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Briantist: Rona Fairhead offers relief but nο respite for BBC Media The Guardian These are testing times for the BBC as no
Briantist: Ariel Cleaners pοrters and engineers walk out 1 September 2014 Last updated at 1219 Mail deliveries cleaning and
Briantist: Five challenges fɑcing Rona Fairhead News Broadcast We have recently launched our new Broadcast subscription an
Briantist: Edinburgh Festival cοnfrοnts future of television informitv It is less than a decade since the first YouTube of
Briantist: Daily Mail on the wrong trɑil over BBC s Sherlock success Media Monkey Media theguardian com But thats ancient
Briantist: Ariel Imagine never needing the remοte 27 August 2014 Last updated at 1544 From Ceefax to gesture controlled is
Briantist: New Statesman Gee up Newsnight ιs it time to stop flogging the dying horse Its possibly because of the grimness
Briantist: DTG News DTG Testing releases D Book 7 v4 MHEG test suites The test suites are available as an free update to For
Briantist: BBC News White space between ТV signals could save lives at sea The leftover white space between TV signals is a
Briantist: Will Тhis WebTuner Do Away With Your Set Top Box CMO Today WSJ WebTuner a secretive startup has been quietly big

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play Media: Exploitation in South Yorkshire - TV election debates - Jihadis and social media link icon  #10 - SPECIAL: Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival 2014 link icon  Talking TV: Edinburgh special

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Monday 01 September 2014, PM link icon  Will This WebTuner Do Away With Your Set Top Box? - CMO Today - WSJ
WebTuner, a secretive startup, has been quietly approaching big media industry players with a plan to bring TV-viewing into the broadband age. The centerpiece of its plan is a device meant to replace pay-TV providers outmoded set-top boxes. WebTuners gadget, which looks like a slightly longer version of an iPhone charger, plugs into a wall or power strip and streams TV channels and on-demand programming over the web to TV sets. - link icon  Five challenges facing Rona Fairhead | News | Broadcast
We have recently launched our new Broadcast subscription packages, which means theres an option to suit everyone. Subscribing takes just 2 minutes and offers instant access to the website. - link icon  Ariel - Cleaners, porters and engineers walk out
1 September 2014 Last updated at 1219 Mail deliveries, cleaning and porter services in BBC buildings may be affected on Monday by strike action. More than 44 of those who are Bectu members took part in a ballot, which closed last week, in which more than 80 voted in favour of strikes. They are joined by engineers - who look after things like heating, lighting, plumbing and power systems in BBC buildings - in the walkout, which will last from 9am on Monday until 9am on Tuesday. - link icon  Edinburgh Festival confronts future of television | informitv
It is less than a decade since the first YouTube video of elephants at San Diego Zoo, which has now been watched by nearly 16 million people worldwide. The view from the festival is that the future of television is neither doomed, nor is it safe, as Brent MacGregor reports. YouTube also featured heavily in the later session How do you do digital Perhaps this attraction arises because of the apparent similarity to broadcast television. -

Monday 01 September 2014, AM link icon  Ariel - Peter Horrocks to leave the BBC
1 September 2014 Last updated at 1054 Peter Horrocks is to leave the BBC in the new year after a 33 year career. World Service director since 2009, he has led it through some significant changes - not least, this year's move from Foreign Office to licence fee funding. He has also guided the international services through savage budget cuts, service closures and a modernisation programme, but leaves with the global audience at record levels. - link icon  Who is Rona Fairhead? | News | Broadcast
A largely unknown quantity to the broadcasting industry, Broadcast runs the rule over the governments preferred candidate. We have recently launched our new Broadcast subscription packages, which means theres an option to suit everyone. Learn more about the new packages here and choose the one that best suits you. - link icon  RadioToday | Folder Media puts Fun Kids radio on DAB+
The multiplex operator believes that only 3m of the 20m digital radio sets sold are capable of receiving DAB transmissions. This test, at 64kbit/s on the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex is seen as a real world test of the format till the end of the year. One of the questions weve been getting from potential new service providers is the viability of launching stations in DAB. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Viacom positioned to finalise C5 deal
The acquisition was started in May of this year and will be complete by 20 September according to reports. Channel 5 will be bought by Viacom for an estimated 450m after the company has agreed to honour the channel's commitment to 600 hour of original British children's programming each year which was a condition of the broadcaster's licence renewal last year. A source within the Department for Culture Media and Sport suggested that Viacom had raised 'one or to issues' surrounding the production of this content, all of which have been ironed out. - link icon  The BBC Trust may have found its saviour - TV Radio - Media - The Independent
The former Sun editor and Brunswick PR David Yelland has described her as an excellent choice. Ms Fairhead would be the first woman in the job and her candidacy has been a well-kept secret after many potential applicants ruled themselves out of a part-time role that proved difficult for the previous incumbents, Lord Patten and Sir Michael Lyons. Its said Ms Fairhead left the Financial Times Group, where she was chairman and chief executive, because she didnt get the top job in 2012. -

