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Briantist: michael scott has posted hello Bob D If you're in Paignton then Channel 60 BBC mux should be always both good
Briantist: jb38 has posted Bill McDonald Although I did say in my previous reply that further advice was dependant on the of
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Should the UK close down the TV networks to allow for more mobile broadband?

Should the UK close down the TV networks to allow for more mobile broadband? Ofcom is wondering if Freeview is needed in the future, or can we close down the massively popular service to provide more 4G broadband. Freeview occupies 256MHz today, whilst mobile phone services have 560MHz. Digital UK has a report that suggests Freeview is good for the UK.

“We are told all the time we are living longer and soon will have more people retired than are at work. I bet if you told all these non workers they ar” --- john Martin
The last day of analogue television in the UK - goodbye PAL The last day of analogue television in the UK - goodbye PAL

23rd October 2012 is the last day that analogue television will be broadcast anywhere in the UK, making way - at last - for a fully digital service throughout the kingdom.

“Interesting article again - thanks for that! If I recall correctly, I think it was the 1970s when the West Highlands finally got ITV, with some surpri” --- George Buchanan
Changes to Saorview frequencies and power levels, 24th October 2012 Changes to Saorview frequencies and power levels, 24th October 2012

Next week's changes in Northern Ireland are the end of the UK Digital Switchover. On the same day Analogue Switch-Off happens in the Republic of Ireland.

“It will also be the last day of Ceefax/Teletext and Channel 5 will finally be broadcasted from all UK transmitters. ” --- Mark A.

Northern Ireland RTE1, RTE2, TG4 special mini-multiplex from 24 October Northern Ireland RTE1, RTE2, TG4 special mini-multiplex from 24 October

From 24 October 2012, a special selection of services from the Republic of Ireland will be broadcast to homes in Northern Ireland. This will consist of a special multiplex from three transmitters in Northern Ireland, and intentional transmitter overspill from the Republic.

“It will be interesting to know if anyone living in South-West Scotland, Isle Of Man parts of Cumbria or North-West Wales or West Wales can now or in t” --- Stuart Owens
2 days left of analogue television - goodbye teletext

The teletext service started back in the 1970s and was the first ever digital broadcast system. It was known as Ceefax on the BBC, and as ORACLE on ITV. To celebrate the passing of the service, here is the text of an ORACLE information leaflet produced by the IBA in the 1980s.

“Actually it was not only teletext that was transmitted in this way. It was also used commercially for data broadcasting. This was used by betting shop” --- trevorjharris
4G changes to relay transmitters - list of C61 and C62 shifts

There are 100 relays transmitters that are going to have small changes to their frequencies in 2012/13, to remove C61 and C62 from those used for television. Once these changes have been done, 4G (LTE) mobile broadband services can use them.

“Will digital changes never stop. ” --- David
April 18th - retune at Rowridge, Oxford, Stockland Hill and Hannington

The London region retune today allows four transmitters that have been waiting for the Crystal Palace transmitter to release its analogue frequencies. In particular, Rowridge (Southampton and Portsmouth) users need to retune and those as far away as Devon (Stockland Hill), Oxfordshire and Hannington (Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey) may have more channels today.

“John Winch, Just a thought, I have the same Humax and very good it is too! Go to menu,settings,installation (put in your pincode)manual search.Where” --- Russ Dring
UK Digital switchover ends - Northern Ireland completes on 24th October 2012

If you live in the Brougher Mountain, Divis, or Limavady transmitter areas - you will need to perform a 'first time' retune on your Freeview TV or set-top box when you get up for breakfast on this Wednesday morning.

“Bernadette: Its should be by default 0000, if that doesnt work then someone much have entered their own personal pin number.” --- jb38
Another non-standard EPG dies: GuidePlus+ withdrawn from ITV1.

The GuidePlus+ system joins InView in being withdrawn - leaving some Bang and Olufsen, Philips, Pioneer, Panasonic, Sharp and Sony equipment without an electronic programme guide.

“That isnt on the list, John. The models affected seem to be a few years old. So no, youre stuck with it. But do join me in writing to Panasoni” --- woodface
Will there ever be more services on the Freeview Light transmitters?

The short answer is no; as that seems unreasonable, here is a longer answer.

“Why have you left out Northern Ireland in the coverage map Brian ? Apparently, were plauged far more with the Freeview Lite problem than the rest of t” --- Peter Henderson
Brighton transmitters will be in BBC South East from 7th March 2012

No longer will Brighton terrestrial viewers get their 'local' news from 60-miles-away Southampton, but from Tunbridge Wells, after switchover.

“At least with freesat you can change the region you want for 101...not sure about 103 but I guess so This is going to upset a lot of Sally Taylor f” --- Dave
Sudbury Arqiva multiplex B changes 16 November - retune required

Viewers in Suffolk and Essex that use the Sudbury transmitter will need to retune their Freeview boxes on 16 November 2011.

