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And here are the daily recommendations for developments with Freeview, Freesat, Freesat from Sky, Digital radio, free HD and online viewing. Summaries are done by Clipped-Your articles and documents summarized

Friday 25 July 2014, PM link icon  London Live chief insists channel remains committed to local TV | Media |
The boss of London Live has said the station will still be local, despite planned cuts to its primetime local content, but admitted the challenge for the fledgling station had been tougher than anticipated. The station, which launched just four months ago, has also proposed a number of other changes, including reductions to the amount of local content it has to repeat, and fewer hours of local content in the years ahead. This is a new sector and we need to be able to grow as a business and evolve the business model to make sure we have something that makes sense. Kirkman said the official ratings body, Barb, has underestimated the size of London Lives audience because its panel of viewers in the capital is too small. - link icon  London Live's experience proves that local TV is a dead duck | Media |
The TV channel is seeking to reduce its commitment to produce primetime local content from three hours a day to just one. Local TV is asking if the regulator wouldn't mind if it stopped broadcasting so much local content. This is a vindication of what I first said years ago when Jeremy Hunt first mooted his misguided local TV innovation - the public are just not interested. -

Friday 25 July 2014, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: The Winners are announced!
The final four winners were Chirpan application which can send messages through an audible trigger from a television broadcast to a mobile app device to send the user interactive content such as links, video or images. CrowdEmotionInnovative facial recognition software which can read television viewers expressions to what they are watching on a television broadcast in real time. StreamHubAnalytics software for big data which combines viewing figures with social media, app and youtube data. - link icon  Why Rupert Murdoch's takeover of Time Warner would be bad for TV viewers | Media | theguar…
Rupert Murdoch has made a 80bn bid for rival Time Warner. He questioned, in an article in the Hollywood Reporter, the wisdom of companies getting bigger and bigger. Increasing size is a sickness that possesses us every quarter must show growth. - link icon  Lenny Henry is right about quotas for ethnic minorities in TV and film | Media | theguardi…
Broadcast executives are perplexed by the statistics that Lenny Henry has recently exposed. Children of migrant parents have long been disproportionately encouraged to take vocational subjects in order to enter the professions, but the downturn of 2008, coupled with students increased reliance on parental income to support studies, means this pressure has increased considerably. They just arent black. Those from minority backgrounds are more likely to also come from economically disadvantaged families, and like most sectors of the creative industries, entry level applicants can expect to work as interns. -

Thursday 24 July 2014, AM link icon  BT tackles BSkyB in court before new Premier League season - Telegraph
BT is attempting to force its rival to allow it provide the channels to subscribers to its YouView internet-based television service. BT claims BSkyB refuses to strike a reasonable commercial deal and is abusing its dominance. A quick decision in its favour would be a fillip for BT, allowing it to market its main television with Sky Sports platform in time for the new Premier League season next month. - link icon

Wednesday 23 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - BBC trials TV innovations at Commonwealth Games
Immersive viewing using virtual-reality technology is also being trialled. UHD streams, which have a native resolution of 4K or higher, roughly four times the resolution of standard 1080p high definition were already tested during the World Cup, earlier this year. -

Wednesday 23 July 2014, AM link icon  RadioToday | DAB digital radio turned-on in Derbyshire
The new transmitter at Quarndon takes local digital radio coverage for these stations from zero to over 350,000 listeners in the area, and adds over 259km of roads into DAB coverage for the first time. A further two transmitters will be switched on in Lichfield and Stanton Moor towards the end of the year. When all three transmitters have been launched around two thirds of people in the area will be able to listen to digital radio. - link icon  ITV confirms ITVBe launch date | presscentre
The new channel will be dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment programming, celebrating real life and real people. Details of schedule and broadcast hours will be confirmed closer to launch. - link icon  Ariel - Distribution moves into Future Media
The 40-strong team ensures that the BBC's public services are carried on all radio, television and digital platforms. The teams will continue to be based in London, but a new head will be appointed to look after the strategic direction of both Distribution and Business Development. The change is the result of a BBC Trust review into the broadcaster's distribution of its UK services. - link icon  YouView expansion plans as shareholders agree | Advanced Television
The service has passed well over 1 million connected UK homes in less than 18 months since its marketing launch and claims industry-leading levels of satisfaction and VoD usage. YouView continues to target a long term goal of 10 million connected homes. YouView has signalled its continued success and growth by recently announcing a major recruitment drive that will expand its technology team by well over 50 per cent. -

Tuesday 22 July 2014, AM link icon  BBC Worldwide chief receives £231,000 bonus despite fall in profits | Media | theguardian…
The BBC Worldwide chief executive was paid a bonus of more than 230,000 last year, despite a drop in profits partly resulting from the loss of Lonely Planet income. Tim Davie received total remuneration of 670,000, including a base salary of 400,000 and a bonus of 231,000, in the year to the end of March. Davie received the payout despite the corporations commercial arm suffering a 7 fall in revenues to 1.04bn, and a 21.5 fall in pre-tax profits to 126.5m over the period. -

