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Thursday, 19 February 2015
5:30 PM

timothy: Grundig box model numbers start with GDS, the number given of 286_542 corresponding to a GDS200/1 which is an extremely old model of over 10 years old.

However, as far as the "wrong card for this box" message is concerned, it all depends on whether or not the channel you are trying to view is part of a Sky package hence "subscription only", if though you are referring to channels such as the BBC / ITV / ITV3 / Pick TV etc, and are still able to view same by pressing the "back up" button and cancelling the message? then OK, the message just being an inconvenience that you will have to live with unless you purchase a new viewing card from Sky, if on the other hand you are unable able to pass this point? then just leave the card out of the box, as all its really required for in a non subscription box is to enable viewing of the news services / adverts etc appropriate to the area you happen to reside in, otherwise the default area is London.

By the way, its really a bit amazing that your box actually works, as the internal power supply fitted in these boxes has an unenviable reputation for failure, bearing this in mind, I would strongly advise against thinking along the lines of purchasing a new "free to view" viewing card, as apart from the correct news services, the only channel it would enable you to view is Sony TV on 157.

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jb38's 6,378 posts Platinum Platinum xx
Thursday, 26 February 2015
6:48 PM

Hi. We have a Panasonic viera t.v and a satellite dish that used to be connected to sky about 5 years ago that is still insitue. We are wandering if we connect it to the t.v and got a freeview top box if it would work? We have tried the ariel cable into the back of the t.v that runs from the dish but cannot get any signal.Anyone offer advice?

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tannya's 1 post xx
Dave Lindsay
8:00 PM

tannya: An "Freeview" set-top box will not work with a satellite dish because Freeview is the terrestrial system (transmitters on the ground rather than a satellite in orbit).

A "Freesat" box will work with a satellite dish, Sky and Freesat being 100% compatible as far as the dish is concerned.

If you plugged the satellite dish into the back of the TV and your TV has a threaded F-connector which mates with the plug on the lead from the satellite dish then it might have the capability to receive Freesat. If, on the other hand, you used an adapter or changed the plug on the end of the lead to a push-in one then that won't work.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,498 posts Platinum Platinum xx
10:36 PM

tannya: Whats the model of the TV? As David points out, your TV may well have an F fitting for a Freesat tuner. In fact thats not unlikely if your Panasonic is about 5-6 years old, a lot of them did.

Your TV should have a Freeview tuner in as well, so you have no need of an extra digibox, unless you want it to get a Freeview HD signal, which it might not be equiped to do.

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MikeB's 1,308 posts Gold Gold xx
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