Freeview: C31 (554.0MHz) after switchover
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C31 (554.0MHz) after switchover

The map below shows all the transmitters in the UK using C31 once digtial switchover is complete. Please click the icon to see the coverage area, and double click for more information.

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What do the map symbols mean?

 tx_com7,  HD-com7 multiplex site,  Freeview transmitter.

Switchover complete

Click on a selection to see the use of the frequency use when switchover is complete:

C21 C22 C23 C24 C25 C26 C27 C28 C29 C30 C31 C32 C33 C34 C35 C36 C37 C38 C39 C40 C41 C42 C43 C44 C45 C46 C47 C48 C49 C50 C51 C52 C53 C54 C55 C56 C57 C58 C59 C60 C61 C62 * * * * * *

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Simon Meyers
Thursday 2 June 2011 9:25PM Wrexham

Hi, I'm just retuning after getting the aerial reconnected, been using a loft aerial for Wrexham-Rhos since early April but the outdoor aerial is pointing to The Wrekin (I think).

The only signal I appear to be getting for ITV3, 5* etc. is on C31, which is confusing me because I can't see any of the transmitters listed as useable from Wrexham that are broadcasting on C31. Any ideas where I may be picking up from?

Simon Meyers
Friday 3 June 2011 7:29PM Wrexham

Thanks Braintist.

I think there may be a data error somewhere then (but I could be wrong).

None of the transmitters listed are West Midlands and none of them appear to carry ITV3 on C31.

I've looked on trade info sheet and if I'm reading that right it looks like The Wrekin stays C31 until August but on the transmitter page for The Wrekin it's changed to C24.

Mike Dimmick
Saturday 4 June 2011 4:16PM

Simon Meyers: Briantist's software doesn't really handle the many stages of switchover at some transmitters. These maps only provide 'before' and 'after' views, with the state as at 2007 for the 'before' and the final state at the end of 2013 (as far as it is currently known) for 'after'.

The only exceptions for the 'before' picture I'm aware of are the major changes that occurred at Rowridge, to allow the south-west switchover to start, and at Sheffield, to get out of the way of the HD service from Emley Moor.

For 'after', Brian has incorporated some of the known interim states (particularly Mux D/Arqiva B) but not all of them. This can give a confused picture.

In addition, The Wrekin has always been listed as two sites, with the second set of frequencies (using different aerials, covering a different area to the first set) shown as The Wrekin B. There are a couple of other 'B' transmitters in the system, e.g. Winter Hill B and Dover B. These are again different aerials on the same mast (Winter Hill B shut down when Winter Hill switched over at the end of 2009, but Dover B is still going).

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