Sunday 31 August 2014, PM link icon  Rona Fairhead offers relief but no respite for BBC | Media | The Guardian
These are testing times for the BBC, as they will no doubt be for the new trust chair. Relief mainly that she was not one of the other mooted candidates for example, the former BBC chairman Michael Grade. There are several things about Fairhead that are ideally suited to the circumstances. - link icon  Daily Mail on the wrong trail over BBC’s Sherlock success | Media Monkey | Media | thegu…
But thats ancient history, and this week the Emmy awards in Los Angeles delivered fresh humiliation. This level of success at the Primetime Emmys is pretty much unprecedented for UK shows in the events 65-year history. American television shows swept the board. Er ... theyve always swept the board year in, year out until Downton and Sherlock. - link icon  New Statesman | Gee up, Newsnight: is it time to stop flogging the dying horse?
Its possibly because of the grimness of the news agenda that I find myself ending the day with BBC2s Newsnight less often than I used to. Twenty-four-hour news channels and all the commentary online make it ever harder to offer a definitive take on the day, and over on Radio 4 the Today programme mops up the key interviews. I would move the programme to a new slot start it at 11pm and give it up to an hour, with a brief to be more discursive. - link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG Testing releases D-Book 7 v4 MHEG test suites
The test suites are available as an free update to existing licensees. For new customers, pricing information is available from DTG Staff 28.08.2014 - link icon  Ariel - Imagine never needing the remote
27 August 2014 Last updated at 1544 From Ceefax to gesture-controlled devices, London's Barbican is currently hosting an exhibition celebrating digital creativity. In a single room, the Digital Revolution exhibition charts the rapid progression of mass consumer technology over the last 40 years. For those seeking a dose of digital nostalgia, there was the chance to play classic arcade games like Pong 1972 and Pac Man 1980 or boot up early home computers such as the ZX Spectrum 1982. - link icon  BBC News - White space between TV signals could save lives at sea
The leftover white space between TV signals is raising the hope of saving lives at sea and proving broadband for remote communities. He is using VHF radio, a technology virtually unchanged for a century. It was from the cliffs above Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight that Guglielmo Marconi first proved that radio could be used for two-way wireless communication with ships at sea. -

Saturday 30 August 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - Rona Fairhead to be BBC Trust chairwoman
She was chairwoman and chief executive of the Financial Times Group between 2006 and 2013 as part of a 12-year career with its owner, Pearson. -

Tuesday 26 August 2014, PM link icon  RadioToday | RadioDNS launches new information website
RadioDNS the open standards code which connects broadcast radio and internet data together has a new website. It has a cleaner, more modern design, is fully responsive and contains lots of information on hybrid radio along with documents to help broadcasters, developers and manufacturers launch RadioDNS Hybrid Radio services. The project has 26 members from the United States, Europe and Australia, and over 60 supporters, withover 1900 stations currently using the technology. - link icon  BBC News - LG to put 'the first 4K OLED TVs' on sale in September
The firm said a curved 65in 165cm set would go on sale in Europe, South Korea and North America in September. The two companies offer 4K sets based on synthetic LED tech instead. The difference is that OLED makes use of a carbon-based compound that emits light when struck by an electric current. -

Monday 25 August 2014, PM link icon  It seems to be Groundhog Day for public service broadcasters | Media | The Guardian
His speech, which came just after the general election that put a seemingly hostile coalition government in power, fought for public service broadcasting in a world in which no one seemed to balk at the idea that profit is all, the chilling conclusion to James Murdochs MacTaggart lecture of the year before. For Thompson, the main target was the Murdochs and their attack on the licence fee, which was renewed in October 2010. For Abraham, who after all broadcasts some Murdoch-made material including Homeland and The Simpsons, the target was broader. - link icon  Monkey at Edinburgh: Keith Lemon naked, Peter Fincham’s man cave | Media | The Guardian
Monkey has a new contender for most embarrassing session at Edinburgh previously held by Jana Bennetts singing in an execs version of Britains Got Talent in 2009. You feel really vulnerable when someone comes in and wipes their anus on your kitchen counter. A mystified Lemon also found a cupboard in the sitting room containing some old pants and socks. Finchams house included works of arts and a giant man cave in the garden where Lemon kept finding planted wads of 50 notes. -

Friday 22 August 2014, AM link icon  Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy consultation - Consultations - GOV.UK
This consultation is collecting evidence and views to develop a new Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy. This Strategy will look at what digital communications infrastructure is needed in the UK over the next 10-15 years to maintain our position as a world class digital nation. The Strategy will also consider what needs to be done by Government, industry and others to put this digital communications infrastructure in place. - link icon  David Abraham’s MacTaggart lecture - full text | Media |
Thank you Elaine, Melanie and the festival committee for inviting me to give the MacTaggart lecture this year. Its a tremendous honour to be speaking, both personally and on behalf of Channel 4. Its going to be one of my creative highlights of the year. - link icon…

