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Briantist: BBC News 3D sound experiments carried out by BBC R D engineers To address this the BBCs Research and Development
Briantist: What can the origins of the BBC tɛll us about its future Charlotte Higgins Media The Guardian The manse on is a
Briantist: Media Monkeys Diary Sajid Javid Daily Telegraph and the BBC Media The Guardian Nɛw culture secretary Sajid Javid
Briantist: Irish TV expansion to create 150 jobs RT News
Briantist: RadioToday Global confirms Heart expansion details The addition of the Reɑl brand will add an extra 2m listeners
Briantist: BBC News BBС Twos 50th anniversary Disastrous launch remembered In fact a massive power cut wiped out the entire
Briantist: Ariel Garazi Goia engineers the good life 14 April 2014 Lɑst updated at 0950 By Carla Parks Reporter Getting the
Briantist: Doctor Whos Tom Baker BBC bosses wɛrɛ monsters but Id come back Media Monkey Media theguardian com I didnt a in
Briantist: Media Оscar Pistorius TV Sunday tabloids BBC commissioning
Briantist: BBC Media Centre Valerie Hughes D Aɛth appointed as BBC Director of HR Valerie replaces Lucy Adams who left the

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Wednesday 16 April 2014, PM link icon  Aereo Shows Off Their Rooftop Antenna Farm Ahead Of Supreme Court Ruling - TechCrunch
Exclusive Aereo Rooftop ArrayTour A lot has been said about Aereos technology so much, in fact, that there are hundreds of pages worth of legal documents discussing the matter as it relates to the law. That said, we thought it would be helpful to take a closer look at how Aereo actually works when it lets customers rent out remote DVR antennas and watch what amounts to live television on any device. Once Aereo establishes itself in any new market, the team brings in what they call an Antenna Farm, or internally, a Raz-12. - link icon  BBC News - BBC Twos 50th anniversary: Disastrous launch remembered
In fact, a massive power cut wiped out the entire launch schedule and led to one of the most disastrous nights in broadcasting history. It was supposed to be a spectacular opening night for BBC Two. The channel was due to appear at 1920 on 20 April 1964. -

Wednesday 16 April 2014, AM link icon  Broadcasters Seek an Aereo Plan B -
They are suing for an injunction that would shut down Aereo, which pitches its product as a complement to online video services like Netflix. Aereo says it is merely facilitating consumers' rights to watch free-to-air broadcast TV. The high court takes up the case April 22. - link icon  Murdoch’s BSkyB Said to Join Discovery in Channel 5 Offer (2) - Businessweek
Desmond, who initially sought more than 700 million pounds for the station, has also considered an initial public offering for the channel instead of selling, people familiar with the plan said this month. BSkyB and Discovery are close to buying Channel 5 for 350 million pounds 585 million, according to Broadcast magazine. Representatives at BSkyB, Discovery and Viacom declined to comment. - link icon  The BBC: there to inform, educate, provoke and enrage? - Charlotte Higgins - Media - The G…
The BBC is like the Greeks Hydra vast and many headed. Whatever qualities it has, it often seems to embody the opposite, too. I love the BBC in many ways, but at the same time it has made me loathe aspects of it, and thats a very odd state of affairs. -

Tuesday 15 April 2014, PM link icon  BBC Trust to conduct fresh review into how much it pays biggest stars - TV Radio - Media -…
The review of the broadcaster's 200 million annual bill for on-screen talent will determine whether licence payers are getting value for money. The BBC has 250 performers and presenters earning more than 100,000 a year according to its latest annual report, including 14 who made over 500,000. The review will benchmark BBC salaries against those offered by commercial broadcasters. - link icon  Discovery on brink of Channel 5 deal - News - Broadcast
Discovery Communications and BSkyB are poised to announce a £350m deal to acquire Channel 5 from Richard Desmond’s Northern & Shell, Broadcast understands. Full details are not known, but Discovery is thought to have a 70% share of the deal with BSkyB taking the remaining 30% share, allowing it to add C5’s advertising inventory to its own sales operation. The deal will mark a significant step for US media giant Discovery, which has been keen to ramp up both its international portfolio and its exposure to free-to-air broadcasting in key markets. link icon  Ariel - Trust to take second look at talent pay
It will begin a review later this spring to see whether the Corporation is getting value for money from its presenters and performers. The BBC spends around 200m a year on tv and radio talent, with the last annual report stating that 14 big names earn more than 500,000 a year. The trust will examine how the BBC recruits and develops talent and how much it pays for talent compared to other broadcasters. - link icon  Does radio have something to fear from the connected dash?
Much has been said about the 'connected dash' in recent weeks the concern that radio has plenty to lose from forthcoming internet-connected cars, that'll offer internet radio, Spotify-like services, and plenty more. I'm here to tell you, after a brief trip to Las Vegas, that if you're a radio broadcaster, you should start worrying right now. My car, a Nissan Almera, didn't have a connected dash. -

