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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Thursday 25 July 2013, PM link icon  Ofcom - Review of Sky’s Access Control Services Regulation

Wednesday 24 July 2013, PM link icon  Fox Loses Appeal Asking for Injunction Against Dishs Hopper Ad-Skipper
Today, an appeals court says the judge didn't abuse the discretion in finding that the record hadn't established that the broadcaster would win its direct and contributory infringement claims. Fox challenged the technology as directly infringing its copyrighted programming. Looking at that ruling, Ninth Circuit judge Sidney Thomas writes that the district court didn't abuse discretion. -

Wednesday 24 July 2013, AM link icon  Credit Suisse Increases ITV Price Target to GBX 180 (ITV) - Daily Political - Part 1
The firm currently has an outperform rating on the stock. Credit Suisses target price indicates a potential upside of 13.64 from the companys current price. Several other analysts have also recently commented on the stock. -

Tuesday 23 July 2013, PM link icon  Ariel - Royal baby coverage draws 247 complaints
23 July 2013 Last updated at 1450 More than 250 people contacted the BBC on Monday to complain the corporation was broadcasting excessive coverage about the royal baby. The BBC received 247 official complaints and 72 comments about airtime on the birth of a son to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. BBC One's News at Ten also drew a below-average 3.97m 20 share of viewers. - link icon  Channel 5 edges past Channel 4 in weekly share of viewing - Media -
Channel 5's ratings were boosted by drama in Big Brother last week. Photograph Channel 5 Channel 5 has outperformed Channel 4 across a week in terms of total share of viewing by the tiniest of margins for the first time since launching in 1997. Last week Channel 5's flagship channel managed just shy of a 5 share of total viewing, including its 1 timeshift service. -

Tuesday 23 July 2013, AM link icon  The Web s longest nightmare ends: Eolas patents are dead on appeal - Ars Technica
The Eolas patents were uniquely threatening to the Web, and drew Tim Berners-Lee's personal attention. The inventor of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, had never testified in court before last year. In February 2012, he left Cambridge to fly down to Tyler, an east Texas city of about 100,000, to testify at a patent trial. - link icon  Staff shocked as UTV head of news is made redundant -

Monday 22 July 2013, PM link icon  TV Foresees Its Future. Netflix Is There. -
Apple and Google were back making waves in the television world last week, with reports suggesting they were renewing efforts to use technology to transform the box in your living room. Its worth remembering that it managed to go from the largest user of the Postal Service to the largest source of download traffic on the Web in the span of months, not years. After a big stumble on pricing in 2011, Netflix recovered and then some, using its expertise in technology and algorithms to accrue over 36 million users worldwide, a number that will probably grow when it announces its earnings on Monday. - link icon  Dish Networks Cuts Service to Web TV Startup NimbleTV - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD
NimbleTV wants to deliver pay TV, over the Web, to any device, anywhere in the world. NimbleTV says it is working around the clock to fix things with Dish and restore service, which has been out for more than a week. In the meantime, it says it has provided refunds to its customers. - link icon  Freeview retune in run up to mobile broadband roll-out - The Orcadian Online
More information is available at web address and through digital UKs advice line on 08456 505050. -

Monday 22 July 2013, AM link icon  Keeping TV free is more crucial than the right to vote, say Britons - Metro News
Nine out of ten Britons believed in universal access to the main TV channels, according to a poll of 2,000 adults for Freeview. When asked what they would hypothetically give up to keep free access to the main broadcaster, four per cent said the right to vote in elections. Freeview TV also scored higher than unrestricted motorway travel 86 per cent, non-emergency healthcare 81 per cent, access to museums 77 per cent, University education for 18 to 21-year-olds 61 per cent and access to home broadband 33 per cent. -

