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Tuesday, 25 November 2014
9:05 AM

jb38: thanks for your advice regarding the record and playback facility being lost once I cancel my subscription. My mind concern is that the adult channels will remain locked away and not be able to be accessed . .

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bev's 5 posts GB
8:41 PM

bev: The PIN number controlled channel blocking system is not connected in any way with the status of your subscription, therefore anything presently blocked "will" remain that way until at any time you might decide to alter it. Another point to note being that the block will not be lost even if you disconnect your box from the mains, as it cannot be removed except by you going into the parental control menu and resetting it after you have re-entered your PIN number.

Also note, that although you are cancelling your subscription keep your viewing card inserted into the box, as its required in order for you to receive the correct news services for your area.

On the subject of the recording / playback side of your box. This was only mentioned because many people have numerous recordings stored away in the hard drive for future viewing, most of being totally unaware that they will not be able to access this side of their box once they cancel their subscription, a warning of this snag beforehand enabling them to transfer anything important onto a separate recording device.

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jb38's 6,183 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Wednesday, 26 November 2014
Alan Lloyd
7:07 AM

Briantist: We have an old Sky box that is pre- Sky+ in our bedroom that has been working fine for watching the free Sky programmes until the last week. We now find that a lot of the programmes are missing. eg 101, 103, 104 and 105. Any ideas welcome.

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Alan Lloyd's 2 posts GB
9:36 PM

Alan Lloyd: Try resetting your box by disconnecting it from the mains for about 30 seconds or so before reconnecting it again and allowing it to go through the usual "searching for listings" procedure, on completion checking if this action has rectified the situation.

However, should it not have done, then another thing that can sometimes result in channels dropping out is by the dish having moved slightly out of alignment, e.g: being blown by the wind or something having knocked against it, therefore you should carry out a signal strength & quality check on the box by pressing :- Services - 4 - 6 and checking the result, both levels indicated having to be around 60% minimum for satisfactory reception, the important aspect of the signal being its quality which should never be under the strength, as this is always an indication that the dish requires slight realigning.

If the situation has not advanced any, then this is inclined to point to the problem being caused by the boxes internal power supply being defective, something not exactly uncommon in older boxes, as their power supplies can suffer from leaky capacitors resulting in a reduced voltage being fed to the tuner, the effect of this being erratic reception.

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jb38's 6,183 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Thursday, 4 December 2014
3:49 PM

Can I use my old sky box without a card in France via a dish thankyou

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Jane's 2 posts GB
9:56 PM


It depends on where in France and what size dish you will have. An indication of the intended location will help to check what the 'footprint' of the Astra satellite's signal beams would be at that location. That could help to work out whether you would get anything and how large a dish would be needed if it is at all possible to get the signals.

You will not be able to record or playback anything alrready stored on the box if it is of the Sky+ type.

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MikeP's 579 posts Gold Gold GB
Sunday, 14 December 2014
8:19 PM

I am currently using sky freesat, sky did an update recently and since then I am not getting programme listings, is there anything I can do about this.

Thank you for your help


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Pauline's 1 post GB
9:19 PM

Pauline: Try disconnecting the box from the mains supply, followed by waiting for around 30 seconds or so before reconnecting it again. If though the box being referred to is of the Sky+HD variety, place it in standby for a minute before disconnecting it from the mains, other than that proceed as aforementioned.

Any problems, give an update on the model involved, as printed on either the rear or underside of the box.

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jb38's 6,183 posts Platinum Platinum GB
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