Tuesday 15 April 2014, AM link icon  BBC - Media Centre - Valerie Hughes-D’Aeth appointed as BBC Director of HR
Valerie replaces Lucy Adams, who left the BBC at the end of the last financial year. - link icon  Doctor Who's Tom Baker: BBC bosses were monsters – but I'd come back - Media Monkey - Me…
I didn't fancy being a feed for other Doctors in fact, it filled me with horror. Now, of course, if someone asked me to do a scene with some other Doctors, I think, if they let me tamper with the script, it would probably be quite drole. - link icon  YouView: Easter TV viewing just got cheep-er - IP TV News
YouView has an exclusive Easteroffer to cut 20 off of the five star-rated YouView Humax set-top box. During the offer period, it also comes with free next-day delivery worth 5.95, so it can be ordered in time for the four-day Easter weekend. Next day delivery is available when orders are placed by 4pm the day before. - link icon  What can the origins of the BBC tell us about its future? - Charlotte Higgins - Media - Th…
The manse on Lynedoch Street, Glasgow, is a handsome double-fronted house with nine steps up to its front door. It clings to the flank of its sandstone church, whose brace of tall, pencil-straight towers are linked by an elegant classical pediment. As he aged, the dark bushy eyebrows became more wayward and independently active, the white hair wilder. - link icon  BBC News - 3D sound experiments carried out by BBC R D engineers
To address this, the BBC's Research and Development team is developing new tools for the creation and delivery of binaural audio - a production technique that mimics natural hearing cues created by the head and ears. In the most recent experiment, the researchers borrowed 10 members of the BBC Philharmonic orchestra last month and surrounded them with a multitude of microphones - placed at different distances and heights from the musicians - to record new raw material to play with. The advantage of the binaural recording technique is that it can be used to create a richer sense of space, allowing for a more realistic, three-dimensional experience. -

Monday 14 April 2014, PM link icon  Irish TV expansion to create 150 jobs - RT News
- link icon  RadioToday - Global confirms Heart expansion details
The addition of the Real brand will add an extra 2m listeners to Heart. A multi-million pound advertising campaign on TV, outdoor, press, online, social media and pr will take place in all the new regions. Real South Wales keeps the same line up too with Jagger and Wood on breakfast and Jason Harrold on drive. - link icon  Ariel - Garazi Goia engineers the good life
14 April 2014 Last updated at 0950 By Carla Parks Reporter Getting the right work/life balance is a tricky business. Garazi Goia, on the other hand, seems to achieve what most of us can't. Not only is she the published author of two novels and one compilation of short stories, but she's also the new acting director of distribution, a job that requires negotiating multimillion-pound contracts and driving the BBC's television and HD strategy. -

Monday 14 April 2014, AM link icon  TV channel for Irish diaspora says it will create 150 jobs - Marketing News - Daily Media …
A new television channel backed by London-based Irish businessman John Griffin, says it will create 150 new jobs when it launches next month. The company said yesterday that its launch would create 150 jobs, with 34 staff initially based in its headquarters in Westport, Co Mayo, five in a second office in Donaghmore, Co Tyrone, and three in each of the 32 counties. The company has not revealed how much its backers are investing, but bills itself as a 15 million project. -

Sunday 13 April 2014, PM link icon  BT to switch off original BT Vision service -
BT has announced plans to close down its classic BT Vision service and move customers to its new YouView-based offering. In a statement posted on its website, BT says the decision to mothball its older TV service was made to make sure we can continue to improve the TV service we offer our customers. It adds Weve improved our BT TV service since we launched with the original silver box. - link icon  Ofcom - Broadcast Digital Radio Technical Codes and Guidance
- link icon  Media Monkey's Diary: Sajid Javid, Daily Telegraph and the BBC - Media - The Guardian
New culture secretary Sajid Javid CV full of impressive banking jobs, but not much relevant experience. Overlooked again, he might well be wondering who's more insulting to lose out to Maria Miller, or a media and culture know-nothing Telegraph toilers too mature or luddite to qualify digital incomers -

Saturday 12 April 2014, PM link icon  Android TV: Why Google Needs a Second Path to Television - Variety
Chromecast also supports the companys ramped-up efforts to sell digital media through Google Play. Google doesnt place only one bet when it sees a market opportunity, he said. At this point, Google isnt interested in discussing Android TV. - link icon  Beeb announces Kim Shillinglaw as new controller of BBC 2 - TV Radio - Media - The Indepen…
She has an eye for scale and the bigger picture and seeks out distinctive, high-quality ideas. She said BBC Two has always been one of the most creative channels in the world, with a huge range of quality programming. - link icon  BBC celebrates 20 years online: take a look at the changes - The Drum
The web certainly looked different back then but it has retained the same potential to change our lives for the better, and we continue to be at the forefront of this exciting industry. Were continually looking at how we can use the technology of tomorrow to bring even better services to our audiences today, and help improve access to information and entertainment. -

Thursday 10 April 2014, PM link icon  CBC to slash 657 full-time jobs over 2 years as broadcaster adjusts to future without spor…
Canadas national broadcaster told employees Thursday it will eliminate 657 full-time jobs over the next two years as it faces a 130-million financial shortfall. Hubert Lacroix, president and chief executive of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, told staffers the broadcaster will also stop pursuing the purchase of professional sports rights and halt any planned local expansion of news coverage. It will likely take several weeks for specific job losses to become clear and union seniority will also play a role. - link icon  BBC iPlayer - Help - Why am I having problems listening to BBC radio outside the UK, such …
We have been made aware that some overseas users have been having difficulties listening live to BBC Radio output. Stations including Radio 4 have been affected by this, meaning that your listening enjoyment may be interrupted. We are investigating and hope to resolve this problem shortly, we are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. - link icon  BBC must tackle complacency over the way it spends licence fee, say MPs - Media - theguard…
The BBC must tackle a culture of complacency in the way it spends licence fee payers money, MPs say. The only usable system delivered by DMI was an archive and ordering system that was slower than the 40-year-old process it was intended to replace, with just 163 staff and a running cost of 3m a year, four times the 780,000 annual cost of its archaic predecessor. It spent a total of 125.9m on the scheme. -