Sunday 21 July 2013, PM link icon  SIM Cards Have Finally Been Hacked, And The Flaw Could Affect Millions Of Phones - Forbes
Yet after three years of research, German cryptographer Karsten Nohl claims to have finally found encryption and software flaws that could affect millions of SIMcards, and open up another route on mobile phones for surveillance and fraud. The two-part flaw, based on an old security standard and badly configured code, could allow hackers to remotely infect a SIM with a virus that sends premium text messagesdraining a mobile phone bill, surreptitiously re-direct and record calls, and with the right combination of bugs carry out payment system fraud. Payment fraud could be a particular problem for mobile phone users in Africa, where SIM-card based payments are widespread. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Comux UK launch Local TV Manifesto
Comux presented the roadmap for the launch of local TV services in the UK, promising that the network would start to launch by the end of 2013. His presentation covered many of the questions faced by the project and launched a 'Manifesto' that outlines the opportunities provided to commercial and community organisations by the changes that local TV will bring. The changing TV landscape offers exciting opportunities to new talent, programme makers, advertisers, operators, and viewers. - link icon  Why Google, Apple, Microsoft or Amazon Should Buy NFL's Sunday Ticket - Peter Kafka - Medi…
Ive been watching closely as all of you have tinkered with television for the last few years. I can see the attraction The TV Industrial Complex is a big, lucrative target. The problem So far none of you guys have tried building something that could really shake things up. - link icon  BBC News - Freeview failure hits Sony recorder owners
Dozens of owners have written to the BBC to complain that a malfunctioning software update on Friday has caused their devices to stop receiving or recording Freeview. Many complained about a lack of response from Sony customer support. Sony said it was doing everything possible to solve the problem. - link icon  Retune reminder for Freeview users ahead of broadband roll-out - Scotland - News - STV
TV viewers in the north east and the Western Isles will face service disruptions during the roll-out of faster mobile broadband. Freeview customers who are served by the Knockmore, Rosemarkie, Durris and Skriaig transmitter groups will also need to retune their devices following the upgrade on Wednesday, July 31. Programmes on the main channels, including STV, will be subject to disruption from midnight on the day in question as the services are moved to new frequencies. - link icon  at800 accredited installer scheme announced - at800
at800 is working closely with the aerial installer industry to address possible disruption to Freeview services caused by 4G at 800 MHz. For the minority of viewers who experience disruption, at800 will deploy its accredited installers if a free at800 filter fails to resolve television interference. at800-accredited installers will be available to help householders resolve disruption to Freeview services caused by 4G at 800 MHz on their primary TV set. -

Saturday 20 July 2013, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 20-27 July
Its another jam-packed week on the BBC Red Button this week with an eclectic mix of content for everybody to enjoy. Coverage starts from Sunday evening where you can catch highlights of German electronica legends Kraftwerk from 7.45pm. You can also catch highlights as well as leaderboards throughout the championships on BBC Red Button. - link icon  Tony Hall's letter to Maria Miller on sexism in sports coverage - full text - Media - guar…
I agree that the comments made by John during the build-up to the Women's Final were totally unacceptable and fell well beneath the standards we expect of our presenters. In addition, the director of sport and the controller of 5 live have both spoken to John to make it clear that his comments were unacceptable and that an incident of this nature must never happen again. The BBC has a proud record of supporting women's sport, as I am sure you will have recognised from the current coverage of Euro 2013. - link icon  BBC and BT Sport to share FA Cup TV rights - Media -
The FA Cup is one of those big national moments. The FA has periodically considered radical changes to the FA Cup format but claimed last season that more subtle moves, including the controversial decision to kick off the final at 5.15pm, had helped reinvigorate it. Although he had little to do with the negotiations, when he was at the BBC he was vocal about the need for it to bid for major sporting events. - link icon  Ariel - BBC launches user experience partnership
18 July 2013 Last updated at 1737 The BBC will collaborate with six British universities to research people's interaction with computers and new forms of media content. It will explore new ways of producing content and aims to improve media access for older users, young children and people with disabilities. A BBC spokesperson said research outcomes will be shared with the wider industry to encourage more audience-focused innovation, help define open standards and support the creative industries. -

Tuesday 16 July 2013, AM link icon  BBC News - BBC to launch five new HD channels
The news coincides with regulator Ofcom's announcement that is making it possible to launch a total of 10 new HD channels using airwaves freed up by the switch off of analogue TV. As a result there is still the potential for up to a further eight new HD channels to be offered over Freeview as a result of Ofcom's move. Transmission company Arqiva will provide the infrastructure behind the new Freeview services, having being awarded a licence to do so by the regulator. - link icon  Exclusive: Apple Pitches Ad-Skipping for New TV Service – jessica lessin
Apple has a new trick up its sleeve as it tries to launch a long-awaited television service technology that allows viewers to skip commercials and that pays media companies for the skipped views. For more than a year, Apple has been seeking rights from cable companies and television networks for a service that would allow users to watch live and on-demand television over an Apple set-top box or TV. Talks have been slow and proceeding in fits and starts, but things seem to be heating up. -

