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Wenvoe transmitter - retune require on 23rd January 2013 for Arqiva B multiplex

To allow for the launch in 2013 of 4G mobile broadband, changes are being made to some digital TV transmitters. Viewers in South Wales will have to retune after 6am on on 23rd January 2013 to continue to receive certain Freeview TV and radio channels.

To allow for the launch in 2013 of 4G mobile broadband, changes
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At 6am on 23rd January 2013, the ArqB (or COM6 or ArqivaB) multiplex will move from C49 to C39+. You will need to rescan to continue to watch 15 Film 4, 18 4Music, 19 Yesterday, 21 VIVA, 24 ITV 4, 47 4seven, 83 Al Jazeera English,85 Russia Today English, plus 21 other channels.

When you now rescan, you MUST do a "first time installation" or "factory reset" scan, not an "add channels". Do the procedure you did on September 30th 2009. If you can't recall what this was, please see link icon List of manuals for Freeview retune, or try the link icon generic clear and rescan procedure.

Multiplex COM6 - ARQB - Arqiva B

Broadcasting to 19.8m UK homes from 80 masts:
Film 4
Ideal World
35 QVC Beauty
40 Rocks and Co 1
Argos TV
Al Jazeera English
Russia Today English (daytime)
172 ADULT smileTV2
174 Babestation
199 ADULT Section

226 CCTV
227 Sports
231 Racing TV
306 Channel Zero

711 The Hits radio
712 Smash Hits!
713 Kiss
714 heat
715 Magic
716 Q
718 Smooth radio
722 Kerrang!
725 Premier Radio

Originally published on 10th January 2013 at 15:02 by Brian Butterworth

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Peter Dolman
Saturday 12 January 2013 2:24PM

This will be good news for those in the Mendip area whose location means they also receive the unwanted Wenvoe signals...Wenvoe's channel 49 mux sat between Mendip's channels 48 and 52 muxes, often causing customers problems when retuning.

Mike Dimmick
Monday 14 January 2013 5:47PM

Peter Dolman: Wenvoe is moving in part to get out of the way of Mendip (but also some of its own relays). Mendip will retune on 27 March: the BBC A multiplex currently on C61 will move to C49.

The two transmitters will not use interleaved frequencies after this retune, but Wenvoe will stop at C47 and Mendip will start at C48, making the 'remove the aerial cable' technique effectively impossible anyway.

Friday 25 January 2013 12:06AM Swansea

I live in the Swansea region and retuned on jan 24th and now the BBC channels only are breaking up in ways they were not before. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-26T30 television from 2007 connected to a DVD player and then to an Antenna through a booster box. Any thoughts? Is the booster box the issue? Might things work again if I take this out of the equation?

Thank you

Dave Lindsay
Friday 25 January 2013 11:15AM

Michael: If you are using the Wenvoe transmitter the BBC channels did not change channel and so there is nothing different (they are the same).

For this reason, I wonder if your receiver has tuned BBC from another transmitter.

Bring up the signal strength screen and ensure that it is tuned to C41 (for Wenvoe).

Other possibilities may include Carmel on C60, Kilvey Hill on C23 or Preseli on C43.

You may be able to use the unplugging aerial trick during the part of the scan that the unwanted transmitter is received.

Wenvoe's lowest channel is 39 and its highest is 47. So if you find that it has tuned Kilvey Hill on C23 then you can avoid this (and other Kilvey Hill signals) by having the aerial unplugged for the first 30% of the scan or until it gets to the early 30 channel numbers, should it give channel numbers when scanning.

Iain Davies
Saturday 26 January 2013 10:12AM Isle Of Mull

Good move!!!, as it was a major problem in the west of England with automatic tuning . In most cases you had to do a manual tune to separate Wenvoe from Mendip.

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