Thursday 10 April 2014, AM link icon  BBC charter a key issue for new culture secretary - News - Broadcast
Laying the groundwork for BBC charter renewal negotiations will be the biggest broadcast policy issue facing new culture secretary Sajid Javid. The financial secretary to the Treasury was parachuted into the post on Wednesday following the resignation of Maria Miller due to the political row over her expenses. Javid is the Conservative MP for Bromsgrove and has held senior posts at the Treasury since 2012, where he built a strong relationship with chancellor George Osborne. Before entering politics in 2009, Javid worked as a senior managing director at Deutsche Bank and is understood to have made millions of pounds during his time in the financial sector. Charter renewal negotiations are not expected to begin formally until after the May 2015 general election, but Javid will inevitably be involved in discussions about the BBC’s future beforehand. His main point of contact is likely to be director of strategy and digital – and former culture secretary under labour – James Purnell. The culture secretary will also help launch a year-long government review into decriminalising licence fee evasion. The study will explore alternative systems for enforcing the BBC’s funding, including testing the possibility of introducing civil penalties. Elsewhere, Javid will pick up the DCMS’s proposed changes to the 2003 Communications Act. This includes launching a consultation on protecting the prominence of PSBs on new content distribution platforms. Miller, who became cultural secretary in September 2012, was relatively hands-off with the broadcasting industry. The DCMS’s achievements during her tenure include forcing the BBC and Sky to settle their retransmission fees row and renewing ITV, Channel 5 and Channel 4’s licences for another 10 years. - link icon  BBC News - BBC was complacent over failed £100m IT project
It was supposed to produce new editing tools, an online archive of the BBC's programmes and a new database. Technology company Siemens was hired to develop the project in February 2008, and it was expected to be completed the following year. The gross estimate of the amount spent on DMI was 125.9m, although the BBC claims to have recouped 27.5m of that. -

Wednesday 09 April 2014, PM link icon  Local TV operators say they can cut the mustard and avoid a repeat of history - Media - th…
Now three of the planned 50 local stations are on air in Grimsby, Norwich and London. Another difference is the ability to run advertorials, plus local TV has public money to kick start it this time with the BBC contributing up to 40m. In addition, Comux wants to ensure local TV is financially secure in the long-term. - link icon  BBC News - Heartbleed Bug: Public urged to reset all passwords
9 April 2014 Last updated at 1534 By Leo Kelion Technology desk editor Several tech firms are urging people to change all their passwords after the discovery of a major security flaw. Security advisers have given similar warnings about the Heartbleed Bug. It follows news that a product used to safeguard data could be compromised to allow eavesdropping. -

Wednesday 09 April 2014, AM link icon  Just having a 4K TV isn’t enough to see Netflix’s 4K streams - Ars Technica
Netflix will start streaming in 4K, though it didn't mention which bits of content will get its new resolution. Netflix has added 4K streams to its slate of offerings as of Tuesday, according to a report from CNET. Netflix has been making pushes into higher-definition content for some time, much to the dismay of ISPs who would just as soon not have customers streaming video. - link icon  Maria Miller resigns as culture secretary over expenses row - Politics -
Maria Miller has resigned as culture secretary over the controversy over her expenses. On Tuesday night Miller launched a desperate fightback against growing pressure to resign, as one of her aides canvassed backbenchers for support and then toured TV studios to accuse the media of whipping up the row over her expenses in revenge for press regulation and gay marriage. I am very grateful to you for your personal support but it has become clear to me that the present situation has become a distraction from the vital work this Government is doing to turn our country around. -

Tuesday 08 April 2014, PM link icon  ITV and C4 attack BBC1+1 plans - News - Broadcast
ITV and Channel 4 executives have hit out at the BBC’s plans to launch BBC1+1 amid fears that the time-adjusted service will have a significant impact on the commercial broadcasting landscape. The commercial broadcasters told MPs on Tuesday that the channel will damage their audience share and force down advertising revenue. They added that the money used to launch BBC1+1 would be better spent on commissioning original content. The BBC plans to replace BBC3 with the time-shifted channel in autumn next year if it secures approval to move its youth service online. This means BBC1+1 will occupy channel slot 7 on Freeview, higher than any other +1 service on the EPG. -