Tuesday 19 August 2014, PM link icon  4K years from mass market adoption | informitv
4K or Ultra-HD video will remain a niche market for at least five years but will ultimately reach the mainstream. Online streaming and video on demand will play a critical early role but pay television will provide support as the ecosystem matures. The Diffusion Group report considers the prospects for 4K devices, programming and share of viewing. - link icon  Importance of online performance | informitv
Responsiveness and overall performance are critical to the user experience of online services, particularly for media and entertainment experiences. A recent study from Limelight Networks suggested that over half of respondents thought that high performance streaming without buffering or waiting for pages to load was the most important expectation for user experience, ranking it above the availability of new content. The author of the report, and a recent book on improving engagement with digital audiences, spoke to informitv about the importance of performance for user experience. - link icon  ITV online revenue rise is relatively marginal | informitv
ITV, the leading commercial television broadcaster in the United Kingdom, reported an increased pre-tax profit of 250 million for the first half of 2014, on revenues of 1.23 billion. Total online, pay and interactive revenues were up 20 from 56 million to 67 million, which is around 6.8 of all broadcast and online revenue, or 5.5 of its total income. So is that going to be enough to make a material difference to the future of the company as a standalone business - link icon  Review: Humax HDR-1800T Freeview+HD set top box | SEENIT
Theres also an ethernet port for connecting the box to your broadband router necessary if you want to access the internet portal and a USB socket so you can play films and music stored on external drives. Setting Up For the most part setting up the box is pretty simple plug in the aerial cable and the on screen wizard will guide you through the process but when it came to getting the broadband connection working I had a few minor teething troubles. After connecting the cable and completing the set-up, the box reported that the connection had been successfully established. - link icon  BBC looks beyond the walled garden in a changing media world | Media | The Guardian
Very few knew what broadcasting meant none knew what it might become. So John Reith recalled the first 18 months of his life as the general manager of the brand-new British Broadcasting Company. There was something big, even colossal, conveyed in the nature of the contract which had been undertaken. Reith and his bohemian flock as the head of variety, Eric Maschwitz, described the band of early colleagues were out to invent the future. Reith, that monstrous, tyrannical, tortured man, set his furious gaze at the new technological world of wireless telegraphy and saw that it could be, should be, placed in the service of society as a whole. -

Tuesday 19 August 2014, AM link icon
There is a brown fog nobody is building it is drizzling, Virginia Woolf recorded in her diary for 6 May 1926. Rumours are passed round that the gas would be cut off at 1 false of course. One does not know what to do A voice, rather commonplace official, yet the only common voice left, wishes us good morning at 10. -

Monday 18 August 2014, PM link icon  Edinburgh?International?Television Festival finds an industry?questioning its own credibil…
The annual Edinburgh International Television Festival coinciding with the Fringe and bolstered by numerous late-night parties can descend into an orgy of collective back-slapping based on the rather arrogant presumption that British television is the best in the world. Such indulgence should not disguise the fundamental problems in the TV industry even if we accept it has shown resilience in continuing to define popular culture in defiance of doomsayers who wrote it off as a 20th-century medium. Today British television faces growing doubts over its relevance and credibility which threaten its enormous potential for generating revenue overseas and acting as a flagship for the UKs wider creative industries. -

Monday 18 August 2014, AM link icon  Sheffield's local TV beats target through crowdfunding initiative | Media |…
After a week-long burst of contributions, Sheffield Live TV managed to achieve, and even supersede, its fund-raising target to put it on course for launch. They applied for between 100 and 20,000 worth of community shares. The cash will be used to purchase equipment and complete studio facilities. -

Thursday 14 August 2014, PM link icon  London Live switches its target audience to attract older viewers | Media |…
The repositioning will see the channel forsaking the youth market to appeal to an older audience closer to the 25 to 44 age range, which happens to be the core readership of its print stablemate, the London Evening Standard. Barb's London panel of 855 people is said by ESI Media, to be too small a sample to provide figures of its true audience. - link icon  INFOGRAPHIC: A decade of change for TV | News | Broadcast
14 August, 2014 Click to see how British viewing habits have evolved over the past 10 years. We have recently launched our new Broadcast subscription packages, which means theres an option to suit everyone. Learn more about the new packages here and choose the one that best suits you. - link icon  Ariel - BBC to air referendum debate across UK
BBC One Scotland will show the programme from 8.30pm. The programme will also be shared as a simulcast with other broadcasters and media outlets, including newspapers. Viewers outside Scotland could only see the debate on STV's online player, which was unable to cope with the demand. - link icon
Their biggest problem in going digital is to put DAB in the tunnels. Why is DAB in tunnels taking so much longer than building transmitter sites around the mountainous countryside of Switzerland Safety for the road users and how tunnel control centers get in touch with drivers. -

