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Zattoo - Freeview online

This legal service allows you to watch most Freeview channels online, right now.

This legal service allows you to watch most Freeview channels o
Published on by on UK Free TV

With a logo that looks like a spacehopper, this is another new streaming TV to your computer service.

You can download the programme from here <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon"> link iconZattoo - TV meets PC - and you also need to register an email address and password, which you enter when you start the program.

The picture quality is reasonable:

And there is a reasonable list of channels:

There are Mac and Linux versions of the programme - does it work for you?

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Mark A.
Thursday 10 March 2011 7:22PM Haywards Heath

I've had a look at Zattoo. (
You can view the channels using a web browser or their application Zattoo 4.0.5
The only problem is the number of channels.
No BBC channels.
No ITV channels except the non ITV channel 3 channels of STV and UTV.
No Channel 4 but there is S4C.
No Channel 5.

I think your photo above is out of date.

The channels are; (In English unless other language in brackets)

S4C (Welsh)
Community Channel
Information TV
Al Jazeera
Bloomberg UK
DW-TV Deutsche Welle (English and German)
ETB Sat (Spanish)
Extremadura TV (Spanish)
Outdoor Sport Channel (English -off line when tested-)
Red Bull TV
France 24 (French)
God Channel TV
Russia Today
Rundschau (German)
ITV1, STV (-off line when tested-)
TV8 Mont-Blanc (French)
Press TV

Friday 11 March 2011 6:48AM

Mark A.: Yes, this article is dated 13th May 2008.

Andrew Smith
Saturday 16 July 2011 8:58AM Wells-next-the-sea

The Problem with the digital freeview system is if you are away from home when the program that you want to see is broadcast , you an record it on VHS Video or DVD or Blu-Ray BUT if the broadcaster alters the program skedual without giving prior notice you will get a program you didn't want and you think that your set is faulty for recording the wrong program > The BBC dictate what programs you see > If they are following a sporting event they will carry on transmitting and then say other programs have been transfered to another channel BUT your recorder which has been preset cannot change by its self to another channel to compensate for the channel change by The BBC . The BBC must understand that EVERYONE does not like sport ! we have to pay them our licence fee , that does not give them the power to decide what programs we watch .

Andrew Smith
Saturday 16 July 2011 9:11AM Wells-next-the-sea

Transmitters > I live in Norfolk (Anglia Region) but there are no Anglia/BBC East transmitters that I can receive a signal from . Belmont Transmitter is where the signal comes from but Belmont transmits Yorkshire and Lincolnshire programs > Local transmitted programs like News and Current afairs are of no intrest to me > What the weather is doing on Humberside is not the same as Norwich > Would it not be possible for (in this modern day of technology) for Eastern Counties programs to be sent by cable to Belmont Transmitter , then beamed to us from there as well as Yorkshire programms ?

Saturday 16 July 2011 12:02PM

Andrew Smith: Historically the Belmont transmitter was originally a main station of Anglia TV. BBC North was added later to improve reception in what was then part of the Holme Moss coverage area of BBC TV. When the decision was made to transfer the ITV region over to Yorkshire TV, due to the fact that so much of the coverage area lay in Yorkshire and Humberside, there was considerable disquiet from viewers in the southern part of the area. To this day those who can also receive Waltham make this their transmitter of choice as they feel a greater affinity with Nottingham rather than Hull. In East Anglia relays were added for viewers unable to receive Tacolneston just to deliver the correct regional news, and these will be converted to digital rather than adding an extra signal to the Belmont ensemble. At your location the Digital UK postcode checker predicts a number of options will become available on 9th November 2011 for reception of BBC East signals. They are all shown as variable reception,unfortunately. The transmitters are Tacolneston, West Runton and Wells-next-the-sea.

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