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Briantist: @maggiemay2149 Ros has posted Not had freeview channels for 3 days Only ones work are internet channels but no Nor
Briantist: @m1ctk @tgheretford Steve P has posted Stan Droitwich 200Hz 1500m was also used in the war to transmit morse to on
Briantist: Nathan has posted Hi My Aunt don 039 t like buying new stuff Last year CH54 yesterday quality fell to ZERO so was
Briantist: @m1ctk @tgheretford trevorjharris has posted Mark My point was that it is very unlikely anyone will go for DAB
Briantist: BBC Two Celebrating 50 Years οf BBC Two
Briantist: @maggiemay2149 @burtonstewart @trevordobie @nathaliemac @gwhroberts Lizzy has posted I have moved from Grassington
Briantist: Concept fοr Live TV On the Go Was Around Long Before Aereo Variety The mantra for the digital age has been to it
Briantist: Aereo Launches ProtectMyAntenna org To Explain Its Position Vs Broadcasters TechCrunch Aereo ιs about to present
Briantist: ITN reports pre tax profit of 6 6m Media theguardian com The nɛws and multimedia company which produces for ITV
Briantist: Steady οn Jeremy Paxman Radio 1Xtra is music to my ears Kieran Yates Comment is free The Observer Photograph AP

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On the tenth day of Christmas Auntie brought to me ... five more HD channels

It is confirmed. If you use Freesat HD, Sky HD or Freeview HD, the BBC have five more HD channels for you from December 10th.

“Brian Wright: The transmitted HD signals are all of 1980x1080 resolution. The electronics in the receiver interpolate that to fill in the non-transmi” --- MikeP

Newsflash - Freeview HD "COM7" multiplex on air and showing Al Jazeera preview

Just a quick post to let you know that the extended Freeview HD service has started test broadcasts. The first new multiplex, COM7, is broadcasting - from Crystal Palace at least.

“Did a channel refresh but there was nothing new from Mendip, though 105 is showing BBC Three HD with a message that its coming soon. Im interested to ” --- Charles Stuart

Want to watch BBC three or CBBC in HD? You need to retune your Freeview box

When the BBC HD channel changed to just showing BBC TWO programs, viewers of the other five BBC TV networks lost out. The BBC are going to launch two of them shortly, so retune your Freeview HD box.

“OK, so theyre currently using: 101 BBC One HD 102 BBC Two HD 103 ITV1 HD 104 Channel 4 HD So wouldnt it be more sensible to have 107 BBC Thre” --- Nicholas Willmott

UTV HD on Freesat and Sky from November UTV HD on Freesat and Sky from November

At long last, the UTV high definition channel, which has been running on Freeview HD since switchover, will be added to Freesat and Sky homes from 4th November 2013.

“No UTV+1 though.” --- PJH
Freeview to get fifth HD channel, possibly by Christmas 2011

Following successful beta testing by BBC Free to View Limited, Ofcom is inviting the other public service broadcasters: ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, S4C, UTV and STV to apply for the fifth slot.

“Interesting, but what about Freesat HD? Also what about Channel Five HD on Freeview and Freesat wont Sky let them.” --- David
BBC High Definition test card

The BBC are now providing a test card to set up your HDTV

“Yes you can get the testcard with Freeview, if you live in a Freeview area and using Freeview. If you can only get satellite then, is there a satelli” --- Mark A.
Digital UK on Freeview HD channel numbers: "we can not do that, sorry"

In a recent consultation, Digital UK asked which channel numbers they would like the Freeview HD channels to appear on. The answer was as easy as one, two and three...

“ what will happen on non HD TVs n freeview boxes if BBC1 HD moves to 1 an so forth Riots in the streets?” --- David
Ofcom consults about Freeview HD two-multiplex upgrade plan in the 600MHz band

A plan to use some of the channels cleared by digital switchover for Freeview HD has been brought forward for consultation today by the regulator.

“Yery good question Mark. The BBC has still not been able to find anyone to go on their spare HD channel let alone find 10 more with only up to 65% cov” --- trevorjharris
I've got an HD TV ... why can't we have high definition channels in place of the

Freeview HD has them on 101, 102, 103 and 104. Sky has them on 141, 142, 178 and 230. On Freesat they are 108, 109, 119 and 126. Wouldn't it make sense for the public service channels to be in the "normal" place in the channel number list - why do they have to be on some seemingly random channel number?

“Steve Lyons: When everyone else can which is when the BBC Red Button data is carried on both the standard definition multiplex (PSB1) and the high def” --- Dave Lindsay
Want to see the extended Freeview HD coverage areas? See the UK Free TV maps

UK Free TV now shows the coverage areas for those masts that will have the extended Freeview HD service from next year

“Any chance of adding the 600mhz channels to the post switchover links in mapofsignal.php? :)” --- Michael
Want to know which transmitters will carry extra Freeview HD?

Details of the new Freeview HD transmitters to come on air next year

“Initially,i was dissapointed that The Wrekin is not included in the above,wondering about the technical reasons why it cannot be SFN with Sutton Coldf” --- Aerialman
BBC One Scotland starts in High Definition, Monday 14 January 2013

Following on from BBC One Northern Ireland, the nation of Scotland gets its primary BBC channel in high definition from next Monday.

“Will we get this in England our BBC HD on 101 Freesat and Freeview?” --- David
Want BBC Three, FOUR, CBBC, CBeebies and BBC News in HD? You can, in 2014

Following today's decision by Ofcom, the BBC has finally announced the provision of all of their television channels in high definition, and they will be on cable, satellite and Freeview HD.

“Only on Sky and Freeview thats a kick in the teeth for Freesat then.” --- David
Welcome to UK Free HDTV

Welcome to our new section on Free HD TV in the UK

“Ben:The present freeview HD service available in parts of Sheffield is transmitted from Emley Moor on C39. The Digital UK postcode checker shows poor ” --- KMJ,Derby
Are you really watching free TV in high definition?

There are many hurdles you have to jump if you really want to watch free television channels in high definition.

“I have been watching High-Definition TV since 1969 when I switched from 405 line black and white VHF to 625 line colour UHF TV. But as 625 line TV en” --- Mark Agius
HD and Freesat questions and answers

Al posted some very good questions about HD and Freesat.

“Many thanks Mike” --- David Haworth
Should I buy Freeview HD for Christmas?

It isn't just for the first high definition EastEnders on Christmas Day, Freeview HD is the gift that keeps giving

“Gordon - your new box will not override the built in tuner. Rather you will tell your TV not to display from the built in tuner, but from whatever inp” --- steve
The "secret" Ofcom plan for Freeview HDTV: DVB-T2

Ofcom has a plan for bringing HDTV to 98.5% of the UK: Reduce, Reorganising and T2

“OFCom HD TV and DVB-T2:-The closing date for comments (30/01/08) has now passed. As soon as a decision is reached, I m sure all those contributors to ” --- Geoff. Dixon
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