Monday 07 April 2014, PM link icon  Pono: only a man pays for music quality that he can't hear - Technology - The Observer
Photograph Franz Krachtus/AP Neil Young is a great musician. Well, I've enjoyed a few of his songs, and plenty of people have enjoyed lots more of them enough to give him a decades-spanning career in the music business. I'm not sure, though, that this quite qualifies him to tangle with mathematicians waving Nyquist-Shannon's theorem, who are lining up to tell him his Pono music player which crashed through its 800,000 Kickstarter finance-raising target within a day of being announced won't actually give people 14,600 backers pledging nearly 5m so far the benefits they hope for. - link icon  Video: Maria Miller expenses report: Listen to Telegraph reporter's phone call with specia…
I think he is trying to get hold of Claire Newell, co-reporter as well. JH I should just flag up as well, while youre on it that when she doorstepped him, she got Marias father, whos just had a removed and come out of removed. So I am just going to flag up that connection for you to think about. - link icon  David Cameron undersells UK drama - Comment - Broadcast
The Prime Minister’s jingoistic BBC-bashing conveniently ignores some monster global hits Inevitably trying to win a few political points on the back of the BBC licence fee debate, David Cameron has not only truly missed the point, he has once again proven himself to be a man of many faces. “Let’s try and make sure we produce the hits of the future, rather than having to brush up on our Danish and read the subtitles,” he told Heart, Capital and Smooth Radio in Birmingham last week. What about the success of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Parade’s End, each of which have sold to hundreds of countries around the world? Even new series such as Peaky Blinders, The Musketeers and The Honourable Woman are being eagerly snapped up by international broadcasters, jealous of the BBC’s ability to produce so much, high-quality original drama. However, more importantly, the BBC spends relatively little on foreign imports and Cameron’s jingoistic attempts to assert otherwise sound positively Farage-y. The Saturday night 9pm slot on BBC4 is the only regular slot for international drama, with BBC acquisitions chief Sue Deeks scoring incredible European series such as The Killing, The Bridge, Borgen and Salamander. Those shows make up a tiny percentage of the BBC’s schedule and are often acquired for tiny fees - The Killing was originally understood to have cost less than £20,000 per episode. The BBC’s only other significant acquisitions are Seth Macfarlane’s animated comedies Family Guy and American Dad; currently, they air on BBC3, but may struggle in the channel’s online-only future. Over the last few years, the BBC has not attempted to take on Sky or Channel 4 to buy the next Mad Men or Heroes and its budget for acquiring Hollywood studio tentpole movies has also dramatically reduced. Rather than admonishing the BBC for spending a very small amount of money on the best of European drama, Cameron should have a clearout of his own DVD collection. The Conservative leader was famously pictured inviting German leader Angela Merkel into his living room and Samantha Cameron had a very public chat with Michelle Obama that showcased his favourite TV shows. Box sets of US terrorism drama 24, spy thriller Homeland and HBO war miniseries Band of Brothers sat next to a collection of Desperate Housewives episodes. Cameron is also said to have enjoyed CBS’ Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary; there was no sign of Sherlock DVDs in his flat. Dave, what’s wrong with buying British DVDs? Perhaps the Prime Minister should be focusing on buying British hits of the future rather than boxsetting foreign imports. -

Monday 07 April 2014, AM link icon  Ian Burrell: Can the BBC learn from John Lewis? - Media - News - The Independent
- link icon  Ian Burrell: If the Discovery Channel buys Channel 5, it could transform the British telev…
I was sitting about 10 rows from the stage. Discovery is seen as the front-runner among potential buyers of Channel 5, for which Richard Desmond is asking 700m. There's a level of confidence you just don't see in British TV. -

Sunday 06 April 2014, AM link icon  BBC News - Campbell Kennedy to tackle Freeview 4G disruption
The company will cover Scotland and Northern Ireland for at800, which was set up by UK mobile operators. It was created to ensure all UK viewers continue to receive Freeview when 4G at 800 MHz is activated in their area. Some TVs and set-top boxes with Freeview have been disrupted by 4G. - link icon  BBC wants you to pay TV licence fee even if you don t own a set, as shows go on iPlayer fo…
The BBC argued that the current fee is already a near universal charge and that the rise of online viewing on demand may mean that the fee needs to be modernised in future. The proposal emerged amid growing calls to scrap the licence fee when the BBCs Royal Charter is reviewed in 2016. Last month, The Telegraph disclosed that the Government would end the threat of criminal prosecution for licence fee dodgers, a punishment seen by critics as draconian and outdated. - link icon
Google is stripping away unneeded features like telephony, cameras, touchscreen support and near-field communication to keep developers focused, and handing them ready-made interfaces where they can hopefully just plug in shows, games, photos, music, and films. Perhaps theres room for inventive new applications that harness the big screen, but the entry point is people lazing on the couch. Google had been sending the message that developers didn't actually need to build apps for TV at all simply special webpages for TV that could receive commands from a phone. -

Friday 04 April 2014, PM link icon  TV industry take note: this is what being disrupted by Amazon looks like Quartz
Amazonyesterday thrust itself into the increasingly crowded battle for control of your living room, with the launch of its own streaming device, FireTV. The online retailerhas an uphill battle aheadin streaming videoa sector dominated by Netflix and, to a lesser extent, Hulu, with Apple also trying to crack the code.Butthose populating the television ecosystem would do well to remember just how disruptive a force Amazon has been in Americas economy in recent years. Its share price has relentlessly marched higher while the established players in the industries it has taken onfirst book-selling, thenelectronicsand office supplies, among othershave all gone backwards. - link icon  BBC News - BBC iPlayer shows to be made available for 30 days
The changes are expected to be brought in this summer, following a formal assessment and advice from broadcasting watchdog Ofcom. The iPlayer receives around 10.7 million requests to stream or download TV and radio programmes each day. Research published today as part of the Trust's assessment found that 91 of 1000 iPlayer uses questioned would be 'very' or 'quite' interested in the window being extended. - link icon  BBC iPlayer - Help - Why has hi/lo option disappeared in radio console?
In the pop-up radio player we've removed the hi/lo option as we are now able to detect your bandwidth. We deliver the best quality stream based on your connection. If your connection drops, we'll change the quality version automatically so playback will not buffer and we'll increase the quality if your connection improves. -