Wednesday 13 August 2014, PM link icon  RadioToday | Trust to hold BBC review of content supply
Currently, for radio, at least ten per cent of hours must be commissioned from independent suppliers, with a further ten per cent open to competition between the BBC and independent sector. Figures published last month in the BBCs annual report showed indies winning 75 of the competitive hours. Posted on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 at 134 pm by Radio Today UK. - link icon  Ariel - Trust to review radio and online supply
13 August 2014 Last updated at 1257 The BBC Trust will extend its review of content supply to radio and online this autumn. Announced in April, it was initially scheduled to assess TV commissioning but its scope has now broadened to cover other platforms and out-of-London production quotas. According to terms published on Tuesday, it will look at whether current production arrangements need to change. -

Tuesday 12 August 2014, PM link icon  When are BBC iPlayer and Freeview coming to Xbox One?
Previously the Xboxs OneGuide was only compatible with cable and satellite set-top boxes. Now Freeview viewers will be able to use features like the voice-controlled OneGuide, or watch television at the same time as playing video games using Snap Mode. -

Monday 11 August 2014, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: The DTG starts work on the next-generation free-to-air technical specificat…
reviewing the current logical channel number LCN swapping and regional handling behaviour 2. preparations to smooth the potential 700 MHz clearance transition 3. Non-members should contact or visit http// DTG Staff 07.08.2014 - link icon  Generation gap in view of television | informitv
Online television and video receives a lot of media attention but still accounts for a relatively small proportion of all viewing and a small but growing share of total industry revenues. However, there are significant generational differences in the use of online video and attitudes to television. Watching live television was not even ranked in the top ten responses for the media activity that those aged 16-24 would miss most, in recently published research from Ofcom. - link icon  Thirst for control of hit shows puts ITV in prime takeover territory | Business | The Obse…
This has made for an increasingly cut-throat battle to become king of content and win consumers' attention and drive profits. It dropped the bid last week but the corporate logic remains deep-rooted in the mind of media executives and bankers create a content company big enough to shift the balance of power away from cable companies and internet firms. In the last two years, ITV has bought about a dozen production companies and could pay out as much as 808m in bonuses to executives at those firms if management hits stretching targets in the coming years. - link icon  RadioToday | Radio industry split over future regulation
Responses to Ofcoms review of music in radio formats reveal a deep split in the radio industry over the future of its regulation. Ofcom is considering changes to the way it regulates the music part of the format that describes an analogue local stations character of service. RadioCentre agreed with Ofcoms proposal that the review should focus only on the formats of local commercial radio stations, and exclude other categories of radio licence, including national commercial stations, commercial DAB stations and community radio. -

Saturday 09 August 2014, PM link icon  Citizen Space - BBC Trust service review: Music Radio Consultation
One of the ways we do this is by carrying out an in-depth review of each of the BBC's services at least once every 5 years. What do you like, what do you dislike and what should the BBC do to make these radio services better for you You will see that for some questions we will ask you to think about the speech programmes on these services too. -

Friday 08 August 2014, PM link icon  DTG :: News :: Ed Vaizey MP adopts a new title and responsibilities as the UK's first Min…
For full details of the new role, visit DTG Staff 08.08.2014 Links open in a new window. - link icon  DTG :: News :: DTG releases an update for D-Book 7.4 related test suites
The beta release update to the MHEG test suite will be announced when available. The test suites are available as an free update to existing licensees. - link icon  Sacked BBC technology chief wins unfair dismissal case | Media | The Guardian
Linwood claimed in an employment tribunal in central London earlier this year that he had been made the fall guy for its failure and said the project need never have been axed. In a verdict handed down on Thursday, it was the tribunals unanimous verdict that Linwoods claim of unfair dismissal was well founded and succeeds. It said Linwood had contributed to the extent of 15 to his own dismissal. - link icon  House of Cards, Breaking Bad and binge viewing pull audiences online | Media Network | Gua…
We know that subscription video on demand SVOD is big business, but so many of the facts and figures are hazy. Netflix's audience insights have led to confident and successful series launches, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, where full series commissions were made from the outset, without a pilot. Similarly, audience insights were used by Netflix to target market House of Cards to its subscribers via 10 different trailer cuts, depending on your past viewing habits on the platform. - link icon  RadioToday | National BBC local show sheds listeners
The figures released last week, which cover the period April to June 2014, are the lowest for the Monday to Friday evening show since the current audience research methodology began in June 2007. Forrests weekday evening programme now reaches 1,166k listeners each week compared to 1,607k in the first quarter of 2013. The shows share of listening fell to 4.6 from 6.2 over the same period. - link icon  Ariel - BBC Trust launches its biggest radio review
Its assessment, announced in February, will look at the performances of Radio 1, 1Xtra, 2, 3, 6 Music and Asian Network and whether they provide value for money. The range of musical genres will also come under focus, along with the stations' record at supporting new and live British music. Commercial radio stations, meanwhile, increased their share to 43.2. -

