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Good news for Freesat?  Astra 2E satellite launched

Good news for Freesat? Astra 2E satellite launched

Very good news for the UK millions of satellite homes: from today there will be another satellite full - up to 60 transponders - of television to receive signals from.

“It does not seem clear to me how much Freesat will benifit. Freesat does not have any transponders of its own. The footprint of this satellite looks t” --- Trevor Harris
Sky halves EPG charges for public service broadcasters and saves BBC local radio Sky halves EPG charges for public service broadcasters and saves BBC local radio

Sky is set to lower the charges it makes to the four public service broadcasters after complains that the prices were excessive. The BBC will have 5.5m back, 5.7m will go to ITV, 2.3m to Channel 4 and 600k to Channel 5. This is enough to reduce the proposed cuts to BBC local radio.

“Still 4.4m too much. Sky should not be using public money to subsidise acquiring customers.” --- Mike Dimmick
Householder guide to  satellite dishes Householder guide to satellite dishes

Installation of satellite television dishes: householder's planning guide

“Shak - This may have been the installer going ahead on their own unless your neighbour actually installed it himself. Alleyways usually constitute com” --- Les Nicol

BBC to reduce satellite transponders from seven to six on 7 October 2011 BBC to reduce satellite transponders from seven to six on 7 October 2011

To reduce the BBC costs of "red button" service distribution, the number of satellite transponders used by the corporation will be reduced to six.

“Whenever the BBC makes a change like this one wonders what is the real reason for the change. Of course it will save money but is that the real reason” --- Trevor Harris
BBC satellite changes: radio, BBC ONE HD, Red button reduction 12-15 October 201

After the recent cut in the funding for the BBC, the Delivering Quality First review decided that BBC Red Button would be cut to one screen on all platforms. This will cause a few changes in the use of the BBC satellite transponders.

“Arthur Morley: There are suggestions that the true coverage is substantially wider than that footprint plot suggests. However, I wouldnt depend on tha” --- Mike Dimmick
New satellite footprints page

A new page has been added to UK Free TV to show the satellite coverage areas - known as footprints - for each of the satellites used to cover the UK.

“Can any freesat box be tuned manually to receive all free Sky channels? Is the footprint above freesat or sky? Which one are they likely to be lookin” --- Nick
BBC free to air satellite channels - generic free satellite equipment retune

If you have a satellite reciever that is not branded by Sky or Freesat, then you will need to retune due to satellite transponders changes to introduce BBC HD.

“Briantist: Im really not sure how complex the transponders on the satellites are. I believe theyre just relaying the signal fed to them from the groun” --- Mike Dimmick
Freesat reception - all about dishes

Satellite reception has both advantages and disadvantages compared with terrestrial (aerial) reception.

“Ken Swan - The Ross receiver you have is an FTA - Free to Air box These channels - Dave 5 US are not on Freesat either due to contractual agreements w” --- Les Nicol
No satellite signal? Check your dish for snow!

Just a quick reminder, as snow has started falling in parts of the UK that it doesn't normally reach.

“Please dont try to clear your dish with a hose pipe, you will end up with a skating rink and possibly a damaged LNB. Insistently, if you live in a ” --- Ian
Michael's "Pay TV" investigation

Michael asks important questions about satellite "gatekeeper" Sky

“Hi Brian, Do you mean the Tories will abolish this Pay TV scenario? ” --- Michael
BBC HD to switch to DVB-S2 on 6th June 2011

The BBC will switch to the higher-capacity modern modulation scheme for the BBC HD and BBC One HD channels on satellite.

“You do not tell us what a Freesat HD TV set will do, will it fail?” --- David
Changes to BBC HD transmissions on Astra satellites on 20 September 2012

In preparation for the launch of the Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland versions of BBC One HD, the BBC are making a small change to the way the transponder is configured.

“Brian, your numbers are wrong ... should be: The change from DVB-S to DVB-S2 last year increased the usable bitrate from 33.790850 Mbits/s to 40.62” --- js
New Astra 1N satellite to offer more UK-focused capacity - and soon

The launch of a new satellite offers the possibility for improvement and expansion of free-to-air satellite standard and high definition channels on Freesat and fSfS.

“Briantist: Typo error, Astra 1F is located at 51 degrees East.” --- NottsUK
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