Monday 21 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC annual report: Tony Hall announces ?374m in annual savings - TV Radio - Media - The In…
Lord Hall said the BBC had delivered 374m in annual savings and was on course to reach its target of 700m a year by 2016-2017, following the freeze in the Licence Fee in 2010. Although the BBC has reduced overall expenditure on senior management, the number of managers on more than 220,000 has increased. The BBC also managed to reduce its spending on presenting talent, although the numbers of such staff earning between 250,000 and 750,000 grew, from 14,100 to 14,800. - link icon  BBC News - Technical problems plague BBC online services
21 July 2014 Last updated at 1239 The BBC's flagship iPlayer service has been hit by technical problems that started over the weekend. Faults have also meant only a simplified version of the BBC's homepage can be shown, while online video and audio clips have also been disrupted. Internal investigation The corporation put out statements via Twitter apologising several times for the inconvenience the problems were causing. - link icon…
- link icon  BBC - Annual Report - Annual Report
Each year the BBC reports to licence fee payers and audiences. The Annual Report and full financial statements are formally laid in Parliament in accordance with the requirements of the Charter. They are also published on the BBCs website. The Annual Report is made up of three parts. - link icon  BBC News - BBC Annual Report 2013-14: At a glance
21 July 2014 Last updated at 1428 The BBC's annual report has been published for the financial year 2013-14. The BBC said it is on track to achieve the 700m savings per year it must make as part of its Delivering Quality First programme by 2016/17, having saved 374m in 2013/14 so far. Here are some of the key points from the review, which is conducted by the management and the corporation's regulatory body, the BBC Trust. - link icon  Date set for Derbyshire's DAB switch-on
A number of local stations will be broadcasting live from the official switch event of Arqivas new DAB digital radio transmitter in Derbyshire. The much-awaited multiplex has caused a number of local press articles asking questions about its delayed launch, after owners were granted a licence almost seven years ago. One new transmitter at Quarndon will be switched on this Wednesday morning after 8am, whilst a further two will launch later in the year, covering over 350,000 people. - link icon  BBC’s Evan Davis to join Newsnight following Jeremy Paxman’s departure | Media | thegu…
Daviss Newsnight move, confirmed on Monday by the BBC, ends months of speculation about who might replace Paxman, who was the shows main presenter for more than 20 years. The BBC announced that Paxman was leaving the show in late April and he presented his final edition on 18 June. Davis, 52, will present the show three nights a week with its existing team of presenters, Kirsty Wark, Emily Maitlis and Laura Kuenssberg, remaining on the show, sharing the other two nights a week. - link icon  Half of BBC Viewers are over 60 | informitv
Around half of all viewers to the two main BBC television channels are over 60 years of age, yet this age group makes up less than a quarter of the population of the United Kingdom. A quarter of those aged 25-34 barely watch BBC television. Television audiences have traditionally skewed to an older demographic, with younger adults generally watching less, but will this generation ever watch as much as their parents -

Monday 21 July 2014, AM link icon  Media Monkey’s Diary: John Sweeney, Sky News and Game of Thrones | Media | The Guardian
Did the two big announcements really need to be simultaneous Wasnt this exactly the kind of burying of bad news if only temporarily that Harding would have condemned in his previous job as Beeb-bashing Times editor Among the trusts findings that made headlines was data showing that a handful of mostly aged programmes dominate evening air-time on BBC1, which was slated as too safe. - link icon  BBC's cost-cutting drive prunes extra £6m off talent costs | Media | The Guardian
BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid was the most high profile departure during the last financial year. Unveiling the corporation's annual report, the director general, Tony Hall, reveals that the corporation spent 194m on presenters and other on-air talent in the year to the end of March, down from 200m the previous year. He will also seek to raise morale among staff battered by years of cost-cutting another 415 job losses were announced in BBC News last week by revealing that some of the money freed up by the efficiency drive will be reinvested in a 4 boost to the content budget over the next three years. -

Sunday 20 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC iPlayer glitch takes down top TV shows | Media | The Guardian
The issues also affected publication of videos on the BBC website. The BBC News website appeared to working normally again on Sunday afternoon. - link icon  Fox, Time Warner, and Rupert Murdoch's last game of thrones | Media | The Observer
After a two-week hiatus that had some wondering if he'd gone for good, Rupert Murdoch is back on Twitter. Murdoch had been organising the biggest deal of his storied career an 80bn bid for Time Warner by 21st Century Fox, his entertainment conglomerate. Disney, Fox, Time Warner, Viacom are all big businesses, but Google and Apple are each worth more than the combined market values of the media firms. - link icon  Ofcom | The Scheduling of Television Advertising