Monday 15 July 2013, PM link icon  Ariel - BBC digitises the Radio Times as part of Genome project
15 July 2013 Last updated at 0951 An ambitious BBC project has finally reached the end of a journey that spans 90 years. From Monday, BBC staff will be able to digitally search all the back issues of the Radio Times through a website not yet made available to the public. The scheme was given its name because the corporation likens each of its programmes to 'tiny pieces of BBC DNA' that will form a 'data spine' once reassembled. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Report: Apps the future of TV viewing
According to TDG, the app ecosystem will extend to the net-connected devices that link to TV sets over the next seven years. The report predicts that by 2020 almost half of all video viewing will happen outside of a legacy pay TV service or a television set, and will instead be via an app or application dedicated to a specific video service. DTG Staff 15.07.2013 Links open in a new window. - link icon  BBC World News extended across Germany - News - Broadcast
It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link icon  informitv - Why people watch television
A new study from Thinkbox, the commercial television marketing association, claims to explain why live viewing satisfies all our television needs. Meanwhile research commissioned by YouView suggests that catch-up or on-demand services now account for a fifth of television viewing in the United Kingdom, a finding that is far from compatible with conventional industry measures. The Thinkbox study, Screen Life TV in demand, suggests that the live television experience satisfies human emotional needs that on demand viewing alone cant. -

Sunday 14 July 2013, PM link icon  Ex-BBC boss to return to former Corporation job to be sacked - NewsBiscuit
Its understood his former colleague Mr Mark Byford, who received a 950,000 BBC payout, will sponsor the bill for salty and other snacks. Topping the bill will be cheery comedian Frankie Boyle, also making a return to the BBC after some time. The following day Mr Thompson will appear before a parliamentary select committee where he will be shouted at by Margaret Hodge, MP. - link icon  BBC News - Net firms raided over broadband throttling
The probe was kicked off by complaints made by US net firm Cogent. It claims that the three ISPs are holding back net traffic from Cogent so their own data arrived more quickly. Cogent acts as a network middleman and delivers traffic to many European ISPs on behalf of net companies such as YouTube. - link icon  BT looking for a Premier League buzz in broadcasting battle with Sky - Football - The Obse…
The high-profile entrance into the market of a deep-pocketed rival to Sky Sports, which has driven the growth of the Premier League and revolutionised sports broadcasting over the past two decades, has raised the stakes for both. On one side of London, towards the M4, Sky is preparing for the season in new studios with an overhauled schedule and new signings, including Jamie Carragher. In the east, at the Olympic Park, BT is putting the finishing touches to vast studios from where its three sports channels will go live on 1 August. -

Sunday 14 July 2013, AM link icon  How to subscribe to BT's new TV channels before 1 August launch - Football - The Observer
BT have several packages on offer for new and existing broadband customers. How to sign up as a new customer To watch online, sign up for BT broadband ranging from 10 to 16 a month depending on speed and usage. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - BBC iPlayer App on Android: Update
Second stop - supporting a range of screen sizes, including tablet support With higher quality playback achieved on the most popular Android devices, we then moved on to addressing support for a range of screen sizes. I read app store comments on a daily basis and try to work out the cause of the issues that some devices on certain OSs are experiencing. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button - 13-20 July
Tune in from Friday 12 July to Sunday 14 July to watch live and relive the experience with extended highlights and full sets during the following week. -

Saturday 13 July 2013, PM link icon  Fire Hit TV (FireHitTV) on Twitter

Friday 12 July 2013, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: Ofcom to liberalise 4G spectrum
The regulator's decision to loosen its rules will be welcomed news for both O2 and Vodafone as this means both companies will not have to formally apply to use their existing resources to be able to offer their consumers 4G services. -

Thursday 11 July 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: Two new 'City DTT' Video Streams launched

