Help: Why has my widescreen TV just made everyone look fat?
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Why has my widescreen TV just made everyone look fat?

Why has my widescreen TV just made everyone look fat?

If you have a widescreen TV, you will only see the correct looking pictures if you set the digital decoder box to widescreen mode.

If you select to BBC NEWS 24, you can use this channel to check your picture. This channel always broadcasts in widescreen, and you can compare the location of the clock in the bottom-left and the press red in the top-left to these images.

If your picture looks like this:

Then follow these instructions to correct the problem.

If your picture looks like this:

Then follow these instructions to correct the problem.

If your picture looks like this:

Congratulations, your box is set up correctly.

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J Lodge
Saturday 6 August 2011 11:35AM

Am going to resite my tv aerial on the gable end of my Bungalow, but am concerned that it will be adjacent to the mains cable entry point. Could the flow of electricity affect reception?

Saturday 6 August 2011 3:27PM

J Lodge: Not really! unless you are in a weaker signal area and also intend to use an aerial amplifier in the vicinity, then you "may" have a problem now and again.

That said though, the main reason that its not always desirable to do as you intend is because there is always the danger of picking up mains borne interference, albeit this being very unlikely unless the aforementioned reception conditions applies.

In other words, "if" you normally receive a good signal then I would go ahead!

Friday 15 November 2013 11:53AM Milton Keynes

I have a built-in freeview hd tv why is the picture in full screen and not in widescreen?

Friday 15 November 2013 1:51PM

Avin: Its called aspect ratio, and you change it - look at your manual.

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