Friday 18 July 2014, PM link icon  BSkyB prepares to roll the dice again with European expansion | Reuters
Analysts have put the likely price at between 7 billion and 10 billion euros. Sources familiar with the deal have told Reuters the talks are progressing well but that there are still many areas they need to find agreement on. BSkyB, which declined to comment, has history in making expensive but ultimately winning gambles. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ed Vaizey MP promoted to newly created Digital Industries Minister role
Ed Vaizey has been promoted to a new role covering digital industries, as part of David Cameron's reshuffle. It's so far unclear what aspects of Vaizey's former role will fall under his new remit, nor whether his old position will remain open. DTG Staff 18.07.2014 Links open in a new window. - link icon  City awaits ITV takeover bid as Liberty Global takes ?481m stake - Business News - Busines…
Under City takeover rules, Liberty cannot make an offer for six months, unless another bidder emerges. However, ITV shares raced up 6 per cent to 195.1p, with analysts reckoning a take-over move is on the agenda. Fox has also made an audacious 80bn 47bn bid for Americas Time Warner amid a frenzy of TV industry consolidation. - link icon  BBC under fire after sharp decline in audience reach of young and ethnic minority viewers …
The Trust reported that a proportion of viewers do not find BBC1 sufficiently distinctive and it called on the flagship channel to take more creative risks. The review found that 63 per cent of BBC1s peak time 7pm-9pm schedule was taken up by just ten shows, all but one of which is at least seven years old. Some BBC1 viewers find the channel over-reliant on familiar programmes and believe that it has a tendency to play safe in programming and scheduling, the report said. -

Thursday 17 July 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - BBC One should be riskier, says trust
The trust's conclusions are detailed in a 37-page report about the health of the television channels and how they perform against their service licence. The 87,000 review - which happens every five years - included a public consultation with 5000 responses, extensive research, data from audience councils, and feedback from industry figures and BBC executives. Chief among them is the need for BBC One to 'take more creative risks while serving loyal audiences'. - link icon  What Do Consumers Hate More Than TV Ads? Online Video Commercials - CMO Today - WSJ
A recent survey of about 700 consumers found that about 36 of those polled said they find online video ads more irritating than TV ads. Nearly half found both TV and online video ads equally annoying while only about 12 thought TV ads were more annoying. The online survey, conducted last month by ad buying software company Strata, found that younger viewers find targeted online video ads more invasive and annoying than older viewers. - link icon  BBC News - BBC News to cut a further 415 jobs
The move is part of 800m efficiency savings required after the licence fee was frozen in 2010. The latest cuts are expected to save 48m by 2017. BBC News currently employs around 8,400 people, including around 5,000 journalists, based in London, around the UK and overseas. - link icon  Ariel - News cuts 415 posts to help save ?48m
The 'heavy impact' of the cuts on staff - jobs account for roughly half the total savings - was acknowledged by director of news James Harding, who said he shared their 'distress, concern and anxiety'. Speaking to staff at Broadcasting House's Radio Theatre, he said that the job losses were likely to affect around 500 people, taking part-time workers into account. 'Strenuous effort' would be made to fill these new posts through redeployment,' insisted Harding, who said requests for voluntary redundancy from across the News Group would also be granted wherever possible. - link icon  BBC - BBC News announces plans to save ?48m and invest in digital transformation - Media c…
The proposals are expected to lead to 415 post closures which will be offset by an estimated 195 new roles being created through reinvestment, meaning a net reduction of around 220 posts. The BBC will now begin consultation with staff and the joint unions over these proposals, where appropriate. The challenge is how to make BBC News even better, despite having less money. - link icon  BBC News to cut 415 posts as it restructures for digital | Media | The Guardian
BBC News is to cut a further 415 posts and restructure to increase focus on digital journalism. James Harding, the BBCs director of news and current affairs, told staff on Thursday that there will be 48m in annual savings and a total of 500 workers will be affected by the cuts. However, Harding said that 195 new positions will be created in the restructure, meaning a net reduction of 220 full-time posts across news and current affairs. -

Thursday 17 July 2014, AM link icon  BSkyB sells ITV shares to Virgin Media owner Liberty Global | Media |
ITVs share price rose 7 to 196p in early trading as investors enthusiastically greeted the move as a signal that the UKs largest free-to-air commercial broadcaster is likely to be snapped up. Now John Malones cable giant Liberty Global, which snapped up Virgin Media last year for 15bn, has renewed the prospect of a takeover. Liberty Global chief executive Mike Fries said This is an opportunistic and attractive investment for us in our largest cable market. - link icon  Freesat - Android Apps on Google Play
Hello. We are Freesat. And this is our clever little telly app. It gives you the power to plan and manage how and what to watch on TV, as well as control your TV sets using your phone or tablet. And best of all, it is free. With the Freesat App you can See 7 days of TV LISTINGS for over 200 free TV and radio channels; Find great shows to watch On TV and On Demand with SHOWCASE RECOMMENDATIONS; SEARCH by programme to easily find the show you want to watch. And when you link it to a Freetime box you can also: RECORD ON THE GO so you never miss a show; TURN YOUR PHONE OR TABLET INTO A REMOTE CONTROL so you can pause, play, fast forward, rewind and change channel; LAUNCH ON DEMAND PROGRAMMING STRAIGHT TO YOUR TV. -

