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Sky+ ten quid monthly fee abolished

Sky have announced the end of the monthly £10 Sky+ fee.

Sky have announced the end of the monthly £10 Sky+ fee.
Published on by on UK Free TV
BSkyB have charged 10 per month to anyone who has a Sky+ box and does not take the company's full package of channels.

BSkyB subscribers will no longer have to pay to retain the personal video recorder facilities from 1 July 2007.

If you have stopped subscribing and wish your Sky+ box to be restored to full function you simply have to subscribe to the lowest level Sky package.

Alternatively, ex-subscribers will now be allowed to use the device with the Freesat channels, but this will retain the 10 charge.

In effect you can now pay 15 per month for "2 mixes" and have Sky+ (was 25) or pay 10 per month for just the Freesat channels.

Will this offer stop people turning to Freeview Playback?

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Wednesday 7 December 2011 1:37PM

So, to confirm...

I can stop subscribing to Sky, but just pay the £10/month fee, and get
-free to view channels
-free to air channels

or have I misunderstood ?

Wednesday 7 December 2011 2:17PM

burgess: Yes, that is correct.

Wednesday 7 December 2011 2:29PM

That sounds great, thanks. Is it easy to convince Sky of this, or are they likely to pretend not to know what I'm on about ?

Wednesday 7 December 2011 2:34PM

burgess: Yes, just tell them you want Sky+ enabled for £10 a month.

Ron Crisp
Thursday 17 May 2012 1:08PM

Hello Brian, As I understand it, following the cancellation of my Sky+ contract, I can ASK TO RETAIN THE PVR SERVICE ON THE SKY+ BOX, but must pay Sky £10 per month for that 'service' - is that correct, please?
If so, is that likely to be 'better deal' than buying a replacement PVR (at about £200, it seems), and losing all the materials stored on the Sky+ box, please?

Thursday 17 May 2012 3:18PM

Ron Crisp: I realise that you directed the question at Briantist, but if I could just answer insomuch that on the first part of your query the answer is yes, but as far as the second query is concerned it really depends on whether or not you consider paying £120.00 per year is worth it purely to be able to use the recorder, as that's all it covers and not any of the basic package channels that you had before.

A Freeview PVR would be a better and less costly bet "if" you had a suitable aerial installed.

Ron Crisp
Thursday 24 May 2012 2:13PM

Thanks, JB. Yes, I tend to agree, but wonder whether the current crop of PVRs are likely to be 'replaced' by something more effective within the two years that Sky's £120 per year would take to buy a suitable PVR with HDD at about £240 now, perhaps?

Following the 'gales' here in BB4, I had all new aerials, so have now DAB and FM radio aerials/feeds, and a 'Digital HiGain Class Three' to judge from your on-site illustrations: the installers' bill wasn't itemised.
So, I COULD choose to stick with the aerialfor Freeview and/or use the Sky+ box to 'bring in' Freesat, too - so I am confusing myself with the choices now.
Your advice would be appreciated, folks. Thanks!

Thursday 24 May 2012 5:07PM

Ron Crisp: If you are a follower of certain Sky package channels that can only be viewed via a Sky subscription then you will obviously have to stick with Sky, but what you should do is check through a few of the programmes that you normally view on Sky and after selecting each of them one at a time remove the Sky card whilst viewing it, as that will soon indicate the channels that can only be viewed with an active card, exclude Pick TV (152) though as although that would vanish although its still viewable without a subscription, the card having to be installed as its encrypted.

I personally favour Freesat for reception because just like Sky its 99.9% of the time totally reliable, whereas Freeview can be prone to suffering from a variety of annoying reception problems especially in country areas, transmitters covering your area being Winter Hill @ 11 miles or Emley Moor @ 26 miles, although the second part of your code may indicate potential problems with either as this does not show using only BB4.

Another aspect is that Freesat has a few programmes that Freeview might not and vice-versa, likewise Sky without a subscription giving another variation, and so your personal viewing preferences would really dictate your course of action, although I would never hesitate in recommending a Freesat HDR to anyone that demands glitch free reception.

Ron Crisp
Saturday 2 June 2012 3:14PM

Ron Crisp: Many thanks, JB.

"I'm still ignorant, but at a much higher level", thank you.

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