Wednesday 10 July 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - Lord Patten: Shock and dismay over BBC payments
The chairman said the Trust was only contacted about two of the payments by former director general Mark Thompson and was assured they were within contractual terms and had been signed off by the executive remuneration committee. The corporation was criticised by the National Audit Office in a report published earlier this month saying the scale of the payments risked public trust. This included three weeks' salary worth 25,000 that was not part of his severance package of 450,000. - link icon  BBC News - Apple conspired to fix e-book prices, judge rules
10 July 2013 Last updated at 1040 ET Apple conspired with publishers to fix the price of electronic books, a US judge has ruled. Five publishers that were originally named as defendants alongside Apple have already reached settlements, including Penguin. The judge ordered a new hearing to determine damages to be imposed on Apple. - link icon  Twitter / BloombergTV: BREAKING: Apple found to violate ...
- link icon  Plans for future DAB in Wales announced : Radio Today
Plans to turn on extra DAB transmitters in Wales have been discussed today at a meeting with Welsh Assembly Members hosted by Lesley Griffiths AM. The Minister for Local Government and Government Business announced that local DAB digital radio coverage is set to be expanded across Wales during the next year if proposals are approved. link icon  UKTV Drama debuts to solid ratings - News - Broadcast
Plans to turn on extra DAB transmitters in Wales have been discussed today at a meeting with Welsh Assembly Members hosted by Lesley Griffiths AM. The Minister for Local Government and Government Business announced that local DAB digital radio coverage is set to be expanded across Wales during the next year if proposals are approved. link icon  BBC News - France ends three-strikes internet piracy ban policy
France has halted an anti-piracy policy that threatened persistent offenders with internet bans. A law passed by the previous government had let local courts suspend copyright infringers' connectivity for up to a month if they were caught three times. It was supported by the entertainment industry, but France's current culture minister had said that she thought the penalty was "disproportionate".

Tuesday 09 July 2013, PM link icon  Police investigate Rupert Murdoch over secretly recorded meeting - Media - The Guardian
Rupert Murdoch criticised the 'incompetent' police investigation which has led to the arrest of so many of his staff. The Metropolitan police is seeking to gain access to the recording as part of its Operation Elveden inquiry into corrupt payments to public officials, assistant commissioner Cressida Dick said on Tuesday. The revelation comes as Murdoch was summoned to appear before the culture, media and sport select committee again over what he said in the March meeting recorded by News International journalists. - link icon  Ed Vaizey confirms digital plan complete : Radio Today
Vaizey confirmed that the Government will announce their decision on a future radio switchover at the end of the year and hailed the positive progress in terms of consumers, cars and coverage. She welcomed the Government commitment to a decision on radio switchover this year and said that this would provide welcome certainty for the industry. Mr Ennals also confirmed the Toyota announcement that its leading Lexus brand will have digital radio as standard in all new cars from September. - link icon  DTG :: News :: BBC Sport sees highest online live viewing since London 2012
DTG Staff 09.07.2013 Links open in a new window. - link icon  Rupert Murdoch Summoned To Parliament Again
Britain's Prince Harry confirmed he killed Taliban fighters during his stint as a helicopter gunner in Afghanistan, it can be reported after he completed his tour of duty on January 21, 2013. On Tuesday, July 24, 2012, British prosecutors announced charges against eight people alleged to have been involved in a phone hacking scheme with more than 600 targets. That brings to more than 60 the number of claims that Murdoch's UK newspaper company has dealt with in the scandal that has already brought down a 168-year-old tabloid and threatened Murdoch's global media empire. -

Monday 08 July 2013, PM link icon  Pity the BBC if the moneymen start to run the show - Media - The Observer
The BBC fought long and hard to keep the National Audit Office out of its files and board papers. The BBC is a hybrid organisation, one foot in the mire of Whitehall, one foot on the Palladium stage. David Abraham, the boss of Channel4, earned 744,000 in 2013 Tony Hall, the new director general, gets 450,000 basic. - link icon  BBC News - Microsoft to close MSN TV service
It was the predecessor of many modern internet TV services and requires a significant amount of hardware including a set-top box and bespoke keyboard. It enables customers to check email, use MSN chat services and share photos online. Now however there are numerous devices - including Microsoft's Xbox and all the other major games consoles - that connect the TV and the web. - link icon  BBC - FAQs - DAB Reception Falmouth - TR11 TR12 post codes
This appears to be affecting the TR11 and TR12 postcodes only. -

Saturday 06 July 2013, PM link icon  Pay TV customers believe top Freeview channels should be free - Media news - Media Week
TV habits viewers want main channels to be free According to the YouGov research, Freeview channels were ranked 5th among the things the British public thought should be free on the survey, behind free radio 92 per cent and emergency healthcare 97 per cent. Even those who choose to pay for TV, 90 per cent of Sky customers and 91 per cent of Virgin Media customers, upheld the view. TV is a key source of news and information and should therefore not be underestimated. -

Saturday 06 July 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on BBC Red Button 6-13 July
Action at SW19 always goes by in a daze of shocks, strawberries and Sue Barker, so catch your breath and enjoy the chance to relive the highlights. In 15 short films, the high-flying females who were all featured on Womans Hour Power List 2013 offer tips about how to stay ambitious, resilient and connected in business while seeking to achieve that often elusive work/life balance. For answers to frequently asked questions about BBC Red Button, see our information page. -

