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My ITV/C4 Freeview channels have disappeared - what can I do? Is it my SCART ca

My ITV/C4 Freeview channels have disappeared - what can I do? Is it my SCART cable?

My ITV/C4 Freeview channels have disappeared - what can I do?
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It is a feature of television signals that they can be effected by the weather. Aside from the obvious damaged that can be caused by wind or torrential rain, the onset of summer can cause a more intriguing problem called "inversion".

Basically, when the sun heats up the land, the hot air can get trapped below cold air at high level. This creates an "inversion layer" which acts like a polished mirror to TV signals. This causes two problems: you can receive both the original and a reflected signal from your own transmitter (on analogue TV this appears as "ghosting") or interference from TV transmitters that are normally too far distant.

The ITV/C4 multiplex of channels (ITV-1, ITV-2, ITV-3, ITV-4, CITV, C4, More4, E4, Quizcall) use a transmission "mode" called 64QAM, and it is sadly much more prone to these problems.

So, whilst a loft-mounted aerial will provide reception at some time, it will fail at others. The only real solution is to mount the aerial (or a new Class I aerial) outside on a pole, but some people report that changing the cable from the aerial to the set-top box to the high-grade satellite cable can also help.

The SCART connection, by the way, only carries a single TV picture, not the Freeview transmission multiplexes, so if this is disconnected it will result in degradation to every channel at once.

Monday, 10 November 2014
12:32 PM Harwich

Hi Mike I hope you had a good weekend. I connected everything up earlier today. I had to get another fly lead as I now have aerial from wall to Philips VCR In. Flt lead from Philips VCR Out to Panasonic DVD recorder In and another fly lead from Pansanic DVD recorder Out to Sony TV.

All Scarts are gone and red/white also removed (just optical from TV to Denon soundbar).

HDMI from TV to Philips VCR (Sony call it AV4). Another HDMI from TV to Philips VCR. Also put a spare between PC to the side of the TV (this is what Sony call AV7 in the manual),

The result: I can see TV channels through the TV and the sound is better.

The Philips VCR is not working at all in that it streams nothing to the TV. I just see its presence as an AV1 VCR (Sony Scart).

The DVD will play if I switch to AV5 (an HDMI connection in Sony manual).

It is really the VCR that doesn't seem to want to play. It is as if it is expecting scart again.

Anything of note would be great.

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3:42 PM

John: Its great that you've got a signal through to your TV, etc, and that your sound is better, as is the Panasonic working fine.

The fact that your Philips PVR is not recognised by the TV is odd, though.

Ok - If its attached via HDMI into AV4, you need to check the following:

Make sure the PVR is switched on (not just in standby) - otherwise the TV wont see it.

Check the HDMI cable is firmly attached into the sockets on both the PVR and the TV

Check the the HDMI cable is working properly by perhaps switching it over to another machine that you know works properly. Since the PVR worked fine before, you can alwasy use the cable you previously used - you know it works. You can alwasy buy another cable for another box, or even use scart for the DVD, but you need to use HDMI for the PVR.

If the cable is fine, check the socket. Again, put it into the socket you were using before - it worked then! If its a different one, make sure its not a duff HDMI socket.

Basically, its a process of elimination. But it should work, because it did before.

There is no good reason for the TV thinking the PVR is on AV1 (scart) - you've removed all scarts (?), in which case it shouldn't pick up anything. The only thing I can think of is that you have left it attached to a scart, and therefore it has two imputs, with the HDMI being duff. Remove all scarts - you have no need of the them.

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6:35 PM Harwich

Hi Mike,
I started again and now there is a solution with the VCR Philips freeview on HDMI 7 on the side of the Sony TV and the Panasonic DVD Recorder in HDMI 5. I can get to either of them via the Menu on the TV remote. The sound is good too now from the Denon bar if I crank it up.

It looks like the HDMI 4 I was using could be duff as nothing seems to work going into it so that was probably a lot of the problem.

I may look into putting a SCART between the DVD Recorder and the TV though to use AV2 instead of the HDMI 5. It looks like the Panasonic never goes above 576p resolution anyway. I can then attach a laptop to HDMI and stream.

Thank you for pointing out a lot of the pitfalls. The aerial fly leads and extraneous cables were very useful tips. I hope that these messages may help others as well.

I will be checking in the future as well as there are really useful posts, stories and articles here.

Yours truly,
John S.

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8:58 PM

John: Great news! If you really wanted to, you could swap over the HDMI's, so that the Philips PVR is the first HDMI, but if it works, why worry. Dodgy HDMI's do happen, but at least you've found the problem.

And yes, the Panasonic DVD is SD, so scart wouldn't be the end of the world. As far as the volume is concerned, have a look at the Sony setup - there should be a Volume Offset, so you can give a standard volume to the audio output. Have a look at the manual.

Enjoy your new setup!

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Saturday, 15 November 2014
S L Chaytors
5:25 PM Coventry

we have lost all BBC programs and radio channels does anyone have any advice we live in Coventry Tile Hill area

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7:41 PM

S L Chaytors: If you check on the R & T link, everything seems fine with the transmitter, so it must be your system.

Check back from the TV, but its probably a broken cable, water in the system, etc

See this page: <img src="" class="xico" style="vertical-align:text-bottom" alt=" link icon" link iconI have now lost all signal can you tell me what the problem might be?

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