Friday 04 April 2014, AM link icon  a516digital: BuzMuzik closes
The channel invited viewers to interact using facebook, twitter and text messaging, with a selection of messages posted alongside the music video being played. BuzMuzik boasted thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter, before both accounts were deleted. BuzMuzik launched under two years ago on the 30th May 2012. - link icon  Market report: Tullow and BSkyB in the spotlight - Telegraph
The first is that, while the status quo is unchanged and the split of games is broadly similar, there is significant cost inflation of about 35pc. Worries about both possible outcomes are likely to return and weigh on BSkyBs shares, the analysts warned clients, sending the broadcaster down 26 to 892p, a 2.9pc fall. Two years ago, Tullow stock changed hands for more than 16 apiece, but a series of offshore drilling disappointments knocked the companys once-glowing exploration track-record. - link icon  RadioToday - RNIB Insight Radio launches on Freeview
The station, operating a community radio licence in Glasgow, is now available on channel 730 in addition to its position on Freesat channel 777 and Sky channel 0188. The station broadcasts a mix of news, information, audio books, magazines, newspapers and general entertainment programmes presented by blind or partially sighted people. It aims to reduce the isolation felt by the up to two million people in the UK living with serious sight loss and provide a relevant point of contact and source of information for those directly affected. Insight Radio is usually live from 8am till 5pm Monday to Friday and voice-tracked or repeats at other times. - link icon  Do I need fibre optic broadband? - Broadband reviews - Computing - Which? Technology
Are the increasing number of fibre optic broadband packages over-priced and over-hyped, or the only way to stay connected We ask whether superfast fibre optic internet is really worth the extra cost, or if your best bet is to stick with the cheaper option of an ADSL connection, at least until prices for fibre start to fall. Find out what noticeable differences the extra speed will make to your everyday browsing and TV streaming experience, how urgent the need is to splash out on a superfast internet connection for your home, and when you can expect fibre optic broadband to become available across the UK, including in rural areas. -

Thursday 03 April 2014, PM link icon  BBC News - Net neutrality law adopted by European Parliament
Operators have said the move would hinder their efforts to manage traffic. The law still needs to be approved by Europe's Council of Ministers. It would also prohibit mobile networks and broadband providers from blocking services - such as WhatApp messages or Google Drive storage - that compete with their own offerings. - link icon  BSkyB tells staff it will not intervene in Scottish independence debate - Media - theguard…
BSkyB has confirmed its commitment to remain in Scotland but has not explained the outcome a 'yes' vote would have on its products, such as Premier League football coverage. Sky is one of Scotland's largest private sector employers, with several of its largest customer service centres in sites such as Livingston. The company employs 6,400 staff directly and another 1,600 through its contractors. -

Thursday 03 April 2014, AM link icon  What Waterloo Road taught us about long-running dramas - Television radio -…
Until today, the parenthesis for Waterloo Road read 2006- , but now we know that its televisual death will come in 2015. After the completion of the 10th series that is about to begin shooting, school's out forever. Ten is a neat number another BBC1 drama perennial, Spooks, also ran to that number of seasons. - link icon  Aereo Gets Support From Dish Network More Ahead Of Supreme Court Hearing
Supporters of theBarry Diller-backed company have until 1159 PM ET to add their voices to the cause. More briefs are expected throughout the evening well update as more come in. Here are a few highlights from ones submitted so far today Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen has good reason to support Aereo. - link icon  Those Who Insist Aereo Ruling Won't Impact Cloud Computing Don't Seem To Understand Cloud …
A few weeks ago, we wrote about how the Aereo case, which will be heard by the Supreme Court in a few weeks, is likely to have a huge impact on the future of cloud computing, and went into detail to explain why. The primary issue is that, under copyright law, what Aereo is doing is effectively indistinguishable from what most cloud computing services do. However, a number of folks who really seem to dislike Aereo continually insist that the case will have no impact whatsoever on cloud computing. -

Wednesday 02 April 2014, PM link icon  Amazon announces Fire TV, an Android-powered streaming set-top box
We've been waiting for it for quite sometime, but now Amazon is finally ready to make its play for the living room. Fire TV is not a barebones device like the Chromecast, it's a powerful Android-driven platform with ties to the broader Amazon ecosystem. Browsing through the Amazon video store is basically just scrolling through an endless barrage of movie posters presented in a moving 3D bar. - link icon  BBC News - Attempt to cut off illegal websites advertising revenue
It is hoped that firms that handle advertising will use the resource to make sure they do not serve advertising on those sites, cutting off revenue. Top piracy sites generate millions of pounds thanks to advertising. One estimate, from the Digital Citizens Alliance - a group backed by rights holders - suggested that piracy websites worldwide generated 227m 137m from advertising revenue each year. - link icon  BBC - Media Centre - Tim Davie to re-join the BBC’s Executive Board
A biography of Tim Davie is available here. -

