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North Wales - some viewers will need to retune Freeview on 14th November 2012

As part of the change of what is known as the 800MHz band of frequencies from television to 4th generation mobile broadband, there is an ongoing programme of changes taking place over the next few months.

As part of the change of what is known as the 800MHz band of fr
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Viewers in North Wales who use the Storeton, Moel-Y-Parc and Llanddona transmitters, and many of the relays will need to retune. Other relays will find one or more multiplexes will be without services during the night.

Those watching Freeview on the Isle of Man will also have to retune.

Here is a list of the transmitter changes:

14th November 2012

Beary Peark (IoM): PSB3 C50 to C40
Bethesda: PSB2 C60 to C60-
Bethesda North: PSB1 2W to 4W PSB2 2W to 4W PSB3 2W to 4W
Cemaes: PSB1 5.6W to 11W PSB2 5.6W to 11W PSB3 5.6W to 11W
Coed Derw: PSB2 C50 to C40
Douglas (IoM): PSB2 C60 to C60-
Glyn Ceiriog: PSB2 C61 to C49
Glyndyfrdwy: PSB1 C62- to C50
Jurby (IoM): PSB3 C50 to C40
Laxey (IoM): PSB3 C50 to C40
Llandderfel: PSB1 C62- to C50
Llanddona: COM6 C50 to C40 PSB2 C60 to C60-
Llandecwyn: PSB1 C61 to C49
Llanengan: PSB1 C61 to C49
Llangollen: PSB2 C61 to C49
Llanuwchllyn: PSB3 C50 to C40
Maentwrog: PSB1 3.2W to 6W PSB2 C50 to C40 3.2W to 6W PSB3 3.2W to 6W
Moel-Y-Parc: PSB2 C49+ to C39+
Morfa Nefyn: PSB1 14W to 28W PSB2 14W to 28W PSB3 14W to 28W
Port St Mary (IoM): PSB3 C50 to C40
Ramsey (IoM): PSB1 C49- to C39+
Storeton: PSB3 C60 to C60-
Union Mills (IoM): PSB3 C50 to C40
Waunfawr: PSB1 5.2W to 10.4W PSB2 5.2W to 10.4W PSB3 5.2W to 10.4W

Here is a map of the transmitter regions where the changes are taking place:

If you are, you will need to do a retune on your Freeview equipment. You may find that you have to do a "first time installation".

The services on the multiplexes in Wales are as follows:

Freeview Wales multiplexes after switchover

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Declan McGrath
Friday 16 November 2012 11:13AM Beaumaris

Thanks for the advice. I shall do that later.


Declan Mcgrath

Friday 16 November 2012 8:22PM Market Drayton

We are on The Wrekin transmitter, all was fine until we retuned on the dreaded 14th November, we now get BBC1 Wales ITV1 is totally unviewable. What has happened to my old channels? I have retuned three times and still get the same poor signal. I have changed nothing at my end so can someone explain why? I checked The Wrekin I should be getting all west midlands channels but I am not.

Chris Oyitch
Friday 16 November 2012 10:49PM Gainsborough

Hehe switch over complete... How many retunes are going to happen from 4G... I'm predicting in my area Belmont and Waltham as some channels are above 698MHz.... Why do they transmit on these frequencys? I thought GHz travels in air better and requires smaller aerial?
Offcom are muppits
....same as offgen who are s'posed to control prices so puplic don't get ripped of???!!!

Where is the loyaty?

Saturday 17 November 2012 9:44AM

Chris Oyitch: Waltham is scheduled to change frequency on Mux BBCA in May 2013. Belmont is already using C60- so will not require a retune to introduce an offset for this phase of changes for 4G. The question remains whether the amount of spectrum available for 4G will be extended in the not too distant future to take in C49 to C60. This requires agreement from the other countries in Europe, but if implemented would see another round of retunes with the COM muxes possibly taking up temporary frequencies in the C31 to C37 part of group A, with a possible move to nationwide SFN working on C22, C25, C28 in the longer term. This would require the use of DVB-T2 on all COM muxes plus the PSB muxes at Belmont, Sandy Heath and Bilsdale to work, so is likely to be controversial if or when implemented.

Bethan Williams
Tuesday 20 November 2012 1:22PM

I retuned last Wednesday (14/11/12)and did retune as a first time installation, have now lost all BBC channels. Help please, it's for an elderly neighbour who has nothing apart from his tv. We recieve signal from Llanddona mast
Thank you in anticipation

Wednesday 28 November 2012 5:49PM

since retuning ive lost film 4 viva music and itv 4why? i get my signal from llanddona can you help please. ive followed all advice given

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