure, with input from the TV regulator, addressed the issue of the BBC Trust having to act as both regulator and cheerleader. - link icon  Ofcom - Request to change frequency of Herefordshire Worcestershire local DAB multiplex: S…
These statutory provisions require Ofcom to consult on any such requests before it makes a decision, and so a public consultation was held between 13 August and 10 September. As MuxCo's proposal to change the frequency of the local radio multiplex service would have no impact on the range of local digital sound programme services proposed to be available in the Herefordshire Worcestershire area, Ofcom was satisfied that this statutory criterion had been met. Provided the request meets the terms of the statute, the decision whether or not to agree to the request is at Ofcom's discretion. - link icon  News -
The company provides satellite communications services to broadcasters, content and internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators and business and governmental organisations worldwide. The culturally diverse regional teams of SES are located around the globe and work closely with customers to meet their specific satellite bandwidth and service requirements. - link icon  Ariel - India staff get three month pay ultimatum
12 September 2013 Last updated at 1520 BBC India staff have been given three months to accept a new pay offer before funds are redirected elsewhere. Staff in the Delhi bureau - who are employees of either Global News or Newsgathering - have already rejected the staggered rise which would see a 5 increase for the lowest paid, 3 for those on around 20,000 and no rise for those earning the equivalent of 31,000 or above. They argue that the proposal fails to take into account the rising cost of living in India where there's been 'double digit inflation' since 2010. - link icon  U.K.s Channel 5 Committed to U.S. Dramas, Owner Says - The Hollywood Reporter
U.S. broadcast networks have in recent years started receiving such fees from cable and satellite TV operators, giving them a new revenue stream that mirrors the carriage fees cable networks receive. However, in the U.K., business models have been different. The BBC, for example, is estimated to pay about 8 million 5 million per year to BSkyB. - link icon  David Abraham RTS Speech, Cambridge 2013 - Channel 4 - Info - Press
Opening remarks Id like to welcome you all to the conference and set the scene for this opening session and for the conference as a whole. Its always a challenge to try and encapsulate discussions on behalf of an entire industry into a coherent 48 hour event especially when one considers the big beasts that have performed this role and the ideological battles that have played out here over the years. The first RTS Cambridge I ever went to was the day after 9/11. -

Thursday 12 September 2013, AM link icon  BBC governance review is overdue - but welcome - Media -
In truth, there is no point in creating yet another board to oversee the BBC's management executive. Give that job to Ofcom and be done with it. - link icon  BBC News - BBC has had annus horribilis, says culture secretary
She wants the public spending watchdog to have greater access to the BBC. The BBC has announced a review of its structure to provide better oversight of the way the licence fee is spent. 'Insufficient independence' Ms Miller's speech to an audience of industry insiders in Cambridge comes after a difficult week for the BBC. - link icon  Maria Miller's speech to the RTS Television Convention – full text - Media - thegua…
Having worked in the advertising industry for 20 years, I couldn't agree more He was a towering figure in broadcasting and one who will be sorely missed by many people here today. Of course Sir David was one of the first people to become famous through his appearances on television. - link icon  Channel 5 owner warns of regulation threat to public service broadcasters - Media - thegua…
Desmond will also point to a historical regulation that allows non-PSB channels to air more minutes of advertising per hour. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. To get the latest media news on your desktop or mobile, follow MediaGuardian on Twitter and Facebook. -

Wednesday 11 September 2013, PM link icon  BBC payouts row: HR director faces calls to quit over 'sweetener' allegation - Media - the…
Adams previously issued a correction to her claim that she could not recall a key memo proposing a controversial 1m payout to the BBC's former deputy director general, Mark Byford. He declined, but said he was happy to share it with the comptroller and auditor general of the National Audit Office, Amyas Morse, who also attended the committee meeting. Shortly afterwards Morse told the committee he had seen the email and suggested Adams be allowed to view it and respond after the hearing. - link icon  TiVo eyes the cloud with premiere of network PVR - Tech Culture - CNET News
TiVo has announced a new, cloud-based television offering that could strengthen its relationships with cable and satellite providers. Dubbed the TiVo network PVR personal video recorder, the new cloud-based service is only in prototype phase at this point, the company noted Wednesday. However, the cloud-based service, which will be shown off for the first time at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam starting Thursday, may find its way into homes at some point in the future. -

