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More digital radio stations. Ofcom - finally - proposes DAB+

More digital radio stations.   Ofcom -  finally - proposes DAB+ You can almost hear the sound of "beep, beep, vehicle reversing". After many years of dismissing DAB+ as a UK broadcasting standard, Ofcom have announced that the time of DAB+ is approaching.

“Sound quality is only one of the reasons DAB has failed. To allow even lower quality sound will only turn the public off. DAB+ does have proper error ” --- trevorjharris

Where will the 162 new BBC DAB transmitters be?

Where will the 162 new BBC DAB transmitters be? The BBC has announced today a two-year plan to bring national BBC DAB to 2 million more people - to bring BBC national DAB coverage to above 97%.

“Hi Colin The Kent multiplex is on Block 11C: 220.352 MHz If you do an autoscan your DAB radio should pick this up. ” --- Mark
Digital radio section Digital radio section

A section on DAB digital radio (with transmitter maps) will be starting in a few weeks. Please discuss here any issues that you would like the new section to discuss.

“DRM+ is a vhf implementation of DRM. I assume it will need a modified Linux software implementation on the PC processing the signal from the vhf recei” --- michael

BBC M25 DAB project - new transmitter for High Wycombe area on air today BBC M25 DAB project - new transmitter for High Wycombe area on air today

Another BBC DAB transmitter goes on air today, at Chepping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

“When are High (Chepping) Wycombe residents going to get a decent Freeview transmitter? My sister lives in High Wycombe, and she says the coverage is ” --- Bill
The end is near for analogue radio... Part 4, the local radio to do list

In this final part, we have a quick look at what is still left to do for local radio to match FM coverage.

“My gripe with internet radio is what happens if the internet ever goes down ? Why has no one thought of this scenario ? It could be a long time before” --- PJH
DAB retune on 1st March 2012 for Capital, Heart, Choice, XFM, LBC and Kiss

Due to technical reconfiguration of the digital radio services, on 1st March you may have to do a "retune" on your DAB receiver to continue listing to your local Capital, Heart, Choice, XFM, LBC and Kiss stations.

“Have these services moved frequencies?,as they appear to be duplicated at the moment” --- Aerialman
The invention of radio - as a podcast

If you are interested in knowing something about the early history of the wireless, listen here.

“Listening now. Thanks for posting about this. ” --- Phil

Want to see all planned DAB transmitters? Find them on UK Free TV

I have added the 399 DAB transmitters that are not yet operational to the UK Free TV database.

“andrew sambrook: MXR North West is not coming back. The licence period came to an end, the licence holder handed it back to Ofcom and nobody else ” --- Mark
The end is near for analogue radio... Part one, a Medium and Long Wave goodbye

The UK Government has announced that it will shortly consider announcing the dates of the digital radio switchover. I thought it might be an excellent time to consider the history of amplitude- and frequency- modulation - and to wonder why anyone is still using it.

“Does anyone listen to medium wave (MW) these days? Whereas FM has been stereo for 30 odd years, MW is still mono in 2013. Why is this? Furthermore sou” --- Nicholas Willmott
Ofcom DAB switchover coverage planning proposals

Ofcom has recently published some details of how the DAB network can be improved to match the coverage of the current FM network.

“Interesting Thanks Brian. Am I to take it that anywhere with indoor also has Mobile ? Dont live in Wales seems to be the message!” --- Steve
The end is near for analogue radio... Part 3, satellite Freeview online and DAB

Around the turn of the millennium, radio found new ways to get from studio to listener: satellite, cable, two new forms of terrestrial and over the internet, but the real revolution has been in listening choice.

“The Archers on Home Service Radio was listened to nightly all over ROI.Some time in the 1950s one of the characters got in trouble with the Police (pa” --- Richard
Four regional DAB multiplexes to close in 2013 to allow for better local DAB

As part of the plan to upgrade DAB system, the operator of four regional radio multiplexes plans to close them next year, to release the frequencies for conventional radio coverage areas.

“still cant see the point of DAB, ” --- Ian
BBC - 60 new DAB transmitters in 2011

The BBC will improve national DAB coverage from the current 87% of the population to 92% in the next twelve months.

“Unfortunately, fat, greedy American lawyers have now blocked most US radio from being streamed outside the so-called Land of the Free... Sometimes ” --- N J Wilcock
The end is near for analogue radio... radio gets very high

Like all technologies, AM radio had advantages and some problems. Today we have a brief look at the 1930s technology we still use today: Frequency Modulation on the Very High Frequency band.

“I think people who promote DAB are conveniently forgetting about quality. Who wants to listen to music on a device that produces a sound little better” --- MikeG
DAB local radio gaps

Whilst most of the country does have operating local radio digital services, there is now a dispute about who is expected to provide them for the 2015 radio switchover target.

“Goddard´s free-to-read summary is of relevant interest, and would seem to reflect the current state of play. I would be happy to see DAB really equal” --- michael
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