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Free to watch on satellite

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Saturday 9 August 2014 12:36AM

Hi jb38 thanks for the link. It says

1.Sign in to the TV settings section of My Sky using your Sky iD and password.
2.Select Change your PIN.
3.Enter a new four-digit PIN in the Enter new PIN field.
4.Repeat the new PIN in the Confirm new PIN field.
5.Select Update PIN.

I don't have a Sky ID or password, but if I did what would I be asked for?

Can a pin number not be reset in the menus of sky on the box itself?

Saturday 9 August 2014 11:18AM

Michael: The simple answer is no!, because any changes to the standard of using the last four digits on the card "cannot" be made without first of all logging onto Sky who keeps a record of "all" pin number changes made by their subscribers, viewers such as yourself who are not subscribers, being unable to make changes of any type.

On the subject of what Sky would ask for, if you were a Sky subscriber then you would not be asked for anything except to choose from a range of options, because as soon as you logged onto Sky with your user ID, details of who you are (or should be) including address, phone number of, package being subscribed to, as well as info on the serial number of the box being used would be known by Sky.

Needless to say, that if they suspected that you were not that person, then the viewing card being used in the box would no doubt come to the end of its life, that is as far as accessing facilities reserved for Sky customers is concerned.

Sunday 10 August 2014 12:47AM

I heard you can buy pirate boxes from North Africa that can receive sky for nothing? Is that true? I know in the past you could buy pirate cards, I don't understand why you can't buy them anymore. There are channels on Sky that are blocked by Sky that are free on Freeview such as UK Gold and Alibi. Why are they blocked? ITV E$ HD is a farce. These are meant to be Freeview yet you get a message "This is the wrong card for the set top box? What exactly is in these Integrated circuits? I have heard so much rubbish overtime such as 1. Sky cannot communicate with the card if you have no phone line connected, meaning "If you subscribe and cancel it, you take the phone line out of the box and you can watch it for a long time" 2. If you put the card in the freezer it will work? What is all this about as I know none of this works? How do they control these cards, what exactly is in them, do they not use the same circuit diagram?

Sunday 10 August 2014 8:41PM


The card contains some circuitry but also some software. It is possibloe for Sky to communicate with the card inserted in the Sky Box via an over-air system and not just via a telephone line. So they can control how the card in a particular box is 'paired' with that box. If the card is not properly 'paired' it will give the message quoted.
Putting a Sky authorisation card in a freezer does not change the data and software stored on the card. It contains a microcircuit that is stable between -50C and +180C, by the very nature of silicon that is used as the base upon which the circuitry is built. The software/firmware is not known to be temperature sensitive so if the 'chip' is undamaged it is not affected.
I do not know of any boxes that can receive Sky services that are being sold from North Africa. If there are some, they will either be pirated versions or stolen stock. I would not condone nor recommend any such source as there are potential legal pitfalls to owning and/or using such a device, not least of which are copyright laws and the 1968 Theft Act.

Tuesday 12 August 2014 3:49PM Bridport

We live in Higher Eype near Bridport DT6 6AH. I have mounted a group A high gain antenna on the roof and have some signals Ch24 and Ch 28 give High quality and High signal strength with the antenna mounted horizontally.
This I think means we are getting the signal from Rowridge.
If I look at the Rowridge transmitter data I see that the antenna could be mounted either Horizontally or vertically . I am puzzled about 2 things :-
Why dont I receive ch 21,25,22 all of which transmit at "Full"
What is the significance of the + or - following a channel number.
Thanks for any help

Tuesday 12 August 2014 3:51PM

Sorry it should read Ch24 and Ch 27 give High quality and High signal strength

Tuesday 12 August 2014 10:10PM

tony: There are several reasons why reception of the COM muxes from Rowridge on C22, C25 and C28 might not be possible in Bridport despite reception of the PSB muxes being ok. Firstly, with the aerial mounted for horizontal polarisation, the signal is only transmitted at 50kW horizontal, a quarter of the power of the PSB muxes. Additionally the same frequencies are used by Stockland Hill, the signals from which, despite being obstructed by local hills, are likely to cause interference to any signals from Rowridge. Secondly, the antenna for the SDN and Arqiva A&B COM muxes from Rowridge is lower down the mast than that used for the other services.The radiation pattern, which has not been made public could be tailored to limit interference to viewers to Stockland Hill. With the aerial mounted for vertical polarisation you might stand a better chance of reception from Rowridge as the COMs are 200kW vertical, however there is still the question of the radiation pattern possibly having a restriction towards Stockland Hill and the possibility of low level interference from S/H.

Tony Hill
Wednesday 13 August 2014 11:37AM

Tony (of Higher Eype): We live just to the east of Dorchester and are almost at the western limit of the Meridian (Rowridge) area. From Weymouth westwards, West Country is the ITV area with a transmitter In Devon (near Plymouth?). How is it you don't point your aerial there?

Thursday 14 August 2014 12:34AM

Hi Mike P Thank you for the answers. In my opinion there are just too many channels being blocked by BskyB and I wish people would stop paying for it. I can understand charging for live sports, Movie Channels and Box Office, however it is not right to be charging for the other channels such as ITV Encore, Alibi, Gold, E Entertainment and nearly all children's TV and there is not one documentary channel that is free to view. The subscriptions that people pay are subsidising channels that simply should not be being subsidised. The Pub trade cannot afford there charges, OFCOM have done nothing about any of this

Jim Nicholson
Tuesday 26 August 2014 9:11AM

Hi there
I have started to experience loss of the BBC1 & BBC2 block through RF2 of my Sky +HD box
I have proved this by bypassing the box by link the aerial lead directly to the output lead.
The output lead is connected to an aerial distribution amplifier in the loft & all televisions connected exhibit the same problem.
Has anyone got any thoughts?

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