Wednesday 02 April 2014, AM link icon  Government accuses BBC of creating false balance on climate change with unqualified scepti…
In a damning parliamentary report, the BBC is criticised for distorting the debate on man-made climate change for which it says the scientific evidence is overwhelming through its determination to put the other side of the argument across. Radio 4s Today and World at One programmes come in for particular criticism, as do the BBCs television news programmes. The BBCs determination to give a balanced view has seen it pit well-respected scientists arguing for climate change against far less qualified opponents such as Lord Lawson of Blaby, who heads a campaign group lobbying against the governments climate change policies. - link icon  MPs criticise BBC for 'false balance' in climate change coverage - Environment - The Gua…
The MPs called on the BBC to develop clear editorial guidelines for all commentators and presenters on the facts of climate change. Lawson is also the chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a thinktank that casts doubt on climate change science and questions the economic costs of responding to it. The report stated unequivocally that warming was already occurring and that the dominant force behind it was human activity, but the BBC gave considerable airtime to sceptics who did not accept the findings. -

Tuesday 01 April 2014, PM link icon  BT executive: 'count us out' of Channel 5 bid - Media -
Richard Desmond's Channel 5 BT executive John Petter says there is 'not a lot to hang your hat on' at the channel. BT's apparent lack of appetite for the broadcaster will be a blow to Desmond, who acquired the business for just 103.5m almost four years ago. He is targeting a 700m sale price for Channel 5, 10 times its estimated profit of 70m this year. - link icon  BT befriends Google's lonely TV dongle – and saves YouView • The Register
The caveat, unsurprisingly, is that only BT Broadband customers will be able to view the footie via Chromecast. This entails a streaming box the standalone cost is under a tenner, with either five sports day passes, or five months of Sky Movies, for 34.99. BT this week helped assure the future development of YouView for another five years, after the broadcaster shareholders slashed their commitment to the platform. - link icon  The new British invasion: Why Amazon, Hulu and Netflix love UK TV shows Tech News and An…
The irony, of course, is that British television has consistently been heralded as some of the best in the world well, maybe Doctor Who isnt for everyone, but we can all agree about the original British Office. By supporting our originals with well-targeted advertising and publicity, weve seen a meaningful uptick in awareness not only for The Wrong Mans, but for Hulu Originals overall, Koh said. Of course, the British TV boom in America might have to do with the fact that its not seen as primarily British. - link icon  BBC News - Rural broadband: MP slams secretive BT
Her committee said that many of the maps released lacked sufficient detail about coverage and the speeds that would be provided. BT highlighted that it was audited by the National Audit Office and said it delivered value for money. - link icon  Ariel - World Service makes its move
1 April 2014 Last updated at 0919 The World Service moves from Foreign Office to licence-fee funding today. Ariel asks Peter Horrocks, World Service Group director, what this means for staff. Apart from a new name on the pay cheque, will World Service staff notice any difference -

Tuesday 01 April 2014, AM link icon  London Live: anarchy and diversity as community TV station launches - Media - The Guardian…
Evgeny Lebedev, the neatly bearded Russian media tycoon who owns the Standard and though up for sale the Independent titles, has gambled that there is an audience for more about the English capital. The launch of London Live certainly saw it live up to the first word in its name at 8.15pm peak-time, we got a Chelsea fan trying to eat a pie named after an Arsenal star and the second word as well. The Lebedev version looked like any other TV panel show except for the guests. - link icon  BBC News - Rural broadband maps criticised for lacking detail
A committee of MPs said that many of the maps released lacked sufficient detail about coverage and the speeds that would be provided. Since then BT has secured all of the 18 further contracts offered. Pac also raised concern that the maps published by local bodies showing where broadband would be offered often lacked detail. - link icon  London Live launch review: Hollywood A-listers, sharp chat, great food – and that’s j…
The very first face we saw belonged to Maleena Pone, one of the roving presenters on daily entertainment-news show London Go and a sunny enough presence to shine through this overcast evening on the Southbank. It wouldnt be live TV if there wasnt one unplanned interruption, but its an auspicious start that this one was in keeping with the housing theme two Russell Brand-a-likes shouting Its better to squat than let homes rot in the middle of one of Pones interviews. This player is used within article copy as first element. - link icon  Why a Loss for Aereo Wouldn t Threaten Cloud Services - Variety
If the broadcasters succeed, the consequences to American consumers and the cloud industry are chilling, Aereo said this week, in a statement after filingits response brief with the court. A decision against Aereo would upend and cripple the entire cloud industry. But thats just not true. The reasoning An individual user not Cablevision initiates recording and playback, from dedicated hardware, ergo its a private performance. -