Friday 05 July 2013, PM link icon  Freeview boss: 15-20 per cent of UK won’t have broadband by 2020 - Recombu
Freeview managing director Ilse Howling has revealed that she doesnt expect universal broadband access will be achieved in 2020. Howling said If you look forward to 2020, I dont know about your predictions are for how many homes will have broadband by 2020, but it won't be universal. Internet literacy is one barrier to broadband take up that is often overlooked when considering universal provision of superfast broadband. - link icon  Pure and Halfords make DAB+ in-dash radio : Radio Today
A higher-end version, the Highway H260DBi also comes with wireless streaming, hands free calling via Bluetooth and customisable button lighting which allows users to match the radio to dashboard illumination. The launch of the Highway products marks the first fruits of an exclusive partnership that began a year ago with the aim of bringing to market products that would accelerate DAB listening and sales a market they say is worth an estimated 2 billion. - link icon  Jazz FM delays Digital One DAB commitment : Radio Today
The national station has until the end of the year to work out its future either developing its international online listenership or continuing to grow its UK digital audience via Digital One. In the meantime, Digital One has advertised for a provider to run a jazz, soul and blues music station in case Jazz FM decides not to renew its contract, as the multiplex operator will need an alternative on stand-by. Jazz FMs audiences are up 36 per-cent year on year and we intend to maintain that momentum. - link icon  Ofcom - Letters to the BBC and Arqiva on co-operation regarding capacity on Multiplex C
The relevant capacity on Multiplex C is available for only a limited period of time, and this presented an opportunity for TV viewers to be able to see additional content of high profile, popular summer events. The co-operation between the BBC and Ariqva concerning access to transmission capacity requires Ofcom's consent. Notice of Ofcom's decision is set out in the letters at the two web links below. -

Friday 05 July 2013, AM link icon  Freeview bigger than Jesus, says the UK - Recombu
Freeview is more valued by Britons than the Church of England according to a recent YouGov survey. The survey, taken on behalf of Freeview asked a sample crowd of 2,066 UK adults to rate 14 well loved British institutions out of ten with ten being the highest mark. The data is broken down into two tables representing a poll of both Freeview viewers and a total sample of everyone surveyed. - link icon  BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Invention of Radio
Burns, Communications An International History of the Formative Years. -

Monday 01 July 2013, PM link icon  Ericcson Buys UK-Headquartered Red Bee Media
Swedens Ericsson is doubling down on its digital media business after it announced that it has agreed to buy UK-headquartered Red Bee Media for an undisclosed sum. Those additions will take Ericsson past 4,000 employees in the UK and, with one-third of its British workforce involved in media services, it says that the country will become its global media hub. Ericssons core business is enabling services for operators and, in bulking up on creative content and media, it is aiming to help its customers deliver more compelling services and products, particularly around video. - link icon  Comic Relief archbishop of Canterbury sketch cleared by watchdog - Media -
Rowan Atkinsons archbishop of Canterbury sketch for Comic Relief did not breach the broadcasting code, Ofcom has ruled. The sketch was broadcast before the 9pm watershed on 15 March as part of BBC1's Comic Relief marathon, which raised 75m. The media regulator investigated the programme on grounds of offensive language and generally accepted standards. -

Monday 01 July 2013, AM link icon  YouView chief Richard Halton: 'Our numbers are much better than Sky' - Media - The Guardia…
In that sense it might have been the right time to move on and that might have been in the back of his mind. About 400,000 households have YouView, and with BT and TalkTalk offering the 249 set-top box free that number is climbing rapidly, with 2.2m video-on-demand views a week. The recent launch of an Android version of a remote record app, on top of the existing Apple app, means Halton is confident that YouView is technologically firing on all cylinders. - link icon  TV commissioning is just a bad joke - Media - The Guardian
I felt like a spare part while decisions were being made without me. A sitcom is like a delicately spiced soup. Out of us six I was the only one to actually have a pilot made. -

Saturday 29 June 2013, PM link icon  New DAB transmitter for West Yorkshire : Radio Today
The booster will bring local DAB digital radio stations to 500,000 people in West Yorkshire for the first time, and improving the signal for many more. The addition of Emley Moor brings household local DAB coverage from 53 up to 96. Research has shown how much people value their local radio stations, so we hope this will make a big difference to the digital radio listening experience in West Yorkshire. -