Tuesday 05 August 2014, PM link icon  BBC staff agree two-year pay deal – but plan strike ballot over job cuts | Media | thegu…
Trade unions have agreed a new two-year pay deal with BBC management weeks after a strike was called off but will now hold a new ballot for industrial action over job cuts. The National Union of Journalists, media and entertainment union Bectu and Unite all voted to accept the revised offer which will see an extra 800 for people earning less than 50,000 and a 650 rise for those earning more. The corporation had initially offered a 1 pay rise which unions had dismissed as derisory. - link icon  Ofcom | Television Broadcast Licensing Update July 2014
Television services that have ceased to be licensed handed back or revoked in this period The following services are no longer licensed. The relevant licence is either no longer required by the licensee so has been handed back, or the service has been removed from a licence covering multiple services, or revoked as a matter of routine usually for non-payment of the annual licence fee. Licence transfers The following licences have been transferred to a new company who is now the legal licensee. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Freeview TV Guide Update
As a result, Children's and News channels will move to new numbers. However, Freeview recommend people retune from time-to-time to ensure they have access to all available services in their area. Advice on retuning is available from Digital UK's website and the Freeview Advice Line on 03456 505050. - link icon  RadioToday | Date set for Yorkshire multiplex closure
Four other regional multiplexes operated by MXR have closed over the last couple of years, with no official confirmation on the future of the Yorkshire set-up. It is expected the Global Radio services will move to local multiplexes in the area. -

Monday 04 August 2014, PM link icon  Ofcom | Ofcom invites applications for seven further local TV licences
The first of these was Estuary TV in Grimsby, which launched in November 2013. As well as broadcasting on digital terrestrial, it is anticipated that local TV channels might choose to offer their services on satellite, cable and online. The first local TV licences were advertised by Ofcom in May 2012. - link icon  BBC News - Simon Mayo: "Mike Smith would shine and sparkle"

Monday 04 August 2014, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: ITV revenues hit ?1.3bn
In a better than expected rise in pre-tax profits, ITV has seen a 40 boost to 250m in the six months of the year. Total revenues at the broadcaster were up 6 to 1.3bn. These results come just two weeks after Liberty Global bought a 6.4 stake in the company from BSkyB. -

Sunday 03 August 2014, PM link icon  Four reasons why TV Everywhere isn't ready for prime time: A simple look at a complex prob…
Measuring audiences across platforms is still a big issue. Here are four of the leading TVE rights issues. 1. Content creators, particularly sports leagues, have taken a long time to come around to the initiative. -

Saturday 02 August 2014, PM link icon  Kim Shillinglaw: 'The BBC is there to be distinct. Not highbrow or lowbrow' | Media | The …
She lives with her husband and two children in west London. I leapt up to give him a hug, something I've never done before, because he's not a very huggable person. I grew up abroad, in Cameroon and then Spain partly due to my parents' work, and partly it was shaggy 70s parenting and when we came back to Britain, I was mesmerised by television. -

Thursday 31 July 2014, PM link icon  35,000 go in BT TV customer clearout
The swapout of older BT Vision boxes in favour of the new YouView units has resulted in the loss of 35,000 customers. The telco said the additional churn of the inactive customers in the programme last quarter was anticipated. In the quarter to June 30, 2014 BT added an additional 40,000 TV customers, in line with the growth of previous quarters, and taking the overall total to1,007,000. - link icon  If anyone can make local TV work then it's the KM group in Kent | Media |
By chance, news broke that morning of the latest two local TV licences being granted by Ofcom to Maidstone and Basingstoke. It's interesting because it will be a real test for the local TV initiative. Secondly, the KM group has broadcasting experience through its radio outlets and already has good facilities. - link icon  Ofcom must be brave and revoke London Live licence | Comment | Broadcast
Local station is not living up to its promise of community-led content, says Jonathan Kaye With increasing incredulity, I read of London Live’s attempt to persuade Ofcom to reduce the number of hours it is required to devote to local content – and that the regulator is publicly consulting on this possibility. I helped London Live to bid for its licence, promising to assist it with disability issues and attracting the 1 million Londoners with disabilities, who collectively comprise London’s largest minority audience (as Boris Johnson has stated), if it won. However, once it had won, I was then told that it thought it could do this for itself. With programming that fails to appeal to, let alone focus on and attract, diverse minority audiences, I’m sure many would agree that it is little surprise that London Live is failing.. - link icon  BT's TV customer growth slows but broadband market share grows | Business |…
Photograph Guardian BT has outperformed City forecasts thanks to strong demand for fibre broadband lines, but growth in its pay television business has slowed. Group revenues in the June quarter were ahead of forecasts, but down 2 on last year to 4.4bn, with only the consumer division posting growth. BT television added just 5,000 customers in the quarter, because some 35,000 inactive set top box owners were removed from the numbers. -