Wednesday 16 July 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Return to TVC delayed by two years
BBC Studios and Post Production is delaying the start of its 15-year lease of the revamped Studios 1, 2 and 3, which had been due to re-open next year. Although studio refurbishment work is on track, the developer's broader plans for the Wood Lane site have evolved and its construction programme has been extended as a result. SPP will remain at Elstree - its temporary home since moving out of TVC in 2013 - until major construction work to the 'doughnut' is completed. - link icon  BBC director general argues against license fee reform | The Drum
BBC director general Lord Hall has defended the contentious license fee by declaring it aint broke in an argument against reform of the revenue model. The intervention effectively sets out the corporations stall on reform of the system, ahead of formal negotiations with the government next year on how the broadcaster should be funded from 2017. Defending the 145.50 fee to a House of Lords committee Hall said We believe its a system that aint broke. -

Wednesday 16 July 2014, AM link icon  BBC chief forced to defend himself against racist policy - TV Radio - Media - The Independ…
You are so obsessed with equal opportunities, yet you are sat next to a man who you just appointed without even opening up the process to anyone else, said Mr Davies. We want to deliver on all of them. But the MP who has a reputation for asking contentious questions - said he would be more convinced of the motives of senior BBC figures if they were prepared to give up their own positions in the name of equal opportunities. Im wondering which of you four would be prepared to fall on your swords to let a black person have your job, he said. - link icon  BBC’s ‘racist approach’ to diversity ignores white working class - Tory MP | Media |…
The BBC has been accused of taking a racist approach to diversity by a Conservative MP, for taking action to improve representation of ethnic minorities while allegedly ignoring the white working class. Hall dismissed the accusation, saying the diversity proposals were equality of opportunity, not racism. Surely what we should be aiming to be is colour blind. Davies argued that Hall was attempting to tick the politically correct box, pointing out that he had white, working class constituents who were under-represented at the corporation and missing opportunities. - link icon  Ariel - MPs quiz Hall on Production plans
'I couldn't envisage it being privatised,' he insisted. 'The current ways in which things operate, based on the current consolidation in the industry, are not fair for everyone,' Cohen said. 'We now want to have a very detailed conversation with small and medium-sized indies.' 'Racist' diversity plans The director general's diversity plans were also called into question by the MPs, with one calling them 'racist'. -

Tuesday 15 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - Why subscription isn't the best way to fund the BBC
In my last post, I argued that the value the BBC gives the British public and the creative sector is because of the licence fee and not despite it. Subscription is not a new idea for funding the BBC. Nearly 30 years ago, the Peacock report favoured it as the best way to give effect to consumers preferences. - link icon  LIVE: BBC culture committee hearing | News | Broadcast
Click to catch-up with the live blog from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s (CMSC) inquiry into the future of the BBC - which heard evidence from four of the corporation’s most senior executives. Director general Tony Hall, director of strategy and digital James Purnell and Danny Cohen, the BBC’s director of television, appeared at the session, which was chaired by Conservative MP John Whittingdale. Senior BBC independent director Dame Fiona Reynolds was also on the panel. -

Tuesday 15 July 2014, AM link icon  Bauer and UTV join forces in national digital radio multiplex application | Media | thegua…
The radio groups have teamed up with transmission business Arqiva for their application for the licence to run the second nationwide digital audio broadcasting DAB platform, which will be home to around 10 new national radio services. The second wave of national DAB stations has been a long time coming after Channel 4, which led a consortium that won the right to launch a string of new digital stations, pulled the plug on its radio ambitions in 2008. The licence, which was advertised by media regulator Ofcom earlier this month, is expected to be awarded next year. - link icon  RadioToday | Arqiva, Bauer and UTV team up for DAB bid
The first bidder for the second national commercial digital radio multiplex has announced its intensions. D2 will further accelerate digital growth in the UK. D1 the first national commercial multiplex is now full and a second platform is a welcome addition by the radio industry, following the false start by Channel 4 in 2007/8. -

Monday 14 July 2014, PM link icon  Ofcom sensibly resolves complaints about Tory MP's undeleted expletive | Media | theguardi…
Ofcom's finding here in pdf format is a model response. - link icon  The Media Podcast | PPM Production
Big changes, but what will it mean for staff at BBC Productions Its all change at Radio 5 Live as the station shakes up its daytime schedule. As some brand the station Radio Bloke, where does this leave the BBCs attempt to boost the number of women on air - link icon  RadioToday | The Media Podcast secures Crowd Funding
The cancelled Guardian podcast MediaTalk will continue for another year thanks to a KickStarter campaign to raise 9k to keep it going independently. The project attracted 244 backers who took the total to 9,093 over the weekend meaning producer Matt Hill and his team can continue to make the audio. So, from next week, were on for a year, tweeted themediapodcast. -