Wednesday 11 September 2013, AM link icon  High roller Michael Grade knows the value of money - Media Monkey - Media -…
Michael Grade a man who knows something about being the son of a rich family. - link icon  David Attenborough: big BBC salaries are huge embarrassment - Television radio - The Guard…
Attenborough spoke out in the wake of the latest controversy around executive pay at the BBC, where 60m was paid to outgoing executives over an eight-year period, including more than 1m to the former deputy director general Mark Byford. The BBC is in my view one of the most important strands in the cultural life of this country and it is going through a bad patch. Ideally they would like the BBC to be exterminated but they realise that would never happen, or should not happen. -

Tuesday 10 September 2013, PM link icon  Apple TV a no-show, in any respect, at iPhone event - Internet Media - CNET News
Apple held an event at its Cupertino, Calif., home base Tuesday. Headlining the presentation was its introduction of a new budget smartphone, the iPhone 5C, and its new flagship iPhone 5S, as it seeks to attract more customers and revitalize interest in its devices. Dueling reports last week first stoked anticipation that Apple had a new set-top box on deck for Tuesday's event after long neglecting the device in terms of any significant refresh. - link icon  NextRadio - a good FM radio app
There's little sense using bandwidth and battery to pick up the same station that you can get via FM radio, after all. The problem is, however, that FM apps on mobile phones aren't very good. Typically, they are bundled with the phone, and carry little extra features. -

Tuesday 10 September 2013, AM link icon  BBC's Less Than Magnificent Seven under fire from MPs - Media - The Guardian
Photograph PA Like most people in their late 60s, Chris Patten is a bit past his best-before date. Fleet St was also out in force to witness the fall of the Tory type they most hate liberal, self-confident, pro-European and elitist, as the tabloids call their critics. Needless to say they were all disappointed by their own hopes and predictions. - link icon  BBC gets the thumbs down from national newspapers - Media -
A radio interviewer asked me yesterday whether the BBC's reputation would be harmed by the golden payoffs scandal. The news headlines - the ones that catch readers' eyes, if not their full attention - are uniformly negative. True, the trustees were not necessarily apprised of every extra payment that was made. - link icon  House bill aims to prevent broadcast TV blackouts - The Hill's Hillicon Valley
The discussion draft is a response to the month-long blackout of CBS stations for millions of Time Warner Cable customers. A satellite television law is set to expire at the end of next year, and it's possible that re-authorization legislation could include other changes to video regulations. Eshoo's proposal won praise from cable providers but drew the ire of the broadcasting industry. -

Monday 09 September 2013, PM link icon  BBC's 'squabbling' executives slammed by MPs amid payoffs scandal - Media - The Guardian
- link icon  Letters: Payoff for the BBC is a change in management structure - Media - The Guardian
Former BBC director general Mark Thompson leaves the public accounts committee hearing into payoffs to former colleagues. They were made not from profits but from the television licence fees of individual households. It took 6,500 licence fees a small town to cover just one of these severance payments. - link icon  BBC Trust is “broken” say MPs - News - Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  Ariel - Thompson stands by Byford pay-off
The former director general believed it represented 'value for money' for the BBC, which paid the ex-deputy DG 12 months' salary and 12 months' pay in lieu of notice. He said the BBC wanted Byford to remain in post during a period of 'immense operational challenges' and that the extra payment was required, in his judgement, to keep him 'fully focused' on the task and 'not worrying about head hunters'. 'I believe I made sure the BBC Trust was fully informed in advance about these settlements,' he told the committee. - link icon  BBC payoffs saga grossly unedifying, says Margaret Hodge - Media -
- link icon  BBC payoff row: Mark Thompson and Lord Patten face MPs - live - Media -
Ahead of the hearing at 3.15pm, here is a useful primer on the key issues at play for Thompson and Patten. The BBC Trust has claimed it was unaware of key elements of the two high-profile payments to Byford and Baylay and specifically that they involved payments in lieu of notice and a delay in the serving of notice. Patten and Fry told the PAC hearing that, had they known that the Byford payment was greater than his contractual entitlement, they would have acted. - link icon  Sony announces game-changing PlayStation Vita TV
Basically, the device turned mobile games into home console games. At this point, I will have to roll dice to decide which one to watch Netflix on. However, the true killer feature of this 100 box is PlayStation 4 remote play. - link icon  BBC payoff row: how the drama has unfolded - Media -
Last week, the NAO revealed that the BBC paid out a total of 2.9m to former bosses that went beyond contractual entitlement between 2006 and 2012. The 1m severance deal handed to Byford has long been the corporation's most contentious payout. Baylay's departure too was planned in September and October 2010, alongside that of Byford, before she left the corporation in November that year. - link icon  BBC Severance Dispute Goes to Parliamentary Panel -
In July, Mr. Patten had expressed surprise at the details of key severance payments, which were larger than contractually mandated, according to the auditors, while Mr. Thompson insists that the trust was fully informed and raised no objections. One of the documents Mr. Thompson has presented is a briefing memo prepared for Mr. Patten explaining the payments, which were approved before Mr. Patten became chairman of the trust. The auditors found that of 150 senior executives who left in the three years ending December 2012, which cost the corporation 25 million pounds, the BBC paid more salary in lieu of notice than contractually mandated in 22 cases, for an extra cost of 1.4 million pounds. - link icon…
BBC director general Tony Hall says the corporation has a grip on the money it gets from licence-fee payers ahead of a parliamentary hearing examining hefty pay-offs given to senior staff. Mr Byford departed the BBC with a total payout of 949,000. -