Thursday 31 July 2014, AM link icon  BBC remains tight-lipped over recruitment process for 23 high-profile journalists - citing…
The BBC has rejected a Freedom of Information request for more details about the recruitment of 23 high-profile journalists, citing data protection. The corporation came under fire last month when it appeared to indicate that two external recruits had been taken on through a closed process. A BBC insider told Press Gazette at the time There is only one recruitment process that me and my colleagues know is competitive and that's a recruitment process. - link icon  AMC Networks Said to Discuss BBC America Stake - Bloomberg
A deal isnt assured, the people said. AMC would pay cash for the stake, said one person. AMC bought Chellomedia in October for 750 million euros 1.04 billion. - link icon  RadioToday | RAJAR: 6 Music more popular than Radio 3
BBC 6 Music has been chasing Radio 3 in the last few quarters, and today actually took over them in terms of people listening. 6 Music has attracted 1.89m people listening on digital radio only, whilst BBC Radio 3, which has a full network of FM transmitters across the country pulls in 1.8m. The figures are due to Radio 3s 5.6 year on year loss, and 6 Musics renewed popularity since it was suggested for closure. -

Wednesday 30 July 2014, PM link icon  4K video on terrestrial TV? Not if the WRC shares frequencies to mobiles
The other end of the spectrum Will we be retuning TVs again in 2021 On the first of those two points, it's important to remember that there aren't many sets out there which have HEVC decoders, and some of those are still pretty experimental. As I written before, there's still a mass of conflicting standards, regarding bit rates, colour depth have and more. -

Tuesday 29 July 2014, AM link icon  Sebastian Coe ruling out run for BBC Trust chairmanship – report | Sport | theguardian.c…
Sebastian Coe has signalled he has pulled out of the race to become the next chairman of the BBC Trust. -

Monday 28 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC iPlayer - The Radiophonic Workshop live in concert
- link icon  Sky goes for growth through European expansion | informitv
Despite increased competition in the United Kingdom, Sky continues to grow its customer base, adding 76,000 television subscribers in the last quarter and 264,000 year on year, taking it to 10.69 million homes. Sky believes bigger is better, with headroom for further growth, particularly in Germany and Italy, which have relatively low pay-television penetration. The enlarged Sky will be the leading pay-television provider in three of the four largest markets in Europe, with a combined total of over 19 million homes taking Sky television. -

Monday 28 July 2014, AM link icon  Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson ‘deliberately used offensive racial term’ | Media | thegu…
During the special Clarkson and co-presenter Richard Hammond were observing their handiwork in building a makeshift bridge across the river Kwai, on which an Asian man was seen walking towards them. Clarkson said That is a proud moment ... but ... there is a slope on it. Hammond said You are right ... pointing ... it is definitely higher on that side. Clarkson then narrated, over images of the bridge We decide to ignore the slope and move onto the opening ceremony. Ofcom received two complaints from viewers who complained that the word Clarkson used was an offensive racist term. - link icon  BBC News - Man arrested over Bath mast 'arson'
25 July 2014 Last updated at 1807 A man has been arrested on suspicion of arson following a fire at a communications mast near Bath. The fire at the Bathampton mast, which feeds television and radio broadcasts to 80,000 homes, started in the early hours of 3 January 2013. Police said a 30-year-old man had been arrested and was in custody. - link icon  Britain's black actors must be given a better choice of roles, says star of Spielberg seri…
Speaking to the Observer this weekend from Hollywood, Etienne called for a better balance of parts for black newcomers at home. Etienne believes these talented actors are there because they had more chances as teenagers. Although some of these groups are still going, many have lost funding, and Etienne argues that all Britain's bigger cities should have projects like these. -

Friday 25 July 2014, PM link icon  London Live chief insists channel remains committed to local TV | Media |
The boss of London Live has said the station will still be local, despite planned cuts to its primetime local content, but admitted the challenge for the fledgling station had been tougher than anticipated. The station, which launched just four months ago, has also proposed a number of other changes, including reductions to the amount of local content it has to repeat, and fewer hours of local content in the years ahead. This is a new sector and we need to be able to grow as a business and evolve the business model to make sure we have something that makes sense. Kirkman said the official ratings body, Barb, has underestimated the size of London Lives audience because its panel of viewers in the capital is too small. - link icon  London Live's experience proves that local TV is a dead duck | Media |
The TV channel is seeking to reduce its commitment to produce primetime local content from three hours a day to just one. Local TV is asking if the regulator wouldn't mind if it stopped broadcasting so much local content. This is a vindication of what I first said years ago when Jeremy Hunt first mooted his misguided local TV innovation - the public are just not interested. -