Monday 14 July 2014, AM link icon  BBC News - UK broadband not fit for purpose, says business group
It is calling on the government to commit to delivering a minimum of 10Mbps megabits per second for all homes and businesses by 2017. It would like to see this rise to 1Gbps gigabit per second by 2030. The report found that 94 of small business owners consider a reliable internet connection to be critical to the success of their business 45,000 UK small businesses are still on dial-up speeds Only 15 of firms say they are very satisfied with their broadband provision. - link icon  Media Monkey’s Diary: Robert Peston, Angelina Jolie and Lucy Adams | Media | The Guardia…
Thats because a decree came into force this month requiring them to name the sources they entertain and recent experience of things they thought were confidential ending up in the public domain has made them understandably reluctant to risk getting contacts into trouble by committing their names to paper or screen. Could Robert Peston be a shoo-in for a different job The video, meanwhile, didnt disappear but was sheepishly re-headlined as Jolie during her dark days in the 1990s. - link icon  Tony Hall goes back to Birt for his big BBC idea | Media | The Guardian
Each time it approaches charter renewal, the BBC needs a narrative as a way of taking some control of the agenda. With politicians and much of the press choosing to see it as wasteful, profligate and badly governed, people were beginning to wonder where the BBCs big idea was going to come from. So it was that last week director general Tony Hall produced one compete or compare. - link icon  What will the BBC TV production shake-up mean for the industry? | Media | The Guardian
The BBC is known for high quality content thats widely enjoyed and I dont think thats going to change. Most people will still get their sense of that from the BBCs own channels, radio stations and online. Theres a lot of upside to it. -

Friday 11 July 2014, PM link icon  What Canada's national public broadcaster could learn from the BBC | Technology | theguard…
And, like the BBC, the CBC is in a permanent funding crisis, as successive waves of cuts take the public broadcaster into previously unthinkable territory. The CBC will no longer produce documentaries, it will cut local newscasts, close half its offices, and make 25 of its workforce redundant by 2020. Between 1,000-1,500 jobs will be cut in the next five years alone. - link icon  Ariel - 'BBC Production is not leaving the family'
One producer said it 'sounds like an outsourcing' of BBC Production, and foresaw more short-term contracts and eroded terms and conditions ahead. 'Working arrangements are not going to change overnight.' New homes But he stressed that change was 'inevitable', with the quota system 'no longer fit for our purposes' in the age of massive global production consolidation. He was adamant, though, that any new approach would have BBC Production at its heart. -

Friday 11 July 2014, AM link icon  BBC radio must follow TV lead | News | Broadcast
The BBC has been urged by senior industry execs to extend its plans to scrap television quotas to the radio sector. The BBCs wide-ranging changes to its television production division should also be adopted by its radio arm, according to execs, sweeping away radios Window of Creative Competition (WoCC) restrictions and allowing in-house producers to make shows for third parties. Director general Tony Hall unveiled the plans at City University in London and said that competition should go beyond TV production. He asked whether extending competitive access for indie radio producers would offer broader choice and better ideas. The chair of the Radio Independents Group Phil Critchlow, who also heads up indie TBI Media, said that this would certainly be the case. Indie radio producers based across the UK have a proven track record creatively, and are more than ready to contribute world class ideas, with the competitively priced resources needed to deliver them, said Critchlow. He added that more external competition, coupled with a healthy in-house division, would result in a more creative and cost effective corporation. Somethin Else founder Jez Nels - link icon  BBC production plans a historic moment
Plans to break open the BBCs television supply model have been hailed as an historic moment for the UK television industry but some have warned that the changes will be fraught with difficulty. BBC director general Tony Hall today announced plans to sweep away all the corporations commissioning quotas and liberate in-house teams to pitch to other broadcasters. He argued it will be the biggest change to the corporation since its inception in 1922. Hall detailed the vision in a music performance room at City University, which was crammed full of producers, television industry grandees and press. Many in the audience welcomed the BBCs plans, but there was also recognition that it marks the start of a long debate about the future of television production at the corporation.

