Help: Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?
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Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?

Will an aerial booster improve my freeview reception?

No, an amplifier won't normally help with a Freeview signal. Can I suggest the following:

1. If you can raise the aerial up by an extra metre or so;

2. Check the direction of the aerial and that the it is either "vertical" or "horizontal" as required.

3. Check that all the connectors and cables are in good condition, look especially for stray wires from the outer shielding on the cable being loose;

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Tuesday 19 August 2014 8:03AM Eastleigh

I live in Chandlers Ford (SO53 4QB) and recently my freeview signal strength has deteriorated to the point of obtaining no signal/to weak to receive a picture on my freeview.

My aerial is only 4years old and directed at Rowridge transmiter to the receive the best strength possible (around 27%) will an amplifier help or due to the number of mobile phone transmitters near by will I require a suppressor?

All help will be appreciated.

Tuesday 19 August 2014 10:36AM

Phil: Although, if you look on the terrain link, you have something in the signal path about 2km away, DigitalUk reckons your fine on Rowridge VP. You say its deteriorated, so your not in a position where you've always had problems.

Assuming nothing else has changed (and Rowridge uses low RF channel's, which are unlikely to be affected by 4G), the only thing left is your aerial system. Your TV is telling you its a problem, hence the 'no signal' . Start from the TV and work backwards to the aerial. Could be a loose or fallen out aerial lead, but if not follow the path back. Its likely to be a frayed wire, loose connection, corrosion, moisture in a cable, etc.

If the aerial is in the loft, you can check back yourself if poss. If not, its a ladder or calling someone out. 4 years and there is already a problem...not great.

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