Help: I have TV, Sky+ box and DVD/VCR combo, how do I connect them up?
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I have TV, Sky+ box and DVD/VCR combo, how do I connect them up?

I have TV, Sky+ box and DVD/VCR combo, how do I connect them up

You need just TWO SCART leads:

- one from the SCART on the TV marked (1) or (RGB) connected to the Sky+ box's SCART labelled "TV"

- one from the SCART on the Sky+ box marked "VCR" to the first SCART connector on the DVD/VCR combo.

You can then view the stuff from the DVD by either pressing "PLAY" or putting the Sky+ box into Standby mode.

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Wednesday 9 October 2013 12:27PM

Darren: Firstly, you need to read the manual - its not that bad, but since I dont have an e6 in front of me (I think it has a scart rather than the flat connections of the DT..). perhaps there is a way to daisy chain the DVD to the scart input via the Sky box, but it sounds a bit rubbish.

Sky plus is scart only, so thats the scart used. You can split the Scart/RGB signal with a splitter box, but they dont always work very well - but you could probably get one for a couple of quid. The Wii seems to be scart only as well (there is a discussion of such a problem here : <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon" link iconhttp://techforums.nintend…305)

Check the DVD player - if it has an HDMI, your sorted.

You have 3 HDMI's, which (as I've just commented) is now the standard. so ultimately you will be using them. At worse, get a switchable scart splitter - about £3. If your upgrading to Sky HD, then thats sorted. As I said, a decent 2013 model blu-ray (Sony, Panasonic or Samsung) can be had for £60 or less, and does everything the DVd does and more.

BTW - what do you think of the e6? We've sold lots, and it has a decent picture, but I like actual customer feedback, which has been generally positive.

Wednesday 9 October 2013 2:26PM


yes thanks for that. Yes wife said look at manual which i did and they showed daisy chain (but the sky into dvd and the dvd to the tv - which i did not think much off - did not work anyway) But they drawing also showed HDMI leads (think they were covering there bases).

I will check if DVD is hdmi (doubt it though) so will prob end up getting a splitter and try that.

Only got TV yesterday and got it going - but so far yes very impressed with the picture and TV. My wife connected it to web etc and had a little mess around with it. From what I have seen the menus etc are easy to sort out - Had to adjust the picture as very bright so i had to navigate my way to sort that out.. So far could not fault it.

Thanks for your help.

Wednesday 9 October 2013 3:12PM

Darren: Good, the Panasonic smart stuff is much better than last year - just wondering when all four channels will be on catchup on all the brands - apparently its writing the software..

Start with the splitter, and go from there.

Wednesday 9 October 2013 8:46PM

Darren: On the subject of your original query, I am a bit curious as to whether or not you have tried the DVD connected straight into the TV's scart socket just to make sure that its working? because the method you used by connecting it into the Sky+ boxes AV2 (marked video) should under normal circumstances have worked and indeed in some cases override the Sky box without it being in standby, albeit that placing the Sky box in standby is the more usual way of doing things.

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