Thursday 10 July 2014, PM link icon  Everything you know about 4K is wrong thanks to HDCP 2.2 | News | TechRadar
I really don't think Freeview is about being cutting edge what we tend to do is look at innovation and then follow it. Without a device-to-device handshake, HDCP 2.2 delivered content isn't going to make it onto any screen. Unfortunately HDCP 2.2 chip availability is trailing behind 4K product roll-outs. - link icon  BBC producers may make TV shows for rival broadcasters | Media | The Guardian
However, it remains to be seen how the idea will be greeted by politicians and the TV industry. The decision would require sweeping regulatory changes to be incorporated into the BBC charter from 2017. We should have regulation in the TV supply market only where it's needed so that we can let creativity flourish ... - link icon  BBC could start making shows for foreign and UK broadcast rivals as part of Director-Gener…
If independent producers can take their ideas to any broadcaster around the world, I would want the same for BBC Production. Were up for a discussion as to whether they should offer ideas to other UK broadcasters, he will say. The plan is said to represent the single biggest breaking open of the BBC since it was first conceived in 1922, said one source. - link icon  RadioToday | Radio Indies respond to Tony Hall speech
Indie radio producers based across the UK have a proven track record creatively, and are more than ready to contribute world class ideas, with the competitively priced resources needed to deliver them. - link icon  A seismic change for British TV | News | Broadcast
For the indie sector, it means that 400m worth of programming could be up for grabs, but also that a powerful new competitor is likely to emerge. The indie sector has been knocking on the WoCC door for some time, but dont expect it to walk all over an archaic in-house division. Which broadcaster wouldnt want Miranda or Strictly - link icon  Lord Burns sounds note of caution over BBC plans | News | Broadcast
Channel 4 chairman Lord Burns has voiced concerns about the future of the indie sector and the licence fee following Tony Hall’s plans to scrap BBC quotas. Speaking after the director general earlier today at City University, London, Burns sounded a note of caution about the potential knock-on effects for production companies. Burns said that he had a “very deep interest in maintaining a vibrant indie sector”, and would be “nervous” if the corporation’s plans to scrap quotas and liberate its production arm “would squeeze that”. - link icon  Hall: BBC must compete or compare to survive
Tony Hall has unveiled plans to introduce a “compete or compare” culture at the BBC to ensure the corporation is on the strongest footing possible going into charter renewal negotiations next year. Delivering a potentially legacy-defining speech at City University on Thursday, the director general argued that the BBC must open itself up to competition and benchmark its performance wherever possible. Sccording to Hall, only this will enable the corporation to make a coherent case on the level at which the licence fee should be set when it sits down with the government to thrash out its future after the 2015 general election. - link icon  The industry reacts: TV execs on BBC quota plans | News | Broadcast
10 July, 2014 Tony Halls plans to tear up quotas at the BBC and liberate in-house production has been largely welcomed by the indie sector and rival broadcasters. If you subscribe today you can take advantage of our 20 discount on Broadcast. Subscribing takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the website along with a copy of the weekly magazine. - link icon  Tony Hall: speech in full | News | Broadcast
The director general outlined his plans for major changes to BBC Productions at City University in London earlier today. In his inspiring book, An Empire Of Their Own, the cultural historian Neal Gabler tells the story of the creation of Hollywood. He records the extraordinary lives of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who came to America, to work as retailers, as small time entrepreneurs, as grafters in the garment industry. And Gabler tells the tale of their rise to greatness as legendary movie moguls. The great impresarios of one of the most spectacular cultural industries of the last century began in the most modest way and made a success as pioneers because they had liberty and a fierce desire to succeed. - link icon  BBC TV production plans welcomed by indie trade body as ‘historic’ | Media | theguardi…
The chief executive of Pact, the independent producers trade body, described the opening up of the BBCs TV production operation as a historic moment. He said every programme commissioner in the BBC should pop a cork because they would now be able to choose whatever programmes they want, regardless of whether they were made in-house at the BBC or elsewhere. McVay said Halls plan reflected calls that Pact had been making for many years to open up the BBC to more competition from independent producers. - link icon  Channel 4 chair fears for indies over BBC production plans | Media |
The chair of Channel 4 says the broadcaster would buy programmes from the BBC, but expressed concerns about the impact director general Tony Halls plans may have on the independent sector. Lord Burns said Halls proposals to open up the BBC to more competition could go further and criticised the corporation for not looking ahead to a post-licence fee world. Can you really imagine in 30 years time there will be a licence fee said Burns. - link icon  BBC’s TV production shakeup could extend to news, radio and online | Media | theguardian…
Hall, the BBC director general, said on Thursday morning that the plan, which will see in-house TV production spun off as a standalone subsidiary and allowed to make shows for rivals for the first time, marked a stripping-away of regulation that would enable an era of unprecedented competition. I want a less regulated system that ensures that both our own BBC producers and those of the independent sector have creative freedom. I want a level playing-field between BBC producers and independent ones. Hall said that the new Compete or Compare strategy could be extended to radio, news and current affairs programming and its digital and technology operations. - link icon  Tony Hall’s BBC ‘compete or compare’ speech - full text | Media |
The great impresarios of one of the most spectacular cultural industries of the last century began in the most modest way and made a success as pioneers because they had liberty and a fierce desire to succeed. I believe strongly in the freedom and entrepreneurial spirit that made this possible. I have been fortunate to work for some of the greatest cultural bodies of this country. - link icon  BBC News - Why Coe is set to win BBC race
10 July 2014 Last updated at 1138 Here are a couple of mildly interesting tidbits about my own shop, the BBC. Of course his appointment is not 100, because there is a formal and slightly cumbersome appointments process. Well they know him well George Osborne and Coe once shared an office, I think, and they regard him as an impressive leader, with a remarkable record of success off the track leading London's Olympics bid, chairing the organising committee for the games, and so on. - link icon  Ofcom | Speaking TV programme guides - Would they help people with visual impairments, an…
- link icon  BBC News - What emergency data law means for you
A European Court of Justice ECJ ruling earlier this year meant the powers to retain this data were under threat. However, privacy campaigners said it was another encroachment on the rights of people not to have their communications monitored. Here is an explanation of the new law, and what it means to people who live in the UK. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ofcom requests views on speaking EPGs
Following a round-table discussion on the use of EPGs by visually-impaired viewers that was held earlier this year, regulatory body Ofcom have published a call for input from users. This is an invitation for views from all those interested, in particular -People with visual impairments would be able to make more use of EPGs if they could read out information on request. The input given will then be used when Ofcom decide whether or not they are to change their guidance to EPG providers on the features they should make available for people with visual impairments who use their programme guides. - link icon  BBC News - Giant rollable TVs on the horizon, says LG
10 July 2014 Last updated at 1321 LG has announced the release of two new paper-thin TV panels, with one that is so flexible it can be rolled into a 3cm diameter tube. The company stated it is confident it will produce a 60in 152cm Ultra HD rollable TV by 2017. LG unveiled one of its first flexible TVs at CES - a global consumer electronics and technology trade show - earlier this year. -

