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Freeview local TV branding announced - Local TV or |local|

Freeview local TV branding announced - Local TV or |local|

Comux UK, who won the Ofcom licence to operate the local TV multiplexes in 19 major cities and towns are calling their services "Local TV".

“Is there realy a demand for this. Previous attemps such us the Isle of Wight local tv failed. I would have thought a connected tv app would be much” --- Trevor Harris

Is Freeview ready for the first local television service tomorrow?

Is Freeview ready for the first local television service tomorrow? The system re-engineering requited to integrate new service for Grimsby is complete.

“Des Collier: The radiation pattern and ensuing coverage prediction would suggest that reception of Estuary TV in Scunthorpe is unlikely.” --- Dave Lindsay
Local television on Freeview - maps Local television on Freeview - maps

Maps showing the locations chosen to have a local television service on Freeview. The interactive map shows licensed locations, applications and second-phase sites.
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Freeview local television to be provided in Glasgow and Edinburgh by ... STV Freeview local television to be provided in Glasgow and Edinburgh by ... STV

There won't be a new entrant to local television news provision in Scotland, as the the winner for capital and largest city in the country are awarded to the company that has been on air since Aug 1957.

“I have noticed on my free to air satellite system that STV never shows live FA cup football which ITV 1 and UTV covers.Instead viewers are served up o” --- Richard
Interleaved Frequencies maps (old ones)

Maps of the Interleaved Frequencies coverage areas for the UK transmitters

“Hmm - maybe thats why Reading/Hannington wasnt on your original list! The coverage area manages to miss Reading, Basingstoke, Wokingham, Bracknell - b” --- Mike Dimmick
Local TV will be on Sky 117

According to Broadcast, you local TV station - if you have one - will be on Sky channel 117, as well as Freeview 8.

“Declan McGrath: Local TV is planned to be on channel 45 in Wales, unless the regulator orders a change to this.” --- KMJ,Derby
Local TV on Freeview

A quick look at where Local TV on Freeview may be viable

“Readings population on its present borough boundaries was 143,096 in 2001. It should be on this list. As the largest borough in Hanningtons coverag” --- Mike Dimmick
Local TV - Virgin Media coverage

Here are details of which of the possible Local TV areas have Virgin Media fibreoptic digital television coverage that would support the new local TV channel.

“Hi Brian, not sure how accurate that Virgin Media coverage map is. It indicates they cover Scarborough, when they most certainly dont.” --- Phil
Want more local TV details? See UK Free TV

I have added in the details - courtesy of Ofcom - of the upcoming local TV services on Freeview.

“I once asked: I thought Shrewsbury and Telford were proposed to run local TV channels? Were the companies with applications for licences rejected by” --- Stuart Owens
Local TV on Freeview - new Ofcom maps

Here are the maps produced by Ofcom to indicate the areas that can be covered by the interleaved frequencies required to provide local television services on Freeview.

“If this page is a response to my request, its astonishingly quick! Thanks either way. Though I do not much like the information. 5 miles north of O” --- Steve P
Brighton and Grimsby local TV services licensed by Ofcom

Ofcom has today provided a 12 year licence to Latest TV and Lincolnshire Living to broadcast on Freeview channel 8.

“Bit academic at this stage as Ofcom have not awarded the Local Multiplex Licence for the services to run on. Arqivas timetable for getting the stat” --- Mike Dimmick
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