Saturday 29 June 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on Red Button 29 June-6 July
Wimbledon 2013 Andy Murray, Wimbledon 2013 You can follow all the live matches from the second week at Wimbledon plus highlights from each day's play. Just press red on any BBC channel, select Wimbledon 2013 and then choose your court by accessing the menu via the blue button. For a full guide to coverage, seeWimbledon 2013 How to watch on the BBC. - link icon  Sky Sports offers free trial on Freeview for first time - News - Marketing Week
BT Sport will show 38 Premier League matches a season. A spokesman for BSkyB insisted the move was about showcasing its new line-up for the new season and denied it is a response to the launch of BT Sport. Sky and BT have been trading blows ahead of the new season. - link icon  EU sets ball rolling on ominous telly spectrum review • The Register
Mobile phones are much sexier than TV, so the result will no doubt be a revaluation of that earmarking to let government flog the bands off to the mobile networks. Not that it will matter much in the UK. By 2020 our own TV broadcaster, Freeview, will likely be paying 240m a year for the frequencies it uses, which is a serious hit to a non-profit organisation. - link icon  Ofcom - Television channels required to provide television access services in 2014
Published 280613 1.1 The Communications Act 2003 required Ofcom to publish a code setting out the obligations of television channels licensed in the UK to provide television access services. A copy of the current version of the Code, incorporating amendments made since the Code was first published, can be found at http// 1.2 The Code also provides for a mid-year review of the audience share and revenues of UK-licensed television channels, based on data for the previous year. -

Friday 28 June 2013, AM link icon  Regulators should force BSkyB to give pay-TV entrants a chance, says BT boss - Media - gua…

Thursday 27 June 2013, PM link icon  Ofcom - Licensing Update Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2
- link icon  BBC News - European internet running 25% slower than advertised
- link icon  BT Vision pay-TV viewers could lose Sky Sports after broadband switch - Media - guardian.c…

Wednesday 26 June 2013, AM link icon  The future of cinema and TV: It’s game over for the hi-res hype • The Registe…
The next time you watch TV or go to the movies, bear in mind that you are not actually going to see any moving pictures at all. The movement is an illusion and its entirely in your own mind. It is a series of still pictures that are each held there for a short while before being replaced. -

Tuesday 25 June 2013, PM link icon  BBC - BBC Trust - Trust sets out governance plans for World Service under licence fee fund…
In its oversight of the service, the Trust will take a similar approach to the one it uses for the existing BBC public services, publishing a detailed 'Operating Licence' setting out the remit and scope of the service, its annual budget and its main commitments. The first draft operating licence is published today and the Trust will now run a consultation on the detail of this licence before it comes into effect next year. The Trust will regularly review the performance of the World Service against its licence, just as it does with the other BBC services. - link icon  UKTV channels on YouView - Advanced Television
The agreement marks the first time UKTV has offered a catch-up service that is purpose-built for TV. UKTV is also celebrating significant growth across the network. It was the fastest growing commercial broadcaster in Britain in 2012 and its entertainment channel Dave celebrated its second most successful week in the channels history last month, averaging a 1.64 per cent share in week 22. - link icon  Charlotte Moore set to be confirmed as BBC1 controller - Media -
Charlotte Moore set to be confirmed as BBC1 controller. She has been interim controller of BBC1 since Danny Cohen was appointed director of television in April. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link icon  BBC global news audience grows to record 256m - Media -
Peter Horrocks, the BBCs director of global news, described the figures as a milestone. Photograph Martin Godwin The BBC's global news audience grew to a record quarter of a billion people last year, according to the corporation's estimates. The number of people tuning into the BBC's international news coverage grew 7 in the past year to a record 256 million people a week driven in part by the aftermath of the Arab spring. -