Wednesday 09 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC signals end of quotas | News | Broadcast
The BBC plans to tear up production quotas and liberate in-house teams to pitch to other broadcasters in the biggest breaking open of the corporation in its 92-year history. The proposals, outlined in a speech by director general Tony Hall on 10 July, mean that all existing BBC quotas would be scrapped, opening up 400m worth of commissioning opportunities to the independent production sector.

Tuesday 08 July 2014, PM link icon  Ariel - Derbyshire gets News Channel show
The move follows the announcement last week that she had decided to leave Radio 5 live after 16 years. Her news and current affairs tv programme will include interviews, discussion and debate, with social media employed in new ways to involve the audience. 'It will include the kind of broadcasting I love doing - original journalism, stories that affect the lives of our audience, exclusive interviews, viewer debates and big breaking news. - link icon  Why British TV rules the world - Features - TV Radio - The Independent
Making quality TV is becoming recognised internationally as a great British trait, matching our long-held reputation in popular music. In the past three years, the UK has exported more than 600 TV shows, around six times as many as Germany. Although its story has been overshadowed by the novelty of the internet, British television has been through a revolution in the past two decades. - link icon  BBCs Nicky Campbell launches scathing attack on Lord Patten over female broadcasters debat…
Campbell launched a blistering attack on the BBC Trust Chairman, who has stepped down following major heart surgery. Hes just so ignorant, Campbell told Radio Times. However Derbyshire and Fogarty both defended the new 5 Live line-up, which they said included many prominent female voices. - link icon  BBC News - Smart LED light bulbs leak wi-fi passwords
Context Security released details about how it was able to hack into the wi-fi network of one brand of network-enabled bulb, and control the lights remotely. The LIFX light bulb, which is available to buy in the UK, has network connectivity to let people turn it on and off with their smartphones. The firm behind the bulbs has since fixed the vulnerability. -

Tuesday 08 July 2014, AM link icon  Guardian appoints Jane Martinson as head of media - Media -
Jane Martinson has been appointed the Guardians new head of media, overseeing all of Guardian News and Medias coverage of the media industry in print and online. Martinson, who is currently the womens editor of the Guardian, will take up the new role on 8 September. She was previously the Guardians media editor responsible for the papers print section until 2010, when she moved to take up the womens editor post, setting up the Guardians womens blog. -

Monday 07 July 2014, PM link icon  QVC Extra launches on local TV multiplex Digital TV Europe
Comuxs sale of capacity for two national channels not ringfenced for local TV part of its original licence agreement with regulator Ofcom is designed to create an additional revenue stream for its local TV services. This shows the Comux business model delivering exactly what it said it would, with public seed funding and private management enabling a long-term future for this new local TV initiative. - link icon  Samsung bows out of plasma TV production
It will end allplasma display operations by the 30th of November. Samsung didn't release any new plasma models in 2014, making last year'sF8500 the last chance customers will have to get their hands on a Samsung plasma TV. Panasonic was widely seen as the market leader in plasma TV technology before the announcement, a title it won from Pioneer and its legendary Kuro range when the latter company decided to ditch the TV market altogether. - link icon  DVB sets new standards - informitv
The Digital Video Broadcasting Project has ratified specifications for the delivery of ultra-high-definition television services. Its Phase 1 specification sets a base level for UHDTV but does not address more demanding requirements that are already on the horizon. It allows for the possibility that Phase 2, which has yet to be considered, will use higher frames rates. - link icon  RadioToday - De-regulate with caution, says UKRD boss
There is no question that there is an increasing detachment taking place between local stations and their local communities and we are not in favour of a further substantial erosion of this relationship. It is not. Local commercial radio licences are granted to businesses by Ofcom so that they can serve specific local communities and if there is a further move which allows too much erosion of this relationship, there will be little point in having local commercial radio licences of this nature at all. We represent a particular strand of local commercial radio which seems to be unfashionable in certain quarters. - link icon  UBS: Sky could sell ITV stake - News - Broadcast
ky could sell its 7.5% stake in ITV ahead of the creation of Sky Europe, according to analysts. The move may help to pave the way for the creation of a pan-regional pay-TV business, first floated in May, which would bring together Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland with the UK service. Sky could be keen to resolve its plans for its interest in the free-to-air broadcaster ahead of tackling the ambitious consolidation strategy. “?We argue that there is potential for BSkyB to sell this stake as part of the plan to create Sky Europe,” Tamsin Garrity, an analyst at investment bank UBS, noted in a report. Sky bought a 17.9% stake in the commercial broadcaster in 2006 to block cable operator NTL, now Virgin Media, from taking over the broadcaster. It subsequently sold a 10.4% stake in February 2010, leaving it with the 7.5% holding. - link icon  BBC News - Teletext festival breathes life into old tech
Teletext, a British invention from the 1970s phased out in the UK in 2012, is a television information retrieval service. Despite teletext's limitations, artists from across the world have pushed the ageing tech to its limit to create an impressive collection of retro illustrations. The festival, in its third year, will be run by Finnish art collective FixC, from 14 August to 14 September 2014. -