Monday 09 September 2013, AM link icon  Mark Thompson vs Lord Patten - US press keeps a watchful eye - Media -
Mark Thompson's position as chief executive of the New York Times makes him a high-profile media figure in the United States. Ahead of Thompson's crucial appearance before the commons public accounts committee, most of the US media carried only news agency copy, without comment. US papers that ran stories from their London-based correspondents were studiedly neutral. - link icon…
The corporation can expect a thrashing more violent than even the most energetic of the Channel 5 owners drum solos. The RTS convention has set itself the ambitious target of trying to predict what will happen to the medium we now call television over the coming decade. The exercise is all the more interesting for having been attempted in 2003 when Greg Dyke was in the chair. -

Sunday 08 September 2013, PM link icon  UKTV shrugs off its reliance on Dave and repeats and tries to lure the young - Media - The…
More than a one-trick pony UKTV boasts the award-winning magician Dynamo. Darren Childs, chief executive of UKTV for the past three years, highlights a surge in programming investment, a shift to a part-pay, part-free channel strategy, and a leap in viewing numbers thanks in part to a street magician called Dynamo. That it is succeeding, he says, can be seen in the numbers which UKTV has revealed in full for the first time. - link icon  In fight with broadcasters, Aereo has time on its side: Supreme Court ruling unlikely befo…
The California hearing was just the latest twist in a complex series of cases that many lawyers predict could land before the Supreme Court and redefine the rules for TV. By the time that happens, however, rapidly expanding Aereo or some other streaming service may have already disrupted the current business model for television. Aereo says the service does not violate copyright law because the individual antennas result in a private, not a public, transmission. - link icon  BBC payoffs: the system was broke - Media - The Observer
Maybe Chris Patten's role as chairman of the BBC Trust lies in pawn. The clash of evidence between the two over who knew about and who authorised sundry whopping payoffs to departing BBC executives is stark, crucial and will surely end in court if the PAC scratches its head over so much vitriolic detail. -

Saturday 07 September 2013, AM link icon…
At the heart of the latest row over pay-offs is the relationship between Lord Patten and the former Director-General. The Trust has dismissed Thompsons analysis in a witness statement as a bizarre document. Thompson had been planning to move on but Lord Patten set the process in motion with an interview in The Times in January 2012 in which he revealed that headhunters had been appointed to find a replacement. - link icon…
It has emerged that Lord Hall, who has vowed to crackdown on a culture of excessive pay-offs at the corporation, was given the bonus payment when he left his 204,000-a-year job as BBC head of current affairs in 2001. They asked why he did not disclose the payment when he was grilled during a session on BBC pay-offs in July. Questioned over the 25m which was paid to 150 outgoing executives, including 2m on top of contractual obligations, Lord Hall told MPs Wed lost the plot. - link icon  Apple Won't Change Apple TV Box Will Upgrade Software Gabe Rivera - Peter Kafka - Media - …
There are very, very good odds youre going to hear about new iPhones at Apples event next Tuesday. Despite speculation about new Apple TV hardware on the way, Apple wont be unveiling any new boxes next week, according to people familiar with the companys plans. That said, the company will be tweaking the software inside its Web TV box. - link icon  Radio Today - New DAB transmitters turned on in Wales
The official switch-on of three new DAB digital radio transmitters has taken place in Llanelli this evening, at an event in Llanelli. Over 1,000 km of roads will also get DAB coverage for the first time. Together with this launch, 900,000 listeners in Wales can now get national stations on DAB for the first time. - link icon  BBC humanities graduates 'dumbing down science' - Telegraph
As a result science presenters are told to avoid using any technical terms for fear of alienating people, while arts presenters can reference relatively obscure cultural figures without any further explanation, she said. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's On BBC Red Button - 7-14 September
For sports fans, there's Diamond League athletics action and its over to Italy for Formula 1. For the first time you can watch all four Proms in the Park concerts live, and in full, online at Watch an extra special secret episode of Wolfblood only on the Red Button. -

