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Freeview reception at CF83 2SS

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C23+multiplex BBCA Wales
e-ne 72°Mynydd MachenV
C26+multiplex D3+4 Wales
e-ne 72°Mynydd MachenV
C29+Freeview HD multiplex BBCB (PSB3)
e-ne 72°Mynydd MachenV
C49multiplex BBCA Wales
n-ne 25°Mynydd BachV
C54Freeview HD multiplex BBCB (PSB3)
n-ne 25°Mynydd BachV
C58multiplex D3+4 Wales
n-ne 25°Mynydd BachV
H Horizontal V Vertical HD High Definition

Choose display: • by directionreceived signal strengthby frequencyservice namestransmitter name
Filter by aerial type: wideband group A group B group C/D group E group K

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Thursday, 25 June 2015
9:42 PM Trowbridge


You could try looking at…htm. Satcure do a wide range of aerial and satellite dish equipment. There are other suppliers - but I have found Satcure to be very reliable and give good swervice.

Coax attenuators are available in different 'strengths' - the larger the number the greater the degree of signal reduction. It is often an advantage to place a male to female coaxial flylead after the attenuator and plugged into the socket on the TV/PVR. This being intended to keep the weight/load on the socket as low as possible.

It would be worth checking the strengths of each of your signals, the aim being to have all greater than 70% but not as high as 90%, the signal quality being related to having enough signal without having too much - which is where an attenuator come in handy.

Letus know how you get on.

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Sunday, 28 June 2015
Miss Norma J Grundy
1:49 PM

Dear UK Free TV
I don't know if you've covered this, but I've been stuck researching since the last Freeview New Service Retune 26/6/15. A lot of older "Set Top Boxes", such as my BUSH DVB680, do not list the Com7 services in the EPG. That means they cannot access Central Area's Channel 32 and won't receive BBC4 HD or other new service. I got a work-round for the earlier HDs; just manually scan Channel 22, so 32 won't overwrite them, resulting in no HDs on the box. So, even if software updates are coming through the antenna, the older boxes cannot read them.
Why the BBC puts out channels in two places, heaven only knows. But if they confine HD to UHF 32, the BUSH box and other old equipment won't get any HDs.

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