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How can I get Italian satellite channels in the UK?

How can I get Italian satellite channels in the UK?

How can I get Italian satellite channels in the UK?
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You will need a dish pointed at the Hot Bird 6/7A/8 at 13.0°E satellite to get:

Canale Lavoro
RAI Edu 1
RAI Mosaico
RAI News 24
Camera dei Deputati
RAI Sport Satellite
RAI Nettuno Sat Due
RAI Edu 2
RAI Nettuno Sat Uno
Sat 2000
Italia 1
Canale 5
Rete 4
Senato Italiano

See the following for the list of programming:

Listing for RAI channels can be found RAI TV listings.

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014
5:57 PM

Monica , see earlier posts here dealing with this question. Any standard satellite
box and dish will receive Italian broadcasts from Hotbird at 13E. However, some
primetime programmes on RAI etc will be blocked. To receive all free-to-view programmes you need a tivu box registered to a bona-fide address in Italy with the codice civil. Sky Italia is a separate subscription service.

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michael's 793 posts Gold Gold xx
Monday, 29 December 2014
8:29 PM

hi, what is 13.0 A AE Sat.. pls thanks

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Gio's 2 posts xx
8:39 PM

Help... !! trying to set up Nokia 9200 recieiver to get italian channels rai 1 rai 2 etc what LBN frequency should i select, and I assume Hotbird 6 , and also what DiSEqC for antenna set up ? And then for channel search set up what transponderv frequency and polarization and Symbol rate and FEC should I select ? Many thanks a.. any help appreciated

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Gio's 2 posts xx
Joe Alessi
9:23 PM

Please could you unsubscribe me from this thread?

Many thanks

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Joe Alessi's 6 posts xx
Tuesday, 30 December 2014
12:42 PM

Gio, you will find set-up data for your receiver in the handbook.
Search online if you do not have a printed copy.

For Italian channel parameters on Hotbird at 13East, check
Hot Bird 13B / Hot Bird 13C / Hot Bird 13D (13?E) - All transmissions - frequencies - KingOfSat

Also see previous posting in this thread.

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michael's 1 post xx
Thursday, 15 January 2015
Silvio Ghibaudo
7:21 PM

I would like to get the tivu box for all free Italian channels but Firstly I would like to know why there is a need for the Codice Fiscale and also why I need to provide an Italian address?
I've been in uk 25 years and no longer have an Italian address...
is that a way to bill the resident of the Italian address?
I would much appreciate if you could clarify

Kind Regards

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Silvio Ghibaudo's 2 posts xx
Friday, 16 January 2015
6:48 PM

Tivu is intended for residents of Italy. Similar frameworks apply in France, Spain and elsewhere. A tivu or siimilar box is formally tied to residency. However reception within the satellite footporint outside of the target area is possible if the box can be registered as-if living in the target country. Many channels and programmes remain free-to-view anywhere within the satellite footprint. Despite the EU's commitment to free movement of goods and *services*, market forces rule!

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michael's 793 posts Gold Gold xx
Friday, 17 April 2015
7:24 PM

How to get Rai tv free sat in Ethiopa

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Sami's 1 post xx
10:32 PM Trowbridge

The Freesat signals do not cover Ethiopia at all so there is no way to receive the services that way.

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MikeP's 42 posts Bronze Bronze xx
MikeP's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
Saturday, 18 April 2015
7:59 PM

Sami, the Hotbird footprint reaches into Egypt. With a very large dish, you just might receive it in Ethiopia. The best way to find out would be to ask the Italian Embassy or Italian nationals. If you have a good broadband internet connection, you might be able to stream some Italian TV.

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michael's 793 posts Gold Gold xx
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