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Four ways that UK Free TV maps are better than they were last week

The maps on UK Free TV are provided by the Google Maps API, which is enhanced by a dedicated server that generates the TV transmissions overlays. Over the last week I have also totally rewritten the code that generates all these maps. This was done to have them all generated by the same code, which means I could then improve all the maps at one.

“Briantist;The maps are very helpful to me in a practical way.But when are you going to change the Com7/Com8 Kw powers to the correct levels?” --- Aerialman is managed by Brian Butterworth is managed by Brian Butterworth

We are independent and do not wish to be confused with Freesat from Sky or Freeview

“Hi Mike, Your post caught my interest but im not sure what it is that you are hosting, are you offering to host customers slingboxes satellite / fr” --- Mark Aberfan Aerials
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“ Yes you can but you will have to use a jumper link between LNB1 output and LNB2 input to do so, the problem you may then experience is if ” --- jb38

ITV network - regional clean up ITV network - regional clean up

As ITV1 becomes ITV, I have taken the opportunity to bring the ITV network up to date on UK Free TV.

“I wonder how long it will be before ITV HD is fully regionalized? Id love for there to be a Yorkshire variant of ITV HD, then my grandparents would pr” --- Josh
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