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Are we going to get BBC local radio on Freeview in England?

If you have Freeview in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you have always had two extra BBC radio stations. Do tests in the West Midlands perhaps mean that we will we soon get local radio in England? I hope so.

“- a516digital: BBC local radio spotted testing on Freeview in West Midlands ” --- David
Film4 moves to 15 Film4 moves to 15

Film4, the popular Brit-movie channel moves Freeview channel number today from 32 to 15.

“Great news LutonFan ITV2 is bobbins, Nedbod” --- Nedbod

Freeview round up - BBC HD, Local TV, Al Jazeera HD

As I have been away for a few weeks, this is a quick update with some Freeview news.

“thanks Des Next time in the market for a new TV i will pay more attention As i said above its not that big a problem as my SD is virtually as good” --- NICK ADSL UK

What could happen to Freeview if Scotland voted to become independent?

What could happen the broadcasting in the UK if Scotland decided to leave?

“The TV News coverage on TV seems to only feature SNP Government and pro being a separate country. Where is the voice of those in Scotland wanting to ” --- David
Really to replace Dave Ja Vu on Freeview

A new channel is coming to Freeview. Yes, Really.

“It really does not matter, to me!” --- Steve
Kiss Fresh and True Entertainment on Freeview

This week is a busy one for Freeview channel launches. To add to Film4+1, we have a new radio station and a popular Freesat channel.

“new channel on 208 called proud of dating,retune required” --- sharealam
Travel Channel and Film4+1 comes to Freeview, Film4 to Freeview Light

Two welcome developments for Freeview today. The popular Travel Channel (already on Freesat 405 and Sky 251) starts an evening service, and Film4 moves to all UK transmitters, bringing more choice to homes with the limited Freeview service.

“Stuart Ahrens: Also meant to add, that it would be of considerable assistance if the model number of the TV in question was known.” --- jb38
Freeview "balloons" advert

View the new advert for Freeview

“Seems a piontless advert to me when I thought most of us using digital allready. Will it be shown on remaining Anolgue only I wonder or other platfor” --- David
UKTV's Drama to be on Freeview 20

Drama, which starts on 8 July 2013, will be on Freeview channel 20.

“What, if anything, is happening to Really, which I think is at LCN 20 or thereabouts?” --- Nicholas Willmott
InView EPG death - boxes

If you have a Digifusion, Inverto, Thomson or Sony box, you may no longer have a Freeview EPG.

“For those who have Digifusion 145 boxes. Beko plc are offering a 70 deal on any that were sold from their stock. Email beko plc and supply your ser” --- jay
Update on transmitter radiation patterns (BBC FOI request)

The BBC have responded to my request for an update to the sites that they have provided the "radiation patterns" for.

“Noel: You can actually find the details of what we, and other nations, negotiated for in the ZIP file at” --- Mike Dimmick
Time to swap Freeview channels?

Some Freeview channels are flagging... is it time for a rethink?

“I wish the BBC would have an arcive channel and show all the old shows like Z cars and Softly Softly etc,I know there is UK Gold but they show semi mo” --- Iain Davies
Freeview channel number changes to go ahead: HD, Adult move on 17 October 2012

DMOL, the DTT Multiplex Operators co-ordination organization has today announced that appeals by Sky News and an adult channel operator have been rejected.

“Does this mean that for the moment I only have to retune my HD box and the other devices only need to be retuned later for the news cannels? I dont wa” --- Charles Stuart
Updated - changes to Freeview channel numbers this week on September 19th 2012

This week you will need to retune your Freeview box or television set to get the latest changes to the channel number line-up.

“According to this website link below, there will also be another retune after 19th September on 17th October: Freeview/Freeview HD/Top Up TV Anytim” --- Stuart Owens
Freeview channel numbers change on September 19th 2012

Following a consultation earlier in the year, from lunchtime on Wednesday 19th September, you will have to retune to get the new numbers allocated to some Freeview channels; in particular those used for News, Adult, Children and high definition services.

“igb2100: If they work now they will work after they move. If you dont have them now they wont work then either. Its down to whether your TV implements” --- Mike Dimmick
Ten more HD channels on two new Freeview HD multiplexes on air from 2014-18

Ofcom has recently suggested that BBC, Channel 4 and Arqiva plan for an interim Freeview HD service, before a new HD switchover in 2018 - to free up more space for 4G mobile broadband - could be put into service.

“What does this mean in practical terms for viewers, who will get it and who will not get the extra HD? Turning to Freesat are they not to get the ext” --- David
"Virgin 1" to replace FTN on Freeview

"Virgin 1" (or VMtv) is to provide a channel to rival to Sky One and it will be on Freeview!

“Im in England, its gone off here too! ” --- Rachel
Freeview modes - a simplified explanation

How is it possible to broadcast high definition television or more standard definition services on the same physical wavelength?

“Briantist:-nicely explained,bet your head hurt though after reading all those books!!” --- Des Collier
Two new Freeview channels - almost everywhere

A nice match between the BBC and Arqiva will provide two full time Freeview channels.

“If I could subscribe to individual channels at a modest, non-exploitative rate, install the system myself (without connecting to a phone socket) and w” --- michael
Rowridge 25th March retune

BBC Video about Rowridge retune on 25th March

“Keith - Theres a bit of logic to it... Channel 37 is a common channel for VCRs to rf out on. The auto-tune has re-programmed your VCR channel to an un” --- Jordy
EXCLUSIVE More Freeview capacity coming 2012-2016

Good news for Freeview - seven new frequencies could be providing up to 35 new Freeview HD channels from the main 80 transmitters within a few years.

“If more capacity really is facilitated through a digital dividend clearance of Ch31-37, lets hope that it wont simply lead to more junk channels or su” --- Nick Wilcock
More Freeview capacity - COM7, COM8 and COM9 - in the 600MHz band

Ofcom has announced provisional plans to reuse part of the television spectrum that was saved at digital switchover for ... more digital television.

“Does this mean they can improve the picture quality on some of the existing main standard Freeview channels which can be pretty poor ?” --- Nedbod
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