Friday 06 September 2013, PM link icon  Former BBC chairman contradicts Thompson in £1m payout row - Media - The Guardian
Witnesses including Thompson and Patten will be interrogated, while sitting next to each other, as a way of flushing out the truth. The NAO, which triggered the current row with its initial report, revealed this week in a supplementary note that 2.9m in payments by the broadcaster between 2006 and 2012 went beyond contractual entitlement. Five current members of the BBC Trust broke cover to distance themselves from Thompson's claims that they were involved in the Byford payment. - link icon  Thompson on Savile: 'I have told the truth' - Channel 4 News
- link icon  BBC ordered to disclose names and details of payoffs to 150 managers - Media - theguardian…
The BBC has been ordered to disclose details of payments to 150 managers while Mark Thompson was director general. The Commons public accounts committee is to invoke the power of a standing order to force the broadcaster to release information about 150 redundancy payments to senior managers between 2010 and 2012. Citing data protection issues, the BBC has previously fought attempts to divulge the names, but has now written to the former managers alerting them that the nature of their severance arrangements may now be made public. - link icon  Philips 9000 Series 4k Ultra HDTV: Hands-on pictures - Recombu
The 65-inch 65PFL9708 in the company's flagship 9000 Series proved mightily impressive in our hands-on demo. That will only become relevant when and if a new high capacity Blu-ray format and player is decided upon. In October Philips will also put on sale the 84-inch 84PFL9708 13,000, latter on sale in a month. - link icon Mid and West Wales
The Mid West Wales local multiplex launched on 30th August 2013. It currently carries the following services If there are any stations that you listen to at the moment on analogue radio that you would like to hear on DAB, we suggest that you contact those stations directly, encouraging them to join the multiplex. We do, however, currently have room for additional stations to join the multiplex. - link icon Mid WestWalesLaunch
Comments must remain on topic to the blog post, otherwise they will be removed. Firm launch dates will be announced in blog posts and referenced on the relevant multiplex section, they will be updated there as soon as we know. Name required Mail will not be published required Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. - link icon  Chris Patten: from 'double whammy' to 'Fat Pang' - Channel 4 News
It is not the first time Lord Patten has been involved in a scrap and it will not be the last. He and Lady Thatcher were on opposite sides of the wet/dry divide in the party, with Chris Patten a devout wet who questioned the monetarist direction of the government. This did not stop him becoming environment secretary in 1989, the year before Lady Thatcher was forced out. - link icon  BBC director general under pressure over 'outrageous' pension payment - Media - The Guardi…
Hall was given 24,500 of public money in extra contributions on top of the BBC's contractual obligations when he resigned from the corporation to become Royal Opera House chief executive in 2001. MPs on the public accounts committee PAC, to whom Hall gave evidence on executive payoffs, have called for the money to be repaid and asked why he did not mention it when he appeared before parliament in July. It follows widespread condemnation of the corporation for making severance payments costing taxpayers 2m more than contractual obligations. - link icon  BBC Payout Row: Someone Is Telling Porkies
It would be nigh on impossible to underplay the significance of Monday's session of the public accounts committee. Neither is it a case of former and current BBC men having differing recollections of events. Place to one side the issue of excessive severance pay, and this is a frankly astounding battle between the BBC executive and the Trust. - link icon  Freeview to remain at centre stage
Yet while DTT also has to embrace change, the 700MHz harmonization will require significant planning and will result in disruption. In the proposed changes, mobile broadband would take up the 694-790 MHz band and Ofcom is trying to replicate the existing multiplexes in the process. - link icon  War of words of BBC pay-off row - London Evening Standard
Mr Byford departed the BBC with a total payout of 949,000. In another development, under-fire HR boss Lucy Adams admitted making a mistake in her evidence to the committee. It also emerged the BBC has written to four former staff, whose pay-offs were investigated by the National Audit Office, to tell them they could be named to the committee. - link icon  NY Times head accuses BBC chief of misleading parliament - Reuters
The scale of the severance payments, many of them made as austerity cuts swept Britain, angered politicians and members of the public, who fund the broadcaster through a compulsory license fee. He stepped down to take responsibility for a BBC news report which falsely accused a former senior politician of child abuse and allegations the corporation covered up decades of sex abuse by one of its late stars, Jimmy Savile. A National Audit Office report found a string of huge payments were made to departing executives who were not always entitled to the money. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Comux selects Ericsson for delivery of local TV services in the UK
A further 30 licenses for local TV are under consideration for launch in 2014/15. After a thorough evaluation of a number of compression platforms, carried out jointly with our systems integrator Techex, the Ericsson AVP 4000 solution delivered the performance and support package that best meets our needs. - link icon…
Mr Byford departed with a total payout of 949,000 and Ms Baylay's settlement was worth 394,638. - link icon  Ariel - Daly is proudest of Rough Justice case
White was jailed in 2002 for the murder, while his friend Keith Hyatt was found guilty of perverting the course of justice. Their two-year inquiry resulted in a 2005 film that discredited the prosecution's claims - based on the views of a forensic expert - that it was likely that Manning's body had been transported in Hyatt's van. 'No greater honour' The pair were subsequently freed by the Court of Appeal in 2007. - link icon  BBC payoffs: written evidence to MPs - full text - Media -
- link icon  BBC HR chief corrects evidence to MPs on executive's £1m payoff - Media - theguardian.c…
In a letter made public on Friday, Adams said it was not clear which document the committee was referring to at the time. The BBC Trust has since claimed not to have been fully briefed on these redundancy deals. In one email exchange, Adams is asked to give advice on changes to the briefing note requested by the BBC Trust. -

