Help: Using a HUMAX satellite receiver to watch Italian TV, mainly RAI channels but they often have the message that the channels is scrambled, but all I read is that RAI is free to view?
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Using a HUMAX satellite receiver to watch Italian TV, mainly RAI channels but they often have the message that the channels is scrambled, but all I read is that RAI is free to view?

Using a HUMAX satellite receiver to watch
Italian TV, mainly R

I understand that the channels are scambelled or withdrawn from satellite because of copyright reasons.

Thanks for the reply, would you happen to know what method they us to scramble the signal? Because when I was in Italy I couldn't get a straight answer. They must be able to watch the channels in Italy so I asked and all they would say is that you need SKY! Which I am sure is not correct.

It is probably what is called 'soft scrambling' where a rights holder (in defiance of European Law) demands that a programme not be broadcast outside the territory, so a SkyItalia subscription card is required to watch, even if no subscription is payable.

Listing for RAI channels can be found RAI TV listings.

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Friday 9 March 2012 1:18AM

I live in Los Angeles, California and I have installed a satellite (NEUSAT SP- 6000 Premium)
I want to know how can I receive Italian channel ? what frequency and rate.

Thank you


Friday 9 March 2012 9:43AM

RAI and other Italian main channels are soft-scrambled some of the time. A tivu box
is required to watch all programmes free.
To activate a tivu box, registration to a codice fiscal is required - eg a family address in Italy. See other related postings on and do a "tivu" search.

Sunday 18 March 2012 11:46PM

im living in ausralia can i have the freqency to rai tv the free version

Monday 19 March 2012 2:17PM

Tony, you will need to consult local expertise to ascertain if any Italian is broadcast from satellites covering Australia. There might be a limited service like CNN, BBC-World, Deutsche Welle, France24, tve internacional etc. The Hotbird satellite at 13° East, which carries most Italian programming, can only be received in Europe. If you have fast broadband access, that might be a viable alternative.

Wednesday 4 April 2012 9:43AM

Hi, I have an old Humax satellite receiver, I'm only able to see Rai 1-2-3 and Rai news, thanks to your coordinates.
Now will it be possible to see more Italian channels and some Spanish and as the signal in Uk will change can I see the UK channels.
If I need to upgrade my Humax do you have any suggestion which model.
Thank you very much for your support,

Sunday 8 April 2012 9:40AM

Franco: See earlier postings on this site. RAI and some other Italian channels are free-to-view with any digital satellite receiver from Hotbird on 13°E. However, to watch some programmes, a tivu receiver, registered with a codice fiscal (eg family in Italy) is needed. TVE internacional and 24H are also available free, as are many other channels. Main UK channels do not broadcast from 13°E, so a steerable dish or a second dish to receive these from 28°East would be required.

Friday 18 May 2012 7:30PM

Hi, I watch Setanta Sports with OpenBox . we are in Asia exactly on Indonesia. We have watch the Setanta sport over 6 months since September 2011. Since the last couple weeks it was 'scrambled' until today.

As I know that Setanta Sports 1 and Setanta Ireland is the Free To Air Channel . Could you advise me how to fix it ?

thank you.


Sunday 1 September 2013 1:57PM

Hello, I have a dish and I have been always able to get Italian TV with Hotbird. Unfortunately during my holiday my dish has been moved and now I cannot get any Italian channels. I have tried to retune but it didn't work! Could anybody help? Many thanks!

Sunday 1 September 2013 5:48PM

ilaria: If your dish has indeed been moved thereby knocking it out of alignment, then unfortunately you do not really have any option but to seek local assistance to help realign it back into its correct position of 13 degrees East, the secret of successful dish alignment being to adopt a slow motion approach as its extremely easy to miss the correct spot.

Friday 22 November 2013 7:44PM

i'd like to have italian channels but are not able to mount any dish bcoz i'm living in a council house. what can i do? Is there any other way?

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