Monday 07 July 2014, AM link icon  Susanna Reid's list of instructions to boost Good Morning Britain's ailing ratings of ITV …
It leaves the programme with just 13 per cent of the audience, falling short of the 15 per cent executives said it needed to survive. Scroll down for video Change Susanna Reid has been told to soften her look as executives worry it deters female viewers. On Friday, the 43-year-old took the show outdoors once more, sporting a flowery dress, sling-back heels, hoop earrings and sunglasses. -

Sunday 06 July 2014, PM link icon  Scotlands TV industry post-independence: A Yes vote will interfere with viewing north of t…
So, the BBC would give its shows to a foreign country at no further cost to Scottish viewers. Some companies in Scotlands thriving independent production sector, which produces numerous shows for network British television, are alarmed at the prospects for their businesses post-independence. The idea that the BBC would just sit down and put pen to paper on such a deal is ridiculous. - link icon  Nick Pollard: ‘Sky News is always more inventive and energetic than BBC News’ - Media …
Nick Pollard, the former head of Sky News, was asked to investigate the fallout from the botched Newsnight investigation, while Tony Hall, his exact contemporary at school, was invited back as director general. Pollard was not shot, as a messenger bringing grim news, but neither was he invited to fix the problems hed accurately identified as many thought he should have been. Ever the enthusiast, he has directed his energies into modernising BFBS, which celebrated 70 years of broadcasting in 2013. -

Saturday 05 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC staff told to stop inviting cranks on to science programmes - Telegraph
Science coverage does not simply lie in reflecting a wide range of views but depends on the varying degree of prominence such views should be given. The Trust said that man-made climate change was one area where too much weight had been given to unqualified critics. In April the BBC was accused of misleading viewers about climate change and creating false balance by allowing unqualified sceptics to have too much air-time. In a damning parliamentary report, the corporation was criticised for distorting the debate, with Radio 4s Today and World at One programmes coming in for particular criticism. - link icon  QVC builds TV presence with new Freeview channel -
The new channel will strengthen the companys TV business model, and will provide a 24-hour platform for QVCs product ranges in one-hour themed slots and branded programmes. This announcement strengthens the commercial model for local TV broadcasters up and down the UK. The proceeds from the sale go directly to help fund a wider range of services for local television. - link icon  Social media drives TV choices for one in seven in UK - Social TV - News - Rapid TV News
Celebrating its second birthday, the subscription-free on-demand platform provider discovered that 14 of Facebook users questioned also said they always or often use the site to talk about the TV programme they are watching. For Twitter the number was slightly higher at 16. Nationally, 4 of people admitted they talk about TV at least once a day on Facebook and 2 on Twitter. -

Friday 04 July 2014, PM link icon  Doctor Who writer predicts extermination of the soap opera - Media Monkey - Media - thegua…
The man who penned Queer as Folk reckons Coronation Street, Hollyoaks et al have at best 10 years left in them, the Sun reports. You can see a television landscape in 10 years time where they wont exist or will be reduced. Well, Monkey is determined to look on the bright side with all that air-time going spare, think of all the new reality TV shows that can fill up the schedules. - link icon  Exclusive: Today Programme criticised for giving platform to climate sceptic Lord Lawson -…
It gave the impression that theres still debate about climate change. Across our programmes the number of scientists and academics who support the mainstream view far outweighs those who disagree with it. - link icon  Ariel - TV News celebrates its 60th birthday
At 7.30pm on July 5, 1954, Richard Baker uttered the opening words. Kenneth Kendall was the first, in 1955, later joined by others such as Robert Dougal, who would all become semi-permanent fixtures of the living room furniture. 'For many of us working in television news or multimedia news, some of these people are the people we grew up with,' says Mary Hockaday, head of the newsroom and responsible for about 1000 staff. -

Wednesday 02 July 2014, PM link icon  Radio's Brave New World
It sounds as if radio is heavily under threat. The facts are that radio is as resilient today as it always has been. The amount of people who tune into radio is as high as it has ever been. -

Tuesday 01 July 2014, PM link icon  RadioToday - Second national DAB multiplex welcomed
- link icon  Why the Aereo Shutdown Will Be a Disaster for Broadcast TV - Re/code
Too bad they werent in Anaheim with me, because despite Aereos now-illegal Rube Goldberg-esque transmission technology, it offered a distinctive and revolutionary way for broadcast TV to remain relevant to younger viewers. Unfortunately, most TV execs probably never had a chance to actually use Aereo. I had a chance to use Aereo extensively when I spent a month in the Boston area this spring, and it delivered broadcast TV to the devices that most people under 30 use to view video mobile phones and tablets. -