Friday 25 July 2014, AM link icon  DTG :: News :: The Winners are announced!
The final four winners were Chirpan application which can send messages through an audible trigger from a television broadcast to a mobile app device to send the user interactive content such as links, video or images. CrowdEmotionInnovative facial recognition software which can read television viewers expressions to what they are watching on a television broadcast in real time. StreamHubAnalytics software for big data which combines viewing figures with social media, app and youtube data. - link icon  Why Rupert Murdoch's takeover of Time Warner would be bad for TV viewers | Media | theguar…
Rupert Murdoch has made a 80bn bid for rival Time Warner. He questioned, in an article in the Hollywood Reporter, the wisdom of companies getting bigger and bigger. Increasing size is a sickness that possesses us every quarter must show growth. - link icon  Lenny Henry is right about quotas for ethnic minorities in TV and film | Media | theguardi…
Broadcast executives are perplexed by the statistics that Lenny Henry has recently exposed. Children of migrant parents have long been disproportionately encouraged to take vocational subjects in order to enter the professions, but the downturn of 2008, coupled with students increased reliance on parental income to support studies, means this pressure has increased considerably. They just arent black. Those from minority backgrounds are more likely to also come from economically disadvantaged families, and like most sectors of the creative industries, entry level applicants can expect to work as interns. -

Thursday 24 July 2014, AM link icon  BT tackles BSkyB in court before new Premier League season - Telegraph
BT is attempting to force its rival to allow it provide the channels to subscribers to its YouView internet-based television service. BT claims BSkyB refuses to strike a reasonable commercial deal and is abusing its dominance. A quick decision in its favour would be a fillip for BT, allowing it to market its main television with Sky Sports platform in time for the new Premier League season next month. - link icon

Wednesday 23 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - BBC trials TV innovations at Commonwealth Games
Immersive viewing using virtual-reality technology is also being trialled. UHD streams, which have a native resolution of 4K or higher, roughly four times the resolution of standard 1080p high definition were already tested during the World Cup, earlier this year. -

Wednesday 23 July 2014, AM link icon  RadioToday | DAB digital radio turned-on in Derbyshire
The new transmitter at Quarndon takes local digital radio coverage for these stations from zero to over 350,000 listeners in the area, and adds over 259km of roads into DAB coverage for the first time. A further two transmitters will be switched on in Lichfield and Stanton Moor towards the end of the year. When all three transmitters have been launched around two thirds of people in the area will be able to listen to digital radio. - link icon  ITV confirms ITVBe launch date | presscentre
The new channel will be dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment programming, celebrating real life and real people. Details of schedule and broadcast hours will be confirmed closer to launch. - link icon  Ariel - Distribution moves into Future Media
The 40-strong team ensures that the BBC's public services are carried on all radio, television and digital platforms. The teams will continue to be based in London, but a new head will be appointed to look after the strategic direction of both Distribution and Business Development. The change is the result of a BBC Trust review into the broadcaster's distribution of its UK services. - link icon  YouView expansion plans as shareholders agree | Advanced Television
The service has passed well over 1 million connected UK homes in less than 18 months since its marketing launch and claims industry-leading levels of satisfaction and VoD usage. YouView continues to target a long term goal of 10 million connected homes. YouView has signalled its continued success and growth by recently announcing a major recruitment drive that will expand its technology team by well over 50 per cent. -

Tuesday 22 July 2014, AM link icon  BBC Worldwide chief receives £231,000 bonus despite fall in profits | Media | theguardian…
The BBC Worldwide chief executive was paid a bonus of more than 230,000 last year, despite a drop in profits partly resulting from the loss of Lonely Planet income. Tim Davie received total remuneration of 670,000, including a base salary of 400,000 and a bonus of 231,000, in the year to the end of March. Davie received the payout despite the corporations commercial arm suffering a 7 fall in revenues to 1.04bn, and a 21.5 fall in pre-tax profits to 126.5m over the period. -

