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Briantist: Read this! You know you want to... is out! Stories via @Markonair
LindaMannheim: RT @SimonOkotie: London 2050: a tube map for the future by @briantist via @lonrec.
_scubatiger: @SimonOkotie @Briantist @lonrec Tube map for 2050? I thought we would be flying by that time...
SimonOkotie: London 2050: a tube map for the future by @briantist via @lonrec.
Briantist: Read this! You know you want to... is out!
SmartRailNews: What will the London Underground map look like in 2050? Click and @Briantist will show you what he thinks!
rsdworker: @Briantist hey - the your designed tube map has some step free stations missing example - Kilurn station has lift already
Briantist: Read this! You know you want to... is out!
Briantist: Read this! You know you want to... is out! Stories via @boomerangomics
hanlemic: @Briantist Hi Brian a quick thank you for your Herculean efforts with the 2050 TfL map over the past few weeks!

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Free to watch on satellite

Free to watch on satellite

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Freeview and aerials

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TV channels and radio stations

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Viewing from outside the UK

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Non-UK channels

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Difference between systems

Difference between systems

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Television sets

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High Definition (HD)

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john knight
Wednesday 10 September 2014 9:59PM

How do i connect a youview box to a tv, hard drive recorder, & dvd player. My tv has two Hdmi & two scart sockets. My youview box has a hdmi socket & a scart socket. The hard drive recorder has two scart sockets & the Dvd player has one scart socket? Thanks

Wednesday 10 September 2014 10:49PM

john knight: OK, start with the basics. Assuming the Youview is your main PVR, that should go into HDMI 1 (I assume its also your HD tuner). You can choose to loop through the signal from the aerial via the Youview box if you want, or split them. It really makes no odds.

On the other hand, if you want the other hard drive recorder to also record , I'd certainly split the signal, and loop through to the TV via one of the boxes, with the other one ending up with the other one. You can daisy-chain three devices, but its a bit of a mare if something isn't working - the shorter the chain, the easier life is.

OK, so you have one HDMI and 2 scarts.

The DVD player (I assume), has only a scart connection, so that goes into AV 1 or 2 (scart). If it has hdmi as well (for upscaling?), you could put it in via HDMI.

The hard drive recorder? Since its only got a scart, its got to go in AV 1 or 2. Think which scart connected device you use most frequently.

From the fact that its got 2 scarts, I assume the TV is at least 3 years old, and having just 2 HDMI's can cause problems a bit like this, when you consider that pretty much everything now will have HDMI and often nothing else.

If you or anyone is buying extra kit or a new TV, be aware that a TV from the Tier 1 brands (Samsung, Panasonic, Sony & LG) will only have one scart, plus RGB imputs. 2, 3 or 4 HDMI's are standard (and I'd like to see 4 if I could, although 3 should be fine, since many smart functions are now standard). As I said, most extra boxes (HDD's, Blu-Rays, streamers, etc) will only have HDMI's.You can get splitter boxes, but they dont always work well.

If your now buying a TV with only two HDMI's, keep in mind that you might need more at some point. Cheap is not cheap, expensive is not expensive.

john knight
Wednesday 10 September 2014 11:21PM

Thanks for your prompt reply. My youview box is not a pvr so I must record from my Humax 92000t . How can I connect my Humax 92000t to my TV can I use a scart socket or must I link them via aerial sockets?

john knight:

Thursday 11 September 2014 12:08AM

john knight: If by "hard drive recorder" you are referring to the Humax 9200T? then the situation is somewhat simpler.

Couple the YouView boxes HDMI output socket into TV's HDMI 1 input.

Humax 9200's scart socket marked "TV" being coupled into the TV's AV1 scart input socket.

DVD player's scart socket being coupled into TV's AV2 scart input.

Each device being selected by using the TV's "input select" button on the remote control.

As MikeB has said, you could daisy chain the aerial through the YouView box - Humax 9200T and then into the TV, however if any signs of picture glitching occur that wasn't happening before, then use a three way powered splitter, as this will guarantee that each device receives the same level of signal whereas not when daisy chaining, this procedure generally resulting in the last device in the chain receiving a lower level of signal.

john knight
Thursday 11 September 2014 12:45AM

Again thanks for your prompt reply. Where should the aerial lead go in the TV, Humax or Youview box?

Thursday 11 September 2014 7:32AM Billingshurst

Could you please tell me there is a fault at Midhurst as none of my tv have a reception my postcode is rh149nw
Thank you

Thursday 11 September 2014 7:49AM

john knight: Reception is generally always guaranteed to reliably better by "not" using daisy chain methods, but though its entirely dependant on the strength of the signal being received as well as technical aspects of the devices that the signal is passing through i.e: attenuation levels (if any).

However, in answer to your question, connect the aerial into your YouView box then through the Humax PVR then finally into the TV, if though you detect any picture glitching on the TV, remove the aerial from the YouView box and couple it directly into the TV, if this improves the situation then purchase a three way powered splitter.

Thursday 11 September 2014 8:10AM

sue : Nothing,as yet,has been reported, although its doubtful that all channels would be affected if any fault did occur. But though, if the situation remains the same then you should check with a neighbour to find if their reception is also affected, or alternatively confined to your installation by a fault having developed on your aerial system / booster etc, if used.

Christine Beardshall
Tuesday 16 September 2014 7:38PM

Please can you tell me if Poirot will be shown again? Its always missing from the schedule of late and i miss it terribly.

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