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DAB multiplexes

DAB radio transmits by using digital multiplexes, which carry several radio stations together as a single broadcast. Some of these multiplexes cover cities, some counties, some regions and others are national. Click on a multiplex name below to see details of the stations carried and the area each multiplex is broadcast to.

DAB broadcast frequencies

DAB transmissions use the part of the VHF broadcasting band.

The specific frequencies are:

  • 10B 211.648MHz
  • 10C 213.36MHz
  • 10D 215.072MHz
  • 11B 218.64MHz
  • 11C 220.352MHz
  • 11D 222.064MHz
  • 12A 223.936MHz
  • 12B 225.648MHz
  • 12C 227.36MHz
  • 12D 229.072MHz