Monday 31 March 2014, PM link icon  UK copyright tweak in June will finally allow ripping of CDs - Technology -…
Fifteen years after the first MP3 players went on sale in the UK, it will soon be legal to copy music you've bought on to them from a CD you own. Record labels have known about this for years - but have turned a blind eye, because prosecuting everyone who bought a music player or transferred files to their phone would be both ruinously expensive and terrible publicity. If you give away or sell a CD that you have backed up, you'll have to destroy the backup copy to stay within the law, the guidance notes. - link icon  ITV commercial director: 90% of content is crap - World news -
Simon Daglish, ITV group's commercial director, hits out at media companies producing sub-par content. - link icon  Information Commissioner investigating alleged data protection breaches in latest BBC Pano…
The Mayor who has denied allegations from opponents that he has used public funds to promote himself and build his power base promptly published a statement online, accusing the BBC of making a racist and Islamophobic programme. I believe the programme is being used for political campaigning and electioneering purposes just weeks before local and Mayoral elections in May, the statement said. It said We can confirm that there has been a breach of data protection at an independent production company working with the BBC on a Panorama investigation as a result of unauthorised disclosure by a former researcher on the production team, in breach of her obligation of confidentiality. - link icon  RadioToday - BFBS launches Brize Norton DAB station
The Brize breakfast show on weekdays will broadcast music, local news and information for the regions military community, but the daily schedule will also include live bulletins from British Forces News with national and international military stories. Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2014 at 705 am by Radio Today UK. - link icon  ITV commercial boss warns brands that 90% of content is 'crap' - Media -
He said ITV still sometimes got it wrong despite 57 years of experience and a 1bn annual programme spend. He said ITV had experimented with advertiser-funded programmes but said it had not worked because it interfered too much in the relationship between the broadcaster and viewer. Daglish used his appearance on the conference's opening day to announce ITV had signed up with sponsored content service, Twitter Amplify. - link icon  BBC's Peter Horrocks: 'It's not that easy to get advertising in Somalia' - Media - The Gua…
It is not the only revolution being overseen by Horrocks, the 54-year-old former editor of Newsnight and Panorama, as his organisation is about to become the first BBC licence fee-funded operation to take advertising and sponsorship. The BBC's international news services now have a record worldwide reach of 256 million 192 million via the World Service in its various forms, including digital. Plus, it has nearly 2 million listeners in the UK every week including its overnight broadcasts on Radio 4. - link icon  Can Tony Hall's plans for the BBC win over the arts crowd? - Media - The Guardian
Conducting an arts drive BBC director general Tony Hall. Looked at dispassionately, the package is one that might well improve the visibility and accessibility of BBC arts coverage of which there is already probably more than many people realise. It contains very little new money, though, and with no budget or commissioning power the new director of arts could struggle to make an appreciable impact on ratings-driven channel controllers and commissioners. - link icon  BBC News - BBC must protect World Service, MPs say
A report by the foreign affairs committee was published as the BBC prepared to take over responsibility for funding the service. - link icon  Ofcom - Ofcom announces its priorities for the coming year
Ofcom today published its 2014/15 Annual Plan, confirming its strategy and work programme for the next financial year. This work is designed to build on some significant developments in the UKs communications infrastructure. Network rollout Ofcom will continue to monitor and promote new network deployment. - link icon  Cable Forum: Virgin Media wins High Court patent battle
The findings echo a previous case Rovi brought against Virgin Media in 2011, in which three other of its patents were ruled invalid. A Virgin Media spokesman said Of the five Rovi patents to reach judgment, all five have been found invalid by the Court. Were pleased the Court has dismissed Rovis claims. - link icon  Licence fee shake-up ‘will cost BBC £500m’ - TV Radio - Media - The Independent
The sum would be required to cover the cost of introducing a new system to cut off television signals to non-payers, which is seen as an inevitable consequence of reforms that would make licence-fee offences civil rather than criminal matters. Management has been shocked by the potential impact of the proposals, which are outlined in an amendment to the forthcoming Deregulation Bill, and backed by ministers, on its future income. It has calculated that a probable rise in non-payment would cost 200m in lost income each year, equivalent to the combined annual budgets of Radio 2 and CBeebies. - link icon  How not to digitally relaunch a radio station
We know that younger stations need to really focus on online - because that's where you'll find new listeners, and increasingly that's how listeners consume you. The station launched this morning with some nicely produced audio - and with almost no thought put into their digital future. Despite Phantom FM closing down on the 16th March, their website is still there pic. -

Monday 31 March 2014, AM link icon  a516digital: BBC World Service makes the funding switch
The BBC World Service becomes a licence-fee funded service this week. It's the result of the 2010 licence fee agreement, which sees the international service switch from Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO funding. As a result, in 2011 the BBC announced that up to 650 jobs would be cut. -