Monday 21 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC annual report: Tony Hall announces ?374m in annual savings - TV Radio - Media - The In…
Lord Hall said the BBC had delivered 374m in annual savings and was on course to reach its target of 700m a year by 2016-2017, following the freeze in the Licence Fee in 2010. Although the BBC has reduced overall expenditure on senior management, the number of managers on more than 220,000 has increased. The BBC also managed to reduce its spending on presenting talent, although the numbers of such staff earning between 250,000 and 750,000 grew, from 14,100 to 14,800. - link icon  BBC News - Technical problems plague BBC online services
21 July 2014 Last updated at 1239 The BBC's flagship iPlayer service has been hit by technical problems that started over the weekend. Faults have also meant only a simplified version of the BBC's homepage can be shown, while online video and audio clips have also been disrupted. Internal investigation The corporation put out statements via Twitter apologising several times for the inconvenience the problems were causing. - link icon…
- link icon  BBC - Annual Report - Annual Report
Each year the BBC reports to licence fee payers and audiences. The Annual Report and full financial statements are formally laid in Parliament in accordance with the requirements of the Charter. They are also published on the BBCs website. The Annual Report is made up of three parts. - link icon  BBC News - BBC Annual Report 2013-14: At a glance
21 July 2014 Last updated at 1428 The BBC's annual report has been published for the financial year 2013-14. The BBC said it is on track to achieve the 700m savings per year it must make as part of its Delivering Quality First programme by 2016/17, having saved 374m in 2013/14 so far. Here are some of the key points from the review, which is conducted by the management and the corporation's regulatory body, the BBC Trust. - link icon  Date set for Derbyshire's DAB switch-on
A number of local stations will be broadcasting live from the official switch event of Arqivas new DAB digital radio transmitter in Derbyshire. The much-awaited multiplex has caused a number of local press articles asking questions about its delayed launch, after owners were granted a licence almost seven years ago. One new transmitter at Quarndon will be switched on this Wednesday morning after 8am, whilst a further two will launch later in the year, covering over 350,000 people. - link icon  BBC’s Evan Davis to join Newsnight following Jeremy Paxman’s departure | Media | thegu…
Daviss Newsnight move, confirmed on Monday by the BBC, ends months of speculation about who might replace Paxman, who was the shows main presenter for more than 20 years. The BBC announced that Paxman was leaving the show in late April and he presented his final edition on 18 June. Davis, 52, will present the show three nights a week with its existing team of presenters, Kirsty Wark, Emily Maitlis and Laura Kuenssberg, remaining on the show, sharing the other two nights a week. - link icon  Half of BBC Viewers are over 60 | informitv
Around half of all viewers to the two main BBC television channels are over 60 years of age, yet this age group makes up less than a quarter of the population of the United Kingdom. A quarter of those aged 25-34 barely watch BBC television. Television audiences have traditionally skewed to an older demographic, with younger adults generally watching less, but will this generation ever watch as much as their parents -

Monday 21 July 2014, AM link icon  Media Monkey’s Diary: John Sweeney, Sky News and Game of Thrones | Media | The Guardian
Did the two big announcements really need to be simultaneous Wasnt this exactly the kind of burying of bad news if only temporarily that Harding would have condemned in his previous job as Beeb-bashing Times editor Among the trusts findings that made headlines was data showing that a handful of mostly aged programmes dominate evening air-time on BBC1, which was slated as too safe. - link icon  BBC's cost-cutting drive prunes extra £6m off talent costs | Media | The Guardian
BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid was the most high profile departure during the last financial year. Unveiling the corporation's annual report, the director general, Tony Hall, reveals that the corporation spent 194m on presenters and other on-air talent in the year to the end of March, down from 200m the previous year. He will also seek to raise morale among staff battered by years of cost-cutting another 415 job losses were announced in BBC News last week by revealing that some of the money freed up by the efficiency drive will be reinvested in a 4 boost to the content budget over the next three years. -

Sunday 20 July 2014, PM link icon  BBC iPlayer glitch takes down top TV shows | Media | The Guardian
The issues also affected publication of videos on the BBC website. The BBC News website appeared to working normally again on Sunday afternoon. - link icon  Fox, Time Warner, and Rupert Murdoch's last game of thrones | Media | The Observer
After a two-week hiatus that had some wondering if he'd gone for good, Rupert Murdoch is back on Twitter. Murdoch had been organising the biggest deal of his storied career an 80bn bid for Time Warner by 21st Century Fox, his entertainment conglomerate. Disney, Fox, Time Warner, Viacom are all big businesses, but Google and Apple are each worth more than the combined market values of the media firms. - link icon  Ofcom | The Scheduling of Television Advertising

Friday 18 July 2014, PM link icon  BSkyB prepares to roll the dice again with European expansion | Reuters
Analysts have put the likely price at between 7 billion and 10 billion euros. Sources familiar with the deal have told Reuters the talks are progressing well but that there are still many areas they need to find agreement on. BSkyB, which declined to comment, has history in making expensive but ultimately winning gambles. - link icon  DTG :: News :: Ed Vaizey MP promoted to newly created Digital Industries Minister role
Ed Vaizey has been promoted to a new role covering digital industries, as part of David Cameron's reshuffle. It's so far unclear what aspects of Vaizey's former role will fall under his new remit, nor whether his old position will remain open. DTG Staff 18.07.2014 Links open in a new window. -