Help: How can I watch Channel 4 and five on satellite if I have no card or a free-to-view card?
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How can I watch Channel 4 and five on satellite if I have no card or a free-to-view card?

How can I watch Channel 4 and five on satellite if I have no ca

Get a replacement card from Freesat from Sky (fSfS)

Get a new free-to-view installation from Sky, by calling their hot-line on 0870-240 5651 and choose option 1. You can pay for a replacement Freesat from Sky (fSfS) card by paying £20 with a credit or debit card.

Get new Sky free-to-view installation

Get a new free-to-view installation from Sky, by calling their hot-line on 0870-606 1111. You will get a new dish, a new Digibox, a new free-to-view card and full installation.

Get a Freeview box

From £20: If you are in a Freeview reception area (see Freeview Reception) then you can get a Freeview box from a local store. This will give you several additional TV channels ( f-tn, The Box, TMF, UK Bright Ideas, UK History, Sky Sports News) and some extra radio stations.

This will keep your digital wide-screen reception of Channel 4 and five.

Subscribe to Sky for a year

From £157.50: If you have never had a free box and dish from Sky, then the best way is to get the offer from Sky and get a free Digibox, and subscribe to the Value Pack for one year.

Either phone 08705-800874 or visit

Re-subscribe to Sky

From £15: If you have been a Sky subscriber in the past, you should not have to complete the minimum term of one year. You can re-subscribe to Sky on the Value Pack and cancel again after one month. Either phone 08708-501 607 or visit

Watch on analogue cable

From Free: If you have ever had a cable TV service (analogue or digital), the law requires that itv-1, Channel 4 and five are kept available as an analogue service, even if you have stopped a subscription many years ago.

Most systems now use a digital TV receiver to produce the analogue picture for these channels, so the quality is good. However, it is not wide-screen.

You will need a cable to connect the TV Out socket on the cable box using a suitable cable (made from parts 16-0605 and 16-0445 from and you will have to re-tune your TV or video.

Because of the way that digital TV is carried on cable systems, you must connect the video and TV by a SCART cable, and tune in the video only.

Watch on analogue UHF

From Free: As a final backup, you may still be able to receive an analogue. The picture quality may be poor, and will not be wide-screen.

Updated 27/2/06 to reflect ITV channels being free-to-air

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steve h
Tuesday 20 December 2011 10:00PM

channel 5 now appears on sky boxes without a card, what has changed?

Wednesday 21 December 2011 7:57AM

steve h: See <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconChannel 5 +1 launches, 5* and 5USA come to Freesat | - independent free digital TV advice . Channel 5 has been available without a card since the end of 2009.

Thursday 12 January 2012 7:32PM Bridport

hi was just wondering if i can connect my old sky+ box upstairs and watch diffrent programmes thats on downstairs in other words multi room for free

Thursday 12 January 2012 8:19PM

jane: There is nothing to stop you provided you have another feed run from the dish to the upstairs room, plus you should be aware that you can only use the Sky+ box as you would with a standard non-subscription box, insomuch that the recorder side will be inoperative as Sky controls that at all times, this including playback of anything that may be stored on it.

Friday 5 October 2012 4:08PM Rushden

Hi John here, my question is-
if I put the freeview aerialfeed through the sky box will the sky box improve the freeview signal ie act as an amplifier?, the freeview aerial is a communal one installed on a roof pole through a splitter / amplifier serving 5 bungalows
Many thanks

Friday 5 October 2012 5:26PM

John: In my experience no! and indeed some Sky HD boxes can have the opposite to the desired effect.

Taking into consideration the number of outlets that's being fed if you feel that the signal could do with a boost then the item on the link is perfect for this purpose, as although this device is capable of amplifying to a level far in excess of what you require it is variable from zero to 20db, and so a happy medium can quite easily be found.

Argos item number: 534 / 4235 (£11.99) on page 565.

<img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconBuy Plug-In 1 Way TV Aerial Signal Booster at - Your Online Shop for Television aerials and boosters, TV aerials, boosters and accessories, TV aerials, boosters and accessories, Television aerials and boosters.

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