Sunday 30 March 2014, PM link icon  Ofcom - Local commercial analogue radio licence durations
- link icon  BBC - Media Centre - BBC Two celebrates 50th anniversary with raft of new comedy and enter…
As well as making us laugh, the channel has had an incredible cultural impact on the music weve listened to and the sport weve watched. From being the first to broadcast snooker in colour to our recent ground-breaking Glastonbury coverage, two new documentaries celebrate how BBC Two has led the way in mind-expanding entertainment. Harry adds They kindly asked us to do a homage to 50 years of BBC Two. - link icon  YouView future to be secured by £100m-plus shareholder deal - Media -
YouViews seven backers have agreeda 100m-plus funding deal which should secure the future of the internet-based TV service. YouView's backers are set to sign a 100m-plus deal to secure the future of the internet-based TV service with all seven partners, including the BBC, remaining on board as equal shareholders in the venture. Under the terms of the new deal, it is understood that the seven shareholders will each retain equal ownership a 14.3 stake and have agreed a multi-year funding plan thought to be more than 100m. - link icon  BBC - Blogs - About the BBC - What's on BBC Red Button 29 March - 5 April
Watch them play old favourites and new tracks all this week on the Red Button. The valuation game is simple, fun and free to play. The play along is not available on Virgin TiVo but remember you can also download the BBC's free mobile play along app. - link icon  RadioToday - BBC to test DAB+ radio service this year
Speaking at the RadioDaysEurope event, Helen shared stats on digital radio, but said high quality distinctive content will win but we need cheaper conversations for in-car listening. In UK radio, 20 of listening is in car, 90 of vehicles do not have digital radio. 40 of new cars come with DAB as standard, but 60 dont. - link icon  RadioToday - Ofcom consults on duration of FM licences
Ofcom has started a consultation on the duration of local commercial analogue radio licences in light of the current DAB situation. Since 2010, Ofcoms policy has been that re-advertised licences should have a seven year duration. However, the regulator has the power to set the duration up to 12 years. - link icon  BBC News - MPs back moves to decriminalise TV licence fee non-payment
They voted in favour of an amendment to the Deregulation Bill, which could become law later this year, proposing a subsequent review of non-payment penalty options. Ministers could then decide to move to a system of civil penalties, probably around the summer of 2015. The BBC has said possible financial losses could cause channels to close. - link icon  Cable Forum: Virgin Media in no hurry to adopt 4K Ultra-HD
Weve got the spectrum if we need it as do most cable operators but I think its too soon to tell. So if 4K becomes something that consumers have to have, well certainly be able to do it. - link icon  Ariel - Salmon urges caution over Bristol move
'I know the importance of neighbourhood interaction because we had to create an environment pretty much from scratch in Salford,' he explained. They are different city models and we should reflect on that carefully.' Salmon also highlighted the important relationship between the BBC and the city's economy. He said the Corporation would spend more than 70m in the next financial year on around 500 hours of Bristol-made network tv. - link icon  Ariel - Senior manager numbers keep falling
27 March 2014 Last updated at 1523 Senior manager numbers fell by 7 in the year to August 2013, with their wage bill dropping by more than 3.5. There are currently 429 staff above grade 11 - down 211 from the 640 who worked here in August 2009. Together they earn 53m, compared to the 78.5m they pocketed five years ago. - link icon  BBC criticised for focusing on high arts instead of youth and diversity - TV Radio - Media…
He is anxious to underline the broadcasters public service contribution as a producer of cultural content and it is crucially important that the BBC avoids criticism from the arts establishment over the quality of its output. Both Atalla and Mulville are part of a comedy industry that benefits from BBC3s position on television. - link icon  New TV channel London Live is born - TV Radio - Media - The Independent
Its not the first of these channels to launch Grimsby and Norwich are already on air, and others will follow over the course of the next two years. However, all eyes will be on London Live, at least six times larger than the next biggest channel and many times more so than most. With a potential audience of nine million viewers in four million homes, roughly within the M25 area, it is comparable to some European national broadcasters. - link icon
Overview 8tracks Radio provides the best music for any taste, time place. Need a playlist for the office or the beach Do you like deep house or dubstep, indie rock or classic rock, jazz or punk, hip hop or classical, rare groove or metal - link icon  Sky today announced details of five Sky Academy TV Scholarships to be made available for s…
The scholarships are part of Sky Academy - a set of initiatives which aims to use the power of television, creativity and sport to give up to one million young people opportunities to build skills, experience and self-belief. As an industry partner, Sky already supports both these courses by providing placements and mentoring. This reflects Skys determination to encourage diversity and inclusion in its business on the basis that having a workforce that is more representative of its customer base means that the decisions it takes and the content it produces will better reflect their interests. As part of the course, students receive a six-week placement at Sky and then one student receives a three-month paid placement at the end of the course. - link icon  Freesat on the App Store on iTunes
To download the free app Freesat by Freesat, get iTunes now. This app only let's you see about 30mins ahead without changing page. Would be OK if you can be bothered playing around. -

Sunday 30 March 2014, AM link icon  50 years of BBC2: from David Brent to the Blackstuff - Television radio - The Observer
The short eventually became The Office, a sitcom first broadcast in 2001 which ran for two series and won multiple awards, including a pair of Golden Globes. Now 39, he recently created and starred in the HBO comedyHello Ladies. I remember, at university, being in a flatshare, and one day a flatmate flipping from BBC1 to ITV. - link icon  BBC One adopting English regional names on Freeview and YouView - Recombu
- link icon  Freeview upgrades bring extra BBC HD channels to North East England, Midlands and Isle of …
Viewers connected to the Hannington transmitter will be able to get the new channels from March 18 onwards. Got Freeview Read our guide on retuning your Freeview box for more information. - link icon  Here’s a look at what you can watch on Mustard TV - News - Eastern Daily Press
To send a link to this page to a friend, you must be logged in. One show airing next week is Splinter Bike, following the endeavours of two Norfolk friends seeking to build a 100pc wooden bike in order to set a new world speed record. Meanwhile, a prominent part of the schedule in the first six weeks will be devoted to a new history series, Archive Half Hour, commissioned for the new channel by Mustards managing director, Fiona Ryder. -