“andyboy: The change tomorrow that necessitates retuning applies only ArqB mux (which carries Yesterday, Film4, 4Music and others). If you dont receive” --- Dave Lindsay
Switchover starts in Hampshire, West Sussex coast plus Brighton and Hove

If you live in the Rowridge (Southampton, Portsmouth, Poole, Worthing) and Whitehawk Hill (Brighton and Hove) transmitter areas your digital switchover starts this week

“brian: Maybe; you will have to wait and see for a definate answer. What I will say is that whilst the Public Service Broadcaster (PSB) multiplexes ” --- Dave Lindsay
Tacolneston (East Anglia) transmitter Freeview retune

If you receive your full-service Freeview reception from the Tacolneston transmitter, you will need to retune on Wednesday 17th August 2011 to continue to receive all services.

“ALIB: Yes, you can. You would need to point your aerial to Tacolneston then retune your box. If its a roof aerial, getting a professional to move it i” --- Mike Dimmick
Northern Ireland "mini multiplex" (NIMM)

I have added information to the UK Free TV database to cover the so-called mini-multiplex that will carry three Irish channels, TG4, RTE1 and RTE2 in a very special multiplex from three transmitters in Northern Ireland.

“I know obviously from what I have read that right now we dont yet know what frequencies Black Mountain and Carnmoney Hill but in theory, would it be p” --- Josh
Improvements to Freeview EPG data in reception overlap areas

Freeview and Freeview+ equipment will be better able to record and schedule regional programmes on the public service multiplexes in areas where regional services deliberately overlap.

“OT. What is the FLV Player that is offered at the end of this notification? Regards David” --- David
Where are the public service (Freeview Light) transmitters?

Whilst 8.5% of the population of the UK will have only the public services after switchover, this ranges from 6% in England to 34% in Wales.

“ Additionally, ITV3 and ITV4 are NOT public service channels, so Ofcom is not in a position to even suggest they go on a PSB multiplex. Im saying ” --- Mike Dimmick
New national Freeview slot

Ofcom permit the BBC to joint market the new Arqiva A (COM5) slot with a space on pre-switch Mux B.

“Briantist: Thank you.” --- Michael Bane
Switchover starts in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

If you live in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire your digital switchover starts tonight.

“I note the area shows North Norfolk where I holiday in September each year in the past TV reception was horrible will it now improve?” --- David
Switchover starts in Berkshire and North Hampshire

If you live in the Hannington transmitter area your digital switchover starts this week, with two weeks before analogue stops forever and high power digital replaces it.

“Not long to go now folks,i predict the BBC2 analogue signal will be switched off around 0005 hours (12.05am) on Wed 8 Feb 2012,straight after the firs” --- Mark Fletcher
Analogue and digital signal strength

The strength of an analogue signal is no guide to the strength of a digital signal

“Steve: the problem is that the received signal level naturally varies over time, due to the changing weather conditions. Because the indoor aerial” --- Mike Dimmick
Switchover starts in the East Midlands

If you live in the East Midlands your digital switchover starts this week.

“Was in 2 locations last week in East Midlands. Chesterfield and Crich and both got the now powerful Belmont BBC programs, just like at home in West Yo” --- David
Final switchover for Craigkelly, Scotland on 15th June 2011

Switchover in Scotland is almost complete, with the penultimate step this week taking place in and around Edinburgh.

“- for the actual time that your relay is expected to be completed. That page will be updated as the wo” --- Mike Dimmick
Freeview Retune - list of manuals

Here is a list of all the manuals you can download to help with the retune.

“Jim are you getting colour fade on your Panasonic also.” --- Nedbod
TVs and boxes that do not support the 8k-mode

Here is the list from Digital UK of boxes and sets that will not receive Freeview after switchover is complete

“Roger Shepherd: unless youre on the very fringe of coverage, you shouldnt need a booster with a new aerial. Its much better to get more gain from the ” --- Mike Dimmick
Switch over and PC-based systems

The change in broadcast mode that occurs at switchover is causing problems for some people using PC based Freeview systems. Here are some fixes.

“Just to add to the above instructions my pc would not let me install the 4th part until I had rebooted and then I could install the 4th. After that al” --- Robert Plant
Freeview signals: too much of a good thing is bad for you

If you have a high-gain aerial or use signal amplifiers, it is quite common to find that the high-power digital signals provided after switchover will overload your Freeview equipment - and can appear to be "weak signals".

“I thought I might have problems when Olivers Mount switched over. Im only a mile or so from the transmitter (line of site) and was getting full si” --- Phil
Digital switch-over problems

There are now a number of issues related to digital switchover (DSO) in the UK.

“Ofcom 2011 update now published online, with lots of exciting retune events to look forward to... Brian and volunteers, make sure you get plenty of re” --- michael
2011 switch-overs start today at Sandy Heath, Nottingham

If you live in East Anglia or use the Nottingham transmitter, digital switchover starts for you today, 30th March 2011.

“Leesa: if you retuned before 6am, they may not have finished getting everything in its final configuration. Try retuning again. Otherwise, we reall” --- Mike Dimmick
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