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Freesat on Freeview HD

Freesat have released a statement about Freeview HD

Freesat have released a statement about Freeview HD
Published on by on UK Free TV

Freesat, commenting on today's Ofcom announcement that it has awarded two licences for HD channels on Freeview from 2010, Freesat would like you to note that:

  • Roll out of Freeview HD channels will be linked to digital switchover, currently taking place in the UK which means that HD will only become available in the UK on a region by region basis from launch until 2012
  • In order to view HD channels on Freeview, consumers will need to replace their existing Freeview receiving equipment (either a set top box or a television with a Freeview receiver built in) by purchasing entirely new equipment
  • Freeview coverage in the UK currently stands at 73%. Even after digital switchover there will still be a proportion of UK households which will not be able to view Freeview and it's HD channels whilst Freesat reaches 98% of UK homes now
Freesat adds, "With Freesat, subscription free high definition (HD) is already a reality for the UK. We believe our no strings offer of over 130 channels plus great HD programmes from the BBC and ITV, for a one off payment of as little as 120, is leading the way in making HD the standard that viewers will come to expect in the future."

"Due to the way we broadcast our service, via satellite rather than traditional aerial, HD is available now to 98% of UK homes via Freesat. Freesat homes don't have to wait until Digital Switchover reaches their region to get HD for free which for large parts of the country is still over three years off."

And they didn't mention that Freeview HD is limited to 720-line services (2.5 times SD in terms of pixels), whereas Freesat is already 1080-line (5 times SD's pixels).

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Les Nicol
Sunday 22 July 2012 10:48PM

MikeT: Mike, I am very familiar with the Lasswade area, having been born and lived in the Edinburgh and Midlothian area for most of my life.I am aware that the geography in and around Lasswade has quite radically differing contrasts from the lowest point at the Bridge, which sees I think the river Eak at this lowest point to the higher unobstructed level at Lasswade High School and the former Midfield House. There a fair number of wooded areas locally also. I suspect that depending on your specific location there may be signal issues that would perhaps relate to "Freeview" reception as well. It's difficult for me to give a more specific answer to this one without your exact locus, but I bet it's generally problamatic for installers to achieve a locked on figital signal at the bottom end of Lasswade.

Les Nicol
Monday 23 July 2012 8:00AM

Mike T; You are aware that the Satellite signals are transmitted from a cluster of satellite's around 28 degrees South East e.g. Astra and Eutelsat? High and Low Band's need to be correctly peaked with a Pro meter across that cluster to achieve the best possible signal reception - (your receiver and LNB - the item on the end of the dish arm- switch high and low bands automatically).

a hollland
Thursday 8 November 2012 8:31AM

can a freeview TV decode and display freesat signals? or do I need another decoder (freesat). I have never seen a freesat TV, but since I can't get a freeview I want to use freesat, but preferably without another box! Separate boxes and cables drive us all mad.

Dave Lindsay
Thursday 8 November 2012 10:31AM

a hollland: Freeview is a terrestrial system and Freesat is a satellite system. There are a few TVs that have Freesat built-in. I believe that they also tend to have Freeview as well, but you could just not use it.

A brief Google brought up these (and other) results:

<img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon" link iconfreesat HD TV - freesat

<img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon" link icon…1947

Saturday 12 January 2013 5:45PM

can i connect a feeview tv to a freesat box

Saturday 12 January 2013 9:39PM

Joan: Yes! via a scart lead, or if the Freesat box is capable HD reception and the Feeview TV has an HDMI input then use an HDMI lead between both devices, the scart lead not being required.

By the way, what's been said does not in any way apply to anything concerning the feed from the dish that is used by the Freesat box nor the normal aerial used by the Freeview TV.

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