Friday 06 September 2013, AM link icon  BBC News - Ex-BBC chief Thompson accuses BBC Trust of misleading MPs
Mark Thompson says he has emails which show that trust members, including the chairman Lord Patten and a senior BBC boss, approved the payments. The BBC has been criticised for paying 2m more than contracts necessitated. The BBC Trust says the claims are bizarre and it denied MPs were misled. - link icon  Lord Patten, Mark Thompson and BBC payoffs: what you need to know - Media -…
Earlier this week, the National Audit Office revealed that the BBC paid out a total of 2.9m to former bosses that went beyond contractual entitlement between 2006 and 2012. Lord Patten has been chairman of the BBC Trust since 1 May 2011. Anthony Fry is a member of the BBC Trust. -

Thursday 05 September 2013, PM link icon  BBC Trust: Mark Thompson s claims are bizarre - ITV News
33 minutes ago 130 vehicles in 'biggest fog accident' in the UK The New Sheppey Crossing bridge has re-opened after the largest ever fog-related crash in Britain. - link icon  Chris Patten 'misled parliament over BBC payoffs' - Media - The Guardian
Thompson said that Patten knew in 2011 that both had received settlements of more than they were contractually entitled to, and their formal notice of departure was delayed. The public spending watchdog revealed this year that the BBC paid 25m to 150 departing bosses between 2009 and 2012. This week after further scrutiny of the BBC accounts, the NAO said the broadcaster paid out a total of 2.9m in payments that went beyond contractual entitlement between 2006 and 2012. - link icon  Simple.TV partners with SiliconDust: new hardware, 2.0 software update on the way - IFA - …
The new box ditches the curvy, white look of the original Simple.TV, opting for a somewhat smaller footprint and more conventional, black set-top box design. The big hardware upgrade is dual-tuner support, which opens up a lot of convenient functionality, such as the ability to record two shows at once or watch one live show while another is recording. A significant software update is also on the way, dubbed Version 2.0, which will be available on the new box and the existing Simple.TV hardware. - link icon  BBC was in 'total chaos' over payoffs, says leading MP - Media -
Margaret Hodge the public accounts committee chair will question current and former BBC executives about payoffs on Monday. The former deputy director general received just over 1m when he left in 2011, although Thompson at the time feared it could be as much as 2.5m. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - BBC iPlayer Video Downloads for Android
One of these was to deliver mobile video downloads to these devices. This is because these devices are able to provide the appropriate level of protection for our programmes. Our figures show this will mean 70 of Android app users with compatible devices will be able to use this functionality from today and over the coming months we will be extending this to include new Android devices as well as some older ones. -

Thursday 05 September 2013, AM link icon  Sony betting big on 4K, launches Video Unlimited 4K download service Tech News and Analy…
Technology is a fickle mistress and no-company knows it better than Sony. There was a time when its television sets were a fixture in every upwardly mobile household. Sony game consoles were on every teenage boys Christmas wish-list and many of us grew up plugging into the Sony Walkman. -