Monday 24 June 2013, PM link icon  Swedish court backs TV license fees for computers, mobile devices - Reuters
Sweden has for decades had a mandatory television license fee, now 173 crowns 25.90 a month, to pay for public service broadcasting in a similar system to that of the Britain's BBC. An administrative court in Lulea, in the far north of Sweden, has been processing hundreds of appeals against the fees and in its first rulings published it dismissed about 20 of them filed by computer owners. The court said in a statement that the definition of what constituted a television receiver should apply regardless of the specific technology used to view the content and that it should move in step with technological developments. - link icon  Blighty closes as Drama opens for UKTV - News - Broadcast
UKTV is to close its British-themed pay-TV channel Blighty after four years, ahead of the launch of its forthcoming scripted channel Drama. The closure of Blighty comes as it emerged that the broadcaster’s new Drama channel will launch on Freeview slot 20 - the spot previously held by Gold. In order to give it a position as high as possible in the Freeview EPG, classic comedy pay-TV channel, Gold will move to slot 26 pushing Home down to new slot 54. - link icon  Service providers to speak out on the future of DTT at Cambridge Wireless event - Cambridg…
With this forced movement to the DTT platform, resulting in overcrowding and capped potential for expansion, service providers need to explore alternative platforms to regain the capability to expand. Initially, the 600MHz band was to be used for increased DTT capacity, which would have enhanced the Freeview platform with additional channels. Over 15 Special Interest Groups focused on specific technologies and market sectors, also provide opportunities for members to meet, form partnerships to exploit new commercial opportunities, and share knowledge and information about the latest industry trends and hot topics. - link icon  informitv - BBC Wimbledon multistream service
Twelve years after the first multistream interactive television coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championships, the BBC will be delivering an unprecedented 10 live streams during the two-week tournament, accessible online, on mobile and through connected televisions. Yet only up to three additional streams will be available through the red button for viewers on satellite and cable television, with just two on terrestrial television, one in high definition. Meanwhile some matches will be shot in 4K ultra-high-definition, although most people will not see the results. - link icon  Ofcom - DAB MULTIPLEX CHANGE REQUEST: CARDIFF NEWPORT : Request to extend coverage area an…
- link icon  BBC News - Spending review: S4C may rely on BBC money - Arwel Ellis Owen
Arwel Ellis Owen believes the UK government, in its spending review on Wednesday, could announce an end to its 6.7m funding from 2015. Plaid Cymru's Bethan Jenkins will table an urgent question in the assembly. The BBC will contribute 76.3m from the licence fee in 2013-14, falling to 74.5m by 2016/17. - link icon  Now Digital requests to extend Wales DAB : Radio Today
The change has been sought by multiplex owner Now Digital, who also wants to change the frequency it operates on to reach an extra 100,000 households. The last time Now Digital asked for a DAB Multiplex extension, it attracted 234 responses, with most of them against the change. However, Ofcom approved it and as a result the Exeter Torbay multiplex was given permission to extend to North Devon. -

Monday 24 June 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on Red Button June 22-29
Rick Stein returns with more culinary delights from India and there's another chance to join in the celebrations of 100 Years of Bollywood. Centre Court Wimbledon 2013 You can catch all the latest drama at Wimbledon 2013 on the Red Button this week. Just press red on any BBC channel, select Wimbledon 2013 and then choose your court by accessing the menu via the blue button. -

Saturday 22 June 2013, PM link icon…
Two television channels have been fined a total of 22,500 after they featured psychics making claims about singer Michael Jackson and murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. Psychic Today and Big Deal were in breach of broadcasting rules after they showed a psychic telling viewers she was involved in the police investigation into the death of the Surrey teenager, regulator Ofcom said. Another psychic claimed she accurately predicted that her friend would become close to the late King of Pop, before producing photographs of the pair in private locations including his recording studio. -

Friday 21 June 2013, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: BBC launches Connected TV campaign
The BBC today launches a new campaign that aims to explain the benefits of Connected TV to viewers. The campaign supports the BBC's commitment to improve awareness and uptake of new technology and platforms, contribute to better media literacy in the UK and help audiences to derive as much value as possible from their licence fee. By contrast, 50 of UK adults like the idea of accessing online content through their televisions. -

Wednesday 19 June 2013, PM link icon  BSkyB investigated over BT claim it is withholding Sky Sports package - Media - guardian.c…
Currently, Sky customers can only watch BT Sport by purchasing a separate BT subscription. The dispute is the latest in a bitter war of words between the two companies that erupted when BT announced its intention to launch a rival sports channel, which will show 38 live Premier League games each season. BT upped the stakes in its battle with Sky in May by offering its sports channels for free to broadband customers, after shelling out 738m for Premier League rights over three years. - link icon  Central TV Birmingham - Guardian Witness
Are there any abandoned estates, factories, shopping centres or other modern ruins near you We want to explore some of the UK's abandoned places wastelands that were once humming with life but are now untended and unloved. Please share your photos of these modern ruins anything built in the 20th century and explain what the place used to be. - link icon  DTG :: News :: BT names Gavin Patterson as new CEO
Livingston will take up a role in government as Minister of State for Trade and Investment. He will continue as chief executive of BT until he steps down from his post and from BT's Board in September. He will take over as chief executive of BT Group in September. -

