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UK Free TV 2014 annual Christmas Quiz | Quiz
Sunday 14 December 2014 8:51PM

Mark Agius: Thanks. I don't have any limit to the number of email addresses, as I own the server. It, however, is "managed" and uses a thing called cPanel which is supposed to make things easier.

However, I've been doing Unix/Linux command line admin for literally decades so all cPanel does is get in my way. I've sorted the problem but I wanted to post the quiz up so I went with the gmail address.

CPanel does all the forwarding stuff, but there was a glitch at the moment I was posting the article.

Gmail (or "Google Inbox" as I now have) does all the nice header re-writing stuff as well, I have several email addresses I use for different purposes. Works on all my devices at once (Windows 7 Chrome, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Windows 10 with Outlook 2013 etc etc).

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Map of all DAB transmitters
Monday 15 December 2014 11:53AM

Chris Orme: your tv isn't using DAB, it's Freeview, so that is DVB-T.

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