Tuesday 18 June 2013, AM link icon  Ariel - 400,000 caught watching TV without a licence
18 June 2013 Last updated at 0921 The Olympic torch relay and a hamster are some of the bizarre excuses used by licence fee dodgers, according to the TV Licensing body. The organisation says more than 400,000 people were caught watching TV illegally, i.e. without a valid licence, in 2012. Evaders were among 5 of all licensable premises dodging payment last year - a proportion that has remained stable since 2006. - link icon  BBC News - Sharp brings giant-sized 90in TV to Europe
Fifty inch-and-larger TVs represent 6 of units currently sold in the UK, according to research firm GfK. However, it adds that the sector accounts for 16 of the sector's value due to the premium prices they command. It has since said that it is pursuing high shares of relatively small markets as part of its turnaround strategy. -

Monday 17 June 2013, PM link icon  BBC News - Greek court suspends ERT broadcaster closure
The top administrative court said ERT could resume transmission until a new national media body is set up. The ruling came as Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his coalition allies held crisis talks on the issue. Mr Samaras, who says ERT is corrupt, had reportedly offered to restart a trimmer version of the broadcaster. - link icon  BBC News - UK internet provides reject default porn filters
Only about 40 of parents already used filters, she said. Her speech also emphasised that education was a crucial part of the way the UK would combat the influence of pornography. Unavoidable choice Ms Perry said ISPs had to be more active in stopping young people accessing explicit sexual imagery. - link icon  SES’ ASTRA 2E SATELLITE SHIPPED TO BAIKONUR COSMODROME FOR JULY 21 LAUNCH -
The spacecraft will now be processed for a July 21st launch local time Baikonur on board a Proton launch vehicle. Based on the highly reliable Eurostar E3000 platform, the spacecraft will carry 60 Ku-band transponders, as well as 3 wideband Ka-band transponders. It will enable the delivery of next generation broadcast and broadband services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa at the neighborhood of 28.2 East. -

Saturday 15 June 2013, AM link icon  BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - What's on Red Button June 15-22

Friday 14 June 2013, PM link icon  Hall to unveil ‘radical’ plans - News - Broadcast
Tony Hall is preparing to set out what has been dubbed a “radical” vision for how he will shape the BBC over the next decade in a wide-ranging speech in October. The BBC director general has “drawn a line in the sand” over setting a date for revealing his plans, with insiders expecting him to formally address staff in four months’ time. - link icon  Freeview boss pins future on new HD channels, not 3D or catch-up - Recombu
The managing director of Freeview said she hopes to announce 10 new HD channels for Freeview soon, which could launch as early as 2014. Its important to see broadband services like catch-up coming alongside Freeview, but broadband is not universal now, and I think its highly unlikely it will be universal in 10 years time. Ofcom is currently considering plans to launch two new Freeview HD multiplexes on frequencies cleared by the Digital Switchover. - link icon  Ravensbourne students launch Freeview channel - News - Broadcast
Students at Ravensbourne have launched their own digital terrestrial channel as part of their annual graduate showcase. We are only broadcasting two channels on our multiplex, so we have a higher bit rate budget to play with in comparison to commercial broadcasters, added co-head of transmission Sean Mehmet. - link icon  Freeview and 4G at 800 MHz in London
Mobile phone operators are now preparing to start rolling out 4G networks across London to provide super-fast wireless broadband in the coming weeks and months. at800 is the organisation tasked with ensuring viewers continue to receive Freeview when 4G mobile services at 800 MHz are launched. It is now sending postcards to households and businesses across sixty-five council areas, in London and areas bordered by the M25, telling them about the mast activation. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - Radio 4 and 4 Extra Blog - BBC Radio 4's digital challenge day
We will be hosting a one-day hack-style event, held on BBC premises, employing the talents of both internal and external experts. At the start of the day teams will be presented with three exciting digital challenges how to encourage new audiences to discover R4s digital offer, how to create greater advocacy amongst listeners and how to start building daily listening habits. Teams will choose which challenge they want to work on and then present ideas to the BBC judging panel at the end of the day. The winning idea will be chosen with the aim to implement it in the coming months. -

Friday 14 June 2013, AM link icon  Ex-BBC chief and others may be quizzed over £100m DMI debacle - Media -
The review, which will go back to 2011, has the power to seek answers from any BBC executive involved in oversight of DMI. Three separate inquiries have now been launched into the failure of DMI, which was meant to transform the way the BBC works by digitising vast amounts of archive footage and doing away with video tapes. Executives are likely to be pressed on whether they were aware of concerns raised by an internal whistleblower in 2010 and again in 2012 about the projected cost benefits of the project. -